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one form of fascism

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Just imagine what the poor elephants went through
until they broke their spirits and convinced them do these things.

Glass Walls

And I mean…Robbing the freedom and life of other animals and keeping them as objects of use, that is a form of fascism

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14/6/21 – Mr Philip Wollen Becomes The First WAV Patron; We Are (More Than) Delighted, and Welcome Him To The Group. – World Animals Voice

Germany: 103 piglets died of overheating

Heat and defective hydraulics apparently caused a drama in Rehfeld in the Elbe-Elster district in the state of Brandenburg, Germany yesterday.
According to reports from the Lausitzer Rundschau, 103 of 150 piglets that were supposed to be brought to Lower Saxony for fattening died on the transporter.

The removal and loading of breeding piglets follows its own routine. The work of the breeding farm is finished, the transport company takes over piglets and responsibility.

As the regional newspaper Lausitzer Rundschau reports today, yesterday at Hoyaer Piglet rearing GmbH & Co.KG in Rehfeld (Elbe-Elster district) a drama that began in the morning and only ended in the late evening with the departure of the regional fire departments and over killed a hundred piglets.

Dead piglets: locked in a transporter

According to the report, 150 piglets were already loaded when the hydraulic lifting device on the four-story animal transporter failed.
The result: the piglets that had already been loaded were locked up on the top floor of the transporter.

Polizei stellt Verstöße bei Tiertransporten fest | SACHSEN FERNSEHEN

The employees of the transport company, supported by the employees of the piglet rearing, tried to solve the technical problem. Specialist companies were contacted, and an employee of the truck manufacturer was even on site, those involved reported to the “Lausitzer Rundschau”.
They couldn’t solve the problem (!!!)

Meanwhile it gets hotter and hotter. The temperature rose to just under 28 degrees in southern Brandenburg on Wednesday.
When the fire brigade was notified at 4:30 p.m., many piglets were already dead.

The fire brigade’s comrades tried to unscrew the roof first, reports the head of operations.

Tiertransport gestoppt: Knapp 1200 Ferkel in Lastwagen zusammengepfercht - Nachrichten aus der Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar - RNZ

Then openings were flexed into the side walls and the truck driver was prevented from putting himself at risk when trying to help the piglets. The comrades from Rehfeld and Falkenberg left again around 8.30 p.m., writes the “Lausitzer Rundschau”.
In retrospect, several defective fuses would have been the cause of the defect.

This realization came too late for 103 piglets.

And I mean…“The removal and loading of breeding pigs takes place according to its own routine. The work of the breeding company is finished, the transport company takes over piglets and takes responsibility”.

It took a bunch of useless “professional” idiots a hole day to send 103 piglets to their cruel deaths.

What kind of responsibility are we talking about here, actually?
If a transporter does not even know whether the basic equipment of a truck transporter is functional (but before all animals are penned in it), then that is not called responsibility, this is a company that is no longer allowed to have a license.

But the insurance will pay, the transport company is not worried about that.
Losses are taken into account when transporting animals.

Animal transport is a lucrative business, which is why these mobile coffins are still in use.

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India: More Great Rescues From AAU – Can You Imagine ‘Alfie’ Recovered Fully ? – Well He Did !!

Above – Erika and Jim are the 2 people on the right of the picture.

WAV Comment – you all know we communicate with Erika at AAU (India) on a weekly basis.

Well here are a few more rescue stories which we have been sent; showing the good side of wonderful human beings.

You can also adopt and buy from the shop by clicking on the links given below.  Also, try to donate if you can – all this amazing work by great people is only undertaken with great donations from supporters.

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The blind animals at Animal Aid are unique in their incredible capacity to adapt.One perfect example is ourshelter dog Rimjim, who walks confidently through groups of cows and donkeys, commanding respect through occasional woofs but mostly proclaiming his space with his sheer charisma.

