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Germany, LPT labor: concentration camp for animals


The animal rights organizations SOKO Tierschutz and Cruelty Free International have published disturbing video recordings from the inside of the animal laboratory LPT (Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology GmbH & Co. KG) in Mienenbüttel near Hamburg (Germany).

We have already reported about that: but now there is a new, complete video from this “Guantanamo”

The pictures show bleeding dogs that are left to their fate and die miserably. The cages of the animals are sometimes much too small. Individual employees are filmed in sadistic behavior. An activist was smuggled in via a job ad and was able to report undercover from the lab for a long time. He made extensive video footage.


In hardly any other European country are so many animal experiments made, as in Germany – and many laboratories and their employees do not follow the rules. The now shows an undercover research of SOKO animal protection from the LPT laboratory in Mienenbüttel (Hamburg).

The images show, among other things, the monkey attitude of the laboratory. Brisant: An animal had a different number according to a tattoo than on the cage. Several co-workers reported that this monkey was replaced.
The old animal had died, according to their statement.
According to the announcement of SOKO Animal Welfare, this death seems to be due to the failure of the laboratory staff.

These were then instructed to conceal the new monkey’s number and continue using the old monkey’s number. Until the killing of the exchange monkey, this practice was maintained. The employees later reportedly commented that the number after the section simply exchange again. The fact that this procedure falsified the study simply because the animal was exchanged did not seem to bother anyone.
It shows how much we can rely on the results of our lab tests, and on which filthy hands and sick brains our health lies.


If the acute suspicion confirms that a huge primate study has been manipulated in this way in the LPT, that all questions, and the laboratory must immediately be revoked the operating permit. This not only means torment for animals, but also a drug for people whose development is based on misappropriated data and a falsified course of studies.

lpt affen

The founder of SOKO Animal Protection Friedrich Mülln said:

“If the acute suspicion confirms that a huge primate study has been manipulated in this way in the LPT, that all questions, and the laboratory must immediately be revoked the operating permit.
This not only means torment for animals, but also a drug for people whose development is based on misappropriated data and a falsified course of studies.

The organization has meanwhile filed a complaint.


My comment: “A pharmaceutical company from South Korea has monkeys tortured in Lower Saxony, dogs are brought from the United States to Mienenbüttel in Lower Saxony to suffer a cruel death there from severe bleeding and giving illegaly medication”

Friedrich Mülln, SOKO Animal Protection

That means: It is not only about the situation of the animals in the experiments, but also about the fact that a foreign company may carry out experiments in German laboratories. Friedrich Mülln criticizes, the orders came from all over the world, the animals too.

This absurd and at the same time criminal situation poses some questions:

-Who is behind it?
-In whose order do such crimes happen?
-Under what law is it foreign companies conducting experiments in German laboratories?

And nobody wants to know anything about it!
As LPT is confronted with the subject of animal cruelty, it said … the Veterinary Office had nothing to complain about !! Although it is confirmed that the veterinary authority has not helped the suffering animals.

They are the ones who claim that “we were just following orders”.

Josef Mengele would be proud of his countryman’s!!

Could not we have taken our useless politicians for that?

plakat gegen LPTpg

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Germany and the death lab LPT in Hamburg



The monkeys run backwards in a circle in their small cells. One always makes a somersault. Others run from left to right, from right to left. The animals are housed in bare cages, in which a monkey does not even have a cubic meter of space. This is much less than the law requires when animals stay in cells for longer periods of time.

That’s in Germany, not in China!

The images are from inside the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology, LPT for short.
It is considered one of the larger private laboratories in the country and employs 175 people. In the rooms tests for the approval of drugs are carried out. The photos were submitted by the animal rights organizations SOKO Tierschutz and Cruelty Free International to the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and the “ARD Fakt magazine”.

blutender hund in laborjpg

An animal rights activist has been working as a caregiver in the lab for several months and has recorded scenes showing that some of the monkeys are housed in tiny cages. They show dogs that bleed heavily, captive monkeys who seem to be resisting fixation, and cats whose blood is taken by force. The pictures also show how roughly employees deal with animals.

fakt-affe eingeklemmtpg“Of course we have a large amount of legal animal suffering here. It should not be overlooked that animal experiments are largely excluded from the Animal Welfare Act. In LPT  they can do things with animals that would normally put them in jail” says Friedrich Mülln, the board member of the “SOKO Tierschutz”.


