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USA: Fair Oaks Farm ARM Investigation – Extended Cut – 1 hour and 30 minutes.



In early June we released the footage of undercover filming by ARM activists. Here is the link to our first report:


Here is the full extended (1 hour and 30 minutes) cut of the footage; a lot of which was not seen in the original.


See for yourself the treatment – ABUSE – of the young calves. Kicked; punched; hit it the face with branding irons; left to suffer and die alone without any medical attention or supervision.

Fair Life Milk Exposed | Operation Fair Oaks Farms Extended Cut | ARM Investigation | The Full Story

From the Animal Recovery Mission Website –
On June 4th, 2019, ARM released disturbing footage of one of its most grueling factory farm investigations to date. Initiating in 2018, an ARM undercover investigator captured surveillance evidence of the systematic and horrific animal abuse that is occurring at the Fair Oaks Farm’s

This place needs to close, and close now. All those involved with the cruelty shown must be made accountable and prosecuted under the full weight of the law.

We (WAV) have seen a lot of animal abuse in our time over the years; but we find the footage here; showing very young and vulnerable baby calves, particularly disturbing.

Watch, Repent and most importantly, Take Action to follow this up with the authorities.

This is what your pint of milk costs.  Cows milk is for baby calves, not humans.

England: ‘Oliver’ The Pig – Rescued By Police From A Busy Road. Now With the RSPCA Looking for a Forever Home. Enjoy the Video.


Watch the video by clicking on the above link; or see it below.


Meet Oliver, an adorable piglet who was rescued by police officers in the English city of Coventry in the West Midlands last Tuesday morning.

The officers discovered the lost pig wandering along a busy road and quickly relocated him to the safety of a squad car, where he settled comfortably into the passenger seat.

Oliver instantly took a liking to the officers and enjoyed the attention he received from them, as you can see in this video.

The officers named the little pig after Charles Dickens’ fictional runaway orphan, Oliver Twist.

In the video, one policeman also jokingly introduces Oliver as his new police partner and calls him a “good boy.”

The lovely piglet was transported to the RSPCA, where he’s currently being cared for until a forever home is found for him.

In the meantime, Oliver will receive “lots of hogs and kisses,” the police department assured the public in a Tweet.

Watch this clip for an uplifting dose of cuteness!


Today (14/6) Has Been ‘Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day’.


stop live transport


Today (14/6) has been the ‘Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day’; a global day of action against the transportation of live animals.

As it is now late in the evening, we do not currently have reports and pictures of the events of today; but we shall be covering this soon when more information is provided.

In the mean time we will give you the link to the CIWF (London) web site, which has been one of the key players in this event,

The site link is   –

Watch the video made by CIWF of Scottish calves being driven to Ramsgate in Kent; before onward shipment in mainland Europe. As you will have seen on past post we have made on this site, these very young calves are all males; a by product of the dairy industry which in reality does not want them – only female cows produce milk and as such are the only ones required to replenish the herd on dairy farms and facilities.

Here below is the video – Published on 1 May 2019

An investigation documenting the live transport of calves from Scotland to the port of Ramsgate (Kent, England) and onto Abbeville, France.


As it is now late in the evening here in England, we do not currently have reports and pictures of the events of today; but we shall be covering this soon when more information is provided.

More to come on this very soon, as we get reports in.

Regards Mark


Global: Next Week (17 – 23/6/19) is ‘World Meat Free Week’ – Have A Look And Try !

Image result for meat free food dishes

Next week (17 – 23/6/19) is World Meat Free Week, so what better time to celebrate all the benefits of being plant-based?

From helping to combat climate breakdown to tackling global food shortages, and of course saving animals from suffering on factory farms, there are plenty of great reasons to try veg!

Our Love Veg website is packed with delicious recipes and expert tips to help you on your journey, whether you’re a seasoned vegan or you’ve just recently started trying more plant-based foods. Check it out below!

Plant-based products are on the rise. There’s now a wide range of meat alternatives available in all the major supermarkets and even more tasty veggie options are popping up on high street restaurant menus across the UK.

There really has never been an easier time to give veg a go!

Image result for meat free food dishes

Whether you’ll be choosing the veg option once, twice or every day this World Meat Free Week, thank you for helping to create a more compassionate world for farmed animals!

Kind regards,

Dr Toni Vernelli

Exec Director – Animal Equality


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Further links to other great sites with articles and scrummy recipe links:


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Global: Most ‘meat’ in 2040 will not come from dead animals.

