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A cruel mouse story – everyday reality


What happened to Martin isn’t just a story — it’s reality. All they wanted was to stay together 💔

Experimenters tortured them and made them watch each other suffer 😔


“The story of cancer research is the story of how to cure cancer in mice.
We have been curing cancer in mice for decades, but it just doesn’t work in humans”.
Dr. Richard Klausner, director of the American National Cancer Institute.

maus im laborn

“The reason I’m against animal testing is that they don’t work, they have no scientific value.
The results of animal research cannot be extrapolated from humans, and every good scientist knows that.
Since animal testing is worthless and leads to quackery in medicine and I have to be against quackery, I am against animal testing, as a scientist”.
Prof. Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn, Professor of Preventive Medicine in University of Illinois (Chicago)


Affe, angebunden im Labortisch


But we know it: animal experiments and propaganda campaigns for animal experiments are carried out with public funds.
Even we, the opponents of animal experiments, unwittingly finance this crime with our taxes.
State and industrial support provides the animal experimentation lobby with enormous financial, poolitical and media-effective funds.
The population becomes stupid due to the permanent systematic agitation.

The ethical and scientific arguments of the animal experiment opponents have almost no chance against this overpowering lobby. It’s about a lot of money, it’s about billions in the pharmaceutical industry and in university research laboratories, and nobody voluntarily separates from that.
This is also the reason why the majority of the animal test results are not published, but disappear in the duplicate.

No people who still practice these cruel witch trials have the right to call themselves a cultural people.

Labor Markierung an Affe


My best regards to all, Venus

England: Victory – King’s College London has become the first university to declare an end to the cruel forced swim test.



Big result ! – well done people, your voices and protests are being heard – WAV.


We have wonderful news to share with you!

King’s College London has become the first university to declare an end to the cruel forced swim test, in which mice and other small animals are subjected to a terrifying near-drowning experience.



This news comes after PETA provided King’s with evidence that use of the test has repeatedly wasted animals’ lives, public funds, and research hours – all of which screams bad science.

King’s joins Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, AbbVie, Roche, AstraZeneca, and other top pharmaceutical companies in banning the forced swim test after talks with PETA or our affiliates.

But pharma giant Eli Lilly is refusing to commit to banning these cruel experiments. Please tell the company that nearly drowning small animals has no place in drug development:


Urge Pharmaceutical Giant Eli Lilly to Ban the Near-Drowning of Animals

The “forced swim test” is a widely used experiment that’s as cruel as it is worthless.

Experimenters put mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, or gerbils in inescapable containers filled with water. The panicked animals try to escape by attempting to climb up the sides of the beakers or even by diving underwater in search of an exit. They paddle furiously, desperately trying to keep their heads above water. Eventually, they’ll start to float.

Some pharmaceutical companies have used the test when developing treatments for depression, even though it has been shown that it doesn’t accurately predict whether a drug will work as a human antidepressant.

The forced swim test is bad science. It does nothing more than terrify animals and delay the development of effective new treatments for depression that are so desperately needed. After discussions with PETA US, AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk, AbbVie and Johnson & Johnson announced that they’ll no longer conduct or fund this cruel test. Roche also stated it has discontinued its use of forced swim tests after hearing from PETA US, PETA Switzerland, and PETA Germany.


Take Action Now!

Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly are refusing to commit to banning it. Tell them what you think about that by taking action below.





