Animal suffering “Made in Italy”

In collaboration with Italian television, Animal Equality has released a new investigation that reveals the cruel reality for pigs bred for meat in Northern Italy—a region that markets its products with the stamp of the “excellence of Made in Italy.”

THE DETAILS: In September 2020, Animal Equality and Italian journalist Roberta Spinelli visited a pig farm in Brescia, Italy, and documented terrible abuse and suffering—images in stark contrast from the idyllic picture of contented animals on green pastures often painted by the region’s producers.

The investigative team found:

-Pigs abandoned and left to die in corridors
-Bodies of dead pigs amongst the living
-Workers dragging pigs by their legs with ropes
-Animals with cysts and sores, unable to walk because of their open wounds
-Animals crammed together and forced to live in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions
-Pigs covered with feces and urine
-Cockroach, rat, and worm infestations
-Sewage not properly disposed of in a ditch adjacent to the farm and fields

WHAT WE’RE SAYING: “Thanks to this investigation, the horrors of Bascia’s pig farms are clearly revealed. We can no longer turn our heads from the suffering to which these sentient beings are forced to endure—mistreatment that happens behind the closed doors of these polluting farms which are often beneficiaries of public funds. We need more checks and balances for these places, and we need them now,” says Alice Trombetta, Executive Director of Animal Equality Italy.

BACKGROUND: In Italy, there are more than 8 million pigs that are raised every year on industrial farms, 4 million of which are in Lombardy alone. Of these, almost 1.5 million are raised in the province of Brescia—an area also affected by pollution and sewage spills related to the massive presence of intensive farming.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: Based on our findings, a formal complaint against the owners of the farm was delivered to the Prosecutor’s Office of Brescia. In addition, a petition was launched in Italy addressed to the Presidency of the Council and the Minister of Health asking for more frequent and more effective controls to be carried out—unannounced—in order to ensure compliance with the country’s rules on hygiene and animal welfare.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: The reality is that animals are not afforded adequate protection in our food system and the abuse we filmed in Italy is unfortunately commonplace on pig farms all across the world, including in the US.

Aggressive marketing campaigns by producers try to trick consumers into believing that the animals in their supply chains are happy and cared for but as our investigations have proved time and time again, nothing could be further from the truth.

If these conditions concern you, the best way you can help is to leave animals off your plate and share our investigations with your family and friends.

We can make a difference, together.
We just need more people to learn about what really happens within animal agriculture.

And I mean…The horror situation on the farms is not new – from our experience, we can say that the situation has been this way for over 20 years – maybe it has gotten even worse.
Incidentally, and of course, all of this applies not only to pigs but also to cattle, etc., and an even greater “mess” can be observed with poultry.

In addition, the (dismantling) personnel in a slaughterhouse, called dismantling columns (!), mostly from third countries, are usually housed in a way that could well be described as ‘barracked’!

What is shameful about this is that ‘politicians’ are surprised today and pretend that none of this was known!

Meat producers are simply criminals, nothing more and nothing less.
Are the beneficiaries of a corrupt system.

But the good fact is: each of us has a conscience, a large brain, empathy, and the ability to make decisions

If we use these wonderful properties, we can decide against animal exploitation, animal cruelty, and animal mass extermination.
Mentally, morally, socially healthy people with decency do not need such disgusting, fascist system structures.

My best regards to all, Venus

8 thoughts on “Animal suffering “Made in Italy””

  1. Please, let me know, how I can quote your report?
    I am just rebuilding my book “Schwein gehabt?”
    – and I have to recognize, the situation of pigs became more & more a torture
    Thank you:


    1. Dear Anna Maria,
      I always add a link for each translated article.
      I still try to find additional information on each topic, because often different information, from other sources, sheds a different light on the situation.
      Now to your question: “how I can quote your report”.
      I have not made a report on the subject, I have just faithfully posted the Animal Equality article.
      But if you mean that you want to quote the following comment from me on this topic, you can of course do that, you are free to do so with every comment of me.
      That’s why we write here! to inform and to support many people if they need arguments against cruelty to animals and meat consumption.
      best regards to you


      1. Thank you, dear Venus, I feel your empathic soul; I am writing about pigs as a social fact, as a mirroring of our societies. One point is to represent states or countries, to demonstrate, that pigs are tortured all over the world. My focus is on EU first, but a lot about US and UK, too. There is a EU-made report “Schweinerecherche” – a single lie! And outside EU-recherches pigs “live” and “die” in horrible pain, not mentioned at all.
        I´ll send you one example of EU`s work:

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      2. United Kingdom of Great Britain
        Fakten: In Großbritannien wurden 11 Betriebe wahllos herausgesucht und untersucht. Diese befanden sich in den Regionen Yorkshire und Suffolk.
        Von den untersuchten Betrieben hatten 54% den Schweinen die Schwänze kupiert, und 36% stellten den Schweinen kein Beschäftigungsmaterial zur Verfügung.

        YouTube – UK pig farming investigation 2008

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      3. Holland / Die Niederlande
        Fakten: In Holland wurden 9 Betriebe untersucht: 8 Betriebe in der Region Nord Brabant, und ein Betrieb in Zuid, Holland.
        Von den untersuchten Betrieben hatten 100% den Schweinen die Schwänze kupiert, und 88 % stellten den Schweinen kein Beschäftigungsmaterial zur Verfügung.

        YouTube: Netherlands pig farming investigation 2008

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      4. They only reported that, what they wanted to see – no suffering, no pain, no wounds…And I add now true reports about the situation of pigs, in out wonderful EU. I wrote my book 2014, reported so many crimes against pigs – SILENCE HAS BEEN THE ANSWER

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