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Indonesian Region Pledges To End Dog Meat Trade And Save 2000 Dogs A Month.



Indonesian Region Pledges To End Dog Meat Trade And Save 2000 Dogs A Month

By : Lucy Connolly On : 05 Aug 2019 11:53

Dog meat trade


Officials in Indonesia have pledged to end the nation’s dog meat trade, a move which will save up to 2,000 dogs from slaughter and human consumption per month.

The regency of Karanganyar in Java pledged the action following a shocking investigation by Dog Meat Free Indonesia (DMFI), which uncovered evidence of dogs being bludgeoned and blow-torched alive in animal markets.

The victory has been welcomed by Ricky Gervais and actor Peter Egan, both of whom are celebrity ambassadors for DMFI and who thanked the head of district, Bupati Juliyatmono, for his role in the pledge.

The plan to end the horrifying trade includes closing every stall selling dog meat in the regency, as well as the creation of alternative livelihoods for those currently reliant on income from trading in dog meat.

Investigations by DMFI – a coalition between several animal protection organisations such as Change For Animals Foundation and Humane Society International – showed dogs being beaten and strung upside down to bleed out, all the while still conscious and in full view of other terrified dogs.

Campaigners are hopeful this new pledge will mark the start of a nationwide movement to tackle this dangerous and illegal trade, although they say the governor of North Sulawesi, Olly Dondokambey, refuses to act.

The province of North Sulawesi is currently central to dog and cat meat trade activity, with approximately 200 ‘extreme’ animal markets operating each day.

Dogs hung in meat markets

Wendy Higgins from Humane Society International, a DMFI coalition member group, said:

Indonesia is a popular tourist destination for millions of travellers including about 360,000 Brits each year, but the country’s natural beauty is hiding an ugly secret that many tourists will be unaware of.

Visiting local markets is often promoted by tour guides but innocent travelers could be exposing themselves to horrific scenes of animal cruelty as well as dangerous diseases like rabies.

The national government has issued a crackdown but for as long as local regions like North Sulawesi simply ignore that, the killing and the risk to tourists continues.

Although dog meat is only consumed by seven per cent of Indonesia’s entire population, the trade remains a significant threat to public health – particularly with regards to the transmission of rabies.

Rabies, a viral, and potentially fatal, disease that infects the central nervous system is a serious threat worldwide with 55,000 deaths per year – more than 50 per cent of which are in Asia, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Dog waiting for slaughter before rescue at Langowan market

Currently, 24 provinces in Indonesia are Rabies endemic, with those with the greatest demand for dog meat among those with the highest prevalence of the disease. According to DMFI, the North Sulawesi Province has some of the highest numbers of human deaths attributed to rabies in the country.

Despite the lack of action in North Sulawesi, the progress being made in Karanganyar and Yogyakarta is enough to give DMFI campaigners cause for hope.

In Karanganyar, every one of the estimated thirty dog meat-selling stalls throughout the regency will be closed, with the local government already hosting a meeting with the traders to announce the ban and to discuss alternative livelihood opportunities.

The Yogyakarta Provincial Government separately drafted a Mayor’s Regulation for approval, through which a ban on dog meat would be implemented.


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You can sign the petition to ban the dog meat trade throughout Indonesia here.


Dogs waiting for slaughter at Langowan market


Serbia: Petition – More than 50 dogs found dead, killed by Avenija MB. Take Action and Sign.

Serbian Flag



I just signed the petition “Kraljevo’s mayor Predrag Terzic’s office:

More than 50 dogs found dead, killed by Avenija MB.

Demand this genocide to stop now!” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 1,500 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:

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South Korea: 2/8 Latest Newsletter from – Actions and Petitions.

South Kores



To read the full edition of the 2/8 editions of the newsletter, click on the following:


Articles include:

Totally ban the feeding of food waste to all animals!
We condemn the Ministry of Environment and
the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
for their inability to propose proper legislation (without loopholes)
on the issue of the feeding of food waste to animals.

SOUTH KOREA – The nation of Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Kia thinks that dogs are nothing more than garbage disposals! South Korea wants to continue feeding dogs decomposed, maggot infested food waste; unfit for any animal to eat. This food waste is contaminated with disease causing germs, toothpicks, hot red peppers and onions – toxic to dogs! Cruel, absurd, insane and disgusting!!



URGENT! Tongyeong, South Korea:
Punish the dog butcher bludgeoning dogs to death!

Dog butcher in Tongyeong, South Korea is daily bludgeoning dogs to death in front of other terrified dogs and the local government authority is doing nothing about it. This video is not a replay of same clip over and over. Each of these were recorded at different times. This psychopath criminal has 40 to 50 dogs in his farm and the dogs are killed in this horrific way. This is a violation of the Animal Protection Act. We want the city of Tongyeong to punish this criminal and shut down the hellhole dog farm/slaughterhouse immediately. Please sign and share!

