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England: London Mayor Election 6/5/21 – One Candidate Is From The ‘Animal Welfare Party’.

The 2021 London mayoral election will be held on 6 May 2021 to elect the mayor of London

Being Mayor of London city is a very important position. The mayor of London has responsibilities covering policing, transport, housing, planning, economic development, arts, culture and the environment.

They control a budget of around £17 billion per year.

Vanessa Hudson (Animal Welfare Party)

The Animal Welfare Party’s leader of 11 years wants to make London a ‘world-leading city for people, animals and the environment’.

Ms Hudson would promote vegan diets across the capital, partly to help prevent future pandemics.

She also backs improving the NHS and a number of green policies. But her key campaign issue is speciesism – which rejects the idea that animals and humans should be treated differently.

She would like to see London stop selling foie gras and fur products, end the restaurant practice of boiling lobsters alive, and exhibiting captive animals in London’s zoos and aquariums. The media producer and founder of Vegan Runners UK would also champion the phasing out of animal testing at London’s universities.

WAV Comment – we wish Vanessa masses of victories in her campaign to be London Mayor.

Regards Mark



Freed Cornelius from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

In the lush spring of 2010 at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, thousands of newly minted graduates walked the stage to receive their diplomas and left campus to begin the next chapter of their lives.

Elsewhere on campus that same weekend in May, away from the celebratory pomp and circumstance, a rhesus macaque named Cornelius was born in a barren laboratory at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center (WNPRC).

He’s been trapped there ever since.

Cornelius’ decade of life has been defined by loneliness and misery. Like most monkeys born in laboratories, he was taken from his mother when he was just an infant, as his mother was so distressed that she couldn’t even care for him.

As a newborn, he was given just an inanimate surrogate—perhaps a piece of fleece wrapped around a block of wood—to cling to for comfort.

As a baby, he suffered from a rash that covered his body and limbs. As a juvenile, he was plagued by persistent diarrhea—a sign of stress in monkeys in laboratories. He’s struggled to keep on weight, and experimenters have observed bald patches all over his body, likely from tearing out his own hair.

Checked out and passed around like a library book to various experimenters, including notorious Ned Kalin, Cornelius has endured a litany of assaults.

He’s been subjected to repeated blood draws and put under anesthesia numerous times—a frightening and disorienting experience for any animal.

On multiple occasions in 2019 and 2020, experimenters strapped Cornelius into a restraint chair.

He was used as a “semen donor,” which means that workers painfully electroshocked painfully his genitals until he ejaculated so that his semen could be used to breed more monkeys for lives of misery.

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Germany-the new criminal works with patenting of monkeys

Monkeys, demented by genetic engineering, should help in the search for Alzheimer’s drugs!!

The notifying parties argue that the number of patients is increasing rapidly. But patent critics do not want to condone such practices.


A patent on monkeys and other animals in which symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are triggered by genetic engineering causes protests among patent opponents.
It protects rodents, primates, and great apes, which are specifically made demented for research in the pharmaceutical industry and then used as laboratory animals.
The organization Testbiotech announced that opposition has now been filed against the patent.
The European Patent Office (EPO) confirmed receipt of the opposition.

“The patented process is associated with considerable suffering for the animals – the specific medical benefit, on the other hand, seems questionable”, said Christoph Then from Testbiotech.

There are ethical concerns.

Last but not least, such patents could create economic incentives for unnecessary animal testing.
“But no profit should be made from the suffering of animals,” says Then.

And I mean…The patenting of animals in Europe has been hotly contested since 1992.

At that time, a genetically modified mammal was patented for the first time in Europe, the so-called ‘cancer mouse’
They wanted to earn money with it as a pathology model and test system for drugs.

To date, the history of cancer research is the story of how to cure cancer in mice.
Mice have been cured of cancer for decades, but to this day it still doesn’t work for humans.

It is undeniable that the treatments for some types of cancer give some success.
But in view of the billions in investments and the millions upon millions of animal sacrifices, the overall balance is more than frustrating.

And yet the patent on the cancer mouse drove the number of animal experiments up

Since 1990, the EPO has granted thousands of similar patents, mostly on laboratory animals, but in some cases also on animals used for agriculture such as cattle and pigs.
This is a commercial incentive to keep doing more animal testing.

The pharmaceutical industry has tried for decades to convince us that every health problem and disease can be repaired, which is an outrageous lie.

The fact that animal experiments are still carried out today, despite the animal-free and high-quality in-vitro methods, shows which unscrupulous charlatans our health depends on.

We will fight for a total ban on animal patenting.

