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Switzerland: pioneer in animal welfare


Arosa village prohibits advertising for fur products.


switzerland pg

The sophisticated holiday resort in Graubünden, Switzerland, known for guaranteed snow and wonderful ski slopes is now making headlines because the municipality has decided to ban all advertising in the village for fur products in the future.

FOUR PAWS congratulates the Arosa municipal board on this decision and congratulates on this courageous, innovative and far-sighted action. Arosa is a holiday resort in the Alpental Schanfigg in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. The place is known for its lakes, ski slopes and hiking trails such as the “Squirrels Way”.


This means that Arosa has a lot of tourism all year round.


The holiday destination is therefore very trendy. Because even large luxury brands such as Chanel, Burberry and Gucci have been doing without furs for some time.

FOUR PAWS sees the ban on advertising fur products as an important signal for other tourist locations to do the same to Arosa.

Pascal Jenny, Arosa’s tourism director, explains the decision for fur-free advertising in the village as follows: «Arosa is a pioneer and already shows with the Arosa Bear Country how animal welfare and tourism work together in an exemplary manner. This advertising ban is a logical next step on this path. »

In the opinion of FOUR PAWS, the decision shows that ethical fashion and animal welfare have also become enormously important in tourism. Instead of real fur cruelty to animals, modern consumers today also want sustainability and innovation in this area.

«It is really a forward-looking message that Arosa is no longer advertising fur products. Hopefully many Swiss tourism destinations and municipalities will follow this example. Arosa advertises with sustainable tourism and shows impressively that it can be put into action ».
Alexandra Mandoki, Country Head of FOUR PAWS Switzerland.

The fur industry kills more than 100 million animals each year. Mink, fox and raccoon dogs suffer on fur farms in tiny wire cages, other species die a cruel death by falling. High amounts of dangerous chemicals are used to process fur for fur fashion.


FOUR PAWS has been working internationally on the subject of fur for many years and is committed to an import ban on fur products in Switzerland.


And I mean…Thanks to responsible for tourism in the village Arosa.

Switzerland has banned the hobby of hunting in the canton of Geneva since 1974, with a popular vote.

Since then they have only received positive results on the regulation of wild animal populations in the canton.

In Zurich, animals have lawyers! that is the Swiss Antoine F. Goetschel, who officially has the job of the animal advocate for the Canton of Zurich.

The Swiss have banned transito animal transports through their country, I quote from the Swiss Transport Regulations:
A transit ban applies for the transit of cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, horses and poultry by truck through Switzerland.

And in Switzerland the journey time for animal transports from the loading point may not exceed six hours (Art. 15 Para. 1 TSchG).

I live just an hour from Switzerland and visit the country at least three times a year.
And I like to do it!

Thanks Switzerland!

My best regards to all, Venus

Starting Saturday With Good News !



Dear Mark,

I hope this e-mail finds you well.

This year marks three decades of the iconic, world-famous “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign, in which celebrities have taken it all off! Today – after dozens of ads, hundreds of protests, and yearly demonstrations at international fashion weeks – the majority of retailers and designers are rejecting fur, including, most recently, the giant Global Brands Group, which owns Frye and Aquatalia. Cities and shopping centres are banning fur left and right, compassionate consumers everywhere are shunning it, and even Queen Elizabeth II has renounced it.


Image result for id rather go naked


PETA’s tremendous progress for animals in the fur industry couldn’t have come about without the determined support of kind people like you – or mega-stars like Tyra Banks, Pamela Anderson, and P!nk, who’ve rejected animal fur by posing in the buff for this eye-catching campaign coordinated by PETA and our international affiliates. Gillian Anderson, star of television’s popular The X-Files, made a powerful statement for feminism as well as animal rights when she launched her “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ad on International Women’s Day two years ago.


Image result for id rather go naked


The world hasn’t seen the end of PETA’s effective, headline-grabbing advertisements and demonstrations featuring nude celebrities or activists. But since the fur industry is now in a downward spiral, we’re marking this modern, compassionate era of fashion by retiring “I’d Rather Go Naked” anti-fur ads and expanding our focus on other areas in which animals still need a great deal of help – including the hideous leather, wool, and exotic skins trades.

PETA and our international affiliates are the only major animal rights groups with campaigns against the use of all animal skins, not just the dying fur trade, and this far-reaching activism recently led to a big win for fascinating and widely abused exotic animals.

After hearing from PETA UK and amid growing concern over the devastating Australian bushfires, iconic British fashion label Paul Smith has announced a ban on exotic skins, including kangaroo leather, in all its future collections. This move will protect kangaroos from being shot and decapitated in their shrinking natural habitat, alligators from being hacked open and impaled with metal rods, and young ostriches from being suspended upside down before their throats are slit.

