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Very Close Now To Moving Little Grey and Little White To Their Sanctuary Home In Iceland.


This really is an important and exciting time for whale and dolphin conservation and protection. In the picture above, you can see Little White and Little Grey, the two beluga whales who will be the first to come to our new Beluga Whale Sanctuary. And in the photo below, you’ll see the plane that will take them there.

beluga jet full livery

Above – The Cargolux 747 specially prepared with whale transport logo.

This project is pivotal, not only because it will give Little White and Little Grey a new, happier life in the ocean, but because if successful, it will prove that it can be done and offer hope for other captive whales and dolphins. I truly hope that the work we are doing now with the SEA LIFE Trust marks the beginning of the end for whale and dolphin captivity.

Thank you as always for your support – we wouldn’t be here without you.

On behalf of all at WDC,

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Find out a lot more about the Icelandic sanctuary being made ready for the whales at:


How do you fly two whales half way round the world ? – read more:




Canada’s rules for transporting animals are weak — but they’re also not rigorously enforced.



WAV Comment – the pictures in this article are not from the column written by Mr Walkom – they are taken from our own archives.  Not only does Canada murder seals and try to blame them for taking humans fish stocks, but it seems they don’t really have a clue about the welfare of animals in transport either !

In Canada, the rules for transporting animals are already weak. Pigs can be trucked for up to 36 hours without food or water. For cattle, the number is 52 hours. Animals can be shipped in the freezing cold or broiling sun — as long as they do not suffer “undue exposure” to the elements (whatever that means).18 Sep 2018

can cold truck 2


Canada’s rules for transporting animals are weak — but they’re also not rigorously enforced


By Thomas WalkomNational Affairs Columnist

Tues., Sept. 18, 2018


Source –


In Canada, the rules for transporting animals are already weak. Pigs can be trucked for up to 36 hours without food or water. For cattle, the number is 52 hours.

Animals can be shipped in the freezing cold or broiling sun — as long as they do not suffer “undue exposure” to the elements (whatever that means).

But inspection reports released to the Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals has revealed another glaring inadequacy: In much of Canada, including Ontario, the rules are not rigorously enforced.

To be more specific, in 2016 and 2017 the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) conducted spot inspections of trucks carrying animals in only five provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Exactly why Ontario and other provinces were exempted from these spot checks remains unclear. A CFIA spokesperson said only that the agency’s “highway and border inspections are conducted pending the availability of law enforcement partners and appropriate weather conditions.”

The reports, released to the animal welfare coalition by the CFIA under access-to-information laws and passed on to the Star, show that the federal agency conducted 269 highway inspections over the two-year period, mainly in Saskatchewan.

In virtually all of those inspections, the truckers were ultimately found to be in compliance with CFIA regulations — even when, initially, they weren’t.

In December 2017, for instance, an unheated truck containing 45 cows in -20C weather was stopped by a CFIA inspector in Saskatchewan. The inspector wrote that he initially deemed the transport inadequate but changed his mind after the trucker agreed to put some boards along the sides of the vehicle and after he allowed his cattle to rest for five hours in a warm barn.

In February 2016, another truck transporting 26 horses to a slaughterhouse was stopped for inspection in Saskatchewan. The inspector found that one of the horses appeared too sick to get up — a regulatory no-no.

can cold truck 1

So he had the trucker unload his vehicle until the downed horse could struggle to its feet. The inspector then okayed the transport as compliant with the law and let the truck continue on.

The reports show that the CFIA became most engaged when the animals involved were slated for export. In June 2017, for instance, a truck containing 2,525 Canadian baby piglets was turned back at the U.S. border.

The Americans found the piglets were dirty and overcrowded. Seven had died.

This caused much consternation on the Canadian side. One of the problems, according to CFIA emails, was that for sanitary reasons the piglets could not be returned to the farm they came from. If the U.S. remained adamant, there was nowhere for them to go.

Eventually, however, the Americans relented and let the truck in. By the time it had reached its final destination in Iowa, eight more piglets were dead.

Similarly, in May 2016, 21 cattle were refused entry by the U.S. One calf was lame and one steer missing its ear tag. The trucker was persuaded by CFIA officials to let his cattle have food, water and a vet check. He then reloaded his trailer with all but the suspect calf and steer and made his way back to the border where, this time, he was allowed entry.