“This leads to such absurd situations that a pharmaceutical company from South Korea causes monkeys in Lower Saxony to be tormented, or dogs from the USA are taken to Hamburg for a laboratory to suffer a cruel death from severe bleeding for medication” so Mülln.

friedrich-muelln-106-pgFriedrich Mülln


At the request of “FAKT” and the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”  the lab LPT stated that the company was conducting preclinical studies before substances would be tested on humans. So far, there have been no complaints from the authorities on animal husbandry (!!!).

demo plakat sokojpg

The Veterinary Office Harburg has instituted proceedings against the LPT laboratory (Laboratory Pharmacology and Toxicology) for violations of animal welfare law.
After “FAKT” and the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” have submitted to the authority pictures that have been created in the institution.

The federal government is under pressure. Since the summer of 2018, a so-called infringement procedure against Germany is ongoing.
Germany has to improve the anchoring of animal welfare in the law, so the accusation from Brussels.
20 points are on the list of deficiencies. It is objected, among other things, that the expertise of researchers sharing in animal experiments need not be proven.


My comment: As soon as undercover investigations reveal an illegal barbarity and animal cruelty in the name of the research, then the authority determines.
Until then, the authorities have tolerated it hand in hand with the lab.

The veterinarians know that, but nobody wants to know anything about it, until a search forces everyone to confess that  all they cooperated in such crimes, even though they knew it.

According to the Federal Government, 2.8 million animals were used in animal experiments in 2017. 80 percent of them were rodents, such as mice or rats. Also listed in the balance sheet are 3,500 monkeys and half-monkeys. The numbers from 2018 are not yet available.

Surely the statistics would look different if this corrupt coalition government had implemented the EU’s intrinsic standards in dealing with animal experiments.

The deadline for this was 2012 (!!!)
On the one hand, the rules should limit the experiments with animals to the essentials and on the other hand promote alternative research methods.

Germany is practically the EU, and if the EU Commission since 2012 demands that Germany finally fulfills its obligations in animal testing lines, then even the stupidest can understand who has the power here.
Added to this is the ridiculous infringement procedure, which runs for over a year.
Here Brussels can count on success only by a miracle.

My best regards to all, Venus

US: In 2035 it is over with toxicity test to animals




The Netherlands is making the case, now the US is slowing down: by 2035, toxicity testing on mammals should be completely replaced by reliable animal-free methods. US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Chairman Andrew R. Wheeler has now released a new policy that the nationwide association Doctors Against Animal Experiments e.V.

Hunde. test bankjpeg

Already in recent years, the US has been working increasingly on new and animal-free methods. This is now to be expanded strategically: a working group consisting of experts in the field of innovative, animal-free methods should develop a comprehensive plan within the next 6 months as to how this goal can be achieved.

From 01.01.2035, toxicity tests on animals should be prohibited and only possible in exceptional cases.

Affen angehängt Labor_n

Both the existing and the new methods can “lead to the same or better biological prediction in a shorter time frame with fewer resources than the currently used animal models”, the directive states. Of course, this takes place in compliance with all necessary safety levels for people and the environment. The EPA promotes the research of animal-free methods while reducing the funding of animal experiments from taxpayers by 2025 by 30% or complete deletion from 2035.

Afe im Laborstuhl n

As early as 2016, the Netherlands came up with a comprehensive plan to complete the replacement of regulatory safety tests for chemicals, food additives, pesticides, animal and human health products by 2025.

The fact that the US is developing a concrete exit plan is another great pleasure for Dipl.-Biologist Julia Radzwill of Doctors Against Animal Experiments: “If a country like the US, which has so many scientific innovations, develops an exit plan, this is an important signal and measures the animal-free methods finally the meaning they deserve – scientific and ethical. “

“Although studies show that results from animal testing on humans are not transferable and that human-based methods are not only reliable but also more cost-effective and deliver more results in less time, in Germany more than 99% of the funding is still in the ‘animal experimentation’ system. Invested incorrectly, ” explains biologist Radzwill.

