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India: May 2021 News and Rescues From Our Wonderful Friends At ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

“A mother’s love” is not only reserved for biological mothers. And it’s not just shared with babies. Anyone who has dearly loved an animal, whether an abandoned calf who thinks you’re his real mama, or a senior cat who barely tolerates your presence, knows the incredible joy of being needed like a mother. We’ve nurtured thousands of orphaned newborns, ill and wounded animals, often with intensive care. That’s what mothers–whether they are men, women, cows, donkeys or goats–give every day: intensive care and vital love. 

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Jewel got the surgery she couldn’t live without

This teenager puppy was badly injured after likely being snagged by a passing vehicle. The wound covered a huge area on her shoulders, and Jewel’s pain must have been excruciating. Infection was a grave danger. We hurried her back to Animal Aid, brought her into surgery to clean and stitched the wound back together.

Shy young Jewel emerged from her ordeal needing extra snuggles while her massive laceration became a tiny scar.Please donate

Colby took months to reveal his inner strength after a spine injury laid him low

This beautiful boy was hit by a passing vehicle and his neck and spine were injured. Our protocol for spine injury includes pain treatment, bed rest, good food, and gradual physiotherapy starting with passive movements and progressing to hydrotherapy.But with spine injuries, mobility is not guaranteed.

We were heartbroken that after a month of treatment, this sweetheart still couldn’t stand and our hopes started to fade. But Colby had hidden strength, and he just needed a little more time.

Meet Colby, the champion, now!Please donate today.

Jake is finding joy in his forever home!

Abandoned and adorable, Jake waited 9 long months before we found a loving family who could care for him in the way he deserved–with abundant play, multiple opportunities to exercise every day, and people who adore him.

Jake’s new family knows the importance of adopting a shelter or street dog rather than buying a dog from a breeder or shop. And they also know the value of unconditional, life-long commitment and love.

Click here to adopt:

Adopt | Adopt a resuced animal in India | Animal Aid Unlimited

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Regards Mark

England / Germany: Important Information – Please Read.

Dear friends,

It is always difficult to say goodbye to a blog that you associate with a lot of commitment and hard work.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)  has been a very informative source of news and information as long as active animal rights activists like our unforgettable Slavica Mazak Beslic could provide the necessary know-how and information ‘from the ground up’.  We were a great and effective team – Slavica provided the news (from Serbia) and we then created posts on the site for the world to read and view.  We also took our campaigns to the heart of the EU in Brussels, and opened and banged on as many doors as we could.

Our dear friend Slavica tragically passed in 2020, and both of us, have tried to keep the SAV blog going by reproducing the (non Serbian animal) news that also appeared on our primary World Animals Voice (WAV) blog  World Animals Voice – Animal news from around the world. .

After much deliberation, we realized that this global approach is no longer the original purpose of the founding of SAV, so we have decided not to write special postings for SAV and instead offer simple links to current WAV topics.

SAV Facebook (20+) Serbian Animals Voice | Facebook was also created by us back around 2005 as a ‘talking shop’ for animal rescuers and wonderful ‘animal people’ throughout Serbia.  Now, with more than 1,300 members from the animal community, it still maintains that ‘animal protection’ policy on the whole, but we have also noticed recently that it is now being hijacked by others who are interested in anything but animals and their welfare.  This attitude goes against all the principles that SAV Facebook for Serbian animals was founded for all those years ago.

So, with immediate effect, we are thus withdrawing our involvement for SAV Facebook; and will have no further involvement with any control / input into the site.  It is sad when a few non animal people are spoiling things for the vast majority of brilliant animal welfare people in the Balkans by their actions.

World Animals Voice (WAV) World Animals Voice – Animal news from around the world. will very much continue to be the prime site for the posting of information, actions, and discussion topics involving animals the world over.  Many of you; our friends and supporters, have been involved with us on this long and traumatic journey to date; we have always welcomed your support and kind comments, and we trust that you will stay with us on this new journey we are taking now down a different path.

