The screaming of the pigs and the silence of the consumption society



In April 2018, an undercover investigator managed to film in two pig breeding and fattening farms in Italy. The two farms are located in the north of the country, in the regions of Piedmont and Lombardy. The images, which Animal Equality has published in cooperation with Italian media, show the systematic cruelty towards the pigs in the factories. The company in Piedmont is certified for the production of Parma ham and supplies the “Parma Ham Consortium”, the association of Parma ham producers. The Italian pork industry in particular is also linked to the German market through products such as Parma ham: Germany is one of the largest consumers of Parma ham.


Saumutter mit Ferkel am Fensterschau

The pictures show the brutal handling of the piglets and pig mothers. As if they were mere objects, workers ruthlessly throw the piglets in transport boxes and trucks, stacking up the animal kids, verbally abusing the frightened and irritated pigs – including the heads and their sensitive noses. In one scene you can see a worker hitting a female pig with a plastic tube on the genitals, and another, like a sick, barely agile pig being dragged through the corridors.


In addition, it was documented:

-Pig mothers, who spend a large part of their lives in tight crates,
-the routine cutting of the ring tails, although this violates EU directives.


Saumutter mit Ferkel


Supported by local animal welfare officer Dr. Enrico Moriconi and the Piedmontese councilwoman Francesca Frediani, Animal Equality has filed a complaint against the Parma ham company. But even in the pig farm in Lombardy, the undercover investigator came across terrifying conditions. Again and again he found there dying piglets: animals that had to suffer torments because the operators save on veterinarian costs. Numerous dead, also already rotting pigs were also in the stables and on the site.

To tackle the suffering of pigs in Italy, Animal Equality’s Italian team has petitioned agriculture and health ministers. The demands include: a much-needed improvement in controls, a rigorous implementation of bans on practices that contradict EU directives, and an end to the pigeonholes that cause extreme harm to swine mothers.

(Translation from German: Venus)

Pictures like that bore our head.
Pictures of horror.
We always say that happens everywhere.

And by that we mean that nobody has to take responsibility for this slavery and crime.
At the same time millions of children are dying of hunger in Asia and in Third World countries, because the crops, that are produced in their country are destined to feed the “useful” animals of rich nations.
People need to die from starvation, so that the Italian can top his standard of living with his fine Parma ham, the Frenchman with his foie – gras, and the German with his roast sausage.

As long as we consider animals as a thing and slaves, we have no right to regard ourselves as civilized societies.
And that applies for everywhere.

My best regards, Venus



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