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South Korea: KARA rescues 33 dogs from a dog slaughterhouse in Goyang Yongdu-dong.

KARA rescues 33 dogs from a dog slaughterhouse in Goyang Yongdu-dong

Early yesterday morning, Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) raided the slaughterhouse in Yongdu-dong, Goyang City, and, with the help of the Goyang Animal Protection Department, officially took ownership of a total of 33 dogs at that site.🙏

While some of the dogs at the slaughterhouse were extremely afraid of people, others were so happy to see their rescuers it is clear they were once pets. When we leashed the dogs, there were some that walked right next to people. Pitbull, who appeared to have been tied up to protect the slaughterhouse, was also friendly to activists.🐕

Activists who stayed at the front of the slaughterhouse throughout the early morning immediately rescued all of the dogs as soon as abandonment of ownership was decided.

Inside the slaughterhouse, a dog was lying with an illegal electric skewer in his mouth. He was immediately taken to a nearby animal hospital and given CPR, but because of the electric shock the poor dog’s heart had stopped and he couldn’t be revived.😭

The slaughterhouse in Yongdu-dong, Goyang, had been feeding dogs the boiled organs of unknown animals. In the front yard of the slaughterhouse, a plastic bag filled with hair from the bodies of dead dogs was found. Inside the slaughterhouse, many different leashes from dogs that had been caught gave rescuers an idea of how many dogs died there in pain.😢

KARA will file a formal complaint against the animal abuser in Yongdu-dong, Goyang, on charges of beating dogs with golf clubs; slaughtering dogs brought to him by individuals; feeding livestock waste to animals; and slaughtering dogs with illegal electric iron skewers. 

The journey with the 33 dogs rescued from the slaughterhouse has just begun. It may not be easy to domestically adopt out many of those dogs, especially the large ones. There are also dogs who appear to be very unhealthy, and the time and costs to treat these dogs and restore them to health so they may be adopted will be significant.

KARA recently rescued 10 young puppies from a dog farm in Namyangiu, so the 33 dogs just rescued will need to be placed elsewhere due to the lack of a protected space at the KARA’s The Born Center.

💙 Your love and support is desperately needed to help protect and care for the dogs rescued from the slaughterhouse and give them the opportunity for a new chance at life. Won’t you please help KARA care for these poor animals?💗🙏

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KARA rescues 33 dogs from a dog slaughterhouse in Goyang Yongdu-dong – Stop the Dog and Cat Consumption in S. Korea! (

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Newsletters – Stop the Dog and Cat Consumption in S. Korea! (


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India: 5/7/21 – Latest From Our Great Friends At ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

Homepage | Help injured animals in Udaipur | Animal Aid Unlimited

Every new patient arriving in Animal Aid needs a little time to take in the new smells, sounds and looks of the other animals and the people caring for them. But within a few short days, most have bonded with one special “other”–a new best friend with whom they feel more confident and secure. Every species has their own way of chatting with each other–a word here, a nudge there, the extension of a playful paw.

Rana was terrified and bleeding, but now he’s doing great!

Rana was overcome with fear after being hit by a car. His lower canine tooth was dislodged and bled profusely and he couldn’t stand. Although he had no broken bones, it took several days before he had the strength to stand on his own.

His broken tooth needed to be removed surgically. When he woke up after surgery, Rana was so upset that he wouldn’t eat until he was cuddled and reassured.

We neutered Rana as soon as he was strong enough, and now he’s as good as new. If courage is measured by overcoming fear, Rana proved to be a very brave little boy.

Some little heroes need extra love in order to heal. Please donate today.

Sweetheart Rollie rescued with a horrific wound

A vehicle must have slammed into this beautiful bull at high speed causing a large and painful wound.Several passing motorists called us immediately after it happened, and we rushed to the site to find one of the most gentle beings we have ever met.

From Rollie’s first wound dressing until now, fully healed, he did everything he could to make his difficult medical treatments as easy as possible. And when he healed, Rollie surprised us all by becoming a father figure to the babies.

Innocence comes in all packages. Please donate today.

Sponsor Honey, the sweetest girl in town!

We rescued Honey in 2017 after someone had thrown acid on her back. She had suffered 3rd degree burns over a large part of her back.