SAV will remain as a site and will NOT be closed down.  It has over 16 years worth of very informative archive material associated with the fight for justice for stray animals in the Balkans states.  All of this information will be retained and is available to anyone who wishes to visit for information and view photographs and / or videos.  Simply go to Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) | a voice for the voiceless and select from the ‘Categories’ on the right side, or from the ‘Archive’ on the left.

Finally; we wish all of our animal friends who we have worked with in the Balkans over the years all the very best with their continuing work for animals in need. You are all fantastic people and have our utmost respect for what you do; many of you have become our personal campaigner friends; and we wish you all every success with your future endeavours to put the wrongs right.  Animal people around the world must unite and continue to work together in order to achieve success.  We, through World Animals Voice, will continue with our work and our long term goal of giving voices to our voiceless animals friends.

We hope that you will remain loyal to us and continue to support us in our work, even after this new order.

best regards to you all,

Mark and Venus.


Above – Slavica – a wonderful person and campaigner friend.

Dr. Medicine Slavica Mazak Bešlić – A Dear Animal Campaigner Friend Lost Today. – World Animals Voice

for Slavica Mazac-Bešlić – World Animals Voice

Below – The fight for Serbian strays. This dog has been sterilised and wears a red ear tag to prove it and make this clear. Balaclava clad Shinters (dog catchers) take no notice of this tag, and dart him with drugs which are now taking effect. They wait as you can see, on the street, to take him and then kill him. How do you fight actions like this ? – you try, and try, and try …… and keep on..

Thanks to Maria and Paul for making Serbia No. 1 in their song ‘Unite’:

South Korea: April Newsletter – Fighting the Dog Meat Trade – Actions and News.

Korean Dogs latest newsletter – please click here to read and take actions:!_New_Call_for_Action__&utm_medium=email

Watch the video and take actions as required by the above link;

Regards Mark

Sweden: The Swedish breeding program for farm cats has been withdrawn. Positive News.

The Swedish breeding program for farm cats has been withdrawn

15 April 2021

Svenska Djurskyddsföreningen


At the end of 2020, the Swedish Board of Agriculture approved a breeding program for farm cats, which has been criticized in a letter from Svenska Djurskyddsföreningen.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture has come under fire after approving a farm cat breeding program in December, primarily because the program recommends that cats that are allowed to roam freely outside to be fertile, which would increase reproduction and result in an increase in unwanted, abandoned, and feral cats. 

On March 23, Svenska Djurskyddsföreningen wrote to the Swedish Board of Agriculture, asking them to reconsider the approval, in part because it violates animal welfare rules that require cats that go outside to be neutered or prevented from reproducing uncontrollably.

Following the outpouring of criticism, the authority decided to re-examine the case and announced that they are withdrawing the approval.

“We understand the criticism and regret that the case has not been sufficiently examined from an animal welfare point of view. We share the view that the breeding program does not live up to the animal welfare rules in all respects and therefore withdraw our approval”, said the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s head of animal welfare, Helena Elofsson.

swedish cat – Google Search

Sweden Cat by IvanBrussia on DeviantArt

Read more at source

Svenska Djurskyddsföreningen – Godkännande av avelsprogram dras tillbaka

English –

Further reading on this issue:

Regards Mark

Enjoy: Amy was an English singer / songwriter – taken from us at 28 years of age. What a powerful voice.

There is no justice in this world.

Animal shelter ALBA- Berlin/ Bosnia=a crime syndicat

For a few days, gruesome pictures of dead dogs have been circulating on social media in the so-called quarantine station of the shelter for abandoned animals in Stranjanin, which is managed by 𝗝𝗞𝗣 𝗔𝗟𝗕𝗔 𝗭𝗲𝗻𝗶𝗰𝗮 (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

ALBA Zenica is a location of ALBA Berlin GmbH.

In autumn last year, employees at the ALBA Zenica animal shelter in Bosnia and Herzegovina published shocking photos and videos.
The disturbing recordings document the daily suffering of the animals in narrow, dirty cages and the barbaric, massive killing of dogs in the animal shelter.
In recent months, PETA Germany has been in close contact with the informants and Bosnian-Herzegovinian animal rights activists who brought these atrocities to the public.

