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Bulgaria: Close the Lovech Zoo!

#Close Cruel Cages: Six bears in concrete pits at Lovech Zoo!

Six bears, two tigers, and two lions are kept under terrible conditions at the Lovech Zoo in Bulgaria.

Image: Four Paws

The concrete and outdated enclosures are neither suitable for keeping animals in a species-appropriate manner nor for accommodating other animals.
The zoo must prevent the animals from reproducing and must not accept new bears.

Nevertheless, the brown bears continue to reproduce, the last cub was born in January 2020.

During a visit in January 2021, a FOUR PAWS team got a picture on site. We were particularly shocked by the concrete enclosure of three bears. It had no natural vegetation, no places to retreat or hide.

At the time of our visit, the floor was covered with feces.

Image: Four Paws

The enclosures for the bears, lions, and tigers as well as those for some of the other animal species in the zoo are far removed from species-appropriate housing conditions and we see no possibility of converting them into suitable enclosures.

We, therefore, demand an end to breeding and the relocation of animals for which no suitable facilities can be made available.

Image: Four Paws

Support our work for a better life for animals in Bulgarian zoos and sign the petition here:
© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

Additional information: The lion cubs Simba and Kossara are the youngest victims to be born in a cruel cage, this time in a small and aging public institution in the town of Blagoevgrad in southwestern Bulgaria.
Her birth in early July, which allegedly was the result of inbreeding, was kept secret, but a few days later the media found out about it and reported on the little weakened pups.

In response to public pressure, the local authorities in Blagoevgrad organized the puppies to be taken to a veterinary clinic in the capital Sofia.

FOUR PAWS offered advice from experienced game rangers and rescuers for the puppies to give them the best possible care and medical care they urgently needed.

But the responsible authorities avoided meeting FOUR PAWS and at the end of August arranged that the pups should be secretly taken to an equally horrific facility in Bulgaria.

As a result, Kossara and Simba have ended up in a cruel cage in Varna, in a similarly unsuitable and hopeless situation as they were when they were born.

It is the fourth time in three years that lion cubs have been born in Bulgaria under appalling conditions and with bleak prospects.

For years, the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water has legalized unsuitable facilities where various species of wildlife are kept by granting them a zoo permit without ensuring that they meet standards of husbandry and education.
Even the still illegal facilities have been allowed to continue to keep and breed wildlife.

This suffering has to stop. We need your help to save Simba, Kossara, and other wildlife like them from living in these cruel cages, and we urge the Bulgarian Prime Minister and the European Commissioner for the Environment to see Bulgaria end the legalization of inappropriate wildlife management!

We have to try.
At the moment we cannot offer these victims any other alternative besides the petition and the mobilization of the media.
Therefore: Sign the petition and share

My best regards to all, Venus

USA: Abject Suffering and Cruelty Required In Dairy – DxE Investigates – Watch the Video.

WAV Comment – with thnks to Stacey as always; regards Mark.

Watch the video on ‘Our Compass’ here:

Abject suffering & cruelty required in dairy | Our Compass (

Source Direct Action Everywhere Instagram

In 2017, I entered a Land O’ Lakes dairy farm in California with a team of DxE investigators and the horrors I saw sent me on an unexpected journey. Was this farm just an anomaly, or was this routine treatment of dairy cows and their babies? I couldn’t understand how the dairy industry gets away with such cruelty – especially a company like Land O’ Lakes that boasts about following strict animal welfare guidelines. 

I have now gone into 14 Land O’ Lakes farms in California and Wisconsin, the nation’s top dairy-producing states. With the help of more than 20 grassroots investigators, we now have footage proving that this company routinely violates its own welfare standards, as well as animal cruelty laws.  

We have a 2 minute video proving that Land O’Lakes is going out of its way to mislead customers. Please watch and share on Facebook or Instagram (or above).

We’re reporting this cruelty, reaching out to company representatives, and sharing our findings with journalists. The Fresno Bee just published a story about our investigation findings which you can read and share here (or see below).  

Don’t be fooled by false advertising about “happy cows” and “pure milk.” There is nothing happy nor pure about the dairy industry, and when we take direct action, we can expose that.

