USA: Yellowstone is more valuable than gold





Victory: Lucky Minerals’ exploration license ruled invalid, taking plans for exploratory drilling “off the table”! Judges block Trump’s plans to destroy planet Earth!
Livingston, MT —A Montana district court has quashed a permit that would have allowed Canadian mining company Lucky Minerals Inc. to explore for gold in Emigrant Gulch just north of Yellowstone National Park. The ruling blocks exploratory drilling that was slated to begin on July 15, 2019, and is a significant victory in the multi-year effort to protect Yellowstone National Park from new mines surrounding the national park.


The ruling invalidates Lucky Minerals’ exploration license, establishing that it would violate the public’s environmental and public participation rights under Montana’s Constitution to allow the illegal project to move forward. The ruling is the result of a lawsuit brought by Park County Environmental Council and the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, both represented by Earthjustice.

“This ruling ensures that Lucky Minerals can’t harm clean water and native wildlife at the gateway into Yellowstone National Park under cover of a license that was never legally issued in the first place,” said Jenny HarbineEarthjustice attorney. “Lucky Minerals should have read the writing on the wall a long time ago.”


The same court previously ruled that the Montana Department of Environmental Quality illegally approved the drilling plan when it failed to consider the plan’s threats to water quality and wildlife. Despite these findings, Lucky Minerals was still permitted to conduct the exploratory drilling that would give rise to these threats before the agency could conduct a new review of the project. As the court explained, this left the public with “no meaningful chance to participate in the agency decision” before the harmful impacts of drilling could occur.

yellowstone national park

While Lucky Minerals was promoting its gold exploration plans for mining claims around Yellowstone, federal agencies and Congressional leaders went to work to protect the lands surrounding the national park. Then-Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke made adjacent public lands around Yellowstone off limits to mining with a 20-year mineral withdrawal on October 8, 2018. And on March 12, 2019, the President signed into law a bipartisan public lands bill making these protections permanent.

“Lucky Minerals should have learned by now that our community will not rest until our irreplaceable wild places are safe from industrial gold mining,” said Park County Environmental Council Executive Director Michelle Uberuaga.

“We will win because local residents, businesses, and elected officials are united to protect our natural resources and local economy against this threat.”

yellow park Summer-Activities-Resort-Naturalists

“The court’s ruling is a critical piece in protecting Yellowstone’s Gateway from the menace of gold mining,” said Greater Yellowstone Coalition Executive Director Caroline Byrd. “The Trump administration, the Obama administration, Congress, the Forest Service, the Park County Commission, thousands of citizens and more than 420 Montana businesses all agree, Yellowstone is more valuable than gold.”

My comment: The information is great, that gives us courage. Especially that the judiciary can do a lot if it does not allow itself to be intimidated by industry and corrupt politicians.
If you look at the ancient nature and the animals living in it, you get a real panic attack, it could all collapse, because multinational criminals with the support of corrupt, unscrupulous politicians want to earn their money out of this paradise.

And most of all: even a Donald Trump must realize that there are limits.

My best regards, Venus


Petition – Time for Werner Baumann, CEO of Bayer-Monsanto, to resign. Please Sign Now.


The Bayer annual shareholder meeting is very soon taking place – Friday 26th April. Demand that its CEO, Werner Baumann, step down.

Bayer is dragging suffering cancer patients through court. It’s churning out one toxic pesticide after another while lobbying hard to keep them on the market. And it’s gained unprecedented control over our food supply by merging with Monsanto.

One man is responsible for all this: Werner Baumann, CEO of Bayer-Monsanto. And the time is overdue for him to resign.

You can help make it happen. Friday, April 26, is Bayer’s big annual shareholder meeting.   To make the case that Baumann’s greedy business model is hurting people, the planet — and Bayer’s reputation.

Demand that Werner Baumann step down as Bayer’s CEO!


bayer 1

Vietnam: 24/4/19 BREAKING: Rescue operation to free two endangered bear cubs from Vietnamese circus begins following Animals Asia exposé.

Vietnam flagge

Follow the rescue of the cubs by visiting the AA timeline rescue at:


WAV Comment – Is this footage not showing the abuse and torment that circus ‘performing’ animals are being forced to endure the world over every day ? – and the fact that thickhead humans are paying money to see a terrified bear cub riding a motorbike just exceeds how stupid some people can be.  Fortunately for these cubs, AA is now coming to their rescue.  We call for a worldwide ban on the use of all animals in pathetic circus shows.

BREAKING: Rescue operation to free two endangered bear cubs from Vietnamese circus begins following Animals Asia exposé

24 April 2019

Rescue team arrives at Central Circus in Hanoi, Vietnam to rescue two juvenile moon bears – a protected species – filmed openly performing on stage during investigation.

Today (Wednesday 24 April) an Animals Asia rescue team has arrived at Hanoi’s Central Circus to rescue two juvenile moon bear cubs who were spotted performing on stage at the facility.

Moon bears are an endangered species protected under Vietnamese law with their poaching, trade and commercial exploitation a criminal offense.

The rescue team will bring the bears, whom the team has named Sugar and Spice, to Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre where they will receive immediate care and attention.

Animals Asia Vietnam Director Tuan Bendixsen said:

“It’s quite clear that these cubs have found themselves in Hanoi’s Central Circus through illegal means. Thankfully, the authorities have acted swiftly and firmly, sending a clear message to those who exploit wild species that they are not above the law.

“For Sugar and Spice the nightmare of poaching, training, performing and a completely unsuitable living environment ends today. From now on their needs come first and we can begin to heal the physical and psychological suffering they have endured.”

The bears were first discovered by an Animals Asia investigative team which visited the circus in March to monitor the treatment of animals in performances.

The team was shocked to discover the two moon bear cubs – who are estimated to weigh around 50 kilogrammes each and be less than a year old – openly performing dangerous tricks on stage in a clear breach of Vietnamese law.

Following Animals Asia’s exposé, the government intervened and swiftly determined the bears be rescued and sent to the safety of Animals Asia’s nearby sanctuary in Tam Dao National Park, Vinh Phuc province.

Animals Asia’s 2017 report into animal performance revealed six protected species – moon bears, orangutans, macaques, elephants, pythons and crocodiles – were being exploited at circuses across Vietnam.

To date, no facility has been able to explain the origin of their protected species, yet today’s rescue marks the first time the authorities have taken punitive action against a circus or tourist facility in possession of a protected species.

With facilities unable to breed bears and their poaching and sale illegal, serious questions remain as to how the animals are being obtained.

In a letter to Animals Asia, Hanoi Central Circus claimed the bear cubs were brought to the circus completely at random by two men who were seeking medical help for the cubs.

Having nursed the bears back to health, trainers then taught the animals some tricks leading to a stage show in front of audiences.

Implausibly, the circus also claims they did not inform the authorities about the bears because they believed the original owners would return to collect them.

Animals Asia Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale said:

“This could be a real breakthrough in efforts to curb wildlife crime in Vietnam’s animal entertainment industry. Circuses appear to have flouted Vietnam’s laws and exploited protected species with relative impunity until now.

“The rescue of Sugar and Spice will change their lives forever sparing them years of abuse, but it is also a spark of hope that the authorities may be willing to take a closer look at other facilities exploiting endangered and protected species in the country.”

Animals Asia is currently petitioning the Vietnam government to ban wild animal performance and send the animals to recognised rescue centres and sanctuaries.

The petition currently has more than 120,000 signatures and will be presented to the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism during a meeting with the charity in May.

Hanoi Central Circus is also believed to be holding eight adult moon bears and a 30-year-old elephant, as well as a number of pythons, crocodiles and macaques – all species protected from exploitation by Vietnamese law.

Sugar and Spice are two traumatised bear cubs, just months old. They have been poached from the wild and their mother very likely killed in front of their eyes because she would never let them go without a fight.

With no survival skills, Animals Asia will care for them for the rest of their lives. It’s a huge commitment – potentially up to 30 years – but one we unflinchingly make because without us these bears have nobody.

Now we need YOU to help mend the psychological trauma meted out to these two poor babies; to teach them how to be bears and to give them a safe environment which will challenge, stimulate and delight them for the rest of their lives. Please, give what you can today to save Sugar and Spice and give them new lives worth living.



Instructions to murder


The following article comes from the internet german magazine “Wild and Dog”. It is an exemplary demonstration of cold-blooded cynicism and repulsive hypocrisy, with which a psychopath describes how the cruel hunting form, constuction`s hunt, works.

Hunters are not only professional killers, they are also professional liars, which is also clear in this article.

baujagd 1

First, some about these two hunting (murder) forms

1. Hunting in the nature buildings of the foxes. These buildings raise the foxes themselves to overthrow their family. The dogs are trained with constant pressure to force the animals to jump out, and then they are massacred from thr hunters.

2. The second is hunting in artificial structures for foxes (constructed by hunters). There is the same murderous game of driving the animals out, so they are shot. But there are provided also the fox traps.


Both are methods that want to satisfy a sick sadism and are used only by psychopaths.

The article: Introduction

“Who wants to reduce foxes effectively, has no choice: he must hunt young foxes. We show how it works”.

“No, it certainly does not make fun – not a bit. Because the shooting or catching of young foxes in the construction is one of the most unpleasant acts in hunting life”

But on an other article in year 2017 we find an other oppinion and a video. And there it says: “fox hunting is fun, it’s a nice thing to hunt the fox, it’s an exciting hunt. Hunting in construction is infinitely more exciting than other forms of hunting”.

The article cintinues: “If you want to kill the puppies in the building, it rarely succeeds in getting all the young foxes. The mother will bring the rest of the family to safety, and you’ll have to search again. However, it is very difficult to find the puppies in the increasingly dense vegetation in May. “

Fox puppy traps

With ice cold murderous professionalism is described how to get the foxes in the traps.

“However, if you use special traps, this risk is much lower. Often it is possible to capture the whole thing in just one night.

Meanwhile, several types of puppy traps have been developed and improved.

In practice, the quadrilateral models have proved their worth. The traps have a mesh size of 19 × 19 or 25 × 50 millimeters. However, they can also be produced from 12 millimeter thick screen printing plates!

fuchsfallen betonpg

Around March, the puppies are born and at about four weeks, the puppies explore the tube system of the building, and appear about the fifth week of life before the construction, usually in the last April to the first week of May.

Füchsen WelpenAt least, now that the Fox Mum is foraging, it’s time to populate the main tubes with puppy traps. The sooner the intercept, the safer the entire tail gets caught, because in a puppy age of about five to six weeks still a very strong bond of the puppies to each other and to the parent building exists.

And then…

“The trapped puppies are killed by headshot with an approved caliber weapon (22 lb is allowed), either in the trap or outside. And that is anything but a refreshing hunt.

Only understandable if therefore many hunters reject the puppy for emotional reasons. But one must not forget that so that foxes can be taken from the animal welfare in the wild and we get only so the outrunning fox population really under control”.

The truth is: The Animal Welfare Act, § 1 states: “… No one shall inflict pain, suffering or harm on an animal for any reasonable reason.” Only these psychopaths, the hunters have made sure that this law is not widely used by their peers.

Quote biologist Professor Reichholf says: “Our forests are abused as wild breeding grounds for a privileged recreational sport.”

About 10 million animals killed every year from hunters hand, more than half a million of them are foxes. The hunt is nothing but a bloody open air slaughterhouse. And in the end, the remains of the victims hang as trophies on the walls.

How run down can missing morality still look like? Turning a vulnerable life into a bleeding, lifeless bundle of suffering is a crime! What else should be a crime? ”

Hunting is and will continue to be murder!


it is time to hunt the huntersn

My best regards, Venus

Australia: good news!




The number of Australians leaving meat off their plate continues to climb, according to a new report by independent research company Roy Morgan.

The report found that 2.5 million Australians, or 12.1 percent of the population, now eat food that is all “or almost all” vegetarian, up from 2.2 million in 2014.

Why are Australians ditching meat?

A previous study from Roy Morgan released found nearly half of Australians are eating less red meat, which has been linked to an increased risk for health conditions such as heart disease and certain forms of cancer.

dicker mit Steakjpg

Findings for the recent study highlight how despite the rise of meat-free diets, body mass index (BMI) has reached an all-time high in Australia. Experts, including the creator of BMI, have said that it cannot be used to determine an individual’s health, according to NPR.


Despite the study’s focus on health, Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine believes that the recent animal rights-focused protests have played a role in inspiring more Australians to eat more vegan food.

“For many protesters a key part of securing better treatment of animals is to practice and promote embracing vegetarianism – and the message is getting through to an increasing number of Australians,” Levine said in a statement.

Earlier this month, a demonstration in Melbourne involving more than 100 individuals taking to the streets to urge others to watch the 2018 documentary “Dominion” made headlines worldwide.

According to Roy Morgan’s consumer profiling, “Metrotechs,” or young singles in Australia’s inner cities represent the biggest group of vegetarians with nearly a fifth (18.2 percent) saying they don’t eat meat. In the US and the UK, Millennials are more likely to buy plant-based food.

January 2018 research from Euromonitor International found that Australia is the third fastest-growing vegan food market in the world.

More restaurant chains are adapting to this. Hungry Jack’s, Australia’s Burger King, now serves vegan breakfast sandwiches and cheeseburgers. Domino’s Australia launched a fourth vegan pizza last March due to the success of its other options.

McDonald’s also teased that it’s working on new meat-free options Down Under. Australia-born vegan fast food chain, Lord of the Fries, continues to expand across the country and soon, internationally.