Later that month, another inspector found a dead pig in a load of 900 slated for export to the U.S. Nonetheless, he ruled that the other 899 were in compliance with regulations.

In November 2016, a truckload of 30 boars was refused entry into the U.S. The problem: two of the boars were dead. The CFIA reports are silent on what happened to the other 28.

Not all of the reports are negative. Many of the spot inspections — particularly those related to valuable show or breeding animals — indicate that some care was taken by truckers transporting them.

And at least, in those cases, federal agents were making inspections. In Ontario, they weren’t.


Further reading:


Austria: illegal transport under the protection of the police!!


österreichische Flagge


Animal protection action of the association against animal factories – VgT Austria

At dawn on Tuesday morning (Feb. 12), 15 animal welfare activists gathered at the parking lot on which the livestock truck was parked. After sighting the animals, the thirsty pigs were supplied with water by the activists. Also documented was missing litter. The poor animals had to stand for hours on hard, ice-cold metal and lie.


Suddenly, however, the driver and business leader appeared.
The animal rights activists contacted the police to determine the illegality of the transport. The police unfortunately took almost an hour to record the data.

Martin Balluch, the chairman of the association tells:

We had tracked the illegal animal transport to the slaughterhouse. There the police arrived. But instead of controlling the van, they claimed we were holding an unlisted demo. Even if, that would not be a problem.

Polizeiwagen in Österreicho

It is clearly regulated by law that non-indicated meetings may be held as long as they do not jeopardize public safety.

Nevertheless, the police started arresting us. Of the 15 assets, 13 were running. I stayed there, told the police my name and said I was responsible for everything. After a phone call with the district captain, I was arrested, as was the other person who had stayed behind. Another was picked up in the village. The police came with 7 (!) Police vehicles and also seized 2 banners and 4 posters.

“I have not experienced anything like this before” ( Martin Balluch).

After about 3 hours, the detainees who were taken to the police station were released.

We will, on the other hand, file a complaint.


Because it is organizationally more convenient, a livestock truck from a Lower Austrian company goes to porkers every Monday evening to load animals. The immediate destination is not the slaughterhouse, but a parking lot. There are about 200 pigs crammed together in a confined space then simply turned off, also without litter and without water. The pigs were parked at 9pm on the night before and then left to their own fate! The last night they experienced, they froze and scared themselves in this parking lot! 

The driver drives home and goes to sleep!!

The pigs scream all night long. Only in the morning does he come back and the completely exhausted animals continue their journey to the slaughterhouse. This scenario is repeated week after week, according to witnesses for weeks, maybe for years! Just last summer the VGT uncovered a similar case in Styria (State in the south of Austria)

My comment: When the detection of crimes is treated as a committed crime, we are ruled by criminals” (Edward Snowden)

It is a crime that animals are exploited, imprisoned, tortured and finally killed, and those who want to prevent this crime be punished. The impact of the industries that exploit animals is frightening if they can manipulate the executive, judiciary, and legislature only to protect their financial interests.

People can fight for their freedom, animals can not. That is the big difference between all liberation movements in relation to humans and the liberation of animals. The system wants to put us off and scare us. It wants to prescribe us, as we have to demonstrate: So that the rulers can go on undisturbed as before. How should activists deal with the danger of going to jail for their just protest?

We will continue to fight against the state repression of our legitimate fight for animal rights, and we will fight harder than ever.The governments and the meat mafia are scared of us because they know what we can achieve by showing the world what crime is doing behind their closed doors.

If we work together, even with other powerful civil rights movements, if we actively fight for the animals, then we can achieve something.

Because if we do not all fight together, no one can do anything alone.

bite back foto_n

My best regards, Venus


Germany: Veterinary office shows character!




 The veterinary office in Landshut (Bavaria, Germany) does not want to authorize animal transports to far away countries, because the animals are threatened with torment in some regions. A breed society wants to sue against the decision!!!

viehtransport. kuh im Truckjpg

Time and again, animals are transported across Europe in vans over thousands of miles. Often in unworthy conditions. In addition – especially in some Asian countries – brutal battles are waiting for them. The journal “Official Veterinary Service and Food Control” says in one article that “it is very common practices that cause the animals to experience significant and prolonged pain or suffering before they die (bondage, a grip in the eyes, etc.)”.

