France: everything the hunter could wish for is allowed!

“Committee against Bird Murder” e.V.-Report of September 24th

Waterfowl hunting in France: In the past few days, a team from the “Committee against Bird Murder” has been monitoring ducks, geese and waders in north-western France.
Our first exploration trip to this region on the Atlantic coast was sobering:
Migratory bird hunting is a popular sport here, the entire landscape is optimized for hunting – almost all river meadows and salt marshes have been destroyed by artificial shooting ponds.

In addition to countless plastic decoys, thousands of live decoys are also kept – some in tiny cages – to lure their conspecifics in front of the professionally developed shooting range.

Although almost everything the hunter could wish for is allowed – hunting during the night, for example, or the hunting permission for practically all wading and water bird species that pass through – we have nevertheless observed illegalities.

For example, we noticed the use of prohibited hunting weapons with more than the permitted three rounds of ammunition in the magazine, as well as the bombardment of protected species, e.g. shelduck.

But also the completely legal hunting is a problem, because almost all the species released for shooting here are internationally endangered.
We have observed a strong migration of golden plovers, which have been targeted all over the coast.

In order to counteract the strong hunting lobby in France, which sells this migratory bird massacre to the public as “sustainable management”, further trips to this region of France are planned.

And I mean…On Saturday, September 18th, more than 40,000 proponents of traditional hunting marched to the streets.

There were several reasons for this: In August, the State Council canceled the previously granted permits to hunt around 115,000 birds, including lapwing, lark and thrush, using nets and cages.
Because this violates the European Bird Protection Directive of 2009.

In June, the hunt for birds with limesticks, which was practiced in some areas of the south of France, had already been declared illegal by the Supreme Administrative Court.
And although three days before the demonstrations, the Ministry of the Environment in Paris lifted part of the bans on hunting birds using traditional techniques in various regions, the hunters loudly raised their complaints through the streets.

It should now be a new and final evaluation of the judiciary, whether these hunting techniques are actually incompatible with the EU rules, it said.

The anger of the hunters goes beyond the borders of the country, namely against the European Commission!
It recently ratified the lead ammunition ban until 2023, which will force more than one million French hobby hunters to change weapons!!

Meanwhile, the hunters feel pushed into a corner by what they say are a small group of “radical opponents of hunting”.

“We are being attacked more and more, constantly criticized, it is becoming unbearable,” said Thierry Delefosse, director of the Somme Hunting Association.
He even speaks of the rise of “anti-hunting” fundamentalism.

Behind the scenes, it is whispered that President Macron, known as a hunting fundamentalist, bowed to the interests of lobby groups seven months before the presidential election to secure votes.

We think that is fake-news only spread by “radical opponents of hunting”!

My best regards to all, Venus

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