My comment: “True human culture only exists when not only cannibalism, but every kind of meat consumption is considered cannibalism” (Wilhelm Busch)

zitat über kannibalismusjpg

My best regards, Venus

The suffering of chickens in factory farming


deutsche flagge


Scientists at the University of Osnabrück (Germany) are currently working on the question of what influence artificial light sources have on the well-being of chickens in so-called livestock farming. They are sure: the wrong lighting has a strong impact on the health of the animals, who perceive the light quite differently than we humans. The unnatural bulbs they have been exposed to their entire lives are disrupting their natural rhythm and leading to stress, disease and behavioral problems.

massentierhaltung hühner

Light plays a significant role in the natural rhythm of a chicken’s life. It naturally influences regulated processes, such as eating behavior, laying activity, moulting and the dynamics between active awake and passive rest periods. In the stables, however, completely different lighting conditions prevail, as those to which a chicken is naturally adapted. What we humans experience as white, flicker-free light, for example, is similar to chickens, like the effects of a wild disco lighting that flickers in different frequencies and shines in bright colors.

Halle mit Hühnerjpg

Light plays a significant role in the natural rhythm of a chicken’s life. It naturally influences regulated processes, such as eating behavior, laying activity, moulting and the dynamics between active awake and passive rest periods. In the stables, however, completely different lighting conditions prevail, as those to which a chicken is naturally adapted. What we humans experience as white, flicker-free light, for example, is similar to chickens, like the effects of a wild disco lighting that flickers in different frequencies and shines in bright colors.

Visual perception: chickens look different than humans

Due to the different structure of the organs of vision, chickens have a different visual perception than humans. Their environment is therefore very different for them than it is for the human eye of the norm. After all, chickens actually see better than we do: instead of three, they have five so-called cone types and thus perceive a broader color spectrum. Her eyes are also designed for the ultraviolet range of light. For example, objects that simply look like black to humans can appear to them in many bright colors.

abgezupftes Hühner kopfjpg

Also, the number of different images that can process the eye of the chicken in a second, significantly affects his perception: While there are only 20 to 60 images per second in humans, the chickens’ vision becomes about 160 images per second registered. This has the consequence that the animals, for example, in an AC powered light bulb can detect the annealing of the wire, although this simply shines evenly for people.

In terms of brightness, the eyes of a chicken are up to ten times more sensitive than ours. As the light sources in the stables seem brighter for them, the chickens are blinded by them. On the other hand, the insulated lighting there does not correspond to the darkness that chickens need during their rest periods.

This photosensitivity may also provide an explanation for the hitherto unanswered question of why many free-range laying hens often prefer to stay in the barn instead of spending time in supposed freedom.

Disturbing environment as a cause of unnatural behavior

Since the artificial lighting in the stables does not emit UV light and shine brighter than is necessary for the chick’s eyesight, the animals perceive a visual distortion of the reality of their surroundings.
The unpleasant lighting conditions, according to the scientists, are likely to affect the negative moods of the animals and can lead to aggressive behavior such as feather pecking or self-mutilation.

In addition to other factors such as high population density, stinking stable climate or lack of employment opportunities, false light can be responsible for many behavioral problems, illnesses and deaths. Worse is the fact that in most laying hens the beaks are cut to prevent cannibalism. This is done in a very painful way.

Sterbende HÜhner

Necessary change of perspective

In order to reduce the suffering of chickens in industrial livestock, research, companies and livestock owners must work together to adapt the standards in the stables to the biological conditions and the natural habitat of the chickens. The example of false lighting in the chicken breeding and fattening systems raises the question to what extent other animals in “livestock husbandry” – in addition to the obviously tormenting conditions – suffer from stress factors that are imperceptible to humans. Because all stables and livestock farms are constructed from a human perspective, mostly without knowing the individual perception and the specific needs of each animal species.

Ein Huhn unter aufgehängten_n

Every animal deserves to live in freedom and in a species-appropriate environment. By choosing herbal alternatives, we can eliminate the exploitation and suffering of animals. Day after day!

My comment:  In the video we can see how live the so-called “organic” chickens in Germany. The video was shot undercover by the organization “animal friends” in 2012. For those who think: yes, but it is old … since then, nothing has changed.

The Farm Mafia is not at all interested in the welfare of the animals, the corrupt politicians who earn from the suffering of the animals, even less so.

The meat eaters who are cheated by both- the meat mafia and the politicians- because they pay dearly for organic meat, although it is not- are not interested too. Not for the suffering of the animals, not for the fraud of a corrupt system. And so, all those involved in this daily murder and deception can continue to work together because they share a common goal: to live on animals!

In Germany, 51.9 million chickens are currently kept for the purpose of egg production. In dirty and full stables.

Ovarian infections, peritonitis, parasitic infestation, sternum curvatures and breastbone fractures, consequences of cannibalism, viruses, bacteria – a painful, silent and often slow death is the result also in the so-called organic husbandry systems. There is never any medical help for injured and sick animals – the animals suffer and die mostly in the middle of the stable area.
Man has decided that animals are a matter, and under this fascist conviction, the daily murder of animals takes place with such sadistic coldness and cynical indifference that only a human animal can possess.

Karikatur Ostereierpg

My best regards to all, Venus


England: Climate Change Campaigners Bring London To A Standstill for Days -Mostly With Public Support.



The stakes have never been higher – a radical movement such as Extinction Rebellion can act as a catalyst for political debate and change


For decades, we have faced an incontrovertible truth: that human lifestyles are risking the future habitability of our planet. For decades, political leaders have invoked rousing rhetoric in the face of this challenge while failing to act to avert catastrophe. Climate change is an existential risk to the future and the window available to prevent disastrous overheating is closing rapidly.

Only now, almost 30 years after the International Panel on Climate Change published its first report setting out the scientific evidence, is there any sense that something may be shifting in popular and political perceptions. Extinction Rebellion protesters have brought parts of central London to a standstill, their action coming in the wake of the school climate strikes, when more than 1.4 million young people took part globally. For his part, the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, warned the financial sector last week that it must take the threat seriously, framing the argument in terms that it understands best: that in a heated world there is a real risk to profit margins.

USA: 74 of the 98 slaughterhouses had exceeded their permit limits for nitrogen, fecal bacteria, and other pollutants.



The Environmental Integrity Project reviewed EPA records for 98 large U.S. slaughterhouses and found that three-quarters of them discharged toxic waste directly into nearby streams and rivers, violating pollution control permits.

The EPA records show that 250,000 gallons per day were dumped into waterways from January 2016 through June 2018 and that 74 of the 98 slaughterhouses had exceeded their permit limits for nitrogen, fecal bacteria, and other pollutants.

Additionally, more than half the slaughterhouses had five violations, and a third had at least 10 violations. Some of these slaughterhouses are dumping as much nitrogen pollution as small cities!

Eric Schaeffer, executive director of the Environmental Integrity Project, said in a statement:

State environmental agencies need to start cracking down on and penalizing these flagrant violations of the federal Clean Water Act. And EPA needs to step in and set stronger national water pollution standards for meat processing plants.

The records also rank the worst polluters in the U.S. by total nitrogen released and name the JBS pork processing plant in Beardstown, Illinois, as the most polluting slaughterhouse in the U.S. last year. The slaughterhouse released an average 1,849 pounds of nitrogen a day into a nearby stream leading to the Illinois River. According to the EPA, that’s equivalent to the nitrogen in raw sewage from a city of 79,000 people.

The meat industry has a record of egregious water pollution. In fact, animal excrement and other agricultural runoff from large-scale farms have polluted nearly one-third of rivers in the U.S.

In addition to destroying waterways, toxins from factory farms contaminate our drinking water. A report from Environmental Working Group found that systems supplying drinking water to millions of Americans contain dangerously high levels of nitrates, which have been linked to increased risk of certain cancers.

But factory farms don’t just devastate the environment and compromise our health—they cause immense suffering for billions of animals.

Pigs, cows, chickens, and other farmed animals face unthinkable horrors: cruel caged confinement; brutal mutilations; and bloody, merciless deaths.

Don’t believe us? Just watch this recent Mercy For Animals undercover investigation at a JBS pig factory farm that exposed workers kicking and punching animals in their faces, ripping out the testicles of baby pigs without any pain relief, and violently smashing baby pigs headfirst against the ground to kill them.

The single best thing we can do to protect animals, ourselves, and the planet from the cruel and destructive factory farming industry is to eliminate our consumption of meat and other animal products altogether.

Order your FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide today. And check out our Pinterest page for thousands of plant-based recipe ideas!

Bayer and its CEO Werner Baumann are shaking in their boots.

monsanto 2

bayer 1


Bayer’s in deep trouble.

Cancer victims are suing over glyphosate and the company’s lost about 30 billion euros in market value. Shareholders are furious.

Bayer and its CEO Werner Baumann are shaking in their boots: they need this week’s annual shareholder meeting to go down without hiccups..

Over a decade ago, Paul Francois was poisoned by Monsanto’s toxic pesticides. And he’s been demanding justice in French courts ever since. His story is powerful — a PR disaster for Bayer and a reminder to shareholders of the true cost of Bayer’s relentless quest for profit.

Monsanto’s toxic pesticides have made life a living hell for Paul Francois, a farmer and father of two.


After using a now-banned Monsanto pesticide, Paul Francois was hospitalised for 200 days and has since suffered from amnesia, vertigo, seizures and recurring comas.

For over a decade, Pau’s tried to get justice in French courts. He’s won several lawsuits, but so far Monsanto has refused to pay up and kept appealing in what is now a long, costly and exhausting process for Paul.

Bayer-Monsanto has an army of expensive lawyers — it can afford lengthy lawsuits while its victims either give up or die. To Bayer’s top brass, the thousands of people it’s poisoned, like Paul, are just numbers in a spreadsheet. You can help change that.

And this is how: with your donation we’ll pay for Paul to be at the shareholder meeting this week to speak to journalists, shareholders and directly to Bayer’s CEO. It will be a huge embarrassment for Bayer and its execs — and might be the beginning of a new course for Bayer.

Will you chip in to crash the Bayer party this week?

Donate another amount

France: “Everything for Notre-Dame, nothing for Les Miserables,”


“Everything for Notre-Dame, nothing for the miserables,”

homeless notre dame


Many protesters were saddened by the fire at the cathedral, but they were also angry that some £770m had been raised so easily for the monument’s reconstruction while their demands remained largely unmet.

“I think what happened at Notre Dame is a great tragedy but humans should be more important than stones. And if humans had a little bit more money, they too could help finance the reconstruction work at Notre Dame. I find this disgusting,” said protester Jose Fraile.

homeless noptre dame

penner Bettlern

Archbishop of Colombo – Animals Don’t Bomb ! -Please Do Not Refer To Bombers as ‘Animals’ – Bombers Are Humankind Only, Just Like You.

Sri Lanka


Re the terrible bombings in Sri Lanka this morning – thoughts go to all those affected

Cardinal Archbishop of Colombo, Malcolm Ranjith made a statement that he hoped the people that did this would be caught and severely punished – he stated that ‘they are animals’.

Sir, if I can remind you; it is very often the religious upheaval and differences across this planet that lead to things such as experienced in Sri Lanka today.

elephant machine gun

I have nothing more to say than animals do not plant bombs; that is something only practised by humankind – your kind; often in the name of what you practice – Religion.

Animals hunt for their food – they do not hunt for pleasure, unlike your kind; They do not smoke, they do not drink alcohol; they do not experiment on each other or sadistically abuse each other as per man does to his fellow man.

I suggest with respect that in future you do not refer to destructive members of your own race as ‘animals’ – instead, you study them more for your preaching’s. You may find that you have a lot to learn as a human from the animal species.


Brazil: hunters and corrupt politicians want the hunt again




Hunting, ie the killing of wild animals, has been officially banned in Brazil since 1967. But lobbyists now want to legalize the hunt in Brazileven in nature reserves.

Furthermore, the new law will allow private hunting areas: for sports, for commercial purposes as well as the commercial trade and commercial breeding of wild animals.

-jaguar-safari.brasilienjpgbrazilian jaguar

Brazilian environmentalists sharply criticize the bill. Hunting and killing animals call them cruel, immoral and medieval rituals. The hunt is really just for the pleasure of the hunters, the fun of killing and the trade in endangered species.


The fauna, which is already massively decimated, must be protected and must not be destroyed, writes the organisation APREMAVI.

Behind the bill are also the interests of the Brazilian arms industry and arms exporters, especially from the USA.

Scientists reject the proposed law because hunting affects the stability of ecosystems and agricultural land and their own quality of life. Animals are irreplaceable for ecosystems and agricultural crops: they regenerate the forests by spreading seeds, keeping stocks in balance and healthy by controlling pests and diseases.

ameisen bärjpgAnts bear

Loss of environmental benefits from wildlife would have fatal ecological consequences, including high financial costs for us humans. Hunting also increases the risk of endangered species, many of which are endemic to Brazil (i.e., nowhere else in the world) extinct.

löwenäffchen dür brasilienlion monkeys, live only in the south of Brasil

The legislative initiative weakens the protection of the fauna and the preservation of biodiversity. It undermines existing environmental laws protecting wildlife (No 5.197 / 67), the Environmental Crime Law (No 9.605 / 98) and international treaties signed by Brazil such as the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity.

Please support the petition to the Brazilian Parliament. It should protect the wildlife and reject the hunting law!

My comment:  Go home! Animals do not need serial killers!

jäger karikatur n

Best regards, Venus

USA: Don’t Kill Adorable Bear Cub Just for Being ‘Too Friendly’ – URGENT Petition – Please Sign.



