France: A Poem From A French Activist. I could never forget you. I could never forgive them.

Flag of France, hand drawn watercolor illustration


La Ligue des Animaux

Hi all;

Today 1/7/20, we were contacted by an activist in France regarding a picture posted in an article recently by Venus.

Here is the photo.



They were very moved by the picture and the activist has written a beautiful poem as a result.

We publish it here; as we know she will not mind.


Regards Mark and Venus.


Here is the message and poem.  She kindly says:


Thank you very much for your information. You’re right, this photo is terrible. We sometimes write poems/speeches when we face certain kind of pic. This one is one of them.


It inspired me, this one I wrote  :


Do not look away, here is the real horror face of captivity.

There is no drop of blood, no cry of pain but my heart is torn apart by the distress of this little abandoned being.

Tight throat, shortness of breath, my tears flow for this innocent victim of merciless torturers.

I cry for this stolen life, broken, torn from the heat of the arms of his home, subdued by the chain.

I cry because head lowered, curled up, terrorized, clenched fist, he is waiting , trembling,  for the next humiliations without ever being able to refuse.

Is he hungry? Is he thirsty?  You know the answer…

Reduced as an object in the service of humans, how can we mistreat a being endowed with such sensitivity?

To all these jailers, thieves of freedom: you are nothing but miserable less than nothing without any dignity.

Your feeling of omnipotence towards your animal captives is none other than a reflection of your insignificance within society.

Wherever you are, my adorable prisoner friend, your image of suffering will never be able to leave me.

Each of my tears of rage will strengthen our relentless fight against captivity in whatever form!


I could never forget you. I could never forgive them.


Thanks for all your hard work and fight for those you can’t speak up.

With my best Regards,

An Activist – France.


La Ligue des Animaux




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