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England: ‘Operation Snack’ – Free Vegan Food to British Truckers ‘Punished’ by Mental EU Legislation (Post Brexit).

WAV Comment:

Part of WAV is based in Kent; England.  Kent is the ‘gateway to Europe’ and is home to both Dover ferry harbour and the Channel Tunnel; both of which take hundreds of trucks (into and out of Europe) every day.  Sometimes, for reasons such as bad weather, freight numbers etc; trucks cannot get across directly to Europe; so they have to wait their turn on Kent roads to get to the port or Eurotunnel.  This queue of trucks is known to Kent people as ‘Operation Stack’. Kent people are used to the stack.

Above – Trucks destined for EU wait their turn (on Kent motorways) in ‘operation stack’

The police do what they can to control the situation, but masses of trucks waiting their turn on Kent roads is not uncommon.  British truckers have taken their own food (sandwiches etc) with them into Europe for decades; but now as some kind of ‘Trumpish’ revenge for leaving the EU (Brexit); EU officials have now stopped British truckers taking their own food with them into Europe. The ban prohibits drivers from carrying food for personal consumption in their vehicles.  How pathetic is that ?  – but so very EU; determined to make the UK ‘pay’ for leaving the EU.

What was once a simple ham and cheese sandwich carried by a driver in his own truck is now classed as a ‘personal import’ and is prohibited by the EU.  British truckers sandwiches are being taken from them as they try to cross into the EU.  They can eat (as they do) in EU truckstops; but they must not carry their own sandwiches into Europe !!!

So now step up Vegan sandwich makers to help the truckers – and ‘Operation Snack’

Vegan sandwiches which should satisfy both the haulers and EU officials checking their food as they contain NO MEAT.

‘Operation Snack’ will provide protein-rich seitan sandwiches to hungry haulers as they wait to cross into the EU.

The lunches are EU-compliant as they don’t contain animal products. Vegan sandwiches will be given to haulers with leaf-grabbing sticks. Therefore, ensuring safety regarding COVID-19.

Another finger to the EU one could say – a ‘crisis’ now taken advantage of in spreading the Vegan benefits to British and EU truckers.

Above – A British trucker tucks into his Vegan sarnie !

UK Haulers Given Seitan Sandwiches From Vegan Meat Brand Following Brexit Ban

LoveSeitan is offering free EU-compliant vegan sandwiches to haulers following a new Brexit ban on taking on-the-go lunches over the borde

UK Haulers Given Sandwiches By Vegan Meat Brand Following Brexit Ban (

Hungry British haulers are getting free seitan sandwiches from a vegan-meat brand, LoveSeitan, following the news their usual lunches had been ‘confiscated’ due to a new Brexit ban.

UK haulers are handed vegan lunches after new Brexit rules prohibits bringing their own lunches over the border - this is part of Operation Snack!

Hundreds of vegan EU-compliant sandwiches will be handed to the key workers near the Channel Tunnel as part of Operation Snack!. This is taking place on Saturday, January 23.

The Operation Snack! initiative is a team effort involving food supplier Simply Lunch.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has faced ‘mountains’ of paperwork for each load as a result of the new regulations.

The ban prohibits drivers from carrying food for personal consumption in their vehicles. This means many are going without food whilst at work.

RHA chief executive, Richard Burnet branded the ban ‘ridiculous’.

Brexit ban

New regulations over Brexit has caused disruption amongst lorries transporting goods from the EU over the border into the UK.

‘Brexit legislation gone mad’

He described the ban ‘a perfect example of Brexit legislation gone mad’.

“What was once a simple ham and cheese sandwich is now classed as a personal import and is prohibited”, he added.

Steve Swindon, co-founder of LoveSeitan, added: “Hauliers are essential to the British economy. 

“They are key workers in need of good food – especially as their sandwiches are being taken from them as they try to cross into the EU. We couldn’t standby and watch their food being confiscated.

The seitan sandwiches we’ve assembled with Simply Lunch are high in protein. They’re tasty and EU-
compliant as they don’t contain animal products.

