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Pig hearts for sale!


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A researcher from Munich, Prof. Bruno Reichart, has used pig hearts in baboons and thus paves the way for similar operations in humans. All media celebrate and participate: “With the new methods, xenotransplantation is no longer science fiction, and researchers around Reichart have been able to solve two problems: the preservation of donor hearts and their growth.” Prof. Bernhard Banas, Chairman of the German Transplantation Society (DTG)

Only the nationwide association “Doctors Against Animal Experiments” showed clue and responsibility and spoke now of a “false promise of salvation”.

If the researchers claims that his tests are cleared the way for experiments on humans, which in the future could reduce the acute organ deficiency and the waiting lists could be shorter again, then this would be “seriously wrong promises,” said the spokeswoman of the association Doctors Against Animal Testing eV  Silke Strittmatter, on Bayer broadcasting. She called the so-called xenotransplantation the “worst outgrowth of animal experimental research.” Ethical boundaries were ignored.


“Here something is presented as a medical breakthrough that does not correspond to reality. For the experiment pigs were genetically manipulated, the consequences for humans are incalculable”, so Strittmatter.

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The trial begins!


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Three employees of the Max Planck Institute in Tübingen are facing trial on January 7, 2019 for alleged animal abuse to monkeys.  They should have euthanized the animals instead of continue to experiment on them.

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The story

At the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, brain research was conducted with monkeys.
Animal rights activists from SOKO Organization had filmed with a hidden camera in the lab – for example, a blood-smeared monkey – and filed charges against employees. Meanwhile, the experiments with monkeys were terminated at the Institute – according to the responsible researcher Nikos Logothetis, because he had no support from his colleagues.

Accordingly, the prelude to the trial is scheduled for 7 January 2019. The prosecution accuses the scientists that they have not euthanized several monkeys, although they knew that the experimental animals suffer unnecessarily longer. Among the defendants is the director of the Tübingen Institute, Professor Nikos Logothetis. The scientists had received penalties for this. Because they did not accept it, it comes from January 7 to the process.

MPI Affe 3Foto: SOKO

The accusations against the internationally renowned researcher Logothetis have worried among scientists worldwide. The Max Planck Society in Munich had withdrawn the monkey experiments from Logothetis. These have now been finished. Five days are scheduled for the trial. So far, eight witnesses are invited.

Logothetis is currently not allowed to conduct any animal testing and guidance, as a spokeswoman announced on Wednesday. He has already declared in 2015, after the allegations become known, to stop attempts on monkeys.

Mülln mit Affen PlakatFriedrich Mülln


Quote from the Face book page of the SOKO organization:

“This has never happened before!
Three top animal experimenters for animal cruelty to monkeys in court.
It starts in January.

2013-2014 we filmed undercover at the MPI Tübingen.
Three years campaign with countless demos and actions.

                   Unique achievements:

-New construction of primate laboratory prevented
The lies of the animal experiment lobby are revealed
-Primacy attempts ended
-Experimentators in court”

My comment: Yes! A trial against renowned laboratory sadists happened for the first time in Germany, the activist Friedrich Mülln is right.
The public is finally informed, many interviews are running on well-known TV stations, and the press is getting along.
It is a bitter blow against this criminal laboratory industry.
We hope and keep fighting.

My best regards, Venus



And we thought, we have seen everything…




The ingenuity of animal experimenters knows no bounds: merciless, cruel and perverse in the hunt for money and fame

Anyone who has hoped, with the pictures of monkeys with open brains and electrodes in it, to have already looked the worst devil in the face, must be said for some days: No, it is still sicker, even crass, even more perverted.
The Animal Experiments team led by Emily Partridge of the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia proudly publishes incredible atrocities: They removed unborn lambs from live ewes and kept them in plastic bags (biobags), for weeks before most of the animals were killed to examine them.


According to Spiegel-Online, the umbilical cord of the unborn lambs was connected via cannulas to an artificial placenta.

