Day: October 13, 2019

Cyprus: how the bird catcher mafia works.




Commission against bird slaughter (CABS) PRESS RELEASE – 12/10/2019

Today marks the 46th day of bird trapping by the biggest and most organised criminal trapper in Cyprus, in the area of Maroni, state CABS (Commission against bird slaughter) the trapping in Cyprus.
Considering that the trapping site was first confirmed as active on the 24th of August and considering that an average of 300 birds are killed in this compound each day according to the evidence collected by the RSPB; we can reasonably conclude that 13,800 birds have been killed in this single trapping compound in just the last 7 weeks.

Vogel fänger Two trappers pg-600x0Two of the convicted trappers leaving the orchard, one with a huge bag of illegally killed birds.


Furthermore, the site is known to everybody – including the authorities – and it has not been properly challenged or investigated for at least the last 2 years.

Despite the activity throughout the whole autumn season, the law enforcement agencies seldomly investigate this site and prosecute the owner. The Game and Fauna Service refuse to approach the place, whereas the anti-poaching unit has never managed in the last year to make a proper prosecution on this site. Even when they agree to make an operation there, this usually takes weeks of planning and the results are often minimal. This is basically allowing the trapper to continue the killing of thousands of birds, unperturbed during the peak period of the autumn migration season.

zypern vogel tot--jpg

There is clearly something wrong with the Cyprus Police in relation to the biggest trapping site in Cyprus. CABS and the RSPB have observed several suspects trapping on full bore with more than 7 nets, electronic caller lures and catching hundreds of birds every night.


On the, 16th and 17th September, RSPB observed set nets and filmed the group trapping. The police was called and did not attend until the following day where they found nothing.



On the 19th September again the trapping site was observed by CABS active and in full swing!! Despite 4 operations made by the police so far only 1 net and 1 bird has been found.

gefangener Vogeleg

“We believe that the operations of the police are conducted in the wrong way or we suspect that information is being routinely leaked to the trapper” states Alexander Heyd, Director of CABS.

In another statement, Alexander Heyd says “CABS and other NGOs have been trying for three weeks to get in touch with the highest level of the Cypriot Police force to arrange a meeting about this situation. Despite our efforts, they have so far been unable to meet and discuss our findings. It seems that they are avoiding us and are not interested in stopping this criminal or in finding out more about the suspected leak in the unit”.

vogelnetzte zypernpgMist net rides highlighted at a notorious bird trapping site near Maroni, Cyprus (Ben Porter)


The last time the biggest trapper in Cyprus was properly targeted by police was in 2017, but the enforcement officer that coordinated the raid was subsequently moved from the unit.

CABS is always happy to cooperate with the Cyprus Police. They achieved great results against illegal bird poaching in the past, but recent events show inactiveness and an unprofessional approach, to say the least. The Cypriot police is clearly not stepping up against bird trapping and is knowingly letting this happen without retribution.


My comment: No one has ever been imprisoned in Cyprus for illegal bird catching.

Tapped poachers are usually fined 600 euros. With a merit of up to 20,000 euros per season, a poacher can easily get over this loss.
The Cypriot bird mafia often uses a particularly insidious and highly sustainable fishing method for illegal bird catching.
In the past, they planted many acacias on the dry island that are not native to Cyprus.
Trees that the migratory birds like to use as a welcome approach station. And between these trees, the criminal poachers now tie their nets. According to experts, around 2.3 million wild birds are killed each year in Cyprus by illegal hunting.

Killed songbirds are sold via the black market to restaurants in the Republic of Cyprus, so that guests can eat the popular Cypriot specialty “Ampelopoulia”.


Criminal gangs earn hundreds of thousands of euros from this illegal activity.
A perfidious, unscrupulous, simply disgusting human parasite that owes its existence to the corrupt country politicians.

My best regards to all, Venus



Petition – Punish Girls Who Tortured and Killed Emma.

This girls tortured and killed little Emma, we want justice!