“So, they should satisfy both the haulers and EU officials checking their food.”

The scheme stops hundreds of haulers from going hungry, as a result of the Brexit ban

The scheme will provide 500 protein-rich seitan sandwiches to hungry haulers as they cross into the EU.

The lunches are EU-compliant as they don’t contain animal products. Workers will hand haulers their lunches with leaf-grabbing sticks. Therefore, ensuring safety regarding COVID-19.

“Plant-based food is quite topical at the moment as it’s Veganuary“, Steve added.

As a result, the company is inviting other vegan food suppliers to join the initiative.

Austrian public broadcaster sheds light on live transport at prime time.

WAV Comment:

Please watch the video given in this post – you dont need to understand the language; the pictures say it all !

“Animal transports – cheap meat at any price?”

Austrian public broadcaster sheds light on live transport at prime time

18 January 2021

Four Paws

Cattle crammed into trucks, brutally loaded onto ships, slaughtered while fully conscious – disturbing images of animals being transported to the Middle East, including those of Austrian cattle in Lebanon, as well as interviews with Eurogroup for Animals’ members Four Paws and Animals International are featured in a new documentary which was broadcasted at prime time on Austrian television.

The documentary feature called “Animal transports – cheap meat at any price?” took a critical look at this much-discussed topic last Wednesday, 13 January 2021. The documentary looks at the crucial questions of how and why these animals from Austria are transported thousands of kilometres, also addressing the crux of why domestic calves are exported at all, while most of the veal for Austrian gastronomy is imported. In the past, these questions have triggered not only a public but also a political debate in Austria.

Every year about 45,000 calves are exported from Austria to countries such as Italy or Spain, while about 100,000 animals are imported to Austria to end up on the plates of local restaurants.

In Vienna, 60 per cent of the Wiener Schnitzel consists of imported veal. Most of it comes from the Netherlands and is produced under conditions that would not be permitted in Austria. This, however, is not comprehensible to the consumer as most menus are not transparent. A schnitzel from Austrian veal would cost 50 cents more, and 20 cents more for pork.

Read more at source

Der Standard

England: Major Job Now Completed !


Update – UL Live Export Consultation.

Last night, 17/1, I completed and submitted to the UK government our responses regarding the proposed ban on live animal exports from the UK.  Almost immediately I was informed that our submission had been accepted by the Ministry and would join others for the final review.


England: Full Info on the UK Ban Live Exports Consultation. Finishes End of Jan 2021. – World Animals Voice

UK: Live Exports (Ban) Consultation. – World Animals Voice

Our response, once completed, comprised of 41 written pages of written text; without any photos but with video footage and also links to past media coverage on specific issues.

I am not going to show our responses here on this site; as some of the data relates to specific investigative operations undertaken in the past, which we do not want to make them public.  In the information provided to the government we have requested that our information be kept private and confidential; only to be reviewed by the government; and not openly presented to wider audiences as it could have been.  Again, we have had confirmation of this request.

As you probably know by now; live animal transport is my major ‘hate’ in this animal abuse world.  It has taken me personally 32 years of activism to get to the situation we are now at – and with stories from 32 years stored away (in my still functioning head I think ?) there is a lot of info to look back at and select as important.  Saying that, the aim of the response to the government is to get a ban on live animal transport this year; and I feel confident / hopeful that in the end we will succeed.  I know that several other personal contacts in the ‘animal rights world’ are also making submissions at this time; so hopefully we can look for change in the near future.

As a member state of the EU; and despite the vast majority wishes of most UK citizens for a ban to be introduced for many years; the British government was banned (by the EU) from introducing a ban on live animal exports.  As the UK broke away from the EU completely at the end of last year (2020); it can now take back its own control and have its own laws on issues – and the potential ban on live transport is one of them.