Schlachthofarbeiter mit Bold_n


WAV Comment – We have seen from this (our) site alone; as well as many others, that the current ‘system’ of around 10 billion animals being needed in farming to sustain around 1 billion people just cannot work. We have shown the issue of what cow farts do, and the demand of sustainable land (often rainforest) being destroyed just in order to keep Beef animals on; let alone their massive water consumption; it is simply destroying a lot of trees and plants that would otherwise be pumping oxygen into the system, thus cutting down our CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions; keeping temperatures under control more. Things have got to / are slowly changing; and this (meat free) is one of them. What a dream; no factory farms abusing meat producing animals for the want of human tastebuds. Bring Vegan on !!

cow fart 1

Source –

Most ‘meat’ in 2040 will not come from dead animals, says report

Consultants say 60% will be grown in vats or plant-based products that taste like meat

Most of the meat people eat in 2040 will not come from slaughtered animals, according to a report that predicts 60% will be either grown in vats or replaced by plant-based products that look and taste like meat.

The report by the global consultancy AT Kearney, based on expert interviews, highlights the heavy environmental impacts of conventional meat production and the concerns people have about the welfare of animals under industrial farming.

The large-scale livestock industry is viewed by many as an unnecessary evil,” the report says. “With the advantages of novel vegan meat replacements and cultured meat over conventionally produced meat, it is only a matter of time before they capture a substantial market share.”

Image result for non meat meat

The conventional meat industry raises billions of animals and turns over $1tn (£785bn) a year. However, the huge environmental impacts have been made plain in recent scientific studies, from the emissions driving the climate crisis to wild habitats destroyed for farmland and the pollution of rivers and oceans.

Companies such as Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods and Just Foods that use plant ingredients to create replacement burgers, scrambled eggs and other products are growing rapidly. AT Kearney estimates $1bn has been invested in such vegan products, including by the companies that dominate the conventional meat market. Beyond Meat raised $240m when the company went public in May and its shares have more than doubled since.

Other companies are working on growing meat cells in culture, to produce real meat without needing to raise and kill animals. No such products have yet reached consumers, but AT Kearney predicts cultured meat will dominate in the long term because it reproduces the taste and feel of conventional meat more closely than plant-based alternatives.

Image result for non meat meat

“The shift towards flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan lifestyles is undeniable, with many consumers cutting down on their meat consumption as a result of becoming more conscious towards the environment and animal welfare,” said Carsten Gerhardt, a partner at AT Kearney. “For passionate meat-eaters, the predicted rise of cultured meat products means that they still get to enjoy the same diet they always have, but without the same environmental and animal cost attached.”

The report estimates 35% of all meat will be cultured in 2040 and 25% will be vegan replacements. It highlights the far greater efficiency of the alternatives to conventional meat.

Almost half the world’s crops are fed to livestock, but only 15% of the plant calories end up being eaten by humans as meat. In contrast, the report says, cultured meat and vegan meat replacements retain about three-quarters of their input calories.

Potential customer uneasiness about cultured meat will not be a barrier, the report says, citing surveys in the US, China and India: “Cultured meat will win in the long run. However, novel vegan meat replacements will be essential in the transition phase.”

Image result for non meat meat

Rosie Wardle of the Jeremy Coller Foundation, a philanthropic organisation focused on sustainable food systems, said: “From steaks to seafood, a full spectrum of options is emerging to replace traditional animal protein products with plant-based and cell-based meat technologies.

“The shift to more sustainable patterns of protein consumption is already under way, driven by consumers, investors and entrepreneurs, and even pulling in the world’s biggest meat companies. If anything, predictions that 60% of the world’s ‘meat’ will not come from slaughtered animals in 20 years’ time may be an underestimation.”

However, a National Farmers’ Union spokesman said: “Innovation and new technology has always been central to the progress of British livestock farming. Although the science of lab-grown meat is interesting, the NFU believes there is great potential for livestock farming to continue its journey of producing safe, traceable and affordable food for the nation and it will continue to do so as long as the public demands it.”

In other words; farmers continue to want ….

Schweine mutter und ferkelt4

Image result for animal slaughter

Regards Mark



Fuck (Fair) Oaks Farms and Coca-Cola



Fair Oaks Farms is one of the largest dairies in the US producing Fairlife milk products manufactured, marketed and distributed by Coca-Cola Corporation. Now that a Nestlé dairy company has been charged with animal abuse in the US, it’s time for Coca Cola.