SIGN: Don’t Kill Adorable Bear Cub Just for Being ‘Too Friendly’

WAV – We need to get as many signatures on this petition as we can very quickly. Please add your name NOW and crosspost to all contacts. Thanks – Mark.



Don’t Kill Adorable Bear Cub Just for Being ‘Too Friendly’

Posted by Natalia Chung


petition keyboard

Petition Link:


Petition Target: California Department of Fish and Wildlife

A sweet bear cub may lose her life because she innocently approached a group of snowboarders in Truckee, California.

According to News 4, the cub, whose mom may have died, was looking for food when she discovered newfound friends on the slopes. The bear was extremely friendly, and a video of the encounter is going viral on social media.

This behavior is out-of-character for most bears, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has taken the cub in for evaluation.

Soon, they will determine if the bear will be sent to a sanctuary or put down.

“They were feeding her, handing her sandwiches, in other words taming her…she’s old enough, almost, to be alone, but she’s still dependent. And now, she’s dependent on people,” said Ann Bryant, executive director for the Bear League, a non-profit dedicated to keeping bears safe and wild in their natural habitat, to News 4.

But a helpless, likely-orphaned bear cub doesn’t deserve a death sentence just for approaching humans.

Sign this petition urging The California Department of Fish and Wildlife to spare this innocent cub and send her to a sanctuary where she can gain independence, roam free, and live a safe and happy life.

EU: the strongest agricultural lobby


zerissene EU-Flagge am Stock


Unbelievable: The power of the agricultural lobby!! – they want to end the European animal welfare initiativeEnd The Cage Age’!

end the cage pg

What happens when people in Europe want to end the terrible animal torment in the stables?
The big agro-industry starts an attack. Only just a horrible meat scandal shocked Europe, so “rotten meat” from Poland was also processed in school kitchens and restaurants.
However, such news quickly disappears from the media, as does the meat scandal from Brazil, which shook the whole world (The world had 2017, a new rotten meat scandal. This time it is kuked meat from Brazil. For years, spoiled beef should have been partially treated with carcinogenic substances and resold).

The agricultural lobby is powerful, and in order to keep meat consumed, the EU has boosted meat consumption with 15 million euros.


More than 300 million animals in European agriculture suffer from cages. The European Union is the second largest meat producer worldwide! Not only that animal rights activists are no longer allowed to draw attention to the cruel conditions on farms, now the agricultural lobby is launching a counter campaign against a European citizens’ initiative calling for more animal welfare in the stables. Incredible, is not it? More and more outrages of mass animal husbandry are being exposed, but consumers are not supposed to know this, as are the many meat scandals.

schwein in Mastjpg

“We do not need a self-proclaimed stable police to control animal welfare”!

No! these words do not come from China, where the government criticized animal welfare organizations that drew attention to the terrible situations with terrible images from the slaughterhouses for dogs, but these words come from the Federal Minister of Agriculture, Germany, Julia Klöckner.


Only pictures of animal rights activists or undercover researchers, show that, where apparently many people have looked away. Whether farmers, veterinarians or the traders all of them benefit from animal suffering. These are pictures that you do not even get to see in a horror movie.

The European Union is the second largest meat producer worldwide! Instead of less meat, more is produced worldwide in 2017, about 324.8 million tons of meat.

Millions of tons of meat are produced here and exported abroad. Factory farming leaves behind terrible consequences in this country, which are supported by taxpayers’ money. Meat from Germany – in demand worldwide – while cheap meat from other countries is imported – more crazy it can not be!

The meat business is booming!

The meat industry is making all sorts of efforts to grow, as the Tönnies example shows, although a message from the meat industry in May 2017 confirmed that demand for pork in Germany and the EU is shrinking.
Why slaughter more pigs then? The meat industry also has an answer to this: exports to third countries increased by 35 percent for pork and over 20 percent for slaughter by-products. The main reason for this is a strong increase in deliveries to China and, to a lesser extent, to other countries, especially Asian ones.

Lämmleine verpacktn

EU Agriculture Commissioner Hogan promised farm animal owners to help open up new export markets and pointed to market voyages to Vietnam and Indonesia. In early November 2016, he visited Turkey, pointing to further trips to West Africa, Canada, Iran and the Persian Gulf in the first half of 2017.

More criminal is not possible: eggs from Ukraine and Argentina, poultry from Brazil and Thailand. Germany imports eggs to the Ukraine and they sell the eggs to Indonesia. Beef from Argentina, Paraguay and also from the USA, while China prefers meat “Made in Germany”. What is not consumed here then goes to Africa.

So Germany exports meat to China, but gets meat from Thailand. While in Latin America more and more rainforests and savannas are being burned to feed the animals in Germany for the intensive cultivation of soybean for animal feed, we also receive meat from Brazil and Argentina.

But we do not participate! We need 1 million valid signatures to ask the European Commission to end this unworthy treatment of farmed animals.


Please sign the petition (if not done yet):

This Video below is an undercover footage from year 2018 in a Polish farm shows workers smashing baby chicks on metal to kill them. However, these practices are not just a “specialty” from Poland, almost everywhere in Europe the Farma mafia uses these killing methods.

My comment: It is fact that supply and demand no longer regulate the price, it is produced in hell and what we do not want goes abroad. The farmers pollute the landscape and soil the groundwater. Citizens should regulate this with their money. And that’s with help of the subsidies.

Therefore: instead of subventions penalties for animal cruelty, extermination of birds and bees, environmental and water poisoning are urgently required.

After such a report, one thinks spontaneously of the victims of the Easter.
We celebrate Easter, because everything started with a betrayal – that’s what the church means! The Father sent his son down to earth to save the people … and he was betrayed … we all certainly know the story!
We betray the animals every day, but these days the most, and many even with a clear conscience, because they call it tradition.
We call it mass murder and do something against this collective madness. We leave all the animals whether pigs, cattle, poultry, rabbits, lambs …. in their peace and sign the petition against the cage attitude.

schönes lämmlein jpg

Happy Easter to all, wishes Venus

EU: ‘Life’ On An EU Rabbit Facility.

zerissene EU-Flagge am Stock


We are supposed to have EU so called ‘Politicians’ to address such problems as these. This May EU citizens are expected to vote for new Members of the European Parliament (MEP’s). The animals in these photos have no voice; except via us, and if they do not get support from EU politicians, people that ARE supposed to be addressing and approving animal welfare in the EU; then one has to ask if anyone is worthy of your vote in May. When, and only when they address such issues as this, will they be worth even considering.

Wonder why the UK wants to get out of Europe ?


Over one billion rabbits are slaughtered annually for meat worldwide; around 50% of these are produced in China. Rabbits are the second most farmed species in the European Union with an estimated 330 million rabbits slaughtered for meat ever year; the majority of which are produced in Italy, Spain and France (FAOSTAT, 2014).

Nearly all rabbits farmed for meat and fur are kept in small, barren cages where their natural behaviour is severely restricted. Rabbits in intensive farming systems experience very bad welfare

Good animal welfare depends on three components:

  • Physical well-being
  • Mental well-being
  • Natural living.

In intensive rabbit farms, all three of these are compromised by confinement in barren cages, unsuitable social environments, injury and disease and through rough handling at slaughter.

Rabbits are the fourth most farmed animal in the world and most are kept in barren environments, usually in cages. In the European Union the majority are housed in tiny wire cages within large sheds containing 500 to 1000 breeding does (females) and 10 to 20 thousand rabbits reared for meat. Although farmed rabbits are domesticated, they have the behaviours and motivations of their wild counterparts, and many of these are thwarted in intensive systems.

Currently there is no species-specific legislation protecting the welfare of farmed rabbits in the EU. A few countries within the EU (Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands) have species-specific requirements for rabbit farming but they produce only a very small percentage of rabbit meat farmed in the EU.

Inadequate space and cage height

Young rabbits reared for meat (referred to as “fattening rabbits”) are typically caged in groups with 450 to 600cm² space each in the EU; this is less than the area of an ordinary A4 sheet of paper. Adult breeding does are typically housed singly, in cages that are just 60 to 65cm long, 40 to 48cm wide and 30 to 35cm high.

Cages are simply not acceptable. With barely any space, rabbits cannot adopt normal postures such as lying stretched out, sitting and standing with their ears erect (species typical “look out” posture) or rearing up to explore their surroundings. They cannot move normally or comfortably, and some don’t even have enough space to perform a single hop. This is bad for their mental well-being, and the lack of exercise can also lead to weakened bones.

Barren environment

The majority of farmed rabbits are reared in barren environments, with just a drinker and feeder and a wire mesh floor. This does not allow for natural behaviours such as digging, hiding and foraging, and leads to abnormal behaviours such as over grooming and repetitive gnawing on the bars of the cage.

In the wild rabbits spend much of their time feeding on grass and other plants, eating lots of high-fibre roughage. In contrast, most farmed rabbits are fed a pellet-only diet which is eaten in a fraction of the time. This leads to boredom and frustration.

Unsuitable social environments

Rabbits are social animals and usually live in stable groups in the wild. Serious aggression is rare once a stable hierarchy has been established.

Fattening rabbits are usually housed in pairs or groups, but they are kept in very close confinement so are unable to move away from each other. This may be particularly stressful for rabbits as they get larger and have even less space, and when they start to reach sexual maturity they can become more aggressive.

Breeding rabbits are usually kept in individual cages. This denies them opportunity for natural social behaviours, such as grooming. However, the rabbits are kept right next to each other in the cages, which also stops them from being able to move away from each other. In the wild, females keep their young in isolated nests, far away from the rest of the group, so this close proximity to other females is likely to be very stressful to them.

Singly housed rabbits show more abnormal stereotypical behaviour, such as over grooming and gnawing at the bars of their cage, than those housed in groups. Breeding rabbits can be housed successfully in groups if they are given sufficient space and adequate nesting facilities to avoid aggression problems.

Injuries and disease

The mortality rates for commercially farmed rabbits are very high. Typically, 100 – 120% of breeding does die or are culled and replaced each year, and 15 to 30% of fattening rabbits die before slaughter (which happens at 8-12 weeks old). Respiratory and intestinal diseases are the main reason for such high mortalities and cause acute pain.

Rabbit cages are made of wire and sometimes have metal sheet sides. The floor is often made entirely from bare wire, which is uncomfortable to stand on. Breeding male and females kept on bare wire often develop sores on their footpads and hocks. These sores can cause chronic pain and are a common reason for culling.

Does are commonly given hormone treatments to control their reproductive cycles and get them ready to breed at the same time. They are artificially inseminated within 11 days (on average) after giving birth to their last litter, and have been bred to produce larger litters. Their bodies are put under huge strain from this intensive reproduction cycle. It can lead to loss of body condition, metabolic diseases, and increase the risk of spinal deformities.


In the EU commercially slaughtered rabbits are usually electrically stunned before slaughter. Research has shown that rabbits may be frequently incorrectly stunned. Rabbits are hung individually upside down for the electrical stunning which is stressful and may cause pain and/or injury if their weight is not supported properly. This is a particular problem for larger rabbits.

There are alternatives to farming rabbits in cages, which can improve the welfare of farmed rabbits.

Higher welfare alternatives for rabbits

In some countries there are alternatives to barren-cage farming of rabbits, which can improve the welfare of farmed rabbits. However, there are still problems associated with these systems, as it is intensive production and research is ongoing.

There is national legislation setting minimum standards for rabbits in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. In these countries, barren cages are banned for fattening rabbits and breeding does. In Belgium, ‘enriched’ cages are also banned for fattening rabbits and will be banned for breeding does from 2021, and pen systems are the minimum standard.

Information provided by ‘Compassion In World Farming’ – London, England.

A rabbit lies at the bottom of a cage, surrounded by feces

A rabbit lies at the bottom of a cage, surrounded by faeces


Rabbit cages hover above excrement on breeding farm

Rabbit cages hover above excrement on breeding farm


Rabbit in a breeding cage

Rabbit in a breeding cage


Baby rabbit born on industrial breeding farm

Baby rabbit born on industrial breeding farm


Rabbits in breeding cages

Rabbits in breeding cages


Rabbits in breeding cages

More Rabbits in breeding cages


Baby rabbits born on industrial breeding farm

Rabbits born on an industrial breeding farm

Spray painted rabbit confined in a breeding cage

Spray painted rabbit confined in breeding cage.

Rabbits in breeding cages

Rabbits in breeding cages.

Excrement below rabbit cages on industrial farm

Excrement below cages on a breeding farm.

Rabbit with face injury

Rabbit with face injury.

Rabbits and young in breeding cages

Rabbits and young in breeding cages.

Rabbits in breeding cages

Rabbits in breeding cages.

Rabbits in cages hover above excrement on breeding farm

Rabbits in cages above excrement on breeding farm.

Dead rabbits piled and bagged in a bin

Dead rabbits in garbage bin.

zerissene EU-Flagge am Stock


Below – The ‘Masters of Europe’ – those who Enforce the Regulations !!!

Juncker küsst eine Glazepg

Juncker und Merkelg

tusk hell

Oh no — not above the rabbit excrement pile – I thought you had regulations to prevent that !


EU- Flagge

England: Rabbits given cholera and fatal injections in ‘painful’ university experiments.



Rabbits given cholera and fatal injections in ‘painful’ university experiments

Hundreds of rabbits were allegedly subjected to to painful experiments in British universities last year, a campaign group has said.

