Day: October 25, 2019

A police spokesman welcoming a blockade in the slaughterhouse

A spokesman for the police in Kellinghusen (North Germany) expressed sympathetic to the occupation of a slaughterhouse. The leadership did not like it, even the downtown secretary responded.

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They chained themselves to railings or climbed onto the roof. 26 activists of “Tear Down Toennies” have briefly occupied for 12 hours a slaughterhouse in Kellinghusen in the district of Steinburg. According to the media, up to 6,000 pigs are slaughtered here each day. The 26 demonstrators chained themselves to fences, unrolling a poster on the roof, and the plant stood still.

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By doing so, they wanted to alert “not only to factory farming, but to any kind of animal exploitation,” as the initiative tweeted. “Factory farming and irrational meat consumption are not only inhumane, but also climate killers”.
The action against factory farming was peaceful, according to police.

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A total of 26 demonstrators took part in the “absolutely peaceful” action, as police spokesman Stefan Hinrichs said. Among other things, the activists climbed onto the roof of the slaughterhouse or chained themselves to the outside fence of the site.

The police took up investigations for trespassing or coercion. Clashes did not exist, said a police spokesman. Activists have been briefly detained solely for identification purposes.

Left MP welcomes blockade

Member of the German Bundestag, Lorenz Gösta Beutin (left), welcomed the blockade “against the meat industry as a whole, and these meat factories and factory farming must be stopped immediately as they are harmful to both human health and animal welfare,” he said.

stefan Hinrichsthe press spokesman of the police Stefan Hinrichs during the interview: “Personally, I find the behavior of the young people very good”


In the video one can hear how the official Stefan Hinrichs explains the animal rights activist: “I am on your side, as far as animal husbandry in Germany is concerned – absolutely.”!!!
In the subsequent interview in front of the camera, he explained that he personally finds the behavior of the young people very good.

He explained, “that they are so brave in animal welfare. The question, of course, is whether this must go hand in hand with crime, but basically I think it’s very nice that the animals found lawyers here. ”

A police spokesman who welcomes a blockade? It was clear that would have consequences!!!

blocade tönnies
And indeed! The statement of the police spokesman Hinrichs caused a stir among the agrarian industry and the Christian Democrats, who are known to be closely associated with the “meat mafia”. And had consequences.

The report of an extremely conservative newspaper said:
“Although he tried to get in the loop by pointing to the criminal liability of this act, countless citizens were shocked and turned to the police for clarification.”

The police directorate of Kellinghusen was forced to make a press statement about the “inappropriate” sympathy of the official for the activists.

It was said: “The state police is subject to neutrality. This means that authorities and officials of the National Police are also duty bound to give the utmost restraint on value expressions. Expressions of sympathy for actions that disrupt the operation of a slaughterhouse have “to be avoided”. It will not be repeated that press officers can not differentiate between official commission and personal opinion.”
Meanwhile, we read that the official Stefan Hinrichs would be “free” for two days. They did not want to say more about it.

My comment: From here we send our solidary greetings to the animal rights activists of Kellinghusen. And our thanks to the brave policeman who was not on the side of the exploiters, and he confessed it publicly.
The blockade was an important day for the animals and we thank the group for their selfless dedication.

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Tönnies is an animal tormentor, Tönnies is responsible for enormous animal suffering, a pest for humans, animals and the environment and must be combated in various ways.

Even the people in the factories suffer from the “Tönnies system”: exploitation of temporary workers, subsistence wages and subcontracting.

A Tönnies spokesman said: “I am not aware that there has ever been such a cast of a slaughterhouse in Germany”. No! that was not the first time! do your homework correctly, idiot! And that will not be the last time!

My best regards to all, Venus