Because it is about a lot of suffering for animals and in view of previous failures a success here seems very doubtful.

My best regards to all, Venus

Germany- Nature Conservation Association and the betrayal of the crows

The organization SOKO animal protection and the magazine “DER SPIEGEL” reveal:

The German Nature Conservation Association # NABU # supplied the University of Tübingen with crows for experiments in which electrodes were operated on in the brain.

Their heads were drilled open, they were locked up, tied up, and all to find out how intelligent the birds are and what goes on in the crows’ brains as they learn.

Carrion crows in the laboratory of the University of Tübingen

SOKO Tierschutz prepares legal steps against the experiments and the improper use of the animals.

According to a statement from NABU on its homepage, NABU was asked for animals by Prof. Nieder from the University of Tübingen, and these were given to him.
In the meantime, NABU has published a statement on this – nothing was known about these attempts, so the argument goes.

“If the Nature Conservation Federation had been aware of such animal experiments, no carrion crows would have been handed in,” says NABU.

That sounds like washing your hands and trying to cover up.

That cannot be true either, because NABU, which learned the facts months ago, will only come to the public after the report by the magazine “Der Spiegel”.

The Nature Conservation Federation (NABU) claims that they assumed that the carrion crows that were sold would only be used for breeding or for non-invasive behavioral research.
This is a pure farce.

Because at the University of Tübingen horrific animal experiments are carried out.
And NABU must have known that.

And one more thing: Shouldn’t NABU already have a contract from the university back then, in which the protection of animals is specified and guaranteed?

In the meantime, every clear-thinking person should be aware that the German nature conservation association does not practice animal protection, but is playing a dangerous game with the razor blade.

Many people support NABU, financially and voluntarily, in good faith in animal welfare.
Animals lost their lives and with it, the trust of supporters was abused.

P.S: the head of the NABU, the president is a hunter.
Such a union cannot represent the animals!

My best regards to all, Venus

April 24th – day to abolish animal testing

On April 20, 1985, courageous animal rights activists from “Animal Liberation Front”, ALF broke into the laboratories of the “University of California, Riverside” / USA in a large-scale operation and freed 468 pitiful laboratory animals from this horror cabinet.

For the mainstream press, only the US $ 700,000 allegedly incurred as the damage was worth mentioning; nobody saw the ethical feat of animal liberation in this empathic commando action, or better yet, nobody wanted to see it.
One of these poor creatures was “Britches”, a 1-month-old stubby macaque.

The little monkey was painfully separated from its mother when it was born.

A terrible human fate was destined for him.
Experiments on the baby were carried out in the cold, blood-stained laboratories of the University of California.
The attempts were barbaric and diabolical.
The innocent creature’s eyelids were sewn shut and an electronic sonar sensor was planted in its tiny, fragile skull, as part of a 3-year experiment in which many other animals were also horribly tortured.

Britches and their rescue – World Animals Voice
These useless experiments were intended to explore the behavior and neural development of monkeys under manipulated circumstances.
ALF freed the little guy and 467 of his fellow sufferers.
They brought “Britches” to a veterinarian who opened the animal’s eyelids again and gave him back his eyesight.

He was also able to remove the devil’s apparatus from his brain without a trace.
“Britches” recovered from his ordeal and was given a life on a grace ward.
There the bright and cheerful monkey was 20 years old despite his trauma until he finally died.

This video shows the monumental liberation of Britches:

Millions of other living beings, unfortunately, do not have the luck of the little “Britch” to be freed and saved by the “Animal Liberation Front” every year.
In the name of a pseudo-science that only serves the career or the sadism of the experimenters, they have to endure unimaginable torments in order to mostly endure a cruel death in the end.

The handling of “laboratory animals” is criminal: they are drowned or suffocated in the name of science,

they are starved to death,
they are amputated,
their organs are crushed, burned,
they are irradiated in experimental surgery they are consumed,
put under shock,
isolated from their conspecifics, exposed to weapons of mass destruction,
contracted with cancer, or paralyzed,
they have to inhale nicotine, drink alcohol, or use drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

We also want to commemorate all the victims who found, find, and unfortunately will find the tragic and senseless death for.

The fact that this violence is legally protected and, in the case of animal experiments, even socially accepted, makes the criminal researchers even more uninhibited and the laboratory into a law-free zone

And then it is said that animal rights activists are violent!!

Unless serious steps are taken to put an end to all of this, there will always be animal rights activists who will resort to violence against the exploiters somewhere and at some point in order to defend animal rights.

Thanks to ALF and all active animal rights activists for every animal rescued
Their selfless work is important and right because no creature on earth deserves to be abused and exploited by megalomaniac scientists in “Frankenstein’s laboratory” as a test object.

We thank them, and we fight with those in our way, everyone as he can, against the fascist system of exploitation of animals on every level.

My best regards to all, Venus

England: Ghandi – “The more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man” – A Personal View – Mark (WAV).

I thought that I would write this post now as at the current time, with worldwide Covid killing millions; and the very high view that the disease was originally created by zoonosis transmission form animals held under stress in wet markets, to human beings; do we really want to delve further into ‘chimera’ research, involving more than one animal species ? – has nothing been learned from Covid ?

A zoonosis (plural zoonoses, or zoonotic diseases) is an infectious disease caused by a pathogen (an infectious agent, such as a bacterium, virus, parasite or prion) that has jumped from an animal (usually a vertebrate) to a human.  Wet markets, in which animals are held under immense stress, are an ideal source of zoonotic disease transmission.  It is strongly believed that Covid was a virus that jumped from animals to humans.

So now, is it really time to further investigative work on the ‘Chimera’ ?

What is chimera ?:

A chimera is essentially a single organism that’s made up of cells from two or more “individuals”—that is, it contains two sets of DNA, with the code to make two separate organisms. One way that chimeras can happen naturally in humans is that a fetus can absorb its twin.

It (chimera) is an issue that has been kicking around in animal rights for many years; it is not new; certainly not here in the UK; but with the current Covid situation we really need to look more at this.

Scientists claim to have made an ‘extraordinary medical advance’ by creating an embryo that is part human and part monkey.  The creation of this human – monkey chimera as detailed as being described a ‘medical breakthrough’ by some; others describe it as a ‘Pandoras Box’ with serious ethical questions.  I personally am in this ‘ethical questions’ camp.

In a series of experiments; researchers from the Salk Institute in California (USA) have injected human stem cells into early stage macaque monkey embryos.  This procedure resulted in a number of chimeric embryos that survived for a period of around 19 days before they were destroyed.  Despite the vast ethical concerns; researchers say that the chimera embryos can lead to a ‘much better understanding’ of early human development, biology and disease.

The Chimera, according to Greek mythology, was a monstrous fire-breathing hybrid creature of Lycia in Asia Minor, composed of the parts of more than one animal. It is usually depicted as a lion, with the head of a goat protruding from its back, and a tail that might end with a snake’s head.

Chimera | Mythical creatures, Chimera mythology, Mythical monsters

Chimeras are organisms whose cells originate from two or more different organisms.  Professor Juan Belmonte of the Salk Institute (USA) describes the research as being very useful for advancing biomedical research not only at the early stages of life, but also at the latest stage of life.  He further declared that chimeric embryos could allow for the study of early human development and hold great potential in regenerative medicine as well as for producing human tissues and organs for transplant.

Professor Belmonte’s team worked with researchers in China; the original source of Covid and the particular zoonotic associated disease, as much of the research work  was undertaken there to ‘avoid legal issues’.  Chimeric embryos could thus allow scientists to conduct experiments that they are not currently permitted to do on human embryos because of the tight regulations.  Experimenting on embryos containing some human cells could potentially lead to new treatments for diseases that are present at, or before birth, such as heart defects, down syndrome and spina bifida.

They also claim that Type 1 diabetes could be targeted by treatments emerging from chimera research.  Using the human – monkey embryo research; scientists hope to ‘provide valuable insights’ by using animals that are closely related to humans.  Or, in other words, they say that organs which originate in animals, such as pigs, could later be transplanted into human beings.  ‘Interspecies chimeras’ are not new; and have been produced since the 1970’s, but so far, attempts involving human cells have been met with ‘very limited success’.

Professor Belmonte in the USA has worked with researchers from the Kumming University of Science and Technology at Yunnan (China) in a study.  Six days after the monkey embryos were created; each was then injected with 25 human cells.  The cells are known as ‘extended pluripotent stem cells’, which have the ability to develop into many different cell types and tissues both inside and OUTSIDE the embryo. 

After one day, human cells were detected in 132 embryos, and after 10 days 103 of the chimeric embryos were still developing.  But then, by day 19, only 3 chimeras were still alive.

Personal view – the creation of an embryo which is part human and part monkey (primate) raises significant ethical and philosophical concerns as to what it means to be ‘human’.  With this research, are we as the human species once again attempting to dominate the natural systems of the world ? – plants, animals, species; the ‘who we are’ image.

