Day: July 12, 2022

England: News Shorts – 12/7/22.

In memory of dear friend and feral cat rescue champion Liz F who’s death I was informed about today. Over the years this lady has rescued literally hundreds of feral cats and kittens from various sites around North Kent. Liz, there sure is a place in animal heaven for you, having crossed the bridge I know you will be re united with all the animals you have dedicated your life to; a simple lady who hated the limelight, but who did wonders for animals. Mark x

With thanks to our friends at ‘The Guardian’ newspaper – London.

Microplastic contamination has been reported in beef and pork for the first time, as well as in the blood of cows and pigs on farms.

Scientists at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands found the particles in three-quarters of meat and milk products tested and every blood sample in their pilot study.

WAV Comment – Very tasty (allegedly) in real sausages produced from a dead pig. As Macron shows, real men eat sausage.

When is a sausage ? –

Vegan Sausages – or should we say ‘them long round tastier than meat things !

WAV Comment:  Oh my god, how will we sleep safe tonight knowing that the words sausage or bacon cannot be applied to plant based foods.  Planks who are paid by the industry to dream up details like this need to do one thing – geta decent job.

Now that a vegan sausage is not to be called a sausage; I will have to go back to eating real sausages (I don’t think); and who says that the term ‘sausage’ is something that can only apply to something that carnivores want ?

France will become the first country to ban words such as “steak”, “sausage” and “bacon” being applied to plant-based food. It is the largest producer of beef in the EU and the ban, announced in 2020, will come into force from October.

Extreme heat and humidity killed thousands of cattle in Kansas in mid-June, the state said, as rising temperatures continue to threaten livestock. The Kansas state health and environment department confirmed that at least 2,000 cattle died.

WAV Comment:  Ex (one time) President Trump tells us that global warming is a fallacy.   Ask the cattle, as they probably have a lot more brain power.

So long Mr EX President.

Pork production in the EU is in decline, according to analysis by the UK’s Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board. The industry totalled 2m tonnes in March, representing a decline of 7% compared with the previous year. The most significant declines were recorded in Germany (12%), Poland (12%) and Belgium (9%).

A salmon farming company has bought a Boeing 757 in a race to get its fresh fish on to the plates of diners in Manhattan in less than 24 hours. The Faroese firm Bakkafrost argues that it can cut its carbon footprint by flying its own jet across the Atlantic and minimise waste by getting its fish to its US customers faster.

WAV Comment – Search Results for “faroe islands” – World Animals Voice

Sort out your priorities. We never accept scum like you.

A voracious appetite for frogs’ legs among the French and Belgians is driving species inIndonesia, Turkey and Albania to the brink of extinction, according to a report by the German environmental group ProWildlife.

Europe imports as many as 200 million mostly wild frogs every year, contributing to a serious depletion of native species elsewhere.

One of the UK’s biggest dairy firms, Dairy Crest, was fined £1.5m for repeatedly polluting a river near its Cornwall factory and causing local residents to suffer years of noxious smells. The site, the UK’s largest dairy-processing facility, makes Cathedral City cheese, Clover spread and Country Life butter.

WAV Comment – ‘Country Life’; or ‘Polluting Life’ ?

UK – Animal welfare campaigners are calling on UK supermarkets to stop selling premium ham, including Parma, produced in “sow stalls” on EU farms.

An undercover investigation by Compassion in World Farming found that sows spend many weeks in cages so small they can only stand up or lie down.

Some British supermarket pork has been infected with a potentially fatal superbug. Tests discovered that more than 10% of sampled pork products, including joints, chops and mince, were infected with bacteria that showed resistance to a “last resort” antibiotic used to treat serious illnesses in humans.

Tens of millions of farm animals in the US are dying before they can be slaughtered, exposing the deadly conditions under which animals are transported around the country.

Approximately 20 million chickens, 330,000 pigs and 166,000 cattle are dead on arrival, or soon after, at abattoirs every year.

Regards Mark