A new law, designed to end the needless suffering animals endure during cosmetics testing, went into effect on January 1, 2020, helping ensure the importation and sale of California’s cosmetics are cruelty-free.
Former Gov. Jerry Brown enacted the California Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act back in 2018. It bans California-based manufacturers from importing or selling beauty products that have been tested on, or contain ingredients previously tested on, animals. This is the first such law in the United States.
Companies breaking the new law will be fined $5,000 with an extra $1,000 charge for each subsequent day the violation continues.
“We are proud to have led the effort to pass this monumental law,” said one of the sponsors on the bill, founder and president of Social Compassion in Legislation Judie Mancuso. “Animal testing is not needed to prove the safety of cosmetics and personal hygiene products, and this new law codifies that scientific fact. We must modernize and get rid of these antiquated protocols and stop torturing poor innocent animals. Once again, our great state of California is a leader on such important, smart and compassionate animal rights issues.”
A number of other animal protection measures are also set to come into effect in California this year, including three bills signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newson in 2019, which prohibit the use of wild animals in circus performances, ban fur trapping and the sale of fur products, and reintroduce a ban on importing or selling products crafted from crocodiles and alligators.




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Dolma is dedicated to producing fine fragrance that doesn’t harm a single animal at any time of creation, testing and production. We believe that animals have the basic moral right to freedom and safety.

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“I like to think I made a difference”!


A multi-millionaire in Michigan is offering to donate money to Wayne State University – but the money comes with a big ask. The donor is asking the university to end all testing on animals.


Meanwhile, philanthropist Thomas Mackey has already made a difference in the lives of thousands of animals through his donations to animal shelters across metro Detroit.

Tom made his money over 52 years as an investment banker. He loved his work but animals stole his heart at a young age. He’s already donated many millions to help animals and his latest proposal keeps with the theme.

In a handwritten letter to Wayne State University, Tom is offering to donate $1 million to a scholarship program for Detroit kids. The caveat – in exchange he’s asking Wayne State end its animal testing, including cardiovascular research still being done on dogs.

“If people knew that their tax money that they pay is going to the government and the government, both state and federal, is paying Wayne State to torture dogs there would be a lot more outcry,” he says.

The university tests mostly on mice, but since 1991 they’ve done heart failure research on dogs.

A group that works to end animal research, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, says the dogs undergo multiple surgeries and have as many as nine devices implanted in their bodies with wires coming out of their skin. Then they’re run on treadmills to gauge how their bodies react. The group reports dogs typically die after five months.

michigan universität-campus-121919

Wayne State said in a statement to FOX 2 they use “the highest level of care for animals used in research (!!!)” And animal research plays a vital role in virtually every major medical advancement in the last century.

“Anybody that has seen a dog in pain or in discomfort knows that they’re hurting,” Tom says.

As far as Tom’s offer, the university says “Wayne State does not accept gifts that stipulate changes to or that contradict, institutional policies or its mission.”

Tierversuche Hunden

Tom says he will keep pressing on. But he’s already left a legacy, although he doesn’t like that word.

He’s donated money for a new, upgraded facility at the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society in Harper Woods, aptly named Thomas A. Mackey Animal Adoption Center.

“There are no words to convey what he’s done for us, there’s just no words,” says Corinne Martin, the facility’s executive director.

And, you’ll start to see a trend here – Tom also donated funds to the Michigan Humane Society and has been the backbone behind a new state-of-the-art facility in Detroit, also aptly named the Mackey Center for Animal Care.

“I can probably make a shorter list of what he hasn’t had a hand in, than what he has,” says president and CEO of MHS, Matt Pepper. “We didn’t have to force him but we really had pry to get him to let us put his name on the building. He doesn’t do this for recognition.”

michigan unipgA photo of Michigan Humane Society’s Mackey Center for Animal Care in Detroit, Mich.


“Tom’s philosophy is that he’s going to do everything he wants to while he’s on this earth and not after he’s gone,” Martin says.

“There is no limit to the number of the lives he’s saved; I couldn’t put a number on it. It’s countless,” Pepper says.

Tom knows he’s is in his twilight but while he’s here, it’s all about the animals.

“I like to think I made a difference, a little tiny difference,” he says.

Tom isn’t the only one that wants to end animal testing. There is currently a bill moving through Lansing right now that would stop animal testing at public universities that causes the animal any harm.


My comment: So … Wayne State University sees Thomas Mackey’s offer as an immoral offer!!
“Wayne State does not accept gifts that stipulate changes to or that contradict, institutional policies or its mission.”

