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Germany: crimes in the dairy industry


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Injured downer and pregnant milk cow left alone.

Again and again people report injured or sick animals, which are hidden behind scrap yards and cannot even get up. The farmers then like to speak of individual cases.

We discovered such a gruesome case near Stade, Lower Saxony three weeks ago. The injured animal has been lying there for at least 1 1/2 days, the animal is emaciated, obviously injured in the hind leg and cannot get up.

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Such high-performance cows need a lot of feed and water. They constantly produce masses of milk and suffer agony if they are not milked. The farm is known for bad conditions in the village and has been reported to the veterinary office several times. Citizens report observations a few weeks ago of how a cow was placed in the same place and left to die.

We immediately informed the Veterinary Office today. Unfortunately, the answer is not surprising: The only employee responsible for animal protection cases is out of the house and, due to a lack of personnel, he is unable to act in the next few hours. We then asked the police for support.

We have heard from third parties that there is now a check about 5 hours after the first report. The farmer has now blocked the field of vision with a tractor.

traktor SOKO _n

SOKO animal protection. Downer Cow case update:

As the district reports, the cow was very pregnant and was unable to get up or move significantly.

If the animal is unable to get up, the apparent slurry of liquid manure that emerges from a yellow pipe under the animal is certainly a poor surface for attempts to stand up.

Finally, the question arises: if the animal cannot walk, how did it get there?

The animal was released as part of the inspection on the instructions of the authority. The district speaks of “no animal protection case” and “no gross misconduct by the animal owner”.

kuh mit totem Baby jpg

The Office did not respond to the question from SOKO animal welfare, how the animal was brought there. The press release says that organic causes could not be determined. An autopsy, which SOKO animal welfare requested, did not take place. So it remains in the dark why the animal was in poor condition.

The district did not answer the following questions:

6) Have fines or periodic penalties been imposed?

7) Was the company already known and had a history of animal welfare and / or hygiene issues?

8) How often has the company been checked in the past?

9) Has the rest of the barn been examined?

So a weak animal with a dangerous, difficult birth was left alone, day and night. What was previously done for the mother and her unborn child? Why doesn’t this stable even have a protected birth area for such cases?

The injury that you can see on the distance pictures was not even mentioned and the exploitation for milk is back on the agenda.


And I mean…Germany is the largest milk producer in the EU. This is made possible by the turbo cows and the agricultural lobby, which is an incredibly powerful device.

And oh yes, the farmers …

a) they show solidarity with the only party in parliament that has officially recognized fascists in leadership positions,
b) they insist on using pesticides even in nature reserves,
c) they absolutely want to continue poisoning the groundwater,
d) they are not interested in animal welfare but they are only howling, howling and howling …

They also protest against the anesthetic during piglet castration, are jointly responsible for groundwater contamination, insect mortality and antibiotic resistance.

Saumutter mit Ferkel
They find it completely ok to put pigs in cages for 4 months, in which they cannot turn around, mothers take away their children, kill excess piglets and if they have exploited cows enough, they let them die without help or they sell the, illegal, in order to make the last money again.

Kuh-SOKO Investigation

They keep thousands of animals in stalls, densely crowded, with no activity or daylight.
The animals stand on slatted floors in their own shit, which then accumulates as manure.

How much groundwater is contaminated by the manure? The farmers never answered the question.

And then they are offended when we say that they enjoy treating the animals as if they were a piece of shit.
So, yes: obviously they enjoy it.
And even more if they conduct this cruelty to animals with the support of the authority.

My best regards to all, Venus

The Chinese Get Worse Each Day – Now China’s National Health Commission is recommending an injection containing BEAR BILE as a treatment for COVID-19. Petition; Please Sign.




WAV Comment:

Believe it or not; now the China’s National Health Commission is recommending an injection containing bear bile as a treatment for COVID-19, despite the World Health Organisation insisting there is currently no cure for coronavirus.


