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China: Yulin Has Begun; and Still Authorities Fail To Stop It. Dog Is Pig Is Cow Is Lamb Is Poultry Is Horse Is Rabbit Is Fish ….. Go Vegan and Make a Massive Difference for Stopping Animal Suffering.

The annual Yulin dog-eating festival has begun – yes, you read that right

Many Yulin restaurateurs believe that adrenaline adds flavour to animal flesh, which means the dogs are typically killed in full view of others

The annual Yulin dog-eating festival has begun – yes, you read that right | The Independent

Dog meat markets and events like the Yulin dog eating festival, which resumes this week, are rightly condemned internationally and by many in China. For most of us, the idea of killing, cooking and eating dogs – animals we often know personally and love – is enough to make us lose our lunch.

Why is it, then, that most of us can pass a fried chicken shop without batting an eyelid? During the festival, which lasts 10 days, up to 15,000 dogs will be bludgeoned and gutted, while during the same period, nearly 29 million other animals, who also value their lives, will be killed here to satisfy British appetites.

There’s no rational justification for this arbitrary double standard, especially as animals killed for the dinner table in the UK face horrors very similar to those endured by the dogs killed and eaten in Yulin, who are commonly transported there from other cities. They’re crammed into small cages and loaded onto lorries, which may then travel for hundreds of miles. The same is true for the hundreds of thousands of terrified animals still exported from the UK to the EU for fattening and slaughter.

Some dogs in Yulin are clubbed over the head. This is certainly grotesque, but it’s also business as usual for commercial fishers, who repeatedly bash in fish’s heads and beat live, intelligent octopuses against rocks in order to “tenderise” their flesh. Many sea animals – all of whom have the same capacity to feel pain as any dog or cat – experience explosive decompression, and their eyes may even burst as they’re hauled up from the depths of the sea.

Many Yulin restaurateurs believe that adrenaline adds flavour to animal flesh, which means the dogs are typically killed in full view of others. This is horrifying, but animal protection group Viva! estimates that in UK abattoirs, approximately one million pigs regain consciousness before they die of blood loss.

Abattoir veterinarian Gabriele Meurer says: “The slaughtermen are in such a hurry that they often don’t put the electric tongs in the correct position on the pigs’ heads. The pigs get only half or insufficiently stunned, wake up while they bleed and are obviously still alive and conscious when they plunge into the boiling water. Sheep are stunned just as badly.”

In the UK, 86 per cent of pigs are gassed with carbon dioxide. It takes them up to 30 seconds to lose consciousness, and during that time, you can hear their frantic squeals as they hyperventilate and try to escape the gas chamber. If the British meat industry did to dogs and cats what it does to pigs, chickens, cows and sheep, it would be prosecuted for cruelty to animals.

No animal wants to suffer and die to end up on our plates, and deep down, we know it. But from a young age, most of us are conditioned to view certain species as worthy of care and compassion and others as unworthy – all based on arbitrary human preferences.

Intentionally or not, parents, teachers, the media, and other influences send children the message that puppies and kittens are “friends”, cows and chickens are “food”, and rats and mice are “pests”. Most children are also taught that human desires, needs, and interests always trump those of any other species.

As a result, we learn to ignore our own consciences, which tell us that it’s wrong to mistreat others. We convince ourselves that we have the right to imprison animals in laboratoriesexperiment on them, and kill them because it might help humans. That it’s OK to eat ice cream made from cows’ milk because our desire for dessert outweighs a mother cow’s instinctual need to nurse and care for her baby. That keeping orcas in barren tanks for profit and entertainment is acceptable. That the enjoyment we get from casting a baited hook into the water to catch fish matters more than the pain inflicted on them when they’re pierced through the lip and yanked into an environment in which they can’t breathe.

I often think of the words of Isaac Bashevis Singer, who wrote of animals: “In relation to them, all people are Nazis.” It’s an uncomfortable notion, but who could argue with it?

We can – and must – overcome our toxic, speciesist mindset. If this pandemic teaches us one thing, surely it’s that all living, feeling beings are connected. It’s time we took an honest and hard look at our own prejudices – our xenophobia, our sexism, our racism, and our speciesism – and took a stand against violence, no matter who the victims are.