After similar exotic skins bans from household names like Chanel and Victoria Beckham, we now hope giants like Hermès and Prada will soon join the growing list.

Thank you for helping us grab the public’s attention, push companies to make kind decisions, and work to end animal suffering in the fur trade and other abusive industries.

Very truly yours,

Ingrid E Newkirk



Below – the brilliant anti fur campaign by ‘Respect for Animals’; England.


dumb animals fur coat





Action counts. For the animals.




Received anonymously:

The fur selling store Törnqvists Hattar, in Örebro, Sweden, finally closes down after many (unreported) actions such as glued locks etc.


Action counts. For the animals.



We start Sunday with good news.
And we thank ALF, in the name of the animals.


My best regards to all, Venus


Business with animal suffering




After decades of campaigns, the last German fur farm closed last year. A great success for animal protection (we have reported about it:

Unfortunately, the trade in furs from other countries is still booming. Almost 100 million minks, foxes, raccoon dogs, raccoons, rabbits and chinchillas are still killed each year because of their fur. They are kept in tiny grid cages, trapped or shot. They are killed with electric shocks, car exhaust fumes or blows, sometimes even skinned alive.

Hunde-Pelz in ChinajpgChina Fur Farm


While more and more fashion companies do without real fur, Amazon offers real fur in an alarmingly large number and at very reasonable prices. These include furs from China, a country where there is not even an animal protection law. Please help us stop this!
In an open letter, we asked Amazon to stop trading in fur.

Please support us and sign the petition that we launched together with the German Animal Welfare Office.




And I mean… Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Virgin founder Richard Branson invest millions in a future without meat.

Why shouldn’t Jeff Bezos go one step further and stop trading fur products? After all, the fur business is over, one fashion house after the other takes these bloody accessories from the range, the shops no longer participate and many buyers switch to great imitations.  A trading would only damage Amazon’s image.

The fact that we still see some brainless fur wearers on the street is thanks to the fur farms that exist in Poland and Denmark, both of which are Europe’s largest fur producers.

nerzfarm-daenemark-02-1000px-c-peta-dMink farm Denmark


According to the international fur association, around 75 million mink furs worth around 1.97 billion euros were produced worldwide in 2016. In addition there were around 15 million fox furs with an estimated value of 780 million euros. About half come from China.

Denmark  is the largest supplier of mink fur in Europe and worldwide. More than 17 million mink are grown here on the approximately 1,600 farms, the fur of which was sold for the equivalent of 635 million euros. Unlike in Poland, Europe’s second largest fur producer, there is no major discussion about prohibitions here.
The company near Copenhagen alone breeds 21,000 American minks, also known as mink (!!!)

There is no really rational reason to gas and skin animals alive, except for one that is uninformed or unconscious.
But nobody wants to remain uninformed today if they have a developed conscience.

My best regards to all, Venus

Karl Lagerfeld does without fur!


With Karl Lagerfeld, another large brand now dispenses with the use of furs in its products. The AM Retail Group, which operates the Lagerfeld stores, and the US parent company G-III Apparel Group will also stop using furs.

polar Fuchs

Even though the name Lagerfeld is certainly in the foreground here, the more extensive decision by AM Retail to generally become fur-free is important. Especially since the company not only operates stores from Karl Lagerfeld Paris, but also chains such as Wilsons Leather, GH Bass & Co. and Calvin Klein Performance.

The news itself came from the animal welfare organization PETA, which said that this move reflects the views of today’s “ethical buyers”. She added that “these fur bans are evidence that the fashion industry is changing to meet the increasing demand for luxurious, pet-friendly alternatives.”

The late Karl Lagerfeld regularly used fur in his collections.


Lagerfeld had spoken out in an interview with The New York Times in 2015 for the use of fur. Even then, his reasoning was poorly tied up rather than convincing: Lagerfeld warned that there was a whole industry behind the fur, which would then be robbed of its work.
There was also a round of Whataboustism: people wear leather and eat meat – then it is hypocritical to only fight against the brutal killing of animals for the fashion industry. Whether those who were behind the decision probably thought of Lagerfeld’s stance? We do not know. However, we think this new development is great!!

France Fendi ProtestThe fur ripped off, including blood and muscles: This is what an activist protested against a fur fashion show by Karl Lagerfeld in Paris.


In recent years the number of high-end labels that reject fur has increased significantly. The top labels that have taken the path to fur-free today include Burberry, Prada, Gucci, Michael Kors and Versace.

The French group SMCP recently announced that its premium brands Sandro, Maje and Claudie Pierlot will stop selling fur.

