Sweden: milk from potatoes is on the market!

The Swedish food innovators from Veg of Lund and Professor Eva Tornberg from Lund University recently developed and launched an innovative potato-based milk alternative (DUG®).

The product brings Veg of Lund closer to its goal of helping more people live a plant-based lifestyle that benefits their health, society and the future of the planet.
The company’s products are designed to make it easy for everyone to choose an uncompromising, plant-based, tasty and sustainable option.

In particular, the Swedish company is committed to environmental sustainability and minimizes its climate footprint through efficient land use, low water consumption and low carbon emissions.

The company’s products also play a major role here.

According to Veg of Lund, potatoes dug out of the ground are the perfect basis for a milk alternative thanks to their ingenious properties (tasteless, very nutritious and super sustainable).

In addition, potatoes are naturally free from common allergens such as those found in soy, nuts or wheat products, which are often used as the basis of many milk alternatives on the market.
Due to its “free from” status, DUG® was recognized as the best allergy-friendly product at the latest World Food Innovation Awards 2021.
It was also awarded a “Highly Commended” in the “Best Herbal Drink” category.

DUG is available in 3 delicious variants: Barista, Original and Unsweetened. It was recently launched online (June 2021) at http://www.dugdrinks.com, Navesu, and Amazon.
Negotiations are also ongoing with several food retailers.


And…We are very happy about the new product!
It’s nice if we can soon enjoy our cappuccino with potato milk.

My best regards to all, Venus

US: In New Tiger Park the crimes against animals continue

It may feel like the events of Netflix’s documentary “Tiger King” were ages ago, and that the dramatic abuses of both human and animal life have been resolved — Joe Exotic is locked up, his horrific Greater Wynnewood (GW) Exotic Animal Park shuttered, and his criminal partners Doc Antle and Jeffrey Lowe facing charges for various offenses of dealing with and exploiting vulnerable wild animals without proper permitting, licensing, or care.

The psychopath “Tiger King” -Joe Exotic

But even though he is tied up with the law, Jeffrey Lowe has continued to exploit, abuse, and neglect animals that were transferred to his care when Joe Exotic was sentenced to prison time.

Even though the GW Eoxtic Animal Park was closed, Jeffrey Lowe took its poor imprisoned animals to a new “Tiger King Park” — shamefully named, no doubt, in order to capitalize off of the documentary — where unthinkable cruelty continued.

Sign the petition and demand that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife (USFWS) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) save each and every animal from Tiger King Park! If it comes to it, President Biden must get involved!

Luckily, the big cats at Tiger King Park were recently saved from their lives of misery under Lowe’s imprisonment.

Lowe was found to be in violation of the Endangered Species Act for many reasons after USFWS and USDA inspections, which led to the seizure of 69 big cats.

Tiger King: 39 Tiger gerettet und in Auffangstationen gebrachtRescued big cats from the Tiger King Park

The Justice Department described them as “harmed and harrassed.”

Specifically, many of them were underweight. Some were riddled with worms. Their paw pads were rubbed raw, irritated and deteriorating from completely unsuitable enclosures which also caused lesions and ulcers on other parts of their bodies.

And those were the cats that were saved.

One USDA inspector noted that three young cats, babies just under a year of age, died from malnutrition before they could be rescued from the Tiger King Park, and two others “died under suspicious circumstances during the same time.”

And now, news of the continued and rampant animal abuses towards the poor creatures left behind at Lowe’s facility come from an investigation by the animal welfare non-profit SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness, or “SHARK”.

Rescued big cats from the Tiger King Park

You see, the big cats were able to be rescued since they are protected under the federal Endangered Species Act. But many, many other animals still imprisoned there are not so lucky.

SHARK decided to take drone footage of the Tiger King Park after federal authorities left because they had a feeling Lowe would not stop his cruelty.

