Labor Mafia: the new design of an old torture!


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A research group in Leipzig (Germany) has developed a new “model” of a so-called back skin chamber. Back chamber models in mice have been used in animal research for 80 years to look into the skin of living animals. The dorsal skin of the anesthetized mouse is stretched between two metal frames, which are screwed together. In the middle of the metal frame is a transparent observation window – a kind of porthole.

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By the way – these torture instruments have been used in animal experiments for more than 80 years.

In this area, holes will be cut into the upper skin layers of the mouse. So they can watch the blood vessels of the animal through the extremely tight skin. The “advantage” of the “Leipzig chamber model” described here, the researchers call the smaller size and lower weight compared to other back chamber models!!

But: in the US, a smaller and lighter chamber has already been developed. So.. here 66 mice were researched for something that already exists and that nobody needs anyway!

My comment: Why and for what and what perverse and completely pointless other experiments on our living beings are exercised, has long been known. But just these torturous animal experiments are sold as a kind of animal welfare (“refinement”) !!

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