Costa Rica: a third world country makes a first-class decision!


Costa Rica is the first Latin American country to ban hunting!


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In 2012, Costa Rica was the first Latin American country to ban hunting by a unanimous decision of the National Congress. It was a step forward on the path to the protection of wildlife – probably the most valuable asset of this country.


Before the ban, hunters from all over the world flocked to Costa Rica to hunt pumas or jaguars, or to catch these wild animals and then sell them on the black market. The country’s population launched an initiative to protect wildlife. The petition with over 177,000 signatures was then submitted to Congress.

The big cats were not the only victims of the insatiable greed of the hunters. Trappers caught parrots and sea turtles and smuggled them out of the country. People demanded $ 5,000 (around € 4,750) per person for hunting trips – and the population was fed up with it.


More than 4.5 million people live in the country and it is said that Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse nations in the world. Support for the congress also came with the decision to close the zoos in the country and return the animals to their natural habitats.

Those who violate the new hunting law will be punished with up to four months imprisonment and pay a fee of $ 3,000 (around € 2,850).

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My comment: Costa Rica is also one of the countries that have no military.
And we, who are not third world countries, we, who believe that we are the strongest and the best, we, the first world countries, we are not even able to banish the wild animals from the circus, to ban the hobby hunt, let alone close the animal’s open air prisons, the zoos.

My best regards, Venus

One thought on “Costa Rica: a third world country makes a first-class decision!”

  1. Thank you for sharing. It’s so great. And I fully agree with you. Just because we live in a rich country, doesn’t mean, that we have a moral high standard. Sometimes I think, it’s the counterpart.


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