And they were right. Horses, ponies, goats, wolves, primates, tortoises, lemurs, emus, foxes, and even a camel — the list goes on and on — were filmed in deplorable conditions.

Someone was rarely present to care for the many animals.

The property was littered with garbage, “used cans of oil and bleach,” and worst of all — decaying animal carcasses, piled high and shimmering with flies.
The shelters and enclosure appeared barren and rundown; the camel on the property was filmed lying flat on a dirt floor, straining its poor neck under a metal fence to try and get the blades of grass just beyond its reach.

SHARK president and founder Steve Hindi wondered, “If the camel was really being properly and adequately fed, why does he need to do that?”
Neighbors of the park noticed that some of the animals have literally been let loose, left to fend for themselves instead of being properly cared for — a porcupine, peacock, and albino raccoon were all observed in this way.

Jeffrey Lowe clearly will not stop abusing, exploiting, and neglecting animals for as long as he is allowed to keep them.
That’s why the USFWS and USDA must not stop at saving the big cats from Tiger King Park — they need to remove and save every single creature from Tiger King Park and stop the suffering!

Sign the petition and demand that U.S. leaders including President Joe Biden see that Tiger King Park be completely shut down, and all of its animals rescued!


And I mean...Joe Exotic, whose real name is Joe Maldonado-Passage, was sentenced to 22 years in prison in January 2020 for an assignment to murder and violate animal welfare regulations.

During his tenure as the owner of the Zoss Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, he has done some horrific deeds.
He is said to have hired a hit man to kill Baskins, an animal rights activist with whom he had a long-standing feud.
A project that he did not succeed.
Baskin and her organization Big Cat Rescue accused the criminal private zoo owner of serious animal cruelty.
In addition, Exotic is in jail for further offenses, as he is accused of mistreating his animals, among other things.

Although its owner is behind bars, the zoo continued to operate and reopened its doors in early May 2020 after being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jeff Lowe

Joe Exotics former business partner Jeff Lowe had taken over the responsible company Greater Wynnewood Development Group, though a federal court in Oklahoma City awarded Joe Exotic’s big cat zoo to animal rights activist Carole Baskin.

After years of litigation, Baskin has taken over the six-acre facility south of Oklahoma City. However, the animals are not included, they have to be relocated.

Carole Baskin

Rick Kirkham, producer who worked with Exotic for several months, says: “I saw with my own eyes how he shot two tigers for no reason just because he was mad at them. Exotic threw live chickens into the cages of the big cats when he was having a bad day.

“He was just like that. He enjoyed seeing people and animals suffer. He truly enjoyed it,” recalls Kirkham.

In addition, a former employee raises serious allegations against the self-proclaimed Tiger King.
He is said to have brutally killed at least 100 tigers.
The sadist is also said to have hit baby tigers if they misbehaved.

Please sign the petition.

Experience has shown several times that when the pressure from us, from the public, becomes strong, the authorities do their duty and finally take action.
These animals only have us.

My best regards to all, Venus

England: 24/7/21 – Vegan Bites.


Crocs Goes Vegan To Become A Net Zero Company

Crocs said it will no longer use leather in its designs in an effort to cut carbon emissions

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Faux fish looks to ride the growing wave of alternative meats

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How Black-Owned Restaurants Are Transforming The US Vegan Scene

Figures indicate Black Americans are more likely to be vegan than their white counterparts. Despite this, the movement has long been accused of being elitist. But Black-owned restaurants are turning the tables…

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Why Going Vegan Is The Most Effective Step To Save The Planet

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Vegan Tuna Salad From Jackfruit | Jane Unchained News

SQUISHO: creating sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly products

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Find hundreds of simple, healthy, tasty vegan recipes, from breakfast, lunch and dinner, and everything in between! Browse from newest to oldest: All Recipes

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Regards Mark

Setting The Record Straight on the Dolphin “Smile”. Also The ‘Taiji Dolphin Hunt’ (Japan).