This loveable, bright, infinitely charming honey of a girl was so severely burned that we weren’t sure we could save her. It took months for the wound to heal; in fact there is a little portion of her scar that never fully closes which is why we have given her a forever home in Animal Aid.

Honey is playful and truly one of those brilliant dogs who misses nothing, learns in a flash, knows so many concepts and navigates with wit and unstoppable sweetness through currents of ever-changing people and animals.

Click here to sponsor Honey:

Honey | Animal Aid Unlimited

Cub is all better now, rescued after animal attack.

Beautiful puppy Cub lay unconscious after being attacked by an animal.

Worried neighbors stayed by Cub’s side while waiting for our ambulance to arrive. Completely collapsed, this puppy was close to death. We immediately started him on fluids, pain control and antibiotics, allowed him to rest and thoroughly cleaned and bandaged his wounds. At first, he was too weak and exhausted to interact with his caregivers. But when he started to recover from shock, his little tail-wag told us we had reason to hope he could survive.

Be the reason a tail wags! Please donate today.

Celebrate the lives of Annie and Chintu with us.

On Sunday, Animal Aid lost two of our precious family members. Our hearts are heavy in saying goodbye to beloved Annie and Chintu, whose completely unexpected departures on the very same day left us all deeply shocked and sad. Annie’s memorial service was held in the morning and Chintu’s in the afternoon. We took great comfort in the shared sadness between all of our AA team, and each needed extra hugs from the many thriving animals in our midst.

Annie was born by C-section in 2011 after her mother was hit by a car and her pelvis broken. Her mother died in surgery; Annie was the only surviving puppy and we nursed with syringe feeds every 2 hours as she grew and could eat on her own. During the decade to follow Annie was always on the job as a mighty alpha girl who adored attention and ruled her area-mates with an iron paw. You had the feeling that if she trusted you, she would have been a dog who would sacrifice her life to defend you. Annie died suddenly and unexpectedly after falling into a coma in the morning, without any prior signs of illness. Her absence will forever echo through the hospital.

Chintu–well, now, Chintu was a different kind of hero. Partially paralysed from the neck down after surviving canine distemper as a puppy 6 years ago, Chintu’s astounding sparkle shined so brightly that even though he had major mobility issues, he convinced us that he would “manage” and boy, did he ever. A charmer of the highest order, one simply could not pass through Chintu’s area without being stopped by his insistent eyes and delightfully big ears, always laying flat in an attitude of utter gratitude–grateful for the day; grateful to be caressed; grateful for your love. Chintu became extremely ill with an acute systemic infection. We did everything we could to save him, including giving him the strongest antibiotics we could, oxygen, hydration drips and love, but his little body gave up Sunday. We will never stop missing him.

(20+) Watch | Facebook

Regards Mark


WAV Comment – we very much welcome this excellent news from Turkey, and congratulate all those who have campaigned for improvements to animal welfare legislation, and the politicians who are making it reality.

Quote – The legislation aims to curb incidents of violence toward animals in the country, following public outcry regarding the treatment of stray animals by government ministries.

So really excellent news regarding the treatment of stray animals – EU take note and do something about strays in Europe !

As we said in a recent post, England: People Power For The Animals. – World Animals Voice  people power works; and this must never be forgotten.  Politcians work for you, they are elected by you; and they can be deselected by you.  You have the power to make change.

Regards Mark.

Pétition · Reject the proposal contained in the draft of the 'EU Animal  Health Law' that defines stray domestic animals as "wild animals" ·
Stray – Homeless but not wild – Help Me Please.






JUNE 28, 2021

Turkey’s highly anticipated animal-rights bill is expected to be presented to the Turkish Parliament and enacted into law in the coming weeks. The new legislation will redefine animals as living beings instead of “commodities,” as is the case under current laws. It also seeks jail time for anyone who kills, abuses, or tortures animals. 

The legislation aims to curb incidents of violence toward animals in the country, following public outcry regarding the treatment of stray animals by government ministries. In addition, in recent years, incidents of violence toward animals have made headlines, including an incident in which seven dogs and seven cats died after consuming chicken laced with poison. This month, a man was fined for killing and eating stray kittens. Under current laws, any act of torture or killing of a stray animal is punishable under “damage to commodities” and comes with a lenient fine. In the past, courts have also handed down light sentences in a few exceptionally brutal cases.

