England: ‘Extinction’ – Watch the Full Video Here. A ‘Must Watch’.

Hi all;

Finally managed to get a link to a copy of ‘Extinction’ as shown by the BBC on 14/9/20.

Hoped I would; and as I originally said, it was simply a matter of time.

Hopefully this video can now be viewed by you all wherever you are located in the world.

My original article link:


This version is a must watch and especially should be viewed by politicians and those in power who CAN make the changes; so if you can pass it on to any in your ‘patch’ then all the better.

It is the full 1 hour version as per the original programme.

Here is the video but I also show the link below.

Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yB3Jnb0e028

Please watch; get angry; get annoyed. Upset, whatever; rage and repent over what is shown, but please take the message on board – the planet needs you and all others to give a shit. 

Pass the video (or link) on to whoever you consider it worthwhile.

Thanks and Regards


One thought on “England: ‘Extinction’ – Watch the Full Video Here. A ‘Must Watch’.”

  1. I would NOT share this documentary. One of the scientists at the end said this: “That’s not to say that none of us should ever eat meat or should cut all dairy out of our diet but we have to demand that they are produced sustainably!”
    WHAT??? What this careless scientist is saying: please continue to eat meat and dairy as long as it is produced sustainably. What bull shit!!! WHAT A STUPID CARELESS SCIENTIST!!!!! He should know better. He should have said: We all need to cut all animal products out of our diet completely!!!!. We can’t afford to take baby steps. There is no more time to take baby steps. The time is NOW. NO MORE MEAT, DAIRY AND NO MORE ANIMAL PRODUCTS. NOTHING, NADA, FINISH, STOP NOW.


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