Germany: The horror of the pig boxes remains for the time..


Today the Federal Council should talk about the illegal box stall

We have reported about it, do you remember?


banane rep deutschlandpg

That these metal prisons are still allowed at all seems impossible in a country like Germany, which has – at least in theory – anchored animal welfare as a state goal in the Basic Law.

In the previous version of the Animal Welfare Livestock Ordinance (1), Section 5 states §24 (4)
“Box stands must be designed in such a way that…

1) the pigs cannot injure themselves and
2) each pig can stand up freely, lie down and stretch its head and side limbs”

But now the Federal Government, together with Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU), wants to simply delete the part of the regulation that stipulates that the sows in the crates should at least be able to stretch their limbs and head in the lying position.

Instead of ensuring that at least existing laws and corresponding legal judgments are complied with, the economic interest of farmers is increased and animal cruelty is legalized once again. Julia Klöckner wants to extend the illegal boxes for another 17 years!!!

The issue was originally supposed to be decided on Friday (February 14th, 20) by the Federal Council – but was removed from the agenda at short notice. The ordinance said the topic could be discussed at a next meeting at the request of a state or the federal government.

This could happen on March 13 at the earliest.,RqOZvx5

The pain of the pigs remains


Peta’s information is a bit different: Update February 2020

On February 14, 2020, the Federal Council actually wanted to vote on the draft ordinance from the Federal Minister of Agriculture, Julia Klöckner, to amend the animal welfare livestock ordinance and thus to subsequently legalize the cruel crates for animals!!!

However, the decision was postponed indefinitely.


demo gegen KlöcknerImage: Animal Equality / Petition handed over to pig crates


Under “indefinitely” we can also imagine 17 years.

My best regards to all, Venus

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