SIGN: Stop China’s Promotion of Bear Bile to Treat Coronavirus


PETITION TARGET: National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China

In a disappointing step backward for animal rights and human health, China’s National Health Commission is recommending an injection containing bear bile as a treatment for COVID-19, despite the WHO insisting there is currently no cure for coronavirus.

Bears harvested for their bile are subjected to excruciating and invasive extraction methods, including cutting a hole in their bodies and forcing a metal tube through the wound.

Kept in cramped cages, they suffer from starvation, dehydration, infection and other untreated medical problems. These bile farms, like live animal markets, are potential environments for bacterial infections and viruses to “make the jump” from animals to humans.

Shockingly, Tan Re Qing, a medication that includes bear bile, is recommended on a government-sponsored list of suggested coronavirus treatments. China is supposed to be curbing their wildlife trade because of its link to spreading zoonotic disease, and this directly contradicts that effort.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, which started as a result of poor animal welfare standards, enough is enough. By recommending bear bile as a COVID-19 treatment, the Chinese government is encouraging animal cruelty and prolonging the wildlife trade, which poses a global health risk. China has made tremendous progress with its recent ban on wildlife consumption, but we must implore them to broaden their scope and end all wild animal exploitation.

Sign this petition urging China’s National Health Commission to remove Tan Re Qing from its list of recommended coronavirus treatments and to ban the use of all wild animals in medicine.


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Please sign the petition via this link:


Thank you – WAV.


Germany: Executioners complain


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The corona crisis doesn’t stop at butcher shops either. “Our sales are no longer enough to keep the company alive,” says Richard Mischau, managing director of the traditional Berlin company of the Mischau sausage factory.

On Facebook, his sister Britta Mischau (49) therefore made a moving appeal to the Berliners: “Buy from your trusted butcher. Help us and all medium-sized companies to survive. ” (!!!)


With its sausage and meat products, the company (known for its curry sausages) supplies many caterers and canteens, the university and the parliament.

But they’re all closed now. “Last Monday alone, we had 35 percent less sales.” A lot more has been closed since then. Mischau sent their 72 employees on short-time work. The production works only half a day.

But there are also difficulties. Britta Mischau to the Berliner Zeitung: ” The raw material Meat is becoming scarce.” The slaughterhouses mainly work with foreign columns from Romania, Bulgaria or Poland. “They are head over heels back to their countries,” says Britta Mischau.

schlachter mit kuh

The goods they ordered for further processing were not delivered on Friday. “We don’t slaughter ourselves. Nobody in Berlin does that. We mainly process already dismantled and prepared goods. Now we have to buy large pieces (!!!) and disassemble them ourselves, ” says Britta Mischau.
More work with less staff.

Hängende Kuh im Schlachthof_o

To compensate for the slump in sales, they keep their factory outlet in Spandau, Berlin, open – in the hope that customers will come to them.

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And I mean…When the French Revolution occurred on August 4, 1789, about 200 executioners became unemployed.
At the time, they wrote a letter to the then revolutionary government.

In this letter they brought up the argument that their entire profession is facing the economic abyss, a disaster! because the executioners had to feed several thousand people with their families. So … the impossibility of executing more people would make many people hungry.
After more than 200 years, the executioners of animals claim that they are facing the economic abyss.

Viruses spread at lightning speed in slaughterhouses and factory farming.

Right now, in the Corona Krisis, where governments have paralyzed everything, endangered the existence of millions of people and face disobedience, the slaughter industry, including animal transports, is now unaffected and everything is running as before.
Cruelty to animals in slaughterhouses, animal transports, animal breeding, factory farming, dairy industry … is still tolerated.

kuh in tiertransportjpg

This system has to be shut down just like everything else currently. Nobody needs it to survive.
It is sick, dangerous and bad for the earth, humans and animals.

The modern execusioters should stop whining and learn a new, decent profession.

My best regards to all, Venus

EU: Over 35 NGO’s Across Europe Add Their Voice to Those of MEP’s Calling For Action On Live Animal Transports.

