Vietnam: Lets Get Cam the Bear Out of His Bile Farm Cage Now – Please Donate If You Can.

As you read this, Cam is desperately waiting to get out of his tiny cage. He is trapped in a bile bear farm in Hai Phong province in Vietnam.  

When we visited him at the farm, he was pacing around in the cage, climbing up and down and biting the bars, trying everything to escape this sad and barren environment. 

We don’t know anything about his past but can see he is pretty young. He still has his whole life ahead of him. 

Without help, his life would consist of nothing but the bars of this cage.

Never getting the chance to feel the grass under his feet. Never climbing up a tree. Never playing with another bear. 

Together, we can rescue Cam 

Lets get Cam out:

Bear Cam needs our help! (

Nothing would make us happier, than bringing him to our beautiful BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh. How excited would he be, when he discovers the huge outdoor enclosure for the first time? Experiencing all the lush vegetation, trees, climbing platforms and pools to swim in. Experiencing what a bear life can look like.

Mark, we can’t leave Cam behind, right? Will you help to free the young bear from his tiny cage?

Kind regards, 

The FOUR PAWS team

Lets get Cam out:

Bear Cam needs our help! (

Regards Mark

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