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For the dog day


The strays … they are not from the street, they are on the street…


hunde auf der Strassejpeg

abandoned from people without responsibility,  without loyalty, without heart…
they have nothing more than their lives, and they know nothing else than…

Streuner Hund in Rumänien


streuner Hund mit Pfeilen aus Spanienntortured,


streune erfrorenpgfrozen,

Samos-streune 1

fear and loneliness…

like toys that one does not need anymore and throws away
They are not toys, they are not things
they are part of the family, part of our life
friends for the whole life…
When you want a friend, adopt a dog and share your life with him.
Do not betray your friends.




My best regards to all, Venus



India: Latest Great News and Rescues From Animal Aid Unlimited – Some Great Stories of Progress for Animal Rescues.



WAV Comment

We are delighted that we have been able to give some donations to AAU very recently to help support them with their incredible rescues and post rescue care and attention for the animals. Here is the latest news below; and as you can see at the end, AAU are recruiting staff at the moment – think about applying if you are an Indian resident; working with all the animals must be so rewarding !


animal aid unlimited india

Rescuing and healing injured animals and inspiring people with happy endings is the thrust of Animal Aid Unlimited’s ongoing mission to help animals and contribute to the worldwide compassion revolution for animals.

Cruelty cases are painful to share, but Animal Aid is deeply committed to stopping cruelty in Udaipur by reporting it to the police and involving the media when possible. We are deeply proud that last week Deendayal Gora–one of our most cherished team leaders–received an award from the most senior members of the Udaipur police on Rajasthan Police Day, recognizing his vigilance in reporting animal cruelty cases for Animal Aid.


10 amazing rescues your heart will never forget

One more day and most of the animals you’re about to meet in this rescue compilation video would have been dead. Thanks to your support, Animal Aid’s rescue team was there to climb, wade, jump, run and hoist to make sure THIS would NOT be the animal’s last day. You’ll want to hold your hand over your heart as you watch these animals in the most ghastly problems get the help that saves their lives just in the nick of time. 


Please donate, because for some animals, Tomorrow is only possible with help


1st All Women First Aid Training Team

In this month’s First Aid Training batch, we welcomed our first ALL WOMEN TRAINEES TEAM, hailing from West Bengal, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. Each have substantial experience with animals, and they’re so enthusiastic and bright as they head into day 5 of their intensive week-long training.

They’ll return to their communities ready to build teams of rescuers, follow safe, effective treatment protocols, and with new skills enhancing their handling, assessments, record keeping and wound dressings. They will be able to give rabies inoculations, treat animals for pain, identify when a vet is needed, and care for animals when there is no vet available.

Please go to our website to apply for training if you are a resident of India and already rescuing or helping street animals.


Puppy trapped and drowning deep in sewage line rescued 

This puppy’s mother frantically paced back and forth at the mouth of a covered sewer line but she couldn’t find a way in. When our rescue team arrived we could faintly hear a puppy’s fading whimper. We too had trouble finding an entryway. Finally we found a rock slab we could hoist up but the puppy was still deep in the tunnel. We had no choice but to send one of the team knee deep into the sewage water, bent over and wading through it to rescue this little one on the verge of giving up. When our rescuer emerged, the baby was collapsed. We brought him back to the Animal Aid hospital so that we could thoroughly examine him. He was exhausted from fear and anguish. But as soon as he rested and ate, Barney bloomed before our eyes. Watch this furry family’s reunion at the end of Barney’s very busy day. He won’t have trouble sleeping tonight!


For little ones who get into all kinds of trouble, please donate.


Celebrate the Care-givers: Udi Bai 

Udi Bai Gameti is a tiny person with super-human strength and an ability to read the minds of animals. Udi Bai knows if a dog will eat from her hand but not from a bowl. She can lift dogs twice her size with the ease of a footballer and the gentle handling of a mother (which she has perfected through her son and daughter and the thousands of animals she has helped here.) She spreads her love among dogs suffering from traumatic wounds, mange and every illness in between. Energetic but soft-spoken, Udi Bai expresses what we consider serious love for the animals.


Improved Isolation Ward coming soon!

Many of the dogs we rescue are not only injured, but often sick and need to be isolated from dogs who are simply wounded. Dogs carrying infectious diseases will soon get a boost to their moods–and therefore, a boost even to their ability to heal. We’re building a new Isolation Ward for dogs and puppies, with improved ventilation, more space, and where staff will be able to treat runny-nosed patients in a more organised environment.


The new Isolation Ward is scheduled to open 1st August at a cost of around USD $15,000.  


Please donate to support this vital improvement. 


New hoist is an enormous help for large animals

If a cow or bull is unable to stand, they have only a few days of life left. Their stomachs fill with gas and they usually die from bloat or other complications. But when we get them in a standing position with a canvas belt for support, there is a chance they can gradually regain the ability to stand, and we can turn the saddest story into recovery. We are immensely grateful for the gift of this hoist from Kiranmal Savensukha Charitable Trust–which is a huge help to the caregivers, who have previously had to lift the cows using the strength of their own backs!