According to information available to PETA, the ALBA Group Berlin has been financing an animal shelter of the subsidiary Alba D.O.O. since January 2017. (Alba Ltd.) in Zenica, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.
The shelter is owned by the city of Zenica.

As the leaked photo and video material show, the dogs in this facility are neglected and tortured, which is a clear violation of the regulation on the operation of animal shelters.
The images show the rotting bodies of deceased puppies, dogs with sad eyes that are vegetating in their own feces and urine, dirty, empty bowls.

One-shot shows a mother dog with her babies: the dogs are locked in a tiny cage, stacked on top of each other so that they cannot move or stretch out. The material also shows photos of emaciated and already deceased dogs that are scattered in the rain-soaked area.

Continue reading “Animal shelter ALBA- Berlin/ Bosnia=a crime syndicat”


WAV Comment – from our animal friends at OIPA in Milan, Italy.  You can send a letter as per the draft at the end of this post, or modify it to say what you want.  E mail addresses are also given.  Thanks.


The list of countries that brutally and cruelly kill street dogs and cats rather than using ethical methods to keep under control strays’ population is getting longer day after day.

The Pakistani government has been recently planning to cull 25,000 stray dogs within the next 60 days. The mass killing has started in the tehsils of Lodhran, Kehror Pakka and Dunyapur under the special directive of Commissioner Javed Akhtar Mahmood.

Many people across the world might not know it, but this is not a method recently introduced in the country. More than 50,000 dogs die every year on the streets of Pakistan and it is the government itself to order the mass killing and poisoning of the animals in almost every city of the country. They are shot or poisoned and then their dead bodies are collected by municipal workers, loaded and piled onto trucks for disposal. Karachi and Lahore have the highest rate of dog killings each year with over 20,000 dogs killed in these two cities alone. For smaller cities, the average rate per year is between 3,000 and 6,000 dogs

Citizens still believe this cruel and inhumane method is the only solution and many take part in the killings by hanging or poisoning stray dogs on the streets.

As affirmed by Sonia Saher, who runs a sanctuary for rescued street dogs in Pakistan called Stray Animals Safety and Control Authority Pakistan (SASCAP) : “The government of Pakistan has no animal protection laws, no law on criminal offenses against animal abusers and an open policy of killing stray dogs on an annual basis.”

Pakistan being a signatory member of the World Organization on Animal Health (OIE) should ensure the five basic freedoms for animals

  • Freedom from hunger, thirst and malnutrition by ready access to fresh water and food
  • Freedom from fear and distress by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering.
  • Freedom from discomfort by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour by providing sufficient space, proper facilities, and company of the animal’s own kind

We have decided to write to the Prime Minister Imran Khan and to the Minister of the Attorney General asking the following:

  • stop the legalized mass culling of innocent animals;
  • replace this inhumane practise with an ethical TNVR (trap-neuter/spay-vaccination- release) programme;
  • work on community awareness;
  • establish a cooperation with local and international NGOs that can provide expertise in stray dogs’ management.

Read the letter to the Prime Minister 👉 click here


✍️ Write a letter to the PM–

You can copy or modify the text below but remember to be always polite! Our objective is to save dogs

“Dear Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan,

I appeal to your kind attention asking to stop the legalized mass culling of stray dogs in your country. It is not acceptable that Pakistan, actively engaged in the United Nation, still uses in 2021 such a cruel and barbaric method against innocent sentient beings, involving in the killings its own citizens instead of educating the community to a pacific coexistence with animals. Please, replace this inhumane practise with an ethical TNVR (trap-neuter/spay-vaccination- release) programme, work to increase community awareness, cooperate with local and international organizations that can provide expertise in stray dogs’ management,  build shelters properly managed in order to keep under control the overpopulation of stray dogs and prevent diseases such as rabies. Follow the recommendations of OIPA and other organizations. Bring a positive change for your actual
and coming generations. Don’t hurt animals anymore.”

India: 21/3/21 – Latest Super Rescues and Recoveries From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

WAV Comment:  Here is the latest videos from friends Erika and Jim who founded ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ in India.  I enjoyed watching all the rescues and recoveries; but especially enjoyed the story of Nellie Bell, who was ridden with severe mange and infected wounds; but who after the wonderful work by the AAU team, was transformed into a beautiful little dog which you can see at the end of the video.