Some of the creatures were infected with cholera, others given fatal injections, while some had their eyes sewn shut.

Scientists are becoming increasingly secretive about the tests, and the number prepared to release figures almost halved this year, researchers found.

Oxford University, which in 2017 carried out 236,429 tests on animals, refused for first time in four years to reveal how many rabbits it used last year.

Edinburgh, Cambridge, University College London and 15 others also declined to give details, according to anti-vivisection group Animal Justice Project (AJP)

The campaign group, which uncovered details of some experiments from research papers, called for more transparency on “out-of-date and futile” tests on “Easter bunnies”.

It believes around 26 experiments are conducted every day on rabbits in the UK, many in academic institutions.

AJP alleged that last year:

  • Sixty baby rabbits were infected with cholera at Nottingham University, causing diarrhoea, vomiting and dehydration. They were believed to have suffered extreme thirst, low blood pressure and irregular heartbeat causing death if “humane termination” was not carried out.
  • At Liverpool University 18 rabbits had bacteria injected into their spines every other day for 10 days to induce fungal disease. Some died prematurely.
  • At University College London researchers carried out “traumatic” eye surgery, injecting drugs into rabbits’ eyes and sewing them shut. Six rabbits were operated on for eye implants and left for a month before being killed.
  • Sheffield University led on a study in India in which synthetic membranes were glued to one eye of 14 rabbits and the eye sewn shut. Ten animals were left with ocular lesions and eye congestion. “These rabbits would like have felt severe pain and burning to their eyes while confined to their barren metal cage or worse, restraining stocks,” AJP reported
  • At Leicester University at least 64 rabbits were killed in an experiment funded by the British Heart Foundation. In multiple experiments by Kings College London rabbits’ heart arteries were injured before they were fed high-fat diets so researchers could investigate plaque build-up


Durham University used 264 rabbits, Leicester used 68, Sheffield 59 and Nottingham 40, according to AJP, which also claimed that Liverpool University refused to answer a freedom of information (FOI) request but told a member of the public it used 122 rabbits.

Latest government figures show that 9,498 rabbits were used in labs in 2017, and AJP said more than half of all animal experiments take place at universities.

The group, which asks them all each year through FOI laws about animals used in research, said this year numbers of institutions being open almost halved, from 46-57 usually to 29 out of 70.

The number refusing almost quadrupled, from 5 to 19, many promising to put details online.

AJP said a replacement test for rabbits had been accepted by regulators since 2010 but its use was not compulsory by law.

Claire Palmer, group founder, said: “Animal experiments like those we have uncovered will be unpalatable to many. Rabbits are a much-loved animal who some share their home with. Disturbingly, universities just won’t tell us what is happening to them.

“They refuse to make information public when asked, but get round it by saying they will put figures online.”

Campaigners staged a “die-in” at Nottingham University, with members dressed as the White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland. A similar protest is planned at the University of Liverpool on Good Friday.

Speaking on behalf of the universities, Wendy Jarrett, chief executive of Understanding Animal Research, denied they were being secretive.

She said: “Since the publication of the Concordat on Openness on Animal Research in the UK in 2014, organisations that carry out, fund or support research using animals have been increasingly transparent about their animal research. UK universities in particular are very open about the research they carry out using animals, with most providing facts, figures, case studies and photos on their websites.

“The AJP’s own figures show that of the 62 universities they contacted this year, 29 provided the information requested and 31 said that they would publish the information on their websites. It is hard to see how AJP can say these universities are being secretive. A few UK universities use rabbits in research, but rabbits overall make up 0.3 per cent of the animal research in this country, and only a quarter of that takes place in universities.

“If alternatives to animal research are available and have been validated by regulators, it is illegal to use an animal and the research will not receive a licence from the Home Office. So rabbits are only used for safety testing, for instance to check that a vaccine will not cause fever in babies and children, when there is no non-animal alternative available.”

University tests on all animals in 2017

University of Edinburgh: 225,366

University College London: 214,570

University of Cambridge: 157,975

King’s College London: 139,679

University of Manchester: 104,863

Imperial College London: 97,787

University of Sheffield: 83,299

University of Newcastle: 53,158

University of Cardiff: 46,728

University of Glasgow: 46,045

University of Birmingham: 45,361

Queen Mary University London: 40,421

University of Dundee: 33,110

University of Exeter: 27,237

University of Nottingham: 25,248

University of Leeds: 22,725

University of Aberdeen: 15,268

Royal Veterinary College: 11,181

University of East Anglia: 11,082

University of Stirling: 9,209

University of Liverpool: 8,396

A Nottingham University spokesman said: “Animal studies are still important where animal-free models cannot mimic the sheer complexity of the body.  “The cholera study was undertaken for the World Health Organization and government of India to develop treatments for antibiotic-resistant infections. Demonstrating it worked successfully in rabbits was a vital step towards a new cure for a disease which affects millions of the poorest people worldwide.

“We proactively publish all details of our animal testing programme on our public webpages and respond to all Freedom of Information requests.”

An Oxford University spokeswoman said they refuse Freedom of Information requests only on data already due for release.

“The university also releases all animal testing data, by species and severity, every single year. This is usually in the autumn,” she added.

A Liverpool spokeswoman said its work had led to new drugs being approved, adding: “The university uses rabbits in research to help develop new antimicrobial agents for babies, children and adults for diseases that currently have few, if any, treatment options. Rabbit models are used to identify safe and effective dosages of new drugs that can then be studied in clinical trials.”

A Sheffield spokesperson said its research contributed to groundbreaking developments in treating major diseases, and it was committed to replacing animals.”However, we are not yet at the point where these techniques can entirely replace the need for animals in research.”

A spokeswoman for UCL said it was very open on the animal research it does and its commitment to use alternative techniques where possible. “Practically all the drugs available today have been discovered or developed due to animal research, and we would not have vaccines, cancer drugs, blood pressure medication, insulin, or inhalers without this work. Research using animals continues to be necessary,” she said.

The Independent has also contacted Leicester and Kings College London for comment.



WAV Comment: If this is happening in ‘my’ country, England; which has pretty good standards for animal welfare, then what is going on behind closed doors in other nations also ?

Regards Mark.


England: New Figures Show Lots of Illegal Hunting Despite Official Ban.


Horses and hounds on a hunt

New set of figures highlight shocking scale of illegal fox hunting that’s taking place in the British countryside in spite of ban.

The League Against Cruel Sports has gathered 284 reports of illegal hunting activity and 43 reports of fox kills by hunts, from November when the season opened, to now, at its close.

Hunting an animal welfare remain key political issues in Westminster, with the focus now on the need to strengthen the Hunting Act.

Chris Luffingham, director of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “These figures sadly show the scale of the killing still taking place in the British countryside by fox hunts.

Turning the tide

“We know these reports are just the tip of the iceberg, with fox hunts killing indiscriminately across the UK and lying about their bloodthirsty activities to cover up their crimes.

“However, I believe the tide is turning, and political parties are now recognising the need to take animal welfare much more seriously and put in place stronger legislation to protect British wildlife.”


Separately, 129 cases of fox cub hunting were received by the League between the beginning of August and the end of October, which is when they are typically targeted. This is a practice where the hunts’ hounds are trained to kill in the run-up to the fox hunting season – by being let loose in woodland to target fox cubs and literally tear them to pieces.

The figures were compiled from the League’s Animal Crimewatch service, which consists of reports from members of the public and from the League’s professional investigators, as well as from evidence gathered from photos and videos shared on social media.

Strengthening laws

Concerns over the fact that fox hunting is still taking place are getting a lot more exposure in Parliament.

A parliamentary debate on wildlife crime in mid-March led to calls by cross-party MPs for the Hunting Act to be strengthened.

It followed a recent review of the policing of illegal fox hunting arranged by Cheshire’s Police and Crime commissioner David Keane, late last year, which highlighted the challenges posed by the current legislation, and proposed strengthening it.

Elsewhere, the Scottish Government announced plans in 2018 to strengthen hunting laws in Scotland, reducing the number of hounds in a pack to two, and introducing measures that would prevent hunts using the ‘trail’ hunting deception used in England and Wales.

Animal welfare

The National Trust has also come under pressure recently to stop issuing licences allowing the hunts to access its land.

The number of hunts issued licenses in the 2018/19 hunting season was down to 24 compared with 67 in 2016/17, due to pressure from the League. This fell to 20 after four hunts had their licences withdrawn this season following allegations of illegal hunting.

Chris Luffingham said: “The issue of animal welfare has never been such an important issue for the public and political parties and it is becoming vital to electoral success.

“We are calling for the hunting ban to be strengthened with the introduction of prison sentences for those caught illegally hunting.

“We need a proper deterrent to stop the barbaric activities of the hunts and we also need to close down the loop holes that allow hunts to get around the law.”

This Author 

Brendan Montague is editor of The Ecologist. This article is based on a press release from the League Against Cruel Sports. Any suspected illegal hunting activity can be reported to the League’s Animal Crimewatch service. Alternatively, phone in confidence on 01483 361 108 or email LACS Crimewatch.



Regards Mark.

USA: the hell of the Waccatee Zoo has to be closed




From pacing and swaying to injuries and ailments, abnormal behavior patterns and inadequate veterinary care appear to be the norm for many animals languishing at Waccatee Zoo—a roadside zoo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with a long history of violating the federal Animal Welfare Act.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently inspected the facility following a complaint from PETA and confirmed that several animals were in need of veterinary care and showing signs of psychological distress. The USDA cited Waccatee for failing to address the animals’ needs despite having been told to do so almost a year earlier.

For years, big cats, bears, and other animals have been witnessed pacing and baboons have been seen swaying and rolling their heads—all signs of psychological distress. A macaque was frantically self-biting and suffering from what an inspector believed to be frostbite.

A llama reportedly struggled to walk after having been severely injured by another animal, capuchin monkeys and bears had hair loss, and a goat was reportedly urinating blood. PETA has sent numerous complaints requesting that the USDA investigate this menagerie, but conditions haven’t improved for the animals trapped at this deplorable facility.

Affe hinter Gitternjpg

As you may remember, Chico—the chimpanzee who’d languished in isolation for nearly 30 years at this roadside zoo—died suddenly in 2015. While he was still alive, PETA had repeatedly offered to arrange for him to be transferred to an accredited sanctuary. It’s too late for Chico, but it’s not too late for the animals still held captive in this facility.

Speak up today, and urge Waccatee Zoo to retire all the animals to reputable sanctuaries.

Please call 843-650-8500 during business hours (10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST), or mail a short, polite letter to the owner at the following address:

Kathleen Futrell, Owner
Waccatee Zoo
8500 Enterprise Rd.
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

Please feel free to use our sample letter, but remember that using your own words is always more effective. Waccatee Zoo can be contacted by phone or U.S. Mail. There is no email or computer access at the zoo. So  I suggest to write a letter  to the given address, for example with the following text given by PETA:

Suggested Letter Subject Line
Please retire all the animals at your zoo to reputable sanctuaries
Suggested Letter Content

I’m writing to urge you to retire all the animals at the Waccatee Zoo to reputable sanctuaries. I was appalled to learn that, for years, animals have been observed pacing and swaying and that a macaque was seen frantically self-biting—all signs of psychological distress. A llama reportedly struggled to walk after having been severely injured by another animal, capuchin monkeys and bears had hair loss, and a goat was reportedly urinating blood.

These animals deserve to live in habitats that meet their individual needs—and where exotic and big cats, bears, and primates can roam, exercise, socialize, forage, and play. Llamas, goats, and other animals should live in clean, comfortable spaces and receive the veterinary care that they need.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

(Name, Nationality)

Help Animals Found Injured, Pacing, and Self-Biting at Waccatee Zoo

My comment: Lifelong behind bars, this is life in the zoo, where the animal inmates vegetate in tiny concrete bunkers and lattice cages.
There are parents who go on trips to the zoo with their children to learn how we (humans) incarcerate the others (animals), exploit them and rob life-long natural joys and function.
And so, these parents educate their children to become immune to the suffering of animals imprisoned for life, because man allows everything that is not subsumed under his own species.
Man as a species is simply a misconstruction.

My best regards, Venus

Some questions about the case Jill Phipps


UK Flagge.gif

“I have never been so devastated as I was over Jill’s death. I will never forgive those involved in animal abuse and to a certain extent the meat eating public who are as much to blame – if the trade in animal cruelty and death didn’t exist we would never have had to demonstrate.

I will never forget Jill and love her forever”, has written Pam Brown, a close friend of Jill.


And that’s how it happened:

On Wednesday 1 February 1995, 31 year old protester Jill Phipps was crushed to death under the wheels of an export truck carrying baby veal calves into Coventry Airport. Despite the fact that nearly 100 officers were on duty that day, 10 of the 33 protesters present had broken through police lines and attempted to bring the lorry to a halt by sitting on the road and attempting to chain themselves to it.

Jill and the others mistakenly assumed that police officers and the lorry driver (Stephen Yates) would respect human life a little more than animals, they were wrong. Police on duty allowed the export lorry to continue making progress despite the clear safety problems.

The vehicle was only halted by police once Jill had been crushed beneath the wheels. The Crown Prosecution Service decided there was not enough evidence to charge Stephen Yates with Causing death by dangerous driving.–ToDo/Activism/Jill_Phipps.htm

My comment: I did not know the story, I have to confess it. Because nothing was reported on German animal welfare blogs or on Facebook pages. Nowhere.

After informing me about all the incident, a few questions have arisen for me: Why is all the information about this murder made available to the public only via the Animal Liberation Front?

Indirectly, can be assumed that Jill Phipps is classified as a “fundamentalist” by the rest of the animal welfare scene, and that’s why the “conformists” want to know nothing about her death?

Consequently, a fundamental question arises: Is chaining from some courageous animal rights activists on a truck an action that the “good” animal rights activists evaluate as inappropriate ?

Or the outrageous charade of the police and prosecutor’s office has also convinced the morale of animal rights activists, that Jill Phipps “deliberately” decided to squirm under the wheels, even though she had decided to continue fighting for animal rights ?

Questions to which I would like to get an answer from the comrades of the animal rights community.

Best regards, Venus


England: There Is More To The Jill Story When You Have the Facts.


Venus was asking a bit more about Jill and Coventry airport protests today – here I will let the newspapers talk about it – Mark.

Did you wonder why I / we in the UK anti live export groups have such a thing about the death of our beloved Jill (Phipps) ?

Well, below is the reason. The ‘businessman’ behind the export of live calves where Jill was crushed to death by an export truck, was very soon afterwards found to be smuggling £22 million worth of Cocaine into the UK via Southend airport which is near to London, in Essex.

He was given a 20 year jail sentence for this. Some small justice for the murder of our Jill, but he should have rotted in jail to this very day; we don’t need scum like this around; especially when they export live animals like the calves; and kill decent young people like our Jill. This is the kind that are involved in the live animal export trade. ‘Businessman’ ? – No; we can think of much better realistic descriptions for him.

Read on to find out more about the calf exporting, Coke smuggling ‘businessman’.

I hope he rots in a dark place;

For Jill xx;

Regards Mark.

Twenty-four years ago, five crew members died when a Boeing 737 crashed in thick fog as it made its final approach to Coventry Airport.

At just before 10am on Wednesday, December 21, 1994, the cargo plane collided with an electricity pylon about a mile from the runway.

The impact damaged the left engine and wing and the aircraft rolled to the left and dropped, clipping a house on the Willenhall housing estate before crashing into woodland near Middle Ride and catching fire.

Miraculously no-one on the ground was killed, but all five air crew perished, making it the city’s worst air disaster.


The Air Algerie plane had been chartered by Phoenix Aviation – headed by Christopher Barrett-Jolley – to carry veal calves to the continent.

A coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death, while air accident investigators said pilot error and tiredness were factors in the crash.

Veal EU 2

A businessman once at the centre of protests because of his export of live calves was today beginning a 20-year jail sentence after being convicted of plotting to smuggle £22m worth of cocaine into the UK.


veal EU 1


Pilot Christopher Barrett-Jolley, 55, of Wellington, Somerset, was at the controls of a Boeing 707 freight airliner that flew from the West Indies to Southend, Essex, in October 2001 carrying six suitcases packed with more than 270kg (nearly 600lb) of cocaine, Basildon crown court heard.

Barrett-Jolley came to attention a decade ago over the export of live animals to the continent. He was the head of a firm called Phoenix Aviation which ran a veal export business from Baginton airport, near Coventry, Warwickshire.

In 1994 five people died when a returning veal flight crashed into a wood as it approached the airport.

A year later animal rights activist Jill Phipps, 31, was crushed to death by a lorry at one of the protests against the trade. Phoenix Aviation’s trade was criticised by leading church figures. The company went out of business in 1995.


Cocaine smuggling businessman jailed

A businessman at the centre of protests because of his export of live calves was today beginning a 20-year jail sentence after being convicted of plotting to smuggle £22 million worth of cocaine into the UK.


Veal EU 2

Pilot Christopher Barrett-Jolley, 55, of Wellington, Somerset, was at the controls of a Boeing 707 freight airliner which flew from the West Indies to Southend, Essex, in October 2001 carrying six suitcases packed with more than 270kg (nearly 600lb) of cocaine, Basildon Crown Court heard.

Barrett-Jolley’s brother-in-law and co-pilot, Peter Carine, 50, of Hensall, North Yorkshire, was also jailed for 20 years.

Nestle’s crime




Nestlé is not only the world’s largest mineral water producer, but also a milk entrepreneur, and it sources more than 12 million tonnes of fresh milk equivalents from more than 30 countries.
More and more cruelties from the dairy industry are being exposed, including from a dairy that supplies Nestlè.
So horrible conditions were revealed that some shots could not be shown in the media because of brutality.
Over the past decade, Nestlé has been accused by many experts and organizations around the world for its unethical business practices in the way it conducts its business.

“Dairy farming is one of the strongest engines of growth in rural development,” says Nestlé in a 2010 brochure, and Nestlé needs a lot of milk.
In the US, a Nestlé dairy company has now been charged because of animal abuse:
Cows are being beaten, kicked and brutally mistreated. A recent investigation by Compassion over Killing shows how cows are being tortured in this US dairy supplying Nestlé. The footage was shot in Martin Farms, a large dairy in Pennsylvania, USA. In one case, an employee shot an exhausted cow in the head. She suffered torment for almost a minute before being shot again and she died.


Workers kicked, stomped and hit cows, or sprayed hot water on their faces to make them move quickly. In another shocking incident, an employee stabbed a cow without anesthetic into the stomach to treat a stomach ailment.

The Compassion Over Killing investigator followed a van directly from Martin Farms to a factory where Nestlé’s ice creams are produced, among others Häagen Dazs and Dryers.

One of Compassion Over Killing managed to work with a hidden camera on the farm for one and a half months. The farm’s mission is to provide milk to Nestle in Maryland. What he experienced, he now describes in a petition to Nestlé:

“I recently worked undercover for Compassion Over Killing in a huge dairy in Pennsylvania. Instead of the boisterous “happy cows” we see in commercials for dairy products, I documented at Martin Farms extreme violence against defenseless calves and suckler cows treated as milk-producing machines – violence worse than anything I’ve ever seen before.
COK wanted to find out how this cruelty could prevail among American consumers. And so we followed a truck that brought Martin Farm’s miserable milk directly to one of the largest ice cream factories in the world, where Dreyer,Edy’s and Häagen-Dazs produce ice for the world’s largest food and dairy company – Nestlé. “


COK handed over the evidence to the Pennsylvania State Police and the district attorney in Franklin County and demands swift legal action against Martin Farms.

In a statement released shortly after the covert video was released, Nestlé claimed it had broken the link to Martin Farms. But other cows still suffer through the hands of their suppliers.

My comment:  Turning on the Internet every day gives you the impression that the whole world is all about one thing: the killing of animals for profit, business, products, brands and food. The abominable cruelty of man affected the entire animal kingdom. In fact, we can not find a single species that has not been abused by humans. Not a single one.

Philip Wollen said: “being tortured by a member of your own kind is bad enough. But being tortured by a member of a more powerful kind for a purpose you can not fathom, is appalling!!”

Calf slaughter, artificial insemination of cows, the removal of tiny calves from their mothers, the forcible killing of “unprofitable” calves – all this is known to today’s consumers. But nothing interests people less than the suffering of the other species. It’s people who basically feel ethically ok about eating animals. A horrible scam – a scam of the worst kind.

Unfortunately, our morally bankrupt politicians are under the control of industrial meat and dairy drug cartels. And therefore more powerful than ever. The example with Nestlè, Monsantos, Bayer … confirms that every day.

We have to cooperate closely with each other; only together do we have a chance to make the solidarity message audible everywhere.
The mission of the Animal Rights Movement is more than just talking about the rights of “animals”.
It’s also about speaking out against the wrong thing people do.
And that includes political knowledge and action.
Every cruelty that ends is a destruction less on this earth.

To end or mitigate this omnipresent cruelty is our mission.

My best regards to all, Venus



A nice story



One day, the frogs decided to run a race. To make it especially difficult, they set a goal to reach the highest point of a large tower.
On the day of the race, many other frogs gathered to watch.
Then finally – the race began.

Now, it was true that none of the looking frogs really believed that even one of the participating frogs could actually reach their destination. Instead of cheering for the runners, they shouted “Oh! the poor! They’ll never make it! ” or ” That’s just impossible”! or ” You never can! ”

And it really seemed as if the audience was right, because gradually more and more frogs gave up.
The audience kept shouting, “Oh, the poor! They will never make it! ”

And indeed all the frogs soon gave up – all except one, who climbed abruptly up the steep tower – and was the only one who reached the target.
The spectator frogs were completely stunned and everyone wanted to know how it was possible.
One of the other participant frogs approached him to ask how he had managed to win the race.
And then they realized that this frog was deaf!

Author unknown

My best regards, Venus

Plastic litter in oceans has significantly increased since 1990s, study says.

The CPR has been used to survey oceans since 1931.

The CPR has been used to survey oceans since 1931. ( Screenshot/Guy Baker )

Plastic litter in oceans has significantly increased since 1990s, study says

Researchers find plastic waste dating from 1965

Plastic litter in the world’s oceans has significantly increased since the 1990s, according to a new study.

Scientists from the University of Plymouth examined data collected over 60 years and 6.5m nautical miles for the research.

They concluded that there had been a “significant increase” in larger plastic items found in the ocean from 1957 to 2016.

Plastic objects such as bags, rope and netting were among those retrieved from oceans.

The earliest piece of plastic the researchers traced was a bag, found in 1965 off the northwest coast of Ireland.

Click on the above link to read the article in full.


Some more pictures not related to the article:

plastic beach 2

plastic whale trash

plastic beach 3




Flight to freedom failed




An escaped cow has caused a stir on Saturday, April 13, in the district of Altötting, a city 90 kilometers from Munich. Firefighters, police and farmers have tried to capture the animal. Without success. Stun darts have shown no effect. “The distance was too big, the cow has always moved away”, explains the police in Altötting opposite the  “Passauer New Press”.

-kuh-drama-kastl-Po6aThe cow on the way to freedom

In the end, the cow was shot by a hunter in a field. The measure had previously been discussed with the owners (!!!) it is said by the police Altötting against the “Passauer Neue Presse”.

Meanwhile, it is officially confirmed that the cattle were shot. “The cow would have become a danger to road traffic,” said a spokesman for the responsible police inspection in Altötting. The animal was already bristled at 7 o’clock in the morning, whereupon firefighters, policemen and farmers searched for the animal.

kuh-drama-kastl-2WESF83h6aThe cow, still in freedom

When the animal could be surrounded in the area of the state road 2107, a forest ranger tried several times to anesthetize this with an anesthetic rifle. However, the forester did not succeed in getting close enough to the cow. That’s why the animal was finally shot.

“The cow would have become a danger to road traffic,” said a spokesman for the responsible police inspection in Altötting.

-kuh-drama-kastl-Image: the execution

Originally outgrown the cow was apparently in Gasteig in the district of Altötting. Then she ran towards Altötting and was there initially surrounded by the forces in the area of the state highway.

According to local information, a hunter was used to disable the animal with an air rifle. The hunter, who had the necessary permission to shoot the cow with the stun gun, could not bring it down. Therefore, the animal is said to have been killed with sharp shots, according to information from site. Closer backgrounds are currently unknown.

My comment: This is not the first time that a slave has had a happy opportunity to escape his terrible fate in the tyrant hands of our conspecifics.
How cowardly is that! They take the right to go armed against a peaceful animal that is unarmed and has never done anything to anyone!

And for experienced murderers, it is natural to justify their systematic violence against animals with really ridiculous rules of order, which in reality have the function of veiling the injustice and making it invisible.

It makes us very sad, because it was pain and despair, fainting and death the price of freedom for our friend, because the ruling species wants to remain always the culprit.

My best regards to all, Venus





WAV Comment – Aus elections soon; lets hope the electorate send a clear message to the politicians who appear to live on a different planet – live exports, this – vote and make a difference.

Breaking: Australian police have seized a baby calf and arrested animal rescuers, please sign petition

by Stacey

Aus rescued calf.png


Please click HERE to sign petition

Please click HERE to watch brief video about Theo and James

Source Direct Action Everywhere
By Cassie King

My friend James found a sick calf collapsed on the floor of a veal farm. He named him Theo and rushed him to medical care. Now, Australian police have thrown James in jail and are searching for Theo. They’ve already removed one calf from a loving family — a calf they believe is Theo — and now that baby is alone and destined to be slaughtered. But the Premier of Western Australia, Mark McGowan, has the power to call off the hunt for Theo.

Contact Premier Mark McGowan now and ask him to protect Theo.

Authorities in Australia and around the world are cracking down on animal rights activists for simple acts of compassion. Governments need to know that when they side with animal abusers, the public does not support them. They should be protecting animals like Theo and supporting animal rescuers like James. Please help Theo by sharing this video and contacting Mark McGowan today.

Thank you,


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England: Eid Sheep; Crate Calves Jill, and all That.


I have been doing a major clear out of gear in my loft today in order to prepare for a house move. I came across endless stacks of animal rights data that I have had in storage for years – campaign material for when we hit the streets.

I uncovered some old live export data which I have stored, for this very day I guess; to bring back memories of what we did in the past. Below is the front page of ‘Dover Moos’ – a newsletter thrown together by the Dover AR movement which largely hinged around the exports campaign.

Moos 95

Note this is for 4th September 1995. It starts with ‘the week that was’ – and as you can see, 150+ live animals transporters passed through Dover harbour in just that one week. Multiply that by 4 and you get a rough guesstimate of the monthly tally – say 600 transporters; maybe more, maybe less; but typical of the situation in 1995; 400 animals per transporter – that makes roughly 250,000 live animals going to their deaths each month – that was the export trade out of Dover, the South East of England.

Sheep were being exported en masse from places such as Wales – they were going to mainland EU for slaughter; but at certain times of the year, these sheep were also being exported to the killing fields of France at the time of Muslim ‘Eid’. France has a large Muslim population. British sheep were driven by truck down to the killing fields where they were unloaded and immediately laid over rough iron frameworks which were above trenches which had been dug in advance into the fields.

Their final resting place.jpg

As you can see in the picture; the sheep were laid and waited their turn to have their throats cut without any form of pre-stunning. The same throat cut procedure happens to this very day with ‘Eid’; there is no advanced stunning of the animals before they are slaughtered. Every campaigner a Dover dreaded the Eid killing fields time as they all knew what it meant for exported British sheep.

We also had calf exports. You could hear the calves bellowing before the trucks arrived – mere male babies deprived of their mothers milk; being exported to the Netherlands and France mainly for further fattening and veal production. In the UK, we had forced the government to ban veal crates here on cruelty grounds – and yet despite the ban in the UK; we were still allowing live calves to be exported abroad to the very same systems that were considered ‘cruel’ here ! In the following 2 photos you can see British calves in the European crate systems; and also being held in the head lock device to ‘get them more used to how to live in the crate’.

veal EU 1

Veal EU 2

Like all live animal exports, it bummed me off then, just as it still bums me off now; it always will. So this is why I was proud to be an animal advocate against the live trade going out of Dover, and other ports in SE England. We united, we stuck with it and we became a very well organised and potent force.

Today at Dover; 2019; there are NO live animal transporters going out through the port. The trade was closed down over time by well organised and dedicated folk who wanted to be a voice for the calves, sheep and pigs which were being exported. If things are bad, then there may be 1 shipment going out of Ramsgate port each week; taking a maximum of 6 trucks on the sailing. That is still one shipment a week too many; but look back to 95 when it was 150+ each week. In my book, that is quite a result. Masses of people still protest at every Ramsgate shipment; and they always will until the trade is stopped there as well.

So the aim of this story is one of never giving up. In another way, it is of mothers losing their babies – Nancy lost her baby Jill in the calf protests, dairy cows losing their calf babies.

Image result for nancy and jill phippsJill and mum Nancy



Your campaign can take many years to bring success; but with planning; dedicated people and the want to be a voice for animals; a victory will come your way.

And the veal calves – why I have personally never touched diary milk for decades; cows milk is for baby cows, not us.

Regards Mark.

Image result for milk from another animal

Notre Dame: donation funds are flowing


flagge francepng


Within only one day – about 800 million euros in donations!
How long do many hungry people in the world wait for help?
Although money was pledged again and again, the community could not agree – not even after years.

If the starving people of this world were NOTRE DAME, they would not have to wait that long!
Or we take Europe – millions of old people are living in the garbage! 50 million people in the EU can not cook hot food because they suffer from energy poverty.


Take the “young” generation in the EU!

When an entire generation loses its courage. In Spain, Greece, Portugal and France, boys have been taking to the streets for some time, not just since the “yellow west”. Their anger is justified, because in France alone, the youth unemployment rate in September 2018 was over 20%, in Greece every fourth employee is unemployed!


The “rich” France has 6 million unemployed and here too the poverty rate does not fall, about 8.9 million people live below the poverty line. The French government plans to spend about 295 billion euros on defense equipment in the next few years !!!
Do you remember? The EU sought solutions to the poverty of the “young generation”!


In July 2013, the 28 EU labor ministers in the Chancellery adopted concrete measures to tackle high youth unemployment in Europe. In Europe at the time, more than 5.6 million young people under the age of 25 were jobless. 6 billion euros – for 7 years! Sounds very much at first, but it’s not even 1 billion euros per year. If you divide the mathematically six billion into the unemployed young heads, only a few hundred euros remain for each one. By comparison, defense spending in Europe in 2017 amounted to € 282 billion.

So we ask ourselves: why is Vatican so rich and people are starving outside?
The answer could be: They give them hope!
Is that still up-to-date? Does the NOTRE DAME still give people hope?
It’s Easter and again the church is calling for donations, maybe for the NOTRE DAME!


My comment:With God’s help and the enormous sum of 800 million … it should not be a problem. After all, it is a place of worship, here the good has his own interest that his house is quickly revived.

Some millions of tourists have to settle for burned parts of the cathedral, and the faithful have to wait a bit with their prayer until the restoration is complete.

We would have best used the 800 million against the deforestation of the Amazon or for the reconstruction of the thousand ruined houses of the orangutan families in the Indonesian forests.

My best regards all, Venus



Stray animals: the bankrupt of human morality



Living on the street without a house, food, warmth, shelter or security is a miserable life. And that is the life of all stray animals. Around the world. Exposed to human indifference, ignorance and very often to human crime.
Most of them had a warm, private house before.
This may have started in Christmas or in Easter, when the family decided to have an animal as a gift for the offspring. And with the splendor of the holidays, the interest in the animal is also extinguished.

No neighbor or friend or even authority will ask what has become of the dog or the cat when an animal no longer lives in the house. And no one is also punished when the “Christmas gift” has to find his new home on the street.

Young stray dog sleeping

From that moment begins the fierce fight of the abandoned against psychopaths of all kinds, who, because of sadism and hate poisoning the strays, hanging, killing, shooting or throwing them in plastic bags in the garbage container.

Katze auf Abfallkorb

So begins and ends the misery of the strays on the street. A misery that recurs several times when the newborns come. They are sealed with the same sad fate and learn from their first days how human crime and fascism work in everyday life.

hund in Moldawienjpg

In Spain, 200,000 animals are abandoned annually, more than in other EU countries. If they bring no benefits to their owners or cause too many costs, innumerable innocent animals are simply abandoned or sent to terrible killing stations, the so-called Perreras. Here, the poor dogs are squeezed into dozens of small cages and have to endure 21 days completely frightened, weak and without food, before they are cruelly killed. The operators of these Perreras are not interested in the suffering of the animals. They are unscrupulous wheelwrights, and they only target the bounty they get for every dog they catch.

perrera-puerto real Shelter 201413Perrera puerto real-Spain 2014

In Greece there are about 1.8 million stray dogs and even more stray cats.  Greece is also a country with a high crime rate against strays. More than 20,000 murdered strays per year is the balance in this country.

tote Hunde in shelter, Griechenlandjpg

23 murdered dogs in public shelter, in Crete – Greece 2013


700 000 dogs live on Italian roads!
Within five years, the number of stray dogs in Italy has doubled. In the south of the country, the situation is out of control.


Dog massacre in Catania, Italy 2014


There are very likely 6 million stray animals throughout Romania.
Bloody “cleansing” and “genocide” of stray dogs is still common practice. And lucrative business. There is still a high premium per dog for capturing stray dogs.

shelter in RumänienjpgGalati Shelter 2014 – Romania

In the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Abeba more than 8,000 stray dogs are euthanized in 2018.

streuner-mit-einem-geklauten-fleischstueck-im-maul-in-den-strassen-von-addis-abeba-streunende-tiere-Stray dog with stolen piece of meat, Addis Ababa 2014

In Moldova there is no animal protection law, above all the suffering of the dogs is unimaginable. Due to the large number of dogs, especially in the capital, the people in charge pull out all the stops. The dogs are primarily poisoned in the street and die here a slow and painful death. Many dogs are also captured and taken to death camps where they are killed. To “calm down” the animals, they are starving.

streuner Hund in Moldava nstray dogs mother in Moldova

We in Germany used to think that stray cats only exist in the southern countries, where they are known to be seen on every corner of the land during our vacation.

Wrong thought ! There are now around 2.1 million stray cats in Germany. Most of them are sick, neglected and malnourished, and painfully roam cities and cities. Ascending trend.  And last but not least, hunters shoot around 250,000 street cats a year in Germany.

streune katze in Deutschland pgStray kitten – Germany

It’s hard to list all the countries where the misery of the stray animals happens every day. Because there is no country in this world where these victims of human crime do not exist.
Left alone, abandoned, life and death means suffering and pain for stray animals. Everywhere in this world. And almost everyone in this world does not care if animals are kicked, beaten, poisoned or locked up in killing stations.

But there are also some, few people try to reduce this misery and correct the tragic results of human crime. They open their house and their heart and win a loyal friend for life.
Someone who has experienced so much hate, rejection and cruelty in his live will be happy with every little bit of love and tenderness. And forever grateful!
I mean: a life without animals is possible, but meaningless!


My bet regards to all, Venus

England: Scary Diary – Loads of Cows Milk Free News From Viva !


Image result for scary dairy

England – Moo Free May.

We have recently produced a separate post on a new ‘human milk’ from Sweden which is hitting the UK big time in a brand new advertising campaign – ‘milk’ which is great for human consumption, whilst quite rightly leaving cows milk to go exactly where it should go – feeding young baby cows rather than feeding humans.

Here is a link to this post –

watch the video

Following on from the great success to the campaign in 2018, Viva ! are now doing a ‘Moo Free May’ for this year.

We (Viva !) gave away around 500 cappuccinos per event and 400 “Everyone’s Going Dairy-Free” guides to provide people with all the support they need to help make the simple switch to plant-based alternatives.

Many people were unaware of how many different dairy milk alternatives there are available in high-street coffee shops or how delicious they really are! Some claimed that our Viva!ccino was better than their usual Starbucks coffee, with many claiming the oat milk we used was far creamier than cow’s milk.

Read more and see pictures:

All you need to know about going dairy-free, including how to shop and cook!

Compiled by Viva!’s very own vegan kitchenista – Maryanne Hall – this delicious guide guarantees to rock your dairy-free and vegan lifestyle!

Perfect for anyone who wants to cut dairy out of their diet and explore the amazingly tasty world of dairy-free alternatives. Features 95 pages full of recipes, handy charts on calcium-rich foods, shopping tips, Viva!’s top dairy-free secrets and more!

Updated 2018.

Download your free ‘scarydairy’ guide here: 


You can read about all the Vivacity work this month by visiting the following link:

Regards Mark.


watch the video

Watch this great video from Stacey – the reality of the dairy industry:

Largest Pangolin-Scale Shipment Ever Seized Contains Parts from 36,000 Dead Animals.

Largest Pangolin-Scale Shipment Ever Seized Contains Parts from 36,000 Dead Animals

Image Credit: Neil D’Cruze, World Animal Protection


We have dealt recently on this site with the situation of Pangolin being used in traditional Chinese medicine:

Well here is some of the latest news regarding the very endangered Pangolin:

Largest Pangolin-Scale Shipment Ever Seized Contains Parts from 36,000 Dead Animals

Posted by Natalia Chung | April 10, 2019

In what is being called the largest seizure of its kind in a shipment worldwide, 14,000 tons of scales from an estimated 36,000 pangolins were discovered in Singapore last week.

Custom officials stated they inspected a 40-foot container on its way from Singapore to Nigeria. They not only found an estimated 37.8 million dollars worth of pangolin scales but also 180 kilograms (around 400 pounds) of cut-up and carved elephant ivory.

“If we don’t stop the illegal wildlife trade, pangolins face the risk of going extinct,” said Paul Thomson, an official with the Pangolin Specialist Group, an organization belonging to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, in a statement to the New York Times.

The pangolin is considered to be one of the most trafficked animals in the world. Their bodies are boiled to remove their scales. Their meat, falsely believed to contain healing properties, is used in traditional Chinese medicine.

In 2016, 186 countries party to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wildlife Fauna and Flora agreed to ban the trade of all eight species of pangolin. At the time, the largest seizure of these animals ever discovered was just five tons.

In 2018, shocking footage from World Animal Protection and Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit went viral, revealing the barbaric nature of the pangolin trade. In the video, a poor animal is smoked out of their hiding place, viciously beaten in the head with a machete, and thrown, possibly still alive, into boiling water to remove the scales.

The trade isn’t showing signs of slowing down, despite additional protections. In February this year, 30 tons of pangolin meat was seized in Malaysia and, in the same month, a nine-ton shipment of pangolin scales and a thousand elephant tusks were intercepted in Hong Kong.

Pangolin trafficking is horrifying and devastating. It’s reported this poor animal will likely go extinct before people on a large scale realize they exist.

We must raise awareness for this magnificent creature of nature, pass stronger protections, and enforce them to the fullest extent of the law if we hope to bring pangolins back from the brink of extinction.

Animal torturers as bird food!




A Florida man has been attacked and killed by a close relative of the emu, the cassowary, a human-sized flightless bird feared for its huge claws and swift powerful movements. The man was reportedly a breeder of the exotic birds.

The cassowary, which is native to Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Australia, has been blamed for a vicious attack on its owner, a 75-year-old farmer named Marvin Hajos in Gainesville, Florida. According to the Alachua County Fire Rescue Department, the heaviy built bird made good use of its killer claws, which can grow up to four inches (10cm) long, when it pounced on its elderly owner.

Vogel cass attackiert seinen Züchter

Deputy Chief Jeff Taylor told the Gainesville Sun that the bird’s attack was swift and ruthless, and apparently happened after Hajos fell to the ground. It likely took the bird, which can run at speeds of up to 31mph (50kph), mere seconds to close in on its prey and tear him to pieces.

“My understanding is that the gentleman was in the vicinity of the bird and at some point fell. When he fell, he was attacked,Taylor said.


Upon being called to the scene on Friday, rescuers rushed Hajos to hospital but he could not be saved and succumbed to his injuries shortly afterwards.

The fate of the murderous bird is unclear. For the time being, it has been isolated on a private property, according to the sheriff’s office spokesman Lt. Brett Rhodenizer, who called the clash between the man and the bird a “tragic accident.”

