Long Distance Transport Of Calves – UK to Spain. Where EU Regulations Fail For Animal Protection.

Published on 24 Jun 2011

Many of these exported calves will be reared in conditions that would be illegal in the UK.

Sheep exported for slaughter often travel in cramped trucks, sometimes with failed water tanks and ventilation systems.

Some of these animals may die during their dreadful journey.


USA: IMPORTANT – FDA Recalls Dog Food Brands Because of Vitamin D Toxicity Risks – SERIOUS !




Warning: FDA Recalls 9 Dog Food Brands for Vitamin D Toxicity Risk

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a recall of several dry dog foods that may contain toxic levels of vitamin D.


Below is a full list of recalled products:

·         Ahold Delhaize

Nature’s Promise Chicken & Brown Rice Dog Food

UPC 068826718472 – 14 lb. bag

All lot codes

UPC 068826718471 – 28 lb. bag

All lot codes

UPC 068826718473 – 4 lb. bag

All lot codes


Nature’s Place Real Country Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food

UPC 72543998959 – 5 lb. bag

All lot codes

UPC 72543998960 – 15 lb. bag

All lot codes


·         Kroger (12/5/18)

Abound Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food

UPC 11110-83556 – 4 lb. bag

All lot codes


·         King Soopers (12/5/18)

Abound Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food

 UPC 11110-83556 – 4 lb. bag

All lot codes

UPC 11110-83573 – 14 lb. bag

All lot codes

UPC 11110-89076 – 24 lb. bag

All lot codes


·         ELM Pet Foods, Inc. (11/29/18)

 ELM Chicken and Chickpea Recipe

 UPC 0-70155-22507-8 – 3 lb. bag

D2 26 FEB 2019

TE1 30 APR 2019

TD1 5 SEP 2019

TD2 5 SEP 2019

UPC 0-70155-22513-9 – 28 lb. bag

TB3 6 APR 2019

TA1 2 JULY 2019

TI1 2 JULY 2019


ELM K9 Naturals Chicken Recipe

UPC 0-70155-22522-9 – 40 lb. bag

TB3 14 Sep 2019

TA2 22 Sep 2019

TB2 11 Oct 2019


·         ANF, Inc. (11/28/18)

ANF Lamb and Rice Dry Dog Food

UPC 9097231622 – 3 kg bag

Best by Nov 23 2019

UPC 9097203300 – 7.5 kg bag

Best by Nov 20 2019


·         Sunshine Mills, Inc. (11/27/18)

Evolve Chicken & Rice Puppy Dry Dog Food

UPC 0-73657-00862-0 – 14 lb. bag

UPC 0-73657-00863-7 – 28 lb. bag


 Sportsman’s Pride Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food

UPC 0-70155-10566-0 – 40 lb. bag

UPC 0-70155-10564-0 – 40 lb. bag


 Triumph Chicken & Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

 UPC 0-73657-00873-6 – 3.5 lb. bag

UPC 0-73657-00874-3 – 16 lb. bag

UPC 0-73657-00875-0 – 30 lb. bag


·         Lidl (Orlando brand) (11/6/18)

Orlando Grain-Free Chicken & Chickpea Superfood Recipe Dog Food

Lidl product number 215662

TI1 3 Mar 2019TB2 21 Mar 2019

TB3 21 Mar 2019

TA2 19 Apr 2019

TB1 15 May 2019

TB2 15 May 2019


·         Natural Life Pet Products (11/2/18, expanded 11/9/18)

Chicken & Potato Dry Dog Food

UPC 0-12344-08175-1 – 17.5 lb. bag

§Best by dates range: December 4, 2019 through August 10, 2020


·         Nutrisca (11/2/18)

Chicken and Chickpea Dry Dog Food

UPC 8-84244-12495-7 – 4 lb. bag

UPC 8-84244-12795-8 – 15 lb. bag

UPC 8-84244-12895-5 – 28 lb. bag

Best by date range: February 25, 2020 through September 13, 2020

A copy of the warning and a list of the recalled dog foods is available here.

Recently, the FDA received numerous complaints about dogs suffering from vitamin D toxicity after consuming these dry dog foods. Further testing of dog food samples revealed dangerous and potentially lethal levels of vitamin D – in some cases, 70 times the normal amount. While vitamin D is beneficial for dogs in limited quantities, too much of it can be toxic, and can even result in kidney failure and death.

Symptoms of vitamin D poisoning include vomiting, appetite loss, increased thirst and/or urination, excessive drooling, and weight loss. If your dog is displaying these symptoms, seek veterinary help immediately.

Anyone who has been feeding any of the recalled varieties of food to their dog(s) is urged to immediately discontinue their use of the product and consult a veterinarian. The FDA is encouraging veterinarians to report cases of vitamin D toxicity in dogs through their online portal or by calling their local consumer complaint center. Pet owners can also use these resources to report suspected vitamin D toxicity.

Because the situation is developing, more recalls may be announced. The FDA’s website will be updated as more information becomes available.

A bad Christmas and media fairytale…





The alleged wolf attack in Lower Saxony on a Tuesday, the 29th of November had caused a stir. A wolf is said to have snatched at the hands of a 55-year-old community worker who worked at the fence of a green area, as the police reported. According to the man, another three wolves of a pack would have observed this!!

On Tuesday morning, the 55-year-old repaired the fence at the cemetery in Bülstedter district Steinfeld (Lower Saxony) . The small cemetery is a few hundred meters away from the nearest houses on the edge of the forest, the employee of the municipality administration works alone.
As he turns back to grab a tool, an animal snaps!! It bites the arm, tugs at the sweater.
The police say the day after: a wolf!!

böser Wolf Bild jpg

The media is popping the news in the whole of Germany, the stupid reader must fear for his life, so: wolves must be shot, as the CDU wants it for a long time.
And the mayor Frank Holle (Christian Democratic Union, CDU) confirmed on demand that the man’s statements it is believable: “He knows about animals and can distinguish dogs from wolves. The man does not provoke the animal. There are currently wolves everywhere!!” While the worker spoke only of animals, the mayor Holle (Christian Democratic Union) made wolves out of it.

Three animals are watching!!

What also speaks against dogs: The alleged “wolf” is not alone. A few meters away, the man sees three more animals, in total there are three white and one black!!

Polar Wolfg(Remark: In Germany only gray wolves live in freedom, no white, as here in the photo a polar wolf.Black wolves also not.)


With a hammer, the church employee strikes after the animal, it gets hurt, it runs away with the others. Only on the day after the man goes on the advice of his superiors to the doctor. Immediately the competent authorities are informed, the torn sweater checked for traces. The man also tries to secure DNA material.

No trace of the wolf: only deer cat and dog hair were found!

The fairy tale, however, has a nice happy end: the same press, witch has spread the panic by lying and false information to the public, now writes: “a week after this alleged wolf bite in Lower Saxony, a DNA examination has not confirmed that it is such a predator acted. The seven samples of animal hair, the jumper of the attacked and a hammer, with which the alleged wolf was repelled, are not attributable to a wolf, said a spokeswoman for the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment on Tuesday in Hanover.

On the hammer experts found deer hair!! Further hair samples and DNA traces on clothing were from cats and a dog. There would have been no evidence of a wolf, said the Lower Saxony Ministry of Environment”.



My comment:

When I read the first message, my first thought was: If hunters confuse people with wild pigs and shoot them (which happens very often), why should not a community worker mistake a wolf for a dog?

Why is the press not waiting for the results of the genetic analysis to write reputable reports?

Since the 1990s, no one has been harmed by wolves.  The press should have been informed about the nature and social behavior of wolves.

The anti-wolf gang needed a lot of time to decorate this story. Sharp is the fact that the incident has just been staged right now that the intention of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU ) to shoot wolves, as a plan exists.

Yes…The sensational Christmas comedy ran stupidly.
The next time, the CDU should try with the Red Riding Hood, maybe it works better.


My best  regards to all, Venus



Petitions : Please Sign and Crosspost.

Petition link – Dog Reportedly Punched in the Face by Groomer Deserves Justice


Target: C. Paul Bowden, District Attorney for Tifton, Georgia

Goal: Punish the groomer who allegedly punched a dog in the face and cut her nail down to the bed.

A dog was traumatized after she was allegedly punched in the face by a groomer. Her nose was reportedly bleeding following a routine appointment. Demand justice for this poor animal.

“[We’ve been] very nervous, very upset, just a lot of emotions, lot of traumatizing. She was very much traumatized,” stated Doris Ball, Butterfly’s owner. The 15-year-old dog reportedly suffered minor injuries following a grooming appointment at Branch’s Veterinary Clinic. Butterfly’s nose was bleeding, her owner stated, and one of her nails had been cut down so far that she had difficulty walking. Butterfly became more frightened and cautious of strangers following this alleged abuse. The clinic apologized in a public statement and fired the suspect.

Michael Lockett has been charged with one count of cruelty to animals. Sign below to demand that he receive the maximum penalty possible, if convicted.


