Animal rights: just not fanatical!


österreichische Flagge


By the Austrian animal ethicist and philosopher Helmut.F.Kaplan

Take the scariest fantasies of the most perverted sadist and use them as a model for an industrialized torture chamber.
Following the example of this model workshop of horror, one builds branches of this horror plant all over the world.
And now these lines are not read as a surreal recipe, but as a real report: the victims are the animals in animal factories, experimental laboratories, slaughterhouses and other horrors on earth.

gefesseltes Lämmleinn

The idea that there is still peace somewhere in the world is a delusion and wishful thinking.
We have turned the whole earth into hell, into a hell for animals. And there is literally no sadism that we have not realized long ago:
Children are slaughtered in the eyes of their parents, vegetarian animals are forced to eat their relatives, cats are sewn in the eyes, monkeys are cut off their heads and dogs are burnt alive.


kuh mit brandmarke_n

And with all this madness, there are actually people, mostly philosophers and lawyers, who are worried about how to react to these crimes “appropriately,” “reasonably,” or “proportionately,” without becoming “fanatical.”

(Translation, Venus)

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