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EU: Failing Caged Animals – Put MEP’s and Commissioners in a Cage for 24 hours; and then see how quickly things would change !

Pro-Brexit supporters burn an EU flag during a UKIP demonstration in central London



Put MEP’s and Commissioners in a Cage for 24 hours; and then see how quickly things would change

Mark – WAV.


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WAV Comment: I (Mark) am getting on my soapbox here about this; sorry if I have different views to others, but knowing the EU and how it operates; I don’t think we will see that much in the way of change. Nice words and PR’s; and a pile of EU ‘officials’ working day and night to dress it all up; for basically nothing – which means nothing being done in the way of progress for the welfare of animals in Europe.

Have animal welfare / rights organisations across the EU been saying this for years – that ‘conventional rabbit cages have worst welfare score’; and have they not supported this attitude with vast amounts of evidence / proof of the cruelties involved ?. We note that this report says that ‘conventional cages have the worst overall welfare impact score’ – it says nothing about banning them, just simply that ‘it includes recommendations to improve the welfare of these animals in all the systems currently available in the EU’.

In other words; and in my opinion only for this article, the EU ‘policy’ has basically no intention of ‘ending the cage’ as proposed by campaigns by animal welfare groups across Europe. At best, it is regarded by us as a kind of ‘tinkering round the edges’ strategy; which largely keeps current systems; whilst saying to citizens and the welfare groups that ‘improvements have been made’ !. Oh yeah, like what ? – Rabbits; the most farmed animal throughout Europe, we suggest, rabbits we still be kept in cages throughout the EU, and really the EU will have masses of new ‘yukspeak’ legislation that does very little, changes very little; but keeps the farmers and their lobbyists happy – and that for them is the main thing.


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Have we not seen the ‘EU approach’ to all this in the past ? – ‘battery cages’ for chickens suddenly take on the new EU name of ‘enriched cages’ – and they move from each bird in an enriched cage now having at least 750 square centimetres of space rather than the old minimum for ‘battery’ cage systems, which was 550 square centimetres; or in other words, roughly the size of one A4 sheet of paper per bird, for their entire lives !


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Read – Enriched cages condemned – CIWF – one of the UK’s leading farm animal welfare organisations:


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Lets move on to another ‘farm animal welfare’ issue that the EU is involved with and ignores the wishes of its citizens on – Live Exports (live animal transports). Have a look at all the people in Europe calling for change:


.. and the European Parliament demands 8 hours !!!-

Well, the reality is that despite the ‘demands’ of the European Parliament; the EU Commissioner(s) have the final say; and again in this case, they ignore the wishes of the EU citizens in favour of what is best for them; their own nation, and their lobbyists – and that in a nutshell means ‘NO Change’.

Here we are in January 2020 and nothing has changed regarding live animals being transported across / or from the EU to third countries since the Regulation (1/2005) of yes, 2005.. Reg 1/2005 is still the antiquated ‘bible’ which transporters never adhere to, and now we see the EU trying to invent new words and policies to make ‘live animal transport’ things a bit better, whatever that means ! – basically; the EU does not change to the wants of its citizens; it ignores them and does only what it wants at the demands of the un elected Commissioners.




Another example; Tell me about Monsanto / Bayer and the grip that lobbyists have within the EU – you can read a lot of this in our past posts in the subject. In Austria last month, we had:


Austrian leader blocks ban on weedkiller glyphosate, citing technicality

VIENNA (Reuters) – Austria’s caretaker leader on Monday made clear she would not sign into law the European Union’s first national ban on the weedkiller glyphosate due to a technicality, infuriating environmentalists while delighting farmers’ groups.

A large majority in parliament and, polls suggest, the public support banning the chemical because of fears it causes cancer. Austria, a popular tourist destination for its Alpine landscapes, also devotes the largest share of its farmland to organic agriculture of any EU member state.


