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For you today it’s “Happy Halloween”. For the animals, it’s the same horrific existence they have faced every single day of their lives.

Whenever we watch a horror film, we often see things in it that we wouldn’t want to enact on even our worst enemy. But for chickens, turkeys, sheep, cows, and all the other animals exploited for human greed, the hellish contraptions and devices of torture and misery we see on the TV and cinema screens are just a part of their daily existence.

From tiny cages, to hot irons that sear their flesh, to knives that hack things off their bodies, and to macerator machines that shred them to pieces in a gruesome fate, the things we witness and could never imagine happening to another human being are a LIVING REALITY for the animals humans oppress.

No nightmare you have tonight after watching that scary film can even BEGIN to compare to the waking nightmare animals face across the world every single day.

Anonymous for the Voiceless

Best regards, Venus

New York: says “no” to foie gras!

The city of New York has now banned the sale of foie gras. We are happy, very happy and hope that other states and countries will follow the example of New York!




The City Council of the US metropolis voted on Wednesday to pass a bill banning the sale of foie gras from October 2022 onwards. In case of violations penalties should threaten between 500 and 2000 dollars per offense.
The bill still has to be signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“This is a historic day for the rights of animals in New York City,” said Matthew Dominguez of the animal rights group “Voters for the Rights of Animals”.
On the other hand, foie gras producers announced legal action against the ban.


“We’ll give them a kick in the butt in court,” said producer Hudson Valley founder Foie Gras Izzy Yanay. “I have 400 people who have been working for me for 30 years, and these people are suffering a tragedy.”(!!!)

It was not until January that the US Supreme Court upheld a ban on foie gras in the state of California following a 15-year lawsuit.

While foie gras is regarded as a delicacy by gourmets, animal rights activists criticize the fact that ducks and geese have to suffer during fattening: Before slaughtering, the animals are forcibly fed on grain for several weeks until their livers are completely fat-choked to multiples.

foie gras 3

In France, the stuffing mast has been protected from prohibitions since 2006: foie gras was then declared a “part of the cultural and gastronomic heritage”. The foie gras is a traditional Christmas meal for many Frenchmen. The production of foie gras is already banned in some countries, including Denmark, the United Kingdom and Australia.

The video shows farms with force feeding in China but mainly in France. And the final station for the animals in Hungary`s slaughterhouses.

My comment: Forced feeding is prohibited in Germany. However, the sale and purchase of goose liver pate is allowed. Also works in every delicatessen and even in the best supermarkets.
We import the animal cruelty from next door, from our neighbors French, and criticize them, why they torture geese in that awful way!

I don`t know if every “gourmand” knows about the brutal force-feeding process:
Torture takes three weeks for geese and fifteen days for ducks.
The feeding lasts three seconds and is fed up to 400 animals per hour.
Injuries in the esophagus are very common.
The amount of food increases from time to time, the liver thus reaches ten times the size.
Many animals die violently.

The animals are pumped several times a day with 1.5 – 2.0 kg porridge into the stomach and try desperately and painfully snap to air.
Their eyeballs are swollen because of the physical pressure.
Even for us humans 1.5 to 2 kg of food are too much, most of us would rather surrender than tolerate, let alone a comparatively small animal.

Foi gras Ente_

If the “gourmands” still don`t understand how sadistic and barbaric this feeding is, they can throw their foie gras heritage into their stomach in the same way.

For a highly civilized country like France, it is a shame to declare foie gras as part of its cultural and gastronomic heritage.
Sadistic animal cruelty, that is!
No more and no less!

My best regards to all, Venus

In the name of the animals we say “Thank you, Friedrich Mülln”!


We had already reported in October about the laboratory LPT (Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology GmbH & Co. KG) in Hamburg, Germany. (
An activist of the SOKO animal protection association (whose chairman is Friedrich Mülln) was introduced via a job as animal keeper and could report for a long time obscured from the laboratory. He made extensive video footage.

From this undercover action came a very gratifying result, which is reported by the founder and chairman of the association Friedrich Mülln. (translation below). The first demo against the lab was in Hamburg, with over 8,000 people, a new one is planned on November 16 again.

MüllnjpgFriedrich Mülln, SOKO Tierschutz (SOKO Animal Protection Society)


Never before has so much animal testing been achieved in 18 days as we all have managed!

For the first time in almost 60 years no new animal experiments may be made. This applies to all three LPT locations.
That means no new studies.
No new blood money from the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.
The LPT has lost several important customers and service providers. Every day this shop has less money.
The LPT has not ordered any new animals.
No more gruesome transports around the world.

Police and prosecutors are investigating at full speed.
Politicians and administrators discuss the withdrawal of the operating permit.
Cover up is no more. Any animal movement in or out of the lab and every kill must be reported.

We have been putting together the biggest animal protection demonstration for decades.
We had soli actions in several EU countries.
Every day there are vigils and protests.
Other demos are also going to benefit animal laboratories and have strong inflows.
So far, 833,000 people have signed the petition.
So far we have had dozens of TV and hundreds of newspaper reports. Overall, we had a media reach of nearly 1,000,000,000 people.
Many organizations and groups work hand in hand (not self-evident, unfortunately).

We brought the issue of animal testing back to the media, the parliaments and the public debate.
That’s incredible.
The whole world is astonished and we give strength to animal rights activists worldwide and show that we can win.

So let us win! For the animals!


My comment: There is reliable information that the operating license of the LPT will be revoked.

Best regards to all, Venus

Switzerland: prohibits the shredding of chicks

Grunge Switzerland flag. Swiss flag with grunge texture. Brush s


Switzerland is serious: From 1 January 2020, the shredding of male day old chicks in the Alpine republic is prohibited.


It stands to reason that the shredding of a live animal is not in line with Article 1 of the Animal Welfare Act, the Commission notes.
According to the article, the purpose of the law is to protect the dignity and well-being of the animal.
Chicks are shredded with the “wrong” sex. This is – regardless of the shredding – controversial. The commission notes that it is questionable whether it is ethically acceptable to kill a chick for the sole reason that it is a male from a laying hen line.

schreder maschine mit kückenpg

The trend to breed breeds only for egg laying or for meat production makes the animal a simple subject of production and leads to absurdities such as the shredding of live male chicks. With this ethical intention, the Kommission received a petition from the Vegan Society Switzerland.
The suffocation caused by carbon dioxide, however, remains allowed. Research is currently in a sex determination already in the breed egg.

My comment: Every little step that enhances the chicken’s KZ`s is welcome.
In Germany, the maltreatment of the day chicks is allowed.
Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner, the girlfriend and lobbyist of slaughterhouses, sees no use for the chickens children and currently no alternative to shredding at the moment, as well as to the piglet castration without anesthesia wich she has prolonged for another two years, ie until 2020.

Fortunately, we have here in Germany a humorous so-called “Animal Protection Law” and it says:
“Nobody is allowed to cause pain, suffering or harm to an animal for no good reason . “
Ethically and morally, we are well ahead in the paper.

My best regards to all, Venus

Climate rescue: don`t chatter, do!!




In Alaska, there has been widespread mass extinction of seabirds and other marine animals for five years.


kadaver von seevögeljpg
This year, the NOAA fishery detected an unusually high number of dead gray whales and sea lions. More than 120 gray whales have been washed ashore, about 300 dead seals have been registered, and thousands of dead seabirds have been washed ashore on Alaska’s beaches this year.

Robben- tot
Although the autopsies are ongoing, their death is due to emaciation and hunger. The most obvious explanation, according to the scientists, for the mass extinction of marine animals since 2015 is the warmer sea temperatures.
In Alaska, global warming is particularly fast and intense. The ice cover around Alaska usually lasts until the end of May. This year it disappeared in March. Alaska recorded a record high of 32.2 degrees this summer. It was the highest ever recorded in Alaska since the beginning of the registration of weather record.

alaska graphik temperatur png

The NOAA fishery has also reported “unusual deaths” this year among gray whales and sea lions after more than 120 gray whales washed ashore on the west coast of North America, including the Alaskan coast, and by September this year, 282 dead seals were registered, almost five times the average reported strandings. All showed signs of severe emaciation.
The consequences of climate change are already having an impact on the regions along the Alaskan coast. Many communities, as well as the indigenous people, are suffering the consequences of erosion. In addition, dissolves due to global warming of permafrost. As a result, buildings collapse and ecosystems are destroyed.

seevögel tot 1

“It was as if we didn’t have March this year,” said Martin Stuefer, state climatologist and an associate research professor with the Alaska Climate Research Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. “We had April instead.”
The ice cover around Alaska usually lasts until the end of May. This year it disappeared in March

Researchers don’t make climate conclusions based on a month’s data, but Alaska’s warm March reflects an upward warming climate trend in America’s largest state, Stuefer said.

