Israel bans the sale of fur – not a novelty, but whitewashing

Recently there has been a boom on the Internet that Israel introduced the fur ban (as the first country in the world).
The animal rights scene is cheering, and the gullible animal rights activist praises Israel with comments, gifs, and emoticons on the Internet.

However, in addition to this mass euphoria about the new novelty, there are two small hooks that, in the case of Israel, allow animals to be bestially killed because of their fur, namely:
On the one hand in science for educational and research purposes, i.e. for unholy animal experiments.
And on the other hand for the production and sale of the so-called “Schtreimel”,( שטרײַמל‎) the headgear of ultra-orthodox Jews.
Once again, religion is tolerated by the state and placed above animal welfare in Israel.

A third but most important hoe makes this ban more than suspect.
Israel has drawn hatred and contempt from around the world after the last Gaza massacre.

It was already time for a diversion from Israel, which works best where there is a belief that animal welfare has nothing to do with politics, and therefore the ban (which is half one) is dated as breaking news.

First of all, one thing has to be said: some restrictions on fur have already existed.

Los Angeles and San Francisco have already banned sales.
California wants to be the first US state to follow the good example of these two cities in 2023.
In the Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo, the export and import of fur goods are already prohibited.

Perhaps very few people know anything about this, because none of these countries wanted to do the white washing of Israel with the ban, and neither did it need to.

So we do not participate, and we do not deserve any praise or recognition for countries, governments or instances that take a good step against animal suffering, but live in the Middle Ages when it comes to human rights and the autonomy of other countries.

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Israel bans the sale of fur – not a novelty, but whitewashing”

  1. Thanks for your erudite comment on The Fur Ban in Israel(not). Have shared twitter and FB love to you and everything you do for animals.xxxx


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