Is it too much to dream that we’ll look back and say that 2022 was the year we truly started to see ourselves in others and began treating all sentient beings with the respect and compassion they deserve?

Mimi Bekhechi is Vice President of PETA UK, Europe and Australia

386 dogs rescued from truck heading to China dog meat festival

Activists found creative ways to save dogs being killed for Yulin dog meat festival

Chinese police have intercepted a truck carrying 386 dogs to slaughter at the annual dog-meat eating festival in the southern Chinese city of Yulin, which was scheduled to start on Tuesday – the day of the summer solstice.

Footage from the scene showed the dogs were crammed into wire cages in poor conditions. On discovering the truck last weekend, animal rights’ activists worried that some of them may be suffering from infectious diseases. So they reported the truck to the police, citing the country’s legislations on epidemic prevention.

Lin Xiong, one of the activists who saw the truck being pulled over by the police, said: “It was horrifying to see so many dogs in such an appalling state, it was like a truck from hell for these poor animals … The dog meat slaughter brings shame on our country and so we will keep fighting until we see an end to this suffering.”

Ahead of this year’s Yulin dog meat festival, which draws a small crowd in the city, Chinese activists found creative ways to save dogs from being killed.

Xiao He, a Shaanxi-based animal rights activist, said he had worked for weeks with fellow activists to go through China’s existing laws and regulations to persuade the authorities to stop the event from happening.

“There are regulations that articulate how to deal with animals, for example legally required quarantine inspection certificates. But clearly those who carried the dogs did not comply with the regulations. We have to remind them as well as the authorities [of those regulations],” He said.

In 2020, China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said dogs are not “livestock” for eating, but rather companion animals.

Campaigners who have been involved in saving the dogs on board said they were of different breeds, sizes and health conditions. They said they were probably stolen household guard dogs or pets, strays grabbed from the streets, or came from other unknown sources without traceability.

After the police intervention over the weekend, the dogs were sent to be quarantined. Chinese activists told the Guardian that the dogs have now been handed over to Beijing’s Capital Animal Welfare Association, after the traders signed an agreement to relinquish their ownership of the animals.

Peter Li, China policy specialist at Humane Society International, a campaign group, said the Yulin authorities were “duped” by the traders who have falsely argued that dog meat consumption is “traditional” and part of the local dietary culture. “Dog meat consumption is supply-driven, driven by the traders, not consumer-driven. The dog slaughter in Yulin is commercial in nature, not cultural,” he said.

Li said that his team on the ground saw Yulin police trying to prevent business owners from making a show of the “festival”.

“Eaters from outside Guangxi used to be sizeable before 2014. This group has gone down drastically particularly since 2020. Most eaters are local and the number has been dwindling.”

386 dogs rescued from truck heading to China dog meat festival | Animal welfare | The Guardian

Regards Mark

Sick, but as non meat eaters would say:

A dog, is cow, is chicken, is pig, is sheep, is turkey, is lamb, is ….

So who has the right to say that dog cannot be eaten when they stuff their faces with Chicken, Bacon and more.

Go vegan, eradicate animal death from your corner.

China: Yulin Starts 21/6 – Despite All The Talk, It Appears It Will Continue.

Dear all;

You can read all of our past posts relating to Yulin by clicking on the following link:

Search Results for “yulin” – World Animals Voice

11/6 – we are not really able to get any positive news about what is happening this year; but it does look likely that the Yulin festival WILL go ahead.

I am providing a few links here for you to read if you wish:

Dog Meat Trade – Humane Society International (

Controversial 10-day Yulin Dog Meat Festival set to kick off amid cancellation, rescue efforts (

Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2022: When Is It, Why Is It Held and What Happens? (

Rescuers save dogs from being sent to Yulin meat festival to be ‘made into soup’ – Daily Star

Regards Mark

Please Support Spencer In His Work To Raise Funds For Our Great Friends At ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’, India.