The law’s new definition will automatically put crimes like these on equal footing as violence toward humans and carry a jail sentence. The jail sentence sought for crimes against animals will be from six months up to four years, which will avoid criminals getting out on bail or converting the prison sentence to a fine. 

Sweeping animal-rights legislation

The proposed legislation follows Parliament’s creation of an Animal Rights Legislative Commission in May 2019. The Turkish Grand National Assembly’s Animal Rights Investigation Committee spent several months meeting with animal-rights activists, nonprofit organizations, academics, experts, and other people involved in animal welfare and rights for a more comprehensive approach to the matter. The committee has since made its recommendations in the new legislation.

The recommendations also included banning zoos, circus animals, horse-drawn carriages, dolphin parks, fur farms, and pet stores, while restricting hunting and animal experimentation. However, the law deals largely with animal companions such as cats and dogs and does not address the cruelty to farmed animals, including fish.

Improving companion animal laws

Countries around the world have different laws for animals who are considered companions. Last year, China’s Ministry of Agriculture announced it was removing dogs from the “livestock” category to instead consider them companion animals. However, this reclassification largely affects the global dog and cat meat trade, which animal-rights organizations have been working to ban for decades. According to the Humane Society International, approximately 10 million dogs are killed for food annually in China. Recognizing that dogs are companions instead of “livestock” is the first step toward eliminating the consumption and trade in dog meat.

China: 25/6/21 – Yulin Information – Contains Graphic Footage / Images.

We are not getting mush through about Yulin this year – but here are a few links we have found mainly from the Press sources  – Warning GRAPHIC videos and images.

Horrifying look inside Yulin Dog Meat Festival’s ‘secret kill farm’ where puppies wail in fear before being boiled alive (

68 dogs rescued from China’s dog meat festival (

Despite outrage 10,000 dogs will be eaten during China Yulin dog meat festival • Pet Rescue Report

Carrie Johnson hits out at dog meat festival in China as Boris says slaughter ‘will never be acceptable’ | The Independent

Horrifying look inside Yulin Dog Meat Festival’s ‘secret kill farm’ where puppies wail in fear before being boiled alive (

Yulin: Thousands of dogs will be killed and eaten at 10-day festival in China | World | News |

PETA Condemns China’s ‘Pandemic Petri Dishes’ as Yulin Dog Meat Festival Begins (

Breaking! Brave Activists Intercept Slaughter Transport Truck Saving The Lives Of 68 Dogs On Their Way To China’s Yulin Dog Meat “Festival” – World Animal News

Regards Mark

China: 21/6/21 – Yulin Starts Today.

21/6/21 – Today is the start of Yulin.

Read and see much more here:  China: Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2021 Will Take Place Between 21 – 30 June (06) 2021. – World Animals Voice

Please think about the suffering that wil go on in this event; and the suffering and abuses of all sentient beings worldwide who will be murdered in the slaughterhouse today.

Regards Mark

South Korea: Annie and DeeJay – A Great Dog Meat Farm Rescue Story. Also, Support HSI To Stop Yulin.

The Humane Society of the United States

Musician Annie Ko of LOVE X STEREO worked as a translator for Humane Society International in South Korea.

During that time she discovered horrors of the dog meat industry. On one visit to a dog meat farm, she met and rescued DeeJay and their lives changed forever.

We are working tirelessly to fight the dog meat trade across Asia but change only manifests when it comes from within the hearts and minds of locals like Annie.

The majority of South Koreans are AGAINST the dog meat industry and with their support and activism, the end to this trade is in sight.

Together, we can and are making a difference for animals in Asia!

HSI is working tirelessly to fight the dog meat trade but change only manifests when it comes from within, which Annie exemplifies. Together, we can and are making a difference for animals in Asia and beyond.

Ask China to end dog and cat meat trade horrors including the Yulin festival

Something better after all the ‘Yulin’ data;

Regards Mark

PS – Check out all our (WAV) South Korean dog meat posts at:

Search Results for “south korea dog meat farm” – World Animals Voice


China: Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2021 Will Take Place Between 21 – 30 June (06) 2021.

Yulin will be happening next week.

Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2021 will take place between 21 – 30 June (06) 2021.

