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Germany – your “hunting and dog” – shame!

After the corona-related cancellation of Europe’s largest hunting fair “Jagd & Hund” (“Hunting & Dog”), the organizers want to allow numerous providers of trophy hunting trips in Dortmund’s Westphalia Halls again at the beginning of 2022.

JAGD & HUND - Europas größte Jagdmesse - Home | Facebook

The shooting of rare animal species such as lions, elephants, rhinos and polar bears as part of complete travel packages is now a regular part of the offer for wealthy people from hobby hunters.

Five animal-friendly celebrities in Germany now want to stop the sellout of nature and are turning to Dortmund’s Lord Mayor Thomas Westphal and the parliamentary groups in the city council to ban offers for trophy hunting trips in the city’s exhibition halls.

There are shocking offers at the Dortmund “Jagd und Hund” fair.

“The motivation of the trophy hunters alone – the desire to kill animals that are as rare as possible – as well as the purely economic interests of the providers should lead to such offers being excluded. But even the ‘arguments’ for trophy hunting put forward by the hunting lobby do not stand up to scientific scrutiny. The claim that trophy hunts are beneficial to the protection of species are completely absurd ”, it says in the letter of the celebrities.

30 01 2018 Dortmund “hunting and dog” fair- Dortmund visitors sit behind a prepared Cheetah and drink beer

Background information

As early as 2020, PETA and other organizations turned to Dortmund politicians.
But the CDU (Christian Democratic Party) and SPD (Social Democratic Party) do not want to ban offers for trophy hunting trips in the exhibition halls.

At the “Hunting & Dog” fair, over 150 exhibitors offer trophy hunting trips abroad every year.
The hunt for endangered and protected species is advertised at the exhibition stands via price lists, special offers, hunting videos and photos of killed animals.
The city of Dortmund, as the sole shareholder of the Westphalia Halls, would have the decision-making authority to implement the demand for a ban on hunting trips.

In Africa alone, more than 18,000 people from different countries hunt big game each year, killing more than 100,000 wild animals.

Germany is the world’s third largest importer of hunting trophies of internationally protected species: In 2020 alone, “trophies” of 543 rare animals were imported, including body parts of elephants, lions, rhinos, polar bears and monkeys.

Because trophy hunting cannot be justified under animal and species protection law, some countries have already issued import bans: France was the first EU country to stop the import of lion trophies in 2015.
In 2016, the Netherlands issued an import ban on trophies for all protected animal species.
Tour operators and hunting tourists claim that trophy hunting is a contribution to species protection – this is absurd and does not stand up to scientific examination.

And I mean...Every year in Dortmund: The “Hunting and Dog” fair in the Westfallen Hallen Dortmund!
Terrible what you can book here!

Travel is offered here. However, these are not beach holidays to relax – but safaris in Africa, where you can kill animals in the wild. With the so-called trophy trips, the customer pays extra to be able to shoot animals.

On offer: antelopes, giraffes and zebras, even lions and leopards. The price depends on size and rarity.
The hunting price for a giraffe is 1950 euros, while killing a male lion costs 19,500 euros.
The more threatened an animal, the higher the price.

In Africa, for example, there are only fewer than 20,000 lions left, the populations have almost halved in the last 20 years – nevertheless hundreds of lions are killed by hunters every year.

Every year individuals of endangered and protected species such as various deep sea birds and songbirds, polar bears, rhinos, elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes, monkeys, brown bears and wolves are offered for shooting – completely legally.

In South Africa it is still allowed to breed lions and other animals, to raise them by hand and to have the adult animals shot down in fenced enclosures by trophy hunters (so-called “canned hunting”)
A hunting license is usually not required for the trips offered, it is said.

It is alarming that Germany, together with Spain, is the largest importer of hunting trophies of threatened species after the USA, even though the majority of the population rejects trophy hunting for threatened species.

Germany: the colonial times are over, finally stop supporting this killer tourism 

My best regrads to all, Venus

Israel: “regarding its ethics towards animals, any praise is completely misplaced”-ALF

Middle East

An article by Zarefah Baroud

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) praised Israel last week for being the first country to ban the sale of animal furs.
Such legislation is worthy of praise, of course, but in the case of Israel any praise, especially regarding its ethics towards animals, is completely misplaced.

