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The time shall come …

Leonardo da Vinci already said in the Renaissance era that… “the time shall come when all men such as he will be content with a vegetable diet, and will think on the murder of animals as now they think on the murder of men”.

And he also firmly believed that “the time would come when we condemn the eating of animals as much as we condemn the eating of our own kind today, the cannibalism.”

Why do we take so long to tell our children the truth … why don’t we teach our children from the beginning that animals have rights and are not born as a “happy meal”?
That animals have feelings like us and can also suffer?
And that our children shouldn’t be afraid to confirm their love for animals with a vegan diet?

The generations that will follow will hate us all for these crimes.

My best regards to all, Venus

The Corporate capture of our politicians, media and minds.

We are all sure the UN COP26 conference in Glasgow soon will sort out all the worlds environmental issues; like eating meat rather than plant based; or plant based rather than meat, wont it ?

? are they having plant based food for delegates ? – see what we mean here:

‘World’s Appetite For Meat’ Driving Amazon Destruction, Says New Campaign.

Amazon fires

WAV Comment

Is it not disgusting, or worse, that the worlds appetite for meat could see parts of the Amazon rain forest turned into wastelands within the next 15 years !

The Amazon Rainforest is home to 427 mammal species, 1,300 bird species, 378 species of reptiles, and more than 400 species of amphibians.  All are potentially at existence threat due to the ignorant wanting of meat eaters to stuff their faces with dead animals – meat produced by methods currently causing all this rainforest destruction.  I am beyond words and anger about this; especially when I hear that the conference on climate change may NOT even be promoting a plant based diet to delegates and attendees !

There is big talk by the UN that the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) being held in Scotland (Glasgow) on 31 October – 12 November 2021 will bring big changes; but we wonder if issues such as food options will even be addressed.  After all, the last we heard recently was that a plant based food selection was not even being arranged ! 

This morning (30/9 21) I have written to the conference now to ask if this is still the case; ie that all delegates will only eat meat (probably from Brazil !), where all the destruction is happening to make (Amazon) animal species extinct, or, if there are now (at last) plant based options for food selection.  I have asked for, and expect, a formal reply soon.

The Amazon is one of the greatest places on the planet for species of flora and fauna. To think that a lot of this could be turned into arid savannah and dust within the next 15 years due to meat production is, to me, beyond belief; and is something that the UN needs to address NOW at their meat eating climate change conference in Glasgow in the coming months.

Regards Mark


‘World’s Appetite For Meat’ Driving Amazon Destruction, Says New Campaign

‘Experts predict that deforestation at this rate could turn parts of the Amazon into savannas in just 15 years’

World’s Appetite For Meat Driving Amazon Destruction, Says Campaign (

The world’s appetite for meat is driving the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, according to a new campaign. 

Animal-rights charity Mercy For Animals has released a video as part of its Behind The Fires campaign – which reveals the ‘destructive impact of cattle ranching’. 

The video, which is narrated by celebrity actor Calum Worthy, shows how the ‘unprecedented’ number of fires that ‘ravaged’ the Brazilian Amazon last year were intentionally ‘set to clear every last plant from deforested areas’.

‘The biggest drivers of climate change’

“Brazil is the world’s largest beef exporter, and its meat production practices have far-reaching consequences,” Worthy states.

“Experts predict that deforestation at this rate could turn parts of the Amazon into savannas in just 15 years. World leaders must take swift and bold action to stop cattle ranching in the amazon and address the greater climate crisis.

“But cattle ranching in the Amazon isn’t the cause of the problem. According to the UN raising animals for food is one of the biggest drivers of climate change and habitat loss globally. Simply put, the meat we consume is burning up our future on this beautiful planet.”

Worthy adds that eating more plant-based foods can play an ‘important role’ in fighting the climate crisis and ‘protecting vital ecosystems’.

Scientists Warn Human Impact On Amazon Rainforest Is ‘Worse Than We Realize’

The rainforest’s climate is ‘changing fast and in alarming ways’, National Geographic claims and this has wide-reaching impacts on the entire planet

The Amazon Rainforest has been linked by scientists as a leading factor of increased global warming, due to deforestation and resource extraction at the hands of humans.

How humans ‘complicate natural cycles’ in the Amazon, such as logging and farming, is not only affecting its capability to absorb CO2, but contributing to global warming, reports National Geographic

Scientists argue the world’s largest rainforest landscape may ‘release more carbon than they store’ and fear the rainforest is now a net contributor to climate change.