Even if 16 years to complete implementation according to the medical association is a much too long period, in the US, in contrast to Germany, at least a specific date is envisaged and shortly a scientifically sound implementation plan is available.

Labortesthunde für Zigaretten.o

Doctors against animal testing calls for a rethinking of the Federal Government in Germany, so that Germany does not miss the turn from a long-obsolete system to a future-oriented and human-based research.

My comment: The pharmaceutical industry predominantly carries out animal experiments. Today we know that there is a mafia behind the laboratory experiments.
Organized crime accounts for about $ 2 trillion a year. More than a trillion dollars is spent on drugs worldwide.
The 30 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world generate a turnover of 600 billion dollars! All are in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO)
The best thing that can happen to big pharmaceutical companies is the millions of paid collaboration with WHO: a dangerous network, and a lucrative friendship!
“The richest man is always the one who has the most powerful friends”.

The number of animal experiments is steadily increasing in Germany. They suffer from pharmaceutical industry institutes, universities and, last but not least, contract laboratories that poison thousands of primates, dogs and all sorts of animals a year for profit.

There is not only, but especially in Germany a popular combination of capital, state and lobbyists working with any industry that benefits from animal suffering. Recognizable how EU laws etc. are ignored and even broken. Recognizable also due to the poor implementation of the EU animal welfare law.
The catastrophe continues to grow with the help of politicians who make corporations more powerful and people more stupid.

Therefore, if animal experiments are abolished even in poorer countries, Germany will become the last country.




My best regards to all, Venus

Jair Bolsonaro and the arsonists!


Brasil pg


Bolso oh Bolso !!! Sure, it was the animal rights activists !!
Nero also accused the Christians of setting fire to Rome !!!

The evidence can not be denied: in fact, it’s his clients, the Grand Latifundistas, the Agrarian Lobby and the Mineros who put the fire unpunished – knowing that they have nothing to fear. From whom? Bolsonaro, the psychotic, the arm of the great Brazilian livestock.

He gives them the free hand to acquire rainforest areas where it will soon no longer rain.
They blow up huge areas, murder the Indígenas, then bribe a regional politician and get the stamp on the certificate that the ashes are now their property.

He puts his election pledge into action, and gives the soybean farmers and cattle breeders fire-free to clear new land. The first firefighting aircraft to emerge there would therefore be the immediate victim of Brazilian interceptors.
The constitutional state in Brazil was abolished personally by Jair Maníaco. These are facts!

The whole thing is called “Rainforest”. The forest generates its own climate. If the rainforest disappears or falls below a limit, there is less rainfall and the system of a tropical rainforest collapses. If that happens, in the agricultural land won will no longer get any rain. The farmers can then pack in general. The soil is fertile only for a short time anyway and in the end, even the rain is missing. If the rain is missing then no reforestation will work. But environmental protection interests them as little as human rights.

The lackeys of Bolsonaro want to create a pasture that is fertile for three years and then becomes a desert. Idiots economy is called it.

But now to the EU: EU must immediately terminate the contract. With environmental criminals one should close no agreements.

Europe imports a lot of soybeans to feed high-yielding cows so they can produce enough milk to not only feed Europeans, but also to export cheaply (subsidized) to China and Africa, with which e.g. the dairy farmers in Africa have no more merit and start out as migrants to Europe.
And that’s been going on for tens of years.
No hope this will change as long as we have EU.
The Bolsonaro policy is without a doubt criminal but the cause of all evil is the EU and that it is contaminated with lobby.

Best regards to all, Venus


Research on animals for military purposes!


Hunde mit Schutzmasken

Earlier and today, living beings, especially pigs, monkeys, goats, rabbits, dogs, mice and rats are used for war research. Pigs were used as living targets, especially in Eastern and Northern Europe, to test the accuracy of newly developed machine guns.

Letzte Reise der Prinz Eugen/Thousands of animals, such as goats, pigs, mice, and rats were housed in the atomic bombs of test ships, while people on other ships waited at greater distances. The effects of radioactivity on the irradiated animals should be investigated. Goats received blood scrub.