Enjoy – sad starts but as always, happy endings.

Regards Mark

Baby stuck in her birth canal but Apricot was rescued in time for emergency C-section

We don’t know how long the little expired body was stuck in this mother’s birth canal,but we were so glad someone saw this crisis and called us to rescue her in time to save the mother’s life and her babies inside. Once back in our hospital, our medical team assessed that she would not be able to deliver the remaining puppies normally and needed an emergency C-section.

We named her Apricot, and when her youngsters were a little older, we returned the family to their beautiful neighborhood.

Please save a life with emergency surgery.

Rescue of Little Maharana trapped in a sewer.

Animal Aid Unlimited on Instagram: “A young calf was trapped deep inside an underground sewer. The debris and filth floating in the water made this rescue particularly…”

A young abandoned boy calf was trappeddeep inside an underground sewer. Thedebris and filth floating in the water made this rescue particularly difficult. Using a headlamp, our rescuer had to wade through the dirty water and then lift the calf into a position where he could bring him back to the opening, where many waiting hands of passers-by were ready to help hoist him, weakened and waterlogged, up and out of the sewer. We brought him back to Animal Aid to give brave Little Maharana plenty of rest, good food and love.

Please donate for the most difficult rescues.

Transforming the spirit of Nellie Bell, who almost scratched herself to death.

This dear girl was literally falling apart, suffering from advanced mange and a wound she had probably caused by scratching.The wound on her back had become infested with maggots.

All her strength had been spent just to stay alive as long as she had.She didn’t even react during her first treatment and this made saving her all the more incredible. It wasn’t just her body that was restored. It washer being and her self that seemed to heal at the same time.

You might find yourself saying, “This just cannot be the same dog!” But look deep into her eyes, and you’ll see who was hiding there all the time.

To give life and joy to animals who had lost all hope, please donate.

Pumba gets a new home!

Pumba’s new family is giving him a loving home, lots of space, peace and beauty.We found in his new family a beautiful commitment to nurture this most innocent boy.

We rescued Pumba a year ago after he was abandoned by his owner, morbidly overweight and unable to walk. It took months of care, physio, exercise, coaxing and love to get him back on his feet, but was it ever worth it.

Click here to watch Pumba’s recovery video.

With a poignant tear of joy, we’re so happy to share his gorgeous spirit with people who will love him as we do.

Woof, wonnnnh, moooo and WOW!

Sponsor an Angel today!

Living with sanctuary sweethearts whose permanent home is Animal Aid makes bonds strong between the animals and their caregivers, both staff and volunteers. Some of our animal family were rescued from abuse. Others had been in life-threatening accidents.

Each sanctuary animal is part of the soul of Animal Aidand your support makes it possible to give them life-long shelter and care.

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Please click here to sponsor a sweetheart today:

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USA: Petition – Teen Faces Federal Charges For Creating Horrific ‘Crush’ Videos Of Tortured Cats And Dogs – Animal Victory. Please Sign for Maximum Punishment.

WAV Comment – Crush videos are just the worst; kittens and puppies having stiletto heels dug into the eye sockets by bent, sadistic scum like this who want to get more ‘likes’.  They are mentally sick humans; and when caught need to feel the full impact of the law.  Please sign the petition now.

Teen Faces Federal Charges For Creating Horrific ‘Crush’ Videos Of Tortured Cats And Dogs

An Indiana teen is facing federal charges for making and distributing animal crush videos. The authorities arrested Krystal Cherika Scott, 19, of Kokomo, Ind., for Making and Distributing Animal Crush Videos, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 48 (the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act).  

Scott brutalized innocent animals in unimaginable ways. A press release from the United States Department of Justice’s Southern District of Indiana Attorney’s Office states that Scott posted images and videos of herself torturing and graphically killing cats and dogs by hanging, skinning and other means. 

Scott could be sentenced to seven years in prison and may face up to $250,000 in fines. Please help us as we fight for the maximum punishment – Scott must be put behind bars for as long as possible for her sadistic crimes! 