Click HERE for our campaign page.

Click on the top link for petitions and further actions.












Italy: Latest News From OPIA. Links to Actions and Website.




Stray dogs in Azerbaijan are constantly threatened to death by the Executive Authority and the Toplan’s personnel. The money allocated from budget to solve the problem does not go to the destination; it is not used for its intended purpose. Moreover, the executive power department hires people for extra charge for mass shot in the night. And the crazy thing is, the government does not want to accept assistance from local animal rights defenders. In her role of representative of OIPA Azerbaijan, Ilhama Nasirova came up with a list of ten requests to the Azerbaijani public authorities, please sign this petition! Let our voices unite! They must listen to us!

Sign the petition:



July 3, 2019 was a historic day in Chile. The Chamber of Deputies’ Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources approved a draft law on the abolition of greyhound racing. The bill in question is intended to amend the law N°20.380 on animal protection, with the specific aim of prohibiting and punishing the organization of greyhound racing. The Commission accepted the request of those who speak out for the weak. We all keep our fingers crossed that the draft law will definitely become law soon! Meanwhile, please sign this petition to the Chilean Parliament to ask to abolish ASAP dog racing!

Read more at:



In Egypt, animal control is under the jurisdiction of the ministry of Agriculture. Egyptian institutions’ way to tackle the stray dogs issue is very simple: to kill ALL free roaming dogs. The problem is that the country has not yet adopted an Animal Protection Act. In the last 60 years, the Egyptian population has been brainwashed into believing that dogs mean rabies and impure animals and that they are dangerous for human life. This indoctrination led many people to take their own action against free roaming dogs, poisoning and shooting at them. Animal rights activists are at the end of their rope. They tried to make the institutions understand the futility of killing dogs in order to reduce stray dog population. After decades of killing of animals what are the results? Dogs have not disappeared; actually, their number is constantly increasing.

Read more at:



On July 6th, over a thousand people, including citizens, associations and animal rights activists, gathered and marched peacefully on the streets of Parma. All united on one single goal: the liberation of six macaques that will be subjected to an awful experiment that will make them blind, conducted in the Universities of Turin and Parma.The target of the protest was the research project called ‘LIGHTUP – Turning the cortically blind brain to see’, that is to say, vivisection procedures on macaques. On July 11th, OIPA held a public debate on the outright brutality of animal testing, organised together with other associations. Several scientists took part in the debate. They showed that animal testing is totally anachronistic and ineffective and cannot be justified on scientific grounds

Read more at:



The Western Balkans are not yet a safe place for stray dogs. Their number is high and they are unwanted by large portions of the local population. However, at the same time there are several NGOs working to improve animal welfare in the region. Thanks to their hard work and commitment, national and local institutions are beginning to understand the importance of CNVR programs and some collaborations have been established in the last few years between NGOs and the institutions. What we are trying to do in the Western Balkan region is not just only a rescue program for single animals. In our view, it is far more important to change the mentality of citizens and the legislation on small animals and stray dogs’ management.


Read more at:



OIPA on Facebook
OIPA on Twitter
OIPA on Care2
OIPA on Youtube


International Organization for Animal Protection
NGO affiliated with the UN Department of Public Information and the UN Economic and Social Council




India: July 2019 – More Great Rescues From the Brilliant Team at Animal Aid Unlimited. Donate if You Are Able – Thank You.


animal aid unlimited india

WAV Comment – after us doing so much about the live export trade recently and all the utter scum (is this too polite ?) that are involved with it; we are bringing you these videos from AAU in India which will always prove that there are millions of animal heroes out there who are doing everything they can to alleviate animal suffering and abuse. 

As always, our heartfelt thanks go out to Erika, Claire and Jim, plus all the others in the AAU team who perform miracles every day.   Thanks you guys !

Please give a donation if you can stretch to it to keep these miracle workers doing their work.


Regards – Mark and Venus (WAV).


Close to death, brain injured but so brave: Sona’s recovery

Laying on the road this poor little collapsed darling was fading away before our eyes. For several days she didn’t regain consciousness after suffering a head injury. We gave her IV fluids until she slowly began to eat on her own, but the reason we feel she stayed alive is because she was so motivated by love. Watch beautiful Sona who achieved the ability to eat again, walk again, run again (though wobbly), and in the process, bloomed with love.  

Please donate for brave little bundles.


Adorable dog recovers from badly wounded ear.