I am putting a link here for an issue which is very close to me; and also for personal reasons.

Spencer has set up a fundraising site at Fundraiser by Spencer Duru : Spencer’s M.S Marathon for our Furry Friends! ( for our great friends and animal advocates at ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ (AAU) in India.

Please give anything you can to support Spencer in raising funds for AAU, no matter how small or large your donation.

We have shown all the AAU videos over recent years, and you can see them all by visiting the following:

Search Results for “animal aid unlimited” – World Animals Voice

On a personal note, I give my full support to Spencer as we have 2 things in common; and that is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and efforts for helping animals.  As a sufferer of MS for 23 years, I know exactly what he is experiencing every moment of every single day.

As Spencer says in the fundraiser:

As anyone with M.S will tell you there are many challenges involved in navigating this condition and we all have our good days and bad days.

But just because you have a long term issue such as MS, it does not mean that you cannot continue to live your life and support vital animal advocate issues the world over; as I am attempting with WAV.  AAU in India are doing some incredible rescues as you can see in the links given above;  animals that were literally at deaths door have been saved, helped to heal, and returned to full health by the wonderful team at AAU.  Supporting AAU is for sure one big thing that Spencer and I have in common.

So please support Spencer today by giving anything you can; here is the link once again:

Fundraiser by Spencer Duru : Spencer’s M.S Marathon for our Furry Friends! (

Thank you;

For the animals


UK: ‘Springwatch’ on the BBC. Starts Tonight 30/5/22.

30/5/22 – A new series of Springwatch starts tonight on the BBC television.  Join Chris, Michela and all the team as they bring us the best of UK wildlife.

For overseas visitors – hopefully the links will work and you will be able too see what this few weeks live television is about.  Broadcast every night it gives an insight into the many lives of nature with the great footage and filmwork of the BBC.

SpringwatchAutumnwatch and Winterwatch, sometimes known collectively as The Watches] are annual BBC television series which chart the fortunes of British wildlife during the changing of the seasons in the United Kingdom. The programmes are broadcast live from locations around the country in a primetime evening slot on BBC Two. They require a crew of 100 and over 50 cameras, making them the BBC’s largest British outside broadcast events. Many of the cameras are hidden and operated remotely to record natural behaviour, for example, of birds in their nests and badgers outside their sett.

Springwatch begins on the Spring Bank Holiday and is broadcast four nights each week for three weeks. After the success of the first Springwatch in 2005, the BBC commissioned a one-off special, Autumnwatch, which became a full series in 2006. Winterwatch began in 2012, broadcast in January or February.

Springwatch returns with three weeks of live programmes showcasing the restorative power of nature – Media Centre (

Hannah’s ‘How to’ Videos – click here:

BBC Two – Springwatch, 2020, Hannah’s how to videos

How to help wildlife – click here:

BBC Two – Springwatch – How to help wildlife

Cornish marine safari – Bing video

Live Springwatch: Day 18 🌦 2021 🐣 BBC – Bing video

Live Springwatch: Day 9 🌦 2021 🐣 BBC – Bing video

Live Springwatch: Day 16 🌦 2021 🐣 BBC – Bing video

BBC Springwatch 2013 – Episode 2 – Bing video

Use the following link to watch many more Springwatch videos:
springwatch – Bing video

Regards Mark

Photo – Mark (WAV)

Photo – Mark (WAV).

UK: ‘Fox Day’ 2022 At the ‘League Against Cruel Sports’ (LACS.

Photo – Mark (WAV)

WAV Comment:

Its still not too late to sign up for the ‘League Against Cruel Sports’ (UK) Fox Day 2022.

Get all the information at  Fox Day brought to you by the League | League Against Cruel Sports


You can show your support for foxes across the UK, by supporting our campaigns to protect foxes in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

How will you show your support to our UK foxes? 

Foxes are beautiful and intelligent creatures, deserving of a peaceful life without fear. And yet they still face persecution by hunters and their dogs.

Sadly, this issue remains controversial. That’s why foxes need your voice right now.

Photo – Mark (WAV)

This Fox Day, add your name to show your support for the abolition of fear for Britain’s foxes.