Yulin Dog Meat Festival (or Lychee and Dog Meat Eating Festival) as it is sometimes known, is a controversial festival held in Yulin, Guangxi, China, during the summer solstice – the longest day of the year, in June. Even though the festival started as recently as 2009, eating dog meat is believed to be an ancient Chinese tradition.

Chinese practitioners of folk medicine thought that dog meat is the best solution against the summer heat, although there is no physiological or medical evidence to support it. Some also believe dog meat can ward off diseases and heighten men’s sexual performance.

Cat meat, fresh lychees and liquor are also available at the 10-day event.

During the 10-day festival, dogs and cats are exhibited in metal cages and wooden crate before they are skinned, cooked, and eaten by visitors of the event.

It is a terribly disgusting event as you can see from the photos we are publishing here. As many as 15,000 dogs are tortured, killed and cooked to be sold every year.

On the eve of the festival, many activists are protesting in China or in front of Chinese embassies, while hundreds of volunteers make an effort to stop the trucks transporting the dogs to the festival and rescue the animals.

Activist groups in China can legally intercept dog meat trucks and confiscate dogs if the drivers don’t have the paperwork proving that they own them.  The dogs which are found in these trucks often turn out to be stolen pets and are returned to owners, others are made available for adoption in China and other countries.

For example, a shelter from the state of New York took in 200 dogs, a San Diego rescue center took 18 dogs to Southern California, while the center in Massachusetts saved five animals.

Yulin is a major campaign issue across the world with animal rights people.  Thanks to international pressure the number of dogs slaughtered during Yulin Dog Meat Festival has dropped considerably, and there is hope the festival will be banned completely.

From ‘Notodogmeat’;

End Yulin 2021 Notodogmeat is Sending Activists to Yulin This Weekend

Yulin Dog Meat ‘ Festival’ is likely to take place next week (21 – 30 June) 2021. Our hearts are broken. We have been campaigning for ten years to end this cruelty and saved hundreds of dogs and cats.

New animal welfare regulations and also concerns about the pandemic gave us hope Yulin City will see sense. People eat dog meat in this south China province all year round, and tourists love to come on Summer Solstice, get drunk and feast on dogs. They don’t care.

As soon as we got word that trucks were on the move, we knew we had to act. Our activists, led by Mr Zhao, who runs our big China shelter, will make the 3000 km trip to the region in the next few days.

They will attend and protest, documenting all health violations and produce a report that the Ministry of Agriculture cannot deny.

We will also rescue whatever pups we can (without paying high prices) and shame traders and revellers.

This action is powerful because our team is made up entirely of Chinese animal lovers and volunteers.

They know how hard you have all worked signing petitions and writing letters, and they are ready to make sacrifices in the boiling heat to do their bit.

Like us, they cannot bear the idea of dogs packed in cages, no food, water, or shelter. Blood, urine, faeces everywhere. It is a horror show. Terrified eyes, pleading for their lives.

We need your help to make this happen. As a small charity, we rely on your donations. Please chip in what you can to help pay for the activists trip and cover veterinary and associated expenses so we can save as many lives as we can.

 End Yulin 2021 Notodogmeat is Sending Activists to Yulin This Weekend |

There are some wonderful, brilliant animal activists in China trying to stop this, and we wish them every success with ALL thier work. Here below are some from ‘Notodogmeat’.

We are putting out this info now; and hope to publish more reading / action links later;

Regards Mark


Hi all; I have tracked down the following video clips for you to see if you want. They are disturbing for animal people, any normal person; here they are in case you want to know more – Mark

Dog Is Sheep Is Cow Is Pig Is Boy Is Girl Is Cat – None should be abused for the want of the human tastebud !

Other articles related to Yulin – the first below from the ‘New York Post’ is very interesting – I have reproduced courtesey of the NYP and outlined the main in RED. – Regards Mark

New York Post – New law could end China’s infamous dog meat festival, says advocacy group

Animal activists are celebrating a new law in China that regulates the mass trafficking of feral dogs into Yulin, in the Guangxi region, which has an annual dog meat festival.

Yulin’s agricultural officials confirmed the news on May 1, Jam Press reported. The new law would ensure that animals are raised and quarantined together before being transported and sold for slaughter — a move that will ultimately strengthen public health efforts, and potentially save thousands of dogs.

…. That and the country’s “wet markets” have long been regarded as sources of disease and, indeed, linked to the virus that causes COVID-19.