Animal Aid is the permanent sanctuary to more than 15 blind animals: a donkey, a water buffalo, and many dogs, who have the freedom they need to exercise the whole of themselveswithout any unnecessary constraint, with flexibility and incredible cheerfulness.

Alfie’s astounding recovery will stretch your grasp of the possible

This desperate boy looked impossible to save. Maggots had burrowed into the top of his head: when maggots proliferate like this, they can do enormous damage within just hours. We were worried he wouldn’t survive as he seemed to be using his utmost energy just to stand.

But something gave usa glimmer of hope. We learned that Alfie was one of the souls on earth with an enormous capacity to give and receive love. Without this unique gift, even with vigilant medical treatment, he might not have survived.

But Alfie, well, Alfie’s someone special.

Give a glimmer of hope to someone in need. Please donate today.

Tigger’s pain replaced with non-stop joy

We found Tigger lying consumed in pain, curled up, and hardly able to open his eyes because of the severe mange afflicting his entire body.

We treated him with an anti-parasite injection, medicated baths, antibiotics, pain-killers, good food and comfort. And when his mange was gone, his suffering was replaced with nonstop joy.

Meet striped tiger-boy Tigger today!

Bring comfort to someone who is hurting. Please donate today.

Sponsor the beautiful Leoni!

In 2013 we received a distressed call on our helpline from a foreign traveler who found an emaciated young dog collapsed on the side of the road. The dog’s location was far outside our service area, so the traveler wonderfully offered to bring the little dog, who couldn’t stand or walk, with her by bus back to Udaipur. She had suffered a spine injury and her hind legs were paralysed. But with rest, food, play and love, the little dog put on weight, developed wonderful upper body strength, moved around with easeand delighted everyone who has met her.

And for the years that have followed,

Princess Leoni has shown us every hour of every day that love is unlimited. Leoni IS love.

Click here to sponsor Leoni:

Leoni | Animal Aid Unlimited

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14/6/21 – Mr Philip Wollen Becomes The First WAV Patron; We Are (More Than) Delighted, and Welcome Him To The Group. – World Animals Voice

EU: Positive Progress for Animals! The European Parliament Adopted Ambitious Report on the EU Biodiversity Strategy.

WAV Comment – What with proposed action on the banning of intensive cage systems; maybe the EU is beginning to listen to the wants of its citizens – most who have demands and positive aspirations regarding positives in animal welfare; but who also need authorities to listen and act !Maybe now they start to act after so many years of ignoring the cries; human and animal.

BUT, we still need much better legislation and enforcement of regulations regarding the transportation of live, sentient beings. Here the EU always has failed big time.

14/6/21 – Mr Philip Wollen Becomes The First WAV Patron; We Are (More Than) Delighted, and Welcome Him To The Group. – World Animals Voice

Positive Progress for animals! The European Parliament adopted ambitious Report on the EU Biodiversity Strategy

9 June 2021

Press Release

The European Parliament’s report on the EU Biodiversity Strategy, adopted 8/6/21, demonstrates the clear commitment of the Parliament to ensure the effective implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2030 by securing adequate financial resources, binding objectives and adopting new legislation. The Parliament is urging European Commission and Member States to turn the present crisis into an opportunity and move away from “economic growth at any cost”, ensuring a real green recovery.

Back in May 2020 Eurogroup for Animals welcomed the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2030 as a key delivery of the EU Green Deal, and then wholeheartedly welcomed MEP César Luena’s (S&D) INI Own Initiative Report , which was adopted by the ENVI Committee at the end of May 2021.

Thanks also to our Stop Pandemics? Start here campaign, the joined efforts of our members, and the support of many MEPs, most of our recommendations to block amendments on the ENVI report were taken into account, and yesterday the vote in Plenary clearly demonstrated the European Parliament’s support to ensure the effective implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2030. 