Kuh mit angebundenen Augen im Blutn

The veterinary office Landshut (Bavaria) does not want to continue that. District Administrator Peter Dreier  wants to put a stop to these livestock transports.

“For me it is animal cruelty, when cattle from our region are transported several thousand kilometers, to be then slaughtered in countries where there is no animal welfare.Peter Dreier, district administrator (Landshut, Bavaria).

The problem is not new: cattle and cows kept in trucks are transported for days, sometimes with stifling heat, without enough water. From Germany, with long-distance destinations Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Egypt, Libya, Turkey and Uzbekistan. “I can no longer personally support this,” says District Administrator Peter Dreier.


What he specifically addresses is the transport of a pregnant cow about 5,000 kilometers  to Uzbekistan. The veterinary office of Landshut had previously prohibited this export.


For a pregnant cow to expect the multi-day trip to the Central Asian country, was – so the reason – animal cruelty. The Veterinary Office will not agree to these transports in the future. That means: the vet rejects the “certificate”. This “certificate” is necessary to let animals from the farm ever to the cattle trading center. Only at the direction of the competent ministry are pre-certificates issued in these cases, according to the district office.


Thus, Dreier has taken on a responsibility, that actually belongs to the Environment Minister Bayers Thorsten Glauber (FW).

“The approval of animal transports is always an isolated decision of the competent district administrative authority,” writes the ministry on. “Animal welfare is a high good that enjoys constitutional status in Bavaria,” it says in a statement by the ministry.

In the future, the veterinary office on the Landshut district administration wants to deny its consent to such transports in principle, as the media continue to report.

According to it, transports to countries that are thousands of miles away or were known for allegations of animal cruelty, be denied.

tiertransporte-Schiff Transport

This attitude in Landshut could reopen the debate on animal transports from Germany. For so far, such exports are legal with the appropriate permits – but now veterinarians refuse just this.

The breeding association Mühldorf (Bavaria) wants to take legal action against it

Josef Frank from the breeding association Mühldorf, over which the cow should be exported, can not understand this decision.
He threatens with legal action. “If the requirements for export are met, this certificate would have to be issued,” said Frank to Bavarian Broadcasting. In addition, “the animal is a breeding animal and not a slaughter animal” (!!!) , so said Josef Frank.

My comment: A few years ago there was a similar case: In the district of Oberallgäu (Bavaria), a veterinarian woman had refused a transport to Uzbekistan. The case has been submitted to the European Court of Justice. In 2015, there was a groundbreaking ruling: animal welfare does not end at the external borders of the EU.
For the official veterinarians who authorize a transport of animals to such countries (…), the question arises whether they  must be punished for animal cruelty.

This case is all the more important because it could join other counties Landshut and deny approvals for the transport of cattle and cows in the future, if necessary, as well.

My  best regards, venus

The horror cabinet with live beings.




This is what happens to farmed animals when they’re transported in freezing conditions.
These pigs have literally froze to slaughterhouse truck and need to be cut apart piece by piece in order to be removed.

These are the victims of the animal farming industry.
This is happening in North America.

The meat mafia, the truck driver, the average person sees in these pictures no more animals.
They see that a product has collapsed due to extreme weather conditions. The only question is how cleaners can cleanse the body.
No one cares that sentient beings were killed by negligence and sent to their deaths.

The more consumers become desensitized to this disease, the more normal, natural, and unavoidable the crime appears to be. Therefore, the corrupt media are constantly busy with the consequences of the cold for the people.
The business has to run, and such damages lead to heavy losses in the cash register.

The band never stops on the Dachaus of this world.
On the truck, in the slaughterhouse, in the farms … The death gang never stops.
Thanks to the dull moral of those, who tomorrow will eat the frozen remains of the tortured corpses without guilty conscience.

My best regards, Venus


England: 1st February – Remembering Jill – ‘Warrior of the Rainbow’.




