U.K: a new concentration camp for chickens is planned

Plans have been submitted to Tendring District Council for an intensive chicken farm in Wix, Essex. If the proposal is approved, approximately 760,000 sensitive birds will be sent to slaughter every year.

UK flagge aquarelljpg

The chickens will be forced to spend their short lives in barren, dirty sheds with up to 100,000 other birds. Bred to have large, heavy upper bodies, they’re likely to suffer from severe health problems, including deformed or arthritic legs.

Sterbende HÜhner

The birds will be no more than 38 days old when they’re sent to slaughter. They’ll be packed into crates before being transported to an abattoir, where they’ll be gassed or electrocuted or their throats will be slit.

hühner im Kot

Chickens are intelligent and can be playful and sociable. Each individual has a unique personality – they’re not a collection of “nuggets”, “wings”, and “drumsticks”.

abgezupftes Hühner kopfjpg

Speak Out for Baby Birds Now

Local residents are already extremely concerned by these inhumane plans – they’re worried about flood risk, pollution, noise, smells, health risks, and cruelty to chickens.

hühner we feed the worldjpg

Will you join them in speaking out against this monstrous chicken prison?

Please sign our petition to Tendring District Council:

To: Jonathon Doe, Case Officer, Tendring District Council

Dear Mr Doe,

We are writing in relation to planning application 20/00194 / FUL, which seeks permission for the construction of two poultry sheds and associated infrastructure on land north west of Redhouse Farm on Oakley Road in Wix.

Together, these buildings would hold as many as 100,000 chickens at a time in intensive conditions.

We object to this proposal for the following reasons:

The council has issued a holding objection to granting planning permission, since there has been insufficient consideration of safety measures for managing flood risk.

Operations on the farm – as well as the chickens’ waste and the bodies of dead chickens – would likely produce strong odors, which could disturb local residents and have a negative impact on their quality of life.

The construction of the proposed facility would generate noise pollution, and once the farm were operational, so would the ventilation fans, the filling of feed bins, cleaning work, the loading and unloading of HGVs using a diesel forklift, and HGV movements. This could have a detrimental effect on the quality of life of local residents, especially those who live on Oakley Road and in the nearby village of Great Oakley.

Ammonia from the chickens’ waste would be emitted into the surrounding area, likely having a negative impact on air quality, human health, the environment, and wildlife, including hedgehogs, nesting birds, and bats.

Almost 700 HGV movements per year to and from the farm would likely intensify traffic on Oakley Road, which is the main thoroughfare for Great Oakley residents traveling to Colchester and Harwich.

The facility would likely diminish the character of the rural landscape and spoil natural vistas.

Finally, the farm would cause immense suffering to the chickens confined there. Chickens are intelligent, social animals who can feel pain and distress.

As many as 100,000 birds at a time would be crammed into each of the two proposed buildings, which would measure only 20 meters by 110 meters. They would be denied the chance to do anything that comes naturally to them, such as roaming free, roosting in trees, and interacting with their parents.

As a result of living in these stressful conditions, chickens often fight each other, so farmers commonly debeak chicks with an infra-red laser, which can cause them immense pain.

In nature, chickens live for up to 11 years, but on this farm, they would be sent to the abattoir and slaughtered when they are no more than 38 days old.

We respectfully urge you to take our objections, along with comments made by local residents, into account and reject this application.

Yours sincerely,


Sign the petition:  https://secure.peta.org.uk/page/58454/petition/1


And I mean…Despite pandemics, pathogens, climatic catastrophes … the animal industry continues to practice because it is allowed to.

Although this industry systematically destroys the environment, animals and humans, the animal industry does not violate any law.

The legal system claims that it wants to protect us from dangers, viruses, bacteria, diseases, but in the end it protects these branches that destroy us: the animal industry.

Seventy percent of the former rainforests in the Amazon region are now pastures for farm animals.

Thirty percent of the earth’s land area, which used to be a habitat for wild animals, is now used for livestock farming.

Sixty to seventy percent of all fish caught worldwide are fed to farm animals.

The animal industry is the world’s largest water polluter.

The main sources of pollution are antibiotics, hormones, chemicals, animal excrement and a sludge that these factories produce in piles and make soil, groundwater and people sick.

The meat industry is a billion-dollar business controlled by only a handful of criminals.
If the animal industry has become so powerful that it is practically above the law, then it is naive to say that we live in a democracy.

We live in a “meat”cracy.


My best regards to all, Venus

Canada: the bloodbath must stop

Right now, mother harp seals are nursing their young pups on sea ice off Canada’s East Coast.


But the peace on the ice is about to be shattered. Climate change is quickly destroying the seals’ habitat, melting the sea ice before the pups are strong enough to survive in open water.

Robben baby

Then, in just weeks, the seal pups who survive will be subjected to the largest slaughter of marine mammals on earth, in which they will be clubbed and shot for their fur, despite seal products being banned in many markets.
No one can reverse the impacts of climate change in the immediate term, but a responsible government can and should take urgent action to stop the commercial seal hunt.

Please ask Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to act now to save seals.




My comment: For millennia, female seals have been migrating from the Arctic to the east coast of Canada in spring to give birth to their young. Due to global warming, fewer and fewer ice floes are forming on which the animals can be born safely. As a result, many seal mothers have to give birth in the water and drown their baby seals.

In addition to this already precarious situation comes the annual seal massacre, which drastically decimates and endangers the seal population.

The seal hunters go on ice with firearms and barbarian clubs called hakapiks.
Hakapiks are thick wooden bats with a pointed metal hook at the end. Many seals do not succumb to the first blow.
Then the animals throw themselves wildly and scream in pain.
Other completely frightened seals facing the same terrible end must watch.


Hunting against seals has been on the verge of collapse since the EU banned the import of seal products in 2009. Canada has unsuccessfully opposed this ban to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

According to IFAW, the number of active seal hunters has declined dramatically since 2006: 5,594 in 2006, but by 2016 the number of active hunters had dropped to less than 1,000.
The trade ban is only a first step, a general ban on seal hunting must follow.

Robben Karikatur

The fishermen who hunt for the seals earn an average of 5% of their total income from the seal hunt. This is only a small part of their income – and is out of proportion to the damage they cause.
Canadian seal slaughter is one of the most brutal and inhumane things you can imagine.

We cannot allow this to continue. That has to stop.

Activists had repeatedly pushed Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to completely ban the controversial seal hunt.
Seal hunting is already banned in 36 countries around the world. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could change it to make 37 countries.
We have to fight for that.

Please sign this Petition too: https://www.peta.de/robbenjagd-kanada-petition#anchor-Petition

My best regards to all, Venus

USA: U.S. senators scrutinize meat packers’ big profits during pandemic.



U.S. senators scrutinize meat packers’ big profits during pandemic


By Tom Polansek

CHICAGO (Reuters) – U.S. senators are calling for investigations of record profit margins for beef processors like Tyson Foods <TSN.N> and Cargill, after ranchers complained surging meat prices due to coronavirus hoarding did not translate into higher cattle prices.

Futures prices for cattle have tumbled during the outbreak, worrying farmers as the U.S. economy heads into a downturn and fueling questions about whether the market run by CME Group <CME.O> is an effective tool for risk management.

Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa wrote on Twitter that U.S. Department of Agriculture, Department of Justice and Commodity Futures Trading Commission probes may be needed to determine why ranchers did not benefit from soaring meat demand.

“Beef is flying off grocery shelves but farmers are seeing prices go down,” Grassley said. “If packers are illegally manipulating markets during crisis, we need USDA & DOJ & CFTC to investigate + help farmers. Four companies control 80% of market & they’re taking advantage.”

Processors’ margins leapt to more than $600 per head of cattle last week, HedgersEdge.com said. But cattle producers are operating at a net loss, four U.S. senators from South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana told the Justice Department in a letter that called for a price-fixing investigation.

Cargill said it is a committed buyer in the cash market for cattle, which was less impacted than futures. Tyson said it wants cattle producers to succeed and paid them a premium last week.

“This is an uncertain and unprecedented time, where food service beef demand has come to an immediate and virtual standstill, while retail demand has increased,” Tyson said.

USDA said it was working with CFTC to ensure transparency and integrity in agricultural markets.

Live cattle futures <LCJ0> dropped 3.5% on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange over the last three weeks amid worries the virus would shut slaughterhouses, while prices for beef that meat companies ship to wholesale buyers jumped about 20%.

Futures sank as managed funds liquidated long positions, or bets prices will rise, said Cassie Fish, a beef expert who formerly worked for Tyson. It was the market’s biggest event-driven decline in more than 45 years, she said.

“They decided to get out,” Fish said. “It was like a stampede.”

Farmers and processors use futures to offset the risk of producing meat, and futures are intended to reflect the underlying cash market. April cattle futures <LCJ0> ended last week at a record $18 to $19 under the cash market, according to consultancy AgResource.

CME Group said it is committed to improving its livestock markets.





A Follow Up From Animals Asia Re Bear Saliva / Bile.

We recently did a post where it was suggested (not by us – we just reported it) that Bear saliva could be used instead of Bear bile as a use for the Coronavirus.
Here is a link to that original post:


Over the last few days we have been in direct contact with Jill Robinson – Founder and CEO at ‘Animals Asia’ regarding this issue. AA have investigated the information that we sent; and today (1/4/20) Jill has come back to us on the issue; with a formal AA statement from Shaun Thomson BVSc MRCVS, Senior Veterinary Surgeon at the AA Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre.
Here is a copy of the mail sent to us from Jill and Shaun.
Dear Mark,

I’m now posting a statement below from Shaun, our Senior Vet in Vietnam – and cc’ing Shaun too for any follow up you might have.
As an organisation we do not endorse this idea and suggest that reliance is placed on the herbal and synthetic alternatives to bear bile and saliva, healing without harm.

With best wishes, Jill



Jill’s blog – https://www.animalsasia.org/intl/social/jills-blog/



“As health-care and other industries work to replace, reduce and refine their use of animals in product testing and human health care, it is incredibly important that we critically consider the expected outcomes of any animal model or product used in an attempt to save human lives.

Currently, there is little evidence that any bear product provides a health benefit that can’t be obtained through other means. We know that the active component of bear bile has physiologic effects in certain circumstances, but its synthetic and other herbal counterparts have those effects also.

As for bear saliva providing antibodies to coronavirus, there is no good evidence to suggest that the claims made are supported. There are 7 different coronaviruses currently known to affect people and each of them is their own serotype. This means that each is neutralised by a different type of antibody and therefore resistance to one serotype does not confer immunity to another serotype. There is no evidence that bears can mount an immune response to human coronaviruses and therefore no evidence that we would expect to find antibodies to any human coronavirus in their saliva.

Bear saliva, like most animals, contains a lot of different microbes. The way microbes stop other microbes from attacking them is by making antimicrobials. A bacteria found in bear saliva has been found to make a chemical that works as an antibiotic against a bacteria that is a common human pathogen. This chemical is being evaluated for its potential use as an antibiotic, but this in no way supports that bear saliva is in anyway effective against coronavirus (or any other infections). Using bear saliva to treat a susceptible infection could be likened to using mouldy bread to treat an infection susceptible to penicillin.