Both consumers and employees of fashion and retail companies are increasingly opposed to fur and focus on “vegan” alternatives.
This is also reflected in legislation – California has banned the sale and manufacture of new fur products in this state this year.



My comment: “I have no boss, except myself and my cat Choupette,” said Lagerfeld shortly before his death, last June in the business newspaper “Les Echos”.

Obviously his moral principles stretched to the love of his cat, but he ignored other fur animals and used them excessively for the senseless world of fashion.

I always asked myself: What would he say if one were to pull off the skin of his “Choupette” while she were alive?

Criticism of his love for fur left the fashion tsar completely cold.  “The problem with fur…For me, as long as people eat meat and wear leather, I don’t get the message.” he told the New York Times in 2015.

And then I heard that he finally died, that was February 2019, and immediately thought: One less asshole!

“There are not too many people with an opinion I care for”, he used to say.

Oh Karl! Animal torture is not about opinions but about abolish it.
What a pity you couldn’t experience it!!

Ich bin ein Arschloch ich trage Pelz No 2I’m an ASSHOLE, I’m wearing FUR


My best regards to all, Venus

Have A Great and Productive 2020 With Your Campaigning – From Mark and Venus.

get involved 2.png


Well here we are again drawing this time to the end of another decade – and despite all the bad issues that we have shown on the site; after all, that is what we exist for; to inform people about the bad stuff; with the hope of change; looking back it has also been a very productive year in 2019 for the welfare of animals.



Looking back; the recent disaster at Midia which took the lives of so many innocent sheep is one issue that I cannot forget. The authorities want us to, but after many years involved with live export; it is an issue very much engrained in my ‘system’; I hate it and will forever fight to stop it; all the way to the grave.


Animal Aid Unlimited in India are an organisation that I have so much respect for. Where do you start with them ?


23,550 calls requesting help for sick or injured animals in Udaipur. Each year more and more people in the city are becoming aware that they can do something when they see an injured animal, by a simple call for help, they are making their first step into becoming an animal protector.

9,384 animals were admitted in Animal Aid’s hospital to receive life-saving medical treatments for serious injuries and illnesses. About 26 new patients were taken in each day. We attempt to cover many of the stories here on WAV; just type in ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ into the search box to get links to all the past videos.
In addition to the work back at base, AAU also provided 1,092 street treatments for animals who did not require full hospitalization. 1,317 dogs were spayed and neutered once they healed from their injuries. 3,728 incredible volunteers and visitors enriched the lives of animals, many of whom served the animals more than 2 weeks!

AAU also vaccinated 8,266 dogs against rabies both in their hospital and also directly on the street. Finally, 40 animal activists from across India have learned first aid principles and techniques from the intensive AAU First Aid Training Program.

Now that is something to be proud of, and we wish Erika and all the crew there an even better 2020 with their work.


LACS NewLogo


hunter bath.jpg



Also, 2019 can be viewed as the year in England when the Hunting Act of 2004 was given long term protection and we will never legally return to the old days of wild animals being hunted to death by those with nothing more than a ‘bloodbath’ blood lust.


Jill xmas animals asia.jpg


We must never forget Jill and the team at ‘Animals Asia; – it is probably best that we give their link as so many positives are covered. – with the young and a new positive view on how animals should be treated, we look forward to the day when bear bile farming and the dog meat trade in the Far East are confined as atrocities carried out in past times – rightly in history books where they belong.


koala in flammeng


The destruction of the Environment is a massive concern for every one of us. The deaths and suffering that is going on in Australia at this very moment, combined with recent events in Amazonia largely to increase space for cattle grazing at the cost of the indigenous peoples only shows that those in power there have one thing on their mind, and nothing else; and that is called ‘money’.


circus no smile.png

Circuses and sea life centres are really being shunned by the educated public now; and we very much welcome that. It is fantastic to see that some dolphins are even being returned to purpose built sanctuaries for them; where they can once again return to the type of lives that were cruelly taken from them in the past.

Turning to Serbia; it has been a positive year with regard the fur industry. We personally worked with the team at ‘Respect for Animals’ in England, and with Slavica and Serbian activists, supplying lots of information and undertaking lots of research which led to getting the fur farming ban introduced at the start of 2019; saving tens of thousands of Chinchilla in the process –

Serbian fur farming ban comes into force

Chinchilla – Saved by the Ban.


serb fur 2.jpg


In the United States, there have been some really positive moves; and we thank all our US visitors for the work they have done behind the scenes. California has become the first US state to ban the sale of animal fur products The new legislation, AB44, bans the manufacture and sale of new fur products across the state and is already considered to be the most ground-breaking moment for the anti-fur campaign for many years. We hope and look forward to other states following the example of California.