Coca-Cola Fair Oaks Farms777

The most heartrending scene in the video shows calves exposed to extreme heat and die.
Fair Oaks Farm is the largest dairy in the US and the nation’s largest tourist destination. But the cruel reality is hidden from both the consumer and the tourist!
It’s so bad that Fair Oaks Farms should even be shut down to stop further abuse. In addition, Coca-Cola is called upon to withdraw completely from the dairy industry and consumers should no longer buy products from Coca Cola.

Coca-Cola. kalb png

ARM founder Richard “Kudo” Couto argued that the undercover videos should show what really happened at Fair Oaks Farms, a mega-farm one hour north of Lafayette that attracts 500,000 visitors a year and is touted as an “agricultural” tourism window becomes animal husbandry. An undercover investigator working for ARM found a job in the farm and filmed the cruelty. Couto said he has never seen such brutal and constant abuse of animals, of all those Fair Oaks Farms had contact with.

Coca-kälber schlagenng
Many of the conversations in the video involved people speaking Spanish.

As with the Nestlè dairy, the animals are beaten, kicked and tortured. And the fact that things are even worse is shown by the following footage.

After these excellent undercover investigations on the Internet have caused massive protests around the world the Founder of Fair Oaks Farms Dr. Mike McCloskey Fair Oaks Farms founder Mike McCloskey has accepted responsibility for what was shown in the video, saying… there was a breakdown in training and oversight of what he called a handful of bad employees. In a series of statements, McCloskey said four of the five people shown in ARM’s initial video were Fair Oaks Farms employees who were fired once the abuse was pointed out to management, either months ago or once the video was released.

undercover Fair oaks farmpng.png

But ARM said that is not enough and that the abuse is not only widespread among the four employees.

“The beating was perpetrated by all employees. Calves were thrown, shoved, kicked and even force-fed. Many of the calves died as a result of abuse and poor conditions. From everyone we worked with and with whom we had contact. From the managers, the supervisor, the foreman, the brutality was just about everywhere, “said ARM founder Richard Couto.


They are now working with the relevant police to investigate possible criminal charges.

After the “brown sauce” – our famous Coca-Cola drink- can no longer score, the Coca-Cola Company wants to conquer the milk market.
Coca Cola is banking on a new lifestyle dairy product: the new Fairlife milk.

Coca-Cola is partnering with a farm in northwestern Indiana in the hope that a newly invented, more nutritious milk will reach many consumers. The soft drink giant has teamed with Select Milk Producers and Fair Oaks Farms to start Fairlife LLC, which will launch a premium milk nationwide. It costs twice as much as conventional milk, including animal suffering, as has now been revealed. A Coca-Cola manager said the company will invest in the development of Fairlife, make it a big brand name and it will “rain money”!!

CocaCola-faire life milk6

And with many countries battling the high percentage of overweight people and introducing taxes on sugar, including in Europe, beverage giant Coca-Cola plans to open a dairy in Ireland. According to the Irish Farmers Journal, Coca-Cola’s goal is to expand into new production areas away from sugary drinks. To build a dairy in Ireland, the Group is already working closely with the Irish Business Development Agency (IDA). Quite by accident (!!!) comes the (still) EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan from Ireland.

Because the EU can not get rid of its milk, it resorts to frightening measures and issues amongst other things an EU schoolmix program. For the delivery of school milk, the EU provides an annual budget of 100 million euros. The dairy lobby even publishes studies purporting to reveal that milk is better than breastfeeding!

Do you notice something? The agricultural lobby is doing everything and gets everything, so that it lacks nothing, but the consumers do not go there anymore!


My comment: As soon as courageous activists inform the public about these crimes, the MAIN leader for this Dachau appears and apologizes.

He reduces the level of crime to four people, who earn a maximum of 10 dollars per hour, work under miserable conditions and try to massacre as many animals as possible so they do not lose their miserable job.

And the worst of all: manager Mike McCloskey wants to reassure us that once the four “sinners” are removed from the farm, everything will be back in harmony and animal welfare.

And not only that: indirectly, he promises that the incident is the absolute exception, it is not in the spirit of Farma ideology to operate with such abominations, it will be taken measure! This has always been the familiar coverup strategy of the Milk and Meat Mafia.

schöner slogan über veganismus_n

If we ALL do not stop breastfeeding and stealing foreign milk as if we were still newborn, these crimes will be practiced as an everyday business in dairy industry and meat industry.
We order, others torture, slaughter, murder.
We must never forget that, and we can finally fight these crimes against our animal companions with our own responsibility and political actions.

My best regards to all, Venus