The way to get antibodies for SARS-COV-2 to then treat people, in a way that makes mechanistic sense and has shown to work for other infections, is to take plasma from recovered people and give it to those that are suffering from COVID-19. This is already being done. This method provides a safer, more effective solution and requires the use of absolutely no animals. There is always the risk of blood borne infections, but with modern screening the chances of this are incredibly low. These risks are also likely significantly lower than problems that could be caused by the administration of bear saliva. Donating plasma allows those now immune to the disease to support their community to get healthier in a better way.”

Shaun Thomson BVSc MRCVS
Senior Veterinary Surgeon
Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre
Animals Asia


Coronavirus and the Middle Ages in Politics


wikileaks über Viren

You get up early in the morning and the first thought is whether corona symptoms have appeared overnight.
If you do not have it yet, you can count yourself lucky because the health system and governments, apart from causing panic, are unable to do anything else.
That said, regardless of whether you have it or not, you are medically on the ass actually.

The virus was officially reported to the WHO by China on December 31, 2019. Every country in the world has this duty when an epidemic breaks out.
Today China and South Korea have the virus under control so well that we will soon get protective masks from China. There haven’t been any in Germany for three months and if we get them now it’s too late.

The same applies to the test liquid of the corona virus, which is also produced in China, and cannot be delivered at the moment because all countries need it.

You get the feeling that you are at the mercy, except to lock us in, institutes, governments and laboratories are not even able to tell how it will go on. In the Middle Ages the church took over the role of science, today the economy does it.

There was something else, oh yes it was the Robert Koch Institute that told us that the 2017/2018 flu wave was the deadliest in 30 years.
Yes indeed! The season has been the deadliest in the past 30 years. According to this, an estimated 25,100 people died from influenza in the reporting period (only in Germany) Why didn’t we actually cause panic at the time? We reacted as if this death rate was the most normal in the world.

For 41 years, no thought has been given to any pandemic. Maybe just because it wasn’t a real deal, or because it was about African countries.
Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus, the message has been booming in the animal rights scene: “Stop eating meat, stop preserving wildlife markets in China”.
China is again the main culprit for the pandemic.

Of course, China and the Far East in general is responsible for the worst, most hideous forms of cruelty to animals this planet has ever seen, and on a large scale.

Most people, however, have not understood that China, as the main culprit for the development of the Corona Virus (even if it is true) is one thing. The other side is the inability of most governments to take corrective action against the virus.

It is a welcome excuse if the Chinese are blamed for Corona but no one blames EU that does not send help to Italia.
The German government is rubbing its hands that only the Chinese are found guilty, but not Merkel for doing nothing, for panic and acting too late.

There is a nice Chinese saying: “first solve the problem and then the question of guilt”.
As long as we only deal with the question of guilt, we run the risk of a ridiculous corona mass death due to a totally corrupt world elite that sucks humanity to the bone.

Officially, the panic and the whole breakdown is justified by the fact that humans do not yet have antibodies against this corona virus. Well, if it is actually so unnaturally new, we should perhaps ask again in the bioweapons laboratories where this pathogen in particular is currently available.

My best  regards to all, Venus

Antibodies in Bear SALIVA can be used to Cure Coronavirus, INSTEAD of Bear Bile Injections. A Cruelty Free Solution ? – Watch the Video.


With thanks to Daniel H. for passing this information over to us.

He says – We have strong reason to believe that the antibodies in bear saliva can be used to cure coronavirus, INSTEAD of bear bile injections, this will obviously avoid unnecessary pain to wildlife, if saliva can be used instead of bear bile to cure coronavirus.


The Chinese government has officially recommended to use bear bile injections to cure coronaviraus. Extraction involves an unnecessary painful procedure to the donor animal. We have reason to believe the antibodies in bear saliva will have the same medicinal effect, thus a cure can be provided without the unnecessary pain endured by the animal!

Please encourage more research!


Video Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbutjC7q0bw&t=281s



About human animals …


elefant in isolation

No! they won’t.
As soon as everything is over with the Corona invasion, animals will be eaten again, animals will suffer for tourist attractions again, animals will live in isolation because people want it to.
And because man is the only animal that does not learn from his mistakes and only cares about his own survival on earth.
Does it cost what it costs for other animal life..

Regards and a good night from Venus

Dr. Greger Told Us About Coronavirus Risk In 2008.



With thanks to Stacey at Our Compass for sending this over to us.



Please crosspost if you wish.

Dr. Greger Told Us About Coronavirus Risk In 2008

March 30, 2020

Source YouTube, Plant Based News

This video is a reupload of a Dr. Michael Greger 2008 speech, where he covers the cause of infectious diseases and the likelihood of a pandemic almost identical to the coronavirus (Covid-19).


Reuploaded from HERE

See more about Michael Greger, M.D. HERE

See more about Plant Based News HERE


Todays Lesson – Brandy or Toilet Rolls ?


WAV Comment:

For our non European friends who may not be familiar with this, the beautiful and majestic ‘St. Bernard’ dog is always associated with the rescue of persons trapped in avalanches; on mountains etc in Switzerland. They are always shown carrying the Brandy barrel which contains the spirit which is given to rescued persons to ‘warm them up’.

You can see a few typical pictures below.


brandy 4

brandy 5


What with the Coronavirus now and what appears to be an obsession with having plenty of toilet rolls; even though dysentery is not part of the virus problems; people seem to have gone into overdrive to obtain piles of toilet rolls ! – why, don’t ask us – just a load of crap you could say !!!

So here is the latest fun pictures of the ‘rescue St. Bernards’; all kitted out with a toilet roll rather than the brandy barrel.


brandy bog 2



brandy bog 1



Here is further interesting information (from friends at Wikipedia – thanks !) on these beautiful dogs and their association with Swiss mountain rescue:


The Great St Bernard Pass (French: Col du Grand St-Bernard, Italian: Colle del Gran San Bernardo, German: Grosser Sankt Bernhard) is the third highest road pass in Switzerland, at an elevation of 2,469 m (8,100 ft). It connects Martigny in the canton of Valais in Switzerland with Aosta in the region Aosta Valley in Italy. It is the lowest pass lying on the ridge between the two highest mountains of the Alps, Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa. The pass itself is located in Switzerland in the canton of Valais, very close to Italy. It is located on the main watershed that separates the basin of the Rhône from that of the Po.

Great St Bernard is one of the most ancient passes through the Western Alps, with evidence of use as far back as the Bronze Age and surviving traces of a Roman road. In 1800, Napoleon‘s army used the pass to enter Italy, an event depicted in Jacques-Louis David‘s Napoleon at the Saint-Bernard Pass and Hippolyte Delaroche‘s Bonaparte Crossing the Alps, both notable oil paintings. Having been bypassed by easier and more practical routes, particularly the Great St Bernard Tunnel which opened in 1964, its value today is mainly historical and recreational.

Straddling the highest point of the road, the Great St Bernard Hospice was founded in 1049. The hospice later became famous for its use of St Bernard dogs in rescue operations.


brandy hospice

The Great St Bernard Hospice – Founded 1049.


The Great St Bernard Hospice (Italian: Ospizio del Gran San Bernardo, German: Hospiz auf dem Grossen St. Bernhard, French: Hospice du Grand St-Bernard), is a hospice or hostel for travellers in Switzerland, at 2469m altitude at the Great St Bernard Pass in the Pennine Alps. The border with Italy is only a few hundred metres to the south.

The first hospice or monastery was built in the 9th century at Bourg-Saint-Pierre, which was mentioned for the first time around 812-820. This was destroyed by Saracen incursions in the mid-10th century, probably in 940, the date at which they also occupied Saint-Maurice. Around 1050, Saint Bernard of Menthon, archdeacon of Aosta, regularly saw travellers arriving terrorised and distressed, so he decided to put an end to mountain brigandage in the area. With this in mind, he founded the hospice at the pass which later bore his name (it was originally dedicated to St Nicholas). The church’s first textual mention is in a document of 1125. The hospice was placed under the jurisdiction of the bishop of Sion, prefect and count of Valais, thus explaining why the whole pass is now in Swiss territory.

The St Bernard dog breed was created at the hospice from cross-breeding dogs, probably those offered by families in Valais in the 1660s and 1670s. The first definite mention of the breed is in 1709. The breed was originally raised to provide guard dogs for the hospice, before they became mountain rescue dogs. The St Bernards were specially bred and trained for the role of mountain rescue because they were sufficiently strong to cross deep snow drifts and had the capacity to track lost travelers by scent. The first evidence that the dogs were in use at the monastery is in two paintings dating to 1690 by Salvatore Rosa.

The dogs are often depicted as carrying a small flask of brandy around their necks to revive travelers. While this appears to have generally been a 19th century myth,[1] there was apparently at least one dog that really did. In The Percy Anecdotes, by Thomas Byerley, published in 1823, the following anecdote appears, and was often quoted in other books in the 19th century:

The breed of dogs kept by the monks to assist them … has been long celebrated for its sagacity and fidelity. All the oldest and most tried of them were lately buried, along with some unfortunate travellers, under a valanche [sic]; but three or four hopeful puppies were left at home in the convent, and still survive. The most celebrated of those who are no more, was a dog called Barry. This animal served the hospital for the space of twelve years, during which time he saved the lives of forty individuals. His zeal was indefatigable. Whenever the mountain was enveloped in fogs and snow, he set out in search of lost travellers. He was accustomed to run barking until he lost breath, and would frequently venture on the most perilous places. When he found his strength was insufficient to draw from the snow a traveller benumbed with cold, he would run back to the hospital in search of the monks….

When old age deprived him of strength, the Prior of the Convent pensioned him at Berney, by way of reward. After his death, his hide was stuffed and deposited in the museum of that town. The little phial, in which he carried a reviving liquor for the distressed travellers whom he found among the mountains, is still suspended from his neck.[2]

The last recorded rescue by one of the dogs was in 1955, although as late as 2004 eighteen of the animals were still kept at the Hospice for reasons of sentiment and tradition. In 2004, the breeding of the dogs was undertaken by the Barry foundation at Martigny, and the remaining St Bernards were transferred there from the Hospice. They remain a tourist attraction, and a number of the animals are temporarily relocated from Martigny to the Hospice during the summer months.


Here ends todays lesson;

Regards Mark.


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Austria: where is the animal protection law?

Association against animal factories (VGT) reveals: Scandalous cowshed in Lower Austria, cattle sink in the droppings!



Completely dirty floor, dirty drinking troughs, totally smeared with droppings in the milking compartment – VGT files a complaint about cruelty to animals.

The corona virus must not be an excuse to neglect animals. The VGT reveals scandalously unsanitary conditions in a dairy farm in Lower Austria and reports for cruelty to animals!

Photos published by the association show an incredible state. All dairy cows and calves are in the deep, liquid droppings with which the entire barn is strewn.
The various departments are separated by electric fences, the generators of which are completely filthy with manure.

And the drinking water provided in tubs is a cloudy droppings.
But it looks the worst in the milking parlor.
There are all the furnishings, but also the milking machines and the walls, sprayed with feces.

Due to the legal restrictions on movement due to the corona pandemic, the VGT could not personally confront the owners of this business with the photos and ask for an end to the grievances. Instead, a notification has now been filed with the responsible authority.