This gorgeous boy’s ear was destroyed by maggots. Neighbors had tied him to make sure he didn’t wander away before we arrived, but when we met this sweetheart we realized he was so loving and friendly he would never have resisted being carried, if it meant he’d squeeze in some more snuggles. He needed extensive wound treatments, daily flushing and bandaging and a course of antibiotics, but he was cheerful from the first moment until his healing was complete after a month. 

Please donate. When happy animals are very hurt helping feels so good


Sophia was badly burned but so brave 

Sophia’s burn was almost a foot long. We don’t know what caused it but this beautiful girl was in excruciating pain. It took 2 months of daily wound dressings to heal and during that time, we fell in love with her. Her patience and understanding were inspirational; she was one of those special “people” who are so peaceful they can make wherever they are seem like home. Meet the gracious Sophia today. 

Please donate today for street animal healing


Shylo’s skin was like cracked stone. Amazing recovery of a shy softie!

It’s almost impossible to spot her at first but you’ll soon see that this gravelly mound is a dog suffering in the desperate grip of mange. The mange parasites have caused a condition called crusting, and the pain and itching is part of the most extreme suffering imaginable. We named this shy, frightened girl Shylo, and when you see her transformation you seriously won’t recognize her as the same dog. But that’s what healing can look like: pure beauty. 

Please donate to heal the helpless.


We thank you deeply for all you do, are, and inspire for animals.

AAU Indian founders

Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim,

and the whole Animal Aid Unlimited team

South Korea: 22/7 Newsletter. Read In Full Via Links.

South Kores

Click on the following link to read the full 22/7 newsletter:


Stories include:


Daegu to consider plans to close down dog slaughterhouses by next year


Below is a translation of Korea’s Nocut News reported on July 17, 2019:

The city of Daegu will consider plans to close down dog slaughterhouses in the Chilseong Market by next year. These plans include solutions for the livelihood of the shop owners.

Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-Jin said on July 17, “The problem of dog meat consumption goes against current trends, and dog slaughterhouses located in the center of Daegu have negative effects on our emotions (sentiment).”

Mayor Kwon also stated, “If the dog slaughterhouses were to close down, there’s the livelihood issue for these businesses, so we will find various ways to help them which includes measures to support their livelihood.“

Daegu Chilseong Market had dog slaughterhouses even before the Chilseong Market became permanently established in the 1940s. There are now two dog slaughterhouses and 17 restaurants and dog soju places that sell dog meat in the Chilseong Market.

More, and a call for action at


Dogs Are Burned Alive!
CARE’s Investigation and Rescue in Cheonan

Sharing for the Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE).

We received a report about a dog slaughterhouse and dog farm in Cheonan, a city about one and a half hours south of Seoul, at which the owner of the slaughterhouse killed the dogs in an especially brutal way. With one of the boknal days—the three hottest days of the year when dog meat consumption increases—a couple of days away on the 22nd, we went to investigate on the evening of the 20th.


What we encountered when we arrived was horrific even for experienced investigators.

There were broken cages with dogs tied with short leashes exposed to the elements—it’s monsoon season in South Korea, and there have been a couple of days of heavy rain. There were cages on the ground—they are usually raised off the ground—with dogs standing or lying in muddy puddles. In total there were about one hundred dogs on this farm.

However, that wasn’t the worst of it.

This dog farmer slaughtered dogs in a particularly brutal way; they were hung by the neck and blow-torched alive. The slaughtering was done outside in full view of any dogs unfortunate enough to be able to see the area in which it was done.


Read more and actions


Click on this link to read the full newsletter:

























Indonesia: More Positive News for Dogs – Central Java’s Karanganyar Regency announces action plan to end the dog meat trade.


Dogs in Indonesia




WAV Comment:

Petitions DO work – voices against the trade are now being heard.  Finally nations that abuse dogs are now getting the message – unacceptable !  – Positive news.


June 20, 2019

Central Java’s Karanganyar Regency announces action plan to end the dog meat trade

Humane Society International / Australia


JAKARTA – Indonesia’s Regency of Karanganyar in Java has pledged an action plan to end its brutal dog meat trade, following a shocking investigation by campaign coalition Dog Meat Free Indonesia. The action plan includes closing all 21 stalls selling dog meat in the regency and the creation of alternative livelihoods for those people currently reliant on the trade. The local government plans to host a meeting with the traders and vendors to announce the ban and to discuss alternative livelihood opportunities, a first of its kind in Java.

The Dog Meat-Free Indonesia (DMFI) coalition’s investigations showed dogs being beaten and strung upside down to bleed out whilst still conscious, and in full view of other terrified dogs bound and caged who await their turn. The horrific footage prompted renewed calls for urgent action by campaigners, national and international celebrity ambassadors and concerned citizens from throughout Indonesia and around the world. The action being taken in Karanganyar will save almost 2,000 dogs each month from slaughter, and campaigners are optimistic that this will mark the start of a nationwide movement to tackle this illegal and dangerous trade.

