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Little Grey and Little White Have Now Begun Their Journey to Their New Sea Sanctuary.

beluga jet full livery


We covered the preparation work for the major shift a few months ago:


Update 19/6/19:


Their journey back to the sea begins..

Hello Mark,

This is just a short email, but I wanted to keep you updated: Little White and Little Grey have started their 6000 mile journey back to the sea. These two whales, who have been exploited for years by SEA LIFE at their centre in Shanghai, will now finally have a chance at peace at a new sea sanctuary.

With your help we have been campaigning for these whales to be retired to a sanctuary for years and finally, SEA LIFE gave into pressure and have built this long-awaited haven for the whales in a bay in Iceland.

Read more about the whales and their sanctuary here:

The 6000 mile journey will take place by air, sea and road, and will not be an easy one for the whales. But hopefully, it will all be worth it in the end when they make it back to the sea.

We will be anxiously monitoring the situation and will update you with any news we have as soon as possible. The best way to keep updated is to follow us on social media, where we can post more regular updates.

The whales are so close to a life far, far away from the horrible concrete tank that held them for so long. We wish them all the luck and cannot wait to celebrate their arrival.

Thank you!

For Little White and Little Grey,



Frederik, a transport victim with great luck!




Germany, Lower Saxony: A piglet has managed to escape from an animal transporter at full speed on the A1 motorway in Lower Saxony.

Ferkel Bildpg

The animal not only survived the fall from the truck, it also gets a new home with an animal rights activist, as the police announced on Friday. How the little pig could get out of the hold of the transporter remained unclear.
During the trip, it fell out of the truck at about 80 to 90 kilometers per hour and overturned several times before it stopped next to the motorway.

tiertransport mit Ferkelpg

A car woman-driver driving behind the truck noticed the falling piglet and called the highway patrol. The animal rights activist turned at the next exit and took part in the search.

The pig was slightly injured in the fall. The truck driver did not limit the loss of the animal from his van, as a call to the transport company revealed. Because the return of the vice to retrieve the piglet would have been too great a burden for the other animals in the van, the company decided that the animal rights activist may keep the piglet.


My comment: Frederik lives, as far as I am informed, today on the Farm Butenland, Germany, together with other animals, which are rescued from the same abovementioned similar cruel conditions and have a nice life there.
Frederik won 6 in the lottery and we wish him a long and healthy life !!

The last Video from Frederik`s new life, Hof Butenland


My best regards, Venus


England: ‘Oliver’ The Pig – Rescued By Police From A Busy Road. Now With the RSPCA Looking for a Forever Home. Enjoy the Video.


Watch the video by clicking on the above link; or see it below.


Meet Oliver, an adorable piglet who was rescued by police officers in the English city of Coventry in the West Midlands last Tuesday morning.

The officers discovered the lost pig wandering along a busy road and quickly relocated him to the safety of a squad car, where he settled comfortably into the passenger seat.

Oliver instantly took a liking to the officers and enjoyed the attention he received from them, as you can see in this video.

The officers named the little pig after Charles Dickens’ fictional runaway orphan, Oliver Twist.

In the video, one policeman also jokingly introduces Oliver as his new police partner and calls him a “good boy.”

The lovely piglet was transported to the RSPCA, where he’s currently being cared for until a forever home is found for him.

In the meantime, Oliver will receive “lots of hogs and kisses,” the police department assured the public in a Tweet.

Watch this clip for an uplifting dose of cuteness!


Today (14/6) Has Been ‘Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day’.


stop live transport


Today (14/6) has been the ‘Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day’; a global day of action against the transportation of live animals.

As it is now late in the evening, we do not currently have reports and pictures of the events of today; but we shall be covering this soon when more information is provided.

In the mean time we will give you the link to the CIWF (London) web site, which has been one of the key players in this event,

The site link is   –

Watch the video made by CIWF of Scottish calves being driven to Ramsgate in Kent; before onward shipment in mainland Europe. As you will have seen on past post we have made on this site, these very young calves are all males; a by product of the dairy industry which in reality does not want them – only female cows produce milk and as such are the only ones required to replenish the herd on dairy farms and facilities.