The strategy has the potential to bring the necessary change to protect our planet’s biodiversity, ecosystems and environment, and to prevent future pandemics and spread of zoonotic diseases, ensuring that the tools and resources are made available to make that ambition a reality, with important effects on animal protection:

  • Acknowledging that both the illegal and legal trade in, and use of, wildlife significantly contribute to biodiversity decline, calling on the European Commission (EC) to jointly address legal and illegal trade in the review of the EU Wildlife Action Plan against Wildlife Trafficking.
  • Highlighting that the EU Action Plan against Wildlife Trafficking should receive adequate funding, including assistance to wildlife rescue centres and sanctuaries.
  • Calling on the EC to propose EU-wide wide positive lists of species permitted for import, keeping, breeding and trade as pets as soon as possible, also to prevent the introduction of new invasive alien species.
  • Calling on the EC and the Member States (MS) to lead efforts to end the commercial trade in endangered speciesand their parts.
  • Recognising ecocide as an international crime. 
  • Highlighting that EU agriculture should be transformed to make it sustainable and ensure high animal welfare standards, setting the benchmark in terms of standards for sustainable food systems. 
  • Acknowledging that fur production can significantly compromise animal welfare and increases their susceptibility to infectious diseases including zoonoses, as has occurred with COVID-19 in mink.
  • Calling on the EC and the MS to take adequate measures to facilitate the coexistence with large predators, such as preventive and compensation measures, ensuring their protection.
  • Recognising the importance of cetacean protection, and the need for the EU to take action with regard to whaling.
  • Recognising that catching fish to feed carnivorous farmed fish is a driver of marine biodiversity loss.

We applaud the Parliament for their commitment to animals which comes after a year-long campaign to prevent future pandemics and improve animal protection at the same time. We trust the Commission will listen to the Parliament’s calls and use the Biodiversity Strategy to introduce EU wide Positive Lists for exotic pets which would be a total gamechanger for the animals but also for human health”.

Reineke Hameleers, CEO, Eurogroup for Animals



Roadmap for EU biodiversity strategy

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COVID-19 and the wildlife trade

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Exotic pet trade: analysis of the problems and identification of solutions

Stop pandemics? Start here.

Scientific statement on public health risks from SARS-CoV-2 and the intensive rearing of mink 

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The EU and the US Pave the Way for a Ban on Cages Imposed on Imported Food.

Photo – WAV Archive.

The EU and the US pave the way for a ban on cages imposed on imported food

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On 10/6/21, the European Parliament massively supported a resolution endorsing the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) on banning cages and calling for future measures to apply to imports. Just earlier this week, the US notified the World Trade Organisation (WTO) about the coming Californian ban on cages, which also prevents sales of such products in the State, showing the world that the EU will have support once it adopts its own ban.

The resolution adopted by an overwhelming majority of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) calls on the European Commission to revise the outdated EU General Farming Directive to phase out cruel cage-based systems in animal farming in the EU, and, more importantly, to apply these new rules to all products placed on the EU market – including imported ones. 

Imposing these rules on imports would be a turning point for the EU. While nine out of ten Europeans believe imported products should respect EU animal welfare standards, it is, at the moment, only the case for standards on welfare at the time of slaughter. 

Ahead of the vote in the European Parliament, Commissioner Kyrikiades noted that applying EU cage-free standards to imported animal products would reflect the demands expressed by EU citizens and she showed openness to explore this option: “I heard the many points raised regarding imports, and we will look at the application of the same standards to imported products as well as labelling in compliance with WTO rules to satisfy citizens’ demands for high welfare for imported products of animal origin”, she concluded. 

The EU should not shy away from adopting comprehensive measures on cages and to apply them to imports. Firstly, if crafted properly, there is no doubt that such a measure would be compatible with WTO rules. Secondly, the EU could even count on the support of the US.

Indeed, the US notified other WTO members about California’s proposed ban on cages on 8 June 2021. This proposal emerged in 2018 with the adoption of the Farm Animal Confinement Initiative, also known as Proposition 12. The text suggested a ban on cages for laying hens, pigs and calves, and a ban on the sales of products derived from cage-based productions, regardless of their origin. The legislative process has now started, and if adopted, the measure will impact trade with California and ultimately the US. 