VGT chairman Martin Balluch is horrified: “We are already used to a lot in animal welfare, but the conditions on this farm are really shocking.
How can something like that happen? How is it possible that the keepers of cows get the barn so dirty without doing anything about it? How can they voluntarily go to such a milking parlor?
And who, please, wants to consume such milk? Corona virus or not, the authority must intervene quickly in this case! “



And…I’ve seen it very often.
I have been living in the High Black Forest for over 20 years and know this horrible type of person, the farmer, very well. With us, the farmers do it even if they leave the animals in an open stable.

There are usually 10 to 12 turbo cows in a very small open space that is immediately filled with feces because the cows only have this small piece available. And are mostly chained.
Chain connection is legal in Germany.

The animals stay there for days until someone notices that they are in their shit and have no water. Only I notice it.
The veterinary office always responds very well and quickly, they know me.
I take photos and print them on paper. Not on the phone, not on the camera.

Then I go to the office with paragraphs, the authority only understands paragraphs. And mostly it works.
They do not give penalties, the animals are simply brought next door and the farmer becomes more careful.

Until the next animal abuse.

My best regards to all, Venus

A hundred years ago

spanische Grippe-maskierte Familiejpg

The Spanish flu, the most deadly in modern times, lasted from January 1918-December 1919 and killed approximately 50 million people worldwide, nearly 675,000 in the United States.

This deadly airborne strain affected everyone. Efforts to curb the flu required people to wear face masks and public meetings were discouraged.

Saloons, dance halls, and theaters were recommended to close. In some towns store hours were staggered to prevent crowds.

People were advised to avoid shaking hands and to stay indoors, libraries put a halt on lending books and regulations were passed banning spitting.

At the time there were no effective drugs or vaccines to treat this strain or prevent its spread. Researchers later discovered what made the 1918 pandemic so deadly: In many victims, the influenza virus had invaded their lungs and caused pneumonia.

(Photograph courtesy of the Saratoga Historical Foundation)

And…A hundred years after the Spanish flu, there are still no effective medicines or vaccines to treat the corona or prevent it from spreading.
And we claim that medicine works wonders today!

Regards and a good night from Venus

Useful Information About the Virus.

The following is from an Asst. Prof in infectious diseases at Johns Hopkins University, and is very informative.


* The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (DNA) covered by a protective layer of lipid (fat), which, when absorbed by the cells of the ocular, nasal or buccal mucosa, changes their genetic code. (mutation) and convert them into aggressor and multiplier cells.

* Since the virus is not a living organism but a protein molecule, it is not killed, but decays on its own. The disintegration time depends on the temperature, humidity and type of material where it lies.

* The virus is very fragile; the only thing that protects it is a thin outer layer of fat. That is why any soap or detergent is the best remedy, because the foam CUTS the FAT (that is why you have to rub so much: for 20 seconds or more, to make a lot of foam).

By dissolving the fat layer, the protein molecule disperses and breaks down on its own.

* HEAT melts fat; this is why it is so good to use water above 25 degrees Celsius for washing hands, clothes and everything. In addition, hot water makes more foam and that makes it even more useful.

* Alcohol or any mixture with alcohol over 65% DISSOLVES ANY FAT, especially the external lipid layer of the virus.

* Any mix with 1 part bleach and 5 parts water directly dissolves the protein, breaks it down from the inside.

* Oxygenated water helps long after soap, alcohol and chlorine, because peroxide dissolves the virus protein, but you have to use it pure and it hurts your skin.

* NO BACTERICIDE OR ANTIBIOTIC SERVES. The virus is not a living organism like bacteria; antibodies cannot kill what is not alive.

* NEVER shake used or unused clothing, sheets or cloth. While it is glued to a porous surface, it is very inert and disintegrates only
-between 3 hours (fabric and porous),

-4 hours (copper and wood)
-24 hours (cardboard),
– 42 hours (metal) and
-72 hours (plastic).

But if you shake it or use a feather duster, the virus molecules float in the air for up to 3 hours, and can lodge in your nose.

* The virus molecules remain very stable in external cold, or artificial as air conditioners in houses and cars.

They also need moisture to stay stable, and especially darkness. Therefore, dehumidified, dry, warm and bright environments will degrade it faster.

* UV LIGHT on any object that may contain it breaks down the virus protein. For example, to disinfect and reuse a mask is perfect. Be careful, it also breaks down collagen (which is protein) in the skin.

* The virus CANNOT go through healthy skin.

* Vinegar is NOT useful because it does not break down the protective layer of fat.

* NO SPIRITS, NOR VODKA, serve. The strongest vodka is 40% alcohol, and you need 65%.

* LISTERINE IF IT SERVES! It is 65% alcohol.

* The more confined the space, the more concentration of the virus there can be. The more open or naturally ventilated, the less.

* You have to wash your hands before and after touching mucosa, food, locks, knobs, switches, remote control, cell phone, watches, computers, desks, TV, etc. And when using the bathroom.

* You have to HUMIDIFY HANDS DRY from so much washing them, because the molecules can hide in the micro cracks. The thicker the moisturizer, the better.

* Also keep your NAILS SHORT so that the virus does not hide there.




Give us our daily meat…



WHO experts have been warning about the outbreak of a super epidemic for years.
But we don’t need to hear it from WHO when we see such videos.

How can a meat eater continue to consume its meat when it sees the conditions of the animals that supply it?
No matter whether the consequences of such an attitude are: corona, swine flu, bird flu, or cancer … There is shit in their flesh, but they don’t want to see it.

Under the low quality standards for food, no meat eater is sure that he has not eaten spoiled meat too often.
In fact, spoiled meat in meat factories around the world does not seem to be the exception, but the rule.

But no health minister would ever warn consumers: this product can contain dangerous amounts of pesticides, arsenic, antibiotics and hormones.
This animal from which your meat was made has lived in its excrement in the middle of bacteria, parasites and dangerous viruses and may be transmitted to you.
Wash your hands is the motto!
Because every minister is also part of the meat mafia and the business must go on.


Today, in the 21st century, we are not even able to shut down the tapes of all slaughterhouses and forbid eating corpses, even though we know that WE are the ones who can benefit from it.

My best regards to all, Venus

Holland: suspension of animal transports because of Corona

Breaking News: Netherlands suspend animal transports because of Corona


The unbearable situation for animals in transport and the protests on the part of animal protection are finally having an effect: From now on, breeding cattle, horses, sheep, goats and exotic animal species should no longer be exported from Holland. Dairy cows that should be transported abroad for slaughter must also remain in the country.


The partial suspension of transports in Holland is a step in the right direction. We would like Germany to be guided by the legal implementation and to have a transport stop as soon as possible.

In view of the backlog of vehicles at the borders, the German Animal Welfare Association is calling for an end to long-distance transport of live animals. In the mega traffic jam on the A4 at the German-Polish border, but also on the border from Poland to Lithuania or in Croatia, animal transporters are currently stuck for hours or days due to the stricter border controls.
The situation is extremely stressful for the animals. They lack water and feed, cows cannot be milked and they are in their excrement because the litter cannot be renewed and the animals cannot be dumped.


Transports to third countries are particularly critical

Weekly animal transports to countries outside the EU start every week in Germany. Breeding associations have recently announced further transports to Azerbaijan, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Iran and Turkey. Transports to destinations in third countries, especially breeding animals, have nothing to do with security of supply in the EU, but follow purely economic interests.

tiertransport Schafenjpg

Even under normal circumstances, live animal transports across Europe and the world are torture for the animals. If there are disruptions in the process, as is the case now in the times of Corona, it will go to hell.

Generally, long-distance transport needs to be stopped. In view of the dramatic situation, you have to start immediately, ”says Thomas Schröder, President of the German Animal Welfare Association. “When animals suffer, cows scream in pain because they cannot be milked, everyone should be aware that animals are not a commodity, they are living beings. The current situation shows us clearly how many animals are constantly transported over thousands of kilometers. ”

VIER PFOTEN_ Tiertransportejpg

The German Animal Welfare Association, together with other European animal welfare organizations, wrote to the EU Commission asking them to suspend animal transport due to the current situation. Animal welfare reasons, but also the risk of the driver spreading corona, clearly speak against continuing transport. From an animal welfare point of view, the fundamental goal must be to completely abolish live animal transport.




And I mean…When countries within the EU begin to act independently in animal transport and factory farming in general, there is hope that positive changes will result.
France was the first country in the summer 2019 to stop transporting animals due to heat records. The countries must finally become independent, we all have nothing to expect from the EU.
To do this, the animal rights movement must work in a targeted and united manner.


My best regards to all, Venus

A View on Coronavirus; From Friend Lesley at ‘Eyes on Animals’ (NL).

Dear donors and friends,


This is not a usual newsletter, but more of a blog. In order to give a break to our volunteer translators during this difficult time, I am only writing in English. And it’s a longer read than usual. Thanks for your understanding.






What caused the Corona-virus?

When Emmanual Macron, president of France announced last week “we are at war against this virus” I could not help but wonder why so many leaders of the world are announcing a war against the virus, and not against the source of this virus. I was also wondering why most media were reporting only on the effects and deaths of the virus, and very little could be found about where it came from and why.

Of course, we want to beat this virus, find a vaccine against it and stop all the suffering of people. Not just for those lying in the hospital, but also those that have lost their jobs, are isolated and lonely, not able to visit their loved ones, not knowing how they will afford to support themselves now or later without a paycheck… But without a war on the way animals are caged, handled and slaughtered at such meat markets, we will never win “this war” as more viruses will come.



Wuhan live animal and meat market is not the only live animal market where exotic and domestic animals are mixed, kept in filthy tiny cages and forced to face days of extreme fear after being transported from far away. There are hundreds of thousands of these meat and exotic pet markets all over the world. I saw with my own eyes huge warehouses even in The Netherlands full of reptiles, arachnids, parrots and even hyenas imported from all over the world.



Without putting a stop to this wildlife trade, we will face more and more viruses that threaten humans. Corona is not the first case; HIV, SARS, MERS and Ebola also all came from handling and eating wild and stressed animals and led to massive human suffering on top of the obvious animal suffering.

And we also know that transporting farm animals around the world was causing the suffering of billions of animals when we had to “cull” them, often in horrific ways (gassing them here and in many other parts of the world burying them alive in huge pits) because of diseases breaking out and spreading like bush fire due to the sheer numbers and international transport of animals. Think of the avian flu, the African swine fever, Mad cow, Foot and Mouth… Why didn’t we fight the war against the cause off these viruses to put a stop to the suffering of these animals?

How do we win these wars? How do we put an end to the risk of causing more animal and human suffering?



Plants didn’t give us Corona

As you know, Eyes on Animals is not a radical organization. We do not see all animal transporters or even slaughterhouse managers as brutal murderers nor do we point fingers. We see that there is a food system started by all of us that is full of inherent problems and needs to change. A system that can only be changed by intelligent discussions, transparency and cooperation among all of us. We all want a good world where people, including animal farmers, transporters and slaughterers have a chance to have a happy and healthy life, the chance to work and be financially independent.

There have been many truck drivers and slaughterhouse personnel that have done their best at adopting better practices and shown genuine interest in improving animal welfare. But regardless, the system is too risky. Many people continue to think that we need to eat meat and dairy, or are worried about losing their jobs, should society stop eating meat and dairy. But that is not the case and where we can, we should now more than ever move to a plant-based diet.