We’re Hiring!  

Animal Aid is now hiring!

Veterinary Surgeon, Office and Admin Manager, HR Manager, Video Manager, Maintenance Manager. Most of our positions are open for Indian applicants only. Please share!

Apply today!


If you love animals and want to dedicate your career to saving injured and ill street animals in India, apply today!

Working together we can end street animal suffering and can promise you an exciting and fulfilling life-long experience.




South Korea: Victory – Major dog meat market in Busan to close next month (July).

South Kores

Major dog meat market in Busan to close next month


By Jung Min-ho

After years of criticism from animal rights groups, the largest dog meat market in Busan will close next month.

According to Busan Buk-gu Office, all 19 dog meat sellers at Gupo Livestock Market have agreed to shut down their businesses by July 11.

In return, the district office promised to give about 3.1 million won ($2,700) to each of them every month until December 2020 to help them make a new start.

After announcing its urban planning project to turn the market area into a park last October, district officials tried to persuade the sellers for months to open different types of businesses in other areas.

Animal rights activists welcomed the agreement.

“We wholeheartedly welcome and support the district office’s effort to end the trade of dog meat in Korea,” four animal rights groups, including Korea Animal Rights Advocates, said in a joint statement.

“It is a big step forward, but Korea still has many such markets, including Chilseong Market in Daegu … We will continue to work with everyone to end the practice of eating dog meat.”


In addition; please check out the following:!_Notorious_Busan_Gupo_Dog_Meat_Market_to_Close_Down&utm_medium=email



Austria: “Serbia carries the animal protection to the grave”

Protest in front of the Serbian Consulate in Salzburg – the report!


österreichische Flagge
Now it was finally time – our protests against the incomprehensible brutality in Serbia animals have now taken physical form! A dozen weather-proof animal rights activists gathered in front of the consulate in Salzburg to make a first statement with a spectacular rally!

demo gegen serbia jpg

But the omens were not good; on the other hand, pouring rain paired with bitterly cold temperatures for the month did eventually do the rest, creating a somber atmosphere for the occasion.
All activists should also be dressed in black, matching skull masks made clear the motto of the day: he, the godfather, has found his home in the Balkan country, at least from the perspective of animals.

serbia demo jpg
‘Welcome to my paradise’, that’s his words! Therefore, we also brought our coffin, decorated with the words “Serbia carries the animal protection to the grave” (!!!) in front of the consulate.

Glowing grave candles and a sea of ​​banners promised to attract the interest of passers-by: “There is no excuse for animal abus” ‘was written in thick letters on the banners, “Here it stinks of animal cruelty” or “Stop the barbarism”. Also, the size and morality of a people can be recognized by how they treated his animals’ could be read; Soft toys Dogs were laid out on (fake) bloody sheets, those made of cloth, but also “real” dog goods were present (because of heavy rain, but only for a few minutes) accompanied by angry animal rights activists to show the gravity of the situation.

serbia shame on you

Whether the rally on the consulate staff made a lasting impression, this question does not arise; it can safely be answered with “yes”, as evidenced by the fact that employees filmed the events through the windows – probably on behalf of “above”; And this is exactly the reason for joy, because that alone the actual order of the demo seemed to have been reached: the message will be passed on, the ‘right people’ will talk about it! Also, the energetic appearance of an employee, who asked the police forces present to tell us that we have to remove any banners from the fence, suggests that we have hit the right nerve!

We would like to express a heartfelt thanks to the assembled animal rights activists at this point; To hold on to these conditions was a wonderful thing – you are just great, the best in the world!

My comment: It is undisputed that Serbia occupies a bad place in animal cruelty.
Serbia is not in the EU.
And certainly the extent of animal cruelty to animals – especially stray animals – will not be decisive for whether Serbia joins the EU or not.

Because then the EU should also reject the accession to countries like Greece, Romania or Spain, or, for the same reason, they should have shouted out of the EU.
Countries like Serbia are many in the EU and have not gotten better because they joined.

The Respect Animals Association claims that the actual message of the demo seemed to have been reached, but if the purpose of the activists was to make it clear to the Serbian government that there is no accession without animal welfare, the association must consider, what the EU Commissioners are say to the animal welfare law: It is a matter of the country!
Although demos in front of the consulate are therefore also a very good source of information for the public, they are not a strong pressure against the accession of Serbia to the EU.

Best regards, Venus












India: May – More Great Rescues From Animal Aid Unlimited.



animal aid unlimited india

WAV Comment – we wish dear Erika all the very best with what sounds like a bad injury. Time will heal and she will soon be back to full strength saving the many animals as always with AAU. Please support them and give a donation if possible; follow the links below. Thanks – Mark and Venus – WAV.