What the university calls a “mission” is no different than collecting 204 million dollars a year in grants to secure its own status and to safeguard the careers of its employees through publications on “research” work in renowned journals.

The $ 1 million offer offends the researchers’ “work ethic”, but $ 204 million annual budget to torture animals senselessly is officially approved for “research work”!!

This is the language of professional animal torturers.

We see in the offer from Thomas Mackey an excellent example of how effective money can be for animals if it is invested correctly.

We thank him very much for that.
Not every multi millionaire is a capitalist asshole!

My best regards to all, Venus

Human Organ Transplants – Lab Grown In Another Species or Donated (By Humans) After Death – 2 Possible Options !


Pig-Monkey Chimeras Have Been Brought to Term For The First Time


9 DEC 2019

Pigs engineered to have a small amount of monkey cells have been brought to full term and were even born alive, surviving for a few days after birth. Although the piglets died, it is claimed the experiment – performed in China – marks a major milestone for the future of lab-grown organs.

“This is the first report of full-term pig-monkey chimeras,” Tang Hai of the State Key Laboratory of Stem Cell and Reproductive Biology in Beijing told New Scientist.

The research is part of an ongoing effort to develop animals – whether they are sheep or pigs – that can grow human organs we could then harvest for transplants, a process called xenogeneic organogenesis.

Research has been done on both pig and sheep embryos with transplanted human stem cells; in both cases, the embryos continued to develop until the experiment was deliberately terminated.

That’s because, due to ethical concerns, these chimeras – organisms that incorporate the genetic material of another species – cannot be cultivated or studied in the later stages of embryonic development. Some scientists worry that some of the human stem cells could end up in other parts of the animal or even in its brain, with unintended consequences.

For that reason, in this experiment the team used stem cells from crab-eating macaques (Macaca fascicularis). These were imbued with fluorescent proteins so that they would glow under fluorescent light, and derived to produce fluorescing embryonic cells.

These cells were then injected into over 4,000 five-day-old pig embryos fertilised using IVF; the modified pig embryos were subsequently implanted into sows.

This fiddly and painstaking work produced just 10 piglets that made it to full term and were born alive. And only two of these were chimeric, with between one in 1,000 and one in 10,000 functional monkey cells to pig cells.

The monkey cells had migrated to the heart, liver, lungs, spleen and skin of the piglet hosts, but were not found in other organs, such as testes and ovaries, due to the low rate of chimerism, the researchers said.

Sadly, before a week was out, the piglets died – not just the two chimeras, but the other eight normal piglets, too. Because all the pigs died, Hai told New Scientist, the cause of death likely had less to do with chimerism, and more to do with IVF – a procedure that is notoriously tricky in pigs.

The low chimerism rate is also somewhat discouraging. However, the researchers remain optimistic. Although the birth rate was low, and the pigs didn’t survive, the team now has a wealth of data they can apply to future experiments.

The scientists are planning to try again, increasing the chimeric cell ratio. And they believe their data may help other scientists working in the field.

“Here, we have used monkey cells to explore the potential of reconstructing chimeric human organs in a large animal model,” they wrote in their paper.

“We believe this work will facilitate the development of xenogeneic organogenesis by providing a better understanding of the processes of xenogeneic recognition, fate determination, and the proliferation and differentiation of primate stem cells during porcine development.

“The findings could pave the way toward overcoming the obstacles in the re-engineering of heterogeneous organs and achieve the ultimate goal of human organ reconstruction in a large animal.”

The research has been published in Protein & Cell.

UK flagge aquarelljpg

Here in the UK, a different approach is being used which eliminates the use of growing organs from one species and then attempting to transplant them into another – which could be high risk.  It is an opt out system that will work on the policy that anyone who dies can have their organs taken for donation unless they decide to go for the ‘opt out’ option which they can take if they do not wish to donate.

A new opt-out system for organ donation will be in place by 2020 in England, if Parliament approves “Max’s Law”.