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We call the ‘technicality’ another name; and that is ‘lobbyists’. All the time the EU sucks up to them and the industry, there is no chance of change, despite what the citizens want. You could say that this is enough to make people want to wave goodbye to the EU; for all its inactions – and you know what, wow, yes, that is exactly what the UK will be doing at the end of January this year. Taking back control; away from all the EU cow poo.

 Not a Happy Bunny – like most in the EU;

Regards Mark.


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 From the ‘Eurogroup for Animals’:


EFSA concludes conventional rabbit cages have worst welfare score


The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published three scientific opinions on the welfare of rabbits kept in the EU for meat consumption. The conclusions show the need for the European Commission to use this scientific evidence to enact long overdue legislation for rabbits and end caged systems. At the same time, the opinions demonstrate the urgent need for better training of staff during stunning and slaughter of rabbits.

Rabbits are the second most farmed species in the EU in terms of numbers, but there is no species-specific legislation protecting their welfare in the EU. EFSA assessed and compared the welfare of rabbits in different production systems – organic, outdoor, floor pens, elevated pens, enriched cages and conventional cages – and concluded that conventional cages have the worst overall welfare impact score.

The overall welfare impact scores suggest that animal welfare in organic systems, on the other hand, is generally good. EFSA’s Opinion includes recommendations to improve the welfare of these animals in all the systems currently available in the EU. To facilitate the assessment of the welfare of rabbits kept in different systems it also recommends standardizing the use of validated welfare assessment protocols suitable for on-farm use throughout the EU.

Secondly, in response to two mandates, one from the European Parliament and one from the European Commission, EFSA also assessed the welfare problems like to occur in rabbits during slaughter and killing operations. In its Scientific Opinion ‘Stunning methods and slaughter of rabbits for human consumption’, the Authority identified ten welfare consequences resulting from 32 hazards that rabbits can be exposed to before and during slaughter (i.e. during pre-stunning, stunning and bleeding). These are consciousness, not being dead, thermal stress, prolonged thirst, prolonged hunger, restriction of movements, pain, fear, distress, and respiratory distress. 25 out of 32 of the hazards originated from staff, with most being attributed either to a lack of appropriate skills or to fatigue.

EFSA concluded that the preparedness and performance of staff also plays a crucial role in the case of on‐farm killing for purposes other than slaughter, such as disease control operations, and assessed this scenario in another dedicated Scientific Opinion. It identified 14 hazards which result in five welfare consequences: not being dead, consciousness, pain, fear and distress. Again, the staff were identified as the origin for all the hazards, either due to a lack of skills needed or due to the high kill rate that characterizes these operations and results in fatigue.

For both these opinions EFSA linked the hazards, welfare consequences, animal-based measures, origins and preventive and corrective measures, and also proposed mitigation measures to minimize welfare consequences. In assessing preventive measures, the crucial role played by the staff was also acknowledged.






The Human Being – Something To Be Proud Of ???

I hate the human race; and sadly having to fit the description.  They claim superiority and a ‘superior being’ type ‘master of all’ status; whilst in my opinion; they are in fact the masters of destruction and the primary cause of abuse of many kinds on this planet; and that is nothing to be ‘superior’ or proud about.

Please watch this video (link below) and then tell me that I am wrong !

Regards Mark – WAV.


I may be adding more later to this post to give further support to my views – if they are even needed.


Have A Great and Productive 2020 With Your Campaigning – From Mark and Venus.

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Well here we are again drawing this time to the end of another decade – and despite all the bad issues that we have shown on the site; after all, that is what we exist for; to inform people about the bad stuff; with the hope of change; looking back it has also been a very productive year in 2019 for the welfare of animals.



Looking back; the recent disaster at Midia which took the lives of so many innocent sheep is one issue that I cannot forget. The authorities want us to, but after many years involved with live export; it is an issue very much engrained in my ‘system’; I hate it and will forever fight to stop it; all the way to the grave.