Climate change

Animal agriculture and meat consumption are widely blamed for causing deforestation and fires across the region by scientists and environmentalists worldwide.

The rainforest’s climate is ‘changing fast and in alarming ways’, National Geographic claims and this has wide-reaching impacts on the entire planet.

A recent report assessed the impact of Amazon rainforest destruction over fears it was rapidly approaching ‘tipping point’.

It was conducted by over 30 scientists and published in FrontiersThey looked at the causes behind interference in the Amazon’s capacity to absorb CO2.

Greenhouse gases

‘Activities in the Amazon, both natural and human-caused, can shift the rainforest’s contribution in significant ways’ according to National Geographic.

They can warm the air ‘directly’, or release other greenhouse gases that do. The article lists a range of resource extractions that can alter it. They include damming and soybean production for livestock feed.

Lead author Kristofer Covey told the organization: ‘Cutting the forest is interfering with its carbon uptake; that’s a problem…

‘When you start to look at these other factors alongside CO2, it gets really hard to see how the net effect isn’t that the Amazon as a whole is really warming global climate.’

Human impact on the Amazon Rainforest

Researcher Patrick Megonigal said the impact human activities have on the Amazon is ‘worse than we realize’.

Rising deforestation may alter the ‘flow of moisture’, another research protested in the article. This ‘could lead to the Amazon become a ‘drier woodland savanna’ permanently.

Moreover, humans have ‘diminished’ the rainforest’s capacity for offsetting its natural methane emissions.

Activists urged Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro to halt deforestation. The harmful practice reached an all-time high last year.

Scientists Warn Impact On Amazon Is ‘Worse Than We Realize’ (

Denmark extends the ban on mink breeding for another year

This is an important decision: Denmark is extending the ban on mink breeding for another year to protect against the corona virus, i.e. until 2023.
This was announced by Agriculture Minister Prehn in Copenhagen.
The mink is the only animal in which it has so far been established with certainty that it can both become infected and infect humans.

The current ban should only apply until 2022.
It was imposed after the coronavirus spread to nearly 300 mink farms in Denmark and prematurely killing all 15 million animals in the country.

The Danish government believes that mink farming could still pose a public health risk next year – hence the extension.
Because mink farms are not only an absolute horror for the animals, which are kept in tiny cages until their painful death.

Fur farms also represent a potential reservoir of disease, because viruses can spread quickly in the crowded confines.

And I mean…Denmark was once the world’s largest exporter of mink – that’s over now.
When the country ordered the unnecessary mass murder of 15 million minks in 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture announced that the mink industry would now de facto be shut down for several years, but not be banned.

The breeders could actually be very satisfied: Because around 1,000 companies with a total of 2,700 jobs were able to receive the equivalent of up to 3 billion euros in 2020.

The compensation does not exclude a subsequent resumption of breeding. Only in this case would the breeders not be entitled to the total compensation, which is intended for a loss of earnings until 2030.

In other words: the industry was showered with money, although none of the companies had been profitable since 2019 and one in four was even about to go bankrupt.

All fur farming must be banned forever!!!
Not to prevent the next pandemic (because it did not come from the mink farms), but to end this unspeakable animal suffering.

My best regards to all, Venus

France: everything the hunter could wish for is allowed!

“Committee against Bird Murder” e.V.-Report of September 24th

Waterfowl hunting in France: In the past few days, a team from the “Committee against Bird Murder” has been monitoring ducks, geese and waders in north-western France.
Our first exploration trip to this region on the Atlantic coast was sobering:
Migratory bird hunting is a popular sport here, the entire landscape is optimized for hunting – almost all river meadows and salt marshes have been destroyed by artificial shooting ponds.

In addition to countless plastic decoys, thousands of live decoys are also kept – some in tiny cages – to lure their conspecifics in front of the professionally developed shooting range.

Although almost everything the hunter could wish for is allowed – hunting during the night, for example, or the hunting permission for practically all wading and water bird species that pass through – we have nevertheless observed illegalities.

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Italy: Grana Padano: documents from new investigation reveal shocking conditions on another farm.

Grana Padano: documents from new investigation reveal shocking conditions on another farm

28 September 2021

Essere Animali


Two months after the release of an initial investigation, Essere Animali is releasing today a new video filmed on another dairy farm producing Grana Padano, the most widely consumed PDO cheese in the world. The footage shows dead calves, and exposes serious hygienic and sanitary neglect by the farm management, with animals forced to live and give birth among their own excrements.