“We see the last several years were way warm. There’s a clear climate-induced warming. There’s no doubt about it,” he said.

schlitthunde übers wasserThe picture went around the world. In Greenland, dogs pull a sled through ankle-high water. Since records began, it has never been so hot in Greenland and Alaska as this year. Photo: dpa / Steffen M. Olsen


Warmer water contains less dissolved oxygen, and the plankton and tiny crustaceans that grow there are less nutritious than those in colder water. This means that migratory species such for example, seabirds may arrive at locations where they normally seek food and find that their food is lacking.

Alaska-karte jpg

There are immediate local and economic impacts along the western and northern shores of the state, with birds and marine life dead and sea temperatures promoting algal blooms that can poison water for wildlife.

This crisis is spreading to many of Alaska’s coastal cities, which depend on fisheries because their economies and local diets depend on them.

“Much of what people eat there during the year comes from foods they harvest themselves,” says climatologist Brian Brettschneider of the International Arctic Research Center. “If people can not get out on the ice to hunt seals or whales, it will affect their food security. It is a human crisis of survivability. “

Events such as these – if the weather patterns align themselves so that they have extreme consequences – are also evidence of the growing climate crisis, say scientists.

Karikatur über Klima
“What happens on Alaska’s shores basically affects each of us, “ Brettschneider told CNN. “Most people feel the effects of climate change, even if they do not know or want to downplay it. Dramatic changes happen and they increase. “


My comment: We lost a lot of time talking and thinking about climate rescue.

We urgently need committed professionals with a clear plan to solve the real problems on this planet, rather than any climate prophets, such as the media product of Greta Thunberg, for example, wich de recognized and acclaimed by politicians, rulers, mass media, industrialists, etc., as the deus ex macina of climate salvation.

Everyone is currently living from the maded panic, everyone claims we do not have time, but everyone takes the time to chatter and do nothing.
Abolition of factory farming, control over population growth, high taxation of meat, state subsidization of vegan products, punishment of plastic waste, fair trade promotion and so much more would probably do more than the media theater of schoolchildren’s panic making.

In order to save climate, animals and nature we need an effective and not an elitist activism.

Best reegards to all, Venus

EU: Remember the Romanian Sheep to the Middle East In Extreme Temperatures ? – The Latest From the EU, But Still NO Infringement.


One of our past posts associated with this:

WAV Comment – As we have always thought and predicted, the EU have not taken out any infringement procedures yet. They tell us their team is currently in Romania – see link given below. It will be interesting to see if the EU does actually take any action over the sheep exported to the Middle East in temperatures far exceeding the maximum allowed for live animal transports under EU Regulation 1/2005. We await further news and action (?).

AL_SHUWAIKH another 3

Dear Sir,

Thank you for contacting the Europe Direct Contact Centre.

The Commission is very committed to ensure animal welfare, and Commissioner Andriukaitis has made animal welfare one of his priorities. There are several millions of animals exported every year from the EU. Most of those exports happen in good conditions and in line with EU rules.

The Commission is aware that there are recurrent problems with the welfare of animals that are exported and it is working with Member States, NGOs and transporters to solve the main recurrent issues that happen during transport to third countries. EU legislation on the transport of animals includes specific requirements for transport by sea. However, these requirements cannot be checked outside EU territorial seas.

In the case of the export of sheep to the Middle East from Romania this summer, the Commission in its usual role as guardian of the treaties is monitoring the implementation of EU law on animal transport in Romania. The Commission is in contact with the Romanian authorities investigating the case. The Romanian authorities believe that the ship was authorised and the captain was aware of the applicable animal welfare legislation.