Dear District Attorney Bowden,

A dog was reportedly punched in the face by a groomer in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The beloved pet suffered physical and emotional trauma from this alleged abuse. I demand justice for this innocent animal.

When Doris Ball picked Butterfly up from Branch’s Veterinary Clinic, she immediately noticed that the dog was acting strangely. The 15-year-old pup reportedly bled from her nose, and she could barely walk on her right paw, where a nail had been cut down to the bed. Veterinarians had to cauterize Butterfly’s paw in order to stop the bleeding, per Ball, and she has become even more frightened of strangers. Michael Lockett has been fired from the clinic and charged with one count of cruelty to animals. He will face his charges at a later date.

This alleged cruelty must be punished. I demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]


SIGN: Justice for Cat Trapped in Cage and Kicked into Pond to Drown

Posted by Carly Day | December 7, 2018

Petition link – https://ladyfreethinker.org/sign-justice-cat-trapped-cage-kicked-pond-drown/


PETITION TARGET: Tippecanoe County Prosecutor’s Office

In a shocking case of animal cruelty, a 17-year-old male trapped a cat in a cage, then kicked the helpless animal into a pond to drown as an older man looked on and told him to “go for it.”

In footage recorded by the abuser, the small black cat wearing a pink collar is seen cowering in the cage on the dock of the lake, mewing in fear before the cage is kicked into the water; as the cage rapidly sinks, the cat cries in terror before being submerged.

This heinous act in Tippecanoe County, Indiana was posted to social media, where it came to the attention of animal advocate Jessica Smith, director of Lost and Found Pets of Lafayette, who urged the Sheriff’s Department to investigate.

Police have charged Walter Kenneth Baldwin, owner of 52 Mobile Home Estates, with multiple counts including conspiracy to torture or mutilate a vertebrate animal and killing a domestic animal. He will also be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The youth will face similar charges in juvenile court.

Now, the courts must send a clear message that such cruelty will not be tolerated.

Sign this petition urging the Tippecanoe County Prosecutor’s Office to prosecute these men to the fullest extent of the law, and work to ensure that they never treat an animal this way again.

USA: Be A Voice – Demand the ESA Gives Full Protection To Gray Wolves.



Gray wolf and pup

wolf quote


NRDC Insider.

Gray wolves in the Lower 48 have faced decades of attacks, but a Trump administration plan to strip their Endangered Species Act protections might be the most serious yet. Due to a century of hunting, trapping, and habitat loss, the gray wolf had virtually vanished from all but one state when it was listed as endangered in 1974. The species has since made a remarkable recovery, but it still needs our help. Tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to drop its misguided rollback of the Endangered Species Act and to develop a national recovery plan for these iconic predators

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service may soon try to roll back vital Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections for gray wolves in the lower-48 states. This dangerously misguided plan would strip wolves of vital federal protections and reverse years of recovery for this iconic species.

Once nearly hunted to extinction, gray wolves are now coming back, but they’re not yet fully recovered — they need to be protected.

Call on the Service to drop its misguided rollback plan and develop a national recovery plan to help return wolves to places where they once roamed — and still could.

TAKE ACTIONhttps://act.nrdc.org/letter/wolves-esa-181205?source=act_nrdcnewsletter&t


Chistmas and crimes…


This video refers to what happens to the animal you leave. It does not matter where you see it; in the whole planet the same thing happens. Most of the time, that precious puppy that you give to your child, grows and ends up in the kennel being slaughtered. Is this fair?

Christmas is coming … Please, do not give animals because they are not toys.

Best regards, Venus


Romania: Donate Some Christmas Dinners To Stray Dogs – Only $1 – That’s It – $1 Per Meal !




Our past Christmas Meals campaigns have been a huge success thanks to donors like you.

Now, we’re less than 3 weeks away from Christmas Day and we’re reaching out again to see if you would be so generous to donate warm and hearty meals to homeless dogs this 25th of December.

They are still just $1 each meal.

The meals will be delivered to the stray dogs in our community on Christmas Day by ROLDA staff and volunteers. This year, we estimate the number of strays in this area to be between 18,500 to 19,000 based on the number of rescues we have made so far in 2018, which is great news considering that their population was believed to be over 20,000 just a few years back.

Read more and donate to but Christmas meals for stray dogs – just $1 each





Caged and Alone for Many Years – We Now Have to Get Aurora Out and Into the Bear Sanctuary. Please Donate.


AA Wish come true

Lets get little Aurora out of her life long hell hole and into a new forever home at the bear sanctuary.


To donate please click on –  https://my.animalsasia.org/donate/en/gbp/2018wish?lang=en&utm_source=homepage&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=WishUponAStar

Get involved – https://www.animalsasia.org/uk/get-involved/

No more Croco for Coco!


flagge francepng


Sensation in the fashion industry: Chanel gets out of production with fur, crocodile leather and other exotic skins!

Chanel has made a real sensation in the fashion world: “No more Croco for Coco” was the eve of the presentation of the “Métiers d’art” collection of the fashion house in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. In an interview, Chanel’s President of Fashion, Bruno Pavlovsky, announced that the company will forgo fur and exotic skins such as crocodile skin.


FOUR PAWS sees this as a milestone: “Chanel is really taking a giant step here: more and more luxury fashion houses are getting out of the fur business, and the fact that exotic skins are dispensed with, especially crocodile skin, is a reason to celebrate from an animal welfare point of view,” said Thomas Pietsch, wildlife expert at FOUR PAWS.

According to Pietsch, Pavlovsky’s statement sums up the general situation: “Pavlovsky said that it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain skins and leather that meet Chanel’s ethical and qualitative standards, so research and development at Chanel will become more widespread Textiles and leather, which are by-products of the food industry.
This means that no animals have to be killed extra for fashion – which of course we very much welcome as an animal welfare organization. “

According to FOUR PAWS, the announcement by Chanel shows that ethical consumption and animal welfare have become enormously important for luxury labels as well. Instead of real fur or exotic skins from animal cruelty, today’s consumers also want sustainability and innovation in this area. We are confident that this pioneering decision by Chanel will find imitators in other leading high-fashion companies, “says Pietsch.

A few months ago, Gucci became part of the international Fur Free Retailer program (www.furfreeretailer.com), which has already been signed by 950 retailers worldwide, and whose partner is also FOUR PAWS. Many other leading fashion brands and retailers have joined the program, including Armani, Hugo Boss, Yoox Net-a-Porter, Stella McCartney and many more.

Every year more than 100 million animals are killed by the fur industry. (In this video from the german animal protection federation we see how a coyote falls into the trap for his coat.
He has two alternatives: either breake off his paw and flee, or … wait for the hunter who wants to bring him as a fur article in a farma. – Report from Canada, 2017).

Minks, foxes and raccoon dogs suffer on fur farms in tiny wire mesh cages; other species die by falling a cruel death. For the processing of fur into fur fashion, high levels of hazardous chemicals and high energy consumption are needed.


My comment: In Germany, the anti-fur activists have developed a smart, courageous measure. They have designed stickers that anyone can order and “decorate” fur collars. It says:

I’m an asshole – I’m wearing fur !!

Ich bin ein Arschloch ich trage Pelz No 2

Many fur carriers have classified this as an attack on their privacy.
Then they could tell us, how they call the electric shocks, with which the animals be massacred, or how they call the skinning of the animals in the living body?

My best regards, Venus

Give us today our daily meat…


Schwein tot in Blutlache jpg

The meat business is booming! Pig fattening: The animals give birth to more piglets than the sows have teats. They are much bigger, wider and heavier than they were 20 years ago. So, small and weak piglets are simply beaten to death on the stable wall. In the first few days almost all piglets are cut off the ring tails and the canines are abraded. After about six weeks they come in the mast. The huge sows have to live half their lives in crowded boxes, penned behind bars, which they often gnaw. Also the cutting off of the tails is tolerated by many authorities.

Kastration für Ferkel -Schritt 2_n

On average, every European eats almost 66 kilograms of meat per year. But do we actually know exactly where our flesh comes from and what it’s all about before it lands on our plate? What possibilities have the consumers to understand what attitude an animal comes from?

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England: Setts, Drugs and Rock and Roll.



Setts, Drugs, and rock n roll

Brian May talks about the UK government badger cull and why it must be abandoned.

Sign the Petition to SAVE THE BADGERS @ http://www.save-me.org.uk/

Queen guitarist, Doctor of Astrophysics, and animal rights campaigner; speaks to Oxford University over the Badger cull going on in England.

badger artworkbad cull 1badgers this is somerset.co.ukbadgers north west hunt sabs


Brian at Wembley, London – Freddie Mercury tribute concert:

Brian May Badgers

England: Tigers In London. The Tiger Trade Is Closer Than You Think.



Did you know that the cruel tiger trade is happening here in Europe?

We believe this is totally unacceptable and took action to highlight this #RuthlessTrade

We projected a massive tiger eye at some of London’s most famous and iconic landmarks, including Marble Arch and Harrods, to spread the message!