Since humans exist, there are also wars. Ever since humans exist, war devices of all kinds have been tested on animals before being used in humans. From the atomic bomb to the rapid-fire rifle, from pests to nerve gas – everything is tested on defenseless animals. The experiments in the field of armaments research are subject to the strictest secrecy, which is why the sparse information that reaches the public is only the tip of the iceberg. Examples from the past:

The US Army abused monkeys by being irradiated with neutrons and subjected to electric shocks. The radioactively contaminated primates had to walk in treadmills until they died of exhaustion (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 20.2.84).


On behalf of the US Department of Defense, monkeys were caged at various distances to detonate a neutron bomb. Monkeys that were 700 yards from the explosion died within 48 hours of a dreadful death struggle. Animals within 900 meters were unable to move for minutes and died within a few days (International Herald Tribune, 7.11.78).

bikini atom test
Norwegian military used pigs as living targets. Soldiers fired rifles and pistols at the hind legs and bellies of the suspended animals (picture on Sunday, March 18, 1984).
In Sweden soldiers shot at anesthetized pigs to test a “human” machine gun and inflicted serious abdominal injuries. After awakening from anesthesia, her suffering and dying were observed (Stern, 35/78).

Kriegsforschung an Tiere jpg
The Soviets tested anthrax bombs on monkeys. Depending on the wind that spread the deadly cargo, the animals sometimes died at breakneck speed, but usually torturously slowly. One wanted to determine, how intensively internal organs would be affected by the pathogens, how quickly the animals died (Spiegel 41/00).
In the German Army shot at dogs and in vest vests minced pigs. Many of the animals continued to suffer for days before being wounded or killed.

Also in the german Army, guinea pigs and pigs were exposed to gun thunder. The noise disturbed the eardrum and the tissues of the animals in the lung area (Spiegel 13/84).

In the former German Democratic Republic pigs and rats were exposed to intense radiation of radioactive cobalt 60. The GDR government wanted to find out how fast pigs and cows had to be slaughtered after a nuclear war in order to be able to consume them (daily newspaper, 24.9.91).

In Israel, dogs were strapped explosives, with which they had to run into the enemy country. By remote control, the cargo was exploded if the animals were not previously shot down by the enemy (star 1/90).

In the former Soviet Union, dolphins, seals and beluga whales filled with bombs or bullets were used to kill enemy divers (civilian 3/00).

The German Army Forces carries out so-called “live tissue training” every year – to be sure, these are training sessions on live animals, -in these case – on pigs. In these surgical courses, also called “trauma training”, operations of war wounds are practiced – for example, injuries with severe bleedings! (, May 2019)

“I am Oliver Stone. Every year, the US military shoots and stigmatizes more than ten thousand living animals in cruel “trauma training” exercises in situations that do not resemble real battlefield conditions and do not help soldiers at all to rescue. Undercover shots show these top secret exercises in Virginia Beach.

Live goats were crushed and killed in courses by the US Coast Guard, led by contractor Tear One Contract Group. The instructors used tree-cutting tongs while the animals were still alive. They joked and whistled and a trainer stabbed with a scalpel several times on a goat and escapes her internal organs! Some goats start waking up while being cut in half because they have not been properly anaesthetized.

They moved their legs and bumped. Later in the day, goats were shot in the face with pistols and how they were hacked apart while still alive.

As a veteran, I believe that those who want to fight for our country need the best possible training. An amputated goat with tree-cutting forceps is not a learning tool of the 21st century, and amputating animals is not an effective training path.

There are perfect human imitations today (trauma man) that bleed and are already in use in many military nations! Help us to end the war against the animals”.

My comment: Most of brain research is commissioned by the military. Under the guise of science, sick people can fully live out their sadistic, animal-tormenting fantasies. The whole thing is also often financed with our taxpayers’ money.

There is hardly a country in which not weapons of all kinds are tested until the high-tech rocket on animals. Living targets, exposed to radioactive radiation or the administration of viruse, the misuse of animals for military purposes is the most perfidious, cruel thing imaginable.

The Animal Protection Act prohibits animal testing for the testing of weapons, ammunition and related equipment. But under the guise of alleged protection of soldiers such torturous animal experiments take place and the ban will be avoided.