Throughout the country’s short history, Israel has repeatedly exposed its worrying position on environmental justice with its state-protected environmental terrorism and deliberate military attacks on animals.
The military offensive against the Gaza Strip in 2008-2009, for example, killed hundreds of Palestinians, as well as many animals, particularly those sheltered at the Gaza Zoo.

“This camel was pregnant, a missile went into her back,” Gaza zookeeper Emad Jameel Qasim told Gulf News at the time.
“Look, look at her face. She was in pain when she died.”

According to Qasim, when Israeli soldiers entered the zoo, they made their way to the lion enclosures and shot the animals at point-blank range. Monkeys nearby tried to flee.
Some were shot inside their enclosures, while others attempted to hide in clay pots and adjacent offices, only to be hunted down and killed in the most brutal of ways at the hands of the “world’s most moral army”.

Many of the animals that weren’t killed by Israeli bullets starved to death because the people taking care of them were trapped in their own homes due to the Israeli bombardment.

Stuffed animals, that died during the 2014 war, REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY – RTS9NNW

Rather than a condemnation of Israel’s attacks on all living beings in Gaza, less than a month later PETA took it upon itself to come up with a solution to the so-called “Israeli-Palestinian conflict”.
The campaign group appealed to the Israeli Defence Ministry to install a “ pro-vegetarian mural” on both sides of Israel’s apartheid wall and barriers in the West Bank and Gaza adorned with the phrases “Give Peas a Chance” and “ Nonviolence Begins on Your Plate: Go Vegetarian”.

PETA has made it perfectly clear through statements such as these that, like the lives of the people of Palestine, the lives of Palestinian animals are not worthy of mention.

Unfortunately, 2008/9 was not the only time that Israel has attacked Gaza Zoo.

In 2014, during the occupation state’s so-called “Operation Protective Edge”, Israeli forces bombarded the zoo again, killing more than 80 animals.
A number of the zoo’s lions had to be taken elsewhere to recover from the trauma they suffered, a privilege that no Palestinian human beings are afforded.

During that same assault on the Gaza Strip, Palestinian farmers were devastated by the bombing of their agricultural land and livestock. Ali Alommor, a Palestinian farmer in Gaza explained to Middle East Eye that his donkeys were vital for his livelihood and that of his family.

However, the Israeli offensive left his donkeys “riddled with bullets” and one looking like it had been run over by a tracked vehicle, such as a tank or armoured bulldozer, as it tried to flee.
Another farmer, Sami Abu Hadaeid, had to flee from the bombing, leaving his beloved sheep behind. All 30 of the animals were killed before he could return.

They were either shot and decapitated by soldiers or were crushed underneath the rubble of their shelters. Israeli tanks also killed more than 500 cows that supplied many Palestinians with milk, supporting the livelihoods of sixty families.

Similarly, in 2017 an Israeli F-16 aircraft fired a missile at a chicken farm in Gaza.
The roofs of the enclosures collapsed, killing hundreds of the birds.

OPINION: Critics of conditions in Gaza Zoo expose the value placed on Palestinian lives

Israel’s lack of humanity and concern for Palestinian life has always been extended to include the local environment, livestock, and crops. Whether that be the state-protected illegal settler arson attacks on Palestinian olive groves, toxic waste dumping in the West Bank, or the destruction of Gaza’s water treatment infrastructure leading to the dangerous pollution of the Mediterranean Sea, the Israeli regime has remained consistent in its positions towards Palestine’s people, animals, and wildlife habitats.

At the very least, it is irresponsible for PETA to applaud any action by the Israeli government, considering Israel’s brutal legacy of violence towards Palestine’s environment and the animals it sustains.

The activists within the organisation would be better off campaigning for animal rights in the territory occupied and controlled by the colonial state.
Anything less diminishes their credibility.

And I mean … We were the first and to this day we remain the only ones in the animal rights scene who did not cheer the news about the abolition of fur sales in Israel.
We had our reasons and we have set them out in this article.
We are very happy that in the meantime a group of animal rights activists is of the same opinion as ours and that they have written very pragmatically and realistically.
We show our solidarity with this article.