Animal Aid Unlimited in India are an organisation that I have so much respect for. Where do you start with them ?


23,550 calls requesting help for sick or injured animals in Udaipur. Each year more and more people in the city are becoming aware that they can do something when they see an injured animal, by a simple call for help, they are making their first step into becoming an animal protector.

9,384 animals were admitted in Animal Aid’s hospital to receive life-saving medical treatments for serious injuries and illnesses. About 26 new patients were taken in each day. We attempt to cover many of the stories here on WAV; just type in ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ into the search box to get links to all the past videos.
In addition to the work back at base, AAU also provided 1,092 street treatments for animals who did not require full hospitalization. 1,317 dogs were spayed and neutered once they healed from their injuries. 3,728 incredible volunteers and visitors enriched the lives of animals, many of whom served the animals more than 2 weeks!

AAU also vaccinated 8,266 dogs against rabies both in their hospital and also directly on the street. Finally, 40 animal activists from across India have learned first aid principles and techniques from the intensive AAU First Aid Training Program.

Now that is something to be proud of, and we wish Erika and all the crew there an even better 2020 with their work.


LACS NewLogo


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Also, 2019 can be viewed as the year in England when the Hunting Act of 2004 was given long term protection and we will never legally return to the old days of wild animals being hunted to death by those with nothing more than a ‘bloodbath’ blood lust.


Jill xmas animals asia.jpg


We must never forget Jill and the team at ‘Animals Asia; – it is probably best that we give their link as so many positives are covered. – with the young and a new positive view on how animals should be treated, we look forward to the day when bear bile farming and the dog meat trade in the Far East are confined as atrocities carried out in past times – rightly in history books where they belong.


koala in flammeng


The destruction of the Environment is a massive concern for every one of us. The deaths and suffering that is going on in Australia at this very moment, combined with recent events in Amazonia largely to increase space for cattle grazing at the cost of the indigenous peoples only shows that those in power there have one thing on their mind, and nothing else; and that is called ‘money’.


circus no smile.png

Circuses and sea life centres are really being shunned by the educated public now; and we very much welcome that. It is fantastic to see that some dolphins are even being returned to purpose built sanctuaries for them; where they can once again return to the type of lives that were cruelly taken from them in the past.

Turning to Serbia; it has been a positive year with regard the fur industry. We personally worked with the team at ‘Respect for Animals’ in England, and with Slavica and Serbian activists, supplying lots of information and undertaking lots of research which led to getting the fur farming ban introduced at the start of 2019; saving tens of thousands of Chinchilla in the process –

Serbian fur farming ban comes into force

Chinchilla – Saved by the Ban.


serb fur 2.jpg


In the United States, there have been some really positive moves; and we thank all our US visitors for the work they have done behind the scenes. California has become the first US state to ban the sale of animal fur products The new legislation, AB44, bans the manufacture and sale of new fur products across the state and is already considered to be the most ground-breaking moment for the anti-fur campaign for many years. We hope and look forward to other states following the example of California.



Staying in the USA, we have seen a lot of positives with regard ‘killing contests’ – where animals are deliberately killed for prizes etc. In recent months we have seen bans introduced in Massachusetts, Arizona, as well as Coyote killing contests in New Mexico.

Food has been a big issue in America; with many major food chains now providing plant based options as part of the menu. This is great news and reflects the huge amount of people that have decided to change to a plant based diet, thus contributing to cutting down on global warming which is an intrinsic part of the meat production system; and which is very much responsible for some of the huge fires that we have witnessed this year in Amazonia due to forest clearance to make more grazing area for meat cattle. Many of America’s largest food chains have now moved to producing Vegan foods for consumers as part of their range – .



We thank Stacey at Our Compass for working with us, and giving links to many issues and videos associated with a meat free Vegan diet. Thanks Stacey; and keep up the great work !