Many thanks to everyone who helped with this investigation on the ground, and to all of you supporting online. Together, we are shattering the “humane” myth and making real progress for animal rights. If you can support this work financially, please chip in here


Source The Fresno Bee

By Joshua Tehee

The animal rights activist group Direct Action Everywhere is leveling claims of animal abuse at several Land O’Lakes dairy operations in the central San Joaquin Valley, including Zonneveld Dairy near Laton in Fresno County.

On Wednesday, Berkeley-based group released the findings of a three-year investigation it did at 14 of the company’s farms both in Wisconsin and in California.

Among the facilities were Zonneveld Dairy in Laton; Kasbergen Dairy, Curtimade Dairy, FernJo Farms, and Mancebo Holsteins in Tulare; Fern Oaks Dairy in Porterville; Giacomazzi Dairy and Grimmius Calf Ranch in Hanford; and Tony A Nunes in Visalia.

The investigation found dozens of violations of both Land O’Lakes company animal welfare policy and California law, according to the group, which said it has video footage showing newborn calves being dragged by their hind legs and dumped from a backhoe, among other things.

The group said it will file criminal complaints against the farms on Wednesday with letters of support from a veterinarian and a former federal prosecutor, both of whom have seen the videos, the group said.

A Land O’Lakes representative said the company was not aware of the allegations as of Tuesday afternoon, but that animal care is a top priority for the company and its member-owners.

“Participation in the National Milk Producers Federation’s National Dairy FARM Program is a mandatory condition of Land O’Lakes, Inc. dairy membership and we are committed to maintaining compliance with all aspects of the program and the science that guides its development,” the representative said in an email statement.

This is not the first time Direct Action Everywhere has taken action against a Land O’Lakes operation.

Members of the group, including former “Baywatch” actress Alexandra Paul, protested alleged abuse at Zonneveld Dairy farm in 2017. The group also removed a calf from the ranch, in what it called a night-time rescue operation.

It’s also not the first time the group has had sights on Valley farms.

In 2018, three women were arrested at a ranch north of Oakdale while trying to remove an apparently dying calf from the property.

And last month, the group protested outside Harris Ranch in Coalinga, after asking the Fresno County District Attorney’s office to investigate the company’s beef processing facility in Selma. Direct Action Everywhere claimed to have hidden camera video footage showing excessive suffering of animals at the slaughterhouse.

Joshua Tehee covers breaking news for The Fresno Bee, with a focus on entertainment and a heavy emphasis on the Central Valley music scene. You can see him share the area’s top entertainment options Friday mornings on KMPH’s “Great Day” and read more of his work here.

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The film ‘The Scam’- poultry industry in Israel

Documentation of the disposal of laying hens – worldwide
As the chickens’ egg-laying yield decreases, the poultry industry rushes to dispose of them at a young age
The method used in Israel and around the world is to use an electric vehicle and to kill the animals with an electric shock.

In this video is the case in the Czech Republic

You can see workers simply filling trash cans in the barn with animals.
Most of them suffocate and from there spill into a large container.
This method is illegal in Israel

However, a few years ago we were able to document this violation twice.
In two different chicken coops in the Sharon area and most likely – according to the undercover worker video that nobody knows – it is proven that in most cases this method is also used here in Israel.
The industry wants to accelerate the destruction process.

It is very difficult to take over and dispose of a basket of hundreds of thousands of laying hens.
And if you take them out one by one, it can take days and that costs money and time, this cruel method saves both.
The tortured chickens pay the price to maximize profits

With cruelty and slow death, they will suffocate in the can along with the rest of their sisters.

You can find more information about the poultry industry in Israel in the film ‘The Scam’:

Glass Walls

And I mean…The video is of course linguistically inaccessible to most of us
But still, after the first five minutes, you have the feeling that you know these pictures. That this or similar pictures have been seen.

That is why this video speaks a universal language.

Every country in the world practices this fascist system of exploitation of the “other” animals.
Animals suffer from the violence of those who have rights, of people.
And that all over the world.

Even the very best animal protection law does not grant animals any rights, but only restricts the power of disposition of humans against animals.
The best that can happen to them is mercy or pity, and we know how slim those prospects are.
Every special video actually has the function of unveiling the injustice and making the invisible visible.
Because the animal industry relies on isolation and total secrecy.