This news was a turning point, confirming that the EU’s decision could even be supported by important allies. Moreover, it will pave the way for discussions at the WTO on possible bans – including the EU’s – on animal products that would not comply with cage-free standards and, looking at the objectives described in the legislation and in the notification, it also strengthens the EU’s rationale that such a ban would be WTO-compatible based on ethical reasons. 

In addition to respecting citizen’s views, applying cage-free standards to imports would also be a huge incentive for producers around the world to improve animal welfare standards, and to shift to more sustainable food systems as they would then gain access to relevant markets. The life and wellbeing of millions of animals around the world could be positively impacted.

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Italy: Shocking New Investigation Reveals Cruelty and Violence Against Pigs at Zema Slaughterhouse – experts in animal welfare note a lack of controls and compliance by the operators at all stages of meat production.

Photo credit – Animal Equality.

Shocking new investigation in Italy: Cruelty and violence against pigs at Zema slaughterhouse

10 June 2021

Animal Equality

10/6/21, Animal Equality Italy released terrible images that demonstrate the multiple violations of animal welfare legislation committed by Zema, a leader in the meat distribution sector in Italy.

The investigation shows acts of brutality committed on pigs inside an industrial slaughterhouse in Lombardy. The footage depicts mistreatments and systematic violations of the rules on animal welfare.

The slaughterhouse is owned by Zema S.R.L., a company in the province of Cremona that has been involved in the slaughtering and processing of pork since 1987, as well as one of the many Made in Italy labels.

Of the more than 800,000 pigs raised per year in the Cremona area, about 150,000 are killed in this slaughterhouse. 

Although the company promotes itself as mindful of animal welfare, the investigation carried out by Animal Equality at its facility shows a very different situation.

The footage shows many mistreatments of the animals, such as:

●     Animals mutilated even before stunning due to ineffective or inefficient methods (some pigs are put on the conveyor belt with their trotters partially detached and mutilated)

●      Animals slaughtered inadequately or while conscious 

●      Multiple animals placed in stunning cages at the same time, in violation of animal welfare rules

●      Animals falling from trucks, pushed by the operators themselves, and an absence of ramps for unloading animals

●      Operators mistreatmenting animals (kicks, blows with rods, animals dragged by the ears or feet), systematic violations and cruelty

●      Operator who repeatedly hits a pig in the head with an iron rod, throwing the animal against a wall and throwing the body of the dying animal over the fence

The analysis of these images by veterinarians and law experts in animal welfare demonstrates a lack of controls and compliance by the operators, at all stages of meat production (from the arrival of the animals to their death).

Although Animal Equality has already filed two complaints with the Prosecutor’s Office and one for misleading advertising to the AGCM against Zema S.R.L. since April 2020, nothing seems to have changed and there has been no feedback from the authorities.

Our investigation has highlighted once again the mistreatment and brutality suffered by the animals involved in the agri-food chain together with the total lack of adequate controls and compliance with the animal welfare laws. We cannot accept that this situation remains unchanged and we will continue to fight so that animal rights are truly protected

Alice Trombetta, director of Animal Equality Italia

Starting from December 2017, Animal Equality has launched a petition addressed to the Ministry of Health and to the Ministry of Agriculture to put an end to a series of systematic cruelties that occur every day in Italian slaughterhouses. The campaign, supported by the findings of investigations conducted in Italian slaughterhouses, has surpassed 200,000 signatures from Italian citizens calling for tighter controls, the installation of surveillance systems such as CCTV, and the mandatory stunning of animals with no exception.

Read more at source

Animal Equality – Cruelty in a slaughterhouse in Cremona

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14/6/21 – Mr Philip Wollen Becomes The First WAV Patron; We Are (More Than) Delighted, and Welcome Him To The Group. – World Animals Voice