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South Korea: Seoul Mayor Vows To Root Out Dog Meat Business. Plenty of Actions for Korean Dogs – Click on Links.

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South Korea – Seoul Mayor vows to root out dog meat business.

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In addition; here is the latest (10/2/19) newsletter from Korean Dogs. 

Click on the following link for news and actions you can take.


File your petition on e-people

South Korea’s Official Government Petition Page!


All across South Korea, millions of ‘meat dogs’ (including newborn puppies) which are destined for human consumption, are kept outdoors in meat farms and slaughterhouses, imprisoned in cages that are crudely constructed of wire and raised off the ground, and which afford no protection from the snow or freezing winds that are part of a normal winter in that country. These poor creatures – from the second they are born, to their final breath at the uncaring hands of a brutal butcher – have to endure endless misery and agony. South Korea is truly a “Hell on Earth” for countless innocent dogs and cats. So, please, don’t let the Koreans continue their vile and cruel practice.

A simple but very effective way is to file a petition directly with the Korean government using the epeople online petition page. This is different than other petitions because the Korean government is responsible for responding to you! If they have to address and respond to hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of petitions on this issue; then perhaps they will finally be put under enough pressure to take action to bring this horrific animal cruelty to an end. 


Spain: Petition – Ask the Ministry of Justice to Renew Animal Abuse Laws.



We ask the Ministry of Justice to renew the Animal Abuse Law to increase the sentence from 3 to 6 years and the fine from 900 to 1500 euros.
Increase the sentence for animal abuse in Spain!


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Petition Link –


Addressed to: Ministry of Justice

Galgos hung

A hung ‘Galgos’ hunting dog which is of no use to its owner.

Batterers can have three months and one day to one year in prison, as well as disqualifications to practice any profession related to animals. These penalties may be aggravated depending on the circumstances in the specific case; in these cases, the Penal Code provides penalties of up to one and a half years in prison.

That is why we are asking the Ministry of Justice to renew the Animal Abuse Law so that the sentence is increased from 3 to 6 years, and a fine of at least 900 to 1500 euros, as a dog, a cat, a horse or any animal is a living being, and its life should be valued as much as ours.

No animal should have to endure the wrath of a negligent human or of a person who enjoys the suffering of an innocent creature, which would never intentionally seek to cause pain.


India: February 2019 – Just Some of the Latest Rescues From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.


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Thank you for helping stretch the beauty and goodness of animal rescue into other parts of India. We’re growing the animal help movement thanks to you through our First Aid Training Program. 

We currently have a wonderful group of 8 trainees who have come from all across India. Some were inspired by the Animal Aid rescue videos and have already started helping injured and ill animals in their regions. They’ve come to acquire the training to safely handle, dress wounds, understand infectious diseases, treat mange and to learn how to document cases, share results, recruit volunteers and get the donations they need for medicine. 

If you are a resident of India and would like to learn how to help injured animals in your city or region, sign up today! 


Puffin’s head was hit by a motorcycle–and he wouldn’t give up 

Our hearts were breaking when we saw a small puppy laying unconscious on the road near a pool of blood. A motorcycle had hit him in the head, and he seemed to be taking his final breaths. We didn’t know if we could save him, but we had to try. We rushed him back to Animal Aid’s hospital and began his treatment with medicine to reduce the swelling in his brain, and treat his pain and shock. His brain injury was serious and even after a few days, when he regained consciousness, he wasn’t able to stand or eat without help. We surrounded him with love as he slept for many days, waking up only for syringe feeds. But gradually, his wakeful moments increased, and we watched a flower unfolding in his extraordinarily sweet nature. Because of your help, we saved him. Meet beautiful Puffin today. 

When you love someone, you never need to give up hope.   

Please donate today for street animal rescue.


Saving Moshe  

A dog with a terrible head wound absolutely undulating with maggots staggered on the road when we rescued him. The maggots had consumed much of his forehead and the tissue surrounding his skull. We worried that they had bored through his skull, and rushed to treat his pain and begin the process of removing the worms and necrotic tissue, cleansing and bandaging the enormous wound. 

His agony must have prevented him from eating; he was extremely thin and exhausted. But medical treatment, food and love saved his life. Meet magnificent Moshe today.

Please show your love for the most vulnerable, and donate today.


Huge relief for little Iris, rescued with an intestine bursting out of a wound 

Hiding and frozen in fear, this darling little girl waited with her insides coming out of an enormously swollen wound site. We rushed her back to Animal Aid for emergency surgery to save her life. We cleaned and surgically repaired her dangling intestinal tissue and extensively damaged muscle. After recovery, it took only a few hours for this whirlwind of a girl to get back into her stride. 

You can be the person who saves the next little one.  Please donate



Dog with shredded leg sobs when seeing rescuers 

Her bone was shattered and protruding, the leg hanging by just a thread of skin. But still, this incredibly dear girl wagged her tail and cried out for help when she saw her rescuers, almost as if she realized that without them, she couldn’t possibly survive. 

Watch this extraordinarily charming, adorable dog face her life’s greatest challenge, and cause everyone to fall in love with her in the process. 

Somewhere right now a street animal is desperately hoping to be rescued. Together we can get to her in time.

Please donate today.



Celebrate the Caregivers: Mangi Bai  

8 years ago Animal Aid was given one of the greatest

gifts in our history: Mangi Bai Gameti, who from her first moments on the job,

dove in to help every animal she could.  