Petition link : If the first link does not work, try the second – WAV.

Teen Faces Federal Charges For Creating Horrific ‘Crush’ Videos Of Tortured Cats And Dogs – Animal Victory

Teen Faces Federal Charges For Creating Horrific ‘Crush’ Videos Of Tortured Cats And Dogs – Animal Victory

Innocent puppies and kittens were brutally tortured and Scott posted their suffering to social media platforms. Images of the dead animals were posted to Instagram and Tik-Tok as recently as July 8.

FBI investigators found animal parts and skulls at Scott’s residence “that were consistent with the size of cats and dogs.” They also seized a cell phone from Scott which was used to create the videos which were posted on social media. Investigators determined that Scott obtained the animals by responding to online ads from people who were trying to give away their unwanted pets.

Scott’s behavior is abhorrent and dangerous. Special Agent in Charge Paul Keenan, FBI Indianapolis, stated:

“Animal abusers have total power over that animal and, if someone is willing to be that cruel to an animal, evidence suggests they may target vulnerable humans as well.”

Krystal Cherika Scott must pay for the torture and pain she inflicted on the innocent animals who wound up in her possession.

Please sign the petition, which will be presented to Assistant United States Attorney Tiffany Preston. This horrific abuse cannot and will not be tolerated!

South Korea: Very Positive News To Stop Dog Meat Farms. Korean Government Seeks to Recognize Animals as ‘Living Beings,’ Not ‘Objects’.

WAV Comment – Hats off to all the crew involved in fighting the dog meat campaign in South Korea.  Like live animal transport which we are also fighting and are deeply involved in, we appreciate that these things are never easy to get positive results with.  But, in the end, good always wins over evil, and we see their news as a real positive; it also gives us hope with all our own work – the South Korean Ministry of Justice announced plans recently to amend the civil code to remove animals from the category of ‘property’ and designate a possible third category, in a bid to ensure their basic legal rights.”.  That is excellent news.

We congratulate the team for all their hard work in efforts to change this despicable trade.

Despite things looking more positive with regard the future, it does not mean that campaigning stops; quite the opposite – it must really go on now until victory. 

In the newsletter (link given below at the end of this post), you will find many actions you can continue to take.  Actions which must continue to be taken until this abuse is stopped for once and all.  Please support the fight to get what we now see as a very positive move froward.

Regards Mark

You can view all of our past work in this campaign by visiting:

Search Results for “south korea” – World Animals Voice


Korean Government seeks to recognize animals as ‘living beings,’ not ‘objects’

Our relentless campaign over the years is starting to pay off👍


The Korea Times reported on March 16, 2021, “ For a country with around 1.5 million pet owners, Korea’s legal framework for animal protection has been considered relatively weak, leading to low public awareness on animal welfare, and lenient punishment for animal cruelty.

A major reason for this, pointed out by many animal rights activists, is because the civil code defines animals as “objects,” not living beings.

Under the current law, animals are regarded as the property of their human owners, something that can be owned, traded and controlled without any of the basic rights that are given to people.  Therefore, animal abusers often face relatively weak punishment proportional to their level of cruelty, as their sentences are based on the Property Damage Law and Animal Protection Law.

But this may change, as the Ministry of Justice announced plans recently to amend the civil code to legally recognize animals as living entities. 

In response to an increasing number of people who perceive companion animals as part of their family, the ministry said that it will remove animals from the category of property and designate a possible third category, in a bid to ensure their basic legal rights.”

Click here to read the Korean Dogs newsletter online:!!!__Korean_Govt_seeks_to_recognize_animals_as_living_beings_not_objects_!_&utm_medium=email


UK / Nigeria: Undercover investigation by UK television shows that Nigerian wet markets operate as normal; and that this is another Covid pandemic waiting to happen. Disturbing Footage.

Nigeria:  Undercover investigation by UK television shows that wet markets operate as normal; and that this is another Covid pandemic waiting to happen. Disturbing footage, as are all wet markets that involve live animals.

ITV News (UK) has secretly filmed in Oluwo Fish Market, a wet market just outside Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city.