Our Head of Wildlife, Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach Sets the Record Straight on the Dolphin Smile

This month, we’re releasing a new video titled Breaking the Myths narrated by Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach, our Global Head of Wildlife Research and Animal Welfare.  

Jan is an expert on the captive dolphin industry and the author of our report, Behind The Smile. In the video, Jan addresses a common misconception that dolphins smile. We don’t want to give too much away so watch now!


Nicole Barrantes  

Wildlife Campaign Manager

World Animal Protection

PS Looking for more information? Read our Behind the Smile report published in 2019 


With the Summer Olympics currently taking place in Japan; is it not time to remember what Japan does to dolphins each year, re thee Taiji Hunt ?

Here are a few past links (all under one heading – take your picks to view) of ours (WAV) relating to this massive disgraceful abuse of very intelligent animals.:

Search Results for “Taiji” – World Animals Voice

Regards Mark

Pictures: the Taiji Hunt, Japan.

Lebanon: After 10 Years, Bears Homer and Ulysses Rescued from Zoo!

From our wonderful animal buddies at ‘Animals Lebanon’

Bears Homer and Ulysses rescued from zoo!

For more than ten years, these two Syrian brown bears were trapped in a zoo in southern Lebanon.

After seeing their poor conditions, we could not leave them. The bears were kept separate in small empty cement cages. One had a tooth painfully protruding through his lip requiring medical care. They were both malnourished and underweight.

The only way to free them would be to convince the owner that animals deserve better. We could not give up, but we also knew that with all the problems in Lebanon reaching the owner would be the only way to save them.

Finally, the owner understood and agreed to turn Homer and Ulysses over to Animals Lebanon so we could send them to a sanctuary.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado agreed to take both bears and provide them with as natural of life as possible. The sanctuary cares for more than 650 lions, tigers, bears, wolves and other animals – including a fox and wallaby rescued by Animals Lebanon.

Four Paws agreed to assist with the care of the bears and help with the cost of the trip to the sanctuary.

A first attempt was made to get them to the sanctuary. But the collapse of Lebanon, government resignation, roadblocks, protests, and banks freezing assets forced their trip to freedom to be delayed.

A second attempt was made and flight scheduled, then coronavirus and COVID restrictions closed the Beirut airport. Their trip was again forced to be rescheduled.

Finally everything fell into place!

The airline was booked. Transport trucks arranged. Paperwork finalized. Four Paws veterinarians here to help. Officials on standby.

Only late the night before the flight did we get final confirmation – the trip, their freedom, was happening!

More wild animals trapped in zoos or kept as exotic pets need your help.

Weighing more than 130 kilograms, the bears were darted to sedate them. Then a quick medical check before being moved into large metal transport crates. It took nearly three hours of work, but the bears were finally loaded onto the air conditioned truck and we drove to the Beirut airport.

The bears flew from Beirut with Emirates, then transited Dubai before landing in Chicago. After all of the formalities and paperwork they were driven to the sanctuary.

Homer and Ulysses have now been released into temporary holding enclosures within the habitat so they can acclimate and their health can be assessed. They will then be released into a 103 acres (416,000 m2) enclosure where they can roam free with other bears.

Their rescue was only possible because of your support! Thank you to everyone who helped make this journey possible! The Wild Animal Sanctuary, Four Paws, Emirates, Karmagawa, and all of our supporters who so generously donated.

Your support is our lifeline – and for many animals the only hope. Homer and Ulysses are now in their new homes, but the other wild animals still need our help.

Donation – Animals Lebanon – Donate

For local donations please email contact@animalslebanon.org

Result !!

Regards Mark

I adopted your dog today

This text is beautiful 😍

I adopted your dog today.
The one you left at the shelter.
The one you’ve had for 10 years.
And that you didn’t want to keep anymore.

I adopted your dog today.
Did you know he had lost weight?
Did you know he is terrified and depressed?
And that he seems to have lost all confidence?

