Norway bans the torture of bulldogs and king charles spaniels πŸ’–πŸ•

On January 31, 2022, a judgment of historical importance for animal welfare was made in the District Court of Oslo –
In the future, the torture of English Bulldogs and King Charles Spaniels will be banned under Article 25 of the Norwegian Animal Welfare Act.

The decisive impetus for this was a lawsuit by the animal rights organization “Animal Protection Norway”.
This was submitted because the two breeds are particularly heavily burdened by hereditary disorders.

English bulldogs suffer from diseases of the skin, the kidneys and especially the respiratory tract due to their breed.

King Charles Spaniels, on the other hand, suffer from heart problems, headaches, eye and joint diseases.

The “Norwegian Kennel Club”, the “Bulldog Club”, the “Cavalier Club” and six other breeders were unreasonable and disappointed.
But animal rights activists around the world are pleased with this verdict.
Quote from Γ…shild Roaldset, Managing Director at Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge:

“The verdict will receive international attention. This is a victory for Norwegian animal welfare and especially for our dogs. Dogs have the right to be bred to be healthy.”

We very much welcome this step, because torture breeding is a serious problem in animal welfare.
It is precisely these two breeds that have been massively bred illegally in Norway.
Well that’s the end of it now!

We appeal to all governments on earth to generally ban defined torture breeding of any species.
Breeders only care about one thing, namely their own profit.
This should be prevented worldwide and the rights of animals and their integrity protected.

And we also appeal to all animal lovers out there in general not to buy from breeders and to enrich them, but to adopt one of the many animal souls in need of help in the countless animal protection facilities on earth.

Breeders are making a fortune while animal sanctuaries and shelters are brimming with wonderful creatures.



And I mean..In both races, increasingly extreme ideals of beauty led to massive health problems.
Inbreeding has led to them increasingly passing on genetic diseases.
The King Charles Spaniel breed is susceptible, among other things, to the so-called myxomatous mitral valve disease, a form of heart failure in dogs.
This puts them at an increased risk of a certain heart disease, for example.

Especially in the past 30, 40 years, at a time when animal welfare was being promoted with words and emergency dogs were being rescued all over Europe, Bulldog dogs were massively robbed of their health and zest for life.
The Bulldogs were getting bigger, wrinkled, wider, deeper.
At the dog shows, veritable excesses of bizarreness were celebrated.

The fact that the dogs can hardly breathe, that the severe wrinkles on their face require lifelong care and that 80% of the puppies are born by Caesarean section does not interest this scene of the so-called Bulldog friends at all.

Another well-known example is the pug, which was supposed to appear particularly flat-nosed and bug-eyed for a long time. As a result, many Pugs suffer from respiratory and corneal problems, and some specimens can even lose an eye

We would like all countries to change their minds and follow Norway’s example
Until then, there is one thing we can do: Adopt! don’t buy your friend from breeder

My best regards to all, Venus

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