We also say “thank” to our companion commentator Slavica; under the name “eparslavicaepar”, (we know who she is) for the faithful accompaniment (almost) for each article. Comments are a strengthening of our work, even if they are critical!




Whizzing over to South Korea, we wants to give thanks and credit to Korean for all their tireless work aimed at stopping the live dog and cat meat trade. On the site given, you can find endless ways to give your support to their work, and we encourage you strongly to do that.


Cage age 1


Back here in England, we need to highlight the huge amount of work being done by CIWF all over the world on so many different farm animal issues; from the ban the cages campaign in Europe, through to helping pig producers in China to be more animal welfare considerate and change (improve) their methods of farm animal husbandry.


All in all; we have just skimmed the surface of what has been a very positive and productive year (in 2019) aiming at helping animals across the world. We cannot cover everything as it would take far too long, but we know that you, our friends and supporters are able to investigate a lot more about specific issues that may be of concern to you.


To try and give you a little assistance, we have provided on our site an A to Z listing of major animal welfare organisations, complete with their web site links, in order that you can hopefully find out a bit more much easier. Here is the link to this section:



We wish you all a great year in 2020 campaigning for the rights of, and being a voice for animals all over the world. You usually find that animal rights people often have a big interest in human rights also; and we try to do a little here as well. Check out one of our links associated with the Amazon forest peoples


… and for me (Mark), I especially wish to give support to free Tibet from the current rule of China which is covered so fantastically by London based ‘Free Tibet’ –


Be a voice and fight the fight – results are never immediate and campaigns can take a long time to win – just look at the League Against Cruel Sports (London) – formed in 1924; but it was not until 2004 that they managed to get Hunting with dogs stopped for wild animals –


You Can Run, But You Cannot Hide !

Happy New Year for 2020 – Regards Mark and Venus xx.


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In memory of 2 great campaigners against live export:  Sadly Missed.

Mike tucker 2.jpg



John C

and John. 



Germany: Death candidates disturb meat eaters


banane rep deutschlandpg

Roaring cattle on trucks, which drive to the slaughterhouse at dawn, apparently regularly pull residents out of their sleep. Residents are regularly woken up at dawn. There is no right to redirect the transporters.

tiertransport mit schweinepg

The district committee Altstadt-Lehel was quite willing to take the problem seriously (!!!), especially since Wolfgang Püschel (Social Democratic Party of Germany), who lives nearby, was able to confirm the situation.

The animals are sometimes uncomfortably loud (!!!). But what to do?

LKW mit Kuhjpg

Stefan Blum (Christian Social Union in Bavaria), who is the chairman of the responsible subcommittee, stated that there was no legal right to redirection, after all, it was not a through traffic, but an inner-city traffic.

Blum suggested that the speed limit be 30 in the corresponding section of the road, at least the traffic would be quieter.
In the neighboring district, this has proven itself, the drivers are sticking to the limit.
It was joked that the animals were only heard louder when the traffic was quieter, but in the end everyone agreed to seize the opportunity and really request a speed limit here.

gestresste schweinejpg


My comment: As if it wasn’t enough for customers to fund these transports, to send these animals to the cruel death of the slaughterhouse, to eat their meat, now they’re distraught that the death candidates are screaming out of fear, suffering, and pain.

And none of these annoyed carnivorous human animals has the idea of ​​getting rid of the problem once and for all, stopping animal transport, stopping meat consumption and stopping animal slavery.
Human being is an hypocritical, harmful, useless animal, nothing else.

My best regards to all, Venus

Netherlands: A Christmas Message From Lesley Re Progress In Turkey.


EoA logo

Lesley is a personal friend and we have worked together on live export issues in the past.

Here is her Christmas message about the great work she has been doing (at Eyes on Animals – Netherlands) for animal welfare in Turkey;

Regards Mark (WAV)



Dear donors and friends,

I am writing from the airport in Istanbul, about to fly back home. I hope you don’t mind that I will only write in English.

