Germany: Animal cruelty in horror slaughterhouse is rewarded

In August 2020, “SOKO Animal welfare organization” uncovered horror conditions in the Gärtringen slaughterhouse (state: Baden-Württemberg, in Germany).

With hidden cameras, activists from SOKO Tierschutz e.V. have uncovered numerous cases of massive animal cruelty in this slaughterhouse.

The video shows terrifying scenes.
The pictures show pigs that are not properly anesthetized shortly before slaughter or cows that are tormented with stick stitches in the anus.
This happens in the presence of inactive official veterinarians.

Here is the video, with the title: “the land butcher from the land-
Animal torture in the butcher slaughterhouse Gärtringen”

(Note: At minute 1:39 a pig is brutally mistreated.
The animal is kicked in the face and a pipe is rammed into its eye. You can clearly hear the cries of the animal. Then, in the case of the skidding box, sheer violence prevails. The anesthetic fails again and again)

The film shocked and left speechless, there was shock and indignation, the public prosecutor was called in and emphasized that the slaughterhouse operator was primarily responsible.
The company supplies meat to butchers in the region.
The counter-model to mega-slaughterhouses shows its true colors: animals are mistreated in front of the hidden cameras and state veterinarians look on inactive.

SOKO had filed a criminal complaint with the authorities against this slaughterhouse, now the slaughterhouse is closed.

Folter-Fleisch aus Stuttgart: Baden-Württemberg Schlachthof-Skandal nimmt dramatisches Ende | Tiere

And yet new things reach us so embarrassingly that one does not want to tell them.

From the media:

“The slaughterhouse in Gärtringen (Baden-Württemberg) has presented a financing plan for the renovation.
The slaughterhouse is to be rebuilt with 6.6 million euros and reopened with new standards.

The SOKO Tierschutz had accused the slaughterhouse employees of animal cruelty, including blows, kicks and unprofessional anesthesia of the animals.
The Gärtringer slaughterhouse has been closed for more than ten months.

Up to 40 percent of the financing is to be covered by a state subsidy program.
In addition, the cooperative is aiming for a loan from the district of 4.3 million.
It is currently unclear when the slaughterhouse will be able to reopen” (15.07.2021)

Friedrich Mülln, the chairman of the organization SOKO, which carried out the undercover investigations, wrote a very nice statement about it today.

“Taxpayers EURO waste for animal abusers in the Gärtringen scandal.

If your employees stick a plastic pipe in the eye of a pig, stick wooden sticks in the anus of cows, slaughter piglets with full consciousness and drag sheep across the floor, you didn’t care, then …

you get 2,640,000 million EUR from the state of Baden Württemberg and then another 4.3 million EUR as a presumably interest-free loan from the district, i.e. also from the state, i.e. from the taxpayer.
So you don’t have to pay anything.
Own contribution from a profit-oriented company? Nothing!

After all, you get the money from the taxpayers also from those who live purely plant-based.

At a time when everyone knows that meat consumption is a big mistake, which not only favors animal torture, but also human suffering in the form of climate change and diseases, a new slaughterhouse is being given away.

It is questionable whether the slaughterhouse will ever repay the loan.
Because there are umpteen investment ruins in the meat industry in which taxpayers’ money has seeped away.
It is also strange that they are actually talking about EUR 6.6 million, but the two sums from the state amount to 6,940,000.
So maybe there are still new SUVs for the bosses 😉

So you commit crimes and you are rewarded for it.
Then why is it not surprising that the inhibitions in the meat industry to break the law are so low?

Our proposal: EUR 6.6 million for healthy vegan food for schools and kindergartens. Demolish the slaughterhouse and build something useful. Protects the surface wastage.
This is how you invest in the future”.

And I mean...After all, nothing else was to be expected. The meat mafia has its allies in politics who are not even ashamed
to smooth out the crimes quickly so that the murdered animals taste good again.

There is no point in fighting for better controls in the slaughterhouse, shorter transports and effective stunning.
One can only get out and give this death industry the fatal blow through one’s personal behavior, one’s personal meatless diet.

My best regards to all, Venus

2 thoughts on “Germany: Animal cruelty in horror slaughterhouse is rewarded”

  1. Why do people believe that good things can happen in a slaughterhouse? The industry is inherently barbaric, wretched, evil, and cruel, regardless of human-defined “processes” that violate and brutally kill sentient beings in fearful, traumatic, and horrific manners.


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