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Take Action For Mohair Industry Goat Suffering.


We must not let the mohair industry cause goats such suffering!

The labels on jumpers, hats, and other items made with mohair don’t mention the absolute terror of an angora goat kid violently shorn for the first time or reveal that workers plunge live goats into tanks of cleaning solution.

The mohair industry doesn’t think you’ll ever find out that shearers handle goats so roughly that the animals sustain cuts to their faces and necks – or that workers sometimes remove hair from the rotting corpses of dead goats. It assumes you’ll never discover that thousands of goats will succumb to exposure or predator attacks this year – or hear about the backyard slaughter operations where animals will be viciously butchered with dull knives.

All this suffering is woven into all those mohair jumpers and balls of yarn – and PETA is determined to end it.

mohair goat


PETA’s first-of-its-kind exposé of the South African mohair industry has pulled away the veil, informing millions of unsuspecting consumers about this cruelty. Nearly 300 brands have committed to banning mohair – and the list is still growing every day.

Now, some in the fashion industry are fearful that they’ll soon have to change their dirty habits – so they’re trying to downplay the evidence in PETA’s exposé. They want to keep profiting from the exploitation of gentle, vulnerable goats rather than using the animal-friendly materials that compassionate consumers demand.

We must fight back against these groups, and we need you with us. Will you make a donation right now to help PETA expose – and stop – the abuse of goats and other animals?

PETA and our international affiliates are a force to be reckoned with. We’ve persuaded major designers and retailers to go fur-free, called on large fashion shows to ditch leather and other animal-derived materials, and exposed the intense suffering of animals. And since clothing giants from H&M to Zara are banning mohair as a result of our exposé, the abusive mohair industry may be doomed.

But right now, our opponents are determined to continue their cruel business as usual, and we can’t let that happen! Please strengthen PETA’s vital work for goats and other animals by donating generously today.

Thank you for your compassion.

Kind regards,
Ingrid E Newkirk

Finland: Helsinki Fashion Week Pledges To Go Leather Free !



Big news! Helsinki Fashion Week has pledged to go leather-free.

In a stand against the leather industry’s cruelty to animals and environmental devastation, leather will be prohibited on Helsinki Fashion Week catwalks from July 2019.

The event – held annually in Finland’s capital – is known for promoting sustainable fashion. But there’s nothing sustainable about the leather trade. In fact, each year, the industry – which is one of the world’s biggest polluters – kills over a billion animals.

These intelligent, defenceless individuals are often confined to extremely small enclosures and subjected to mutilations, such as castration, without any pain relief. Some are skinned and dismembered alive – all for the sake of fashion.

Thankfully, we don’t have to harm animals to be able to wear stylish, luxurious clothing and accessories. Vegan leather – including innovative, high-tech options made from sustainable, plant-derived materials – is on the rise.

Will you say “no” to leather by pledging to wear only your own skin and to let animals keep theirs?


 Pledge To Be Leather Free

Thank you for everything you do to protect animals.


Ireland: Support Respect for Animals By Asking Ireland To Ban Fur Farming.



In September, the Solidarity Party will present a Bill to ban fur farming before the Dail. The ‘Prohibition of Fur Farming Bill 2018’ will be submitted by Ruth Coppinger TD, who states:
“We believe this is something that’s really important for the welfare of animals. Mink are what are farmed in Ireland and these are actually meant to be wild, untamed animals – not put in confined spaces, certainly not farmed. They suffer from this practice enormously. We want to send a message globally that Ireland shouldn’t be a laggard in terms of animal rights and animal welfare as it has been in many other situations. We also want to dent the fur trade as well. So we are asking people to really get behind our bill over the summer and to contact their TDs to support it.”
Respect for Animals has previously been involved in the anti-fur campaign in Ireland and is working with Irish campaign groups and politicians ahead of the Bill’s submission.

Please add your details below to sign our letter to the Irish Ambassador, urging Ireland to ban fur farming:


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