There are many ways to give voice to the other species and to make their pain public and express it.
We have cleared up to their lawyers.

No method is better or worse than the other, each has its special moment when it can develop its power and effect.

Realizing this is the really more important basis of animal rights defense.

My best regards to all, Venus

US State of Winconsin: Hunters massacre 216 wolves

It took- for trigger-happy hunters in the US state of Wisconsin- exactly three days to slaughter around 20 percent of the wolf population.

216 animals were killed in the bloodbath that took place at the end of February. Experts estimate that there were between 1,000 and 1,200 wolves in Wisconsin before the hunt.

The reason for the permit for the three-day hunt was ultimately an oversight by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Wisconsin is the only US state in which the regulation of the wolf population is normally carried out by officials of the authority –
a shooting quota is set annually, which is based on standards for sustainability and the protection of the wolf population.

Jäger richten fürchterliches Massaker unter Wölfen an

Observations about the development of packs play a role. As a rule, only very old or sick animals or a few problem specimens that were noticeable through livestock cracks are shot down – the quota rarely exceeded 100.

However, since the Trump administration abolished numerous protections for wolves last year, hunter lobby groups and some Republican MPs have called for open wolf hunting.

The state of Wisconsin also wanted to hold one hunting, but only in the fall and not in the spring – because they were still waiting for new data on the population development and then wanted to incorporate this into the determination of the shooting rate.

But then the supervisory authority was taken by surprise by a lawsuit filed by the powerful hunting lobby group “Hunter Nation Incorporated” from the state of Kansas, which is 1,000 kilometers away.

According to the change in the law by Trump, the court ordered the supervisory authority to immediately permit hunting and allow applications for hunting permits.

The supervisory authority had no choice but to obey the court order – they simply had not recognized the legal situation in time and thus lost valuable time, for example, to develop control mechanisms.

More than 2,000 applications for hunting permits were received, and almost all of them had to be approved overnight, without careful scrutiny.

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Elephant Actions – Please Support, Thank You.

Fifty year old elephant Betty has lived a lifetime of suffering.

Captured from her home in Thailand at the age of just three years old, she was sold into the George Carden International Circus in 1986 where she has been forced to perform cruel circus tricks and to give rides ever since.

The Carden family continues to force Betty to perform despite the fact that she is chronically lame. She does not bend her left front ankle, which is evident when she walks or give rides. Betty also continually drags her trunk along the ground as she walks. It appears that she is using her trunk as a crutch to remain balanced or to hold her upright. Her impairment could pose a serious public health hazard should her lameness result in a fall while she was performing or giving rides.

In performance after performance, CompassionWorks International has found Betty exhibiting these clear signs of suffering, yet the Carden family and the USDA do nothing to help her.

Presently the Carden family has rented Betty out to Garden Bros Circus, where she is provoked to give rides and do tricks by Larry Carden. Garden Bros performs up to three times per day, which means that Betty is giving up tothree hours of rides and three performances per day.Afterward, she is loaded on a truck anddriven hundreds of miles only to do it all again.

Another Carden family elephant named Jenny lived a similar life of performance and tricks despite having health issues, and the USDA did nothing to help her. Jenny died. 

Isn’t it time the USDA DID THEIR JOB and took action for animals used and abused in traveling circuses?

Please join CWI in calling on the USDA to do their job: confiscate Betty and transfer her to a Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries-certified sanctuary where she can live out the remainder of her days without the stress and pain of circus performance.

248,000+ have signed this – add your name also.

Petition link:

Petition · Bernadette Juarez: Send Betty to Sanctuary Now! ·



Dumba, the elephant hidden by a circus in a rubbish dump in Gard

It was after 10 pm on 1 January 2021 when we heard: at the end of a dirt track in a remote corner of the Gard countryside a single elephant constantly rocks back and forth in a tent, in the middle of a rubbish dump – a few square metres to move around in. Immediately despatched to the spot, our investigators are shocked to discover thatit has snowed, that the thermometer registers well below zero and that the elephant is shut in the trailer of the wagon opposite the tent. Dumba breathes heavily, sniffing the air with her trunk, which pokes out of a tiny half-open window in the roof. She has injuries on both sides of her head. We have submitted a complaint about her situation as a matter of urgency.