Staying in the USA, we have seen a lot of positives with regard ‘killing contests’ – where animals are deliberately killed for prizes etc. In recent months we have seen bans introduced in Massachusetts, Arizona, as well as Coyote killing contests in New Mexico.

Food has been a big issue in America; with many major food chains now providing plant based options as part of the menu. This is great news and reflects the huge amount of people that have decided to change to a plant based diet, thus contributing to cutting down on global warming which is an intrinsic part of the meat production system; and which is very much responsible for some of the huge fires that we have witnessed this year in Amazonia due to forest clearance to make more grazing area for meat cattle. Many of America’s largest food chains have now moved to producing Vegan foods for consumers as part of their range – .



We thank Stacey at Our Compass for working with us, and giving links to many issues and videos associated with a meat free Vegan diet. Thanks Stacey; and keep up the great work !


We also say “thank” to our companion commentator Slavica; under the name “eparslavicaepar”, (we know who she is) for the faithful accompaniment (almost) for each article. Comments are a strengthening of our work, even if they are critical!




Whizzing over to South Korea, we wants to give thanks and credit to Korean for all their tireless work aimed at stopping the live dog and cat meat trade. On the site given, you can find endless ways to give your support to their work, and we encourage you strongly to do that.


Cage age 1


Back here in England, we need to highlight the huge amount of work being done by CIWF all over the world on so many different farm animal issues; from the ban the cages campaign in Europe, through to helping pig producers in China to be more animal welfare considerate and change (improve) their methods of farm animal husbandry.


All in all; we have just skimmed the surface of what has been a very positive and productive year (in 2019) aiming at helping animals across the world. We cannot cover everything as it would take far too long, but we know that you, our friends and supporters are able to investigate a lot more about specific issues that may be of concern to you.


To try and give you a little assistance, we have provided on our site an A to Z listing of major animal welfare organisations, complete with their web site links, in order that you can hopefully find out a bit more much easier. Here is the link to this section:



We wish you all a great year in 2020 campaigning for the rights of, and being a voice for animals all over the world. You usually find that animal rights people often have a big interest in human rights also; and we try to do a little here as well. Check out one of our links associated with the Amazon forest peoples


… and for me (Mark), I especially wish to give support to free Tibet from the current rule of China which is covered so fantastically by London based ‘Free Tibet’ –


Be a voice and fight the fight – results are never immediate and campaigns can take a long time to win – just look at the League Against Cruel Sports (London) – formed in 1924; but it was not until 2004 that they managed to get Hunting with dogs stopped for wild animals –


You Can Run, But You Cannot Hide !

Happy New Year for 2020 – Regards Mark and Venus xx.


Image result for happy new year animal campaigningGive a shit 4



In memory of 2 great campaigners against live export:  Sadly Missed.

Mike tucker 2.jpg



John C

and John. 



England: One Will Not Wear Fur – Her Majesty The Queen of England Goes Fur Free In Future Clothing Lines.



Well better late than never – the UK Royal Family are watched and followed across the world; especially in the USA; so any progress to stop the wearing of fur is good news as far as we are concerned.  Hopefully will influence many others around the globe that Fur Is Out !


For all the great news from Respect for Animals, please visit their web site by clicking on:

One will not wear fur

The Queen of England Goes Fur Free In Future Clothing Lines.

One will not wear fur

–Queen’s new outfits will now be fur free Respect for Animals has welcomed the news that the Queen will no longer be wearing fur in her new outfits. Her personal adviser and senior dresser Angela Kelly wrote in her new memoir that Her Majesty will only wear fur-free new items for engagements due to changing attitudes in the country. Any outfits designed for the Queen now will use fake fur


Queen’s new outfits will now be fur free

Respect for Animals has welcomed the news that the Queen will no longer be wearing fur in her new outfits.

Her personal adviser and senior dresser Angela Kelly wrote in her new memoir that Her Majesty will only wear fur-free new items for engagements due to changing attitudes in the country.

Any outfits designed for the Queen now will use fake fur instead.

In her book, titled The Other Side Of The Coin: The Queen, The Dresser And The Wardrobe, Ms Kelly says a coat worn by the Queen in Slovakia in 2008 has since been altered.

The coat’s trim, which originally used mink fur, has been replaced with fake fur.

However, this is likely to be an exception, as reports now suggest that fur on current clothing will not be replaced, and the Queen will continue to re-wear existing outfits in her wardrobe.

LISTEN: Respect for Animals Campaigns Director, Mark Glover, discusses the Queen’s shift away from real fur on Talk Radio’s Breakfast Show with Julia Hartley-Brewer: (from around 20:00 in the 09:30-10:00



For all the great news from Respect for Animals, please visit their web site by clicking on: