‘Dinosaurs Had Teeth To Eat Meat’ – Well Actually There Is A Lot More To It; A Guide For Vegans.



There are concerns for some people wishing to adopt a vegan diet because of their opposition to animal abuse and suffering which is common in all meat and dairy production.

The concern is normally if they are going to be ok health wise regarding a change to veganism.

We are giving a link here to the Viva! Site from England, which works to prevent animal abuse whilst at the same time also giving out lots of info re changing to a vegan diet.


Here is the link,



Just go to the header of ‘Vegan Health’; and you will be given a large series of responses to issues that may concern you if you are thinking of going vegan; or provide more info if you are already vegan and wish to know more.

Here is the link from the very top of the pile, which gives multiple reasons why your body, animals and the environment will thrive by you undertaking the change:



Learn more about it all and use the above links to increase your personal databank, so that you have valid responses when (as they always do), meat eaters come back at you in pathetic attempts to justify their way of eating.


I personally had it the other day, from someone in the medical profession actually; who told me, not asked; that the dinosaurs only had teeth because they ate a lot of meat !


Well; ask the Sauropodas;


Image result for Sauropods

Sauropods evolved to walk on four legs and typically grew to enormous sizes. They were herbivores (plant eaters) and included classic dinosaurs such as the Diplodocus and Brachiosaurus

If you look at dinosaur genera, roughly 65 percent of the dinosaurs were plant eaters and 35 percent were meat-eaters (or omnivores).

I can sense another meat eater comment coming on – like “but they all died out”. Well yes, but I think that was very much due to a massive catastrophe on Earth such as a major meteorite impact or something similar. And what about the meat eating dinosaurs, did they survive? – No. I think this kind of kills the argument that to survive, you have to eat meat.

It is an issue that divides many; and they probably wont change much in their opinions of what is good or bad eating for you. All I know is that not having touched a slice of dead animal for over 30 years; I am still here and I think my brain still works a bit – though some visitors to WAV may question that ! – only joking; we do what we can.

Be good and stay healthy; go Vegan.


Regards Mark

Well she looks good on it !


sexy vegan 1

One thought on “‘Dinosaurs Had Teeth To Eat Meat’ – Well Actually There Is A Lot More To It; A Guide For Vegans.”

  1. It was among the dinosaurs of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores, however, homo sapiens sapiens is a genetic herbivore, a natural vegan.Be what you are.


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