This does not mean that we now forget the tens of thousands of animals in transport across the EU; and the fact that many of them are evading EU regulations to end up being ritually slaughtered (against EU legislation) in places such as Lebanon and Libya.  We will continue to work as always with our EU friends to ensure that combined, we get the very best we can for the animals.

Review some of our past posts on the subject here – Search Results for “live animal transport” – World Animals Voice

I am now glad that task is completed and I can get onto to other things.

Regards Mark

Here are just a small selection of photos I have taken on this disgusting business over the years:

Below – exposing French calves being imported into the UK (a scam) to obtain compensation payouts by the UK government which should have only been made to British industry only ! – things turned real nasty after I took this photo; we caught them and they did not take kindly – but then few things in life are ever perfect !

Above – British calves being exported by the Dutch to the ‘crate’ systems.

Below – Mrs ‘Plod’ makes sure I behave !

Above – Protesting against the calf trade with Ellie and Liza

Above – and below – Crated calves in the EU

‘Eyes on Animals’ – NL.

Above – A transporter driver sends us his best regards !

England: Another Terrible Loss – John Callaghan. – World Animals Voice

Below – great export mate ‘Mike’; now passed.

Above – You bet they are worth fighting for !

Fight for the better ways !

Regards Mark

UK: New Viva! Research: 9 in 10 Britons Want Intensive Farming Methods BANNED.

End Factory Farming Logo

New Viva! Research: 9 in 10 Britons want intensive farming methods BANNED

Our new poll reveals that an astounding 85 percent of people want to introduce an immediate ban on intensive factory farming.

We also found that some 31 percent of Britons are set to slash their meat consumption or go vegan in 2021 amid Covid-19 concerns. Londoners are set to make the biggest change to their diets – with around 44 percent vowing to avoid animal products.

Additional links:

Viva! poll – 9 in 10 Britons want intensive farming methods banned amid virus fears | Markets Insider (

European Business Cision Daily News – European Business Magazine

Viva! poll – 9 in 10 Britons want intensive farming methods banned amid virus fears (


Open letter to UK government – please sign:

End factory farming – Go Vegan Now! | Viva! – The Vegan Charity

It’s time to go vegan

As you know, 3 in 4 of the world’s new or emerging infectious diseases such as coronavirus come from animals – mainly from factory farming and the trade in wildlife. This means that 57 zoonotic diseases were responsible for an estimated 2.6 billion cases of human illness and 4.4 million deaths in 2020.

But the good news is, experts agree a vegan diet can help people lose weight, reverse diabetes, lower their blood pressure and cholesterol, reducing their risk of severe Covid-19

We must go vegan now to prevent future pandemics!

Flat house factory video investigation:

The Flat House Factory | End Factory Farming Before It Ends Us – YouTube

World Health Organisation Disease Specialist Warns Live Animal Export Must Stop.

World Health Organisation disease specialist warns live animal export must stop

World Health Organisation disease specialist warns live animal export must stop | Animals Australia

World Health Organisation epidemiologist Professor Mary-Louise McLaws has warned of the danger of live animal exports, saying the trade poses the risk of a “ghastly” disease outbreak.

The disease expert, who is a Professor of Epidemiology at the University of New South Wales and Health Emergencies IPC Preparedness, Readiness and Response to COVID-19 Advisor to the World Helath Organisation, was interviewed on Channel 10’s The Project and had some strong words to say about the continuation of live animal exports.

While people and animals across the world continue to suffer the impacts of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, scientists and academics are increasingly drawing attention to humanity’s broken relationship with nature and animals as a major cause for alarm and risk of future pandemics. 

A recent report from the United Nations warns that a stream of diseases can be expected to jump from animals to humans in coming years, while the global demand for meat — and the resultant deforestation and intensification of animal farming — continues.

The live animal export industry forces animals into close confinement in unnatural surroundings which can lead to extreme stress, injury, sickness and death. Live export ships are essentially factory farms on water — taking animals like cattle and sheep from open pastures and confining them to pens for weeks at a time, exposing them to cruel conditions including extreme heat and rough seas. 