If an EU Member State fails to comply with EU law, in accordance with the Treaty the Commission may ultimately launch infringement proceedings against that Member State. At this stage, an EU audit team has been dispatched to Romania and its report is due shortly; please have a look at our webpages for follow-up to the audit:

No infringement procedure has been launched, but the Commission continues to monitor the situation in Romania.

We hope you find this information useful. Please contact us again if you have other questions about the European Union, its activities or institutions.


From Venus: Mark sent me the reply from Europe Direct – 101000527663 and I was very angry.
I wrote some thoughts then:

To this sentence:” However, these requirements can not be checked outside EU territorial seas”.

Maybe the EU does not know how to control it, but it knows what the animals are transported under unlawful circumstances.

Therefore, the EU should ban animal transport to third countries.

In the spring 2019, some veterinarians in Germany have refused to allow transports of sheep in the Middle East, 1) because of the temperatures and 2) because of the well-known brutal slaughter methods practiced there with animals because there is no animal welfare right there, and if at all, far removed from the current EU animal welfare order.

These veterinarians were again forced to give their permits, and that in GERMANY!

To this sentence: “No infringement procedure has been launched, but the Commission continues to monitor the situation in Romania”.

This is not about whether Romania is under supervision.

The point is that the Ministry of Agriculture of Romania has ignored the mail from a Commissioner who has prohibited the trip.

Disregard and disempowerment of the hierarchies in the EU, that’s what it’s all about here. And if a country does such a thing with such ease, it gives us the appalling certainty that the EU has no power and no authority, and thus it is superfluous.

And there is another, third sentence that sounds very humorous by now, if we do not take that as a permanent insult: “We hope you find this information useful. Please contact us again if you have any questions about the European Union, its activities or institutions”.

Please learn to do something for the animals, this is your job, for that pay you the EU citizens.

We don`t have any questionsmore,  because we know what your activities are.

The misery of the animals is not deleted with questions, but with deeds.

What you are demonstrably unable to do.

EU: approves subsidies for bullfighting mafia


Pro-Brexit supporters burn an EU flag during a UKIP demonstration in central London
Liberation NOW ++ Bullfighting continues to be subsidized by the EU ++

On 23 October 2019, the European Parliament voted on whether bullfighting in southern Europe should continue to be subsidized from the EU’s agricultural budget.

blutender Stierpg

Against the removal of the subsidies were from the German delegates CDU, CSU (Christian Social Union), Free Democratic Party and Free Voters Confederation.

69% of the Socialist Party of Germany opposed the cancellation. However, since 19% were not even present, just over 80% of the SPD votes cast were against it (!!!)

And the members of Alliance 90 / The Greens and the Left were not far away from their colleagues. Although all the MPs present voted in favor of the abolition of subsidies, 14% of the Greens and 40% of the left were absent.

All parties are committed to animal welfare on the flag and show again and again that this is just a well-sounding lip service. The so highly praising animal protection law in this country is not worth the paper it stands on.

stier blutenderjpg

The “production” of animal consumer goods is associated with immense suffering, and EU-MEPs know it. We breed them – we lock them in – we do experiments with them – we make circus shows with them – we make money with them – we kill them.
It is therefore not surprising that “our” politicians are also true to their line abroad and give their voice for suffering and death. Shame on you!

Stier voll von Pfeilen

In this case, we can see very clearly that the corruption of our politicians can be worse than we can imagine.
Voting Behavior:…/…/PV-9-2019-10-23-RCV_FR.pdf


My comment:  According to estimates by animal welfare organizations, the annual turnover of the bullfighting industry in Spain is between 1 and 2.5 billion euros.

200,000 jobs are created in Spain, through the brutal execution of 40,000 bulls.
The occupational groups that benefit from this massacre are many:
Promoters of the events, simple bullring workers, to the butchers, who subsequently smash the victim and sell it as meat.
The breeding of the bulls and everything related to them must also be taken into account.
They all want to participate in the big pot of the bullfighting industry.
In addition, bullfighting is a tourist attraction, such as paella and flamenco.

The Spanish audience expects good bullfighting in particular. One sits, eats hamburgers and makes videos with cell phone, while down in the arena a living being is brutally massacred.
Of the tourists, Americans and Japanese are the predominant share of bullfighting visitors.

