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Dubai UAE: Dogs and cats killed in Dubai for the Expo: LNDC writes to the Ambassador

Dogs and cats killed in Dubai for the Expo: LNDC writes to the Ambassador

28 September 2020


Removing strays animals from the streets of Dubai to take them to the desert to die: this is the decision of the Government of the United Arab Emirates which sparked protests from local and global animal rights activists.

Next year the city of Dubai will host the Expo, postponed to the next year due to the pandemic. In view of this important event, the government of the United Arab Emirates has begun a real round-up of all stray animals in order to “clean up the streets”. The captured animals are transferred to facilities that however have problems of capacity and therefore leave the animals in excess in the desert to die of hunger and thirst. This is what some local activists have denounced in recent days, even launching a petition to try to stop this massacre.

I wrote a letter to the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Italy to express my indignation for this decision” says Piera Rosati – President of our Italian member LNDC Animal Protection. “The UAE has a serious stray problem and I have pointed out that this is not the correct way to handle it. Abandoning cats and dogs in the desert to make them die will certainly not give an image of an efficient and clean country as it is in their intentions, but only of incivility and cruelty. The only right way to combat stray dogs is to activate serious and concrete sterilization programs, to encourage adoptions and to educate the population”. 

“Unfortunately, the practice of culling stray animals is also common to several European countries although it is carried out by euthanasia. In this, it must be said that – thanks to the battles carried out in recent decades by LNDC and other animal welfare associations – Italy is a model of ethics given that euthanasia is only allowed in cases in which animals are incurable or proven danger. In this regard, we launched a debate on this topic within the Eurogroup for Animals, an organization that brings together the main European protectionist associations, in the hope of being able to lead the Italian example throughout Europe and put an end to the unjustified killing of animals. company at least in our continent ”, concludes Rosati.

The only right way to combat stray dogs is to activate serious and concrete sterilization programs, to encourage adoptions and to educate the population.

Piera Rosati, President of LNDC Animal Protection

The post ‘Dogs and cats killed in Dubai for the Expo: LNDC writes to the Ambassador’ is modified from an article published by Lega Nazionale per la Difesa del Cane in their original language.

Read more at source

LNDC Animal Protection

India: September Rescues From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ (AAU).

Dear Mark,

Healing is often quicker at home than in the hospital, even when home is in the street. When animals with minor conditions are treated in their own neighborhoods, they usually feel much more calmthan if they are in a new place with strangers. People witness our Street Treatment team and participatemore in their care, and we avoid exposing animals to viruses. In the video below, we show you one of the 40 cases we treat on the street each day. We’re deeply grateful for your help. We couldn’t do it without you.

Healing little Jeelu’s massive wound.

Jeeluwas hiding as many animals do when they are suffering acute pain. Normally cheerful and always charming, this young teenage puppy must have had her skin snagged by a passing vehicle and the wound was so wide that stitching it closed was not an option. She needed several weeks of daily wound care, antibiotics and painkillers, flushing, re-bandaging and rest in order to stabilize.

The final stage of healing could take place outside the hospital.With a kind and caring family in her home neighborhood, we knew it would be safer to return her where human and animal friends would welcome her, and avert the danger of exposure to the viruses other hospital patients can carry.

Checking up on her every week, we watched Jeelu flourish, and you can too.

For small animals with big wounds: Please donate.

Tender-hearted Samson’s neck was wounded ear-to-ear.

Lacerated and infected with bacteria and maggots, themassive wound encircled this little donkey like a hideous necklace of pain. This injury was caused by the friction of a rope bound far too tight. At first the gentle victim was terrified of being touched, but as days turned to weeks in his beautiful healing process, this sweet little guy gained trust.

We’ve named him Samson, after the famous story of Samson’s great strength to right wrongs. Someday with your help animal cruelty will stop.

For all the meek and mild, let your love give strength. Please donate.

Regards Mark

England: ‘Extinction’ – Watch the Full Video Here. A ‘Must Watch’.

Hi all;

Finally managed to get a link to a copy of ‘Extinction’ as shown by the BBC on 14/9/20.

Hoped I would; and as I originally said, it was simply a matter of time.

