EU: the strongest agricultural lobby


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Unbelievable: The power of the agricultural lobby!! – they want to end the European animal welfare initiativeEnd The Cage Age’!

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What happens when people in Europe want to end the terrible animal torment in the stables?
The big agro-industry starts an attack. Only just a horrible meat scandal shocked Europe, so “rotten meat” from Poland was also processed in school kitchens and restaurants.
However, such news quickly disappears from the media, as does the meat scandal from Brazil, which shook the whole world (The world had 2017, a new rotten meat scandal. This time it is kuked meat from Brazil. For years, spoiled beef should have been partially treated with carcinogenic substances and resold).

The agricultural lobby is powerful, and in order to keep meat consumed, the EU has boosted meat consumption with 15 million euros.


More than 300 million animals in European agriculture suffer from cages. The European Union is the second largest meat producer worldwide! Not only that animal rights activists are no longer allowed to draw attention to the cruel conditions on farms, now the agricultural lobby is launching a counter campaign against a European citizens’ initiative calling for more animal welfare in the stables. Incredible, is not it? More and more outrages of mass animal husbandry are being exposed, but consumers are not supposed to know this, as are the many meat scandals.

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“We do not need a self-proclaimed stable police to control animal welfare”!

No! these words do not come from China, where the government criticized animal welfare organizations that drew attention to the terrible situations with terrible images from the slaughterhouses for dogs, but these words come from the Federal Minister of Agriculture, Germany, Julia Klöckner.


Only pictures of animal rights activists or undercover researchers, show that, where apparently many people have looked away. Whether farmers, veterinarians or the traders all of them benefit from animal suffering. These are pictures that you do not even get to see in a horror movie.

The European Union is the second largest meat producer worldwide! Instead of less meat, more is produced worldwide in 2017, about 324.8 million tons of meat.

Millions of tons of meat are produced here and exported abroad. Factory farming leaves behind terrible consequences in this country, which are supported by taxpayers’ money. Meat from Germany – in demand worldwide – while cheap meat from other countries is imported – more crazy it can not be!

The meat business is booming!

The meat industry is making all sorts of efforts to grow, as the Tönnies example shows, although a message from the meat industry in May 2017 confirmed that demand for pork in Germany and the EU is shrinking.
Why slaughter more pigs then? The meat industry also has an answer to this: exports to third countries increased by 35 percent for pork and over 20 percent for slaughter by-products. The main reason for this is a strong increase in deliveries to China and, to a lesser extent, to other countries, especially Asian ones.

Lämmleine verpacktn

EU Agriculture Commissioner Hogan promised farm animal owners to help open up new export markets and pointed to market voyages to Vietnam and Indonesia. In early November 2016, he visited Turkey, pointing to further trips to West Africa, Canada, Iran and the Persian Gulf in the first half of 2017.

More criminal is not possible: eggs from Ukraine and Argentina, poultry from Brazil and Thailand. Germany imports eggs to the Ukraine and they sell the eggs to Indonesia. Beef from Argentina, Paraguay and also from the USA, while China prefers meat “Made in Germany”. What is not consumed here then goes to Africa.

So Germany exports meat to China, but gets meat from Thailand. While in Latin America more and more rainforests and savannas are being burned to feed the animals in Germany for the intensive cultivation of soybean for animal feed, we also receive meat from Brazil and Argentina.

But we do not participate! We need 1 million valid signatures to ask the European Commission to end this unworthy treatment of farmed animals.


Please sign the petition (if not done yet):

This Video below is an undercover footage from year 2018 in a Polish farm shows workers smashing baby chicks on metal to kill them. However, these practices are not just a “specialty” from Poland, almost everywhere in Europe the Farma mafia uses these killing methods.

My comment: It is fact that supply and demand no longer regulate the price, it is produced in hell and what we do not want goes abroad. The farmers pollute the landscape and soil the groundwater. Citizens should regulate this with their money. And that’s with help of the subsidies.

Therefore: instead of subventions penalties for animal cruelty, extermination of birds and bees, environmental and water poisoning are urgently required.

After such a report, one thinks spontaneously of the victims of the Easter.
We celebrate Easter, because everything started with a betrayal – that’s what the church means! The Father sent his son down to earth to save the people … and he was betrayed … we all certainly know the story!
We betray the animals every day, but these days the most, and many even with a clear conscience, because they call it tradition.
We call it mass murder and do something against this collective madness. We leave all the animals whether pigs, cattle, poultry, rabbits, lambs …. in their peace and sign the petition against the cage attitude.

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Happy Easter to all, wishes Venus

One thought on “EU: the strongest agricultural lobby”

  1. Sick creepy mean beyond comprehension. What are you humans thinking? Problem with right and wrong? Bad bad bad to perpetrate your madness. Shame shame shame.


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