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EU: European Citizens Made it Clear: It’s Time for a Fur Free Europe – Over 2 Months Before Official Petition Closes !

European citizens made it clear: it’s time for a Fur Free Europe

1 March 2023

Press Release

The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) Fur Free Europe closes earlier than its official deadline thanks to a record number of signatures collected. In less than ten months more than 1.7 million citizens signed to end this cruel practice, sending a strong message to the European Commission (EC).

Fur Free Europe was launched in May 2022 by Eurogroup for Animals and received the support of more than eighty organisations from all around Europe. The ECI calls for a ban on fur farming and on the placement of farmed fur products on the European market. 

Successful from the get go, Fur Free Europe collected 50,000 signatures on its launch day and now, 2,5 months before its official closing deadline, 1,701,892 signatures have been collected, offering a safe margin for the achievement of 1 million validated signatures. The ECI also successfully reached the signatures threshold in twenty one Member States, three times the minimum requirement of seven Member States. 

The decision to close the ECI earlier has been taken due to the potential impact that it could have on the upcoming revision of the EU animal welfare legislation, as part of the EC’s Farm to Fork Strategy. 

By the end of 2023, the EC will publish a proposal aimed at improving the EU’s animal welfare legislation to align it with the latest scientific evidence. While it’s possible to improve welfare standards for domesticated animals, science has clearly shown that this is not possible for wild animals on fur farms. Consequently, a ban on fur farming should be included in the proposal.

Moreover, since imports of animal products should follow EU standards, the ECI also calls for a ban on placing farmed fur products on the European market. Indeed, the organisers didn’t want to export cruelty to third countries but aimed to definitively end the suffering created by the fur industry in Europe.

I could not be prouder of our joint efforts. This citizens initiative gained momentum from day one and proves that European citizens, represented by all the organisations involved, are sending a crystal clear message to the European Commission: it’s high time for a Fur Free Europe. Fur farming represents a massive moral blind spot and, with the new animal welfare legislation coming up, the EC has the opportunity to end this unnecessary suffering once and for all.

Reineke Hameleers, CEO, Eurogroup for Animals

It’s exciting to see that Fur Free Europe didn’t need the full available year to collect the required signatures, proving that the issue is clearly a priority for European citizens. After the validation process is over, the Parliamentary one will start. As chair of the Fur Free Europe working group at the European Parliament, I am honoured to lead the process and make sure that citizens demands are heard and we can finally put an end to fur in Europe.

Anja Hazekamp MEP (Party for the Animals, NL) chairwoman of the Fur Free Europe working group, Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals

More info:  Fur Free Europe | Eurogroup for Animals

Regards Mark

Poland: Fox Farming in Europe: Investigation on Polish Fur Farm Reveals Dark Reality for Foxes.

Fox farming in Europe: Investigation on Polish fur farm reveals dark reality for foxes

15 February 2023

Essere Animali

A new investigation released by Essere Animali has documented the conditions for foxes farmed for their fur in Europe. Foxes were shown to be confined in cramped and dilapidated individual cages, with poor access to food and water and without any enrichment.

The footage was obtained in February 2023 in Poland, Europe’s leading country for mink breeding for fur production and second for fox breeding, after Finland.

The videos collected in Poland by Essere Animali show:

● Foxes with stereotypical behaviour compulsively circling inside individual battery-operated cages, banging against the metal walls;

● Dirty, bare battery cages with no environmental enrichment;

● Cages with a floor made entirely of wire mesh, totally unsuitable for the animals and a source of additional pain to the paws;

● Poor systems for watering and feeding the animals: in the cages, the only way to water the animals is a single iron cup per animal and almost all the cups were empty when they entered the farm;

● A fox with health problems in its muzzle and mouth, which had very swollen gums due to hereditary hyperplastic gingivitis: this is a genetic disease that affects foxes selected for fur production and makes their condition much worse due to unhealthy life on farms. It often results in the premature slaughter of the animals.

Fur Free Europe is already a record-breaking initiative, demonstrating people’s sensitivity on this issue, but it is still important that thousands of citizens sign the European Citizens’ Initiative, thus showing the European Commission how urgent it is to legislate to protect these animals and ban the production, import and trade of fur in Europe. In these farms, all natural behaviours are denied to the animals, in no way different from our pets, and we cannot but ask ourselves if ethically we can still accept this. Our answer is obviously no: in a world in which we have so many more sustainable alternatives to animal furs and numerous brands that have decided to abandon fur, it is time to turn the page for good and also show manufacturers a better and more futuristic path, free of animal exploitation.

Brenda Ferretti – Campaigns Manager, Essere Animal

The documented conditions show the extreme and repressive confinement to which foxes are subjected. These animals have a complex social life in the wild, form pairs and family groups, and are used to digging dens with numerous tunnels and moving in a very large radius. Red foxes are able to walk up to 10 km a day, while arctic foxes in migratory seasons cover up to 100 km in a single period.