The lucrative trade in live tigers and tiger products is happening closer than you think. The relentless demand for tigers to be displayed commercially and their body parts to be used for luxury goods and traditional medicines has been met by a global commercial trade, which has also been very active in the EU.  

Between 1999-2017, 8,278 illegal tiger parts and derivatives were seized throughout Europe, 918 in the UK alone! 

We have revealed the truth about the tiger trade, and we want to see change! 

Please take a minute to view our spectacular projections above and spread the message!

Cordelia Britton
Head of Programmes

petition 3

Petition link and website:



tiger half

USA: Petition – Dog Starved and Thrown Into Dumpster Deserves Justice.




Dog Apparently Starved and Thrown in Dumpster Deserves Justice

petition keyboard

Petition Link – https://animalpetitions.org/690917/dog-allegedly-starved-and-thrown-in-dumpster-deserves-justice/ 


Target: John P. Sarcone, District Attorney for Polk County, Iowa

Goal: Punish the person who allegedly starved a dog and then left him in a dumpster to die.

A dog was reportedly left in a dumpster to die in a sad a case of animal cruelty. He suffered from starvation, police stated, and poor health. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Des Moines police arrested a suspect on animal cruelty charges after he allegedly abandoned an emaciated dog in a dumpster. Oscar, a chihuahua, reportedly managed to escape from a feces-filled crate and climb to the top of the garbage pile. A passerby found him and brought him to The Animal Rescue League of Iowa. Oscar weighed only four pounds at the time of his rescue, veterinarians stated, and he had no body fat. Tests confirmed that he had intestinal parasites.

Oscar has recovered and been placed with a loving family. Derrick Dewayne Peterson was charged with animal neglect and abandonment. Sign below to demand that Peterson receive the maximum penalty possible, if convicted.


Dear District Attorney Sarcone,

A dog nearly died after he was allegedly abandoned in a dumpster. He reportedly escaped a cage that was filled with his own feces. I demand justice for this poor pup.

Des Moines police arrested Derrick Dewayne Peterson on charges of animal neglect and abandonment after he allegedly left his emaciated chihuahua in a dumpster to die. Per police, Oscar was placed inside of the dumpster while still inside of a crate. A passerby reportedly found him after he climbed to the top of the garbage pile. He weighed only four pounds, veterinarians stated, and suffered from intestinal parasites and hair loss. Oscar recovered at The Animal Rescue League of Iowa and he has been placed in a loving home. Peterson will face his charges at a later date.

The person responsible for this dog’s suffering must be punished. I demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: The Animal Rescue League of Iowa


China: Petition – End the cruel practice of bear farming and bear paw soup.



Ban Bear Paw Soup in China to Protect Endangered Bears

petition keyboard

Petition Linkhttps://forcechange.com/520590/protected-endangered-bears-by-banning-bear-paw-soup/ 


Target: President Xi Jinping, Chinese government

Goal: End the cruel practice of bear farming and bear paw soup

A delicacy in mainland China that sells for upwards of $200 USD per bowl requires chopping the paws off a living bear and cooking the animal alive. Bear paw soup has been a specialty dish in China since the early 600s AD. The diner allegedly imbibes the strength and virility of the bear by eating the soup. Although bear farms and bear paw soup are illegal in the country, no enforcement and the high price of the commodity keeps the horrific practice going.

Bear farms across China reportedly house 20,000 bears in captivity. These bears suffer in abysmal living conditions, caged for life in spaces too small to stand up in or turn around. Many of these bears have been illegally harvested from the wild. To offer some aspect of showmanship to the preparation of the meal, the bears are often maimed and cooked in front of the dining audience. First, the paws are chopped off. Then, the bears are allegedly beaten alive to tenderize the meat and flavor the meat with blood. After the beating, the bears are dropped into boiling water, or onto hot coals, and cooked alive.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was adopted in the late 1970s by 179 nations, including China, to combat illegal wildlife trade through global coordination. Bears are supposed to be protected under CITES. Unfortunately, CITES is not a legal entity. Participation is voluntary and each country must adopt its own laws that fall within the framework of CITES. Encourage China to crack down and enforce its own laws against this disgusting practice. Not only is this animal torture cruel, but it also likely contributes to the extinction of Asian bear species. Sign this petition to demand China put an end to bear farms and bear paw soup.


President Xi Jinping,

Your country has outlawed bear farms and bear paw soup, and yet a meal that involves chopping the paws off a living bear and boiling the animal alive is still considered a delicacy. The high price tag on the meal and the lack of legal enforcement have allowed this practice to thrive. An estimated 20,000 bears are being held at bear farms, made to suffer inhumane living conditions while they await this cruel death.

This torture must stop. Not only is it barbaric and incredibly cruel, but it may also be contributing to the extinction of species like the sun bear and Asiatic black bear. Live up to your CITES agreement and do something to end the black market trade, torture. and death of bears. We, the undersigned, demand an end to bear farms and bear paw soup.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Animals Asia

Chile: Petition -Justice for Dogs Brutalized in Dogfighting.



SIGN: Justice for Dogs Brutalized for Dogfighting in Chile

Posted by Lady Freethinker

SIGN: Justice for Dogs Brutalized for Dogfighting in Chile

Petition Target: Chile Ministry of Justice

The conditions were sickening: 21 dogs were ill, weak and starving when a Lady Freethinker investigator discovered them on the property of alleged illegal dog breeder and known dogfight organizer Gonzalo Ariel Rebolledo Robles near Santiago, Chile in late July.

Kept on short, heavy chains or in small, filthy kennels with no food or water, their empty bowls were coated in green slime. Three dogs were already dead, their bodies decomposing on the ground. And more than 30 hens and cockfighting roosters languished in cages.

Shockingly, this cruel breeder had been caught multiple times participating in organized dogfighting. Yet he was still somehow permitted to keep more animals. New charges have been filed, but we have yet to see if the courts will finally take such animal abuse seriously.

This case is just one of many in Chile in which known dogfighters and dogfight breeders face little to no consequences when caught, and are set free to continue the cycle of brutality and bloodshed. In fact, one notorious dogfighter, Claudio Lopez, was convicted of multiple animal abuse charges from 2015-2017 and received an astonishingly lenient sentence — NO jail time whatsoever, and not even a fine.

There is hope, however. In August, 2017, Chile passed new laws to strengthen protections for animals. Under ART. 291 BIS, those who commit mistreatment or cruelty to animals face imprisonment, fines and the “perpetual absolute disability for the possession of any type of animals.”

Now, it is imperative that the courts do their part and enforce the law.

Sign this petition urging the Chilean courts to finally take a strong stand against dogfighting and all animal cruelty, and enact a lifetime ban on owning animals for anyone caught participating in dogfighting, illegal dog breeding or any other form of abuse.


petition keyboard

Petition Link – https://ladyfreethinker.org/sign-justice-dogs-brutalized-dogfighting-chile/ 



USA: California Moves Closer to Banning the Sale of, and Manufacture of, New Fur Products Throughout the State.


California has moved one step closer to banning the sale and manufacture of new fur products throughout its state.

Assembly Member Laura Friedman (D-Glendale) introduced the ‘State Fur Ban, AB 44′ on Monday — a bill that would make the Golden State the first to implement such a measure. The move follows similar decisions made across several of its cities — in September, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to ban the sale of fur within the city limits, six months after San Francisco passed a similar ban.

“California is one of the most progressive states in the country and a world leader in animal welfare,” said Assembly Member Friedman. “Given the overwhelming evidence of inhumane practices in the fur industry and the availability of so many different options for warm and fashionable fabrics, we will not continue to be complicit in unnecessary cruelty towards animals solely for the sake of fur.”

The bill, which is sponsored by Animal Hope in Legislation and the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation and The Humane Society, would make it illegal to manufacture, sell, trade and donate fur products within the state (with the exception of used fur), across clothing, handbags, shoes, slippers, hats and accessories.

A California fur ban would be in keeping with the tidal wave of support for the growing anti-fur movement across the fashion industry and the world. Multiple fashion houses have recently made public their plans to discontinue the use of fur, including Chanel, Coach, Diane Von Furstenberg, Burberry and Versace. Earlier this year, Norway became the latest country to propose a ban on fur farming, while September’s London Fashion Week was an entirely fur-free event.


WAV Comment – we fully agree; California is one of the most progressive states in the country and a world leader in animal welfare.  Well done California; lets hope other states act on this.





Pig hearts for sale!


deutsche flagge


A researcher from Munich, Prof. Bruno Reichart, has used pig hearts in baboons and thus paves the way for similar operations in humans. All media celebrate and participate: “With the new methods, xenotransplantation is no longer science fiction, and researchers around Reichart have been able to solve two problems: the preservation of donor hearts and their growth.” Prof. Bernhard Banas, Chairman of the German Transplantation Society (DTG)

Only the nationwide association “Doctors Against Animal Experiments” showed clue and responsibility and spoke now of a “false promise of salvation”.