‘It’s going to happen again’: Fears wet markets could lead to another deadly disease

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Lucy Watson

Inside the market, ITV News

Oluwo Fish Market teems with life. It is a wet market just outside Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city.

ITV News secretly filmed there – a place awash with animals – alive and dead. Scientists believe wet markets are a breeding ground for disease, a high risk environment, from where the next pandemic could emerge.

The very concept of a “wet market” means the presence of blood and bodily fluids.

It is a marketplace selling fresh meat and fish, as opposed to a “dry market” that sells durable products.

Not all wet markets sell live animals. Not all of them trade in wild and exotic animals, but some do, and some of those have been linked to outbreaks of zoonotic diseases, where an infection crosses the species barrier from animal to human. Exhibit A. Covid-19. The pandemic that allegedly originated at the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, China.

Video obtained by both ITV News and the charity WildAtLife shows live crocodiles having their scales removed, pangolins being kicked and abused and dogs boiled alive.

Chinedu Mogbu has rescued many animals from the wet market, ITV News.
Chinedu Mogbu has rescued many animals from the wet market.Credit: ITV News

Multiple primates were seen imprisoned in cages, the heads of others were for sale. It was difficult to watch when a baby baboon, trapped inside a birdcage, reached out to the camera grasping for freedom, as a decapitated monkey was sold next to him.

One woman reached into a brown sack and pulled out a pangolin. This species is the most trafficked animal in the world. We could buy it there for less than ten pounds.

The pangolin is a species that has been linked to the COVID-19 outbreak in China. Their scales are of high value in Asia for medicines.

The abuse of animals and the health risks for humans at this market were plain to see. It’s what the conservation group WildAtLife want to expose. Chinedu Mogbu works for them, and has rescued umpteen exotic species from there in recent months.

He said: “Nigeria doesn’t have strong laws to protect its wildlife.

Wet market animal cages
There are fears another zoonotic illness could develop at a wet market.Credit: ITV News

“Anyone can go into the forest, take a pangolin and sell it on the street. The law enforcers are not even aware of the importance or the laws that protect these animals.”

We did notice the presence of Asian buyers at this African market.

Any illicit, international trade would undoubtedly increase the risk of spreading disease around the globe, but Nigerian officials say they are doing enough to prevent that.

Joseph Attah from the Customs Service refused to answer more than one question on the matter though.

This was all he would say: “We have been making a lot of seizures about that, we have been seizing them and we will continue to seize them anytime we see them.”

We know, that despite our allegations, the wet market in Epe continues to thrive. Scientists are concerned that such places pose an unnecessary and high risk.

“Every single animal at a wet market is likely to have an infection,” Malcolm Bennett from the University of Nottingham told me. He is Professor of Zoonotic and Emerging Diseases.

“That general concept of bringing lots of animals and people together, and doing lots of things to them in the same place is a high risk thing to do. It’s not just a biodiversity of animals, it’s a biodiversity of disease. Some of which will spread to us.“

He said unflinchingly, “It is going to happen again.”

There is a high security lab at the university where they are analysing the affects of COVID-19 on cells.

Bringing together animals and people that don’t usually mix increases the risk of new infections, so wet markets are ideal places for cross species transmission and disease amplification.

Other viruses we know of that started out as zoonotic diseases are SARS, MERS, Ebola, even HIV.

Stopping the development of such viruses is impossible, instead we need to mitigate the risks.

In many peoples’ eyes what happens at some wet markets is unhygienic, tortuous and brutal, but in African and Asian nations it isn’t simply a case of shutting them down. There are more issues at play. They have a critical role in social interaction and for different cultures. The Deputy Director of the National Zoo, Aminu Muhammad Beli, explained.

“We cannot close the wet markets because there are certain animals that have cultural attributes to certain tribal groups. We have to devise a way of sustaining the industry,” he said.

His words are perhaps difficult to stomach when you see carcasses lying in the hot sun and live animals being butchered. Regulation and surveillance must increase though, else harmful pathogens will breed.

We just can’t predict where or how destructive they will be.

Regards Mark

Comment – I watched the investigation on UK news yesterday (16/3) – and was informed that some of the UK team rescued some of the animals and released them back into the wild where they belong. Well done ITN.