Five years ago we started our project in Turkey to change the way animals were being treated inside slaughterhouses. Since then we have visited many slaughterhouses and witnessed unspeakable horrors. I am often asked how we do this work, facing such animal suffering. The answer is that we care too much to be able to now look away. Focusing on achieving results keeps us driven.

In 2019 we achieved a major breakthrough in Turkey. Who could have thought that two cattle slaughterhouses would now be stunning animals before slaughter? Who could have thought that we could now import captive bolt stunning pistols into Turkey? Putting stunning into practice in Turkey was a major step, and the most challenging one.

It took dozens of meetings with religious authorities, giving numerous talks at Turkish universities and to officials of the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture, editing hours of film material, visiting and inspecting Turkish slaughterhouses and educating their employees as well as organizing conferences for Turkish veterinarians and butchers. Now that the first major step has been taken, we just have to keep the ball rolling. In 2020, this will be one of our top priorities.



When I think back to the horrors of my first visit of a cattle slaughterhouse in Turkey in 2014, where French cattle were being chained by one leg, hoisted fully off the floor and left hanging like that for up to 2 minutes before having their throats cut open, I am so relieved to now know that change is possible.




Looking back at 2019

This year was a busy and intense year. Aside from Turkey, we were active in many other places to improve animal welfare and decrease suffering.

In Ghana, together with WACPAW, we improved conditions inside 5 slaughterhouses by teaching the butchers how to use a captive bolt pistol and giving them one. In Poland we trained over 80 Official Road Inspectors and stopped and fined dozens of animals trucks together.

In the Netherlands several major pig slaughterhouses invested in new equipment (industrial fans and roofed parking areas with shade) to help tackle heat stress in the summer. Two major egg companies in The Netherlands have fully abandoned the brutal commercial way of catching “spent” laying hens and switched over to the EonA upright method and now a UK company is also interested in it (we will be meeting with them in January).

Together with the French organization L214 we exposed the horrible cruelty in the trade of unweaned calves from Ireland via French control posts to veal farms in the Netherlands. One of the employees in France was prosecuted and the story got in major international press. Our inspections were reported in Le Monde, Le Parisien, Het Parool, de Volkskrant, BBC World, The Guardian, the Irish Times, NPO Radio 1 and more.





Dear donor, your generous support have made the improvements for all these animals possible. Thank you for believing in our efforts and for being patient with us. Your support gives me and my team the opportunity to spend our time and energy into what we all hold as being so important – to make this world a gentler place for animals.

We still do hope for a day when society peacefully switches over to an agricultural system not dependent on killing animals, but as long as there are animals inside barren barns, overcrowded trucks or frightening slaughterhouses, we will do our very best to make sure animal-suffering is noticed and decreased.

On behalf of everyone at Eyes on Animals, I wish you a joyous and peaceful winter holiday season.

On behalf of myself, I wish all of the hard-working volunteers and freelancers of Eyes on Animals a time to rest and look back on the achievements.

With warm wishes from us all at the Eyes on Animals office in Amsterdam,



Thank you for your support!

EoA Xmas

Lesley Moffat
director of Eyes on Animals

USA: Protect turkeys in trucks from frigid temps.



Thanks Stacey (WAV)


… has so many churches and so many Christmas decorations and so many people that claim to be Christians, and yet so much unnecessary horrific animal cruelty and no complaint of it, or effort to do anything to stop it


turkey transport letter.jpg

Photo – Animals Angels


Source United Poultry Concerns (UPC)

The Letter to the Editor that follows this Introduction was written by Shane Zoglman and published Nov. 20, 2019 by The Dubois County Herald in Indiana, a mid-Western state with a large poultry and egg industry. In granting permission to UPC to share his letter with our readers, Shane added some information about his own evolution:

Howdy, sure, post away. For some history, back when I was a teenager, and didn’t have any good examples or guidance in the form of grownups, I worked for about 4 years on a chicken farm, that is, an egg farm, gathering eggs from the mega-sized houses, taking out the dead and crippled chickens and also taking out the old ones, loading them on semis and putting the new young birds in the cages.