Hopefully this video can now be viewed by you all wherever you are located in the world.

My original article link:

This version is a must watch and especially should be viewed by politicians and those in power who CAN make the changes; so if you can pass it on to any in your ‘patch’ then all the better.

It is the full 1 hour version as per the original programme.

Here is the video but I also show the link below.

Link –

Please watch; get angry; get annoyed. Upset, whatever; rage and repent over what is shown, but please take the message on board – the planet needs you and all others to give a shit. 

Pass the video (or link) on to whoever you consider it worthwhile.

Thanks and Regards


France: Every summer, up to 120,000 pets are abandoned!!

The summer of 2020 looks quite a bit different than its predecessors.

As worldwide deaths from COVID-19 creep dangerously close to one million as of August 2020, this season is plagued by stress, fear, and doubt, when historically it is a time that people use to travel, relax, and take a break.

Unfortunately, in France, people are not only taking a break from slowing the spread of COVID-19 — lifts in lockdown have led to new cases soaring to about 3,000 per day — but they are taking a break from their pets. This isn’t even a new occurrence.
Every summer, up to 120,000 pets are abandoned in France.

Sign the petition and urge French lawmakers to pass legislation that would deter people from getting pets they cannot care for, and that would make it easier to find and prosecute those who abandon their animals!

Tied to poles near busy streets.
Trapped in cardboard boxes, thrown on the curb in the dead of night. Wandering secluded areas, lost and hungry.
These are just a few of the descriptions of how animals in France are abandoned by their owners.

But why would someone do such horrendous things to animals they willingly brought into their homes in the first place?

Maybe they started seeing a new partner who doesn’t like dogs.
Maybe that kitten they thought was so tiny and cute grew into a bigger cat than they imagined.
They didn’t realize how much medical care for that puppy would be.
They bought that pet for their child, who grew up and decided they weren’t interested anymore.

Whatever the reason, each of these pets meets the same sad fate — surrendered to a shelter, or even worse, abandoned to hopefully be saved by a kind passerby before succumbing the hunger, harm, or the elements.

It’s been a national problem for quite some time, but one can only assume that the global pandemic will make it far worse. People are antsier than ever to get away, with one lockdown behind them and an inevitable second in their future.

But during the first lockdown, more people than ever adopted or fostered a pet — with unlimited time on their hands, and the need for a reassuring presence closeby, why not?

What these people may not have considered is that pets are commitments that last years, even decades, not a few months. Now, unwilling to sacrifice their already irresponsible travel plans, they are shirking their pet-owning responsibilities.

But a member of Parliament, Corinne Vignon, is working to bolster the rights of these pets by making pet-owning a serious, legal commitment.

Vignon owns multiple cats who all originally strayed, and this bill is very clearly coming from a place of care and compassion for abandoned animals.
The law would make tagging pets completely mandatory so that anonymously deserting a dog, cat, or another animal is basically impossible.
It would also increase the age at which one can obtain an animal, increasing the likelihood that those adopting pets know the magnitude of the responsibility, and are more likely financially able to provide for their animal.

This bill is an obvious win for animals in a country where owning and caring for a pet is simply not taken seriously enough.

Sign the petition today and ask that the French Parliament pass this bill!



And here is a moral message, very understandable and not just for the French!


adespoto. gr

We very much welcome the initiative of Parliamentarian Corinne Vignon, and of course we will support her in her efforts.


My best regards to all, Venus


WAV Comment – Wow ! – double wow ! – what a truly fantastic lady.  A dream; a vision to help and protect animals; now put into practice.  We fully support her vision for the future and wish her and her team the very best in promoting animal welfare and veganism in Bangladesh. 

Animal protection is now an issue for many across the world; and we (WAV) have seen recently from our Clustrmap (global visitors – ) that people are visiting us from places we never dreamt of in the past to read and learn about protecting animals; and for us, this can only be seen as the very best news.

On the days when I feel like I don’t want to do this anymore because it’s too hard, I remind myself that there was a time when I didn’t do anything, and I wasn’t happy. Even the worst day of doing something is better than the best day of doing nothing.”

“No matter how absurd an idea may seem, if you put your mind to it, you can.”