Scientists behind this latest chimera research state that these chimeric embryos ‘offer new opportunities’, because we are unable to conduct certain types of experiments in humans.  So, I thus see this as a ‘well it is ok to conduct the experiments on animals’; type thing then; who cares about the rights ? – we are the dominant species and can thus do as we wish.

Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can  be judged by

Mahatma Gandhi, (1869–1948) once stated:

“To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being.

I should be unwilling to take the life of a lamb for the sake of the human body.

I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man“.


With this chimera research are we not opening up the can of worms to the future ?

Real questions will start to arise when techniques have improved to the point where embryo survival times are greatly improved, and we can ‘grow’ human spare parts in animals; only for them to be cut out and transplanted into our own bodies as we wish.  This is the ultimate goal of this research; to make the human species even more dominant than they currently are; to make big bucks for the developers and organisations involved; whilst largely ignoring the rights of the primates and pigs who would be used as simple living ‘tools’ for the advancement of humankind; what a terrible thought; are there not enough of us ‘planet destroyers’ today, right now, 19/4/21, as it is, without the need for more ?


The most difficult issues lie in the future; and the question of potential animal viruses and disease being passed over to humans; or the opposite; as a result of future successful development.  That is ‘life’, that is what makes us (currently) different to the primates; the whales. The dolphins and the wolves.  We have all developed our own ways of survival and existence without interference from others.

Before any experiments are currently performed on chimeras; the key ethical question of their moral status has to be reviewed.  Before they are even currently injected, experimented on, or their organs extracted; it is essential that their mental capacities and lives are properly assessed; and who does this ? – the ‘human’ no doubt !

We need new ways to understand the things we call ‘animals’; their mental lives and their relationships before we ever attempt to ‘use them’.  We should never ‘use them’.  I think a pig or battery hen in an intensive factory farm environment must be pretty ‘pissed off’ with the way is kept – it has an existence; not a life; for the benefit of whom ? – oh yes, us the human being.  It is our own responsibility now  to enact the Ghandi saying – that, “the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man“.


Maybe more should be done regarding research into the operation of the human brain; and why we, the destroyer of all; regards ourselves as superior to the simple but peaceful other creatures we share this planet with.  Man has to look at man, and ask the questions of where and why he went so wrong in history. 


We are not ‘dominant’; in fact we are ‘assholes’.


Regards Mark

The True Source of Chimeras - Matt Cole

Taiwan does small advance against animal experiments

Update: April 15, 2021

Following years of pressure from PETA, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) has announced a groundbreaking decision to delete all animal tests—including drowning mice and rats and making them run to exhaustion on an electrified treadmill—from its draft regulation for marketing foods and beverages using dubious anti-fatigue health claims.

After receiving PETA’s detailed scientific critique and more than 73,000 e-mails from PETA supporters during a public comment period for the agency’s draft anti-fatigue health claim regulation, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) has finalized the regulation and removed animal testing as an option for companies to pursue.

Now, only safe and effective human tests are required and allowed.

We need your help now to push for an end to animal testing for a different TFDA draft regulation—this one concerning joint-protection health claims for marketing foods and beverages to consumers.

The agency has proposed allowing gruesome, misleading experiments that would chemically or surgically induce painful arthritis in sensitive rats before they’re killed and dissected. Pain relief would be intentionally withheld so as not to interfere with the results.

Prior to the FDA’s announcement of its decision to remove the animal tests from its draft regulation, the agency had endorsed these horrific experiments, which are irrelevant to human health, and PETA sent the TFDA a detailed scientific critique of these tests at the agency’s request.

If the final draft regulation is approved as is, only safe and effective human tests would be required and allowed for companies that want to make anti-fatigue health claims for marketing food and beverage products.

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Spain-Close the horror laboratory of Vivotecnia

AnimaNaturalis will take legal action against Vivotecnia laboratory, because of the continued abuse of animals

AnimaNaturalis and Acción Legal Animalista announce legal action
for the alleged crime of animal abuse with prison sentences of up to 18 months for those responsible and a professional disqualification of up to 4 years.

Given the evidence that appeared in different media of the existence of a systematic practice of mistreatment, torture, and death of animals subjected to experimentation in the laboratory of the Vivotecnia company, based in the town of Tres Cantos in Madrid, AnimaNaturalis announces that they are going to take legal action by filing a criminal complaint for a continuing crime of animal abuse in article 337 of the penal code, sections 1 to 3, which includes prison sentences of up to 18 months and professional disqualification of up to 4 years.

Likewise, AnimaNaturalis will verify if any alteration or falsity has been committed in the documentary records or controls so that these degrading and inappropriate practices of civilized society have been able to escape the control of public verifiers or auditors.