V1. rs

From Mark:

Today, 1/2/19 is a day of great sadness for all of us who have been involved with live animal exports in the UK.   Today marks the day when in 1995 our beloved Jill was crushed to death under the wheels of a livestock transporter carrying live calves into Coventry Airport for them to be flown to Europe and the crate systems that existed at the time – 1995.


V11 rs


Read a lot more about Jill and her history here:

On 1 February 1995, Phipps was one of 35 protesters at Coventry Airport in Baginton, protesting at the export of live calves to Amsterdam for distribution across Europe. Ten protesters broke through police lines and were trying to bring the lorry to a halt by sitting in the road or chaining themselves to it when Phipps was crushed beneath the lorry’s wheels; her fatal injuries included a broken spine.

She died on the way to the hospital accompanied by her brother Zab.[2] Phipps’ death received a large amount of publicity, being brought up at Prime Minister’s question time in the House of Commons.[1]

Jill was killed at the Coventry protests; Veal calf exports from Coventry Airport ended months later, when the aviation firm belonging to the pilot responsible for the veal flights, Christopher Barrett-Jolly, went bankrupt following accusations of running guns from Slovakia to Sudan in breach of EU rules.

In 2002 he was charged with smuggling 271 kg of cocaine worth £22 Million from Jamaica into Southend airport in Essex, England. He was given a 20 year prison sentence.  Read more:


V7 rs

All these years (24 to be exact) on after Jill’s death fighting for animals; ceremonies and tributes are still held at this time to remember the ‘warrior of the rainbow’ who simply wanted the world to be a better place, and for animals to be respected in parallel to the human race.


Give a minute please to remember Jill today and what she died fighting for.

Even today; I still personally get upset a the loss of this beautiful person – there is no justice ! – I have seen, heard and smelt the calf export transporters – they bring shame to us all.


1/2/19 – Still Scottish farmers try to export live calves through England to Europe !

Even today (1/2/19) , this very morning; Scottish farmers intended to send their male calves; and unwanted ‘by product’ of the dairy industry, from Ramsgate port in England, to their deaths in Europe for meat eaters.  Fortunately, todays sailing has been cancelled due to snow and bad weather conditions between Scotland and Ramsgate here in Kent  on the SE coast of England, my home county.  As Rab says in the fil, the common link throughout is one of mothers being separated from their children – dairy cows crying for their baby calves; and Nancy Phipps being separated from her daughter Jill who was killed at the protests.

Thank You





1/2/19 Ramsgate sailing Update:

The proposed sailing of the Joline today has been cancelled due to the weather conditions for loading in Scotland. Thank you to all the efforts of our supporters who have made this happen.


We are still holding the service at Dover tomorrow (2/2/19) 12 till 3pm.



Please try to come to the memorial

Chile: Petition to Sign – Outlaw Cruel Live Animal Exports in Chile. Support Senator Guido Girardi In His Efforts To Stop The Trade.



Petition to Sign: Outlaw Cruel Live Animal Exports in Chile


Sign: Outlaw Cruel Live Animal Exports in Chile

Representative image of live export conditions via Wikimedia/Shpernik088


petition 2

Petition Link –


PETITION TARGET: Chilean Senator Guido Girardi

For animals exported from Chile to China and the Middle East, the voyage is pure torture.

Living in filth and faeces, the animals endure excruciating heat, no veterinarian care and overcrowding that crushes them to death. Sick animals may be cruelly thrown overboard into the sea while still alive and conscious.

More than 60,000 cows, pigs and other animals have endured such live export from 2014 to 2017. Those who survived were sent to countries with little to no animal welfare laws; once off the boat, they faced brutally inhumane transport and slaughter for consumption or even sacrifices.

But there is new hope. Chilean Senator Guido Girardi, along with the nonprofit organizations ProAnimal of Chile and Animals International of Australia, plan to propose a law to the National Congress of Chile banning live animal exports by sea.

Despite evidence and international public outcry, governments worldwide continue to fail to ban live exports and refuse to protect these helpless animals from the torture they endure.

But we cannot give up; the animals need us to speak up for them now more than ever.

With your signature, you can support legislation to save thousands of animals from the horrible suffering endured during live exports, and help ensure the current efforts are not made in vain.

Please sign this petition to show Senator Guido Girardi your support of ending live animal exports, and encourage him to keep up the fight until the cruel practice has ended.