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Photo – Eyes on Animals (NL)


Further to the post by Venus on the issue of live animal transports being delayed for hours at EU borders; , then we can provide you with additional information as reported in the ‘Brussels Times’ on Monday 23/3/20.

As well as important input from 42 MEP’s, we have witnessed an open letter from no less than 35 animal welfare NGO’s writing to the EU Commission calling (on the EU) to ban the transport of farm animals to non-EU countries, as well as intra EU journeys that last over 8 hours.

As Venus says in her article; Europe, if you do not act to solve the problem, then you are part of the problem yourself.

Below is a copy of the article from Monday’s Brussels Times.


Coronavirus: Humans suffer but also animals in transport over borders


Monday, 23 March 2020

Animal welfare organisations protested on Friday against a European Commission decision to allow transport of livestock between member states and to non-EU countries despite the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Compassion in World Farming and over 35 animal welfare NGOs across Europe wrote in an open letter (20 March) to agriculture Ministers and animal transport contact points of all EU member states that the Commission decision disregard the problems imposed on the health and welfare of farm animals being transported, especially those transported between EU and non-EU countries.

An EU regulation prohibits transport to be carried out in a way that is likely to cause undue suffering to the animals involved. In addition, the regulation states that all necessary arrangements should be made in advance to minimise the length of the journey and meet animals’ needs during the journey

In their letter, the NGOs raised problems at different borders last week. Vehicles with farm animals are being refused entry to Croatia. There have been long traffic queues at the border between Lithuania and Poland and queues on the German side of the border with Poland leading to waiting times of several hours.

Vehicles with farm animals are also getting caught up in very long queues at the exit point between Bulgaria and Turkey – drivers transporting farm animals have reported that they needed three hours to move 300 m inside the border.

Queues at borders risk stopping medical supplies and health professionals from getting through. It is even less likely that it will be possible to attend to the welfare of animals caught up in these queues.

The animal welfare organization call on the EU to ban the transport of farm animals to non-EU countries, as well as journeys that last over 8 hours.

“The trade in live animals threatens not only the health and well-being of the animals, but it also threatens our health,” said Olga Kikou, Compassion in World Farming’s Head of EU Office.

The drivers, animal handlers, vets, civil servants and their families can easily get infected. Unlike others who enter and exit the EU, they are not required to be in quarantine. We are putting them and ourselves at risk.”

The European Commission did not reply in time to requests for a response to the letter.




European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Monday afternoon (23 March) that the measures introduced to slow down the spread of the virus have also slowed down and sometimes paralysed transport.

In a communication today on “Green Lanes”, the Commission requested from the member states to designate, without delay, all the relevant internal border-crossing points on the trans-European transport network (TEN-T) as “green lane” border crossings. The communication does not address the issue of animal transports but can speed up all transports.

The crossings should be open to all freight vehicles, whatever goods they are carrying. Crossing the border, including any checks and health screening, should not take more than 15 minutes.

All freight vehicles and drivers should be treated in a non-discriminatory manner, irrespective of the origin, destination, or country of registration of the vehicle, or of the nationality of the driver. Member states should not distinguish between vehicles carrying goods for use in their territory and those merely transiting.

The Brussels Times


Additional links (WAV):


We don’t need another consultation from the thickheads at the EU; we need action, and NOW ! 


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EU Consultation on Animal Welfare Strategy. Please Read and Afterwards Get Involved If You Wish; Taking Into Account What Is Said Below.

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We are providing the following as many of you (EU and non EU citizens) may wish to make your views known to the EU authorities in this consultation. There is really only one opportunity to say how you feel at the end of the consultation; so please do it, and consider what we say in the following as information on your contribution.

Live animal transport is an issue that we have many years of campaigning experience with. It is our general opinion that the EU does not need to have yet another consultation on the issue of live transport. We consider that this (consultation) is solely to give the impression that EU citizens can have a say in the issue, and that their views will count regarding an end result.