Plants never caused virus among people. Plants never caused mass-cullings of innocent animals. Feeding people with plants will create new job opportunities. We see this more and more every day, with companies springing up everywhere selling everything from pea protein to pineapple leather. Even in Ghana we visited vegetarian and vegan restaurants.



Working for the animals – from home

The corona virus has made us at Eyes on Animals have to stay at home, but we have been incredibly busy trying to raise awareness about this important issue and prevent further animal suffering. We have been holding conference calls with other NGOs and together writing letters to the European Commission about the current risk of farm animals in transit and to breeders encouraging them to decrease breeding at the moment to avoid a back-log. We have been calling as many journalists as possible encouraging them to report more on the source of this virus, to expose the horrible animal suffering at these meat markets in China and beyond.

We are doing everything to help people recognize that this virus did not just come out of nowhere, but that similar situations can and should be prevented in the future, and will bring back hope to people. Bring back a sense of control for our future.




Now more than ever is the time to educate ourselves and spread this news. Now more than ever it is time to, respectfully, phase out our dependence on meat and dairy products and replace them with the production of more plant-based foods.

Below is a list of articles we collected about the source of the corona virus that make for very interesting reading and watching. Please pass these on to friends and colleagues, particularly ones still unaware of these issues.


In Dutch
OneWorld Waarom vechten we tegen Corona zonder de oorzaak te bespreken
Jort Kelder in RTL Boulevard


In English
60 Minutes Australia – Excellent documentary about corona and its source
Video message from Dr. Jane Goodal, world renowned ethologist

The Guardian Billion-dollar wildlife industry in Vietnam under assault as law drafted to halt trading
The Guardian ‘Nature is taking back Venice’: wildlife returns to tourist-free city
The Guardian ‘Tip of the iceberg’: is our destruction of nature responsible for Covid-19?
The Guardian Cattle Gridlock: EU border delays add to coronavirus strain on meat trade
The Animal Reader This pandemic is our fault: stop exploiting animals
Brussels Times Coronavirus: Humans suffer but also animals in transport over borders


We hope you and your loved ones will stay healthy and safe. With best wishes from us all,

Lesley Moffat
director of Eyes on Animals







Germany: crimes in the dairy industry


banane rep deutschlandpg


Injured downer and pregnant milk cow left alone.

Again and again people report injured or sick animals, which are hidden behind scrap yards and cannot even get up. The farmers then like to speak of individual cases.

We discovered such a gruesome case near Stade, Lower Saxony three weeks ago. The injured animal has been lying there for at least 1 1/2 days, the animal is emaciated, obviously injured in the hind leg and cannot get up.

kuh SOKOpg

Such high-performance cows need a lot of feed and water. They constantly produce masses of milk and suffer agony if they are not milked. The farm is known for bad conditions in the village and has been reported to the veterinary office several times. Citizens report observations a few weeks ago of how a cow was placed in the same place and left to die.

We immediately informed the Veterinary Office today. Unfortunately, the answer is not surprising: The only employee responsible for animal protection cases is out of the house and, due to a lack of personnel, he is unable to act in the next few hours. We then asked the police for support.

We have heard from third parties that there is now a check about 5 hours after the first report. The farmer has now blocked the field of vision with a tractor.

traktor SOKO _n

SOKO animal protection. Downer Cow case update:

As the district reports, the cow was very pregnant and was unable to get up or move significantly.

If the animal is unable to get up, the apparent slurry of liquid manure that emerges from a yellow pipe under the animal is certainly a poor surface for attempts to stand up.

Finally, the question arises: if the animal cannot walk, how did it get there?

The animal was released as part of the inspection on the instructions of the authority. The district speaks of “no animal protection case” and “no gross misconduct by the animal owner”.

kuh mit totem Baby jpg

The Office did not respond to the question from SOKO animal welfare, how the animal was brought there. The press release says that organic causes could not be determined. An autopsy, which SOKO animal welfare requested, did not take place. So it remains in the dark why the animal was in poor condition.

The district did not answer the following questions:

6) Have fines or periodic penalties been imposed?

7) Was the company already known and had a history of animal welfare and / or hygiene issues?

8) How often has the company been checked in the past?

9) Has the rest of the barn been examined?

So a weak animal with a dangerous, difficult birth was left alone, day and night. What was previously done for the mother and her unborn child? Why doesn’t this stable even have a protected birth area for such cases?

The injury that you can see on the distance pictures was not even mentioned and the exploitation for milk is back on the agenda.


And I mean…Germany is the largest milk producer in the EU. This is made possible by the turbo cows and the agricultural lobby, which is an incredibly powerful device.

And oh yes, the farmers …

a) they show solidarity with the only party in parliament that has officially recognized fascists in leadership positions,
b) they insist on using pesticides even in nature reserves,
c) they absolutely want to continue poisoning the groundwater,
d) they are not interested in animal welfare but they are only howling, howling and howling …

They also protest against the anesthetic during piglet castration, are jointly responsible for groundwater contamination, insect mortality and antibiotic resistance.

Saumutter mit Ferkel
They find it completely ok to put pigs in cages for 4 months, in which they cannot turn around, mothers take away their children, kill excess piglets and if they have exploited cows enough, they let them die without help or they sell the, illegal, in order to make the last money again.

Kuh-SOKO Investigation

They keep thousands of animals in stalls, densely crowded, with no activity or daylight.
The animals stand on slatted floors in their own shit, which then accumulates as manure.

How much groundwater is contaminated by the manure? The farmers never answered the question.

And then they are offended when we say that they enjoy treating the animals as if they were a piece of shit.
So, yes: obviously they enjoy it.
And even more if they conduct this cruelty to animals with the support of the authority.

My best regards to all, Venus

Coronavirus may mean Botswana’s hunting season is cancelled.


Game Change




Coronavirus may mean Botswana’s hunting season is cancelled

First hunting season after controversial ban was lifted likely to be hit by coronavirus pandemic.


Animal rights campaigners have welcomed the uncertainty surrounding Botswana’s first hunting season since 2014, which has been hit hard by hunters pulling out because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Everything is at a standstill. All clients that were supposed to come in have either postponed or cancelled,” said Clive Eaton, owner of Tholo Safaris, a hunting company that last month bought licences to hunt 20 elephants.

Botswana, home to the world’s largest elephant population and almost one-third of Africa’s herd, lifted a ban on hunting in May 2019, saying the elephant population had increased to the point where farmers’ livelihoods were being affected.

While the country has no confirmed cases of coronavirus infection so far, it has banned arrivals from 18 high-risk countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.

The Botswana Wildlife Producers Association (BWPA) said bookings across the industry had been cancelled or postponed and that it had asked for an extension of the hunting season, due to start in April.

But animal rights campaigners have urged the government to reinstate the ban lifted last year.

“We welcome the fact that foreign trophy hunters cannot kill elephants in Botswana, and hope that the government takes the time to reflect on and rethink its deadly strategy towards elephants and shake off this colonial pastime altogether,” Siobhan Mitchell, UK Director of Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, told Al Jazeera.

“People in Botswana can find peaceful ways to co-exist and benefit from elephants and ensure rural people benefit. This time of global crisis is a great time to look for new and innovative ways to benefit economically and sustainably.”

More than 16,500 people have died from the coronavirus across the world. The pandemic poses a threat to economies like Botswana, where tourism is big business. The country’s vast tracts of wilderness are a magnet for those who want to see – or hunt – wildlife.

Proceeds from hunting licence auctions, worth around 13 million pula ($1.08m) annually before hunting was banned in 2014 due to declining elephant numbers, go to community trusts used for development.

However, a resumption in hunting, to reduce the impact of elephants on people and crops, proved controversial.

A leading wildlife charity, the Born Free Foundation, urged Botswana to abandon any return to trophy hunting.

“Born Free has always maintained that commercial hunting does not offer an ethical or sustainable wildlife management tool, nor is it an effective or sustainable way of funding conservation activities or local communities,” its policy head Mark Jones said.

An auction of licences to hunt 15 elephants is due to go ahead as planned on Friday.


USA: The Trump administration just gave polluters a free pass to pollute our air and water with impunity.




The Trump administration just gave polluters a free pass to pollute our air and water with impunity.

Using the COVID-19 pandemic as cover, Trump’s EPA announced it will no longer enforce legally mandated public health and environmental protections nationwide — indefinitely, while the pandemic crisis lasts.


trump feb 2


Letting oil refineries, chemical plants and other industrial polluters off the hook is disgusting and shamelessly opportunistic.

Tell EPA Administrator Wheeler we can protect public health and the environment at the same time.

Never before has the EPA just given up and stopped enforcing its own rules at this scale.

The pandemic has upended what is normal for everyone, but that’s not an excuse to toss aside environmental protections.

We’ve seen countless attacks from the Trump administration on wildlife and the laws that protect it. The Endangered Species Act is already under tremendous threat from being weakened in its ability to save plants and animals.

Now, with the EPA turning a blind eye to industrial pollution, our public health could be even more seriously threatened. This cynical ploy is a new low, even for this administration.

Tell the EPA to reverse course and keep in place its enforcement of laws intended to keep our air and water clean.


Take Action:




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The Chinese Get Worse Each Day – Now China’s National Health Commission is recommending an injection containing BEAR BILE as a treatment for COVID-19. Petition; Please Sign.




WAV Comment:

Believe it or not; now the China’s National Health Commission is recommending an injection containing bear bile as a treatment for COVID-19, despite the World Health Organisation insisting there is currently no cure for coronavirus.


SIGN: Stop China’s Promotion of Bear Bile to Treat Coronavirus


PETITION TARGET: National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China

In a disappointing step backward for animal rights and human health, China’s National Health Commission is recommending an injection containing bear bile as a treatment for COVID-19, despite the WHO insisting there is currently no cure for coronavirus.

Bears harvested for their bile are subjected to excruciating and invasive extraction methods, including cutting a hole in their bodies and forcing a metal tube through the wound.

Kept in cramped cages, they suffer from starvation, dehydration, infection and other untreated medical problems. These bile farms, like live animal markets, are potential environments for bacterial infections and viruses to “make the jump” from animals to humans.

Shockingly, Tan Re Qing, a medication that includes bear bile, is recommended on a government-sponsored list of suggested coronavirus treatments. China is supposed to be curbing their wildlife trade because of its link to spreading zoonotic disease, and this directly contradicts that effort.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, which started as a result of poor animal welfare standards, enough is enough. By recommending bear bile as a COVID-19 treatment, the Chinese government is encouraging animal cruelty and prolonging the wildlife trade, which poses a global health risk. China has made tremendous progress with its recent ban on wildlife consumption, but we must implore them to broaden their scope and end all wild animal exploitation.

Sign this petition urging China’s National Health Commission to remove Tan Re Qing from its list of recommended coronavirus treatments and to ban the use of all wild animals in medicine.


petition keyboard


Please sign the petition via this link:



Thank you – WAV.


URGENT: Help Shut Down Live-Animal Meat Markets That Breed Deadly Diseases .


The video and pictures shown here are not from the PETA campaign – we have these from other sources – WAV.