Cassowaries, which are known as “the most dangerous bird in the world” have attacked people before and are understood to pose a significant danger to both humans and pets. However, while there have been multiple reports of people getting injured by the bird, there has been only one known fatality which dates back to 1926, and it was not entirely unprovoked. Philipp McLean, 16, was killed by a cassowary after he hit the bird with his horse’s bridle for attacking his dog. In the ensuing chase, the boy tripped and fell, and the bird sliced his neck with its sharp claws.

The largest cassowary species can stand up to 1.2-1.7 meters (5.6 feet) in height and weigh up to 76kg (167 pounds). Female cassowaries are bigger and taller than males. A special permission is needed to own cassowaries in the US, which mandates that owners must have “substantial experience” in handling the birds and keep them caged!!!


My comment: For years, the “gentleman” has abused the wild, proud Cassowaries as a slave in captivity.
With the consent and special permission of the US state accomplices.
The opportunity to take revenge against one’s own animal abuser does not come every day and does not have any sacrifice.
Until the senility comes as an accomplice, and hoop! the pest is eliminated on the ground.
And, how is it with the criminal liability, if we are glad that the slave Cassowaries has torn down his torturer? Hopefully, we will be allowed to have our opinion unpunished, right?

My best regards to all, Venus

Big Time Animal Torturer Nally comes up for parole in April of 2021. Please Take Action To Stop This – Read On.



Call to Action: Your Voice is Important

by Stacey

Source Up on the Woof
By YeloDoggie, C.A. Wulff

When I think back to the times when I’ve been strongly motivated to advocate for animals, I find that they coincide with particular stories of animal abuse in the news. Stories that hit me in the gut. My current project is no different. For it to be successful, I need to make a lot of noise and to reach a lot of people. To do this, I need your help: the help of other advocates, animal rescues, and animal lovers. Today I am going to give you the opportunity and a clear path to help me and make a difference.

In 2011, I covered a story out of West Virginia for Pet Pardons News. It was about a young man, Jeffrey A. Nally, who’d been arrested for obtaining animals from “Free to Good Home” ads and then torturing the animals to death. Many of the victims were puppies. Police found the remains of 29 dogs and a cat on his property. If you want to read more about the details of the case, you can do so HERE. (Be warned, it’s gruesome). The case had a prosecutor who really cared. He worked hard to be the voice for Nally’s helpless and innocent victims, and was able to have the man sentenced to 10-45 years in prison. That’s almost unheard of.

Nally comes up for parole in April of 2021.

You may not know this, but psychiatric and humane professionals agree: animal abusers are five times more likely to move on to commit other violent crimes like assault and murder. In Jeff Nally’s case, he already has other violent crimes on his record, and given the fact that he’s been quoted as saying, “Killing dogs makes me feel good,”

I think you’ll agree with me that the world is a safer place if he remains behind bars and serves his entire sentence.

That’s why I’m putting out this CALL TO ACTION.

  1. Sign the petitionI’ve started on Change.organd then share it via your social media.
  2.  Write a letter to the WV  Division of Corrections parole board asking them to deny Jeffrey Nally early parole.

You should address your letter to “Honorable Members of the Parole Board“. Tell them you’d like for them to deny parole for Jeffrey A. Nally, Offender #3507601.

Ask that Nally  be given a “set-off” and be required to serve his full sentence. Tell the parole board why you think Nally is a danger to society, and how you feel about his cruel crimes. Sign your letter and mail it to:

Parole Board
WV Division of Corrections
1356 Hansford St. Suite B
Charleston, WV 25301

Neither the offender nor his attorney will see your letter — only the parole board. Personal letters carry the most weight with the parole board, but if you need help, send me an email and I will provide you with a letter you can sign and mail.

* Alternately, please click HERE for three sample letters targeting the parole board, which need to be  modified/personalized for greatest impact.

3. Make a donation to the GoFundMe that I’ve set up for this project. Donations will be used to purchase pre-printed postcards to the parole board. The postcards will be provided to individuals and groups to share with others to sign and mail in. If there is enough in the GoFundMe, the remainder will be used for postage to mail the postcards.

4. If you are an individual or a member of a group who wants postcards to pass out, please send me an email with your mailing address and the number of postcards you think you’d be able to get others to sign and mail.

5. If you are an official of a rescue or humane group who updates your members with emails or a newsletter, I will provide you with an article upon request.

6. If you are a teacher who would like me to speak to your class about this campaign and advocating for animals, contact me.

7. Share this blog post with others via your social media

Egypt: animal slaves for the pyramid tourism


ägypten x


Tourists from all over the world flock to Egypt to marvel at the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Saqqara’s ancient burial site, and Luxor’s royal tombs, but these sites have a violent side in plain view.

_great-pyramid_of Giza

PETA Asia’s latest investigation in Egypt has revealed horrific abuse of horses and camels forced to haul visitors on their backs or in carriages at the top tourist sites in the blistering heat without access to food, water, or shade. At the notorious Birqash Camel Market, which supplies camels to some of the tourist spots, animals were severely beaten with sticks.


Sweltering Heat

Animals at these sites are forced to wait for the next paying customer in the scorching sun without access to food, water, or shade.

No-shade-or-water Ägypten

They are given no breaks and are beaten and whipped into giving endless rides in the heat, even as their knees buckle and they collapse.

Collapsed-horse0 Ägyptenpng

Beaten Until They Drop

Handlers viciously beat animals who are simply too exhausted to go on. Workers in Giza were seen continuously beating a horse who had collapsed while being forced to haul a tourist in a carriage. They did not stop beating her until she finally managed to get back up. Eyewitnesses report that she was quickly put back to work even though she had been severely injured by the fall.

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Eyewitnesses also observed screaming camels who were viciously beaten with sticks by men and children at the Birqash Camel Market before being sold to the tourism industry. Some camels are even sold to the meat industry.

Beatings1 Ägypten1.jpgMany of the animals’ faces were bloody.


Injured, Bleeding, and in Pain

Many horses used for rides in Giza and Luxor were seen with painful, bloody wounds yet were forced to continue to cart tourists around.

Wounds Ägypten png

Weak Animals Are Slaughtered for Meat

Once the camels sold at the Birqash market are no longer able to give rides around the Giza and Saqqara pyramids, they’re returned to the market to be sent for slaughter.

Tourists who pay to go for a ride are keeping these operations in business. If you’re planning to visit Egypt, please never ride an animal. When you book your trip, ask your tour company and hotel if they promote these rides.  As PETA Asia’s investigative footage shows, visitors who choose to ride one of these animals are directly responsible for their pain and misery.

Please sign the petition:

My comment: Not only the pyramids of Giza (still today and after 4590 Years) are a “world wonder”. A cruel “wonder” is the fact that even today animals are treated like the people who built these wonders at that time.
We are almost 2020 years after Christ and animal slavery remains a human instrument of domination.

The animal as “commodity”: a slavery that never ends. By the way, Egypt is not the only country that enslaves and exploits animals for tourism. Recently we reported from Greece and reported similar criminal practices (
Searching the Internet for the seven “wonders” of the world, one learns that all the other six “miracles” no longer exist, they are destroyed. Only the slavery of animals, the shameful sovereignty of the human species, has survived the millennium and still exists today.

Best regards, Venus





Oatly has a great idea!!




Oatly has unveiled ‘It’s like milk, but made for humans’ campaign in the UK where it will run in busy London Underground stations. 

Oelty Milch kampagnejpg

Swedish oat drinks company Oatly has launched its first nationwide UK campaign‘It’s like milk, but made for humans’The creative is based on Oatly’s previous European marketing efforts, which resulted in the brand being sued by Sweden’s dairy industry in 2015.

wow-no-cow.oetly pg

The marketing launch hopes to convince UK consumers to swap their traditional cow’s milk for a plant-based, oat drink alternative. A couple of decades ago, Oatly had the original idea to create a nutritious alternative to milk without going through the body of a cow. Oatly’s mission is to make it easy for people to eat the healthy food they love, without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources in the process.

This month, Oatly unveiled a brand new range of chilled oat drinks: Oatly Skinny, Semi and Whole.It’s like milk, but made for humans’ describes its new range perfectly, because after all, cow’s milk is actually meant for baby cows.


Until now, Oatly has only advertised in East London. The new, £700k campaign will see the campaign running across key London underground stations such as Kings Cross and Oxford Circus, as well as high impact sites in areas including Shoreditch, Peckham and Brixton.

Oetly kampagne

Oatly’s Creative & Strategic Director (International Markets), Michael Lee, commented: “Some consider our messaging to be controversial. We disagree. It’s fact, because our oat drinks actually are made for humans, rather than for baby cows. Although we lost a lawsuit from the Swedish dairy industry in 2015, we still believe in the line, it’s still the truth, which is why you’re seeing it across the UK.”

oelty u-Bahn station London

Meanwhile, the same campaign has arrived in the underground station in Berlin at Alexanderplatz.
Here the picture below shows the advertisement attached to 10 places next to each other.
A brilliant idea!!!

Soja Milch Werbungo

My best regards, Venus

Be A Voice – Dolphins.

The next time you witness the footage of Dolphin slaughter by the Japanese at Taiji; or you are told by a friend of someone’s experiences and ‘enjoyment’ watching dolphins perform in some little crappy tank at a ‘Sea life’ facility; here are a few chunks of in info that you can throw back at them in defence for these wonderful marine creatures.

dolphins free.jpg

Dolphins are ‘extra-terrestrials with fins’. Their brains are more complex than those of humans; their ‘language’ is more sophisticated and they belong to a society which practices the freedom of love and peace. Unlike humans; they don’t seek pleasure out of killing others; and yet despite imprisoning them for the pleasures of performing for some of our more uneducated kind, they have been recorded throughout Greek and Roman myth as saviours of humankind in distress. Do they still do it today ? – or is this past a reflection on the fact that at one such time, man allowed them freedom to range the oceans; did not hunt them, and did not expect them to provide so called ‘entertainment’ for us. Maybe they paid us back better in past times.

dolphin hu,man brain

They have big, smiling faces. In some locations around the world, they work with man to herd shoals of fish into locations where local fishermen can easily catch them – in return for few treats thrown back to them of course !

They navigate in the wild by an echo location system; so precise that if one was to dribble just one teaspoon of water into a pool, they will be able to locate the source with pinpoint accuracy. They have the ability to discriminate between objects made of plastic, rubber or wax; and they can even tell the difference between identical -looking copper and brass discs !

dolphn captivity 1

Dolphins are known by us humans to ‘talk’ a great deal; but actually, they have no vocal chords. They communicate with each other by way of clicks, squeals, whistles, grunts and barks; which all originate from sacs located in their nasal passages at a rate of up to 1,200 per second. Each animal has a unique signal whistle which it uses constantly to inform others in the pod of who they are and where they are located at any specific time. They are also known to do exaggerated impressions of other dolphins both for fun or to get attention form the one they are imitating.

Their play is highly complex and they are very fats learners; as we see in the performance tanks at our pathetic sea life facilities, and sadly, they have the ability to follow complicated human demands. They can recognise themselves in a mirror; and are even known to use simple tools, such as a sponge, which they attach to their snouts when out hunting amongst sharp coral – a kind of dolphins ‘safety mask’ you could call it.

dolphin captivity 2

Dolphin therapy, such as swimming with same, may have some reported therapeutic benefits according to some reports; but we should also remember that these are beings of the oceans; and as such, more health benefits can also be gained by watching them in their natural environment via a pair of binoculars held on the deck of a ‘wildlife tourism’ boat.

dolpin cap1

As creatures of the wild, given the natural options, what right do we as less intelligent beings have to drive them in for mass killing and selection at places such as Taiji. Man the killer; one of his less favourable specialities; but undertaken for too much in all aspects of animal abuse.

Taiji; it will die and go down in the records as another example of mans immense suffering of intelligent animal species. I personally have ‘man watched’ in the past when holding welfare stalls in towns across the land. Oh to be with the dolphin given what can be seen regularly on the streets of modern towns and cities.


They are special and deserve our protection; not our abuses in the cove or performing for those who have a ‘money god’.


Fight for them – be their voice; but above all, fight – they deserve it.

Regards Mark


Below – good folk in London being a voice.

Because it happens again and again …


I think this clip is just great.
That’s how I would have done it.
So you have to do it, if you want to save a life.



Even if we risk a punishment with it, a life is more important.

However, despite everything, you should try to keep the damage as low as possible. No front or rear window !! Turn in the side window to open the car. All documentation is very important and then the police call!!

My best regards to all, Venus

AIDS research: The senseless suffering of the monkeys


“Among people”: A film by Christian Rost and Claus Strigel


Affe _n

Existence in six-square-meter boxes with no natural light and no contact with conspecifics: For years, forty chimpanzees from Sierra Leone have been illegally used as experimental animals for the development of AIDS and hepatitis vaccines. When the Austrian pharmaceutical company Immuno discontinues the experiments after 15 years without result, a rehabilitation project is launched.

At the far end of Austria near the czech boarder one of the most special places on earth can be found. At this focal point the moral challenges of our civilisation collide: guilt, responsibility and compensation. In an abandoned safari park, hermetically sealed off from the rest of the world live these fourty chimpanzees formerly used in pharmaceutical experiments. Infected with HIV and hepatitis viruses. Traumatized, deranged and highly aggressive.

They hate humans and have every reason to. Their guards are the same ones they already looked after in the lab. They have become emotionally close to them and become fellow prisoners. Now they accompany the primates in their first steps into a new life.