Ask Rubaiya Ahmad about her proudest achievement on behalf of animals, and her answer is immediate.

Rubaiya Ahmad. Photo by Julie O'Neill.

“Stopping dog culling in Bangladesh,” she says.

Seven years ago, Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital and largest city, was a different world for free-roaming dogs. They were almost constantly hunted by government cullers as part of an ineffective bid to control the country’s rabies problem.

Friendly dogs, including beloved pets, were the easiest targets, sauntering over to anyone who stretched out a hand. Savvier victims were caught using badger tongs, devices on poles that clamped around dogs’ heads inside their mouths, causing excruciating pain. Cullers typically then injected dogs with poison and cut off their tails as proof of the kill. To inflate their numbers, cullers sometimes cut single tails into several pieces to turn in to their overseers.

One night, this happened to Kashtanka, a light brown, grinning dog who Ahmad had cared for since she was a puppy. Kashtanka was one of three street dogs Ahmad began looking after when she returned to her native Bangladesh in 2006 after a decade living in the United States. She was renting a tiny studio apartment at the time and felt it would be cruel to keep the dogs inside. But she’d had them vaccinated and sterilized, had bought them collars and fed them every day, and all of her neighbors knew they were Ahmad’s.

Rubaiya Ahmad with one of the free-roaming dogs that Obhoyaronno treats

Two of the dogs, including Kashtanka’s mother, Rosha, were able to escape. But Kashtanka was young and trusting and likely greeted the cullers who grabbed and poisoned her. Ahmad remembers it like yesterday. She got a call from her building’s night guard saying that Kashtanka was being taken. She chased after the cullers and found Kashtanka in the back of their truck, lifeless, still wearing her collar, on top of a pile of other dogs.

“Even the worst day of doing something is better than the best day of doing nothing. It’s more difficult to do nothing.”

It was an experience that changed her life’s focus. Ahmad founded Bangladesh’s first animal welfare organization, Obhoyaronno – which roughly translates to “Sanctuary” – in 2009. In 2012, after Obhoyaronno launched a program to sterilize and vaccinate free-roaming dogs in line with World Health Organization protocols for rabies control, Dhaka city agreed to end dog culling. In 2014, Obhoyaronno successfully petitioned Bangladesh’s high court for a national injunction against culling, as well as against animal sports such as bull and cock fighting. There are still occasional incidents of dog culling outside of Dhaka, but today, for the most part, the practice has ended across Bangladesh.

“Whenever people tell me that what I do is really difficult and that they could never do it, I just tell them the same thing I tell myself when things get difficult: that it’s more difficult to do nothing,” says Ahmad, formerly an IT consultant. “On the days when I feel like I don’t want to do this anymore because it’s too hard, I remind myself that there was a time when I didn’t do anything, and I wasn’t happy. Even the worst day of doing something is better than the best day of doing nothing.”

“Any platform that allows me to talk about veganism, I take that opportunity.”

With Obhoyaronno’s clinic and spay-neuter program going strong, Ahmad has turned her focus to promoting veganism. Because of her work, local schools have adopted Meatless Monday, popular hotels and restaurants have added veg choices, and Bangladesh’s top-ranking grocery store chain has installed vegan sections. Ahmad gives talks on animal welfare and vegan eating almost anywhere she is asked, shares information and recipes on social media, and writes a regular column, A Vegan’s Diary, in Bangladesh’s largest English-language newspaper. She holds vegan brunches and recently launched a new online vegan food delivery platform, The Bangu Vegan. The venture delivers vegan meals every Monday, hosts supper club events and supplies vegan food items to local retailers. Ahmad also uses The Bangu Vegan to do advocacy and offer cooking courses.

“Any platform that allows me to talk about veganism, I take that opportunity,” Ahmad says.

In Bangladesh, even things as simple as vegan menu options are a breakthrough, she notes. She says figuring out the right messages and how to present them has been difficult, but it’s also been a big key to her success.

“We got our way by speaking in a language they understood.”