Before the COVID-19 outbreak, many people had never heard the term “wet market,” which is believed to be the origin of the novel coronavirus. It’s simply a market that sells live and dead animals—often of a variety of species—for human consumption, like those that exist in New York. SARS is a coronavirus that’s believed to have first infected humans at a Chinese wet market, just like COVID-19.


China coronavirus: Calls to ban live animal sales in wet markets ...


Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, avian flu, swine flu, SARS, HIV, Ebola, and other diseases are linked to meat production or consumption. Not all of these come from live-animal markets— Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a variant of mad cow disease, for instance, can affect a person who has eaten certain body parts of an infected cow—but such markets, where stressed, injured, and sick animals are commonly caged in public areas, are perfect breeding grounds for diseases.

In this video, Peter Li, an associate professor at the University of Houston–Downtown, states that at wet markets, “The cages are stacked one over another. Animals at the bottom are often soaked with all kinds of liquid. Animal excrement, pus, blood.” Such conditions allow viruses to spread from one animal to another as well as to humans who come into contact with them.


Welcome To Ladun Liadi's Blog: China wet markets may even raise ...

Although the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, China, where the coronavirus is thought to have first infected humans, has closed and that country has banned the consumption and farming of “wild” animals (hopefully, not only temporarily), it’s important to note that diseases don’t just affect animals humans have labelled as “wild.” Many wet markets continue to operate throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, and the U.S.

There are more than 80 live-animal markets and slaughterhouses in New York City alone.


Chinese Live Animal 'Wet' Markets Blamed For Coronavirus - Vegan ...

Just as we don’t want to be infected with or die from COVID-19, other animals don’t want to suffer or be killed for food. A hen, for example, just wants to be left in peace so that she can teach calls to her chicks before they hatch (much like how a human mother talks to her baby in the womb) and teach her young the ways of the world once they’re born. And fish just want to be left alone so that they can protect their young, build nests, and swim freely.


Coronavirus: China's wetmarkets should be banned


No matter what species they are peddling, live-animal meat markets will continue to put the human population at risk as well as sentencing countless animals to a miserable death.


Pangolins' Revenge? Asian Wet Markets Are The Perfect Midwives for ...

Join PETA in urging the World Health Organization to call for an end to deadly live-animal markets around the globe.


petition keyboard

Link to add your name calling for action:



Sea-Shepherd: why a quiet day on patrol is a good day


From the archive: December 20, 2018: Report by the captain of SAM SIMON, Alistair Allan

liberia Flag tinted horizontal texture

Liberia, West Africa – It’s a cloudless day again, and the blue water shimmers under the relentless sun. Only rarely does a light breeze blow through the endless, turquoise expanse that I look through my porthole.

The internal phone in my cabin starts ringing. At the other end of the line an excited voice calls out: “Orcas! Orcas are outside! ”

Killer whale group

I quickly climb the steps to the bridge and look out from the starboard side. When I look over the water, a huge dorsal fin appears right next to the ship. It is the largest of the school, the matriarch. I can see that they swim on all sides next to our ship, a family of about 12 animals! The crew is thrilled by the sight of the young members of the orca family jumping and splashing around.


The SAM SIMON has been on patrol in Liberia for a month now, and during this special meeting we were far away, on the eastern border between Liberia and the Ivory Coast. Here the Cavalla River flows into the sea and the area is known for its richness in species.

orca pg

Before the OPERATION SOLA STELLA started in 2016, the local small-scale fishermen complained that foreign industrial trawl vessels enter this area every day. They came across the border night after night, flattening the nets of the small fishermen, rolling over their canoes and stealing the fish with which they made a living.

Today, almost three years later, the Liberian coast guard, in cooperation with Sea Shepherds SAM SIMON and BOB BARKER, has completely stopped these nighttime ideas … continue on our website: https://sea-shepherd.de/2566


Some information about orcas: Orcas are the largest dolphins in the world. The males are 10 m long and 10 tons heavy. The females are somewhat smaller. They have pointed, conical teeth that are 7 cm long. The body is strong and the jaw is exceptionally strong.

Orcas are quick hunters. The broad tail fin gives the animal the necessary acceleration. They always hunt together and also live in a group. There are 6 to 40 animals in a family. They often stay together for a lifetime.


An orca baby stays close to the mother. It also has to learn to speak. Orcas communicate through chants and a series of tones: they growl, hum, screech, whistle, scream and click. The orca mother speaks the words to her boy until she can pronounce them correctly. Orcas have the second largest brain of any living thing on the planet.

Orcas eat herring, salmon, penguins, seals, sea leopards, sea lions, rays, whales and sharks. They always came up with very special techniques for hunting.
The massive animals cover long distances in the wild, on average 65 kilometers a day. They don’t just do it because they can, but because they have to – to find varied food and to keep fit.
They dive several times a day at a depth of 30 to 150 meters.

The killer whales are becoming increasingly rare – and their survival is uncertain.

On the one hand, it is due to the perverse desire of humans to put these intelligent animals in a pool that is 45 x 28 x 9 meters in size, so that they serve as entertainment for stupid tourists. Most of them die in captivity after a few years and do not give birth to a calf for years.


On the other hand, the king salmon is becoming increasingly rare. This very high-fat type of salmon is the main food source of the orcas. The fish swims up the Tazer River, which flows into the sea off the Seattle coast. Here the killer whales usually grab their prey.

But the number of salmon in the Pacific Northwest has been declining for decades. Overfishing, dams, cutting down coastal forests and, last but not least, climate change are reducing the population.

Maybe we, we human beings, can save these intelligent sea creatures.
Animal protection is education to humanity.
The only person who is truly moral is those who respect and save all life.

Captain Watson Zitat jpg

My best regrads to all, Venus

Australia: Great Barrier Reef suffers third mass bleaching in five years.

australia pg


Great Barrier Reef suffers third mass bleaching in five years


Image result for barrier reef mass bleaching

Image result for barrier reef mass bleaching


Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has suffered another mass bleaching event – the third in just five years.

Warmer sea temperatures – particularly in February – are feared to have caused huge coral loss across the world’s largest reef system.

Scientists say they have detected widespread bleaching, including extensive patches of severe damage. But they have also found healthy pockets.

Two-thirds of the reef was damaged by similar events in 2016 and 2017.

The reef system, which covers over 2,300km (1,400 miles), is a World Heritage site recognised for its “enormous scientific and intrinsic importance”.

Last year, Australia was forced to downgrade its five-year reef outlook from poor to very poor due to the impact of human-induced climate change.

On Thursday, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority said its latest aerial surveys had shown that the severity of bleaching varied across the reef.

But it said more areas had been damaged than in previous events.

“The reef had only just begun recovering from impacts in 2016 and 2017 and now we have a third event,” chief scientist David Wachenfeld told the BBC.

“Climate change is making the extreme events that drive those impacts both more severe and more frequent, so the damage in an event is worse.”

The earlier events hit two-thirds of the reef system, wiping out coral populations and destroying habitats for other sea life.

But Dr Wachenfeld said some key reefs for tourism – in the northern and central regions – had been only “moderately bleached” this year. This meant coral there would probably recover, he added.

“The reef is still a vibrant, dynamic system but overall, with every one of these successive events, the reef is more damaged than previously,” he said.

“We need to take these events as global calls for the strongest possible action in climate change,” he said.

Global temperatures have already risen about 1C since pre-industrial times.

The UN has warned that if temperatures rise by 1.5C, 90% of the world’s corals will be wiped out.


Germany: Executioners complain


banane rep deutschlandpg

The corona crisis doesn’t stop at butcher shops either. “Our sales are no longer enough to keep the company alive,” says Richard Mischau, managing director of the traditional Berlin company of the Mischau sausage factory.

On Facebook, his sister Britta Mischau (49) therefore made a moving appeal to the Berliners: “Buy from your trusted butcher. Help us and all medium-sized companies to survive. ” (!!!)


With its sausage and meat products, the company (known for its curry sausages) supplies many caterers and canteens, the university and the parliament.

But they’re all closed now. “Last Monday alone, we had 35 percent less sales.” A lot more has been closed since then. Mischau sent their 72 employees on short-time work. The production works only half a day.

But there are also difficulties. Britta Mischau to the Berliner Zeitung: ” The raw material Meat is becoming scarce.” The slaughterhouses mainly work with foreign columns from Romania, Bulgaria or Poland. “They are head over heels back to their countries,” says Britta Mischau.

schlachter mit kuh

The goods they ordered for further processing were not delivered on Friday. “We don’t slaughter ourselves. Nobody in Berlin does that. We mainly process already dismantled and prepared goods. Now we have to buy large pieces (!!!) and disassemble them ourselves, ” says Britta Mischau.
More work with less staff.

Hängende Kuh im Schlachthof_o

To compensate for the slump in sales, they keep their factory outlet in Spandau, Berlin, open – in the hope that customers will come to them.

slogan anonymouspg



And I mean…When the French Revolution occurred on August 4, 1789, about 200 executioners became unemployed.
At the time, they wrote a letter to the then revolutionary government.

In this letter they brought up the argument that their entire profession is facing the economic abyss, a disaster! because the executioners had to feed several thousand people with their families. So … the impossibility of executing more people would make many people hungry.
After more than 200 years, the executioners of animals claim that they are facing the economic abyss.

Viruses spread at lightning speed in slaughterhouses and factory farming.

Right now, in the Corona Krisis, where governments have paralyzed everything, endangered the existence of millions of people and face disobedience, the slaughter industry, including animal transports, is now unaffected and everything is running as before.
Cruelty to animals in slaughterhouses, animal transports, animal breeding, factory farming, dairy industry … is still tolerated.

kuh in tiertransportjpg

This system has to be shut down just like everything else currently. Nobody needs it to survive.
It is sick, dangerous and bad for the earth, humans and animals.

The modern execusioters should stop whining and learn a new, decent profession.

My best regards to all, Venus

Respect for Russians!


One hundred Russian military medics and disease specialists were airlifted to Italy over the weekend, landing at Pratica di Mare Air Base 30km (18.6 miles) from Rome. The team, deployed to help Italy in its fight against coronavirus, brought mobile laboratories, disinfection vehicles, coronavirus test kits, and other equipment to battle the disease.

Italy is the hardest coronavirus-hit European country – the total number of cases has approached 70,000, while the death toll is already twice as large as China’s.

Northern Italy has been affected the worst, with around a half of the nation’s cases originating there.



Thank you Russia!

Good to know who can help you in difficult moments.

Here is one of the nicest comments: “I have many relatives in Italy, I would like to say “thank you” to Russia. Did you notice that the BBC says nothing? why? because it’s a State Broadcaster and very biased, if you want the news don’t look at the BBC”.


Regards and a good night from Venus

The Chinese Wild-Animal Industry and Wet Markets Must Go.


A civet cat is inspected on 10 November 2004 at a farm in Lu’an, China



Is it any wonder why they have infected the planet – watch these !!



The Chinese Wild-Animal Industry and Wet Markets Must Go.


March 19, 2020 2:36 PM



The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, in effect the executive committee of the Chinese Communist Party, in late February issued an edict banning the country’s “wet markets,” including those in Wuhan, the source of the current COVID-19 outbreak.

