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Long Distance Transport Of Calves – UK to Spain. Where EU Regulations Fail For Animal Protection.

Published on 24 Jun 2011

Many of these exported calves will be reared in conditions that would be illegal in the UK.

Sheep exported for slaughter often travel in cramped trucks, sometimes with failed water tanks and ventilation systems.

Some of these animals may die during their dreadful journey.

Caged and Alone for Many Years – We Now Have to Get Aurora Out and Into the Bear Sanctuary. Please Donate.


AA Wish come true

Lets get little Aurora out of her life long hell hole and into a new forever home at the bear sanctuary.

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Give us today our daily meat…


Schwein tot in Blutlache jpg

The meat business is booming! Pig fattening: The animals give birth to more piglets than the sows have teats. They are much bigger, wider and heavier than they were 20 years ago. So, small and weak piglets are simply beaten to death on the stable wall. In the first few days almost all piglets are cut off the ring tails and the canines are abraded. After about six weeks they come in the mast. The huge sows have to live half their lives in crowded boxes, penned behind bars, which they often gnaw. Also the cutting off of the tails is tolerated by many authorities.

Kastration für Ferkel -Schritt 2_n

On average, every European eats almost 66 kilograms of meat per year. But do we actually know exactly where our flesh comes from and what it’s all about before it lands on our plate? What possibilities have the consumers to understand what attitude an animal comes from?

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England: Setts, Drugs and Rock and Roll.



Setts, Drugs, and rock n roll

Brian May talks about the UK government badger cull and why it must be abandoned.

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Queen guitarist, Doctor of Astrophysics, and animal rights campaigner; speaks to Oxford University over the Badger cull going on in England.

badger artworkbad cull 1badgers this is north west hunt sabs


Brian at Wembley, London – Freddie Mercury tribute concert:

Brian May Badgers

China: Petition – End the cruel practice of bear farming and bear paw soup.



Ban Bear Paw Soup in China to Protect Endangered Bears

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Petition Link 


Target: President Xi Jinping, Chinese government

Goal: End the cruel practice of bear farming and bear paw soup

A delicacy in mainland China that sells for upwards of $200 USD per bowl requires chopping the paws off a living bear and cooking the animal alive. Bear paw soup has been a specialty dish in China since the early 600s AD. The diner allegedly imbibes the strength and virility of the bear by eating the soup. Although bear farms and bear paw soup are illegal in the country, no enforcement and the high price of the commodity keeps the horrific practice going.

Bear farms across China reportedly house 20,000 bears in captivity. These bears suffer in abysmal living conditions, caged for life in spaces too small to stand up in or turn around. Many of these bears have been illegally harvested from the wild. To offer some aspect of showmanship to the preparation of the meal, the bears are often maimed and cooked in front of the dining audience. First, the paws are chopped off. Then, the bears are allegedly beaten alive to tenderize the meat and flavor the meat with blood. After the beating, the bears are dropped into boiling water, or onto hot coals, and cooked alive.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was adopted in the late 1970s by 179 nations, including China, to combat illegal wildlife trade through global coordination. Bears are supposed to be protected under CITES. Unfortunately, CITES is not a legal entity. Participation is voluntary and each country must adopt its own laws that fall within the framework of CITES. Encourage China to crack down and enforce its own laws against this disgusting practice. Not only is this animal torture cruel, but it also likely contributes to the extinction of Asian bear species. Sign this petition to demand China put an end to bear farms and bear paw soup.


President Xi Jinping,

Your country has outlawed bear farms and bear paw soup, and yet a meal that involves chopping the paws off a living bear and boiling the animal alive is still considered a delicacy. The high price tag on the meal and the lack of legal enforcement have allowed this practice to thrive. An estimated 20,000 bears are being held at bear farms, made to suffer inhumane living conditions while they await this cruel death.

This torture must stop. Not only is it barbaric and incredibly cruel, but it may also be contributing to the extinction of species like the sun bear and Asiatic black bear. Live up to your CITES agreement and do something to end the black market trade, torture. and death of bears. We, the undersigned, demand an end to bear farms and bear paw soup.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Animals Asia

Live Exports Exposed – Archive (1995) Film by the ACIG Showing British Calves Exported to Europe.

Live exports exposed: “U.K. Calves” a film by the Animal Cruelty Investigation Group – ACIG

Published on 13 May 2013

This film shows what happened to calves exported to Europe through Brightlingsea, Essex. Calves are filmed being unloaded at Nieuport, Belgium on May 10th 1995. On June 7th 1995, a different consignment of British calves were followed some 200 miles through Belgium into Holland where they were filmed being pushed into veal crates. This investigation project was undertaken by Janet Taylor from the Farm Animal Sanctuary and by Lawrie Payne and Mike Huskisson from the Animal Cruelty Investigation Group (ACIG). For more information about the ACIG please go to:

This is why the British people hate live animal exports and ‘veal’ meat which is produced from these young calves.  They take to the streets to stop it – old footage from the Dover live exports campaigns.:


This is old footage; fortunately it does not happen this way now, or does it ??

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UK: Foie Gras Is Produced to Lower Animal Welfare Standards Than the UK has; So Post Brexit, A Ban on Foie Gras Imports Into the UK Is Possible.


foie 2

Another victory for animals!

Dear Mark,

The Wallace Collection and Skylon restaurant at the Royal Festival Hall have become the latest London landmarks to withdraw foie gras from their menus thanks to pressure from our #FoieGrasFreeGB campaign. They join the Tate Modern who made the same compassionate choice just two weeks ago.

foie gras abuse


Our campaign continues, and we were encouraged to see that Kerry McCarthy MP and Neil Parish MP have recently proposed amendments to the government’s Agriculture Bill. These amendments would mean that animal products produced to lower standards than UK animal welfare law dictates could not be imported here, effectively banning foie gras from being sold in the UK

We need your help to ensure this succeeds – please contact your MP and ask them to support these amendments to the Agriculture Bill. It only takes a few minutes to do this using the website and we’ve included a template message below to make things even easier for you!


foie 5

Template email:

Dear [MP Name] MP,

I am writing to ask for your support for Amendments NC1 and NC4 to the Agriculture Bill. When the UK exits the EU, it is essential that we do not allow cruel products like foie gras or animal products that are produced using methods that would not be allowed under our animal welfare laws to be imported from other countries for sale here.

This would completely undermine the UK’s current legislation and us as a nation of animal lovers.

As my representative in Parliament I implore you to vote for NC1 and NC4 during the Report Stage of this Bill.

[Your name]

foie 4

foie 3