If the researchers claims that his tests are cleared the way for experiments on humans, which in the future could reduce the acute organ deficiency and the waiting lists could be shorter again, then this would be “seriously wrong promises,” said the spokeswoman of the association Doctors Against Animal Testing eV  Silke Strittmatter, on Bayer broadcasting. She called the so-called xenotransplantation the “worst outgrowth of animal experimental research.” Ethical boundaries were ignored.


“Here something is presented as a medical breakthrough that does not correspond to reality. For the experiment pigs were genetically manipulated, the consequences for humans are incalculable”, so Strittmatter.

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Live Exports Exposed – Archive (1995) Film by the ACIG Showing British Calves Exported to Europe.

Live exports exposed: “U.K. Calves” a film by the Animal Cruelty Investigation Group – ACIG

Published on 13 May 2013

This film shows what happened to calves exported to Europe through Brightlingsea, Essex. Calves are filmed being unloaded at Nieuport, Belgium on May 10th 1995. On June 7th 1995, a different consignment of British calves were followed some 200 miles through Belgium into Holland where they were filmed being pushed into veal crates. This investigation project was undertaken by Janet Taylor from the Farm Animal Sanctuary and by Lawrie Payne and Mike Huskisson from the Animal Cruelty Investigation Group (ACIG). For more information about the ACIG please go to: http://www.acigawis.org.uk

This is why the British people hate live animal exports and ‘veal’ meat which is produced from these young calves.  They take to the streets to stop it – old footage from the Dover live exports campaigns.:


This is old footage; fortunately it does not happen this way now, or does it ??

See our recent posts:




UK: Foie Gras Is Produced to Lower Animal Welfare Standards Than the UK has; So Post Brexit, A Ban on Foie Gras Imports Into the UK Is Possible.


foie 2

Another victory for animals!

Dear Mark,

The Wallace Collection and Skylon restaurant at the Royal Festival Hall have become the latest London landmarks to withdraw foie gras from their menus thanks to pressure from our #FoieGrasFreeGB campaign. They join the Tate Modern who made the same compassionate choice just two weeks ago.

foie gras abuse


Our campaign continues, and we were encouraged to see that Kerry McCarthy MP and Neil Parish MP have recently proposed amendments to the government’s Agriculture Bill. These amendments would mean that animal products produced to lower standards than UK animal welfare law dictates could not be imported here, effectively banning foie gras from being sold in the UK

We need your help to ensure this succeeds – please contact your MP and ask them to support these amendments to the Agriculture Bill. It only takes a few minutes to do this using the website www.writetothem.com and we’ve included a template message below to make things even easier for you!


foie 5

Template email:

Dear [MP Name] MP,

I am writing to ask for your support for Amendments NC1 and NC4 to the Agriculture Bill. When the UK exits the EU, it is essential that we do not allow cruel products like foie gras or animal products that are produced using methods that would not be allowed under our animal welfare laws to be imported from other countries for sale here.

This would completely undermine the UK’s current legislation and us as a nation of animal lovers.

As my representative in Parliament I implore you to vote for NC1 and NC4 during the Report Stage of this Bill.

[Your name]

foie 4

foie 3


Pissing in the rain!


The rich and powerfull piss on usn

When I read every day in the media the dirty propaganda of the politicians who are responsible for the animals, I think of this beautiful truth that the picture conveys.

1) The castration without anesthesia for the piglets extends for two years in Germany. The politicians have promised, it should be officially practiced the castration with anesthesia from 1.1.2019!

And the press brings the rain on us: the cost of a castration with anesthetic are too high, so the farmers are financially ruined

2) Everyone who films undercover torture and animal cruelty in laboratories and animal farms will be treated as criminals in the future! So say the politicians who are responsible for these grievances.

And the press brings the rain on us: No one is allowed to play the checker in the stable!

MPI Affe 2
3) The animal transports remain unlimited in Europe and everywhere! So have decided the EU politicians who are responsible for the welfare of the animals.

And the press brings the rain on us: Animal transports are subject to rules and regulations that must be respected within the EU!


The list is still long and it will rain again!

My best regards to all, Venus



EU / Japan Trade Deal: More Whale Killing ? – Take Action to Stop It.

Japanjpg EU- Flagge


Your last chance to say ‘NO’ to EU/Japan trade deal – act now!

Next Tuesday (11/12/18) , MEPs will vote on a free trade agreement with Japan. We need them to say ‘NO’ to this deal unless Japan stops killing whales.

You have one last chance to make your voice heard. Please send a message to your MEPs and ask them to vote ‘no’ to the deal on Tuesday and to raise Japan’s whaling as a serious issue in the EU Parliament debate on Monday.



whale 2

our voice counts – act now.

This year alone, Japanese whalers killed 503 minke whales and 134 endangered sei whales. The Japanese government is trying to overturn the ban on commercial whaling and disregards any rulings by international bodies against its brutal slaughter.

The EU should not enter into a trade agreement with a country that shows such contempt for international agreements and opinion.

Your voice really does count. If enough MEPs say ‘no’, we could stop the deal. But they need to know it’s an issue you care about. Please don’t just leave this for others to do.

Ask your MEPs to raise Japan’s whale hunting as a serious concern and vote ‘NO’ to the deal next week.

Thank you. We’ll only stop this horrific and senseless slaughter by standing together.

On behalf of the whales and all at WDC,

Julia Pix, WDC campaigns manager

whale 3

On Tuesday 11 December, the European Parliament will vote on whether to enter a Free Trade Agreement with Japan. This is our last chance to stop it.

What can I do?

  1. Send a message to your MEPs. It’s very easy!
  • Enter your postcode at writetothem.com.
  • Choose to send a message to all your MEPs (if you have more than one).
  • Write and send your message.
  1. If you receive a response, please let us know at notradedeal@whales.org.

(There’s no need to tell us you have sent your original message.)

What should I say?

Ask your MEP to:

  • Raise whaling as a concern during the debate on Monday.
  • Vote ‘NO’ to the trade agreement on Tuesday.

Tell your MEPs why this is important to you and why you think that the EU must use this opportunity to get tough on Japan’s continued slaughter of whales.

Thank you.

Even if the deal is signed, this is our chance to send a strong message to the Japanese government that we are sick of its defiance of international agreements and opinion. It also keeps the fight against whaling high on the EU agenda. Even if signed, the trade agreement can be used to pressure Japan to stop whaling.

whale 4

Below – how it should be !

whale leap.jpg

Silent night, holy night, all murder


weihnachtsbild mit kerzen

We use to preach Christmas as a feast of love. By that we mean to make gifts to friends and relatives and spend more time with loved ones.
So far so good with love.
However, cruelty, barbarism, murder are also part of Christmas.

Moreover, the good old killer instinct increases even more.
For all who fall as victims of this festival of love this means: More Christmas, more murder. And the more murder, the more festive the glow of love.

ganz am tischpg

Because the feast for the dear guests must come from the corpse of animals that have suffered for days in mobile coffins. For the big day it must be a goose from France, with a fat liver, who never had a proper meal in her short life, let alone a feast meal.
The pig will be from Germany, what has only experienced suffering and pain for days in a mobile coffin.

It is part of the broken thinking machine to combine love in Christmas with food from animal origin. He who kills the whole year, then especially at Christmas!

I advise everyone to let the Christmas tree in the forest, and instead of singing “Advent, Advent, a little light burns”, rather to finally find out, where it really burns in this world.

It is more important, instead of greedy with animal corpses, to donate the money to an animal welfare association.

Karikatur über Weihnachtenn
And instead of hypocritically singing “peace to man on earth” in the church, I advise everyone to organize a light candle for the millions of animal victims of this day, who suffer more than other days because of the carnivorous nature of the Christmas fanatics.
So that this night will not be like any other again.

My best regards, Venus






Scotland: Tell the Government – Ban cruel and violent trophy hunting to protect Scotland’s native species.



petition 3

Petition Link – https://forcechange.com/519851/ban-trophy-hunting-in-scotland/

Trophy Hunters Like the ‘Professional Huntress’ Must be Stopped




Target: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland

Goal:  Ban cruel and violent trophy hunting to protect Scotland’s native species.

Recent social media photos showing a self-proclaimed “professional huntress” and the carcasses of animals she killed in Scotland have caused worldwide outrage, as well as sparked concern within the country’s government. Larysa Switlyk, host of a hunting television show from Florida, posted images of herself posing alongside the dead goats, stags, and sheep that she shot with a high-powered rifle.

Deer and goats are currently legal to hunt in Scotland due to the nation’s so-called “sustainable land management plan.” But the government may change this following photos like these. Member of the Scottish Parliament Michael Russell called the images “horrific” and stated that it is unacceptable “to see people in camouflage with highly powered sniper rifles rejoicing in the killing of a goat, let alone a ram.” Sign below to demand an immediate ban on all trophy hunting in Scotland.


Dear First Minister Sturgeon,

Social media photos showing a “professional huntress” alongside the carcasses of animals she shot and killed are, as MSP Michael Russell states, “horrific,” and call into question Scotland’s policies regarding trophy hunting. Unnecessary killings for sport and trophies are cruel and irresponsible, and must not be accepted by the Scottish government.