We trust that the Vivotecnia laboratory and its administrators, no matter how much they hide behind a corporate network, must answer to the judicial authority for their actions.

“It is time to seriously question the system of inspections and audits in animal experimentation laboratories” explains Aïda Gascón, director of AnimaNaturalis in Spain. “The terrible images, obtained for two years in a covert way, show that they are not isolated cases.”

The case has been uncovered by the NGO Cruelty-Free International (CFI) which shows acts of animal cruelty in the Madrid laboratory Vivotecnia, an organization dedicated to contract research (CRO) for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

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England: Elon Musk, ‘Medical’ Animal Testing and Real (Non Animal Testing) Progress. A View From Mark, WAV Co Founder.

WAV Comment – as some of you may know, I, Me, Mark, have had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 21 years.  Despite some problems I have daily with my illness, I will NEVER support the use of live animals in ‘scientific’ research to achieve the goal of ‘finding MS cures’.  To me, the activities of Elon Musk and Neuralink is purely aimed at a goal of making yet more money at the expense of other living beings.

Unfortunately, I know that there are still places where animals are still used for MS research – to find the ‘golden fleece’ of a cure.  Well, in my humble opinion, using animals for the ‘cure’ will never bring results.  I would like to inform you that being in the ‘MS camp’ all these years, I have looked into the issue a bit  – the main finding in the early days of my personal diagnosis was that: animal species do NOT suffer from MS; so, what is MS ?

The cause of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is still unknown. It’s considered an autoimmune disease in which the (individual concerned) owns body’s immune system attacks its own bodily tissues. It ‘sees’ a natural bodily daily function (of repairing tissue myelin) instead as the naturally produced myelin being an invader into the bodily system; so basically it (wrongly) attacks it.  In the case of MS, this immune system malfunction (the immune system gets the wrong message) thus attacks and destroys the fatty substance that coats and protects all nerve fibres in the brain and spinal cord (called myelin).  The de myelination in various locations around bodily nerve fibres causes scarring (the ‘sclerosis’) which them interrupts or stops messages being sent from the brain to the specific area of the body where the de myelination has occurred; for example the spinal cord may be affected and so messages don’t get through to the legs= a person cannot then walk as a result.  All your leg muscles may be fully functional and in the right place; but as the message from the brain to the leg muscles (via the myelin) does not go through ‘good’ functioning myelin, there is no message to the leg muscles; so the legs do not work.

MS causeur is un known, but basically it can affect anyone during their life.  Some people in their teens; others in mid life; others later in life.

My argument – if animals do not get MS; then there is a reason in their body process / structure which is different to humans.  Positive MS research to me would be to find out why animals don’t get MS and yet humans do; why the difference; and this can be achieved through non death research rather than the current system of ‘creating’ MS in a non affected animal, and then trying to find the cure for humans ! – it makes no sense; to me; having a lifetime in aerospace, it is a bit like putting an F1 car tyre on a Boeing 777 to achieve better results;  

I find personally that a good plant based vegan diet helps me with my situation a lot.  So do neurologists I have had in the past.  Cut out all the bad meat stuff; and go for the healthy fruit and plants based food and drink options.  As a result, my energy levels are really good.  I think my brain still works ok; as I can do the computer work needed to run this site every day with Venus.

I have always hated animal abuse in whatever form; I still do and always will.  I will fight in defence for them until I go to my grave.  Things like the Elon Musk case really bum me off; I support medical research, but only when it does not involve using live animals of any kind.

Here are good non animal research programmes; to me; this is the way forward for positive medical results.

Regards Mark

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France: the heart of a secretive and cruel ape trade

“One Voice” has seen information according to which more than a thousand long-tailed macaques have been imported year after year and forwarded to our neighbors elsewhere in Europe.

For many years France has been, via the ‘Silabe Platform’ (near Strasbourg), a staging post for – and moreover a place for experiments on – thousands of primates from Mauritius and Vietnam en route to laboratories in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy, such as Accelera, Aptuit, Bayer AG, Covance and Merck, where they spend the rest of their sad lives subjected to experiments.

According to the research of the association“One Voice”, France is the hub for the international monkey trade and the heart of a secretive and cruel trade.

“Silabe” stands for Simian Laboratory Europe and was originally founded as a private company that benefited from government funds.

“Silabe” has already been at the heart of controversies, revelations, demonstrations, and campaigns, in particular by other French associations, which had found themselves up against a brick wall.

It is now part of the University of Strasbourg and takes the form of a national public educational establishment of a scientific, cultural, and professional nature (!!!)

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