The statement notes that “it is necessary to strengthen market supervision, resolutely ban and severely crack down on illegal wildlife markets and trade, and control major public health risks from the source.” The Straits Times of Singapore has reported that eight laws have been passed in the last week. We have no details on the contents of the legislation. It’s too soon to know, though, whether we have been down this road before.

After the SARS outbreak in 2003, which was traced to a wet market in the southern Guangdong Province, a temporary ban on wet markets and the wild-animal industry were put in place. In July of that year, the World Health Organization declared the SARS virus contained, and in August the Chinese government lifted the ban.

Wet markets are found the world over, typically open-air sites selling fresh meat, seafood, and produce. The meats often are butchered and trimmed on-site. Markets in China have come in for justifiable condemnation because of the way they’ve evolved, commingling traditional livestock with a wide variety of wild animals, including exotic and endangered species.


Live peacocks wrapped up in plastic bags, in Xiangyang, China


Many are quite unsanitary, with blood, entrails, excrement, and other waste creating the conditions for disease that migrates from animals to people through virus, bacteria, and other forms of transmission. Such “zoonotic diseases” that have emerged from China and other regions of the world include Ebola, HIV, bird flu, swine flu, and SARS.

The wild animals that mix with more common livestock — poultry, swine, and seafood — form a deadly combination.


Image result for pangolin chinese market food

And, as has been well reported by Vox and others, wild-animal farming has a long history in China, emerging after disastrous decades of state control of rural production under Mao Zedong. By the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976, tens of millions of Chinese citizens had died of starvation under a system that could not produce enough food for China’s population.

Mao’s successor, Deng Xiaoping, in the late 1970s lifted state controls on rural farming to allow peasant farmers to provide for their own sustenance. Rats, bats, civet cats, pangolins, and other wild animals became staples of rural farming. To acknowledge and even encourage this, the government enacted laws that protected “the lawful rights of those engaged in the development or utilization of wildlife resources.”

Over time, this led to the breeding and distribution of these animals, and small rural outposts developed into larger-scale operations.

Add to this the use of wild animals not only for consumption but as the supposedly magic ingredients in tonics and alternative medicines, and it is obvious that what began as subsistence farming for the rural poor has developed into a substantial industry.

Wuhan, a city most Americans had never heard of before this year, is larger than New York City.

So far, we may just be seeing a repeat of the “crackdown” after the SARS epidemic, which was quickly and quietly lifted.

We do not know the nature of the current ban.

And can we even trust Beijing to keep such bans in place, particularly with a slowing economy and persistent rural poverty? Also, what exactly is banned? It should be all aspects of the wild-animal trade — breeding, transporting, and marketing.

There should be permanent closure of the wet markets, given the government’s obvious inability or unwillingness to regulate them.

Such a comprehensive approach would be a reversal of decades of government policy and market practice, but when we get through this crisis and the toll it will take on the world, we will owe it to the memory of those we lose that there be a global, sustained push to see these practices ended, everywhere.




EU: Over 35 NGO’s Across Europe Add Their Voice to Those of MEP’s Calling For Action On Live Animal Transports.

EOA Turkey 1

Photo – Eyes on Animals (NL)


Further to the post by Venus on the issue of live animal transports being delayed for hours at EU borders; https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2020/03/25/eu-if-you-do-nothing-to-solve-a-problem-you-are-part-of-the-problem-yourself/ , then we can provide you with additional information as reported in the ‘Brussels Times’ on Monday 23/3/20.

As well as important input from 42 MEP’s, we have witnessed an open letter from no less than 35 animal welfare NGO’s writing to the EU Commission calling (on the EU) to ban the transport of farm animals to non-EU countries, as well as intra EU journeys that last over 8 hours.

As Venus says in her article; Europe, if you do not act to solve the problem, then you are part of the problem yourself.

Below is a copy of the article from Monday’s Brussels Times.




Coronavirus: Humans suffer but also animals in transport over borders


Monday, 23 March 2020

Animal welfare organisations protested on Friday against a European Commission decision to allow transport of livestock between member states and to non-EU countries despite the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Compassion in World Farming and over 35 animal welfare NGOs across Europe wrote in an open letter (20 March) to agriculture Ministers and animal transport contact points of all EU member states that the Commission decision disregard the problems imposed on the health and welfare of farm animals being transported, especially those transported between EU and non-EU countries.

An EU regulation prohibits transport to be carried out in a way that is likely to cause undue suffering to the animals involved. In addition, the regulation states that all necessary arrangements should be made in advance to minimise the length of the journey and meet animals’ needs during the journey

In their letter, the NGOs raised problems at different borders last week. Vehicles with farm animals are being refused entry to Croatia. There have been long traffic queues at the border between Lithuania and Poland and queues on the German side of the border with Poland leading to waiting times of several hours.

Vehicles with farm animals are also getting caught up in very long queues at the exit point between Bulgaria and Turkey – drivers transporting farm animals have reported that they needed three hours to move 300 m inside the border.

Queues at borders risk stopping medical supplies and health professionals from getting through. It is even less likely that it will be possible to attend to the welfare of animals caught up in these queues.

The animal welfare organization call on the EU to ban the transport of farm animals to non-EU countries, as well as journeys that last over 8 hours.

“The trade in live animals threatens not only the health and well-being of the animals, but it also threatens our health,” said Olga Kikou, Compassion in World Farming’s Head of EU Office.

The drivers, animal handlers, vets, civil servants and their families can easily get infected. Unlike others who enter and exit the EU, they are not required to be in quarantine. We are putting them and ourselves at risk.”

The European Commission did not reply in time to requests for a response to the letter.




European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Monday afternoon (23 March) that the measures introduced to slow down the spread of the virus have also slowed down and sometimes paralysed transport.

In a communication today on “Green Lanes”, the Commission requested from the member states to designate, without delay, all the relevant internal border-crossing points on the trans-European transport network (TEN-T) as “green lane” border crossings. The communication does not address the issue of animal transports but can speed up all transports.

The crossings should be open to all freight vehicles, whatever goods they are carrying. Crossing the border, including any checks and health screening, should not take more than 15 minutes.

All freight vehicles and drivers should be treated in a non-discriminatory manner, irrespective of the origin, destination, or country of registration of the vehicle, or of the nationality of the driver. Member states should not distinguish between vehicles carrying goods for use in their territory and those merely transiting.

The Brussels Times


Additional links (WAV):


We don’t need another consultation from the thickheads at the EU; we need action, and NOW !







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from the life of the penguins

pinguine-mit kleinen

When talking about penguins, most people automatically have the image of the emperor penguin in their heads. They are so distinctive with their cream-white bellies, the shiny black head, back, tail and wings and the golden yellow pattern on the beak, head and chest.

kaiser Pinguin mit Kleinem

The emperor penguin is simply magnificent! At 1.15 m, it is also the largest of the 17 species of penguins and also the only bird that inhabits Antarctica all year round – even for rearing young animals, during which they wind in freezing temperatures of up to – 60 ° C and snow storms endured up to 200 km / h.

pinguinen koloniepg

In order not to cool down, they hug each other in large groups and keep themselves and the others warm. Alternately, they slide into the warm interior of the group and share the task of standing on the edge as a wind damper. This ensures the survival of the whole group.

In the sea, the emperor penguins can dive farther than any other bird up to 564 m and remain under water for 20 minutes.

When fleeing predators and hunting fish, octopus or krill, they can reach speeds of 3.4 m / s. Natural enemies are giant petrels, skua, sea leopards and orcas.

Man-made threats include climate change, overfishing, pollution of the oceans from microplastics, ghost nets, leaking oil, chemicals or radioactive material.

Most of the breeding colonies are on solid sea ice plates that freeze to the land mass in autumn and slowly break open in spring. We know of emperor penguins that have walked 280 km to reach the open sea.

However, the rising temperatures caused by global warming will shrink the available breeding areas and overfishing reduces the food supply.

Sea Shepherd Deutschland


Brief information on this …The miniature penguins (Eudyptula minor) live in New Zealand and Australia and as the name suggests, the miniature penguins are the smallest species among the penguins.
They have an average height of 33 centimeters.


In return, they are among the penguin species that are easiest to observe, because they do not live far away in Antarctica, but close to New Zealand and Australian cities. For a long time, biologists had considered these two populations as a single species – and were wrong.
They found a very strong genetic pattern according to which the New Zealand penguins differed significantly from the Australian penguins.

My best regards to all, Venus

EU: “If you do nothing to solve a problem, you are part of the problem yourself”.


Tiertransport-Kaelber-AA`s pg

Last night, 42 MEPs sent a letter to the EU Commission. Many animal transports have been at the border for hours as a result of the border closure measures in the context of the Covid 19 virus across borders by drivers, zookeepers and border guards.

To stop animal suffering, we call on the Commission to:

-Suspension of all exports of live farm animals by land and sea to non-EU countries
-Suspension of all live livestock transports on journeys of more than 8 hours between Member States
-Ensure rapid communication between senior veterinarians and national contact points to help organizers of cattle breeding events, avoid long queues at border crossings or refuse entry through certain countries.


Good news!
The 🚚🚚 traffic jams on the border with Poland have resolved and the handling of 🐮🐷 animal transports is, according to our information, running relatively smoothly again. Nevertheless, the long transport routes mean agony for the animals.

This suffering must finally end!
Support our petition: ✍️ https://help.four-paws.org/de-DE/stoppt-grausame-lebendtiertransporte

Polen Grenze


And I mean…A MEP`s initiative that is very commendable.
The letter is important for the following reason: The pressure on the unsuitable commission comes from the own circles. That is the only reason why it can work!

As with animal transports, the EU has offered nothing in this crisis. To put it very clearly, it is totally “out” and it is nowhere in demand.

But now internal pressure is being used, now the EU has to react to save its internal status, and maybe the good news of the normalization of animal transport to Poland is thanks to this letter.

At least the risk of infection that could arise inside the trucks and the generation of new bacteria is something that should force the EU to act.


My best regards to all, Venus

EU Consultation on Animal Welfare Strategy. Please Read and Afterwards Get Involved If You Wish; Taking Into Account What Is Said Below.

Logo draft

VITA Photo




We are providing the following as many of you (EU and non EU citizens) may wish to make your views known to the EU authorities in this consultation. There is really only one opportunity to say how you feel at the end of the consultation; so please do it, and consider what we say in the following as information on your contribution.

Live animal transport is an issue that we have many years of campaigning experience with. It is our general opinion that the EU does not need to have yet another consultation on the issue of live transport. We consider that this (consultation) is solely to give the impression that EU citizens can have a say in the issue, and that their views will count regarding an end result.


Lets look quickly at a few points:

The EU Regulation 1/2005 on the ‘protection’ of animals during transport, was created as it says; to provide ‘protection’ to animals during transport. Hauliers and exporters have never complied with the regulation since the day it came into being. Have a look at a few investigations which we were involved with back in   – go to the following https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-us/   and then further scroll down until you see the heading:   ‘EU Papers, Official Investigations and the Rest’.

In summary – During 2010 – Mark worked with animal transport investigation teams within the EU, specifically concentrating on live calves being exported from Ireland (EU) to mainland EU. As a result of the investigations, Mark produced a 125 page official investigation report which was sent to both EU Parliamentarians and UK parliamentarians showing failures of Regulation 1/2005. You can read one investigation report; showing all the failures, when you go to the links and titles shown above.