Under the plans detailed by ministers, adults will be presumed to be organ donors unless they have specifically recorded their decision not to be.

The government said it would save up to 700 lives each year.

In the UK in 2017, 411 people died before the right donor was found, and more than 5,000 people are currently on the waiting list in England.

A similar opt-out system has been in place in Wales since 2015. Scotland plans to introduce a similar scheme and Northern Ireland has also expressed an interest.

Great news: charter airline stops monkey transports!

Updated December 6, 2019:

Following an intense campaign by PETA USA and the help of tens of thousands of supporters, the Air Transport Service Group (ATSG) has now announced that it is completing monkey transports in experimental laboratories.

Tierversuche mit Primaten am National Institute of Health, USA.
This announcement comes just a week after our US counterparts told Amazon to convince their current business partner – ATSG – to stop these atrocious transports.

For far too long, airlines have been making money on the bloody business of killing monkeys to their deaths. The sensitive animals are taken from countries such as China or from the island state of Mauritius, to laboratories in the United States or to Europe.
The places of origin of the monkeys offer them no protection, so they are often snatched from their homes and their families or bred in horror animal factories.

Affen in Labor alle zusammenjpg

ATSG and its affiliates – Air Transport International (ATI) and ABX Air – have delivered thousands of monkeys to US research centers where frightened animals await terrible things.
Mostly they are locked in tight cages, in the course of the experiments they are then poisoned with chemicals, mutilated, deprived of food and water intake, infected with some deadly diseases and killed in the end usually emotionally cold.

affe mit Spritzepg

ATI has repeatedly violated the minimum requirements for such animal transport in the past. The monkeys had to survive these – already stressful – flights without water and food and spend hours in their own excrements.
The United States Department of Agriculture is currently completing the infringement.


We’ve received disturbing reports that Michigan-based airline Kalitta Air has begun shipping monkeys from China to the U.S., where they will be cruelly experimented on in laboratories.

According to multiple credible sources, Kalitta Air reportedly transported crates of live monkeys from China to the U.S. recently. We contacted the airline’s executive team multiple times, but they refused to answer our questions about their policy. However, one employee did confirm that the company did bring at least one shipment of monkeys to the U.S. for use in laboratories.

luft transport affen

Every year, thousands of monkeys are transported from countries such as China, Mauritius, and Vietnam to the U.S. and the European Union to be imprisoned in laboratories and tormented in experiments. Some are bred in captivity on cramped, terror monkey factory farms, while others are abducted from their families in the wild. The traumatized monkeys are crammed into small wooden crates and transported in the dark and terrifying cargo holds of planes for as long as 30 hours.


During the transport, the monkeys receive no food or water for more than 24 hours – a violation of the Animal Welfare Act. Some of the hungry, thirsty and confused monkeys must also sit in the midst of their own excretions during the unbearably long flight. Many die a painful death on their long journeys, some of them over 30 hours long.

AirFrance-6-affe tot jpg

When they arrive in the U.S., they’re transported to facilities where they’re imprisoned in cramped cages and frequently cut open, poisoned, crippled, addicted to drugs, shocked, and killed.

Kalitta Air joins the long list of airlines—including American Airlines, United Airlines, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Delta Airlines, El Al Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, and dozens of others—that refuse to participate in this sordid trade.

Air France is the last major airline that continues to enrich this bloody business and kidnap monkeys from Mauritius to Europe.


Please help* and ask Air France to join all the other major airlines worldwide and stop transporting monkeys to their deaths in experimental laboratories!

* (Petition:


My comment: Every year more than 6,000 monkeys in Europe are misused for animal experiments, half of which are imported from Mauritius and flown by Air France to Europe!
Those of the animals surviving the horror journey land on the hands of the practicing Dr.Mengele, in the Dachau laboratories for animals, which are equipped with their own justice, and are supported by corrupt politicians.