Last year, China cracked down on the nation’s wildlife trade, including a move to reclassify dogs as “companion animals” instead of their previous “livestock” designation, in response to what was then still an emerging pandemic that many experts believe originated in a Wuhan meat market.

The plan ensured that dogs would no longer be found on the legal meat trade, though the law does little to mitigate the animal black market.

Read all at New law could end China’s dog meat festival: advocacy group (

Animals Asia – The truth about the Yulin dog meat festival – and how to stop it

The truth about the Yulin dog meat festival – and how to stop it (

Animals Asia – China’s Yulin dog meat festival – what we know

China’s Yulin dog meat festival – what we know (

No To Dog Meat – Smaller Trucks Being Used to Secretly Transport Dogs to Yulin Dog Festival

Smaller Trucks Being Used to Secretly Transport Dogs to Yulin Dog Festival – One Green Planet

Independent London – Yulin Dog Meat Festival: Dogs blow-torched alive in footage from China

Yulin Dog Meat Festival: Dogs blow-torched alive in footage from China | The Independent | The Independent

No To Dog Meat – Growing Concern about Yulin as Activists Stop A Dog Meat Truck heading South.

Growing Concern about Yulin as Activists Stop A Dog Meat Truck heading South. | (

India: More Great Rescues From AAU – Can You Imagine ‘Alfie’ Recovered Fully ? – Well He Did !!

Above – Erika and Jim are the 2 people on the right of the picture.

WAV Comment – you all know we communicate with Erika at AAU (India) on a weekly basis.

Well here are a few more rescue stories which we have been sent; showing the good side of wonderful human beings.

You can also adopt and buy from the shop by clicking on the links given below.  Also, try to donate if you can – all this amazing work by great people is only undertaken with great donations from supporters.

Regards Mark

The blind animals at Animal Aid are unique in their incredible capacity to adapt.One perfect example is ourshelter dog Rimjim, who walks confidently through groups of cows and donkeys, commanding respect through occasional woofs but mostly proclaiming his space with his sheer charisma.

Animal Aid is the permanent sanctuary to more than 15 blind animals: a donkey, a water buffalo, and many dogs, who have the freedom they need to exercise the whole of themselveswithout any unnecessary constraint, with flexibility and incredible cheerfulness.

Alfie’s astounding recovery will stretch your grasp of the possible

This desperate boy looked impossible to save. Maggots had burrowed into the top of his head: when maggots proliferate like this, they can do enormous damage within just hours. We were worried he wouldn’t survive as he seemed to be using his utmost energy just to stand.

But something gave usa glimmer of hope. We learned that Alfie was one of the souls on earth with an enormous capacity to give and receive love. Without this unique gift, even with vigilant medical treatment, he might not have survived.

But Alfie, well, Alfie’s someone special.

Give a glimmer of hope to someone in need. Please donate today.

Tigger’s pain replaced with non-stop joy

We found Tigger lying consumed in pain, curled up, and hardly able to open his eyes because of the severe mange afflicting his entire body.

We treated him with an anti-parasite injection, medicated baths, antibiotics, pain-killers, good food and comfort. And when his mange was gone, his suffering was replaced with nonstop joy.

Meet striped tiger-boy Tigger today!

Bring comfort to someone who is hurting. Please donate today.

Sponsor the beautiful Leoni!

In 2013 we received a distressed call on our helpline from a foreign traveler who found an emaciated young dog collapsed on the side of the road. The dog’s location was far outside our service area, so the traveler wonderfully offered to bring the little dog, who couldn’t stand or walk, with her by bus back to Udaipur. She had suffered a spine injury and her hind legs were paralysed. But with rest, food, play and love, the little dog put on weight, developed wonderful upper body strength, moved around with easeand delighted everyone who has met her.

And for the years that have followed,

Princess Leoni has shown us every hour of every day that love is unlimited. Leoni IS love.

Click here to sponsor Leoni:

Leoni | Animal Aid Unlimited

Jewelllery – Shop Now; go to:

Animal Aid Unlimited Shop

Watch all our other past links to AAU posts and videos at:

Search Results for “animal aid unlimited” – World Animals Voice

14/6/21 – Mr Philip Wollen Becomes The First WAV Patron; We Are (More Than) Delighted, and Welcome Him To The Group. – World Animals Voice

India: 27/5/21 – Latest Rescue Videos From the Crew At ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’. Sad Starts But Happy Endings !