My best regards to all, Venus

UK – Keeping Elephants in Zoos or Safari Parks will be BANNED over claims that they suffer from Mental Illness in Captivity – Existing Animals Left To Die Naturally, But No New Ones !

WAV Comment – Now with new and younger people with different views in (UK) Parliament, it is time that things change, and that is exactly what is happening; much to the benefit of animals and their welfare.

UK elephants currently in zoos and safari parks will be allowed to die out naturally; but they will never be replaced by new and younger animals.  As one political source says; you should focus on elephant protection in the area where the elephant is.”

Regards Mark

UK – Keeping elephants in zoos or safari parks will be BANNED over claims that they suffer from mental illness in captivity

Legislation will prohibit keeping elephants in zoos as well as importation 

The existing population will also be allowed to die out naturally under new rules

Move by environment minister Zac Goldsmith is likely to delight Carrie Symonds

Keeping elephants in zoos or safari parks is to be banned, the Daily Mail can reveal today.

Legislation will prohibit importation of any new animals and the existing population will be allowed to die out naturally.

The move by environment minister Zac Goldsmith is likely to delight Boris Johnson’s wife Carrie, who is a champion of elephant welfare

Campaigners have long warned that the highly intelligent animals suffer from mental illness in zoos.

They are also plagued in captivity by illnesses, including crippling arthritis, and live on average for just 17 years according to the RSPCA. This compares with more than 50 years in the wild. The legislation will bring to an end more than seven centuries of elephants being kept in captivity in Britain.

Elephant Campaigners – Carrie Johnson, Wife of Prime Minister Boris, and Zac Goldsmith, Environment Minister.

Environment Minister Zac Goldsmith is said to have introduced legislation to support future populations of animals raised in the United Kingdom for the seventh century.

The first elephant arrived in England in 1255 under Henry III as a gift from King Louis of France.

Currently, there are 51 elephants in 11 zoos across the UK. This includes Warburn, Whip Snade, Colchester and Chester.

However, since January 2020, it has been illegal for circuses to keep elephants for entertainment.

According to RSPCA, elephants suffer from illness in captivity and live on average only 17 years compared to their wild siblings who live up to the age of 50.

And their welfare report is set to form a debate against their breeding in the zoo-it will be announced later this year as part of the breeding animal bill.

One senior source told:

“It’s very likely that you can’t make an elephant happy in a zoo. Instead, you should focus on elephant protection in the area where the elephant is.”

Mark Jones of Charity Born Free said: “There are many species that do not belong to the zoo. Elephants are one of them.

“It should be phased out and the needs of these very widespread, highly complex social animals cannot be met in a captive environment.”

“It’s not appropriate to keep elephants in the zoo,” said Conservative Chairman Lorraine Pratt.

“They need to have a lot of space to walk around, and they also have a close family group.”

EU: Tuesday 22/6/21 Will See the 9th Meeting of the EU Animal Welfare Platform – Hopefully With Positive News for Animal Welfare.

From Mark, WAV.

Tuesday 22/6/21 will see the 9th meeting of the EU Animal Welfare Platform

The EU Presidency is urrently held by Portugal for the period 1 January 2021 – 30 June 2021.

In case you are not aware, the EU Presidency is held for a 6 month period by each of the EU member states in turn.  It is known as a ‘Rotating’ Presidency, giving each member state a period to set out agendas.  When Portugal completes its time, the Presidency will be taken over by Slovenia.  You can view all past and future presidencies via this link:

Hopefully there will be some positive news and information; relating to long distance animal transport and also the the ‘End the Cage Age’ relating to the ban on intensive animal farm systems throughout Europe.  Other issues discussed will include equine (horse) welfare and the alternative methods to pig surgical castration, and welfare issues associated with dairy cattle.

I think that with the excellent news relating to the ending of intensive cage systems for farm animals –

EU: Parliament Votes To Make Cages for All Farmed Animals Illegal Across the European Union by 2027. Major, Major Victory for the EU Citizen ! – World Animals Voice

The citizen of Europe is finally being listened to.  Politicians know they have to meet the EU citizens demands or face being un elected whenever the next chance arises.  So now we see positiveaction on intensive cages; as demanded by EU citizens.  Hopefully there will be positive progress on animal transport to third countries; but we will have to wait and see what news the meeting brings.