I also did a few part-time jobs of working for a farm where I helped load turkeys into the semis. I have to say I didn’t think about the animals’ suffering, it just didn’t enter my mind. So I am someone who has seen both sides and has changed a lot over the years. The thing I do not understand is people that never wake up. I think a big help in my waking up to animal cruelty was stumbling onto the Shark Online YouTube channel years ago. I had been to a couple rodeos as a kid, but again, never was aware of the cruelty as I see it now after seeing their videos of rodeo cruelty.

These days I do not buy guns and ammo to kill animals with. I buy binoculars to enjoy watching them with, and instead of putting effort into killing, I put effort and money into taking in animals (who) need a home as well as trying to spread some of the message in my own way that things need to change.
– Shane Zoglman


The following is Shane’s letter in The Dubois County Herald, Nov. 20, 2019:

Protect turkeys in trucks from frigid temps

Dubois County Herald

November 20, 2019

To the editor:

Well, it is wintertime in Dubois County again, and once again the turkey manufacturing industry has done nothing to alleviate the suffering of turkeys being trucked down the highways at night in open cages, going 60-mph with no protection from the horrific freezing cold.

The profiteers of the turkey manufacturing industry cannot be bothered to spend a few bucks to lessen the cruelty they inflict on their product. After all, a healthy profit margin is what life is all about, right?

After their freezing cold, 18-wheeled torture trip, many of the turkeys are thrown still alive into boiling hot water. Then they are sold and shipped to China, where most turkeys “manufactured” in America end up. It’s so great that China gets the food and people in Dubois County get the pollution, the stink and the humanity-degrading, low-paying jobs of inflicting cruelty on animals while a few rich people at the top get the money.

What does it say that Dubois County has so many churches and so many Christmas decorations and so many people that claim to be Christians and yet so much unnecessary horrific animal cruelty and no complaint of it, or effort to do anything to stop it?

You cannot look at humans in middle America and convince me that monsters do not exist. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Shane Zoglman, Jasper


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Romania: Surviving Sheep To Be Given Sanctuary ? – A Message From Lyn White (Animals Australia).





I wanted to get in touch with an update about the capsized live export ship disaster in Romania. Last time I emailed, I asked if you could help us call on the Romanian Government to save the survivors stranded in the upturned ship out on the ocean.

Thank you for taking that action, Mark. Your voice, alongside thousands of our other dedicated supporters, helped save 180 lives. These gentle sheep are now safe. Thank you.

Your determination — in unity with rescuers and thousands of other caring people globally — provided the beacon of hope amidst the overwhelming tragedy.

The rescued sheep are currently under the care of the Romanian veterinary authority, and the Prime Minister of Romania has given his word that he will do everything he can to ensure the sheep will soon be transferred to sanctuaries where they can live their lives in peace.



But your advocacy goes beyond the immediate situation to save the survivors. You’ve directly contributed to a kinder future for all sheep who face live export in Romania. Since you and others so strongly encouraged the country’s Prime Minister to take urgent action, a bill to end live export has been put forward in the Romanian Parliament.

The Prime Minister himself has acknowledged the need for this cruel trade to end. Romania is Europe’s biggest exporter of live animals — this is historic, and such progress could very well have taken years. But ending live export is now firmly on the political agenda there.

While we still have a long way to go, Mark, I can tell you with certainty that without your action on behalf of these animals, these historic steps forward simply couldn’t have been achieved.

As I know you understand, this disaster has again highlighted the needless cruelty at the heart of all live export. You helped save those who could be saved, but together we will never forget the tens of thousands onboard who perished, for nothing other than profit. I know we are now only more committed to ending live export globally, for good. Heartfelt thanks for providing such crucial support towards that goal, now and in the future.

For the animals,


Animals Australia