“The thinking of the future, must make war impossible” (A.Einstein)


My best regards to all, Venus

Italy: Latest News From OPIA. Links to Actions and Website.




Stray dogs in Azerbaijan are constantly threatened to death by the Executive Authority and the Toplan’s personnel. The money allocated from budget to solve the problem does not go to the destination; it is not used for its intended purpose. Moreover, the executive power department hires people for extra charge for mass shot in the night. And the crazy thing is, the government does not want to accept assistance from local animal rights defenders. In her role of representative of OIPA Azerbaijan, Ilhama Nasirova came up with a list of ten requests to the Azerbaijani public authorities, please sign this petition! Let our voices unite! They must listen to us!

Sign the petition:



July 3, 2019 was a historic day in Chile. The Chamber of Deputies’ Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources approved a draft law on the abolition of greyhound racing. The bill in question is intended to amend the law N°20.380 on animal protection, with the specific aim of prohibiting and punishing the organization of greyhound racing. The Commission accepted the request of those who speak out for the weak. We all keep our fingers crossed that the draft law will definitely become law soon! Meanwhile, please sign this petition to the Chilean Parliament to ask to abolish ASAP dog racing!

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In Egypt, animal control is under the jurisdiction of the ministry of Agriculture. Egyptian institutions’ way to tackle the stray dogs issue is very simple: to kill ALL free roaming dogs. The problem is that the country has not yet adopted an Animal Protection Act. In the last 60 years, the Egyptian population has been brainwashed into believing that dogs mean rabies and impure animals and that they are dangerous for human life. This indoctrination led many people to take their own action against free roaming dogs, poisoning and shooting at them. Animal rights activists are at the end of their rope. They tried to make the institutions understand the futility of killing dogs in order to reduce stray dog population. After decades of killing of animals what are the results? Dogs have not disappeared; actually, their number is constantly increasing.

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On July 6th, over a thousand people, including citizens, associations and animal rights activists, gathered and marched peacefully on the streets of Parma. All united on one single goal: the liberation of six macaques that will be subjected to an awful experiment that will make them blind, conducted in the Universities of Turin and Parma.The target of the protest was the research project called ‘LIGHTUP – Turning the cortically blind brain to see’, that is to say, vivisection procedures on macaques. On July 11th, OIPA held a public debate on the outright brutality of animal testing, organised together with other associations. Several scientists took part in the debate. They showed that animal testing is totally anachronistic and ineffective and cannot be justified on scientific grounds

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The Western Balkans are not yet a safe place for stray dogs. Their number is high and they are unwanted by large portions of the local population. However, at the same time there are several NGOs working to improve animal welfare in the region. Thanks to their hard work and commitment, national and local institutions are beginning to understand the importance of CNVR programs and some collaborations have been established in the last few years between NGOs and the institutions. What we are trying to do in the Western Balkan region is not just only a rescue program for single animals. In our view, it is far more important to change the mentality of citizens and the legislation on small animals and stray dogs’ management.


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International Organization for Animal Protection
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Mauritius: the supplier of the labor mafia



Ethics? The billion-dollar companies such as VW, BMW and Daimler are now because of the test series of monkeys in the criticism, but honestly, what has changed since the announcement of the exhaust gas scandal really?

Affe als Labor Testtierejpg

Mauritius is after China the number 2 country selling monkeys for animal testing.
Tens of thousands of monkeys are kept in large farms across the island. The offspring of these wild-caught monkeys are then sent to labs around the world.

In 2016, the breeders exported 8245 animals to North America and Europe – nearly half of them to the United States (see table below).




6000 primates suffer every year in research in Europe with the support of taxpayers!

Ethics play no role in the global economy today! This is shown by the 10 monkeys, who were sitting in an airtight gas chamber, inhaling the fumes from a VW Beetle, while “cartoons” were shown on a screen.


The car used in the experiment was equipped with illegal fraud software. As a result of the rapid increase in laboratory tests on live monkeys, Sir David Attenborough published an open letter in 2016 (see below).

Every year around 6000 primates suffer from research in Europe. The Patent Office in Munich even approved patents on great apes in 2012.

