Germany: and its psychopaths


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More than 30 animals died in the fire on New Year’s Eve in Krefeld Zoo.
That was on New Year’s Eve, and we have reported about it

Only now does it come out that an injured animal was killed by a police officer with a submachine gun. With multiple shots, it was Massa.


After the fire in the Krefeld zoo on New Year’s night, there were previously unknown, dramatic scenes: a seriously injured gorilla had to be killed by a police officer in the morning by several shots from a submachine gun because the veterinarian was unable to put the animal to sleep.

This emerges from a report by the Interior Ministry to the North Rhine-Westphalian state parliament.

The police have now justified the fatal shot as necessary. In a message, it says: “Our colleagues were not only authorized to kill the animal by shot, but also obliged to do so.”
Otherwise, the officials could have made themselves punishable under the Animal Welfare Act. As the zoo announced on Wednesday, a veterinarian had put two other seriously injured animals to sleep.

Anesthetic did not work with gorilla

“Because of the severity of the burn injuries with extensive skin damage, the anesthetic did not fully develop in a male gorilla, so the fastest redemption of the animal by shot with the help of the police was the ultimate ratio,” said the zoo.

The zoo did not say which animal it was. It was Massa!


The zoo director was already familiar with the events at the first press conference on New Year’s Day.
“For the emotional protection of the people involved (veterinarian, zookeeper, police) it was decided jointly with the authorities involved not to communicate this information,” said the zoo in the message.

The fire in the monkey house killed more than 30 animals. Two chimpanzees survived injured. According to a message from the zoo in early January, they are on the mend.

“Immense emotional stress” (!!!)

According to the Interior Ministry, police officers had already posted around the monkey house with submachine guns during the fire to stop injured or panicked animals to protect the emergency services. This did not happen.

According to the report, the rescuers assumed that all animals were dead. Around 8:00 a.m., two seriously injured animals were found, of which the veterinarian put an orangutan female to sleep.

The officer killed the gorilla after being released by the police leader.

With the 34-year-old shooter, several intensive talks were held in the following days out of care, the report goes on to the state parliament. “The report by the Ministry of the Interior only gives an idea of ​​how stressful the effort must have been for the fire, rescue and police forces and the zoo staff,” said Verena Schäffer, the Green Party spokeswoman for the Greens.

In fact, the “emotional strain on all emergency workers and zoo staff was immense,” (!!!) the report said. “During and after the assignment, the emergency services and staff were offered psychological support.”

Meanwhile we read in the press: “Krefeld Zoo opens again after the tragedy”!

krefeld brandpg


My comment: The animals have no escape route, they were locked up and were therefore burned alive when the fire broke out. There was no fire extinguishing system.

Armed forces were waiting outside to shoot them, who would find an escape route.

An incapable veterinary doctor is unable to put a gorilla to sleep, in Germany today and here in 2020!
But our police was able to kill defenseless animals in cold blood.

Reporting is beginning to take on ridiculous features. What’s next? Why this information now? What should that tell us?

That the police officer is unable to work due to a post-traumatic stress disorder, and is therefore sent to Majorca to do dolphin therapy ???

After this tragedy, everyone has serious thoughts and worries about the enormous proportion of psychopaths in the police force.
By the way, these psychopats are supported by a perpetrator-friendly “Cretin Society”, who feed this prison with their money and visits, and can’t wait to visit the surviving inmates of the zoo again.

gorilla in krefeld Zoo

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Germany: and its psychopaths”

  1. Not only in Germany, psychopaths make up the majority of humanity in general because of the harmful effects of animal protein and animal fats on the tissues of all organs, including the central nervous system.Who doesn’t believe, let’s look at the incidence, prevalence and mortality rates of Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases on the official WHO website.


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