All the more reason to add your name to petitions and letters when you have the chance.  It may not seem much at the time; but these are very effective ways to make your feelings know; so plese take part.

Rergards Mark

9th Meeting Overview:

The 9th meeting of the Animal Welfare Platform will open with a message from Health and Food Safety Commissioner, Stella Kyriakides, who will give an update on the progress of the ongoing European Commission’s actions under the Farm to Fork Strategy.

Agenda – View the Agenda details via the following:

aw_platform_20210622_agenda_0.pdf (

The agenda of the meeting includes presentations by the Commission of the outcomes of the evaluation of the EU Strategy for Protection and Welfare of Animals (2012-2015), the preliminary results of the Fitness Check of the EU animal welfare legislation and the conclusions of the sub-group on animal welfare labelling. In addition, the third EU Reference Centre for the welfare of ruminants and equines, which was recently designated, as well as the Code of Conduct for responsible business and marketing in relation to animal welfare, will be presented.

MEP Paolo de Castro will introduce the main elements of the recently adopted European Parliament Resolution on the ECI “End the Cage Age”. Furthermore, the Portuguese Presidency will present updates on their work on long distance transport to third countries.

The two first sessions of the meeting will be conducted as part of the United Nations Food Systems Summit 2021 Dialogues to underline the key role that animal welfare plays in the sustainability of food systems. The Platform will have an opportunity to contribute to these dialogues, which are part of the preparations for the Summit in September.

The one-day meeting will be web-streamed (from 09:30 CET).

More information:

England: 21/6/21 – More Vegan Bites.

21/6/21 – More Vegan Bites

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Get Yummy !

Regards Mark

UK: UK Politicians Urge Inclusion of Octopuses and Lobsters in Sentience Bill, Giving Them Protections.


UK Politicians Urge Inclusion of Octopuses and Lobsters in Sentience Bill

UK Politicians Urge Inclusion of Octopuses and Lobsters in Sentience Bill – One Green Planet

A group of conservative politicians in the UK is pushing for the inclusion of lobster and octopuses in a new animal sentience billThe Guardian reported. The influential Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation (CAWF) is meeting with the government to push for the sentience of invertebrates.

As it stands now, the bill recognizes that fish and other vertebrates feel pain, but does not include invertebrates. MPs in the CAWF believe they should be included. A report from CAWF found that fishing operations in the UK land 420 million cephalopods and crustaceans annually.

“Common arguments against crustacean and cephalopod sentience focus on distinctions between these animals’ anatomy and human anatomy (such as that they process information outside the brain, eg in ganglions). However, this anthropocentric view fails to capture what it means for an animal to be sentient. Crustaceans and cephalopods undoubtedly experience the world in extremely different ways to ourselves.

What matters, though, is whether that experience entails conscious experience of pleasure and pain. We believe that the evidence is sufficient to show that these animals do experience pleasure and pain,” the report said.

The report points to scientific studies to back up their proclamations as well as the backing of multiple scientists.

Lorraine Platt, founder of CAWF said in The Guardian, “All but a very small minority of scientists agree these are sentient animals capable of pain and suffering. It’s very important they are kept in the animal sentience bill. My Octopus Teacher is a very moving film about a female octopus, about how clever she is, how she can avoid predators, sharks, on a daily basis. If I feel this way I am sure many others feel the same way.”

Sign this petition to tell the European Union to pass laws declaring that all animals are “sentient beings” with rights to legal protection!

Classify Animals as “Sentient Beings” With Legal Protection in the EU

petition: Animals feel pain, pleasure, happiness, and fear – tell the EU to recognize animals as “sentient beings”! (

Regards Mark

China: 21/6/21 – Yulin Starts Today.

21/6/21 – Today is the start of Yulin.

Read and see much more here:  China: Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2021 Will Take Place Between 21 – 30 June (06) 2021. – World Animals Voice

Please think about the suffering that wil go on in this event; and the suffering and abuses of all sentient beings worldwide who will be murdered in the slaughterhouse today.