The system was failing the animals in transport way before 2010 and when the report was produced; it has failed them ever since, and it will continue to fail them as long as animals are transported; regardless of what the EU says and yet another ‘consultation’ which we are informed will make things better.

The EU has always failed animals in transport, and it always will. Consultations are simple ‘veils’ to make the common man think that something is being done and changes will result. In compliance with Reg 1/2005, all livestock transporter drivers are supposed to be certified so that they can give animals in their care the best of attention. The system of certifying drivers has never worked from its inception. Animals always suffer – that is the result.

We have slightly different views on another EU consultation within WAV. Some do not want to become involved at all, as they see the delay and tactics of the EU in this policy.   Yes agree 100%, it is another delaying tactic when all the clear evidence of abuses have been constantly provided to the EU for years. But with a consultation; which is underway now, regardless of our views; is there not an alternative way of viewing the consultation ? – send in your information as required and simply declare that EU policy has always failed the animals in transport; and it will continue to fail the animals in transport regardless of what is submitted. You could mention the 8 hours petition, which was undertaken in the past (2012); and further represented in Brussels to the EU on 16/9/2013 – here is the AA release on this: https://www.animals-angels.de/en/news/news-detail/16092013-belgium-brussels.html which will provide you with information:




16.09.2013 | Belgium, Brussels

Animals’ Angels addressed the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament in the presence of MEPS and Commissioners in Brussels, to speak on the issue of animal welfare in transport.  Animals’ Angels addressed its petition of 1,103,248 signatures, delivered in June 2012, from European citizens calling for an end to long distance animal transport, and to impose a maximum 8 hour limit. 

We asked why the Commission had done nothing to properly address the democratic voices of European citizens and the European Parliament, which also supports the 8 hour transport limit. Animals’ Angels has asked the Petitions Committee to look into this, and to take any action considered just and appropriate to resolve the issue, and to get a proper response to the democratic voices calling for change.


8 hours logo


So, 2012, 2013; well over 1 million EU citizens calling for an 8 hours (one off) maximum journey time; and here we are now in March 2020 having a consultation by the EU on the issue of live animal transport legislation !!

As we say, delaying tactics by the EU which just go on, and on, and on; and the animals suffer as a result for many more years.

Here below is the official wording of the new EU consultation which citizens are being invited to participate in. You did participate in the past, calling for 8 hours maximum journey time; so why now do we need more delay ?

As we say, the choice to get involved in this consultation is entirely down to individuals. I (Mark) see it as an opportunity to ask the EU formally why the 8 hour ruling of 2012/13 was never adopted by the Commission; despite the huge number of signatures in a petition at the time calling for an 8 hour max.

If you say nothing else in the consultation response; remind the EU that their regulation 1/2005 has always failed the animals in transport; that you signed the petition way back calling for an 8 hour maximum journey time; and the EU never listed or acted on this. So what is the point of a new consultation now, when we see the EU failing citizens who wish to make change for the better and for the animals.

Regards Mark.


PMAF Inv 5


Official EU consultation wording:


Target audience

  • Competent authorities responsible for animal welfare;
  • Business and professional organisations;
  • EU citizens and consumers and organisation;
  • Organisations from the civil society;
  • Independent experts from academic and research institutes;
  • European bodies, including the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA);
  • International intergovernmental organisations active on animal welfare;
  • Third countries;
  • Other relevant bodies.

All targeted stakeholders are invited to give their feedback during the 12-week consultation period.



Animal Welfare: launch of the public consultation on the EU Strategy

The European Commission published a 12 weeks open consultation on the EU Strategy for Protection and Welfare of Animals 2012-2015. This public consultation, available into all EU languages, is part of a one-year external study supporting the evaluation of the EU Strategy. Launched in 2019, this evaluation aims to assess if the EU Strategy delivered its initial objectives and whether they are still relevant today. The results of the evaluation will inform future EU initiatives on animal welfare as well as actions under the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy. Citizens, experts and stakeholders are invited to give their feedback before 15 June 2020.


Here is the link to the consultation:



and here is the link to the Commissions website:




Italy: Detective work against poachers

stein adler

Nest guarding in Sicily: In order to monitor the nests of the endangered hawk eagle, the members of the Italian conservation group Gruppo Tutela Rapaci started their work in Sicily with the support of the Committee against Bird Murder.

Hawk eagles do not breed in captivity and therefore cannot be bred. This is why nest predators target eggs and young birds of the strictly protected bird – with them they can get the highest prices for some unscrupulous animal collectors or falconers.
Since we have been consistently guarding the nests in Sicily, the number of broods robbed has decreased by more than 90%.

Since curfews apply across Italy due to the corona crisis, the teams have regulatory approval for their work.

Without our presence, poachers would have a very easy game in the current situation, because the police are now entrusted with more urgent tasks than ever.

AdlerjpgThanks to Angelo Scuderi for the great eagle photo!

Committee Against Bird Murder e.V.


My comment: In Germany, rifles, poison and traps are the usual methods used by the perpetrators. We speak about really professional methods here, for example live bait.
They release pigeons whose back feathers are prepared with poison.

These animals are released in the middle of a hawk territory – with the aim that the raptor grabs them from above and dies from the poison on their back feathers.

Poachers of raptors in Germany are among hunters.

Because someone has to know very well which trees they are sitting in, where they are going to catch prey and other things.
The hunters know that.

A further indication is that hunting ammunition is always discovered in the carcasses of the raptors, which are usually only used by hunters.

So far, it has usually been the case that most investigations are ended without result and the perpetrators get away unscathed.

At least in my district, I don’t know of any judgment that has been posted for illegal wildlife killings.

schönes Zitat über die Jagd“In the past, the insane, murderers, sex offenders or addicts were in institutions.
Today they are in hunting associations “.


My best regards to all, Venus

The animal industry only produces victims

The case has already been reported to the European Animal Disease Notification System. The first suspicion arose on March 18, then confirmation on Saturday, reports the trade magazine http://www.topagrar.com.
The company is located in western Poland, around 65 km from the German border near the city of Grünberg.

More than 23,700 pigs are affected, including almost 8,000 sows. 135 pigs are said to have died at the ASP.
The authorities have ordered the immediate ” culling” of the stock and set up protection and surveillance zones.


After the last press releases, bird flu (avian influenza) has now reached its first large-stable in Germany.

For all birds caught in it, including the healthy ones, this means the death sentence.

trutz über Hühner_o



My comment: African swine fever (ASP) has now arrived on a farm in western Poland. Not yet in Germany, but hysteria against wild boars has broken out like a pandemic, and tens of thousands of animals are at risk of “culling”.

Imagine that you would currently do the same with the Corona infected?

There were 599,855 wild boars shot in Germany in the 2018/19 season. Preventive only!
Innocent victims for a man-made illness.

All point a finger at the wild boar. The pathogen only migrates through wild boars about 20 kilometers a year. The government does not speak of hunting, but of disease control !!!

Hunters display boars after a battue in Valbonne

Crashed animal transporters, burning animal factories and slaughterhouses, pigs suffocating in fattening rooms, agonizingly dying animals because they are not cared for, and countless victims of man-made animal diseases, that is the sad result of 2019: the animal industry not only produces victims in the slaughterhouse, but already the cruel way to get there.

At least 20 million pigs annually do not survive the torture of breeding and fattening.


What the agricultural industry and its lobbyists proclaim is false and criminal as anything and everywhere where corporations and large capital exercise their power. It’s all about maximizing profit, everything else is subordinate.

For this they go over corpses, not just animal corpses, they act against all of nature, against our planet in general, ultimately against all of us.

Let us remember this dramatic situation.
We need it for the next pandemic.

My best regards to all, Venus

love between species



“How much should we learn from animals … Respect, love, solidarity.
We can be better people if we observe their behavior”.

(Cuánto debemos aprender de los animales… Respeto, amor, solidaridad.
Podemos ser mejores personas si observamos su comportamiento).

Regards and a good night from Venus

The Media and Politicians Won’t Talk About The Meat Market Origin of Coronavirus – Why ?

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WAV Comment:

We thank Stacey at Our Compass for sending this over – https://our-compass.org/2020/03/23/media-wont-talk-about-meat-market-origin-of-coronavirus/ – what a very true summary of the events mainly playing in the media. Media only ? – No; we wrote to our Member of Parliament (MP) the other week; the 13/3 to be precise; and in our mail entitled ‘China and the world now reaps non legislation’. we asked the following:

With this in mind; can I (Mark) ask if the UK government has actually made any formal representation to the Chinese government re the current Coronavirus issue and the fact that they (the Chinese) currently have no animal welfare legislation; and the fact that they have now infected the entire planet with a virus as a result of their lack of legislation / animal welfare controls ?

How about the Chinese government being told by other governments that their lack of legislation in animal welfare is now the root cause of all the problems across the world ? – does the UK government have the guts to say anything to the Chinese, or are all these concerns going to be swept under the carpet as we want a good trade deal sometime in the future.

As the article below by Jane says; there are very few people who really want to address the real problem about Coronavirus. We witness daily briefings every single day on the tv; we endure ‘expert’ after ‘expert’ telling us this and that from daybreak to moonrise; yet none of them ever dare to venture into the origins of the cause; why it was allowed to ferment; and what national governments are doing on an international basis to ask questions. We must not ask if ‘our’ government has even made a ‘formal representation’ to the Chinese government regarding the original source of this virus in Wuhan which is now affecting the planet.

We must not ask if ‘our’ government has made a ‘formal representation’ to the Chinese government stating that their lack of legislation in animal welfare; and their continual ignorance of introducing same legislation, is now the root cause of all the problems across the world ? – does the UK government not have the guts to say anything to the Chinese, or are all these concerns just going to be swept under the carpet as we want a good trade deal sometime in the future. Until the next virus starts up through similar origins, we can only assume.

As Jane says in her article; why are world governments and ‘our’ elected representatives in same parliaments; along with the oh so continual media – the ‘experts’ on this; simply ignoring the real issue that Coronavirus started in Chinese wet markets; where there was no enforcement of hygiene or controls of anything.

Now, as a result; the lack of both hygiene and basic controls, the worlds citizens suffer; innocent people die in their thousands due to an issue that basically, nobody wants to talk about. They tell us that ‘Washing your hands for a long time’ is one way to control disease spread; but to the real problem; and asking other governments about a lack of their legislation in such circumstances is completely taboo. Why ? – ask the experts who we endure every day now on the tv.

We in the animal rights movement have been showing the animal suffering and terrible conditions of places such as Wuhan wet market for years; attempting to share these issues for years with ‘elected’ people who can at least make some formal (governmental) margin of a representation. For all those years we have been ignored and treated like fools regarding what we say and expose.

So, who is the fool now ? – ask the city financiers; the airlines, the medics, the food distribution companies; ‘normal’ people who ride pushbikes and drive cars;

Jane’s article kind of shows who the real fools are !