Watching over the health, safety, treatment and play for about 30 disabled, old but cheerful dogs on two sites, Mangi Bai is one of the precious souls who notices a dog with an itchy ear, nails that need to be cut or a new cough; she’s a whiz at bandaging a dragging foot; she can coax the most reluctant eater into enjoying a meal and she keeps the area of “her” dogs immaculate. She has trained many new staff and serves as an inspiration even to the most senior caregivers and volunteers. Wherever she goes, the animals’ eyes stay fixed on her because they know she is their beloved safety net.


USA: Petition – Ban the Brutal Slaughter of America’s Wild Horses.



SIGN: Ban the Brutal Slaughter of America’s Wild Horses

SIGN: Ban the Brutal Slaughter of America’s Wild Horses

Posted by Carly Day

Petition target: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

A new bill introduced in the US House of Representatives would not only prevent horse slaughterhouses from operating in the United States but also outlaw the sale, transport, import or export of horses or horse parts for human consumption.

Horses sent to slaughter suffer horrendously, packed into crowded trucks and shipped for hours or even days without food and water. The transport alone is so stressful, many horses are injured or killed before they even arrive at their destination.

When the horses finally reach the slaughterhouse, workers attempt to stun them before killing by shooting them with a bolt gun. But the animals may need to be shot multiple times before they’re stunned, and are often still conscious when violently slaughtered.

Horse meat is also unsafe for humans. Because horses in the United States are not bred to be eaten, they are treated with drugs that can be toxic to people, rendering the meat dangerous for human consumption.

The Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) bill, sponsored by Reps. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., and Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., aims to amend the existing Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act to prevent any and all slaughter of America’s horses.

Sign this petition urging House leaders to strongly support this bill and do everything in their power to see it is passed, protecting America’s precious equines.


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Petition Link –



Malaysia: Dog Caught by Chinese Steelworkers Hit With Hammer, Covered With Boiling Water and Then Disembowelled. Demand Action With This Petition.



SIGN: Justice for Dog Strung Up and Beaten with Hammer by Factory Workers


SIGN: Justice for Dog Strung Up and Beaten with Hammer by Factory Workers


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Petition Link –


PETITION TARGET: Alliance Steel Sdn Bhd

In a truly sickening case of animal abuse, three Chinese workers in a Malaysian steel manufacturing company brutally roped up a black dog and continued to torture the animal as it yelped in terror and struggled desperately to escape.

First, the men poured water over the helpless dog in a seeming attempt at drowning. One of the men then smashed the animal in the head with a hammer, splattering blood over the floor. The men continued the horror by pouring boiling water over the dog’s body to loosen the fur so they could scrape it away.

Finally, the dog was disemboweled where it lay.

The footage of this horrifying incident, captured at Alliance Steel Sdn Bhd in Kuantan Industrial Park, was shared on Facebook by an individual named John Gan, where it went viral as outraged viewers called for justice.


WAV Comment – why not go to the company web site and tell them how you feel about their inactions – there are lots of comments.  Demand the workers are taken to the police, prosecuted, and then sacked from their jobs; it does not seem like they are ‘working’ to us.  Demand the management acts.

The company apologized for the actions of their workers on their

Facebook page,

stating that they are taking the incident seriously and conducting an internal investigation. We must speak out to make sure they keep their word.

The actions of these men were not only inhumane, but they were also illegal and should not be tolerated.

Sign this petition urging Alliance Steel Sdn Bhd to thoroughly investigate this awful event, fire all individuals involved and work to ensure their prosecution.


WAV Comment

So the workers are filth from China – that says a lot really. How does a company allow its alleged workers to undertake such cruelty as this – does not seem like ‘work’ to us !! ? – check out petition comments to see what people think.

Uruguay: Street sweeper breaks a dogs spine with a kick and it had to be euthanised as a result. Petition – Please Sign to Demand Justice for the Dog.



Street sweeper breaks the dog column with a kick and had to be euthanised.

Demand Justice!

Street sweeper breaks the dog column with a kick and had to be euthanised. Justice!


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Petition Link –


Please sign and get the petition to 50,000 people.

A dog needed to be euthanised in Pirapora, in the north of Minas, on Friday afternoon after being attacked by a street sweeper who serves the town hall.

The 26-year-old man was in the garbage collection truck passing through Barrio Morada del Sol. When he went down to pick up a bag, the animal would have barked in the direction of the official, who kicked him, according to the Military Police. With the impact, the dog was thrown by a few meters and his spine fractured. The garbage dump fled the place. The police themselves directed the dog to a veterinary clinic in the city.

According to the policeman who accompanied the animal, he was very agonized and the professional decided to save him from the pain of the injuries. During the afternoon the dog received medication to be euthanised. The police reported that the neighbours were outraged and said they took turns taking care of the dog, who lived on the street, and gave him food and water.

The police made traces and found the street sweeper in the vicinity of the neighbourhood, still in service. For the military, the man reported that the dog threw a bag against him and that, to deviate from the object, the animal hit a tree. The official denied having touched the animal and could not explain how he would have been seriously injured.

We ask that this person can not work as a sweeper and go to jail for murdering an animal.

Never leave your friends!


The human species has been called “Homo Sapiens”.
I would call ourselves “homo bestial” today.

The dignity of man begins with the dignity of all animals.
The feelings the animals unconditionally bring to us make life more bearable, more human.
The hatred, the exploitation, the contempt humans bring to animals destroy any substance of decency, morality, peace.

Stray is the result of our conviction, that we can treat our pet friends as objects when we do not feel anything for them. We put our best friends on the street when and when it suits us.
Without any remorse, responsibility, moral sensitivity.

In this video, it probably becomes clear what a scum is who treats his best friend with perfidious, cynical, cold-blooded morality.


My best regards, Venus