Regards Mark

In Memorie of Regan Russel

Animal rights pioneer Regan Russell, 65, was violently struck and killed by a pig transport truck in front of Sofina’s Fearmans slaughterhouse in Burlington, Ontario on Friday, June 19, 2020.

She regularly attended pig vigils and on this day was at a Toronto Pig Save vigil with other activists giving pigs water on one of the hottest days of the year.
Without warning, the driver of the lorry revved his engine and knocked Regan to the ground, cutting her body in half as she was dragged 30 meters.

It was murder!

Her legacy of love and compassion lives on. Up to her very last breath, she tried to expose the injustices that animals endure at our hands, and her story should be heard around the world.

May you rest in power!
You won’t be forgotten.

Venus and Mark

Madrid-Vivotecnia: corrupt politicians feed lab criminals

The Community of Madrid lifts the suspension of the activity in Vivotecnia and allows it to continue experimenting!

The Community of Madrid has lifted the precautionary suspension of the experimentation activity in Vivotecnia since June 1.
From PACMA, FAADA, AnimaNaturalis and SOS 112 Vagabundos we will continue with the judicial process against the laboratory, with the aim of safeguarding the animals.

(English version)

The defendants against the Vivotecnia laboratory denounce that the Community of Madrid has lifted the precautionary suspension of the experimentation activity since June 1, which is why the experiments with animals continue.

The aforementioned organizations denounced the laboratory as a result of a video published by Cruelty Free International last April, in which cruel practices and an absolute lack of respect for the life and integrity of the animals victims of experimentation were observed in the facilities of the laboratory in Tres Cantos.

La Fiscalía investiga el supuesto delito de maltrato animal en el laboratorio Vivotecnia

Thus, the Community of Madrid deliberately lied when it announced, in April, that it would proceed to remove the animals from the laboratory.
Not only does it not keep its word, but it has not even waited for responsibilities to be settled in the courts, but is now allowing the laboratory to resume normal activity.

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Germany: Huge Queues Gather After Burger King Store Hosts ‘Plant-Based’ Takeover.

WAV Comment: Now that is really cool news – who would have ever thought ? – the burger giant now seeing the future as palnt based. Well done Cologne !

Huge Queues Gather After Burger King Store Hosts 'Plant-Based' Takeover
A store in Cologne served meat-free burgers and plant-based nuggets from June 7-11 Credit: Burger King DE

Huge Queues Gather After Burger King Store Hosts ‘Plant-Based’ Takeover

In what has been described as a ‘world’s first’, one Burger King outlet ditched meat from its menu for a limited-time…

A Burger King store witnessed huge queues gathering outside after it hosted a plant-based takeover.*

One of the fast-food chain’s outlets in Cologne, Germany, ditched meat from June 7-11.

Burger King’s ‘plant-based’ takeover

In what has been described as a ‘world’s first’ – the store sold exclusively meat-free versions of its whopper and Chicken Royale burgers, as well as plant-based nuggets.

All vegan meat served was created by The Vegetarian Butcher – a Unilever-owned brand that partnered with Burger King last year.Pictures from social media show the restaurant’s exterior undergo a green makeover. Posters stating: ‘100 percent taste, 0 percent meat’ were displayed outside and inside the store.

‘The burgers were delicious’

“I was there today. It was really busy, people were standing outside,” one social media user wrote on Facebook.

“The burgers were delicious and tasted like the original. Thanks also to the great staff, who kept a clear head despite this rush and did a great job.”

Commenting on the success of the pop-up, Burger king Deutschland said: “Thank you cologne!  “Thanks to the many, many enthusiastic guests. And especially thanks to our super team from the Plant-based Burger King Restaurant.

“For the past five days, you’ve been plant-based whopper and co. [You’ve] Made a lot of guests happy! Big shout out to all of you. You are simply plant-astic!”

*While all meat served during the meat-free takeover was vegan. Some items contained cheese and mayonnaise.

Huge Queues As Burger King Hosts Plant-Based Store | Plant Based News

Hopefully the start of a change worldwide;

Regards Mark