In 2013, the Spanish government protected bullfighting and since then this bloody massacre has been considered “immaterial culture good” in Spain.
That was one of Spain’s biggest cultural shame, wich civilized people only repels and disgusts.
And also has led to enormous economic corruption.
Because of the EU agricultural subsidies, € 130 million is distributed annually to the bull breeders. Under the code name “Agricultural Subsidies” !!!
30 million come from Germany.

Stier und glotzende Arschlöcher

It’s about a dirty, with our money-subsidized bullfight mafia, but it’s also supported by a bunch of idiots, brain-sick visitors who enjoy watching a bull being tortured and murdered bit by bit.

My best regards to all, Venus

England: English Lord Pays to Move and Give Life Protection to a Lion Which Was the ‘Prize’ for Many Trophy Hunters.




Link for full story with video and photos:


Lord Michael Anthony P. Ashcroft, Baron Ashcroft, KCMG, PC is a British–Belizean businessman and politician. He is a former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party.

Simba (pictured) was rescued from certain death in a hunting area on the edge of the Kalahari desert in South Africa

Above – Beautiful, Majestic Simba.


Simba’s sanctuary: Bred to be shot by trophy hunters, this magnificent lion was doomed until LORD ASHCROFT masterminded a dramatic rescue. Now, he has found a permanent home

By Lord Ashcroft For The Mail On Sunday

Looking regal and majestic, he lay on a wooden platform with his proud head and golden mane held high.

He appeared to be back to his rightful position as the ‘king of the jungle’. It was a poignant and emotional moment for me: the first time that I had ever set eyes on Simba.

Six months earlier, my investigative team had rescued him from certain death in a hunting area on the edge of the Kalahari desert in South Africa.

The lion is now happy again in his new home after being 'deeply traumatised' following his rescue. He now lives in a two-and-a-half-acre enclosure in a secret location

Back in April, maltreated, malnourished, drugged and abused, he was destined to become someone’s trophy in a ‘canned hunt’: one in which the lion is shot in a severely enclosed space with no chance of escape.

Simba was saved by my undercover investigative team, including ex-Special Forces operatives, just hours before I made a series of revelations exclusively in The Mail on Sunday about the horrors of ‘lion farming’.

This practice involves thousands of captive-bred lions being killed either for the bone trade, mainly for the Far East market, or as hunting trophies, often for the US and European market. 

A fully grown male lion with a large mane can command a price tag of more than £40,000.

Last week I travelled to a secret location in South Africa because Simba, after spending time in temporary lodgings, has finally been relocated to a new, spacious and permanent home.

All being well, Simba, who is believed to be about 11 years old, will live in peace and safety for the rest of his days. 

The whereabouts of his new home must remain secret because, even now, those participating in the despicable lion farming industry could try to harm or kill him.

The moment Briton Miles Wakefield shoots Simba with a tranquilliser dart in a fenced-off enclosure

Before his rescue – Simba is shot and injured by a trophy hunter.


Unsurprisingly, Simba was described as ‘deeply traumatised’ immediately after his rescue. However, he should now live for another ten years, possibly longer, and, hopefully, time will prove to be a great healer.

One of his new carers, who asked not to be identified, told me: ‘He is a real gentleman. Even in the few weeks he has been with us, there has been a massive difference in his behaviour.

The moment Briton Miles Wakefield shoots Simba with a tranquilliser dart in a fenced-off enclosure

‘When he arrived, he was hiding and growling. Now, little by little, he is more confident and allows us to be within 30 feet of him.

‘The great thing is that lions forgive and dare to trust again, and to love unconditionally. This is where humans can learn from animals.

‘Lion farming, on the other hand, touches the darkest side of humanity: it is pure ego, pure money, pure greed.’

Simba now lives alone in a two-and-a-half-acre fenced enclosure where he is fed raw meat, including beef and chicken. He has a raised area where he can lie in the sun, but he also has shade from trees.

I have made a substantial donation to ensure that Simba will be well looked after for the rest of his life.


Click on the top link to continue reading more.


A fully grown male lion with a large mane can command a price tag of more than £40,000. Pictured: Miles Wakefield with the drugged Simba

A pathetically sad human trophy hunter can pay £40,000 to kill a fully grown male lion like Simba