“We’ve focused very much on the scientific approach to things, as opposed to being emotionally driven,” Ahmad explains. “When we started talking about our dog population management program, we didn’t talk about animal welfare. We talked about rabies control and how many kids were dying of rabies in Bangladesh. We showed the government that how they’ve been killing dogs for 50 years has not changed the rabies situation – it escalated it, if anything. And in the end, they stopped killing dogs. We got our way by speaking in a language they understood.”

Free-roaming dogs at Obhoyaronno's clinic

Obhoyaronno’s spay-neuter program has now sterilized more than 16,000 free-roaming dogs, and the organization recently entered into a partnership with Dogs Trust International that has allowed Obhoyaronno to expand its clinic and gain critical surgical training.

Ahmad has also taken a science-based approach in her efforts to reduce animal-product consumption.

“The less you create the divide of us versus them, the better, because no one likes to be judged or told what to do.”

“We focus primarily on the health aspect. Eventually, at the right time and with the right platform, we’ll bring in animal welfare, like we do with our dog work now. We openly talk about how inhumane it is to kill dogs, and no one questions that now.”

She says it’s important, too, for activists to see themselves as part of the communities they work in.

Rubaiya Ahmad and her team at Obhoyaronno
The Team

“The less you create the divide of us versus them, the better, because no one likes to be judged or told what to do. It helps me to remember that I couldn’t care less about animals when I was young, and I ate meat until I was 30 years old.”

The progress she sees, even when it’s incremental, motivates her to keep going.

“It’s the changes in the community, the changes in mindset – every time an animal is saved or someone chooses a vegetarian meal because of what I posted on Facebook,” Ahmad says. “It’s so funny, I’ll post something, and two or three people will comment, and I’ll think no one cares. And then the next week, five messages will show up with pictures of vegetarian food, saying, ‘Because of what you wrote last week, I cooked this.’”

As for what’s next, Ahmad plans to focus on legislative reforms to help Bangladesh’s animals. She knows it’s a tall order, but so was ending dog culling, and she says that’s been the biggest lesson her work has taught her – that nothing is impossible.

“No matter how absurd an idea may seem, if you put your mind to it, you can.”

Learn more and support Obhoyaronno – Bangladesh Animal Welfare Foundation and The Bangu Vegan.

Photos and interview by Julie O’Neill. Story by Corinne Benedict

Mallorca: the cat torturers of Manacor

GRISITO was one of those cats that live on the street, of those that are part of our landscape, of those that are ignored by the institutions, the same ones that should take care of and protect them.

The same ones that have legal responsibility for them.

He didn’t even have a name, now, yes, Grisito.

Grisito Bildpg

(translated text of the petition) : He was one more neighbor of Manacor, a noble cat whose only crime was living on the street and looking for life as he could.

The street is hard, seldom friendly, and almost always cruel to the most defenseless, but the street, let’s not forget, we are all.

At dawn on Saturday, August 9, 2020, he had the misfortune to run into some young residents of Manacor, who, bored with his bland life, tortured him savagely to death, with a brutal disregard for his life, the nameless cat, the invisible one, nobody’s, every one, also a neighbor of Manacor by right, suffered until his death.

They are accused, among other things, of removing one eye from the animal with their fingers and then killing it.

A neighbor in the area did not look the other way and thanks to that, 2 of the alleged perpetrators were arrested and the next day they were released pending trial (!!!)

The town of Manacor expresses its most energetic rejection of these events, we want Grisito’s cruel death not to go unpunished, we want our cat to be honored with a change in that obsolete Law, that they are never again considered objects, if not sentient beings because Grisito felt …

Justicia Para Grisito_

He felt fear and pain until his death. For this reason, we demand a review of the penal code to apply improvements in it. We also demand improvements in all municipal ordinances. We demand that the authorities fulfill their competences just as we demand effective awareness campaigns.

We are all gray, a society cannot shelter, normalize and protect such despicable acts towards a defenseless being, facts like this are the beginning of a threat to the integrity of all, we must tackle the root problem.

That is why we ask that these “beings” be applied to the maximum legal penalty and do justice for Grisito. His death cannot be in vain … but the beginning of a change.

May their suffering help other “Grisitos” to get rights and laws that protect them so as not to end their days in the worst way inside a garbage container.

Fly high, little angel, free and fearless.