Russell rightly points out that it is unacceptable “to see people in camouflage with highly powered sniper rifles rejoicing in the killing of a goat, let alone a ram.” This brutality is not sustainable land management.  I urge you to ensure that all trophy hunting is immediately banned in Scotland.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Larysa Unleashed/Instagram

South Africa: Lammie Deserves to be With Others. Urge J’burg Zoo To Release Her Now.




Lammie, a 39-year old female elephant at the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa, suddenly found herself living alone when her partner of 17-years died in September. Since then, Lammie has been living out her days in an enclosure without the company of another elephant. She experiences little environmental enrichment, has little shade, lacks sufficient water to bathe in, and appears listless. Animal experts have expressed their deep concern for her mental and physical well-being.

Please urge that the Johannesburg Zoo rehome Lammie to the best equipped and available sanctuary!


Together, HSI Africa, along with our South African partner groups, the EMS Foundation and the Elephant Reintegration Trust, are fighting for Lammie. We have located a suitable sanctuary that will approximate a wild-like setting, won’t offer any human-elephant interactions, and is graciously willing to offer Lammie a forever home with a group of elephants who would become her new family. But we need your strong voice to help change her life.

Urge the Johannesburg Zoo to make it possible for Lammie to live a happy life.

Elephants are highly intelligent and social animals, and Lammie is in desperate need of a happier existence. She deserves the chance to live out her years with other elephants. We’ve asked several times for an urgent meeting with the Johannesburg Zoo, the Johannesburg City Council and the Mayor of Johannesburg, Mr. Herman Mashaba, but they have not complied.

This is no life for any elephant to live. Please add your name to help free Lamie.

Together, we won’t stop fighting for Lammie, elephants, and wildlife everywhere.

Thank you so much for everything you do to help animals.


Kitty Block
Humane Society International



USA: Brain Dead Trophy Hunter Kills Iconic Yellowstone Favourite Wolf. Sign Petition for Justice.



Take action and give Yellowstone wildlife the freedom it deserves – free form guns and the brain dead’s that use them.

Please sign the petition:


Link –  https://ladyfreethinker.org/sign-justice-yellowstones-beloved-wolf-gunned-trophy-hunter/


SIGN: Justice for Yellowstone’s Most Beloved Wolf, Gunned Down by Trophy Hunter

Posted by Carly Day

  SIGN: Justice for Yellowstone’s Most Beloved Wolf, Gunned Down by Trophy Hunter


PETITION TARGET: Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks

A well-known, gorgeous female wolf was mercilessly gunned down by a trophy hunter as she left the protected boundaries of Yellowstone National Park last week.

The gray wolf — known by her catalog number 926F — was extremely popular with visitors to the park, who knew her affectionately as ‘Spitfire.’

This beautiful seven-year-old wolf had lived a challenging life; her famous mother was killed by hunters in 2012, numerous mates were killed or died over the years, she lost litters of puppies and was eventually displaced as the alpha wolf. She was a gutsy survivor whose life was tragically cut short for sport.

Although hunting is not permitted within the national park, outside the borders it is legal, with several hundred wolves “harvested” by trophy hunters every year.

Because many of the 100 wolves within the park are habituated to humans, it’s particularly easy for hunters to approach and pick them off.

Sign this petition urging the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks to ban trophy hunting near Yellowstone National Park, so these incredible animals are protected from needless killing.

Thanks Steve Irwin!


she shepard_n

Sea Shepherd’s flagship STEVE IRWIN has been involved in 18 campaigns around the world, helping to defend, protect and sustain our seas. During the eleven years of its mission it was traveling in some of the roughest seas. In December 2018, Sea Shepherd Global’s Board of Management decided to leave the STEVE IRWIN with a heavy heart.

Steve Irwin

The reason for this decision is the bad condition of the ship, which was noticed during regular inspections of our fleet. Since overhauling the ship due to serious damage was no longer worthwhile, the ship unfortunately had to be retired.

Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson said:


“On December 7, 2007, Terri Irwin and I inaugurated the STEVE IRWIN – a ship that was to become our flagship for a decade. I have had the honor of being the captain of the ship during many successful campaigns on the high seas. We made heavy use of the ship, raced with it through heavy storms and bursting ice. Now the machinists have decided that the STEVE IRWIN is no longer safe for use at sea. Although we have taken many risks over the years, we have learned when the time has come to part with a ship. Unfortunately, this was the case with STEVE IRWIN. However, it will be remembered forever as a victorious battleship that has saved countless marine life. “

Team von Shee Shepard

STEVE IRWIN will make its final trip to Hong Kong, where it will be disassembled under international labor and environmental regulations. Before all equipment is removed such as the radio and the radar. These devices will now be distributed to the rest of the fleet.

New flagship of the Sea Shepherd fleet, which consists of eleven ships and small boats, is now the OCEAN WARRIOR.



And we say thanks to Captain Watson and his brave warriors!

Best regards, Venus


Ghana: a small victory with a big impact!




It is hard to call them victories, as the level of suffering is still so horrible, but had Eyes on Animals and West Africa Centre for the Protection of Animal Welfare (WACPAW) not been present, the animals would still be jumped on, have their legs tightly tethered and their neck cut all while fully conscious. We have successfully got the much more humane procedure of rapid stunning into 4 slaughterhouses in Ghana. Thousands of cattle and pigs will now be rendered unconscious and spared the worst part of the slaughter process. It is just the first step, but if we can achieve this after just one year of working with WACPAW in Ghana, imagine what we can achieve if we stick to it?

We have prepared 4 videos of different Ghanaian slaughterhouses to show you the difference between how it was and how it is now, thanks to your support. I know the conditions are still far from ideal, but within the context of today’s reality, I hope you will understand that this is a major step forward.

We want to also say a personal thank-you to Roy. Roy is a full-time employee of a slaughterhouse in The Netherlands. He is the stun man, responsible for rendering animals unconscious before slaughter. He is an example of how we can, and must, respect each other and all work together towards making this world a gentler place for animals. He took 10 days’ holiday from work in order to volunteer for Eyes on Animals in Ghana.

Roy von Eyes on animals

He did a fantastic job at teaching the local slaughtermen how to use the stunner and the importance of acting calmly and with respect to the animals. Thanks to him, stunning was able to be put into practice so quickly in Ghana. Here are a few words he wanted to include in this newsletter:

The mission in Ghana to improve animal welfare was extremely necessary and successful. Eyes on Animals is doing excellent work there and I am very happy to be able to help them get concrete changes into place. I will definitely continue helping them on this project in the future, because no animal should have to suffer from fear, stress or pain. Via Eyes on Animals I can make a difference”- Roy.


My comment: Only for those who have never set themselves the goal of saving animals, or who do not know how difficult it is to improve the Dachau slaughterhouses of this world, only these would say that it is not a victory, what the activists of Eyes on Animals achieved.
Nothing that diminishes the pain, the suffering, the battle of animals is little.
In the name of the animals in Ghana, thank you very much Eyes on Animals and WACPAW!

Best regards to all, Venus





UK: Leading experts say latest badger culls will not stop TB



badg cartoon

Leading experts say latest badger culls will not stop TB

Two leading Scientists, Christl A. Donnelly Imperial College London, and Rosie Woodroffe, Institute of Zoology, London reveal in an article, published today for www.nature.com magazine that the latest badger culls unlikely to stop TB. Two months ago, the government advice body Natural England approved further licensed badger culls in parts of the United Kingdom in 2015. The aim is to reduce local badger densities by at least 70% to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis (TB) to cattle. This figure is critical because reductions of less than 70% can, paradoxically, increase TB transmission rates (see H.C.J. Godfray et al. Proc. R. Soc. B 280, 20131634;2013).

On the basis of current badger population estimates, we calculate that these culls are unlikely to achieve the necessary reduction.

The latest minimum cull numbers derive from the lower 95% confidence bounds on population size estimates. For example, licensees in part of Dorset are required to kill at least 615 badgers in a population that are estimated to contain somewhere between 879 and 1,547 animals (95% confidence interval). Killing this number would give an estimated population reduction of between 39.8% and 70% (95% confidence interval).

Equivalent confidence intervals for the 2015 Somerset and Gloucestershire culls are, respectively, 50.8–70% and 54–70% relative to the baseline population estimates. It is, therefore, unlikely that a 70% or greater reduction can be attained by these minimum cull numbers, assuming that the population estimates are accurate.

In our view, populations that are either reduced by greatly more than 70% or left undisturbed (and potentially vaccinated) are likely to offer better prospects for the control of cattle TB. The choice depends on a range of epidemiological, economic, social and ecological factors.

Authors; Christl A. Donnelly Imperial College London, UK. Rosie Woodroffe Institute of Zoology, London


badger artworkbadgers north west hunt sabs

Chanel Is Kicking Fur and Exotic Animal Skins !


Hi Mark,

Have you heard the great news?

Chanel is kicking fur and exotic skins – including crocodile, lizard, and snake skin – to the kerb.