For the team at AAU with thanks for their dedication and compassion: 



A special introduction to this newsletter from AAU Co-Founder Erika Abrams:

This is just a quick editorial, typed with my left hand, about a subject I can’t seem to escape this week: pain and comfort. I slipped in the house and crashed down on my elbow, fracturing my upper arm in jagged line that descended into the elbow joint. During the past few days I’ve had surgery, plates, screws, staples, you name it…and it hurts.  I’ve emerged from this mishap loving Animal Aid’s staff more than ever. I am deeply impressed by how gently they treat our patients. I would have felt lucky to have had them as nurses. And with this new, uninvited consciousness of pain, I deeply thank you so much for making it possible for us to give this gift of comfort and healing to the animals who are hurting. –Erika (even hitting the shift key and the e at the same time to ‘achieve’ a capital E was difficult!)


Birju was burned and left to die. But loving help was waiting…

This donkey’s heart-breaking abuse left him stranded in the road, unable to move with scalding burns on his back that were filled with thousands of maggots. His back was almost giving out and his lower legs shredded from rope burns by an unknown cruel owner. We rushed him into treatment that would last for 200 days and is still on-going, but today, gorgeous Birju is in our forever home, safe, recovering and full of cheerful personality. His wound is still not healed because of a condition called exuberant granulation, which can slow and prevent tissue re-growth in horses and donkeys. Managing this enormous wound has taken hundreds of caring hours but we’re seeing great progress in Birju’s overall condition, and his attitude suggests that he’s now free from pain. We tell him every day that he’ll never again see his abuser, and he’ll never be forced to work again. He seems to understand.
For abused animals, let there be help. Please donate.


Tiny kitten dying in drain, rescued and…Feisty! 

This wild little sweetheart was so ill he couldn’t move, collapsed in the water of a shallow drain. When rescuers arrived, they found his face covered in blood, too weak to resist being picked up. We treated him for pain, warmed him up, and watched in wonder as his resilient little body bounced back within just a few days. And food? Well just watch this teeny tiger transform, from doubting to devouring, and then, the play fights began. Meet Feisty now!

For little tigers who need help, please donate.


Encrusted bones hid a sparkling star named Rockstar!

Sores and scabs covered this terrified boy, but nothing could hide his adorable nature once the ravaging itching from mange was under treatment. Meet handsome Rockstar-and fall in love. Every. Single. Animal. Is. Precious.


Please donate to save the next one.


Sweet baby donkey covered in puncture wounds rescued 

This little angel must have been so bewildered when his gentle world of mother’s love was turned upside down by an animal attack. We don’t know if it was a dog or even possibly a young leopard from the size of the punctures and scratches covering his backside. Daily wound dressings for a month got him healed good as new, with his mother close by at every turn. A school bus driver had spotted him and called Animal Aid Unlimited to the rescue. Without help, he would have probably soon been plagued by maggots and infection; he wouldn’t have stood a chance. But wow. Meet Snuggles now.


Please donate for street animal rescue in India.


Celebrate the Care-givers: Bheru 


Bheru Singh is hailed by many as having a terrific sense of humor –he’s needed it because of the serious nature of his work as supervisor in Puppy Isolation–temporary home to the most gravely ill little sweethearts who are showing signs of contagious diseases. Bheru has become an expert nurse, giving drips, medicine, special feeds, lots of cleaning and comforting. Working in isolation is just that: once clad in special clothing workers must completely wash and change before entering any other area of the hospital. We thank Bheru for performing a very sensitive, difficult role with such loving kindness and–when needed–humor!






England: 12/5/19 – Mark’s Garden Visitors.



I want to share with you some photographs I took yesterday evening (12/5/19) of a few visitors who come into the front garden every evening. They are coming round for some food, which I always supply; but just as importantly, and being an ex volunteer fox rescuer for the ‘Fox Project’ which is based here in Kent –

– please check out their website; I make sure I can do a very regular health check on them to make sure there are no problems; especially Mange.

So here they are; pictures from yesterday, taken from my front door. I never encourage foxes to come too close; as not everyone is like me regarding Vulpines; but if you have some in your area; they have a very sweet tooth; and love jam sandwiches, some cake, bsiscuits, sausage rolls; or any dog or cat food which is left over. I always mix this up with some really broken digestive biscuits to just ‘bulk up’ what they get.


Regards Mark


Additional link – the National Fox Welfare Society – NFWS – (England). Along with the Fox Project; both dedicated to saving, helping, and improving the lives of foxes.




Below (2 photos) – I like these; just lucky to catch the ‘eyes’ in the photos – Mark.




So; where’s the ‘Scoff’ ? – You always give me some !



Above – A good healthy tail (Brush) is always a ‘Mange Free’ sign




Below – A video from the NFWS showing the rescue and treatment of a fox with Mange – Before and After:


Update 13/5/19 – Some additional shots I took this evening – how can any tosser kill or injure these ? – they have a big problem in the voids that are called their heads ! – for me it is a real pleasure to welcome these guys into the garden each night :