All of this is denied on farms, which do not guarantee any possibility for animals to express their natural behaviour.

The investigation is part of the Fur Free Europe European Citizens’ Initiative, which in just over nine months has collected more than 1.5 million signatures from European citizens who want to see an end to cruel, unnecessary and unethical fur production.

The signature collection will continue until 1 March 2023. Do you support this initiative? Sign now. 

All for the sake of a rich bitch fur hag !

Regards Mark

Fur Hag.

Norway: Brilliant News – Fur Farming Ends in Norway as Remaining Farms Close Doors Two Years In Advance of the Legal Ban ! – Victory !

20 January 2023


The last two fur farms in Norway will be closing permanently by the end of January 2023 according to the country’s Fur Farmers Association, bringing the industry to a close two years before a legal ban comes into force in 2025.

On 13 June 2019, the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) passed a law banning fur farming. The ban was initiated by the Norwegian Liberal Party. In the years before this, fur farming had been fiercely debated by many parties, including the Norwegian Labour Party and the Norwegian Conservative Party.

Dyrevernalliansen report that in 2001, there were more than 1,000 fur farms operating in Norway, declining to only 80 by early 2021. The organisation has lobbied since 2001 for a ban on fur farming.

Together we won in the end, and it is wonderful to know that no new fox pups or mink kits will be born in cages in Norway. Dyrevernalliansen will continue our work for the animals who need it the most. Our next goal is a ban on the import of fur products into Norway. Fur farming is animal cruelty no matter where in the world it takes place. Now that production has been discontinued in Norway, it is deeply unethical that we continue to import products from fur farms in other countries.

Anton Krag – CEO, Dyrevernalliansen

The European Citizens Initiative Fur Free Europe is calling for a ban on fur farming and the sale of farmed fur products across the European Union.

Do you support this ban? Add your name now

Regards Mark

EU: Working Group for the ECI Fur Free Europe Successfully Launched at the European Parliament – 25 January 2023.

Working group for the ECI Fur Free Europe successfully launched at the European Parliament

25 January 2023

Today, a kick-off meeting was held at the European Parliament to launch a working group dedicated to the European Citizens’ Initiative Fur Free Europe. With over 1.3 million signatures collected in 8 months, the ECI Fur Free Europe clearly reflects the wishes of a majority of European citizens for a Europe without exploitation of animals for fashion.

The working group, announced last year during a meeting of the Intergroup on animal welfare and conservation, will be coordinated by Eurogroup for Animals in close collaboration with the Fur Free Alliance. 

The working group hosts representatives from the main political groups, and will work to support the Fur Free Europe initiative by coordinating amongst those groups and collaborating with civil society organisations involved in the ECI. The goal is to ensure the Parliamentary process which follows every ECI, and to adopt a resolution for a ban on fur farming and the sale of farmed fur products in Europe.

In addition, the working group, in conjunction with members of the Intergroup for the Welfare and Conservation of Animals, will aim to foster discussion and raise awareness in the European Parliament about the serious cross-cutting issues related to fur farming and the fur trade. The group will also participate in public campaign activities to apply further pressure and draw attention to the issue.

This is not the first time that the European Parliament has addressed problems connected with fur production. In May 2020, it adopted the Report on the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, which acknowledged that fur production significantly compromises animal welfare and increases the susceptibility to infectious diseases, including zoonoses, as it has occurred with COVID-19 specially in mink:

Above – Brilliant Anja !!

[…] fur production, which involves the confinement of thousands of undomesticated animals of a similar genotype in close proximity to one another under chronically stressful conditions, significantly compromises animal welfare and increases their susceptibility to infectious diseases including zoonoses […]. The coming years will be crucial to end the enormous suffering of animals in the EU. In light of the Commissions’ strong commitment to revise the EU Animal Welfare legislation, this working group represents a crucial and timely initiative. We will work together to secure strong support from the European Parliament on the European Citizens’ Initiative Fur Free Europe. The only possible outcome, as demanded by European citizens, is a ban on fur farming and a ban on the sale of farmed fur products on the European market.

Anja Hazekamp, chairwoman of the Fur Free Europe working group

Fur free Europe – browse the publication:

Fur Free Europe | Eurogroup for Animals

Regards Mark

EU: Great News – Fur Free Europe Reaches 1,000,000 Signatures, But More Needed to Ensure Validation Checks.

Fur Free Europe reaches 1,000,000 signatures

December 2022

The European Citizens’ Initiative Fur Free Europe has reached 1,000,000 signatures of support in little over 6 months. The initiative, which aims to ban fur farming and the sale of farmed fur products in the European Union, is well on its way to becoming a record breaking ECI for animals. But what happens now, and why will the campaign continue to gather signatures?

On 6 December, Fur Free Europe topped 1,000,000 signatures from citizens across the European Union. The campaign also confirmed successfully reaching the signature threshold in 14 Member States; Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, France, Belgium, Greece and Austria.