Today they manage the unique rehabilitation project, aiming to get the chimps out of their lifelong isolation into species appropriate groups.

The shocking fate of the chimpanzees is representative of that of all animals, which are tormented in the laboratories for a questionable benefit.

The “doctors against animal experiments” mean: “In AIDS, the first step does not work. Because there is virtually no species that develops the human form of immunodeficiency. After years of unsuccessful attempts, experiments with chimpanzees that are genetically very close to humans have largely been abandoned because they are immune to the pathogen.

The same applies to rhesus monkeys and other macaques, but one can infect these animals with SIV, the monkey AIDS pathogen.

However, monkey AIDS has virtually nothing to do with this human immunodeficiency disease.

Thus, it is attempted to find a therapy or vaccine for humans by infecting other animals with another virus that causes another disease. Nobody is surprised that AIDS is still not curable in such an approach.

Once infected with HIV or SIV, the monkeys are kept isolated, spending the rest of their lives in single cages, which are usually only slightly larger than themselves. For the active and social animals, this alone is an ordeal.


SIV infection often causes severe disease in macaques. The animals suffer from cancer or diseases of the stomach, intestine and lymph nodes. Many of them die from it. In other monkeys show no symptoms at all. They often have to live their lives for years under the torturous conditions….”

unter menschen 2 Affen_02

Items: AIDS research on the wrong track:

Film: # Under people # against animal experiments #Aids #Aidsforschung

My comment: The fight against AIDS is a billion dollar market. The development of “new” agents at the expense of the animals does not help the patient. For biotech and pharmaceutical companies, the business is highly profitable. Investors earn money.

“These are “highly profitable products,” says Michael Fischer, head of the consulting firm Medical Strategy in Munich.

The more people are receiving medical treatment, the better for the pharmaceutical companies. According to a study by the US bank JP Morgan, global sales of AIDS drugs now amount to around five billion euros a year!!

Every war has its winners and its victims. The war against the HIV virus not only has humans as victims, but also animals. The winner is the Pharma mafia, as always.

“In the end it’s all about money, we have to see that very clearly.”

My best regards to all, Venus

Germany: Crime continues in slaughterhouses!


deutsche flagge


This slaughterhouse in the district (Lower Saxony) has systematically slaughtered sick, severely injured animals and, under unlawful circumstances, already delivered dead animals. Completely destroyed dairy cows were dragged with rope winches into the animal transporters with the full consciousness of slaughterhouse employees.
On the farms, the old dairy cows, who could no longer walk, were dragged by cable winch into the vans – the animals had to suffer incredible pain here.

The images are from the period March and April 2019.

The meat is sold to a Polish meat company, a Bavarian meat company and to butchers in the area. In the industry one speaks of industrial meat or the meat “blue cows”. It ends up in sausages, burgers, kebabs and processed products.

The German dairy industry produces tens of thousands of so-called “downers” every year. The turbo cows have an expiry date and after 5 years these animals are ready. They can barely stand, collapse or eat anything. These animals had to be redeemed. Since both the emergency slaughter and the skinner cost money, one becomes “creative” and transports the animals across Germany to the only insiders known slaughterhouses.

SOKO Animal Protection has filed criminal charges against the parties and cooperates with the authorities. But the authorities are also part of the problem, because on 16 days of hidden camera use no inspector could be seen. The controls are gladly registered and one is with the supervisors “by you”.

Kuh mit Seil auf das AugeoImage: SOKO

Friedrich Mülln (SOKO Organisation) says about this documented scene:
“One of the worst scenes I have ever seen.
With the full power of the rope and over the exhausted body, the rope cuts into the eye of the cow. For minutes.
The farmer says: This is economy.
Everything for the milk ..”.

_kuh-2A slaughterhouse worker ruthlessly sprays the face of a sick cow to force her to stand up so that she dies.

In 2018, in two slaughterhouses in Lower Saxony and near Hanover, after the undercover documentation of the SOKO organization, cows were delivered that were so emaciated that they themselves could not take one more step.
Some animals were pulled with chains, others were hit with stun guns and not sufficiently stunned before the slaughter, so that they hung twitching on the hook.

(Our report about it at the time) :

die-staatsanwaltschaft-oldenburg-ermittelt-nun-kuhImage: SOKO

“Today, after almost a year, we find the same scenes that we documented back then in Lower Saxony and Hanover scenes, proves that such scenes are not the exception when dealing with sick and injured cows, but the rule” said Mülln.

The Lower Saxony Minister of Agriculture Otte-Kinast has launched an initiative in the Federal Council to make cameras in slaughterhouses mandatory.
But a video surveillance in the slaughterhouses looks Mülln skeptical.
“A video surveillance, as it is now planned, is completely meaningless,” says Friedrich Mülln from Animal welfare “SOKO”.
“If a vet is there and does not see violations of the welfare of the animals with their own eyes, even a camera eye does not help”.
“If video surveillance already exists,” he says, “civil society organizations, like us, need to be able to leaf through the material – in my opinion, in the ministry.”

schlachthof-726~_kuhpngImage: SOKO

From the media, however, we learn that the Lower Saxony Minister of Agriculture Barbara Otte-Kinast sees itself not in the responsibility, but raised in the current case, serious allegations against the farmers. “That was “criminal energy” that needed to be rigorously tackled” she says!!!

And of course she sees only the consumers (!!!) in danger!! The consumption of meat from sick and injured animals can be dangerous – the consequences range from diarrhea to food poisoning.

My comment:  How can such a thing happen … in our modern Germany ..asks the one, who always says:
I also eat little meat, but …
I am also against factory farming, but …
I’m really animal loving, but …

They originate primarily from the “good people”.

There is only one being who has the right to judge about animal crime: a being of great wisdom, foresight and infallibility. A being full of justice and kindness: Man himself!

Who will be  responsible for this crime? The politics, the veterinarians, the farmers, the animal transport companies, the slaughterhouses, the food industry or the consumers?  Who of those..all, one or none?

My best regards, Venus



USA: Petition – Cats Baited With Fish Hooks Deserve Justice -Please Sign.


Cats Baited With Fish Hooks Deserve Justice



petition keyboard

Petition link –


Target: Stefanie A. Salavantis, District Attorney for Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

Goal: Punish the person who used baited fish hooks to trap stray cats.

A stray cat nearly died after he was trapped with a baited fish hook. At least two more cats are still out there suffering. Demand justice in this case.

“This bastard used hooks. He fed them hooks. Omg.” These words began a post on the Happy Hearts and Tails Safe Haven Animal Rescue Facebook page. Included was a horrifying picture of a stray cat with a fishing hook, complete with string, hanging out of his mouth. A veterinarian also found a hook, baited with cat food, in the poor animal’s stomach. Emergency surgery saved this cat’s life, but he suffered torn lips and gums, gangrene in his mouth, and a 106 degree fever.

The rescuer spotted two other cats with strings hanging out of their mouths, but she has been unable to catch them. The Plymouth police are investigating and they have not named any suspects. Sign below to demand that the person responsible for this heinous crime is prosecuted and punished.



Dear District Attorney Salavantis,

An unknown assailant is baiting stray cats with fish hooks containing cat food. This person is still at large and dangerous. I demand that justice be served in this case.

A rescuer with Happy Hearts and Tails Safe Haven Animal Rescue rushed a stray cat to the vet after he appeared to have ingested fish hooks. One hook clung to his lips and gums, the line still attached, and another was found inside his stomach. The cat endured intense pain and would have died if not for the quick actions of the rescuer and the veterinarian. He is not the only victim out there, though. Two other stray cats were spotted with similar lines hanging from their mouths and they are likely still suffering terribly.

The person who is setting these sadistic traps is clearly a danger to animals of all kinds. They must be stopped. I demand that you prosecute them and seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Happy Hearts and Tails Safe Haven Animal Rescue


Ukraine: ‘Naturewatch’ (England) Brings Training To Ukrainian Police To Fight Animal Abuse.


All photos – Naturewatch (England).

 From ‘Naturewatch’ – England.

We’ve teamed up with Hidden-in-Sight to bring professional training to Ukrainian Police on how to fight animal abuse and why it’s important.

Allegations of animals being poisoned, hung, beaten, shot and dropped from multi-storey buildings flood social media sites in Ukraine. Dog fighting is also reported to be a thriving money-making industry.

There are at least 32 studies worldwide evidencing the link between animal abuse and human violence.  We’re therefore training police how to recognise cases of animal abuse, not as isolated incidents, but as possible signs of other serious violent crimes.

Our project aims to reduce victims of animal crime and bring suspected offenders to justice.

Read more at:


For the first time ever, police in Kyiv are receiving training on how to fight crimes against animals and the alarming connections between the abuse of children, vulnerable adults and animals.

Animal-loving Vitali Klitschko (Mayor of Kyiv and former Professional Boxer) gives the project his full support and states: 

Read more at:



England: Royal Baby To Be Vegan ?


Meghan Markle ‘Wants To Raise Baby Vegan But Queen Says No’ Say Reports

According to an unnamed ‘royal insider’, the Duchess of Sussex wants her child to eschew animal products. But reports say the move has created tension between her and her husband’s grandmother.

vegan baby

Vegan baby?

“Meghan wants her baby to be raised a vegan,” an unnamed ‘palace insider’ reportedly told Woman’s Day.

But another source reportedly revealed to the publication: “It’s created tense discussions between Meghan and Harry, who doesn’t want to upset his grandmother.

“He’s hoping Meghan will settle once the baby comes and he’s putting this latest polarising idea down to heightened emotions while being pregnant.”

Read the full article at:


…. And while we are doing ‘Royal’:


Kate Middleton’s Mom Goes Vegan and Vegan Options will be Present at The Royal Christmas Dinner!

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Help save the cerrado before it’s too late.

Help save the cerrado before it’s too late

The Cerrado; one of the most wildlife-rich, yet largely undiscovered places left on Earth. A vast forested savanna about the size of England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain combined.

View all the campaign data here –

Located beside its more famous neighbour, the Amazon, it’s home to 5% of all world species but is victim to mass deforestation and clearance of natural habitat, to make way for enormous soy plantations. An area the size of Greater London is disappearing every two months and unless we act now, it could be gone in less than a decade.

Time is running out, but together we can fight to stop the devastation

View all the campaign data here –




“Witch hunts, book burnings & the Inquisition are back”!


Renegade internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has condemned the arrest of Julian Assange as a modern-day “inquisition,” and said the WikiLeaks founder’s “persecution and arrest” will make him “a hero for the ages.”



“Witch hunts, book burnings and the Inquisition are back, Dotcom tweeted on Thursday, hours after Assange was hauled out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London by British police.


“The persecution and arrest of Julian Assange for publishing the truth returns us to the darkest times in human history,” the internet icon continued. “This attempt to keep us from the truth will turn Julian Assange into a hero for the ages.”

According to Assange’s lawyer Jen Robinson, his arrest was made in relation to an extradition request from the United States. Assange is wanted on charges of conspiracy, together with US Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning, Robinson elaborated.

The truth published by WikiLeaks has been particularly embarrassing for Washington. In 2010, the outlet published classified US military footage leaked by Manning, which showed a US Apache gunship mowing down 12 people, including two Reuters staff.

Assange im Sutojpg

Kim Dotcom


Witch hunts, book burnings and the Inquisition are back.

The persecution and arrest of Julian Assange for publishing the truth returns us to the darkest times in human history.

This attempt to keep us from the truth will turn Julian Assange into a hero for the ages.

Assange im Autojpg

Dotcom’s own activities have brought the weight of the US government down on him before. As founder of the now-defunct file-hosting service Megaupload, the German-born entrepreneur is still locked into an extradition battle with Washington. He is currently in New Zealand, and has claimed that US authorities are pursuing a vendetta against him on behalf of politically-influential Hollywood studios. Dotcom is a privacy activist and prominent critic of government surveillance. He has accused former President Barack Obama of colluding with US intelligence agencies and tech companies to dramatically expand digital spying.

Kim Dotcom


Unfortunately all big US Internet companies are in bed with the deep state. Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. are all providing backdoors to your data. You may have noticed they all favor the Democrats. Why? Obama made them feel special for sharing your data. Privileges!

Zeichnung über Assange pg

While he awaits sentencing for jumping bail, Assange, 47, also faces a court hearing on May 2 relating to his possible extradition to the US to contest the hacking charges.

His lawyer Jennifer Robinson said he will fight extradition, adding that he thanked supporters and said ‘I told you so’ when she visited him in his police cell.

Theresa May, Prime Minister of U.K., expressed her relief today in Parliament over the arrest of Assange and stressed that “no one is above the law”.

Thus, Theresa May had the opportunity to distract the already annoyed citizens of her country a bit, because her failed negotiations on a – actually – very clear thing, namely to finally get out of the EU, the Britten can no longer endure.

Pamela Anderson has spread a great review on Twitter:

Replying to @pamfoundation

I am in shock..

I couldn’t hear clearly what he said?

He looks very bad.

How could you Equador ?(Because he exposed you).

How could you UK. ? Of course – you are America’s bitch andyou need a diversion from your idiotic Brexit- bullshit.

I also wrote a comment in RT, I owed it to him, and at least that.

“ALL we are the world. What did WE do when he was arrested and vegetated in the embassy for 7 years? What do the Australians have done for their compatriot, whom they should be proud of, to support him?
Everyone opens his ass to the Americans. That’s the world. And we ALL are accomplices”.

Best regards, Venus