For decades, PETA and our affiliates have been sharing exposés of the fur and exotic skins trades. Crocodiles, lizards, and snakes may be poached from their natural habitats or raised on squalid farms and killed in the most gruesome and painful ways before their skins are exported to Europe and used by “luxury” brands.

Reptiles, just like mammals, are sensitive to pain, yet they are frequently mutilated without any prior stunning or painkillers.

Mark, this horrendous cruelty needs to stop. You can help end it by asking Louis Vuitton to follow Chanel’s lead.

Please urge luxury fashion company LVMH to shed exotic skins from Louis Vuitton and all its other brands.

 Take Action Now 

Thanks for speaking out for animals.

Kind regards,

Priya S


Mexico: Petition – Justice for a Brutally Beaten Puppy.




petition 1

Please sign the petition – https://www.sosvox.org/en/petition/justice-for-this-little-dog-who-was-brutally-beaten.html?utm_source=highlight&utm_medium=title&utm_campaign=campaign-p011218

In Mission San José 1, Puebla, a neighbour filmed this man cruelly beating his dog, and I am already tired of so much abuse to these poor animals without anyone doing anything. They filmed this man beating him savagely and the complaint was made, the dog was protected by the Animal Welfare Institute of the State of Puebla but the man is at liberty.

This savage gets involved with a defenseless animal that all he does is let himself be beaten, because this wretch is brave with whom he can not respond to the blows. Surely this damn also hits the family.

I want Justice to put him in jail and give him there to feel like the abusers and rapists. That they take away the animal, so that it wants to have it if only it is going to hit it to feel more man this poor unhappy.

Hungary / EU: More Evidence To Show Why The EU Cannot Enforce Its Own Legislation Regarding Animals and Their Welfare.


Hungary zerissene EU-Flagge am Stock

All photos – Eyes on  Animals, Welfarm Foundation and Animals Welfare Foundation.

hungarian calf.png

Above – Calves being kept in illegal crate systems in Hungary – 6 years after EU legislation change !


This post is in addition to that recently regarding Scottish calves being exported from the port of Ramsgate, Kent, England; to the EU for further fattening / slaughter.

See our post and video footage of the calves at  https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2018/11/27/england-dutchman-onderwater-exports-scottish-calves-from-ramsgate-plus-more-info/


This above, and the following, show that the EU policy on animal welfare is in a complete mess.


HU calf in illegal crate

A calf peers out from a Hungarian illegal crate system


For this post we are going back to 2012 as yet another example of the complete disregard the EU has for its own legislation.  This time we relate to:

Official Journal of the European Union –


of 18 December 2008

laying down minimum standards for the protection of calves


We need to start by saying that during 2012, Croatia was NOT a member state of the EU.  It only became a member state on 1st July 2013.  This is important as it has bearing on the information we are supplying here.

Our concerns deal specifically with regard the 20th – 21st March 2012 inspections of Hungarian assembly stations designated to dispatch animals to Turkey; investigations as undertaken by investigator friends from ‘Eyes on Animals’ ,‘Animal Welfare Foundation’ and ‘Welfarm’.

Our primary concern at the time related to the inspections undertaken by the above organisations at a facility known as ‘Agracoop Kft’ farm and export station, Nagykapornak, Hungary – the owner one Kiss Arped.

At the entrance to this specific facility there is a sign clearly indicating that they (‘Agracoop Kft’) have received some 615,000 Euros from the EU in the form of subsidies to ‘modernise their facility’.

Whilst at the time (2012) welfare organisations appreciated that this facility was further sub-divided into four main animal rearing areas, it became clear after reviewing evidence provided by the investigating organisations, that one building still in current use at the time (2012), retained the old, and (EU) illegal, veal crate system made out of wood, with slatted floors and solid wooden dividers.


At the time, Mark (WAV) wrote on behalf of another welfare organisation to Dr. Endre Kardevan; Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO)Hungary (EU), to ask the following:

Why is this type of illegal animal housing system (banned in 2006 across the entire EU) still being used within Hungary ?, in particular when there is official national veterinarian surveillance at these approved dispatching facilities ? The (EU) illegal operation of still using banned veal crates at the ‘Agracoop Kft’ in Hungary is obviously known to official veterinarians who visit the site; so why does ‘Agracoop Kft’ continue to be allowed to operate such illegal practices ?  EU rules do not permit it; so why does it happen ?

Although as the CVO for Hungary should have known, it was also pointed out in the letter that:

With solid wooden dividers on the crates observed by investigators at ‘Agracoop Kft’, the calves held within these are thus unable to either see or touch each other. We would like to inform you that this type of crate system has been illegal within all existing EU member states since 2006. As the Chief Veterinary Officer within Hungary, we trust and would very much hope that you are up to date with EU regulations and are fully aware of the illegality of these crates since 2006.


The question was asked that:

Why, as the Hungarian Chief Veterinary Officer, do you continue to allow systems such as these crates to be used by ‘Agracoop Kft’ ? – your actions are illegal under existing EU legislation.  The calves held in these illegal crates were, on the day of inspection, seen to have ‘Hungarian’ (HU) ear tags – with Hungary being an EU member state and nation which should have been compliant in 2006 along with all other EU member states in banning this type of crate system. As a British NGO, we have special concerns relating to British animals (calves) identified with ‘UK’ ear tags, and which were observed at the ‘Agracoop Kft’ during the inspections in March.

UK Tag 2

UK Tag 5

Above – UK ear tags on British calves at the Hungarian facility


Although Hungarian calves were identified by their ear tags in the illegal crate systems during the inspections; British calves were also at the facility; we had strong concerns that the British calves would also end up in the same illegal crates.  We could tell that the calves were from the UK as this could be identified fromtheir er tags.


So, we asked the Hungarian CVO a question about this situation:

As illegal veal crates are still being used at the ‘Agracoop Kft’ facility, please inform us if

British calves are ever located into these same crates – ie. are you as the Hungarian Chief Veterinary Officer breaking EU law by authorising British animals going into a now (EU) illegal system ?

Regardless of the ‘nationality’ / national origin of the calves observed at the ‘Agracoop Kft’ facility, we stress that these animals are now being confined in systems which were banned across the entire EU back in 2006; six years ago !

We ended our questions regarding the EU subsidies and the continued use of Hungarian illegal crates:

Why is such a large company such as Agrarcoop Kft, which is provided with such large EU subsidies (615,000 Euros), if they are not even respecting the basic EU norms and regulations regarding the housing of calves ?

HU calf on slatted flooring

A calf lies on an illegal slatted floor


EU AnimalWelfare Violations

With regards to the young calves being observed and kept in tiny wooden crates with solid walls, preventing them from seeing each other or touching each other, we outline the following EU violations were observed during the visit of March 2012.

EU law on calves is contained in Council Directive 2008/119/EC laying down minimum standards for the protection of calves (the Calves Directive) which consolidates earlier legislation adopted in 1991 and 1997.

The EU’s prohibition of the veal crate is firmly based on scientific research. The Scientific Veterinary Committee’s (SVC) 1995 report is highly critical of the veal crate. The fact that a young animal needs proper exercise is recognised by the SVC which states that exercise is necessary for normal bone and muscle development. The SVC added that “If calves cannot move their limbs sufficiently they are likely to be severely distressed” and that after six months in an individual pen many calves have severe locomotor problems.

The EU is rather clever in the way the system works.  Basically it says that enforcement of legislation is down to governments of individual member states.  So in this case, it should be the Hungarian authorities who ensure that the crate system is not in force.  As they have not done this, we would argue that the evidence should go back to the EU Commission and that they should follow up with their own investigations and possible prosecutions if necessary.

UK Tag 3

Hungary – A UK Calf with UK ear tag


Slaughter in Croatia

As we said before, please remember that at the time of the investigation; 2012; Croatia was NOT a member state of the EU.

We continued in our letter to the Hungarian CVO:

We also understand from investigators that calves, including those with ‘UK’ ear tags, continue to be further fattened at the ‘Agracoop Kft’ prior to going for slaughter in other parts of Europe; which we understand to be primarily Germany and Croatia.

Whilst declaring that Germany is an existing member state of the European Union, and as such should adequately meet EU standards for animals at slaughter, we would like to point out to you that Croatia is currently not a member state of the EU.



What guarantees can you, as the Chief Veterinary Officer of Hungary, provide to us that ‘UK’ ear tagged animals (calves) are being slaughtered to the highest of standards (certainly compliant with existing EU standards, nothing less) within Croatia ?

We request that you provide us with full evidence of EU slaughterhouse standard compliance within Croatia, including the names of facilities within Croatia which undertake the slaughter of British calves carrying ‘UK’ ear tags which have been re-exported from Hungary.


Although the Hungarian CVO did respond to our letter; we found very little which actually addressed our concerns.  Nothing in the way of a reply was given regarding assurances that animals were slaughtered to EU standards in Croatia.  You can read the (Google) translation below and make up your own mind if the responses are adequate.
HU calf in illegal crate

hungarian calf


Dear Addresses!