Lets look quickly at a few points:

The EU Regulation 1/2005 on the ‘protection’ of animals during transport, was created as it says; to provide ‘protection’ to animals during transport. Hauliers and exporters have never complied with the regulation since the day it came into being. Have a look at a few investigations which we were involved with back in   – go to the following   and then further scroll down until you see the heading:   ‘EU Papers, Official Investigations and the Rest’.

In summary – During 2010 – Mark worked with animal transport investigation teams within the EU, specifically concentrating on live calves being exported from Ireland (EU) to mainland EU. As a result of the investigations, Mark produced a 125 page official investigation report which was sent to both EU Parliamentarians and UK parliamentarians showing failures of Regulation 1/2005. You can read one investigation report; showing all the failures, when you go to the links and titles shown above.



The system was failing the animals in transport way before 2010 and when the report was produced; it has failed them ever since, and it will continue to fail them as long as animals are transported; regardless of what the EU says and yet another ‘consultation’ which we are informed will make things better.

The EU has always failed animals in transport, and it always will. Consultations are simple ‘veils’ to make the common man think that something is being done and changes will result. In compliance with Reg 1/2005, all livestock transporter drivers are supposed to be certified so that they can give animals in their care the best of attention. The system of certifying drivers has never worked from its inception. Animals always suffer – that is the result.

We have slightly different views on another EU consultation within WAV. Some do not want to become involved at all, as they see the delay and tactics of the EU in this policy.   Yes agree 100%, it is another delaying tactic when all the clear evidence of abuses have been constantly provided to the EU for years. But with a consultation; which is underway now, regardless of our views; is there not an alternative way of viewing the consultation ? – send in your information as required and simply declare that EU policy has always failed the animals in transport; and it will continue to fail the animals in transport regardless of what is submitted. You could mention the 8 hours petition, which was undertaken in the past (2012); and further represented in Brussels to the EU on 16/9/2013 – here is the AA release on this: which will provide you with information:




16.09.2013 | Belgium, Brussels

Animals’ Angels addressed the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament in the presence of MEPS and Commissioners in Brussels, to speak on the issue of animal welfare in transport.  Animals’ Angels addressed its petition of 1,103,248 signatures, delivered in June 2012, from European citizens calling for an end to long distance animal transport, and to impose a maximum 8 hour limit. 

We asked why the Commission had done nothing to properly address the democratic voices of European citizens and the European Parliament, which also supports the 8 hour transport limit. Animals’ Angels has asked the Petitions Committee to look into this, and to take any action considered just and appropriate to resolve the issue, and to get a proper response to the democratic voices calling for change.


8 hours logo


So, 2012, 2013; well over 1 million EU citizens calling for an 8 hours (one off) maximum journey time; and here we are now in March 2020 having a consultation by the EU on the issue of live animal transport legislation !!

As we say, delaying tactics by the EU which just go on, and on, and on; and the animals suffer as a result for many more years.

Here below is the official wording of the new EU consultation which citizens are being invited to participate in. You did participate in the past, calling for 8 hours maximum journey time; so why now do we need more delay ?

As we say, the choice to get involved in this consultation is entirely down to individuals. I (Mark) see it as an opportunity to ask the EU formally why the 8 hour ruling of 2012/13 was never adopted by the Commission; despite the huge number of signatures in a petition at the time calling for an 8 hour max.

If you say nothing else in the consultation response; remind the EU that their regulation 1/2005 has always failed the animals in transport; that you signed the petition way back calling for an 8 hour maximum journey time; and the EU never listed or acted on this. So what is the point of a new consultation now, when we see the EU failing citizens who wish to make change for the better and for the animals.

Regards Mark.