Here below is the video – Published on 1 May 2019

An investigation documenting the live transport of calves from Scotland to the port of Ramsgate (Kent, England) and onto Abbeville, France.


As it is now late in the evening here in England, we do not currently have reports and pictures of the events of today; but we shall be covering this soon when more information is provided.

More to come on this very soon, as we get reports in.

Regards Mark


Reality and lies about animal farms


ferkel am Tellerjpg

One should picture such a plate on all commercials!
On cigarette packs, it is not a problem !!

bilder in Zigarettenschachtelpg
Supermakts deliver themselves a price battle, which offers a 400-g-package of pork minute- steaks at the promotional price of 1.99 Euro instead of 2.79 Euro, the other lowers the price for the same “product” to 1.45 Euro! Just to name one example of many. It is the poor animals that are suffering !!!

Consumers are increasingly rejecting cheap meat from factory farming, so the discounters and supermarkets increasingly resort to tricks. “My butcher shop”, so one advertises.

kuh im Bio schlachthofpgFoto: ARIWA: Cow in the “Bio” slaughterhouse -Germany.


But who now believes that the “butcher” is right in the neighborhood, is wrong.

And even the “Mühlenhof” from the supermarket chain “Penny” and “Gut Ponholz” from the “Netto” chain does not exist.
Beware of advertising terms such as “from the region” or “from here”, because the term “region” is not protected by law.
Recently, the discounters advertise with new meat seals, but even here there are hardly any improvements in animal husbandry.

Reality: Also in the “farmer next door” is violated when driving the animals in the slaughterhouse building against animal protection regulations. It is forbidden to use electric shock devices systematically, even on the head, but still common practice!
A beef that struggles for hours is not only powered by two electric motors at the same time. The workers also turn his tail painfully and kick the animal with their feet. Some cattle are specifically sprayed with water, so that the electric shock hurts even more and they finally go to their deaths.

schweine bildjpg
In the pig farms the animals are crowded. In these so-called organic animal factories, 5000 pigs are controlled by one person. Their tails are cut and their teeth are ground down, because otherwise they will bite each other’s tails out of boredom, get sick and need antibiotics.
After a short life they are then slaughtered by modern slaves keepers at an insane pace that bring animals from life to their deaths.

Germany is the world’s largest meat producer and make subsidies possible!

Verletzte Schweine_n

About 60 million pigs are slaughtered annually in Germany!
In 2016, Germany’s slaughterhouses produced 8.25 million tons more meat than ever before. And in order to be able to produce these millions of tons of meat, animals suffer excruciatingly in factory farms. In all factory farms, also in the bios and in the “regional”.
In Germany, 50,000 piglets per day (!!!) are thrown into the garbage container. They are garbage and are not needed.


In Germany about two million animals are slaughtered on day. Livestock carriers travel non-stop through Germany and stop at the slaughterhouse. The animal welfare breaches of animal transport have increased. The state closes its eyes, the EU is interested in a shit about animal welfare and laws during transport.

They are cruel pictures and we often hear them screaming. Every day we see them driving, the trucks, their cargo: animals! In “livestock farming”, as in all other economic sectors, it is all about money. Time is money and therefore everything has to go fast – and how such transports run you see in the video!


The “animal welfare” from next door!


These pictures in this video come from a pigsty with 1,500 animals near the city of Ulm, Germany. The shots have with hidden camera animal rights activists from the SHOKO. e.V. (I’ve translated the most important part of it, but the pictures speak for themselves)

From the outside, it is a stable like any other.

And yet the activists wanted to know what it looks like behind this facade.
Already in the floor they found dying, injured, dead animals.

schweine soko pgImage: SOKO

The bays are so full that the ground is no longer visible. The stable is in a catastrophic hygienic condition. The columns are full of excrement, mice and cockroaches are the only creatures who feel good in this hell!

soko bilderpg.jpgImage: SOKO

Important Information: the operator of the stable is employed in the district office, in the department “agriculture”. The man who runs this stable is sitting next door to the responsible authorities, who should intervene against such conditions long ago!