Referring to the letter “Investigating collecting stations transporting animals from Hungary to Turkey” I will be informed of the following on the basis of the on-the-spot official controls.

According to the objection to the collection site, the incoming animals do not spend 6 hours on the site before delivery, so the collection plant may not be the starting point for the purposes of Regulation (EC) No 1/2005. During the on-site official inspection for the purpose of the objection, the owner of the site said that the animal protectors had ca. They spent 1 to 2 hours at the plant. None of the staff members of the site told anyone how long the animals would be staying at the collecting station before their departure. However, in their summary, the animals are resting for 3-4 hours.

The set-aside time was randomly checked by the authority for a consignment consisting of 4 different animals. Comparing the GPS data of the delivery and delivery vehicles, it was found that the animals stayed at the collecting station for 9.5 hours.

I would point out that the proposal to prevent the bulls from rolling on each other in practice can not be realized in view of the fact that food-producing animals can not come into contact with this non-authorized substance which affects the organoleptic properties of meat or may appear as a residuum of health risk. Therefore it is strictly forbidden to use animals with diesel oil.

Collector of Agrár-coop Kft

The Eyes on Animals, the Animal Welfare Foundation and the Welfarm Foundation staffed their report on the visit of the Agrár-coop Kft. In their collections. They complained about the conditions of the calf, the stalls in the stables and the duration of animal transport.

The visit was not pre-arranged, a manager and an interpreter were not present. At the time of their arrival, plant closures were temporarily unavailable due to manure transfer, so animal protectors could be accessed without authorization and prior health checks, and the entire animal farm outside the separate collection center.

The local competent authority, in conjunction with epidemiological surveillance, held animal protection inspections at the collecting station and livestock farm, the experiences of which were as follows.

Questions related to veterinary care have been raised in the case of veterinary surgeons. The battery is contracted with a supplying (operator) veterinarian who performs his veterinary duties as recorded in the medication and treatment log. The employees of the plant responded to these questions either incorrectly or spoke to a worker who did not know the difference between the duties of the official and the veterinarian, nor   In one of the previously unused baskets, the sidewalls of the individual cages are really compact, so the stall does not meet the requirements of 32/1999. (III.31.) FVM Decree. On the basis of the on-site inspection, a plan of action was prepared for the transformation of the sidewalls, which the local competent authority imposes in the form of a decision. With regard to the other objections to calf stalks, it was found on the spot that in a boxing (size 4m x 2.5m) five individuals were placed in a boxing bracket during a grouping, the individual space being 2nm. Each faucet of the group holding is equipped with a mouthpiece water pipe. Milk calves that do not drink from a bucket have a unique rubber. There is no calf less than two weeks old in the farm, according to the manager’s statement they do not accept such an animal. The above-mentioned legislation is mandatory for them. No bedding is used between two and eight weeks old, the technology works with a paddle pad. They use deep-tissue technology in the stables of the adult animals, wearing fresh straw on the litter every two days. The objection to transport was raised by the employee’s oral communication. Turkish exports can be carried out under very strict conditions. According to the data of the shipments surveyed on a GPS basis, contrary to the established procedural rules, this can not be supported by the assumption in the announcement that “it may take up to 12 hours until it collects adult slaughter bees and then goes straight to Turkey”.

The objection to transport was raised by the employee’s oral communication. Turkish exports can be carried out under very strict conditions. According to the data of the shipments surveyed on a GPS basis, contrary to the established procedural rules, this can not be supported by the assumption in the announcement that “it may take up to 12 hours until it collects adult slaughter bees and then goes straight to Turkey”.

The provisions of Article 2 (r) of Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 are also complied with for shipments from Agro-Coop Kft.: “The starting point may be the collection center if the distance between the first loading point and the collection station is 100 km, shall not be exceeded or the animals shall be placed in a suitable litter for at least six hours prior to departure from the assembly center, preferably not bound and pickled



Tisztelt Címzettek!

Hivatkozva a „Magyarországról Törökországba élő állatokat szállító gyűjtőállomások vizsgálata” tárgyú levélre az alábbiakról tájékoztatom a helyszíni hatósági ellenőrzések eredménye alapján.

Fekete Sándor bugyi-ürbőpusztai gyűjtőtelepe

A gyűjtőtelepre vonatkozó kifogás szerint a beérkező állatok szállítás előtt nem töltenek el 6 órát a telepen, így a gyűjtőtelep az 1/2005/EK rendelet értelmében kiindulási helyként nem szerepelhet. A kifogás kivizsgálása céljából végzett helyszíni hatósági ellenőrzés során a telep tulajdonosa elmondta, hogy az állatvédők kb. 1-2 órát töltöttek a telepen. A telep dolgozói részéről nem nyilatkozott senki, hogy az állatok mennyi ideig tartózkodnak indulás előtt a gyűjtőállomáson, ennek ellenére összefoglalójukban az áll, hogy az állatokat 3-4 óráig pihentetik.

A pihentetési időt szúrópróbaszerűen vizsgálta a hatóság egy olyan szállítmány esetén, mely 4 különböző helyről származó állatokból állt. A be- és kiszállító járművek GPS adatait összevetve megállapítást nyert, hogy az állatok 9,5 órát tartózkodtak a gyűjtőállomáson.

Megjegyzem, hogy a bikák egymásra történő felugrálása megelőzésére tett javaslatuk a gyakorlatban nem valósítható meg tekintettel arra, hogy élelmiszertermelő állatokkal nem kerülhet kapcsolatba erre a célra nem engedélyezett anyag, ami a hús érzékszervi tulajdonságait befolyásolja, illetve egészségügyi kockázatot jelentő maradékanyagként megjelenhet benne. Ezért az állatok dízelolajjal történő bekenése szigorúan tilos.

Agrár-coop Kft. gyűjtőtelepe

Az Eyes on Animals, az Animal Welfare Foundation és a Welfarm Alapítvány munkatársai az Agrár-coop Kft. gyűjtőtelepén tett látogatásuk alapján összeállított bejelentésükben a borjútartás körülményeit, a növendék állatok istállóiban az almolást és az állatszállítások időtartamát kifogásolták.

A teleplátogatás nem volt előre egyeztetve, ügyvezető és tolmács nem volt jelen. A telepi zártság érkezésük idején trágyakihordás miatt átmenetileg nem valósult meg, így fordulhatott elő, hogy az állatvédők engedély és előzetes egészségügyi ellenőrzés nélkül bejutottak, és az elkülönített gyűjtőistállón kívül az egész állattartó telepet bejárták.

A helyi illetékes hatóság járványügyi ellenőrzéssel összekapcsolva állatvédelmi ellenőrzést tartott a gyűjtőállomáson-állattartó telepen, melynek tapasztalatai a következők voltak.

A betegistálló kapcsán az állatorvosi ellátásra vonatkozóan merültek fel kérdések az állatvédőkben. A telep szerződésben áll egy ellátó (kezelő) állatorvossal, aki a gyógyszer- és kezelési naplóban rögzítettek szerint elvégzi állatorvosi feladatait. A telepi dolgozó e kérdésekre adott válaszait vagy tévesen fordították, vagy olyan dolgozóval beszéltek, aki nem tudta, hogy mi a különbség a hatósági és az ellátó állatorvos feladatai között, illetve arról sem tudott, hogy ki az ellátó állatorvosuk.

Az egyik – korábban nem használt – borjúistállóban az egyedi ketrecek oldalfalai valóban tömörek, így az istálló nem felel meg a 32/1999. (III. 31.) FVM rendelet előírásainak. A helyszíni szemle alapján az oldalfalak átalakításáról intézkedési terv született, melynek megvalósítását a helyi illetékes hatóság határozat formájában elrendeli.

A borjúistállókra érkezett többi kifogással kapcsolatban a helyszíni ellenőrzésen megállapítást nyert, hogy a csoportos tartástechnológiájú borjútartás során egy bokszban (melynek mérete 4m x 2,5m) öt egyedet helyeznek el, az egyedi férőhely így 2nm. A csoportos tartás minden fakkjához szopókás végű vízvezeték van bevezetve. Azoknak a tejes borjaknak, melyek vödörből nem isznak, egyedi cumi áll rendelkezésre.

A telepen nincsen kéthetesnél fiatalabb borjú, az ügyvezető nyilatkozata szerint nem is fogadnak ilyen korú állatot. Az almolást ezek számára írja elő kötelezően a fent említett jogszabály. Kettő- és nyolchetes kor között nem használnak alomanyagot, a technológia rácspadozattal működik.

A növendék állatok istállóiban mélyalmos technológiát alkalmaznak, kétnaponként hordanak az alomra friss szalmát.

A szállításra vonatkozó kifogást a telepi dolgozó szóbeli tájékoztatása nyomán emelték. A török export nagyon szigorú feltételek teljesülése mellett valósulhat meg. Az erre kidolgozott eljárásrenddel ellentétes, kifejezetten valószerűtlen és az eddig más eljárásokban GPS alapon megvizsgált szállítások adatai alapján sem alátámasztható a bejelentésben szereplő feltevés, miszerint „esetenként akár 12 óráig is eltarthat, amíg összegyűjtik a felnőtt vágóbikákat, majd egyből Törökország felé veszik az irányt”.