PMAF Inv 5


Official EU consultation wording:


Target audience

  • Competent authorities responsible for animal welfare;
  • Business and professional organisations;
  • EU citizens and consumers and organisation;
  • Organisations from the civil society;
  • Independent experts from academic and research institutes;
  • European bodies, including the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA);
  • International intergovernmental organisations active on animal welfare;
  • Third countries;
  • Other relevant bodies.

All targeted stakeholders are invited to give their feedback during the 12-week consultation period.



Animal Welfare: launch of the public consultation on the EU Strategy

The European Commission published a 12 weeks open consultation on the EU Strategy for Protection and Welfare of Animals 2012-2015. This public consultation, available into all EU languages, is part of a one-year external study supporting the evaluation of the EU Strategy. Launched in 2019, this evaluation aims to assess if the EU Strategy delivered its initial objectives and whether they are still relevant today. The results of the evaluation will inform future EU initiatives on animal welfare as well as actions under the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy. Citizens, experts and stakeholders are invited to give their feedback before 15 June 2020.


Here is the link to the consultation:


and here is the link to the Commissions website:



The animal industry only produces victims

The case has already been reported to the European Animal Disease Notification System. The first suspicion arose on March 18, then confirmation on Saturday, reports the trade magazine
The company is located in western Poland, around 65 km from the German border near the city of Grünberg.

More than 23,700 pigs are affected, including almost 8,000 sows. 135 pigs are said to have died at the ASP.
The authorities have ordered the immediate ” culling” of the stock and set up protection and surveillance zones.


After the last press releases, bird flu (avian influenza) has now reached its first large-stable in Germany.

For all birds caught in it, including the healthy ones, this means the death sentence.

trutz über Hühner_o


My comment: African swine fever (ASP) has now arrived on a farm in western Poland. Not yet in Germany, but hysteria against wild boars has broken out like a pandemic, and tens of thousands of animals are at risk of “culling”.

Imagine that you would currently do the same with the Corona infected?

There were 599,855 wild boars shot in Germany in the 2018/19 season. Preventive only!
Innocent victims for a man-made illness.

All point a finger at the wild boar. The pathogen only migrates through wild boars about 20 kilometers a year. The government does not speak of hunting, but of disease control !!!

Hunters display boars after a battue in Valbonne

Crashed animal transporters, burning animal factories and slaughterhouses, pigs suffocating in fattening rooms, agonizingly dying animals because they are not cared for, and countless victims of man-made animal diseases, that is the sad result of 2019: the animal industry not only produces victims in the slaughterhouse, but already the cruel way to get there.

At least 20 million pigs annually do not survive the torture of breeding and fattening.


What the agricultural industry and its lobbyists proclaim is false and criminal as anything and everywhere where corporations and large capital exercise their power. It’s all about maximizing profit, everything else is subordinate.

For this they go over corpses, not just animal corpses, they act against all of nature, against our planet in general, ultimately against all of us.

Let us remember this dramatic situation.
We need it for the next pandemic.

My best regards to all, Venus

what is extreme?

Anonymous for the Voiceless


anonymous o

Non-vegans pay for throat slitting, executions, gas chambers, rape, slavery, and being ground up alive, yet those same people will claim that simply NOT contributing to these acts of violence is somehow extreme.

How in the world can not viciously murdering someone be considered extreme, but actually viciously murdering someone is perfectly normal and sane?

In what version of the real world does this make any remote logical or morally consistent sense other than in some sort of Twilight Zone?

📷 Tras los Muros – Aitor Garmendia


And I mean…We are destroying the habitat from billions of wild animals because we need space for billions of “useful” animals to eat them.
We keep them as slaves and pump them full of antibiotics so that they get sick.

Then we eat these sick animals and as a result we also get sick.
Then we kill millions of experimental animals in the same barbaric way to develop medicines for diseases that we won’t have had (mostly) if we did not eat animals.

This is the perverse and absurd cycle of exploitation, who owes its existence to billions of meat eaters.
But the only honest argument of all carnivores, why they eat meat is that they give a shit about animal suffering.

My best regards to all, Venus