Even during this time when so many people’s movement is restricted to try to stop the virus from spreading, this industry has been allowed to continue to operate — to the detriment of both humans and animals.

As if there weren’t enough reasons to end the cruel trade… not only does live export condemn millions of animals to terrible suffering, but, according to this disease expert, it’s putting human lives at risk too.

England: Good Campaigning Wishes for 2021.

Well here we are on the last day of 2020.  It is a cold and frosty day here in Southern England; but loads of good, healthy food has been put out this morning for all our feathered friends; and it is a pleasure to see them, all popping down for something to eat before they fly off to who knows where.

News years eve is also a time for reflection on the past year.  Both Venus and I are very strong supporters of direct action; you have to take to the streets and elsewhere to get your message across.   Never rely on government actions as the only route to change, it wont happen; they have to be shamed into taking action for the better, which takes years !.  This year (2020) especially has been a very testing time for millions of good people all over the world.  You have been limited in the actions you can take in being a voice; for example; anti export friends I have here in England have been threatened (for breaking Covid regulations) with £10,000 fines if they take to the docks and try to do what they have always done; that is trying stop live animals from being exported to their deaths in Europe.  In a lot of ways, Covid has worked very well for the authorities; we are all being confined and controlled in what we are allowed to do; the big brother is watching you (via your mobile phones ?) and we (WAV) are probably being monitored by ‘the better people’ from somewhere; so that in the future we can have god knows what thrown back at us should things ever get ‘legal’.

Change for the better has only ever happened because good people have got up off their butts and made it happen.  Please remember that for 2021; when you take actions in defence of the animals.

I started to write here about our live export campaign in England; as a bit of an example; but have decided not to include here as it is too long and possibly irrelevant. 

People take action for animals in many, many different ways.  You do what you feel is right with you and what suits your personal situation best.  This year especially, we have to remember Regan Russell  Search Results for “regan russell” – World Animals Voice  who paid the ultimate price for her dedication towards making a better life and less suffering for animals. 

Just like our own dear Jill here in England who lost her life on 1st February 1995  Search Results for “jill phipps” – World Animals Voice  whilst trying to be a voice for young, exported calves out of Coventry airport; by an arms dealer and convicted drug smuggler.  26 years on in 2021, Jill is quite rightly still remembered in ceremonies at the ports and elsewhere; a young, beautiful and compassionate girl taken out by those involved in a trade which involves so much suffering and abuse by those who do not deserve it.

Tribut für Jill Phipps – YouTube

Remembering Jill, an animal hero – YouTube

I still find it hard to watch these – but now finally at the end of 2020 / Jan 2021 we in the UK are contributing to a government consultation which will hopefully see and end to all live animal exports from the UK.  Jill would have been so receptive of the fact that finally, after  so many years of campaigning; we can now hold the UK government to account and make the demands of stopping this disgusting business.

There is a common theme which runs though all of this;  Jill was taken from her mum Nancy all those years ago; the baby calves she was trying to protect had already been taken from their mums; the tiny hens in intensive systems are taken from their mums and immediately murdered; or put into the abusive cages for yet more egg production.  Baby pigs are taken from their mothers at such an early age; baby dogs in puppy mills; baby lambs hauled off to the slaughterhouse ready for Easter; all issues that go back to youngsters being taken away from the only security they have, and need most at the time when they are separated.

I wish you all a great 2021 and hope that all your dreams and wishes come to fruition.  The fight for giving animals a voice and stopping cruelty the world over is down to the majority now – and we are a majority; getting bigger and stronger every day in direct opposition to the abusers.  They are going to be named and shamed; exposed for all the abuses they undertake.  We at WAV are committed to that for sure.

The animal rights / welfare issue is growing massively; even in places which you never really expect it to.  It is now so easy to become Vegan and throw all cruelty associated with old diets and the cruel methods associated with their production out of the window.