Above – Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim,and the Animal Aid Unlimited team.

WAV Comment – I (Mark) communicate with Erika every week; and we discuss many things that relate to nature and how the world could be improved on. Here below are their latest wonderful vidoes on how they keep going and saving animals, despite the terrible Covid situation in India, Enjoy

Regards Mark


Dear Mark,

Awakening trust and love in animals who have been abused is a beautiful part of our job. We rescued Alex a few months ago with a fractured leg. As a tonga pony, pulling carts filled with people or sand and bricks, he has endured blasting horns, toxic fumes in traffic, and suffered in heat exceeding 40C.

During his first weeks with us, Alex held his neck rigid and his head high. If you came near, his ears laid flat back, his eyes would flash and he’d immediately threaten to bite. It was clearly a learned distrust of any human contact.

Our first step in helping his emotional healing has been to give him freedom to make his own choices.

We keep him untethered so that he can move freely as every animal must, and decide where he feels comfortable. Now his posture is relaxed when we approach him with tasty biscuits. He loves them! And very slowly he is letting us touch his neck while he chews. Only for a moment, though!

If Alex ever accepts human touch, it will be his choice. And if he never accepts human touch, we’ll understand, and love him anyway.

Thank you for giving us the means to give forever sanctuary to our sweetheart, Alex.

Healing Bounce’s fear, a sweetheart rescued with wire embedded in his neck.

Bounce hadone of the most disturbing wounds we’ve seen in a long time. An animal lover from about an hour outside of Udaipur saw him running with a wire embedded in his neck and called us to rescue him. He was extremely fearful, so to catch him we lured him into a portable cage and then hurried him back to Animal Aid.

When we cut the wire off we found that the wound was even worsethan we’d suspected–maggots had burrowed into the deepest parts of the long gash. We immediately began treating the wound, without knowing if we’d found him in time to save his life.

From pain and despair, watch Bounce love life again.

Make a donation today.

Barnaby’s jaw was broken, but now he’s healed and home with mom and dad!

Street puppy Barnabywas probably innocently playing when a passing vehicle hit him right on his nose.

Bleeding from his mouth and nose, he seemed disoriented. We feared he might have a brain injury but were relieved to find him alert and with normal mentation. We found that he did have a very minor jaw fracture. Puppies this young are fast healers, so we were delighted that with pain medicine to ease the swelling, Barnaby ate like a champ.

We kept him quiet and comforted for 15 days, and as he grew stronger, we could see how eager he was to go back to his parents and siblings. This injury healed well, but without pain medicine, soft food and loving care, Barnaby might not have made it.

Meet him now, big and strong.

Help injured sweethearts heal. Please donate today.

Sponsor the wobbling wonderful Luna!

Darling Luna has an untreatable condition called cerebullar hypoplasia. This condition, which she’s most likely had from birth, is caused by developmental damage to the part of her brain that controls motor functions. This means that she has very wobbly legs and it’s hard for her to balance.

But this doesn’t stop Luna from being one of the most active, playful, and loving girls we’ve ever met. She’s all heart, and even though she falls down sometimes, gets covered in her food when she eats, and has to try extra hard just to stay standing in one place, she is full of joy.

Luna could never survive on the street, so she relies on sponsorships from caring supporters like you to give her a life-long home full of love and care in Animal Aid.

Please click here to sponsor Luna:

Luna | Animal Aid Unlimited

Hurt to healed: the magical Mr. Flowers

Oh so sad and suffering with mange, Mr Flowers(whose name occurred to us after we got to know him) was in danger of dying due to secondary infections caused by the skin disease. In villages and cities that don’t have animal rescue services, dogs like Mr Flowers don’t stand a chance. But we got to Mr. Flowers in time, and his sore mangey body responded beautifully to treatment. 

Within three weeks, shiny black skin replaced the crusty yellow scabs, and a fresh new coat of fur is well on the way. 

A simple story, but not without its hero!

Thank you for helping animals feel life’s joy again. Please donate today.

Watch Mr Flowers video by clicking here:

(20+) Watch | Facebook

And go shopping here:

Animal Aid Unlimited Shop

Regards Mark