Az Agrár-Coop Kft. gyűjtőállomásáról indított szállítmányok esetén is betartásra kerül az 1/2005/EK rendelet 2. cikk r) pontja szerinti rendelkezés: „kiindulási hely lehet a gyűjtőállomás, ha az első berakodási hely és a gyűjtőállomás között megtett távolság a 100km-t nem haladja meg vagy az állatokat a gyűjtőállomásról való indulást megelőzően legalább hat órán át megfelelő alomban helyezik el, lehetőleg nincsenek megkötve és megitatják őket”.


Dr. Schmidt Anikó

állatvédelmi referens

Nemzeti Élelmiszerlánc-biztonsági Hivatal

Állategészségügyi és Állatvédelmi Igazgatóság

National Food Chain Safety Office

Animal Health and Animal Welfare Directorate

1024 Budapest, Keleti Károly u. 2

India: Petition -Justice for Dog Killed In Gang Rape. Those Responsible are Still At Large.



A dog was violently gang raped in a horrific case of animal cruelty. The people responsible are still at large. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Petition Link – https://animalpetitions.org/689629/dog-brutally-gang-raped-deserves-justice/


Target: K.K. Venugopal, Attorney General for Mumbai, India

Goal: Punish the men who brutally raped a male dog, leading to his painful death.

A dog died after he was brutally raped. The people responsible are still at large. Demand justice for this poor animal.

Courage went to sleep for the last time after he suffered horrific torture at the hands of multiple unidentified men. A villager contacted Animals Matter to Me, a local rescue, after she found the dog bleeding and in terrible pain. She’d been told by a rickshaw driver that Courage was sexually assaulted by a group of drug users. He’d been bound and gagged, and his screams could be heard from some distance away. Courage’s penis was mutilated, and he suffered excessive blood-loss, which eventually led to his death.

Malwani police are investigating, but they have no suspects at this time. Sign below to demand that the people responsible for torturing this poor dog receive the maximum penalty possible.



Dear Attorney General Venugopal,

A dog suffered and died after he was brutally raped. His screams could be heard from some distance away. I demand justice for this innocent animal.

Malwani police are investigating after a dog was violently raped by a group of men under the influence of drugs. Found wandering the streets, Courage had suffered considerable blood loss and severe mutilation to his penis. A rickshaw driver claimed that the dog had been bound, gagged, and raped by multiple unidentified men. He suffered injuries so severe that he died. Animals Matter to Me, a local rescue group, cared for Courage in his final hours and they are actively working with police to find the people responsible.

The people who tortured this innocent dog must be punished. I demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Animals Matter to Me

Taiwan: Taiwan bans dog and cat meat from table as attitudes change.




Taiwan bans dog and cat meat from table as attitudes change

Consumption attracts large fine and repeat offenders could be named and shamed under law that is first of its kind in Asia


Cats are seen caged after being rescued by China Small Animal Protection Association from a Tianjin market that trade cats for meat and fur, in Beijing

Taiwan is set to become the first country in Asia to ban the consumption of dog and cat meat, as increasing pet ownership across the continent has seen attitudes shift.

The revised Animal Protection Act imposes a fine of up to 250,000 Taiwan dollars (£6,500) for eating dog or cat meat, while the penalties for animal cruelty or slaughter were raised to up to two years in prison and fines of up to 2m Taiwan dollars (£52,000).

Repeat offenders can be jailed for up to five years and face stiffer fines, and those convicted under the new law may also be publicly shamed, with their names and photos published by the government.

The law also makes it illegal to “walk” a pet while riding a scooter or driving a car. The amendment still needs to be signed by the president, but could be law by the end of April.

Dog meat is not widely consumed in Asia, but it is featured in some regional cuisines, and cat meat is more rare. Dogs were once widely consumed in Taiwan, but are now almost universally seen as pets rather than food on the island.

Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, is a well-known cat lover, frequently posing with her two cats during her campaign. She also adopted three retired guide dogs last year.

The most notorious mass slaughter of dogs for food occurs once a year in China during the Yulin dog meat festival. About 10,000 dogs are killed every year and eaten throughout the southern city of Yulin, but the festival has increasingly attracted the ire of animal rights activists.

Taiwan previously banned the sale of dog and cat meat in 2001, and some local governments had prohibitions on consumption.

A student convicted of killing two stray cats last year was sentenced to 10 months in prison. The case sparked national outrage toward the man, who was from Macau, and animal rights activists protested and attacked him outside the court.

Hong Kong banned the slaughter and sale of dog and cat meat while under British colonial rule, but did not specifically outlaw consumption.


Source:  https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/apr/12/taiwan-bans-dog-and-cat-meat-from-table-as-attitudes-change?CMP=share_btn_tw



A souvenir: bottles with baby sharks!




Whenever we think, it can not get any worse … dead baby sharks as a souvenir!!
They still exist in Miami Beach. The sharks are said to be by-products of commercial fishing. They are not thrown back into the sea, but bottled with an alcohol solution and then sold to tourists!

Baby Sharks on Glass jpg
So not only in Asia you can find horrible souvenirs, but also in the USA.
In Hong Kong we found dried shark fins everywhere. More than a third are from endangered or threatened sharks! Although the largest shark fishing nation is Indonesia, Hong Kong is the big trading center!

 Shark finning means the removal of the dorsal fin. Millions of sharks have so far been broken up alive and mutilated back into the sea, where they die from suffocation or are eaten by other carnivores.


When dried, shark fins were also offered on the markets in Hong Kong. In so-called herbal shops, they are also sold as medicine. A commodity that causes a bloody trail of destruction of the marine ecosystem.


Statistik über Haienn

In 2016, sharks killed 4 people.
In the same year, people killed 100,000,000 sharks (PETA).


And now …these unspeakable bottles of dead baby sharks in Miami Beach! Specially, for illiterate tourists who, when they drive back to their country, will tell that they have finally captured the world’s most dangerous fish in a bottle for ever and ever!!

My best regards, Venus


USA: Beloved Yellowstone Wolf Was Just Shot Dead To Be A Trophy.


Beloved Yellowstone Wolf Was Just Shot Dead To Be A Trophy

Read in full with video:


An iconic and beloved member of Yellowstone National Park‘s most famous wolf pack was just shot dead by a trophy hunter — and it was totally legal. 

Lamar Canyon Wolf Pack member 926F, also known as Spitfire, was killed just a few miles outside the entrance to the park in Montana. 

Spitfire’s mother, 06F, was also killed by a hunter back in 2012. Wolves of the Rockies credits Spitfire with helping to keep the pack together after her mother’s death. 



South Korea: 27/11/18 – S. Korea’s Largest Dog Meat Slaughterhouse Is Now CLOSED!



S. Korea’s Largest Dog Meat Slaughterhouse Is Now CLOSED!

Posted by Carly Day | November 27, 2018


It was the largest dog slaughterhouse in South Korea, a hellish place where hundreds of cramped metal cages confined terrified dogs, suffering as they awaited a painful and traumatic death courtesy of the dog meat trade.

But last week saw the closure of the notoriously brutal Taepyeong slaughterhouse in Seoul, as animal activists gathered to witness the bulldozing of the site.

Humane Society International, Korea Animal Rights Advocates and the Korean Animal Welfare Association worked with the Seongnam City Council to shut down Taepyeong, a move that signifies a growing willingness within South Korea to put an end to the cruel trade.

“Both as a Korean citizen and an animal campaigner, it was incredibly moving for me to be a part of the historic closure of this notorious dog slaughterhouse,” said Nara Kim, HSI/Korea’s dog meat campaigner. “This really feels like a landmark moment in the demise of the dog meat industry in South Korea, and sends the clear message that the dog meat industry is increasingly unwelcome in Korean society.”

Five of the six slaughterhouses at Taepyeong were to be bulldozed immediately, with the sixth to follow once permits are acquired. The site is destined to be converted into a community park.

In further positive progress, the renowned Moran Market — once the largest dog meat market in South Korea — closed down its last permanent dog meat vendor. This market was once estimated to provide 30-40% of the dog meat in the nation and was responsible for the death of around 20,000 dogs every year.

South Korea has long been targeted by animal activists for their dog meat trade, in which an estimated 700,000 to one million dogs are slaughtered every year. Although the consumption of dog and cat meat is widespread throughout Asia, this is the only nation where dogs are intensively farmed for their meat.

With Taepyeong out of action, activists are optimistic that other slaughterhouses will suffer the same fate, spelling the end for this horrifically cruel industry in South Korea.

“Taepyeong’s closure is an historical event, and hopefully may trigger the closure of other illegal dog slaughterhouses throughout the country,” said Hyunji Kim from Korea Animal Rights Advocates. “Until we achieve this, we really appreciate the support of both Korean people and global citizens who love animals, for helping our campaigns to completely end dog meat in Korea.”