More than many things; I now think the good folk of the USA will see so many positives for animals and the environment after January 2021.  The same with the Amazon; the lungs of our planet.  Many excellent groups who fight tooth and nail for better things; the right things; have been shot down at every step by the problems that live in the White House and other government buildings the world over.  Personally; I think 2021 will be a new year and much better year for you all.  ‘Keep on keeping on’ as we say here ! – for animals and their environment. 

Knowledge, publicity and the use of the internet is something that is with so many of us now each and every day – we can inform the world of abuses and negative issues the same day; and bring about necessary change – that is what 2021 brings for you.  So use it; there is no need for abuse or bad name calling of the abusers; we all hold feelings that may resemble that in our own consciousness; but try to keep polite and respectful regardless; lets continue to get friends by exposing what the others do – and turn any acquaintances they may have away from them.

I just feel that 2021 is going to be a good year for us; 2020 was different but so many positives have happened that the only way now is up; a continuation from 2020.

With the new legal action by UK activists to bring intensive farming to the fore – England: RSPCA calls for cut in meat and dairy as Activists Launch Legal Fight to End Factory Farming. A Real Tester for the Government. – World Animals Voice  lets hope that 2021 sees the start of all cages being broken open and getting what they deserve – ie being trashed !

This track has nothing to do with this post; but we need to go out of the year with a bang; I loved the original Quo (there is only the original); and I and many friends enjoyed following and watching them all over the UK.  It starts off a bit slow, but as a guitar head, I can tell you it just gets better; so take time out and enjoy.

Stick with us please; for the animals;

Regards Mark

England: UK Live Animal Exports News. 23/12/20.

UK Live Animal Exports News.  23/12/20

Well, I am making really positive progress with our contribution to the UK government to try and get live animal exports stopped from the UK in 2021.  With 30 years experience on the issue there is a lot to detail about non compliances with (EU) regulation 1/2005 on which UK law is also based

Check it out yourself – pick your language and format links here:

Note for English, select ‘EN’.

So much has been written for submission; that today I have passed a copy of the current draft to a great campaigner friend for extra safekeeping, just if the situation ever arose where a recovery copy needed to be retrieved.  Hopefully it will never be needed, but always better to be safe !

Also, I had contact today from Lesley who runs ‘Eyes on Animals’ in the Netherlands.   – they specialise in undercover work involving live animal transports specially; I gave Les some info, and she has promised to give a contribution to the UK government consultation be the new year, which is great news.

Between us, we are really concentrating on the importance of access to animals throughout their journey time on the road; and also the use of sealed box trailers which are just no good at all for livestock transporting; but which are used in the EU and by Dutch livestock hauliers coming to the UK to buy up British animals for slaughter within the EU.

We are covering all issues in the consultation, but are especially concentrating on driver access, or lack of, to sick and injured animals, and also the use sealed box trailers.  Below is a photo by friend Val Cameron of one of these Dutch box trailers arriving at an English port.  Would you believe that this is full of live sheep ? !!

Many would consider it a refrigerated trailer as usual; but it is not; it IS full of live sheep going for export to Europe !

Photo – Val Cameron

Another photo we took managed to get a very rare glimpse in through the rear of one of these trailers, showing all the sheep inside (as viewed from the rear).  We are not currently publishing this.

These sealed box trailers are used quite a lot here in England by the Dutch – so we consider that these trailers are very bad for animal access and ventilation; plus they have no signage to say they are carrying live animals – which is illegal and against the EU regulation ! – and so hopefully we may get their usage stopped.  Time will tell us in 2021.

Regards Mark

Lesley has produced the following reports on these issues in the past – check them out.

The importance of access during transport:

Heat stress during transport:

France: New L214 Investigation Shows Horrifying Footage of Turkey Slaughterhouse in France.

New investigation shows horrifying footage of Turkey slaughterhouse in France

17 December 2020


Today, Eurogroup for Animals’ member L214 reveals the immense suffering endured by turkeys at a slaughterhouse in Blancafort, Cher in France. Every day, 15,000 turkeys are killed in this slaughterhouse, which flagrantly violates the regulations governing the killing of animals.