According to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, about 2.8 million animals were used for scientific purposes in 2014, including 4636 dogs and 997 cats. Large centers with laboratory laboratories are located in Munich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hanover, Heidelberg, Tübingen and Freiburg.

Affe im Rohr_n

Instead of stopping the animal experiments, there is even a new initiative for animal experiments to be financed with taxpayers’ money.

The German Research Foundation (DFG) is an institution for the promotion of science and research in the Federal Republic of Germany.

In 2015, it had a subsidy budget of 2.84 billion euros. The DFG not only funds animal experiments but also supports the new campaign “Understanding Animal Experiments” (!!!).

How great the pressure from opponents of animal experiments is, shows the new campaign of the Alliance of Science Organizations. It is an association of science and research organizations in Germany. With a new initiative, science in Germany wants to inform comprehensively and transparently (!!!) about animal experiments in research. The Alliance of Science Organizations presented their joint project “Understanding Animal Experiments” on September 6, 2016 in Berlin.

It offers a variety of information material on an Internet platform and via social media, provides experts and allows interactive discussions. This campaign costs 250,000 euros annually and is initially limited to three years. The money comes from the five members of the Alliance, who work with animal experiments themselves. In addition, the German Research Foundation (DFG) finances a full-time position to update the contents of the site and to answer inquiries from the population.

The illegal trade in endangered animals for so-called research is a billion dollar business. Especially in China, the demand is increasing more and more. Also great apes find rapid sales there.


After a doctor pointed out to us in 2013 the monkeys in Mauritius and we made this public, the doctor was threatened and she had to stop her engagement against this massacre. She was even threatened with a career ban. We can see how big this criminal lobby is.

The monkeys are crammed into small wooden boxes and shipped as cargo in passenger aircraft. On long-haul flights, animals suffer from hunger, thirst, anxiety and stress. Animal rights activists have been protesting for years. Many airlines have already left the cruel transport business due to the worldwide protests.

Mauritius still supplies the primates for animal experiments.

What happens to monkeys from Mauritius in the animal experiment lab … can be seen in this video.

Sir David Attenborough is part of a group of leading scientists and animal welfare experts from around the world who have signed an open letter calling for an end to the use of primates for neuroscientific testing.

The letter, published in The Independent, calls for an end to support for certain neuroscientific experiments given the scale of the suffering inflicted on animals and the availability of human approaches.

The Attenborough Komodo Dragon House

“We, the undersigned, are concerned about the extent of the suffering that occurs in many neuroscience experiments on non-human primates, especially when it comes to fluid deprivation and movement restriction.

We believe there is now enough progress on human alternatives and are seriously wondering if further research of this kind is needed, ” says the letter organized by animal rights organization Cruelty Free International.

The naturalist said that recent findings in understanding the ability of primates to suffer pain meant that science should no longer expose monkeys to painful or cruel experiments.

“Realizing that monkeys are, to a certain extent, similar to other primates, and that these animals suffer just as much as we suffer, has changed our attitude and should not be misused to our own benefit,” said Sir David Attenborough after he had signed the letter.


My comment: In Mauritius itself, there have been no animal experiments. But the government has now launched a law that will allow the establishment of animal testing laboratories.
Animal experimenters are to be lured into the country to be able to conduct research on monkeys directly on site.
A billion dollar business, a corrupt mafia that earns it and corrupt countries that support this business. From this recycling of violence and unscrupulousness lives the business of the laboratory mafia.

Long-tailed macaques are caught in the wild with traps and penned for mass-breeding in animal factories – a legalized crime. Animals for which there are no consumers, such as big males, are killed and disposed of like garbage.

Affen in Müllkontainer

The breeding establishment Noveprim in Mauritius belongs to 47% of the company Covance. The American company has contract laboratories around the world, including in Münster, Germany.

At Covance in Münster every year about 1,000-2,000 monkeys are killed in painful toxicity tests. The animals are pumped chemicals or drugs into the stomach with a tube or injected into the bloodstream. Eventually the animals are killed.

For many years, the Doctors against animal tests, have together with their European partners launched and supported various protest and letter campaigns from ECEAE (European Coalition to End Animal Experiments).

Please sign the petition:


My best regards to all, Venus