When announcing the development of an action plan Regent of Karanganyar Regency Drs. Juliyatmono denounced the trade, warning of the grave risks to public health it poses. Whilst dog meat is consumed by some for its perceived health properties, the reality is that the dog meat trade poses a significant and very real threat to public health, with rabies transmission being of particularly grave concern. Research shows that the highest prevalence of rabies occurs in provinces and regencies with the highest dog meat consumption., bringing with it devastating consequences for human health, animal welfare and the local economy.

As an ever-growing number of countries and territories in the region and around the world take action to tackle the illegal dog and cat meat trades, global public and political communities are becoming increasingly intolerant to the trades. With the recent Indonesian presidential elections having taken place on April 17, campaigners hope that now is the time for the government to prioritise this issue on grounds of public health and safety as well as animal welfare, and fulfill its pledge to take action to tackle the trade.


“In order to prevent various diseases caused by dog meat consumption, we will soon take action to close all dog meat stalls in Karanganyar, so humans can co-exist in harmony with the environment and all living creatures” – Drs. Juliyatmono, M.M, Regent of Karanganyar Regency.

“Pledges for action have been made from the Central government’s Ministry of Agriculture, and the DMFI and the millions of supporters we represent worldwide applaud this position.  But these words need to result in commitments for change through strong and impactful actions, like those presented by Drs. Juliyatmono, M.M.” – Karin Franken, Jakarta Animal Aid Network.

”We congratulate the Regency of Karanganyar for addressing these grave concerns for the sake of public and animal health and safety, and call on those in power to take action nationwide. Promises have been made but we need to see programs to end the trade implemented nationwide to protect our communities and animals. The DMFI coalition stands ready to help provide practical and on-the-ground support to secure the dual aims of eliminating both the dog and cat meat trades and rabies” – Angelina Pane, Animal Friends Jogja.

“Now is the time for the Indonesian Central and Provincial governments to take Karanganyar Regency’s lead and to prioritise this issue on grounds of public health and safety as well as animal welfare, and fulfill their pledge to take action to tackle the trade. The trade is cruel and dangerous, and the time is now for action to be taken!” – Lola Webber, Change for Animals Foundation.


  • Dog Meat-Free Indonesia (DMFI) is a coalition of national and international animal protection organisations comprising Change For Animals Foundation, Humane Society International, Animals Asia, FOUR PAWS, Animal Friends Jogja and Jakarta Animal Aid Network which documents the brutality of the trades and campaigns for a ban on grounds of animal cruelty and risks to public health.
  • Dog theft for the meat trade is a serious problem in Indonesia. DMFI has interviewed many residents who have described their terrifying ordeal with armed traders stealing their pets at night. Despite the obvious law-breaking, thefts are rarely taken seriously by law enforcement, so the thieves go unpunished.
  • The illegal movement of large numbers of dogs of unknown disease status into densely-populated areas impedes efforts to protect communities from the deadly rabies virus. This contravenes rabies control recommendations by leading human and animal health experts including the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations as well as national disease prevention legislation.
  • Studies reveal a high incidence of rabies-positive dogs in slaughterhouses and markets throughout the region, including Indonesia. For example, in 2007 research from markets in North Sulawesi (Manado, Airmadidi and Langowan) showed between 7.8 and 10.6 percent of dogs sold for human consumption were infected with rabies. In 2018 the DMFI coalition found that of just 10 dog carcass samples sold for human consumption in Tomohon, one tested positive for rabies.
  • In August 2018 at the National Coordination of Animal Welfare meeting in Jakarta, the Indonesian Government pledged to end the dog and cat meat trades. Mr Syamsul Ma’arif DVM, M.Si, director of veterinary public health, described the trades as “torture for animals” and added that “dog meat or any animal that is not registered as farm animals, is illegal”.
  • Globally, opposition to the dog and cat meat trades is increasing, with an ever-growing number of countries and territories in the region (Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Thailand) and internationally (the United States) banning the trade in and slaughter, sale, consumption of dogs.


The Dog Meat-Free Indonesia campaign has received support from global and Indonesian superstars including Simon Cowell, Sophia Latjuba, Yeslin Wang, Nadia Mulya, Lawrence Enzela, Cameron Diaz, Chelsea Islan, Ellen DeGeneres, Alya Nurshabrina, Shaggydog and Pierce Brosnan who last year signed a letter to President Joko Widodo calling for action to end the country’s dog and cat meat trades.

A petition of more than 1 million signatures was also submitted to the government of Indonesia in November 2018

Positive news – lets hope this is repeated elsewhere

Regards Mark