Punishment for this trio of damn and sick-minded girls, who had nothing to do, other than mistreat and cruelly kill an animal.
This girls tortured and killed little Emma
Addressed to: Chilean Investigative Police, Carabineros

petition keyboard

Petition link:


Petition wording:

I faithfully believe that a sick mind is extremely dangerous for any living being in any society. Therefore, I ask for a very heavy punishment, for this trio of cursed and ill-minded girls, who had nothing to do, other than mistreat and cruelly kill a defenseless animal.

I consider it vitally important to leave a strong punishment as soon as possible, and for the competent authorities to join promptly, to strongly punish these three girls, who do know what they do.

No person eats shit, therefore, they knew what they were doing.

I consider after applying the punishment, burn their hands to live skin, be fulfilled, and then submit them to intern for life in a mental health asylum.

These types of subjects, whether they be adolescent girls, are pseudo psychiatrically ill minds, and are a terrible threat to any living being, be it a human being or an animal.


Yom Kippur: a bloodbath in the name of religion


This week saw the annual event of Kaporos take place in cities around the world. Kaporos is a customary atonement ritual practiced by some Jews on the eve of Yom Kippur.




Each year thousands of chickens are sent onto city streets from factory farms. Many of these individuals are kept confined in small crates without food or water for as long as 4 days before the ceremony.

Jom-Kippur-Huhn100 yom kipur pg

During the event a chicken around is swung around a person’s head three times while saying a prayer to transfer their sins to the bird, before giving the chicken to a butcher, who then slaughters it.

jom kipurg

This event happens on the streets of cities and towns, and it is estimated that up to 50,000 chickens are killed in Brooklyn alone. Despite claims that the corpses are given to the poor, many are often found in trash bags in the days following the event.

hühner im Müllpg

When the chickens who survive the transport arrive at their destination, the ritual participants swing their legs and wings through the air, then cut their throats and place them in traffic cones as they bleed to death.

In the following video you can clearly see how participants of this “festival” tear off the heads of the chickens and then stuff them – still conscious – into garbage bags.

Why should they have to suffer for our sins? No matter the tradition, the custom or the culture, there is no excuse for the treatment and exploitation these individuals face.

Those who wish to celebrate Kaporos in the coming years can still do so, swapping the sentient being for money, as done by many Jews who disagree with the practice.

Anonymous for the Voiceless


My comment: Here I also see another illogical and immoral business with God, namely: I sacrifice the innocent so that my guilt will be forgiven!

Well-known deal at all geographic locations! On this basis has always and every religion worked.

Without blind,  stupid and fanatical God’s servants no religion would have survived!

Innocents in the name of God are always tortured, murdered and massacred by people who preach love to God and their fellow human beings.

“You can only have peace if you give it”, Ebner-Eschenbach has said.
That is the reason, why any religion will have never peace.

My best regards to all, Venus



Brazil: Amazon deforestation has almost doubled this year.

Brasil pg


amazon planet lungs

Amazon deforestation has almost doubled this year


The destruction of the world’s largest rainforest has grown for the fifth month in a row, revealed new government data. So far this year, an area twice the size of Greater London has been destroyed – an estimated 3,032 square miles – as loggers grow increasingly emboldened under right-wing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Brazil’s leader has pushed for the Amazon to be developed and threatens to scale back the powers of environmental agency Ibama, said environmentalists on Friday. Tasso Azevedo, coordinator for the deforestation mapping initiative MapBiomas, has blamed the alarming figures on Bolsonaro. He told Reuters: ‘Deforestation is continuing at a pace that is double that of years past. ‘I think this is because of the messages the president continues to send.’


nutter brazil


Bolsonaro and environment minister, Ricardo Salles, blamed ‘previous governments’ for the rise in deforestation. They said budget cuts had been made to agencies such as Ibama before they took office on January 1. The human-caused devastation is all the more troubling given the region was struck by the worst forest-fires this decade, which torched through the Amazon in August. Brazil’s response to the fires provoked global outcry and left many world leaders questioning why the South American nation did not do more to protect the rainforest.

nutter brazil 2


Scientists believe fires are linked to deforestation, with people often clearing timber and then setting the remains alight to clear land for ranching or farming. The rate of deforestation is expected to recede with the onset of the wet season, which traditionally begins in October. Paulo Barreto, a researcher affiliated with the non-governmental organisation Imazon said: ‘The big question now is what will be done to prevent this next year.’