What happens now?

Every European Citizens’ Initiative requires one million validated signatures in order to succeed. 

Once the Fur Free Europe initiative closes, it will undergo a stringent verification procedure: governments from each Member State will check that signatures were gathered from real persons, that each person has added their support only once, and that their personal details such as name and ID number are registered and correct.

Due to this important verification procedure, it is possible that a large number of signatures could be invalidated and discounted, leaving the final figure below the required one million. 

For this reason, we will continue to collect signatures from citizens across Europe who share our belief that fur farming and the placement of fur products on the market are cruel, unnecessary and unethical. 

How many more signatures do we need?

Fur Free Europe will be pushing on at full force to gain as many signatures as possible, amplifying our call for a Europe without fur farming and ensuring there is no possibility our ECI can be invalidated. 

The most successful European Citizens’ Initiative for animals?

Fur Free Europe has collected one million names faster than any other European Citizens’ Initiative. This fantastic success is sure to increase the urgency for the European Commission to take action and finally bring the European fur industry to a close. 

Would you like to join over one million citizens to make this happen? 

Add your name to Fur Free Europe now, and follow the progress of our incredible movement.

Regards Mark

Finland: More Fur Farm Abuse Exposed.

Above – The animal rights group Oikeutta Elaimille (Justice for Animals) revealed footage of animals left to sit in their own waste whilst suffering from infections and other physical ailments, such as this white fox with an infected ear

Forced to eat their dead siblings, left to suffer painful infections and bred to become hugely obese… then killed to make coats: Finnish fur farm horrors revealed in undercover video

Watch the video and read more by clicking on:

Footage shared of appalling animal cruelty within Finland’s fox farms | Daily Mail Online

Regards Mark

Below – Animals are bred to the point of obesity which causes many health side-effects such as painful eye infections and damaged skin

above – A fox cub eats a dismembered skull in a cage with many of the animals lying next to or even eating their dead siblings

Spain: Animal Rights Activists Protest Naked in Madrid Demanding Closure of all Fur Factories.

Animal rights activist protest naked in Madrid

They demanded the Spanish government close all fur factories

More than 50 naked animal rights activists covered in red paint protested in Madrid shouting slogans. The members of the international animal rights organisation “AnimaNaturalis”, protested in the centre of the Spanish capital, demanding the closure of fur farms.

Continue reading at:

Animal rights activist protest naked in Madrid (photos) |

Well done them – abuses not required in 2023.

Regards Mark


I’d rather go naked than wear animals, says Alicia Silverstone.

Alicia Silverstone is passionate about animal rights credit:Bang Showbiz

I’d rather go naked than wear animals, says Alicia Silverstone

The 46-year-old actress – who went vegan in 1999 – has underlined her support for animals rights by posing naked in a new campaign for PETA, the world’s largest animal rights organisation.

I’d rather go naked than wear animals, says Alicia Silverstone (

Regards Mark

UK; Time To Stop Murdering Bears For Guards Vanity.

It takes the death of one innocent black bear for every guard hat produced.

We (like most) have called for this to stop for years; maybe finally something will be done now to stop this unnecessary murder and replace them in future with faux fur hats. Just as effective – and cruelty free !

Fur used for King’s Guards’ hats outside Buckingham Palace spark animal rights row (

Regards Mark

Here is why:

Europe – Fur Free Europe; Going Well But The 1 Million Signature Target Needs Support By March 2023.

I have been talking with the guys at (England Nottingham) based ‘Respect for Animals’ today – fighting the fur industry.

Respect for Animals | Campaign against animal fur – Fur for Animals

We are over half way there in calling for a fur free Europe, and at this present time around 600,000 Europeans have already signed the current Fur Free Europe ECI.

This means that the campaign is well over half of the way to meeting the target of 1,000,000 validated signatures backing the European Citizens Initiative (ECI) which would, if auccessful, oblige the European Commission to both respond and take action.

The Fur Free Europe ECI calls on the EU to ban both fur farming and the placing on the market of farmed fur products.

The ECI Fur Free Europe runs from 18/05/2022, and lasts for one year. So it is essential that we push this campaign and get as many signatures as possible over the coming months,

In order to influence the Commissions draft proposals for changes to the animal welfare legislation across the EU, 1 million signatures need to be collected by around March 2023, which makes the next few months crucial in this campaign.

British and other worldwide citizens are not elegible to sign this petition – which requires validation and is limited to EU citizens only.

But, as many EU citizens still live in the UK, they still have the right to sign the ECI for a fur free Europe.

If you are an EU citizen, or you know of any, then please sign, or urge them to sign by going to:

Fur Free Europe | Eurogroup for Animals

Every signature is so important, and counts in getting past 1 million.

Compiled in conjunction with ‘Respect for Animals’, Nottingham, England.

Regards Mark