Fox Actions | League Against Cruel Sports


From buying fox themed gifts, supporting our amazing fundraisers taking on personal challenges, to supporting future foxes, your kind support will help us protect more foxes now and in the future to ensure we end fox hunting once and for all.  

Fox Day brought to you by the League | League Against Cruel Sports

Photo – Mark (WAV)

Share your support for the foxes with all your friends and contacts:

Share your Support | League Against Cruel Sports

Regards Mark

PS – I have a real admiration and respect for foxes; so much that I spend time photgraphing them often.  Here are a few of my shots – Enjoy ! – Mark

Photo – Mark (WAV)

Before the move a few years back, a wild fox used to pop into the office; climb the stairs and chill out with me while I did computer work. I would never touch him as he was wild. After an hour or so gazing out the window, he would go down and vanish into the undergrowth to return to the wild. I told many friends about it, but they never believed; so I had to get photographic proof – so here is one of many shots of him sitting at my office window:

Photo – Mark (WAV)

These little monkeys are stealing all my berries !:

Photo – Mark (WAV)
Photo – Mark (WAV)

Shoot them with Cameras; NOT GUNS !


Dont you just love these girls – the ‘Anadin Brothers’ !

India: May 2022 Videos From The Wonderful ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

Dear Mark,

India is experiencing an unusual and dangerous heat wave.

It’s 42 degrees Celsius (107° F) and it’s sweltering.

To keep the animals as cool as possible we have air coolers, tubs full of water for animals to lie in, fans and wet towels all around the shelter.

Our amazing staff are working harder than ever,despite the exhausting weather, to protect our animals from over-heating.

Working in Rajasthan’s climate extremes takes perseverance, creativity, material resources and ready helpers.

Thank you for giving us what it takes to make this season bearable, and as much as possible sweet for the animals.

Just-Wouldn’t-Quit Kenny!

When a veterinarian in a nearby government hospital called us to rescue a dog someone had dropped there after finding him unconscious on the road, we hurried to help.

And so lucky that we did, because this sweetheart didn’t have much longer to live.We rushed him back to Animal Aid where we gave him emergency treatment for shock, dehydration and difficulty breathing.

He seemed to have a broken jaw but otherwise no broken bones. With so much blood loss, we weren’t sure he would ever fully wake up. But within a few hours, his eyes brightened and ever so slowly he seemed to absorb the idea that he was in a new place, and that he would be safe here, beginning a second chance at life. This boy’s road to recovery included 2 months of daily therapy to learn to walk again, eat and regain his cognition.

Meet our awe-inspiring little hero, Kenny, today! For angels who just won’t give up,

please donate today

Magic is about to change your idea of The Possible

When we rescued this little love, we found the biggest wound on a small cat we’ve ever had the challenge to treat. During his first days, it was incredible that he would even eat. As the large and complicated wound closed, Magic’s mind-blowing recovery gave new life to the phrase “I can’t believe my eyes.”

Just click on ‘Watch on You Tube’ to see.

For medical treatment, plus the magic wand of love: Please donate today

Out with the pain and starvation, and in with an Ocean of love.

Maggots had made an enormous wound on his neck. His pain must have been so gripping that he couldn’t eat, and malnourishment had weakened him. His striking blue eyes were bright with pain and worry. We hurried him to Animal Aid and started his treatment immediately. We boosted him with a hydration drip and started a vigorous feeding schedule, delighted that he loved his food and gained strength rapidly.

With such a large wound, it took two months for him to heal, but long before his healing was complete this loving angel had made friends with every staff member in his area, and most of the dogs too! As he recovered, his amazing eyes revealed intelligence deep as the ocean. And that’s what we’ve called him.

Pain can turn into an ocean of love. Please donate today

Earth Day 2022, for Extraordinary Earthlings

Happy Earth Day 2022, to all the animals, people, forests, seas and all who live within them, may we be lucky enough to be happy.

And may all who are strong and happy extend ourselves in the service of those who are not. Earth Day 2022, for Extraordinary Earthlings

animalaid_india on Instagram: What a wonderful world we have! Let’s try our best to protect it and all of the wonderful beings within it! Happy Earth Day 🌎…

Go shopping here;

Animal Aid Unlimited Shop

Regards Mark, and ….

Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim, and the Animal Aid Unlimited team.

India: Animal rescue group endeavours to stop illegal sale of dogs in Dimapur.

Dimapur, May 4 (EMN): Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Dimapur, an animal rescue group, along with the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC), Veterinary department Dimapur and Dimapur Police conducted a surprise checking on illegal sale of dogs at Supermarket on Wednesday.

The first surprise checking was carried out in the presence of Gaon Bura Union (Sardar) president and general secretary.

The rescue team at Supermarket in Dimapur on Wednesday.

[Also read: Pet lovers in Nagaland campaign against animal cruelty]

A member of SPCA told Eastern Mirror that the exercise was planned a few days ago but most of the vendors, who used to openly sell dogs at Supermarket, were not around when the team visited on Wednesday.

“We supposed that they may have received the information on the checking as there were very few in the market with puppies,” said an animal rights activist.

As it was the first day of checking, the vendors were let off with stern warning against selling of dogs openly on the streets and within the market, said the animal rescue group, adding that most of the vendors were not aware of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 under Section 11(1), enacted to prevent cruelty to animals including stray dogs.

The vendors were made aware of the law; that if anyone is found openly selling dogs, cruelly tied up in sacks, they will be fined INR 500 or imprisoned for a period of three months and the dogs will be taken away to shelter home.

It may be mentioned that 90% of the dogs are sourced from Assam to the market in Nagaland especially in Dimapur and there are around minimum of 10 vendors selling the dogs at Supermarket unaware of the laws against it.

The rescue group said that although the fine amount was INR 500, which may be a lesser amount compared to the amount they may receive by selling a dog, the vendors may not risk to be imprisoned for three months.

It may be recalled that the DMC in coordination with the State Animal Welfare Advisory Board Nagaland (SAWAB-N) and Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) had cautioned any person dealing in any inhuman manner towards animals could be prosecuted as per the provision of the Act on April 21.

Also, the DMC administrator had notified all the concerned that the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act 1960 under Section 11 (1) protects all animals whether domestic or wild, which requires them to be treated in a humane way during transportation, rearing or even while being slaughtered for meat.

The SPCA informed that the surprise checking will be done at regular intervals and requested everyone to immediately inform them if they come across anybody selling dogs openly in the market in Dimapur through – 9774020656, 9884993292, 8837493971.

Animal rescue group endeavours to stop selling of dogs in Dimapur – Eastern Mirror (

Regards Mark

UK: Animal Advocate Oldies, and Still Getting Stronger.


The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS), formerly known as the League for the Prohibition of Cruel Sports, is a UK-based animal welfare charity which campaigns to stop blood sports such as fox hunting, hare and deer stalking; game bird shooting; and animal fighting. The charity helped bring about the Hunting Act 2004 and Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002, which banned hunting with hounds in England, Wales and Scotland.

Thanks to our friends at Wikipedia:

  • 1924 – The League was founded by Henry B. Amos to oppose rabbit coursing[7] – he was successful in achieving a ban. This resulted in the organisation expanding its remit to include other blood sports – such as fox, hare and deer hunting.
  • In 1935, Amos was jailed briefly for throwing a copy of Henry Stephens Salt‘s Creed of Kinship through a stained glass window at Exeter Cathedral during evensong
  • He first became interested in vegetarianism in about 1886.
Henry Brown Amos (24 May 1869 – 22 October 1946) was a Scottish animal rights activist, humanitarian and vegetarian.
  • 1975 – A bill seeking to ban hare coursing, supported by the League, was passed through the House of Commons, but did not receive approval in the House of Lords.
  • 1978 – The League secured legal protection for otters, including a ban on hunting them. The aquatic mammal was up until that point hunted with packs of hounds, one of the reasons for their numbers declining.
  • 1992 – The League helped secure the Protection of Badgers Act, which expanded the protection of the mammals themselves to their setts. The homes of badgers are illegally targeted for several reasons, including being blocked by fox hunts to stop animals being pursued by hounds fleeing underground.
  • 2002 – Fox, hare and deer hunting and hare coursing was banned in Scotland under the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002, which was introduced by MSPs following campaigning by the League and other animal protection organisations.
  • 2004 – Fox, hare and deer hunting and hare coursing was banned in England and Wales under the Hunting Act 2004. The legislation was introduced by MPs following campaigning by the League and other animal protection organisations.
  • 2005 – The Hunting Act 2004 came into force – making fox, hare and deer hunting and coursing illegal across England and Wales.
  • 2005 – The Waterloo Cup hare coursing competition held its final meeting at Great Altcar in Lancashire, closing after 169 years following passage of the Hunting Act.
  • 2006 – A huntsman with the Exmoor Foxhounds was found guilty of illegally hunting foxes with dogs in a private prosecution brought by LACS, but the case was overturned on appeal.[8][9]
  • 2007 – Two members of the Quantock Staghounds were successfully prosecuted by the League following chasing a deer across Exmoor.[10]
  • 2008 – Two members of the Minehead Harriers pleaded guilty to chasing a fox with a pack of hounds in a private prosecution by LACS.[11]
  • 2009 – The League announced a new campaign against dog fighting, amidst news reports that there is an increase in dog fighting in London.
  • 2014 – The League celebrates 90 years of campaigning against cruelty to animals in the name of sport. Figures from the Ministry of Justice show that there have been 341 convictions under the Hunting Act 2004.
  • 2015 – Prime Minister David Cameron offered a free-vote on repealing the Hunting Act, backing down shortly afterwards following pressure form the League, MPs and other animal protection organisations.
  • 2015 – Cross-channel ferry companies stop shipping pheasants and partridges from French factory-farms to British shooting estates, following an investigation and lobbying by the League.
  • 2018 – Conservative Party drops its manifesto commitment to offer a free-vote on repealing the Hunting Act following pressure from the League, meaning no Westminster party any longer supports repealing the hunting ban.
  • 2018 – Scottish Government announces intention to strengthen the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002, which bans hunting with hounds in Scotland, following pressure from the League and other animal protection organisations.
  • 2018 – Welsh Government bans pheasant and partridge shooting on public land following campaigning and pressure from the League and Animal Aid.
  • 2018 – The Labour Party backs calls made by the League to strengthen the Hunting Act – including prison sentences for those who chase and kill wild mammals.
  • 2019 – University of Wales suspends pheasant shooting on its countryside campus at Gregynog Hall following campaigning by the League.
  • 2020 – In January 2020, an employment tribunal in Britain ruled that ethical veganism is a “philosophical belief” and therefore protected in law. This is the first time an employment tribunal in Britain ruled this. This case was in regards to vegan Jordi Casamitjana, who stated he was fired by the League due to his ethical veganism.[12

Web link: Home | League Against Cruel Sports

Photo – Mark (WAV) / East Kent Hunt Sabs.


The society was the first animal welfare charity to be founded in the world.

Founded on the 16th June 1824, by Richard Martin, William Wilberforce and the Reverend Arthur Broome, at the Old Slaughter’s Coffee House, near Trafalgar Square, London, who together agreed that the neglect, cruelty and abuse of animals was unacceptable.

William Wilberforce – One of the RSPCA founders and anti slavery staunch campaigner.

Now very close to its 200th anniversary; and going stronger than ever.

Wilberforce was an advocate and staunch campaigner for the abolition of the slave trade; which he achieved shortly before his death:

William Wilberforce – Wikipedia

This proves that animal welfare campaigners are also strong supporters of human welfare issues, as we show with our support for ‘Free Tibet’ who are based in London:


Search Results for “free tibet” – World Animals Voice

Read a lot more about the RSPCA history at:

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – Wikipedia

Web site link:  The Largest Animal Welfare Charity in the UK | RSPCA

Above are a few links to enable you to read and learn more about these wonderful animal advocate organisations;

Regards Mark.


Guns and Roses at London:

India: Springtime babies remind us how beautiful life is.

Dear Mark,

To survive, and thrive, without their mothers, babies need genuinely intensive care.

We work hard to make reassuring spaces for orphaned babies who, with each hour bringing new abilities, need safe spaces to stretch their body and minds to explore their world.

Sometimes the youngsters’ older and larger new friends are wonderful guardians. But sometimes those new friends don’t know their own strength and we have to make sure no bossy “me first!” goat gets too rowdy with a wide-eyed, weeks-old calf.

Thank you for your help that enables us to provide fencing, nesting boxes, kennels, care-givers, medical care, and daytime roaming spaces for animals, young and old to fulfil their physical and emotional needs. Through the chirps, ear-wiggles, and subtle (very subtle) blinks of a tortoise’s eye, the animals are saying thank you in their own ways every day.

Trinket’s mother rushed us to her wounded baby!

An astounding Mother-Dog-On-A-Mission led our rescue team through winding back lanes to her badly wounded baby. Her sweetheart could not appear more forlorn,blood filling his mouth, chest, and covering even his paws.He kept as still as a statue, seemingly in shock after the traumatic blow of a vehicle.

His motherwagged her tail pleadingly as we gathered up her baby, almost as if she knew we would try to help. If you can get through the heartbreak of the opening scenes, we promise you this little boy, after healing from a fractured jaw, will definitely bring you a smile today as big as his own. Meet Trinket today!

Please donate today to help mothers whose babies need urgent help.

Aatifa literally leapt into the ambulance to save her own life

This badly injured lady wriggled and snarled when our rescuers attempted to lift her to bring her to our ambulance.

But wait!

She had a bright twinkle in her eye and an eagerly wagging little stub of a tail (we suspect she had been an owned dog with an illegally docked tail and had been abandoned with her injury). She leapt away from our rescuers and headed straight for…not the bushes! Straight for the ambulance itself! She wasted no time to quite clearly say: “Open the door so I can jump in!”

Once back in our hospital we thoroughly cleaned her very serious neck wound and her healing began. But during the 4th week of her healing process, we were alarmed that she suddenly fell ill. Although we vaccinate all animals on arrival at Animal Aid, because she had most likely never been vaccinated by her owners, she was vulnerable to the many diseases present in the other rescued animals receiving treatment. She developed respiratory problems, lost weight, and after all her amazing healing, we feared we might lose her.

But oh wow! She was even stronger than we thought! Meet the simply astounding Aatifa now!

All animals deserve protection and care. Please donate today for injured and ill animals abandoned by their owners who need our help.

Cherishing Duggu as he grows up!

Who could have the heart to abandon little Duggu? One day last October, we found him wandering alone, just days old, having been abandoned by a dairy producer, most likely because he was a male calf. He was starving, barely standing, sad and confused.

Today we celebrate Duggu’s Life After Rescue: Uneventful, Non-dramatic, Not terrifying and Totally Not Heartbreaking life story after rescue! He has lived and thrived in our calf nursery-cum-sheep and goat village ever since. In case you’re wondering, it’s very common for calfs’ color to change many times as they grow. They can even go from being white at birth to black and shades of brown as an adult!

After rescue, as he bonded with his new human “mothers” and friends, nothing bad or sad has ever happened to him! He has drunk every drop of his warmed milk pressed against his human holding the milk bottle. He’s had loving care, room to romp, loads of friends, a cozy coat in the winter and fresh breeze in the spring.

Duggu is growing strong and steadily and will soon “graduate” to the area of our sanctuary where the big boys and girls live–more space, adult cows, neutered bulls and donkeys, and always plenty of youngsters too. Oh, and out there, sanctuary dogs Rimjim, Moonie, Grace and Twinkletoes remind us that they’re there too!

Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim,
and the Animal Aid Unlimited team.

We deeply thank you for your generous support, giving rescue and sanctuary to someone dear whose problem was not only physical but emotional. Duggu needed help, and behind the scenes, you were there every step of the way.

Go shopping for the animals here:

Animal Aid Unlimited Shop

Regards Mark