I adopted your dog today.
He had fleas and was suffering from the cold.
Guess you don’t care what condition he’s in?
I was told you abandoned him.

I adopted your dog today.
Have you had a baby, or have you moved?
Have you suddenly developed allergies?
Or was there no reason he couldn’t stay with you?

I adopted your dog today.
He does not play and barely eats.
I think he is very sad and it will take time before he
regain confidence.

I adopted your dog today.
And here he will be loved. He has found his definitive family.
And a warm basket in which to rest.

I adopted your dog today.
And I will give him everything: Patience, love and security.
So that he can forget your cowardice.

By Aurore Claude

And I mean…Never betray your best friend.
Animals are not articles that can be exchanged at any time.
Adopt an animal and make it your partner for life.

Regards, Venus

ALF exempts 400 guineas pigs from laboratory deliveries

Received anonymously:

In January we read an ALF report about a salamander liberation at a UK pet breeder who was selling animals to vivisection laboratories and it peaked our interest.

By chance we stumbled upon an animal delivery at a local “Pets At Home”.
Sticky fingers helped us collect an invoice from the front of the delivery van whilst they were unloading into the store and we found the address of a breeder.

We did some research; the breeder we had found was the biggest “Pets At Home” supplier in the country, delivering all across England. Surprisingly, that was not the only thing we found.

Thanks to a handy list of historical ALF raids against vivisection we learnt that the breeder had already been visited by the ALF during the 80s and 90s, where they liberated hamsters, mice and rats.

It seems that the pet industry has a dirty little vivisection secret.
They are not supplying labs that need sterile environment animals, but pet breeders are obviously being used as a cheap resource for uni labs and experiments that do not require toxicology or pharmaceutical handling.


We raided their guinea pig breeding operation.
With the amount of pregnant females, we estimate the number of liberated animals to be 400+.

They will see nothing but freedom. They will not be a thing people can buy at a Pets at Home, or a test subject to be tortured and then discarded in the name of ‘experimentation’.

Now that we know what they are up to, they should expect us to target them relentlessly. We do not give up.

We want to send our solidarity to the beagles inside MBR Acres, to Camp Beagle and to Free the MBR Beagles campaign.

Turns out MBR has a side hustle in the pet industry too!

Together we can shut them down and they should fear the escalation that will come.



And I mean…A new footage is filmed at MBR Acres in Cambridgeshire – right here in the UK – a factory farm where mothers are kept and forced to spend their entire lives as puppy-producing machines, allegedly churning out a total of between 1,600 and 2,000 offspring for medical testing each year.

So this is what our taxpayers money is going towards?

Beagles in the lab at MBR Acres Ltd- Nothing so clearly testifies to the bigotry and wretchedness of our speciesist morality as such photos.

Many of these horrific tests involve repeatedly force-feeding or forcing dogs to inhale substances for weeks, months, or even more than a year to measure the effects of repeat exposure on the liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, and nervous system.

Anyone who knows and has studied the history of the “Third Reich” knows what makes animal experimenters tick. Their actions are 100% identical to the mass murderers of that time.

Then there are unscrupulous politicians as cooperation partners and financiers of the laboratory mafia and this criminal cartel will stay alive as long as we do nothing.

Many thanks to the ALF activists. We are grateful to you!

My best regards to all, Venus

Austria: Animal rights activists occupy pig farms-farmer hits an animal rights activist!

Animal rights activists occupy pig farms

July 20, 2021, 6:20 p.m.

Animal rights activists occupied a pig farm in the St. Pölten district (Austria) on Tuesday.

Their allegation was that the pigs were kept in conditions that were cruel to animals. The official veterinarian has meanwhile started the examinations.

The farm is approved for 1,200 animals that are kept on fully slatted floors.
The activists climbed on the roof of the building in the morning and put up banners with “straw instead of concrete”.
Among other things, they called for mandatory straw litter, a ban on fully slatted floors and twice as much space for the animals.