Bologna, 29 September – After the release of an initial investigation on a dairy farm producing Grana Padano, which documented unacceptable living conditions for calves and violence by workers towards the animals, Essere Animali is publishing a new video filmed on another farm.

By releasing this second investigation, Essere Animali wishes to respond to the objections of the Grana Padano Protection Consortium, which previously dismissed the documented problems as isolated cases.

The new investigation exposes conditions on a farm located in the province of Brescia (Italy). The dairy production site is located next to the sheds which house some 1,000 animals, including cows and calves.

The undercover video by Essere Animali reveals:

• The presence of many dead calves, who died on the farm;

• Obvious hygienic and sanitary shortcomings, which indicate general neglect in the management of the farm;

• The birth of calves and ensuing separation from their mothers;

• The sheltering of calves in individual pens.

“With the first investigation on a farm in the province of Bergamo, we documented violence and insulting behaviour towards animals, while this new video of a farm in the province of Brescia shows inconceivable conditions of neglect, with animals forced to live in enclosures that are flooded or covered with excrement to the point that they struggle to move. Calves are also born in an unsanitary environment, conditions that presumably contribute to the high mortality rate found on the farm. With our investigations, we have unfortunately demonstrated that irregularities on factory farms are not isolated cases,” commented Simone Montuschi, President of Essere Animali.

The footage also highlights the maltreatment of calves on dairy farms, in particular the separation of calves from their mothers – which takes place immediately after birth – and their subsequent solitary confinement in small individual pens.

These practices are permitted by law and are carried out on almost all dairy farms, including those producing milk for ‘premium’ Italian products such as Grana Padano, but various studies demonstrate that such practices subject animals to social deprivation, stress, and suffering.

With the release of this investigation, Essere Animali is relaunching the No Animal Left Behind campaign, coordinated by Eurogroup for Animals, an organisation that brings together 79 animal protection NGOs in 24 EU member states, as well as the UK, Switzerland, Serbia, Norway, Australia, and the US.

These organisations are calling on the European Commission – which is committed to the Farm to Fork strategy, an initiative aimed at making the European food system fairer, healthier and more environmentally friendly – to revise the legislation on the protection of farm animals, which is currently considered grossly inadequate to guarantee them a life free from avoidable suffering.

With regard to the conditions of calves, Essere Animali and Eurogroup for Animals are calling for a revision of the current EU animal welfare laws to:

• Allow contact between the calf and the mother for at least eight weeks after birth, during which the animals must be kept in a system that provides for contact for at least half the day, with suckling permitted;

• Provide shelter that meets the behavioural needs of calves, which should be raised in groups and have access to outdoor areas

“This latest investigation proves for the upteenth time that most dairy farms don’t respect basic animal welfare rules but on the contrary, that calves and cows are treated as mere commodities. The revision of the legislation on farm animals is the opportunity for the European Commission to change once and for all this situation without leaving a single animal behind”, commented Reinke Hameleers, CEO, Eurogroup for Animals.

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HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene.

HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene is an unflinching book of photography documenting our relationship with non-human animals in the 21st century, as depicted through the lenses of 40 award-winning photojournalists.

HIDDEN – We Animals Media

It focuses on the invisible animals in our lives: those with whom we have a close relationship and yet fail to see. They are the animals we eat and the animals we wear. They are the animals used in research and for entertainment, as well as the animals we sacrifice in the name of tradition and religion.

The stories within its pages are revelatory and brutal.

The Anthropocene is the proposed name for the current geological epoch. In this era, human activity is the dominant influence on climate, the environment, and all life on earth. As we enter a new decade, an estimated 80 billion land animals continue to be used and consumed by humans each year. The majority of these animals are raised and killed within industrial agricultural systems. Fish and other marine life are measured by tonnes. 

HIDDEN adopts an unashamedly pro-animal perspective, yet also understands the important role community leaders, educators, policy makers and activists play in determining a future relationship with animals based upon a compassionate and humane co-existence.

Regards Mark

UK: Petition, UK Citizens Only – Tell the UK Government; Suspend Trade Agreement with Faroe Islands until ALL Whale & Dolphin Hunts END.

Faroe whale slaughter

WAV Comment: Recently; we have reported on the Marine mammal slaughter undertaken each year by the Faroe Islands, which are part of Denmark.

Link – Search Results for “faroe islands” – World Animals Voice

In opposition to the vast majority of the British (UK) public, disgusted by this unnecessary annual murder of intelligent marine mammals, the UK government has still refused to take action regarding the trade deal between the UK and Faroe Islands;

Link: UK: British Government refuses to halt post-Brexit Faroes trade deal despite whale and dolphin massacres. – World Animals Voice

News - EIA

So now, things are cranking up a gear; Brits are a little bummed off with the way ‘their’ government is acting in putting money before the welfare of marine mammals..

