Vietnam: animal cruelty as a tradition


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Animal welfare groups, the media and the public are shocked by animal cruel videos shot in the capital Hanoi.

A pack of hunting dogs mangles and kills a single boar – as a “highlight” of a club event.

The fight was organized by a group of Argentine mastiff enthusiasts in an empty field in the southwest of Hanoi. The video shows a single boar released from a cage and a pack of mastiffs mauling the animal, cheered on by their owners and watchers. As the boar’s squeals eventually subside, all that is left is a bloody mess.

The recording was made on March 18, 2018 in the suburb of Hanoi. Millions have seen it on Facebook – and damn. The graphic footage has invoked wrath and revulsion from viewers on social media. Vu Ngoc Thanh, an animal expert, said the event was “barbaric and uncivilized.”

“Where is the humanity in this?” he said.

Nguyen Tam Thanh, an animal welfare officer from Animals Asia, said the fight was a display of violence to satisfy instinctual, cardinal desires, and such a thing has no place in civilized society.

The video evidence of this vile spectacle has shocked Vietnam and led to a violent backlash across the board.

The press has also quickly picked up on the incident: Every major newspaper in the country has reported and called for consequences, including VNExpress and Tuoi Tre. Even major news channels such as Vietnam Television (VTV) broadcasted contributions to this orgy of violence hosted by a hunting dog club.


But despite the general anger over this bloodthirsty event, the organizers remain stubborn.
One of the participating young men told the media:
“We do not stop because it’s not illegal – we just do not want it on social networks anymore.”

However, the brazen comments on the participants ignore the attitude of the authorities, which have pledged to crack down on it.
Nguyen Tam Thanh, animal welfare officer at Animals Asia and vociferous opponent of this gruesome drama explains:
Penalizing animal abuse and ills. “The behavior of the lawyer in the video is highly barbaric and the Vietnamese society does not tolerate this -treatment makes it difficult to adequately sanction this crime. ”

wildschwein attakiert von Hundepg

While Vietnam has passed its first animal welfare law in 2016the Animal Health Law animal cruelty has not yet been punishable.

Tuan Bendixsen, Director of Animals Asia Vietnam, emphasizes:
“These cases are very clear that the current legislation does not have any legal consequences to fear.

This case must be understood by the competent authorities as a wake-up call. Vietnam needs more stringent animal welfare laws – laws that prohibit inflicting pain and suffering on animals. The current law must be clarified, expanded and made more effective by appreciable punishments! “

Animal welfare has become increasingly important in Vietnam’s public debate in recent years. Animals Asia released a cruel Spring Festival in which a pig had been chopped in half. The condemnation by the public and their demand to suppress such practices resulted in the prohibition of numerous barbarous festivals.



Something similar came to light in Indonesia last year, according to a research by the Scorpion Foundation, a partner organization of Animals Asia. The ensuing campaign eventually led the Indonesian authorities to announce a ban on all such events.

Buffalo+Petition+smallerInjured buffaloes at the Do-Son Buffalo Fight Festival

The face of this buffalo is bleeding. He can only open one of his eyes while he is tortured painfully at the ring in his nose through the crowd.

For three decades, buffaloes have been tortured and forced into cruel, bloody battles.

The buffalo surviving the fight is faced with the next “opponent”. As long as there is only one left – weak and broken. The winner does not receive mercy. He too is forcibly killed, exploited and sold in parts for consumption as part of the Do-Son festival”.

Please sign the petition:

My comment: We have two things to clarify here: The report is exactly one year old.
Thats the one thing.

In Germany, there are also atrocities against wild boars, which are crushed by hunting dogs. Not at festivals, but in the hunt for blood orgies in the woods.
That’s the second one.

But where cruelty happens in the name of tradition, we will never be tired of publishing it. No matter where it happens.

This is about a legal lynch murder, and is therefore also called tradition.
It is not tradition.
At each of such murders, the corpses of compassion, ethics and progress will fall there on the ground.
It is murder, it is an act that exclusively celebrates and represents violence from beginning to end.

Therefore: we no longer leave this brutal, morbid and irrational custom to a small group of this society that wants to savor its sadism and crime under the guise of tradition.
We act, now and everywhere.

My best regards, Venus

One thought on “Vietnam: animal cruelty as a tradition”

  1. We are savages to treat animals in such a disgusting way to hear them scream out of pain Is enough To make you sit and wonder what kind of humans are we.


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