The news is good, and we are very pleased that another company stops its flying coffins.
But we want the abolition of the torture of innocent animals justified by the mantle of research.
We are fighting for it, and in recent times we have been able to achieve some positive results (

It has come the time of consistent and hard action; Sinners and criminals should be punished and we have to do that where we can.
Therefore: do not fly with Air France!
Until the company stops the death transports.

My best regards to all, Venus




After 60 years of cruelty, the LPT lab is over!

Germany, Hamburg- Breaking News!!!

banane rep deutschlandpg

We recently reported on illegal practices against dogs, cats, and monkeys in the LPT lab near Hamburg (

After exposure by SOKO animal welfare of massive breaches of law, animal cruelty and the suspicion of fraud in the animal testing laboratories of the Hamburg LPT Group and the largest protests against animal testing in German history, the laboratory for monkeys, dogs and cats in Mienenbüttel near Harburg is closing .

After completion of a large monkey study by Merck, the laboratory is to be sealed. This would end almost 60 years of atrocities in this place. Currently, the Animal Testing Laboratory is making all the remaining monkeys into a wholesaler in the Netherlands. The fate of the other animals is unclear.

SOKO Animal Protection, Cruelty Free International, the Hamburg Animal Welfare Association and an alliance that has also been joined by numerous animal protection associations of the German Animal Welfare Association, demand the transfer of the remaining animals to the animal welfare. “There is a place for every animal, and the civilian population will not allow these animals, some of which have suffered in the LPT for many years, to be mined or killed,” says Friedrich Mülln of SOKO Animal Protection.


According to information of SOKO, the LPT closes the animal testing laboratory in Mienenbüttel.
This ends almost 60 years of cruelty.
Merck is one of the few companies to continue an already started primate-study there. After that, the lights go out.

The site is dissolved and no new animal experiments on monkeys, dogs or cats performed.

Instead, they want to focus on animal experiments on rats, mice and rabbits at the sites in Neugraben and Löhndorf (Germany).

The tactic is clear, the LPT hopes that the resistance in these animals will be weaker.

We call on the LPT and the authorities to hand over the dogs, cats and monkeys caged in Mienenbüttel to animal welfare and to enable them to live a life of happiness and self-determination for some of those animals who have suffered there for years.

We fight peacefully for EVERY victim of the LPT.
Our grand demonstration on 16.11 demands:
Freedom for all victims of the LPT and the chapter LPT finish in Mienenbüttel, in Neugraben and in Löhndorf!

SOKO Tierschutz/Cruelty Free International


A comment by founder of SOKO Animal Protection, Friedrich Mülln: “Such a worldwide success in 140 years fight against animal experiments, in an animal laboratory of this size has never been. Not in a peaceful way anyway.
This is absolutely fantastic and a historic defeat for the animal testing industry. Know that to appreciate and use. Because only those who have the will to win, also win for the animals. Whoever talks badly, gets overwhelmed by frustration and fear, has no chance to win. And loses.

What will happen to the animals?

People are asking me if it is possible to rescue animals now. The monkeys I see hardly any hope, because these animals are worth thousands of EUR per animal. The “unused” will sell the LPT and the others are already dead or will be killed in the last Merck trial. Here we can resist, delay the transports and exert pressure.

The cats and dogs look different. For the most part these animals have already been used in animal experiments and their value in the ill calculations of this death industry is so low that not even the transport to another laboratory is worthwhile. In addition, hardly any laboratory will take “used” animals.

That’s why we have a real chance here! We already have seats for all animals.
So we fight for these animals! But also for the rats, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits in the remaining laboratories in Neugraben and Löhndorf.


So right now, with full and newly created power against the LPT and the rest of the gang. I can not promise that we can save these animals, but we can try it”!

And I mean…Yes! We will not get such a chance again! we all have to be present now, for the animals, the pressure must not subside.
United we are strong, we have made great success, now it’s about the last stage.
All go to the demo on November 16th, in Hamburg!

My best regards to all, Venus