Image result for pangolin chinese market food

Media Won’t Talk About Meat Market Origin of Coronavirus

Source Jane Unchained
By Jane Velez-Mitchell

Lying by omission is one way to define “fake news.” By that definition, virtually all the mainstream coronavirus news coverage you are watching is fake. The networks essentially refuse to discuss the origins of the catastrophic coronavirus! Sure, you may hear news hosts make oblique and passing references to “live markets” as they urge you to hunker down in your homes and whip out the Lysol. But, that – obviously – does not tell the full story. The real story is: the abuse of animals in the food system is at the heart of this global debacle that is fast destroying our economy, killing a growing number of people and forcing millions of others to live in miserable isolation! This is, indeed, mother nature’s revenge. Not my phrase. That’s how an expert in zoonotic diseases described it.

I’m not always a fan of the New York Post. But, I must give them props for telling it like it is in their investigative story about live meat markets just like the one in Wuhan, China, where this pandemic began. Here is their description of the average “live market,” aka meat market.

“In stall after stall, a mix of live and dead animals, which run the gamut from the known (pig, ox, duck, chicken) to the rare or unknown due to the condition of the carcass — stare back at you. In the wet areas of the market — usually reserved for fish and sea creatures and where the ground is slick with water and often blood — the stink is worse. The animals that have not yet been dispatched by the butcher’s knife make desperate bids to escape by climbing on top of each other and flopping or jumping out of their containers (to no avail). At least in the wet areas, the animals don’t make a sound. The screams from mammals and fowl are unbearable and heartbreaking.”

Thank you New York Post for actually acknowledging the suffering of the animals involved. My question is: why are we not hearing similar, accurate descriptions from news anchors at the major networks? To talk about a global pandemic without consistently discussing its origins is like holding a murder trial and rarely mentioning the defendant. It’s irresponsible.

Experts believe that the virus originated in bats in China, animals ripped from the wild, kept in horrific conditions and then killed to be eaten. Here’s how NPR describes the insidious process: “Patients who came down with disease at the end of December all had connections to the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan China. The complex of stalls selling live fish, meat and wild animals is known in the region as a ‘wet market.’ Researchers believe the new virus probably mutated from a coronavirus common in animals and jumped over to humans in the Wuhan bazaar.”

OK, so props to NPR too. But, what about the more popular cable news networks? Why aren’t they  consistently connecting the dots between this hideous virus and the killing of animals for food? One answer may lie in what you see and hear in between the news segments. I’m talking about the commercials. Watch them! They are overwhelmingly advertisements for meat, dairy and pharmaceuticals. These happen to be the very industries that would collapse if consumers starting thinking realistically about the cruelty and bloodshed that goes into producing the ribs, burgers, wings, eggs, milkshakes and bacon that they have been conditioned to consume. Are American slaughterhouses much better than Asia’s live markets? There is still lots of blood, faeces and body parts. No way around that. Meat doesn’t fall from the sky. The fact is: there is no nice way to kill someone who doesn’t want to die. Slaughter, by its very definition, is a nasty, grotesque business.

So, with the exception of some great special reports by NBC’s Richard Engel and 60 Minutes Australia, the news media continues to dance around the primal issue at the heart of this mind-boggling catastrophe, the likes of which we have never seen. News hosts question expert panel after expert panel, without ever having a full blown conversation about the horrific conditions at these markets and how meat markets are a global phenomenon and, therefore, a global problem. In case you didn’t know, there are dozens of live meat markets in New York City, for example. Some might argue… well, they don’t sell wild animals. But, is that really the point? And, do we really know that’s true? Frogs, turtles, rabbits… they’ve been spotted at some of New York City’s live markets. Could those be wild animals?

Now, it is time we ask ourselves: what is the cost of ignoring this essential aspect of the coronavirus story? If we do not learn from this monumental calamity, could we be bound to repeat it? Through our society’s willful ignorance, could we be setting the stage for something even deadlier? It’s not the first time a virus or disease linked to food animals has wreaked havoc. Remember mad cow disease? Remember swine flu, which is still ongoing in China, decimating millions of pigs before their body parts can be gobbled down someone’s throat? Remember the avian flu?  The philosopher George Santayana famously said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

That philosopher also said, “All living souls welcome whatever they are ready to cope with; all else they ignore…” Right now, we – as a culture – are still ignoring the truth staring us in the face: the killing of animals for food is having a devastating impact on our world. It’s a leading cause of human illness, meaning heart disease and cancer. It’s a leading cause of climate change, habitat destruction, wildlife extinction, water pollution and water scarcity. It’s a leading cause of human world hunger because animals eat so much more than they produce as meat or dairy. Now, add to the list, it is causing the most disruptive virus of our lifetimes.

When will the mainstream media have this conversation? Hopefully, before it’s too late.


Image result for pangolin chinese market food

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Belgium: 21 hunting watchtowers destroyed

received anonymously (translation); see more photos below:



In early March 2020, near the village of Pontaury, activists again acted against hunting by destroying 21 watchtowers, several of which were new.
We do not give the exact date in order not to facilitate the repressive work of the speciesist state.

This hunting area had been targeted before in October 2019, when 32 watchtowers were destroyed and a hunting cabin ransacked.


With this repeat action, in the same area, activists show their determination to fight against this hobby that no longer has reason to exist in a society claiming to be advanced, just and strongly linked to scientific and ethical knowledge.

Belgium_hunting_Mar20 -2 d
We call on all those opposed to hunting to cause economic damage to hunting activities, anywhere, anytime.

In solidarity with the animal species persecuted by hunters and humans in general.

Attached is a press release, produced following the first actions in October 2019, and recent photos of 9 of the 21 watchtowers destroyed during the second action.


Citizens fighting against speciesism.


Début Mars 2020, à proximité du village de Pontaury, des activistes ont à nouveau agi contre la chasse en détruisant 21 miradors dont plusieurs étaient neufs.
Nous ne communiquons pas la date précise pour ne pas faciliter le travail de répression de l’État spéciste.


Cette zone de chasse avait déjà été visée en octobre 2019, 32 miradors avaient alors été détruits et une cabane de chasse saccagée.

Par cette réplique, sur une même zone, les activistes montrent leur détermination à lutter contre ce loisir qui n’a plus lieu d’exister dans une société se disant évoluée, juste et fortement liées aux connaissances scientifiques et éthiques.

Belgium_hunting_Mar20 6
Iels invitent toutes les personnes s’opposant à la chasse à causer des dégâts économiques aux activités de chasse, partout, en tout temps.
En solidarité avec les espèces animales persécutées par les chasseurs et les humains en général.

Ci-joint un communiqué de presse, réalisé à la suite de la première action en octobre 2019, et des photos récentes de 9 des 21 miradors détruits lors de la seconde action.

Des citoyen.ne.s en lutte contre le spécisme.




And I mean..Today’s hunter is a heavily armed fool who goes into the forest with the latest high tech equipment and from ambush, from a tower, shoots unarmed, peaceful creatures.

At least from these murder facilities, no animal it will be massacred anymore ….
…and we say thank you

fuchs pinckelt-alten-dummen-jäger


My best regards to all, Venus

This is great news



German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been placed under house quarantine, after it was revealed that she’d had contact with a medic that has since tested positive for coronavirus.

The news, which immediately made headlines, was confirmed by the government spokesman Steffen Seibert.

A doctor that vaccinated Merkel on Friday, against a bacterium that causes pneumonia, among other diseases, has himself tested positive for the virus, Seibert said in a statement, without revealing any further details about the medic.

“The chancellor has decided to immediately place herself under house quarantine,” he said, adding that Merkel is about to go through a series of coronavirus tests in the coming days, as just one test would be not be sufficiently indicative.

The chancellor will continue to work from home.



…Finally some good news! I’m starting to like this virus.
If it ` s true that Merkel is indeed infected, let us extend our heartfelt sympathies to the Coronavirus.

My best regards to all, Venus

what is extreme?

Anonymous for the Voiceless


anonymous o

Non-vegans pay for throat slitting, executions, gas chambers, rape, slavery, and being ground up alive, yet those same people will claim that simply NOT contributing to these acts of violence is somehow extreme.

How in the world can not viciously murdering someone be considered extreme, but actually viciously murdering someone is perfectly normal and sane?

In what version of the real world does this make any remote logical or morally consistent sense other than in some sort of Twilight Zone?

📷 Tras los Muros – Aitor Garmendia


And I mean…We are destroying the habitat from billions of wild animals because we need space for billions of “useful” animals to eat them.
We keep them as slaves and pump them full of antibiotics so that they get sick.

Then we eat these sick animals and as a result we also get sick.
Then we kill millions of experimental animals in the same barbaric way to develop medicines for diseases that we won’t have had (mostly) if we did not eat animals.

This is the perverse and absurd cycle of exploitation, who owes its existence to billions of meat eaters.
But the only honest argument of all carnivores, why they eat meat is that they give a shit about animal suffering.

My best regards to all, Venus

be more like a Bat…

fledermaus mit kindjpg

‘As usual, the hate for Bats is increasing because they are believed to be the reason why the COVID-19 started. Yet, they are skipping the part of how Bats were being shot out of the sky and eaten as a delicacy for pure pleasure.

Besides how eating animals is the most common creator of these viral diseases such as H1N1, Ebola, SARS and Mad Cow, I wanted to share a few facts about Bats:

-Over 500 plant species rely on bats to pollinate their flowers, including species of mango, banana, durian, guava and agave.

-Estimates from studies show that some bats eat more than 70% of their weight in insects each night and some pregnant females at 100% of their body weight (that’s a lot of insects!).

-Production of at least one third of the world’s food, including 87 of the 113 leading food crops, depends on pollination carried out by bats.

Now, outside of their benefit for mankind, they are Beings who feel, think and love. They are mothers, they have friends, they have a community.

Ask yourself, do YOU help the natural world? Would nature collapse without you? Do you only consume her or do you give back to her and help her animals?

We all share this Earth, be more like a Bat.’

– Jay Sprucebank


…I know another animal that carries much more deadly viruses.
And it`s spreading those over the planet with its fucking human rights.

My best regards to all, Venus

Germany: 2.500 piglets burned alive


Terrible fire drama in Herne, Germany! A pigsty near the city limits of Bochum was on fire on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 afternoon.

Schweine Brand Bochum
The column of smoke reached several hundred meters into the blue sky. Eyewitnesses reported a loud bang before the fire broke out.

The police announced on Thursday (March 19, 2020) that, to date, everything indicated a technical defect (!!!). In order to be able to completely rule out arson, one has to wait for the results of the investigation next week.

The fire brigade was on site in the afternoon with around 100 emergency services.

All 2500 piglets died in the flames, the Bochum police said on Thursday morning.

A 30-year-old employee was seriously injured and was flown to a special clinic by rescue helicopter.

He continues to be in mortal danger.

schweine grosser Brand jpg

In addition, a fireman was slightly injured and is now fine. The barn has been completely destroyed, the fire fighting continued until late at night.

The building has partly collapsed.



And I mean…To date, 93 “Corona” deaths have been reported in Germany.
The horror reports are hourly.

2500 dead living beings in a few hours and that’s no news.
When it comes to animals, death is not a tragedy.
Death is a tragedy only for people.

The stall fires in Germany have increased suspect this year.
The number of victims burned to date in German stables is over 10,000.

But nobody cares! everyone is busy with the supply of his toilet paper.

corona karikaturn

My best regards to all, Venus