Please sign the Petition:


And I mean…From the PACMA website:  These sadistic people caught this cat in the wee hours of the morning, tied it up, and tortured it for fun, gouging out one eye amid the desperate howls of the animal.

They beat him and threw him several times to the ground until he ended his life, leaving his corpse in the street as if it were a loot”.


(photos are from Twitter)

(translated from Spanish-twitter comment): “Now @damiaaalexandre and her killer friend and cat torturer @joancarralero try with whole stories to run over and run away, to avoid facing the fact that they are shits who do not deserve the air they breathe. You are garbage”.

The data are personal but not secret.
We know who they are because they are part of the Partido Popular (PP) lists, if it weren’t for that, we would be cursing them without knowing their identity since the laws protect the criminal …

That is, “thanks” to the PP they are fully identified … After this, they will no longer go on any list of any political party, they are already on the BLACKLIST.

What right to privacy can have a human carbage? Which is the right to the integrity of criminals and what is the priority of right to the save of innocents???
This is to protect criminals, it has no other name.

The name, lineage, profession, and photo of thieves, killers, animal and/or human abusers, and other slags must always be published. Since justice does nothing, let it be society itself that can judge and know who is his neighbor.

Several animalistic associations have called a demonstration in rejection of the death of ‘Grisito’, in Manacor. The protest, which was originally scheduled for August 22, will finally take place on September 5, at 7:00 p.m., in the Plaza Ramon Llull in Manacor.

Everyone has to go!

More than 41,000 signatures, on the way to 50,000 and that in just one week. The Mallorca parties take place without them!
The news appeared in the BILD newspaper, in Germany.

Manacor becomes famous thanks to these two murderers. The cat torturers from MANACOR!

My best regards to all, Venus

India: Amazing Rescues From Animal Aid Unlimited – August 2020. We Hope Video Links Work !

Dear Mark,

Happy Rakhi, to our brothers and sisters in animal protection and to our animal brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan is an important holiday here in India celebrating protection of someone you love. It expresses the bondbetween brothers and sisters, whether related by blood, or by love. Thank you, because you have expressed the real meaning of Rakhi every time you’ve helped someone vulnerable, of any species, colour, age or kind.

Orlando’s unbearable neck pain is gone!

Whoever says animals can’t speak hasn’t met Orlando. His sorrowful cries told a group of strangers that he was in excruciating pain and needed help. His worrying eyes expressed his confusion when we brought him to the examination table. And his adoring smile announced as clear as a bell that he loved his care-giver, Dhapu. Meet Orlando, whose injuries were invisible, so he told us all about them.

Animals can speak. They say “I hurt.” They say “I feel better now.”

And they say Thank You. Please donate.

Abandoned and disabled: getting Pumba back on his feet.

This sweet boy was abandoned when his guardians no longer wanted him. He may have lost his ability to walk because he was not allowed to move around. He had no strength at all. We call him Pumba, and he is one of the most adorable individuals you’ll ever meet. Watch the beautiful efforts of staff and volunteers to get Pumba back on his feet.

If you’re in India, he is available for adoption to a loving family who promises never to chain him again, and to give this very social boy at least 2 hours every day to exercise and play with dog and human friends.

And wherever you live, adopt a rescue dog.

Click here to adopt:

Surgery saved Janvi from an enormous tumour

Time was running out for this very lady-like older street dog. An enormous and rapidly-growing abdominal tumor was within weeks –maybe days–of becoming fatal. Janvi’s abundant peacefulness is a deep part of her nature. The trust she gave tells of the kindness she’s received from her human neighbours who were so glad to welcome her back after surgery.

With help, even a big problem can disappear. Please donate

Be Baby Boy’s True Love!

Sponsor Baby Boy or one of his friends today!

Baby Boy is the ambassador of the cow nation. Gentle as a kitten, he loves cuddles, kisses, and belly rubs! He was rescued in 2012 after his leg was run over and broken by a vehicle. His leg healed with time but it left him with a serious limp. When you come to Animal Aid he’ll be one of the first “people” you meet!

With your help we will give these sweethearts protection,

shelter and love for the rest of their lives.

WAV Comment – click below to see all the amazing team who help and care so much for all the animals.

Celebrate the staff: Our Medical Team!

Every morning they gather to determine the strategy for handling special cases and the day’s particular challenges. Our paravets treat animals non-stop every day from 8 in the morning until midnight, and their expertise has saved thousands of animals. Thank you Mangilal, Shravan, Pradeep, Arjun, Ravi, Himmat, Raju, Bharat, Pavan, Dr Vaibhav, and Dr Anca.

Meet the rest of the team:

Adoption means love

There is nothing better than giving an animal a second chance at a new and loving home. ❤

Slogan über adoption

It is “not just an animal” with whom you share your life, it is a heart that beats, a being that feels with you and will be grateful forever.
It is a life that wants to live.

Open your house to a friend who stays true to you for life.
Adopt an animal, never buy!

My best regards to all, Venus

India: Watch the Life Saving Work of Our Friends at ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ – and Celebrate – Better Still, Donate !




AAU June


Dear Mark,

Two of the happiest dogs alive, Rocky and Ranis video below is a heart-warming look at the lives of two orphaned puppies whose mama died in childbirth. Nurtured and adored by foster parents, they survived dangerous viruses, which orphans like these are especially vulnerable to because they’re too young to vaccinate and don’t have the natural protective immunity that comes only with their mother’s milk (cow’s milk does not provide this, and can be harmful for puppies and species other than cows.)

When they were old enough to eat on their own, they were adopted by a tremendous village family with children, elderly neighbors and a steady stream of friends.

Wherever you are in the world, when it’s time to bring a new best friend into your home, adopt a rescued dog from a shelter. Or better yet, two!



Joy’s extraordinary recovery after her lower lip was terribly injured



When we got the call that a puppy was covered in blood we had no idea how bad it could be. Her entire lip was missing. As soon as we examined her we realized that she would need urgent surgery but we didn’t know if she could fully recover from such a horrible injury.

We’ve called this little hero Joy.

And Joy is alive and well and–extraordinary. Please donate



Tiggy’s ravaging wounds and astoundingly FAST recovery

 Multiple wounds tore open Tiggy’s neck, shoulders and ear. We rescued him as he sat trembling and woozy with pain. We hurriedly gave the beautiful little victim pain medicine, hydration, bandaging and food, but the best part of his rescue was holding him close. Within days, Tiggy’s incredibly playfulness and boundless affection took over.



There’s nothing better than a happy ending. Please donate


Puppy love! There’s simply nothin’ like it!

 Rocky and Rani were orphaned when their poor mama died in childbirth. The sweethearts were immediately fostered by two devoted Animal Aid staff who cheerfully went through the midnight feedings stage, the “is this poop looking normal to you?” stage, and then to the fantastic open-road of their great health and multiple growth spurts.



With glossy coats, bright white smiles and absolute trust of humans, this pair was lovingly adopted by Animal Aid care-giver Mangi bai and her family, and their growing up has continued with play, love, and then more play.


Life should be, at times, hilarious.

Wherever you live, adopt a shelter dog. And if you live in India, click here to meet the beautiful dogs ready for adoption at Animal Aid.


Sponsor Barbara or one of her friends today!

As Barbara and 80 other sheep were being herded across a highway by an old shepherd in 2017, a truck rounded a blind corner and slammed into them, killing all but 8 souls. Barbara was one of the survivors. Badly injured with an open fracture, the shepherd could no longer care for her and brought her to Animal Aid. Shy and frightened at first, Barbara has blossomed into one of the world’s biggest sweethearts and if you sponsor Barbara, we think you’ll feel her magic. She’s way too big to curl up in your lap, but she tries to!

Click here to sponsor – or any other animal: 


Celebrate the staff: Bhavna




Bhavna’s eyes twinkle like ferry lights in a party. Since 2017 she has served with dignity, kindness and efficiency as front-of-hospital cleaning supervisor. Bhavna keeps offices inviting and tidy, cooks the meals for the dogs, and whether she’s defrosting the fridge or moving a heavy portable kennel, she always keeps us smiling.


Regards to you all and thanks for your comments and ‘thumbs up’; sorry but it impossible to write to all involved, but thank you, it means a lot to Venus and I  – Mark.