The animal rights activists have documented clear criminal offenses: apart from decaying carcasses, they find dead animals or animals dying. A pig is emaciated, unable to stand in his own urine, it should be extinguished.
Others are already in the trash, left to their fate.

soko verletztes Schweineg.jpegImage: SOKO

Many have huge ulcers, are sick, they have open wounds and can not get up.
One is particularly noticeable and cruel: bitten ears, bitten off tails and cannibalism. Conditions that are a common practice in each stable because of monotony, but in this stall fell the animals whole pieces of meat!

Facing the mass catastrophic situation, the stable looks like a hospital.

Schwein-AbzessImage: SOKO

There are 40 kilograms of antibiotic found.
Because most animals are seriously ill, the farmers try to keep them alive with medication to make their way to the slaughterhouse.
And thus the profit.

This meat bears the seal QS (Quality Systems) and this stall even took part in the “Animal Welfare” initiative, an industry campaign that has as its goal the alleged improvements in the stables.

The SOKO activists want to know how these animals are subsequently marketed.

They come, for the most part, under the name of a butcher who advertises regional products.
And exactly the operator of this horror stall gave an interview in the newspaper of the butcher and said: “I want the animals to be fine”!! The rest of the animals land allover in German supermarkets. Hidden cameras show how this stable handles the no longer viable animals.

Ulm District Court on 15 March 2019 sentenced the pig owner to three years’ imprisonment for animal cruelty.

schwein mit hammer jpg


My comment: And if not every stable has the same horror, that does not mean that the other stables fulfill the conditions required by the animal welfare legislation.

Germany, the country with the largest power in Europe, likes to advertise with the slogan “we have the best animal protection law in Europe”.
Animal welfare is indeed in the Basic Law in Germany, but organizationally, it is located at the Ministry of Agriculture. Too often, the interests of industry and business outweigh the welfare of the animals.

Germany needs its own animal protection ministry. Only then can we speak of a properly progressive animal protection law.

“For the animals today all peoples are more or less barbaric, it is hypocritical and grotesque if they emphasize their supposedly high culture at every opportunity, and daily commit the terrible atrocities against millions of defenseless beings.” (Alexander von Humboldt)

My best regards, Venus





STOP Live Transport – International Awareness Day 14/6/19. See Below for International Events.

stop live transport poster 2019


14/6/19 is the 4th annual day of action against long distance live animal transport – and it is the biggest yet.

Last year, 2018; individuals and organisations from more than 30 countries staged over 100 actions against the trade in animal suffering.

In March 2019, the European Parliament voted for a ban on EU live exports to countries with lower welfare standards. So this June 14th you have the chance to help in keeping up the pressure to turn this breakthrough into legislation that could stop the suffering of millions of animals every year.

CEEC 2002-3 trans invest_Po Calves 1


Visit the map at

to find an event near to you – and join likeminded people against this cruel trade.


Have a look at the following for details and photos of the 2018 actions:


Regards Mark

stop live transport


Image – Val Cameron

Canada: Over 7,000 horses were air shipped from Canada to Japan for slaughter for Human Consumption. Sign Petition to Stop It – Canadian Citizens ONLY.



This petition is only open for CANADIAN citizens to sign; but it is very important – your support is required and please crosspost.

CALL-TO-ACTION! Just three weeks left to sign this Government of Canada e-petition calling for a stop to live air transport of horses for human consumption. The petition is sponsored by Beaches-East York Liberal MP, Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, and closes on June 19.

Petition 2



BACKGROUND INFO: In 2018, over 7,000 horses were air shipped from Canada to Japan for slaughter for human consumption.

can horses 1

Up to 3 to 4 horses are loaded into crates smaller than a single horse stall, frequently in contravention of Health of Animals Regulations and International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards.

Further, these beings are having to endure flights that are 10.5 to 13.5 hours long, during which time (and for the additional hours spent for ground transportation, loading into crates, and loading and unloading crates from planes), they have no access to food or water. Please help. This needs to stop.

can horses 2

Supplied by Animal Rights Toronto: