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EU has to stop the laboratory criminals in Germany!




The EU has initiated infringement proceedings against Germany because the federal government has implemented requirements for animal experiments in a completely inadequate manner.
We very much welcome the fact that Brussels is finally getting active here.

However, the EU has failed to criticize a very serious mistake.

Germany allows animal experiments with the greatest suffering, although these are generally prohibited by EU regulations. Legal expert reports prove this violation of EU regulations.

Stella 2o

Do you remember the report about the illegal torture of the apes  in the Tübingen Hell Laboratory, in Germany?


This was also illegal animal experiments because the monkeys were no longer able to endure these torments and should be euthanized. What the experimenters did not do!

Affe in MPIcMax-Planck- Institut Tübingen. Foto: SOKO

Germany ignores the EU-imposed pain-suffering ceiling, from which an animal experiment may not or only under very strict conditions may be approved.

We, “the association of doctors against animal experiments” together with Tasso e.V. and the “Association Against Animal Abuse e.V”, call on the European Commission to ensure that the fundamental prohibition of animal experiments with heavy, long-lasting suffering is implemented in Germany.

This would be an important step towards the abolition of animal experiments. With your signature, you emphasize our demand that at least the EU minimum standard must be adhered to!

Affe mit Eektroden im KopfjpgMax-Planck-Institut, Tübingen. Foto: SOKO

For example, one of the most serious animal tests of this kind is the xenotransplantation in Munich, in which hearts of genetically modified pigs are transplanted to baboons. Most monkeys survive only a few hours, days or weeks. Being trapped in isolation cages, they suffer anxiety, pain, breathlessness, a monstrous swelling of the heart, heart attacks, liver damage, fluid retention in the lungs and chest, thrombosis, etc. until they painfully die.



Help us!
Call on the EU not to allow this serious violation of Germany!
The addressee is Susanne Louhimies, responsible for animal welfare in the Environment Directorate-General of the European Commission. With this petition we collect signatures, which we want to hand over to Mrs. Louhimies at a later date.

Please sign our petition:

My comment: The suffering of the animals in Labors gives us humans no progress. Animal testing must be abolished because it is ethically unacceptable and hinders medical progress.
There is neither torture nor sadism that laboratory animal experimenters have not yet practiced. Most remain unconfirmed until one unveils that (see SOKO undercover investigation )

These illegal attempts on monkeys in Tübingen, for example, have proven that the Labor Mafia knows no bounds when it comes to profit, power and career.

Animals using as a torture objects without borders, is criminal and must be abolished. Germany should learn it too!

My best regards, Venus

Australia: Moves To End Reliance On Cosmetic Animal Testing.



Aus com ban

Dear Mark,

There’s been a major breakthrough in our #BeCrueltyFree campaign in Australia, with lawmakers passing a measure that will save rabbits, mice and other animals from cruelty for cosmetics. This change to the law means that companies will no longer be able to profit from the use of new animal test data for cosmetic ingredients, putting a stop to this cruel and outdated practice in Australia.

Thanks to your support and compassion, our campaigners were able to work tirelessly for the past seven years to help get this lifesaving legislation passed. They negotiated with the highest levels of the health ministry to secure commitments which will ensure that all cosmetic ingredients are captured by the ban and to secure funding to support the development and adoption of modern non-animal test methods.

These essential commitments will ensure the implementation of a robust ban on cruel cosmetics in Australia! 

HSI and our partners have played a leading role in many of the nearly 40 national bans enacted to date, and in driving similar measures in active political discussion in Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, the United States and the ASEAN region of south-east Asia.

This history-making campaign would not be possible without the support of animal lovers like you who work with us toward a world without animal testing. Please take time to celebrate this shared victory!

Thank you so much for all that you do for animals.


Kitty Block
Humane Society International

Website : 

Sweden: Gothenburg University Refuses To Free Dogs From Cruel and Unnecessary Experiments. British Actors Give Their Support For Freedom.



Ricky Gervais And Vegan Peter Egan Back Campaign To Free Dogs From ‘Cruel And Unnecessary’ Experiments

The one-year-old dogs, which are in a lab in a major university in Gothenburg, are due to be killed at the end of the month – despite campaigners calling for them to be freed from brutal experiments.

Ricky Gervias and Peter Egan

British animal advocates – Ricky and Peter.

Comedian Ricky Gervais and vegan actor and advocate Peter Egan have backed a campaign calling for six dogs in a university lab to be freed.

The one-year-old animals, at a major university in Gothenburg, are due to be killed at the end of the month. They are part of an experiment to test how dental implants cause inflammation and bone degradation. In less than two weeks, researchers plan to slaughter the dogs so that studies can be carried out on their tissues and blood.

Swedish animal rights organization, Djurrättsalliansen (Animal rights Alliance) has been pleading with Gothenberg University to free Venus, Milia, Mimosa, Luna, Lotus and Zuri, handing over a petition which has garnered more than 80,000 signatures. Now Animal Justice Project has joined forces with Djurrättsalliansen to continue to raise awareness.

Dental experiments

Dental research on dogs at Gothenburg University has been going on since at least 2009 – with the animals suffering intensely. Before the test is complete, the Labradors will have been anesthetized six times, and had 35 percent of their teeth pulled out.

An ex-veterinarian from the university, Dr. Mark Collins, points out that there are other ways to study human dental implants and that dogs and humans have vastly different teeth. “These dogs know exactly what to expect when they enter the surgery room, and they are afraid,” he added.

‘Do the right thing’

“The fate of these six dogs literally hangs in the balance – I urge Gothenburg University to do the right thing by ending  the study and re-homing these dogs to the loving families they deserve,” Peter Egan said.

“We’ve banned cosmetics testing on animals in Europe, and yet dogs continue to be used in cruel and unnecessary experiments .. this time for our gums. This is no way to treat man’s best friend.”

Futile experiments

Daniel Rolke, Founder of Animal Rights Alliance, said: “The campaign to end these cruel and completely futile experiments has been huge here in Sweden but we are running out of time. The dogs will be killed in two weeks.”

Claire Palmer, Founder of Animal Justice Project, added: “Around 26,000 international students attend universities in Sweden –  many will be studying at Gothenburg University, and we are certain that they will be shocked to learn that Labradors – voted Britain’s most loved dog last year are being treated so abhorrently before being killed inside the university walls. No animals should be suffering painful and unnecessary experiments inside universities.”

Dr. Andre Menache, Science Advisor for both organizations, said: “These dog experiments are not only very cruel but scientifically meaningless for human patients. I challenge these researchers to defend their research in a public debate.”

Despite the petition and protests, Gothenburg University has stated the experiments will continue and has declined to be interviewed in Swedish media.


UK: British Government Minister Greg Clark falls to lobbyists and gives green light to new puppy farm for animal experiments. Application rejected Twice So Far Due to Activist Outrage. Lets Make it 3.


SIGN: Stop Cruel Plan to Breed Puppies for Gruesome Medical Tests

British Government Minister gives green light (twice rejected due to campaigner rage !) to new puppy farm for animal experiments.


petition 3

Please sign the petition:


PETITION TARGET: Greg Clark, British Secretary of State for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy

Image result for greg clark mp

In a devastating move for animals, British Secretary of State Greg Clark has approved the application of a new puppy and ferret farm that could sell more than a thousand animals a year to be sliced open, infected with disease or slowly poisoned to death at cruel medical labs.

Lobbyist 1

If the plan continues, notorious lab animal breeder B&K Universal — a division of global company Marshall Farms — will open a facility in East Yorkshire, England that would house hundreds of beagles and ferrets at a time.

B&K’s application has been rejected twice already due to activist outcry.

We must keep speaking out to stop this cruel breeding facility from ever being built.

Along with the gruesome physical wounds, dogs used for vivisection — usually beagles — endure intense isolation, kept in tiny, barren metal cages with no social interaction. They become depressed or literally go crazy from both the abuse and the loneliness. When the dogs are no longer “useful,” they are killed and tossed like trash.

Instead of sending more dogs to their death, the UK government must seek effective, cruelty free alternatives to animal testing.

Sign this petition urging Secretary of State Greg Clark to immediately reverse his decision and stop all plans for this cruel farm to move forward.

The suffering of animals for the beauty industry


Loreal1 Tierversuche

Despite new legislation, there are still animal experiments for cosmetics in Germany!

Since 2013, no cosmetic product may be sold in the EU whose raw materials have been tested on the animal after this date. That may sound reassuring at first glance, but unfortunately the topic of “cosmetics and animal experiments” can not be shelved for a long time yet. Millions of animals still suffer and die agonizingly every year in the laboratories of the beauty industry.

Testtier für L`Orealjpg

Good news first: In terms of animal welfare and cosmetics Germany is one of the first in the world. Since 2013, no cosmetic product may be sold in the EU whose raw materials have been tested on the animal after this date.

Why, despite the law, animals continue to suffer for our beauty

One of the reasons is that 90% of all chemical raw materials that are used in cosmetics are also used in other areas, for example in the industry as part of a paint spray or as a humectant in a package.

All these substances must continue to be tested in animal experiments under EU chemicals legislation. Even if drugs are used in some form in medicine, they may still be tested in animal experiments.

Tierversuche .L`Oreal jpg

The distributors of Botox use this loophole in the legislation, because apart from the question of why people in youth delusion inject a highly toxic substance in the face, this is a serious animal welfare problem.

Each individual production unit (batch) is tested for toxicity. The test substance is injected into mice in the abdominal cavity. The agony with cramps, paralysis, shortness of breath often lasts three to four days. The animals finally suffocate in full consciousness.


Animal experiments for China

Another reason many manufacturers remain committed to animal testing is the fact that animal testing remains mandatory in China and many other markets. If you want to sell sunscreen or another care product worldwide, this will be tested on the animal before. The experiments have been relocated to countries that like to turn a blind eye when it comes to animal welfare.

Only a handful of companies, such as the major cosmetics giants Procter & Gamble, Unilever or LÓreal, admit that animal testing is being conducted. Most cosmetic manufacturers use clever formulations or do not provide any information to avoid damage to the image.

About L’Oréal

L’Oréal is the largest cosmetics manufacturer in the world and owns 28 international brands. The giant Nestlé has a stake of 23.9 percent in L’Oréal. In addition, Nestlé is represented by three people on the board of L’Oreal.

nestlè-LÒreal n
Nestlé’s stake in cosmetics maker L’Oréal is beneficial to both companies, corporations say. If you get sick by cosmetics, no problem!! Nestlé is setting up its own pharmaceuticals business and the new board comes, who would have thought, from the pharmaceutical industry, namely Fresenius! Because the human disease is a lucrative business, as are Nestlé’s products as well as the products that L’Oréal makes billions of euros.

In 2015, the world’s largest hair and body care group generated sales of € 25.3 billion.

The Chinese government requires all cosmetic products sold in the country to have previously been tested on animals to ensure their human utility. Of course, L’Oréal does not want to lose this extremely important market. Therefore, L’Oréal has given up all morality to continue to meddle in China, although this means that thousands of innocent animals must suffer terribly.


The company has been supported for years by celebrities such as Andy McDowell, Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively and Beyoncé. Meanwhile, she has cheated on all her customers.

So if you want to ban animal cruelty from the bathroom shelves, should more than ever make sure to use only products from companies that do not conduct any animal experiments and also ensure that their suppliers do not test on living animals.

If you want to check if your product is free from animal suffering, you will find it a positive list of all manufacturers available in Germany.

But  be careful!
Because natural cosmetics are booming, brands such as Logona or Santé (Natural cosmetics Companies without animal experiments) are now part of L’Oréal, the world’s largest cosmetics group. Nestlé will be pleased.

In addition, Nestlé has been operating the company Galderma with L’Oréal in Lausanne for 30 years.

My comment:  The EU ban of 2013 is in reality a decision full of loopholes.

Therefore, anyone who wants to be sure that the beauty products they buy do not have any animal blood, should follow Peta’s Cruelty- Free liste for cosmetic. It is pretty reliable.

My best regards,Venus


Frankenstein research in cloned monkeys




In Shanghai, a few days ago 5 cloned long-tailed macaques were born with a deliberate genetic defect. Donor was a male monkey in which a crucial substance for regulating the biorhythm was eliminated by gene modification.

As part of the cloning, female animals are removed from egg cells and their cell nuclei, in which the genome is located, removed. Subsequently, the cell nuclei are inserted from body cells of the donor. After “implantation” of these composite cells in dams, viable organisms are then grown, which genetically represent a “copy” of the animal from which the body cells were taken.


“This whole process is associated with extreme suffering,” Dr. med. vet. Gaby Neumann of doctors against animal experiments. Not only the removal and replanting of the eggs are tampering with the animals involved.
In addition, cloning represents a very high consumption of life. Because not every embryo creates a viable monkey. For the “created” five macaques 300 embryos were “consumed”, which were planted in dozens of surrogate animals. Many of the cloned newborns die. The survivors often have a defective immune system, more often suffer from heart or respiratory diseases and muscle and joint problems.


An extremely dangerous and ethically questionable development is also the combination of two manipulation techniques: Genetic modification and cloning of living things.
For the “production” of the donor animal, so-called “knock out” monkeys were produced. In them, a gene was removed with the gene scissors Crispr / Cas. Without this gene, the monkeys are particularly susceptible to a range of diseases because their internal clock is no longer functioning properly.
As a donor animal, the monkey with the strongest symptoms was selected, which means that the newborn monkeys are also very disease-susceptible “knock out” animals.

Affe / Klon / Dolly-Methode

According to Chinese researchers, the “created” clone monkeys are intended to advance biomedical science, as it allows false research results to be ruled out by genetic variation. Because the genetic material of individuals of a species differs significantly in the details and would make it so difficult to develop drugs that work for everyone.
“This justification for the” advantages “of cloning is completely incomprehensible,” explains Gaby Neumann. “If individuals of one species are so different, how can one expect results to be transferable between two different species, such as monkey and human? Besides, the individuality of the human being is important.

Where are there cloned people with completely similar reactions? Those still are living “at the best” in an environment like under laboratory conditions?

Not only that this development can not be justified for ethical reasons, because living things are degraded to mere, arbitrarily manipulatable objects.
It also means a step in the wrong direction. Everywhere one speaks of individualized medicine.
“The focus of biomedicine should be on humans and not in Frankenstein research,” says Neumann. State-of-the-art methods such as multi-organ chips, mini-organs, computer software with artificial intelligence and imaging techniques, in contrast to animal experiments, can achieve effective and individual results.

My comment: Again psychopaths with white coats at work applying the latest method of Frankenstein science to living beings.
A waste of life, time and money.
A horror show is staged again after the well-known lab mafia slogan:  “Everything goes” because we torture “only” animals!

Lifelong suffering and early death are often associated with cloning.
The unnatural pregnancy causes even after this procedure a suffering of the animals. Cloned animals are often heavier than their naturally bred conspecifics. This means a difficult and painful birth for the mother. In many cases, a cesarean section is also performed.
In addition, cloned animals tend to have a weakened immune system and therefore suffer from heart failure, respiratory disease, or muscle and joint problems.

Why all that?
To create the “Superman”? – we had that earlier in the Nazi era.
Only the technique was different.
Just because the psychopaths wear a frock today in the lab does not make it any less perverted and fascist than in the time.

My best regards, Venus

Illegal experiments with smoking mice!