The lambs were kept for weeks in a plastic bag filled with artificial amniotic fluid.
This was also biobag “baptized”, a special mockery of animal and nature conservation friends, for whom the name Biobag had a positive meaning so far. writes that in three years experiments on humans are planned!! At the end of the experiment, the animal experimenters want to develop an artificial uterus for human babies and present the following video:


Why animal experiments only help the exploiters and not the humans

The animal rights organization “Doctors Against Animal Experiments” emphasizes that animal experiments are not transferable to humans. Therefore, clearly benefit animal experimenters who earn honor and money with it. Incidentally, the German population does not believe in animal testing at all, according to a representative Forsa survey commissioned by Doctors Against Animal Experiments”.

Schaffen karikatur in KZ_nPicture: Jo Frederiks

Most interviewees did not consider animal testing necessary, just cruel and would like to see them stopped. In the following video, the “Doctors Against Animal Experiments” show very clearly, why animal experiments are useful to the ambitious and greedy exploiters, but certainly not to humans:

My comment: The experiment reminds us of the experiments in concentration camp, in the Nazi period. At that time people were the victims, today it is the non-human animals that are the victims.
But there is another, important difference too:
At that time, we did not know exactly what kind of crime happened to people. Today, and thanks to undercover investigations by animal rights activists, we know very well what is going on in the laboratories. Therefore, we have no excuse for our silence and indifference, about the criminal acts of the experimenters and their crimes.

My best r egards, Venus

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USA: The victims of the laboratory industry are rising



In 2015, there were 767,622 animals used for medical experiments in the US, the lowest level since the United States Department of Agriculture began keeping records in the early 1970s. That included roughly 138,000 rabbits, 98,000 hamsters, 11,000 sheep, 46,000 pigs; 20,000 cats, 61,000 dogs, 173,000 guinea pigs, 28,000 “other farm animals,” and nearly 62,000 “nonhuman primates.”

Hun im Labor-Mundtestn

In 2016, the number of animals used for scientific testing rose to 820,812. Last year, it dipped slightly, to 792,168. Today, according to Pew, 52% of Americans are against animal testing. However, there have never been more nonhuman primates used for lab experiment tests than there are right now.

Increased funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which supports a majority of US primate research, is one factor behind the recent rise in primate testing. The other reason “the numbers are trending up, is because these animals give us better data,” Jay Rappaport of the Tulane National Primate Research Center in Covington, Louisiana, told Science magazine. “We need them more than ever.”



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A real animal is someone, not some thing!


All of you who have children should show this video to them. It describes the reality in laboratories in a real way, only without real animals. And be well prepared when the kids ask questions. We are responsible for transmitting the truth to the next generations.
Perhaps, this generation will be the one who ends the suffering of the animals in each sector.
And for that it has to know the truth.

My best regards, Venus

USA: Petition:Stop Deadly VA Paralysis Experiments on Dogs.




SIGN: Stop Deadly VA Paralysis Experiments on Dogs

Posted by Carly Day

 SIGN: Stop Deadly VA Paralysis Experiments on Dogs


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PETITION TARGET: Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is moving forward with plans to torture and murder dogs in a series of horrific experiments.

In these gruesome and cruel tests right out of the dark ages, dogs are sliced open, paralyzed, traumatized and then put down once they are no longer “useful.”

Some of the shocking procedures the VA performs on dogs include:

·         Removing parts of live dogs’ brains.

·         Placing electrodes on dogs’ spinal cords and inducing coughing. Then the spinal cord is severed, and testing continues.

·         Pacemakers are implanted, then researchers purposely induce abnormal heart beats, create heart attacks and block the dogs’ arteries with latex. The nerves that assist the brain in controlling their hearts are severed. The dogs are then forced to run on treadmills to further stress their hearts.

These innocent animals suffer from immense physical pain and emotional distress. Once the research is complete, all the dogs are killed.

In spite of the controversy surrounding these gruesome experiments and continued pressure from both lawmakers and animal advocacy groups, the VA continues to subject dogs to these unethical and needless tests. We must speak out to end this travesty.

Sign this petition urging Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie to stop these experiments, and turn his focus to finding humane research methods that do not involve animal torture.

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