Kambodscha. wüstenwaldjpg

Metro London –


Brazil burning

amazonas brennt

USA: Victory – The California Fur Ban Is Now Law.

Us Flagge napv

Hi Mark,

5 years ago, I started organizing small fur protests every winter and at that time, I thought that in 5 years we would have 1000 people protesting with us. But I was wrong. Because 5 years later, we don’t even need to protest fur in California anymore. This morning, the Governor of California signed the first statewide fur ban in the country into law!

People said I was dreaming too big, but I wasn’t dreaming big enough. Animal rights history is happening before our very eyes because people around the world are working together. So I want to give you a huge thank you for making this victory happen! And I would like to ask for your continued support. Right now, all new monthly donors are earning DxE a bonus $100 from a matching donor.

Will you become a monthly donor today to help us take on factory farming next? 

The fur industry is just the first to fall in California, and we have our sights set on Big Ag next. As trials begin for myself and other animal rescuers in the coming months, we’re hoping to establish the legal right to rescue animals from farms and slaughterhouses. People might say we’re dreaming too big, but we’ve heard that before.



… and more good news ….


Bratislava: Last week, the National Council of Slovak Republic (Slovak parliament) discussed in the first reading the proposal to ban fur farming in the country. It has passed the first reading with overwhelming support of 120 votes out of all 150 MPs, which means that 80 % of all MPs supported the proposal in its first big step in the legislative process.

The ban was proposed by Eva Antošová (SNS – Slovak national party) after the country has seen the second-largest online campaign in the history called Ide o chlp and conducted by an NGO Humánny pokrok, which has collected more than 76,000 signatures in under 6 months. The campaign followed publishing of investigation footage from a fur farm in northern Slovakia, which had exposed horrible conditions of minks without proper access to water, with open wounds, repetitive behaviour and signs of cannibalism. The public had responded with outrage and after a couple of months, the first ban proposal was introduced to the parliament.

Slovakia is one of the countries in Central Europe which still has no fur farming ban in effect. There is one operational mink farm with a capacity of up to 5000 animals and 8 farms breeding rabbits for fur. The proposal introduces a ban on farming and killing of all animals farmed exclusively or primarily for fur, with exception for rabbits farmed for fur by individuals for their personal use. The ban would go into effect immediately and would ban establishing of new fur farms in the country while providing a 3 year phase-out period for the existing ones.

Slovakia has seen fur farming ban campaigns in the past but without success. In the meantime, their neighbouring countries have seen a lot of progress, including fur farming ban in Austria and recently in the Czech Republic, and with vivid ongoing campaigns and political discussions in Poland and Ukraine. “The time has come for Slovakia to stop lagging behind the rest of Europe and to deal with this cruel and obsolete industry. The public is clearly requesting a quick and effective solution and we aim to deliver it in the upcoming months. Politicians shouldn’t ignore the call of more than 76 000 citizens to end this excessive and unnecessary cruelty and we are happy to see the first important steps taken in parliament on the path to the end of fur farming in Slovakia”, added Martin Smrek from Humánny pokrok.

In the upcoming months, the proposal should be discussed by parliamentary committees and approved by the European Commission. Afterwards, the second reading is planned and the final vote should take place during the last session of the current parliament, expected to take place at the beginning of 2020. The last step will be signing of the law by the president, who already voiced her support for the fur farming ban shortly after the launch of the campaign. After that, Slovakia would become the 14th European country passing a ban on fur farming.