Dumba is over forty and her feet are so painful that she twists and turns even in front of strangers in an attempt to obtain relief.  The forced immobility and solitude to which she is subjected daily cause muscle wasting, musculo-skeletal pain and stereotypic movements.

Just like other elephants held in captivity by circuses, she was snatched from her family while she was a baby.  She has never been seen in the company of another elephant since.  Just like Baby, she is kept in solitary confinement by her trainer and rented out to the highest bidder for videos and performances.  Forced to have her photo taken with members of the public (which is illegal), in particular in the Cirque de Paris, she crossed paths with Jon, Patty, Marli, Céleste and Hannah before we obtained their release.  We had hoped to find her in March 2020 when we followed the Cirque de Paris.  On its usual site:  Baby.  She hadn’t been seen again in France since the end of 2018.  In Spain, where we are working in solidarity on her behalf with FAADA (Fundación para el Asesoramiento y Acción en Defensa de los Animales – Foundation for Advice and Action in Defence of Animals), she had been off the radar since the end of September 2020.

But one of our sympathizers came across her while out for a New Year walk, in an area that literally looks like a rubbish dump.

France, this refuge for trainers prosecuted for mistreatment. Her trainer had fled Spain with her in order to avoid court proceedings.  It would have been very easy for him to flee once again in order to hide Dumba elsewhere.  It was therefore essential that we act speedily.  Within a few hours we had despatched our investigators.

Foot problems are the main cause of death in elephants.  Dumba’s feet and her whole body are suffused with acute pain;  she is the very incarnation of suffering.  Elephants live in groups and continually communicate with one another in a very sophisticated way.  They help and support one another until they die.  Dumba is alone in her agony.  What sort of advanced country is it that still authorizes the abysmal mistreatment of these vulnerable giants?  I love elephants, I love my country, and I am ashamed.

Muriel Arnal, President and Founder of One Voice

The opinion of the expert on elephants to whom we sent the images was irrefutable:  skeletal problems, possible tuberculosis … injuries.  “The physical condition of this obviously elderly Asian elephant is very poor.

«There are clear indications that this elephant is suffering from pain in her front legs, as shown by her alternating lifting of these legs and the fact that she brings her rear legs far cranial under her body.»

«The elephant keeps her mouth open for a much longer period than is expected and normal, which often is an expression of pain experience.»

«Keeping an elephant solitary for a prolonged period is an act against the welfare of the animal and as such illegal. When continued for several months and longer it inevitably changes the mental health permanently and irreversibly, expressed as stereotypic behaviour.»

Willem Schaftenaar, DVM
Retired zoo veterinarian of Rotterdam Zoo
Current competences and activities: Veterinary Advisor to the European elephant TAG (EAZA), Associate researcher of Elephant Care International

We have submitted a complaint of ill-treatment and neglect by a professional (an offence) to the court in Alès. Added to that is illegally operating an establishment keeping non-domestic animals. The seizure of Dumba must be organized as quickly as possible; a place in a sanctuary already awaits her. Sign the petition and let us join together to appeal to the relevant minister, Barbara Pompili, because we shall never abandon those whose suffering is scandalously hidden from view: circus animals!

Exploited under the big top, rented out to the highest bidder, kept in isolation in a wagon in the depths of winter – that’s what Dumba’s life is like as a circus animal. @barbarapompili this suffering must stop! #FreeDumba #CirquesSansAnimaux

Petition link:

Dumba – Baby et Dumba, éléphantes de cirque (

Please support these;

Thanks; Regards


England / Scotland: From CIWF London – Investigation Exposing the Truth About Scottish Salmon Suffering On Scottish Fish Farms.

WAV Comment: Great work as always from friends Phil and all the crew; exposing the real truth about what lies beneath the surface. More Intensive farming under the waves; out of sight, out of mind ?

From Compassion In World Farming (CIWF), London.

Murky depths of the Scottish salmon industry exposed in new undercover investigation | Compassion in World Farming (

Our new investigation into the Scottish salmon industry, released today (23rd March), uncovers the hidden suffering of salmon on an industry-wide and endemic scale, breaches in animal welfare legislation and shocking mortality rates.

Warning: Some viewers may find the following footage distressing.


Our undercover investigation – supported by a global network of 30 organisations – and accompanying report ‘Underwater Cages, Parasites & Dead Fish: Why a Moratorium on Scottish Salmon Farming Expansion is Imperative’  highlights the grim reality for many fish raised in sea cages to produce world-famous Scottish salmon.

Scottish salmon is big business. Every year, 24 to 56 million of these fish are shipped to over 50 countries – making Scotland the world’s third-largest exporter. Worryingly the Scottish government supports plans for massive industry expansion by 2030. But while the industry expands, animals pay the price.


We investigated 22 farms between September and November 2020, using both drone technology and, at 6 farms, underwater divers. On several of these farms, investigators found severe sea lice infestations and high levels of mortalities. They also found fish crammed in barren underwater cages, where these natural migrators have nothing to do but swim aimlessly for up to 2 years. These animals suffer to such an extent that as many as a quarter will die before they even make it to slaughter.

The appalling findings were documented on farms owned by all five of Scotland’s largest salmon producers (Cooke Aquaculture, Grieg Seafood, Mowi, Scottish Sea Farms and The Scottish Salmon Company), which together account for over 96% of the industry.


“Salmon are silently suffering, out of sight, in cruel underwater factory farms across Scotland. Even the experienced investigators were shocked at what they found,” said Sophie Peutrill, our Global Campaign Manager for fish welfare. “The footage reveals salmon with deformities and disease, missing eyes and large chunks of flesh and skin being eaten away by sea lice. This is completely unacceptable.

“Salmon are sentient beings – they should not be subjected to such awful misery. There is an industry-wide failure to protect these animals, and this must change. We need an immediate halt on the continued expansion of Scottish salmon farming”


Not only is salmon farming bad for animal welfare, but it is also damaging the environment. Organic and chemical waste from Scottish salmon farms is changing the chemistry of sediments and killing marine life on the seabed. Waste from farms can lead to poor water quality and harmful algal blooms. Millions of tonnes of wild-caught fish are reduced to fishmeal and fish oil in order to feed fish in intensive farms, and the list goes on.

“Given the numerous welfare and environmental issues within the Scottish salmon industry, plans to expand are completely irresponsible”, said Dr Krzysztof Wojtas, our Head of Fish Policy.

“We are calling on the Scottish Government for a moratorium on the expansion of the Scottish Salmon industry. Confining carnivorous species in underwater cages and depleting our oceans of wild fish in order to feed them, is pure madness. Ultimately, we directly challenge whether farming essentially wild, migratory fish, such as salmon, has any place in a sustainable food system.”


The Scottish salmon farming industry is rife with fish welfare issues and serious environmental problems. At current production levels sea lice infestation and disease are out of control, causing fish suffering on an alarming scale and threatening wild fish populations. 

To address the issues brought to the surface by our investigation we have launched an open letter to the Scottish government, urgently calling for a moratorium on the expansion of the industry, with a view to phasing out intensive salmon farming.


Please sign our open letter to the Scottish Government, demanding a moratorium to stop the runaway growth of Scottish salmon farming.

Regards Mark

Spain-Close the horror laboratory of Vivotecnia

AnimaNaturalis will take legal action against Vivotecnia laboratory, because of the continued abuse of animals

AnimaNaturalis and Acción Legal Animalista announce legal action
for the alleged crime of animal abuse with prison sentences of up to 18 months for those responsible and a professional disqualification of up to 4 years.

Given the evidence that appeared in different media of the existence of a systematic practice of mistreatment, torture, and death of animals subjected to experimentation in the laboratory of the Vivotecnia company, based in the town of Tres Cantos in Madrid, AnimaNaturalis announces that they are going to take legal action by filing a criminal complaint for a continuing crime of animal abuse in article 337 of the penal code, sections 1 to 3, which includes prison sentences of up to 18 months and professional disqualification of up to 4 years.

Likewise, AnimaNaturalis will verify if any alteration or falsity has been committed in the documentary records or controls so that these degrading and inappropriate practices of civilized society have been able to escape the control of public verifiers or auditors.

We trust that the Vivotecnia laboratory and its administrators, no matter how much they hide behind a corporate network, must answer to the judicial authority for their actions.

“It is time to seriously question the system of inspections and audits in animal experimentation laboratories” explains Aïda Gascón, director of AnimaNaturalis in Spain. “The terrible images, obtained for two years in a covert way, show that they are not isolated cases.”

The case has been uncovered by the NGO Cruelty-Free International (CFI) which shows acts of animal cruelty in the Madrid laboratory Vivotecnia, an organization dedicated to contract research (CRO) for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

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England: Elon Musk, ‘Medical’ Animal Testing and Real (Non Animal Testing) Progress. A View From Mark, WAV Co Founder.

WAV Comment – as some of you may know, I, Me, Mark, have had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 21 years.  Despite some problems I have daily with my illness, I will NEVER support the use of live animals in ‘scientific’ research to achieve the goal of ‘finding MS cures’.  To me, the activities of Elon Musk and Neuralink is purely aimed at a goal of making yet more money at the expense of other living beings.

Unfortunately, I know that there are still places where animals are still used for MS research – to find the ‘golden fleece’ of a cure.  Well, in my humble opinion, using animals for the ‘cure’ will never bring results.  I would like to inform you that being in the ‘MS camp’ all these years, I have looked into the issue a bit  – the main finding in the early days of my personal diagnosis was that: animal species do NOT suffer from MS; so, what is MS ?

The cause of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is still unknown. It’s considered an autoimmune disease in which the (individual concerned) owns body’s immune system attacks its own bodily tissues. It ‘sees’ a natural bodily daily function (of repairing tissue myelin) instead as the naturally produced myelin being an invader into the bodily system; so basically it (wrongly) attacks it.  In the case of MS, this immune system malfunction (the immune system gets the wrong message) thus attacks and destroys the fatty substance that coats and protects all nerve fibres in the brain and spinal cord (called myelin).  The de myelination in various locations around bodily nerve fibres causes scarring (the ‘sclerosis’) which them interrupts or stops messages being sent from the brain to the specific area of the body where the de myelination has occurred; for example the spinal cord may be affected and so messages don’t get through to the legs= a person cannot then walk as a result.  All your leg muscles may be fully functional and in the right place; but as the message from the brain to the leg muscles (via the myelin) does not go through ‘good’ functioning myelin, there is no message to the leg muscles; so the legs do not work.

MS causeur is un known, but basically it can affect anyone during their life.  Some people in their teens; others in mid life; others later in life.

My argument – if animals do not get MS; then there is a reason in their body process / structure which is different to humans.  Positive MS research to me would be to find out why animals don’t get MS and yet humans do; why the difference; and this can be achieved through non death research rather than the current system of ‘creating’ MS in a non affected animal, and then trying to find the cure for humans ! – it makes no sense; to me; having a lifetime in aerospace, it is a bit like putting an F1 car tyre on a Boeing 777 to achieve better results;  

I find personally that a good plant based vegan diet helps me with my situation a lot.  So do neurologists I have had in the past.  Cut out all the bad meat stuff; and go for the healthy fruit and plants based food and drink options.  As a result, my energy levels are really good.  I think my brain still works ok; as I can do the computer work needed to run this site every day with Venus.

I have always hated animal abuse in whatever form; I still do and always will.  I will fight in defence for them until I go to my grave.  Things like the Elon Musk case really bum me off; I support medical research, but only when it does not involve using live animals of any kind.

Here are good non animal research programmes; to me; this is the way forward for positive medical results.

Regards Mark

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Think of the hedgehog

If you see me in your garden, please put some food and water for me.

Please do not use insecticides.

I am harmless and an ally for your garden because I feed on insects that damage your garden.

We hedgehogs are getting fewer and fewer so help me stay alive.

We have no natural enemies, only humans are the most dangerous

I would be an excellent and very discreet roommate since I only go out at night.

Thanks in advance.

(Source: Elizabeth Caballero)

My best regards to all, Venus

Good news today

From the Blog of Animal Liberation Press Office.

Received anonymously: 6 Hunting Towers Destroyed, Wildlife Enclosure Opened (Germany) 

Their audacity to build park benches next to hunter’s towers and wildlife enclosure seemed too much of a good thing.
The action had to follow.

6 towers destroyed and a wildlife enclosure opened.

Freedom is so much nicer than bullets and barbed wire.

Yes, that is! Freedom for everyone, no barbed wire, neither for people nor for animals.
The German “brown” times are over.

My best regards to all, Venus