The investigation which was initiated thanks to a whistleblower working at the facility, shows that as soon as the turkeys arrive at the slaughterhouse, they are hung upside down with their legs stuck on hooks. This causes acute pain to these birds, which can weigh up to 15 kg. The turkeys are forced to hold their heads up in order to not to scrape the ground. The chain they are hung on goes on for more than 50 metres, making these animals being suspended conscious for more than 2 minutes. These are two flagrant violations of the regulations.

L214 reports that they asked the veterinary services and the Ministry of Agriculture to close this slaughterhouse. Yet, the prefecture only told the slaughterhouse to put in place “immediate corrective measures and a comprehensive structural action plan” within the next 48 hours. In a public petition, L214 calls for the immediate closure of the slaughterhouse as “no immediate corrective can correct such structural problems”.

“A life of suffering, from their first to their last day” – L214 makes a case against the poor rearing and transport conditions of the turkeys:

Before arriving to the slaughterhouse in Blancafort, the turkeys are raised in huge buildings, piled on top of each other and fertilized for 3 to 4 months. In these intensive farms, there are on average 8 turkeys per square metre, often plucked or injured. They will never walk on grass, but wade through the excrement that accumulates over the weeks.

During the transport, L214 reports that they are piled up in crates that are far too small. Their heads touch the ceiling, which does not allow for good ventilation and can cause heat stress for the turkeys as they struggle to breathe and lower their body temperature. Some turkeys get their heads stuck when they are unloaded from trucks, and the slaughterhouse bins are filled with the bodies of those that did not survive the transport.

In view of the flagrant violations of the regulations, L214 reported to have filed a complaint against the transporter and the Blancafort slaughterhouse for animal abuse.

Read more at source


Netherlands (EU): Dutch cattle documented going for slaughter in Lebanon and Libya – EU Shambles As Always.

WAV Comment:  The UK has now left the EU and is currently undertaking a consultation with overwhelming support to ban all live exports.  EU member states are not allowed to ban the trade despite the wishes of most EU citizens.  Does then dog wag the tail or the tail wag the dog ? – does anyone learn that all the time they continue to be in the EU, this abuse will go on ?

How many years have we sat and watched all this ? – that the EU is not enforcing its own regulations. And how many more years are Europeans still going to be shown and told this ? – the UK left the EU a year ago – now it is taking action for a ban. Learn European nations – learn !! – if the EU allows you to that is !

Dutch cattle documented going for slaughter in Lebanon and Libya

11 December 2020

Animals International

New investigation conducted by Eyes on Animals – in collaboration with Eurogroup for Animals’ members Animals International, Animal Welfare Foundation and Welfarm – exposes the fate of Dutch cattle exported out of the country’s territories.

Footage shows Dutch males bovines – born on dairy farms in Dwengeloo and Friesland – in a slaughterhouse in Beirut: animals were tied up, forced to fall down, and then had their necks sliced open, back and forth, with a knife. Moreover, this summer, Dutch cattle have been seen while loaded onto a vessel at the port of Cartagena (Spain) heading to Libya for slaughter.

Despite the good will of the Netherlands in not approving extra-EU export of its animals for slaughter, the export towards other Member States often means that these Dutch animals end up in non-EU abattoirs. 

Slaughter conditions in Lebanon and Libya are known to be brutal. After having been transported for many days, very often animals arriving in the non-EU port, are in such bad condition that they cannot walk anymore. They clearly become unfit to continue their journey. However, instead of being euthanized, they are hoisted alive via a chain tied to one leg to be unloaded by the vessel. Once in the abattoirs, animals are chased, jumped on, have their tendons slit and eyes poked in order to keep them to the ground, chain them, and then cut their throats while fully conscious and fully sensitive to pain.

Eurogroup for Animals is urging the European Commission to ban any export of live animals from the EU to non-EU countries and to favour the slaughtering of animals close to the place where they are born.

Read more at source

Eyes for Animals