Campaigner Dominic Dyer has launched a petition calling for the Government to put its trade deal with the North Atlantic archipelago on hold following an outcry over the killing of 1,428 white-sided dolphins earlier this month. The slaughter was part of the tradition known as the grind which has been practised by the islands for hundreds of years.

We took to the streets about this massacre 30 years ago:

Tesco terrors

Here is the wording of the petition:



Suspend trade agreement with Faroe Islands until all whale & dolphin hunts end

In 2019 UK Government finalised a free trade agreement (FTA) with Faroe Islands which allows for £100 million of exports of wild caught and farmed fish to Britain per annum (20% of the Faroe Islands global trade). This FTA should be suspended until all whale & dolphin hunts on Faroe Islands end

The Free Trade Agreement with the Faroe Islands gives the UK Government significant leverage when it comes to ending the mass slaughter of pilot whales and dolphins on the Faroe Islands which causes huge anger and revulsion around the world. If the UK is to be considered a world leader in the protection of marine mammals it must use this leverage now

Only British citizens are allowed to sign.

If you are a UK citizen, then you can add your name to the petition – here is the link:

Suspend trade agreement with Faroe Islands until all whale & dolphin hunts end – Sign this petition – Petitions (

Currently there are 32,129 signatures on this petition.  Lets get it past 100k, as then it would be debated in the UK Parliament.

Please take a look at all the photos of the murders in the links provided above; and then ask yourself, what is more important; money or saving lives ?

Please add your name to the petition now; you can signinitially, but will then be sent back a link from the UK government in your e mails which you have to click on in order to get your name officially added to the petition.

Please do it now;

Regards Mark

Gruesome whale hunts in Faroe Islands exposed by activists - YouTube

Japan: ‘Nippon Ham’ – Piglets Slammed Into Concrete, Left to Die – This Disgusting Place Is a Hell For Animals; From the Whaling and Taiji Dolphin Killer Nation.

WAV Comment – over many decades campaigning for the rights of animals, I have seen my fair share of disturbing things.  Sadly, this expose by PeTA at one of the Nippon Ham facilities in Japan is just another very disturbing investigation which has revealed the horrendous suffering of pigs.

I am providing information and links below; including video footage.

This is disgusting, the human filth that undertakes this cruelty on a daily basis cannot be classified as ‘normal’ human beings; they are the kind that dominated in prisoner camps in the past.  This campaign needs your full support and actions.  Please do it.

Crosspost please to as many contacts as you can;

Regards Mark

Piglets Slammed Into Concrete, Left to Die at Nippon Ham Farm in Japan

A new PETA video exposé of Japan’s leading pork producer, Nippon Ham, reveals that piglets and their mothers endure horrific abuse. While the company claims to care about human happiness and the “joy of eating,” it’s obviously not concerned about animal welfare. Pigs who are raised and killed for food don’t experience joy or anything else that would make their lives worth living.

Their lives are full of pain and suffering. See for yourself:

Very disturbing Video footage – But Must Be Watched:

PETA Exposes Horrific Cruelty to Pigs at Nippon Ham in Japan (

Workers at Nippon Ham grab piglets by their sensitive ears and toss them around like inanimate objects.

Those who aren’t considered “profitable,” because they’re too small or sick, are thrown out like garbage.

Workers typically kill unwanted piglets by swinging them in the air and bashing their heads on the concrete floor or by injecting them in the heart with disinfectant. One piglet writhed in agony for five minutes after a worker poisoned him this way.

Another languished for an hour and finally died after a worker bashed his head against the concrete floor.

Piglets at Nippon Ham are taken away from their mothers when they’re as young as 22 days old, just as they are on most pig farms. Workers castrate them and chop their tails off without any pain relievers. A worker was caught on camera cutting into a young pig’s scrotum and yanking out his testicles with his fingers.

Suffering and Nowhere to Turn

Mother pigs, or sows, are forced to spend most of their miserable lives crammed inside metal crates that are so small they can’t even turn around. Their muscles atrophy and they’re constantly stiff and sore. They have no choice but to urinate, defecate, eat, and sleep all in the same cramped crate. Workers were even seen beating them with a heavy piece of the metal frame.

