The poaching just does not stop.

In Kenya alone, 69 elephants and nine rhinos were killed illegally by hunters last year.

These are high numbers for a country in which there are only around 34,000 elephants and fewer than 1,000 rhinos.

Because even high fines and life imprisonment have not helped so far, Kenya now wants to go even harder against poachers: with the death penalty.

According to media reports, the government is forced to protect the animals.

Therefore, the plan should become the law as soon as possible.

Human rights activists criticize this and call for the abolition of the death penalty.

We live today in the largest apartheid system of all time.

Everything for the welfare of the people and everything for the exploitation of the animals. Animals have no rights, nowhere, we took them away: The right to life, freedom, happiness.
That’s why I totally agree with the death sentence against poachers in Kenya.

I can only hope that Kenya is serious.