Rabbits, dogs and monkeys with masks holding a smoking cigarette – many still remember the terrible images of the 60s and 70s. It is hard to believe that such animal experiments – today mainly on rats and mice – are still common.

Here in Germany!

Although population studies on the health hazards of smoking could fill entire libraries, and although modern research methods exist today. And although animal testing for the development of tobacco products in the Animal Protection Act are prohibited.

Smoking is harmful

Although nicotine consumption is declining in Germany, 25% of the population still smoke in 2015. 120,000 people die each year as a result of smoking. These tobacco-related deaths are most often the result of cancer and cardiovascular disease.
90% of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking. Smoking is also the most important cause for the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The German Cancer Research Institute estimates the direct and indirect costs of smoking at around € 79 billion a year.

marlboro anti -rauchen werbung

Smoke tests with animals in the past

By the middle of the last century, the negative effects of cigarettes were still dubious.
Because the animals that were forced to smoke, got no cancer or cardiovascular problems. And this result gave more credibility than the results of existing population studies.

The knowledge about the harmfulness of smoking has become more and more comprehensive on the basis of human studies. The United States Department of Health and Human Services has regularly published a report since 1964 that summarizes the current state of knowledge on the effects of nicotine consumption on the basis of human studies.



At the turn of the millennium, the health risk of tobacco consumption was well known.  But even with the knowledge, animal experiments continued in the 1990s and 2000s. The focus of the former attempts was u.a. on the consequences of passive smoking and the development of lung cancer.

maus in laborjpg

The tobacco giant Philip Morris forced in his office in Cologne in the 2000s rats and mice to smoke to investigate the passive smoking or to test cigarette additives such as vanillin.

Many people are unaware that even today animals continue to suffer and die for tobacco smoke testing. And that, even though the Animal Welfare Act has forbidden since 1986 “animal experiments for the development of tobacco products … in principle”.

Smoke tests on animals in the present

Here is an example of a horror- experiment from the Institute of Anaesthesiological Pathophysiology in Ulm, 2018:
Mice are exposed to the smoke of Roth-Händle cigarettes without filters 5 days a week for 3 weeks. On the first day, the smoke from 4 cigarettes is picked up by a semi-automatic smoke generator and placed in a box. Each smoke lasts 15 minutes. On the second day the number increases to 6 cigarettes, from the 3rd day to 8 cigarettes per day.
One week after the end of the smoke examinations, it is sucked out of some mice so much blood through the vein that the extremely low blood pressure causes a bleeding shock.
After an hour, the blood is mixed with medication. Some of the mice that have already been exposed to cigarette smoke and blood loss get an explosive air wave in the chest that causes lung disintegration.
The few animals that survive these procedures are killed by bleeding. Result: Smoking has a negative effect on severe lung crushing (!!!).


Prevention is the best medicine

In addition to nicotine, cigarette smoke contains about 5,000 substances, of which more than 90 have been shown to be carcinogenic or mutagenic. With the tobacco smoke thus a variety of toxins are absorbed through the lungs and distributed throughout the body. That smoking is harmful for the consumer as well as for his fellow human beings (passive smoking), is out of the question today.

skelt der raucht jpg
Then why not fight the evil directly at the root? Research and medicine are almost always focused on mitigation and treatment of the effects of tobacco use. It would be much more effective, however, to focus more on prevention. By eliminating cigarettes, the risk of many illnesses is reduced enormously.


Animal experiments on the development of tobacco products have long been prohibited by law. However, this does not prevent animal research from further exposing animals to cigarette smoke in order to “protect human health”. And that, although now much more meaningful methods are available. As in other biomedical areas, it will continue to adhere to medieval methods.

My comment: The Labor Mafia knows that lung cancer and heart disease have their causes predominantly due to smoking.
Although they know best that only people get cancer from smoking, not animals, they continue to torture defenseless animals for no reason.
And above all, although this test is prohibited by law.
One wonders, where do they get the right to conduct such illegal experiments?
The answer is simple: a disgusting government protects and promotes them!

My best regards, Venus