The traumatized sows had to endure the sight of their own piglets’ suffering right in front of them. Their babies squealed and thrashed violently while workers crudely castrated them or cut off their tails, and there was nothing that the mother pigs could do.

Born Into a Life of Abuse

Thousands of sows are confined and repeatedly raped via artificial insemination. They deliver litter after litter of piglets, who are always torn away from them to be raised for meat or breeding. When sows who aren’t forced to live on filthy factory farms are about to give birth, they make a nest in the dirt and cover it with soft grass and leaves. But at Nippon Ham, pregnant pigs have to stand on uncomfortable metal grates. After several years of round-the-clock imprisonment and frequent inseminations and pregnancies, they become exhausted and they’re sent to slaughter.

You Can Help Stop Cruelty to Pigs

Cruelty is pervasive in the meat industry, which treats animals as commodities rather than as living, feeling beings. There’s no need for anyone to eat ham, bacon, sausage, or any other animal-based foods—tasty vegan options are available at most restaurants, stores, and cafeterias today. It’s easier than ever to leave pigs and other animals off your plate.

Will you help pigs by refusing to buy pork and other animal-derived foods?

Pledge to stop the suffering by going Vegan:

Pledge to Go Vegan! | PETA Asia

For the suffering animals;



I watched the PETA video and it truly made me sick to my stomach. If it is within my power, I WILL NOT buy any Nippon Ham product. The people treating those poor pigs like that should be fired.

Thank you for your comment. – yes, disgusting ! – WAV

The Corona Lottery

In Canada and the USA they want to mobilize people to vaccinate with lifelong hunting permits, weapons, etc.

Governors across the country have launched incentive programs to increase vaccination rates.
Governor Asa Hutchinson offered Arkansas citizens a free lottery ticket or a $ 20 state Game and Fish Commission voucher for vaccination.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson has launched a cash lottery program for vaccinations.
Maryland Governor Larry Hogan launched such a program earlier this year.
In New Jersey, a dinner at the governor’s mansion was awarded as a prize for a vaccine raffle.
At least a dozen states, including Louisiana, have offered seven-digit awards.

A woman from Calgary, Canada just got a million dollars richer after winning one of the top prizes in Alberta’s COVID-19 vaccine lottery.

“I encourage Albertans who have not yet received their second dose to do so as soon as possible to qualify for the final drawing in late September!” (Prime Minister Jason Kenney)

“Introducing our second $ 1M vaccine lottery winner – Amie Gee of Calgary!

We still have one more $ 1M prize up for grabs.

You can enter still enter – but proof of vaccination is needed to claim the prize, so roll up your sleeve! 💉”

➡️ Enter here:
– Jason Kenney (@jkenney) September 3, 2021

The state of Utah is offering free beef and year-long beef, pork, and poultry to a family of four in a lottery.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is offering $ 100 for vaccination at some vaccination sites in New York City after French fries at Shake Shack and tickets to the Brooklyn Nets failed to attract enough residents.

Meanwhile, disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was hoping that $ 5 million in free scratch cards would help people get vaccinated.

Sweepstakes and lotteries were also popular tactics in Ohio, where 10 recently vaccinated winners were given a $ 1 million jackpot, or at the Virginia IT firm Leidos, which donated 10 randomly selected employees an annual vaccination salary.

Auburn University in Alabama is giving away awards to help freshly vaccinated students return to campus learning, including $ 1,000 scholarships, meal plans, and parking permits.

“Give a man five pounds of ground beef and he will eat for a week; give him a gun and he’ll eat for a lifetime”, according to West Virginia’s Governor Jim Justice.

He offered vaccinated winners free hunting and fishing licenses, hunting rifles and shotguns, brand new pick-up trucks and also a grand prize of over $ 1 million.

And I mean…You don’t even have to be a vaccine skeptic to notice that excessive advertising for vaccinations is not necessarily good for your health. Unfortunately this is just no longer noticeable to many individuals.

Here in Germany, the chairman of the German Association of General Practitioners postulates that there is an urgent need for more public support for flu vaccinations !!
“The most important thing for the second Corona autumn will be that as many people as possible get vaccinated, not only against the corona virus, but also against the flu” he said.

Sure, of course! One could also say that no disease is any good if it not makes a big turnover in the right places
All of this only openly shows how dubious, amateurish and unprofessional the governments are currently dealing with the issue.
There is a strong tendency to suspect that they have a completely different, undisclosed agenda on their fingertips.

Fundamental rights, freedoms and personal rights are not the thing for governments.
They think more about the usability of the herd and how it can be regulated even more strictly.

My best regards to all, Venus