The association against animal factories (VGT) locates “horrific conditions” based on interior shots.
“The animals have large, bleeding wounds, bitten off ears and tails. In addition, everything is stuck with feces, the poor pigs completely filthy. With their bleeding wounds, the animals have to lie in the mud without being cared for, ”said the VGT.

The scenes show gaping open back wounds, bloody tail stumps, bitten ears, umbilical hernias, injured joints – and everywhere feces and dirt.

VGT chairman DDr. Martin Balluch: ” The fact that the animal health service has nothing to complain about in these conditions speaks volumes. Or didn’t they look closely?

How can it be normal that pigs are so injured and suffered by the housing conditions!

How can it be normal that these animals are totally defecated?

Why is nothing being done about it? On site it is required that the responsible official veterinarian carry out an inspection and talk to us about what these injuries to the pigs are all about.

Really nobody can accept such conditions. If that is normal for the fully slatted floor, then the fully slatted floor must be banned immediately! “

The AMA rejects the accusation that Agricultural market Austria tolerates this. The company was closed in the previous year after massive deviations from the specifications for the AMA quality seal program, it is said.
(A notice: The “AMA seal of approval” is an officially recognized quality mark. It provides reliable information about traceable origin, high quality and that it has been independently controlled).

District administration was informed

The police were there with two patrols, the situation was described by the officers as calm. The district administration was informed of the action, it said.

It will be decided in the next few days whether the owner will face any consequences.
The animal rights activists are threatened with a property violation lawsuit (!!!)


Last update: The “association against animal factories” (VGT) presents video evidence: Farmer attacks animal rights activists and says that “it is good when such people are beaten”.

The occupation of the large fully slatted pig factory north of St. Pölten continues.
Before the police arrived, a farmer came, drove his car into the demonstrators at the entrance and attacked an animal rights activist, a woman!!

Video: https://vgt.at/presse/news/2021/video/2021_VSB_Angriff_v2.webm

After being pacified by two activists, he suddenly attacked again for no apparent reason and hit one of the women on the head. VGT chairman Balluch on this:

“You couldn’t talk to this person. He was incredibly aggressive and threatening. Only the presence of the police let him keep his distance and finally he drove away again.
We will file a complaint with the public prosecutor. “

The animal rights activists have our full support and appreciation for the crew.
The government has failed, the authorities have failed and, last but not least, a cowardly society is complicit in these crimes, which despite information and education from the very well organized animal rights scene, tolerates, shows itself indifferent and ultimately cooperates with an exploitative system.

My best regards to all, Venus

Far East: The World Has Changed, but Live-Animal Markets Haven’t. Demand The WHO Acts Immediately.

All photos – PeTA Asia

PETA Asia’s latest investigation in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Laos, and Sri Lanka reveals that live-animal markets, in which monkeys, bats, chickens, dogs, cats, and other animals are held in feces-encrusted cages and can be purchased for any purpose—including for their flesh or for the exotic-pet trade—are still operating around the world.

Many of these markets are keeping live animals who are known to be carriers of coronaviruses, flu viruses, and other pathogens transmissible to humans in filthy, cramped cages often stacked on top of each other.

Just last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledged the public health threat that live-animal markets pose and urged countries to suspend the sale of live wild mammals in food markets. This is progress, but it’s not enough. Join us in urging WHO to call for an immediate end to all live-animal markets.

Learn more and take action – video of wet market included:

Exposé: Suffering and Disease in Asian Live-Animal Markets | PETA

The World Has Changed, but Live-Animal Markets Haven’t

Conditions were nearly identical to those documented in two previous PETA Asia investigations into these markets. Sick and stressed animals of uncertain origin were packed closely together in stressful environments. Chickens, personable animals who enjoy socializing, didn’t even have enough space to spread their wings, and larger animals such as a macaque and a caracal cat, animals who roam far and wide in nature, had barely enough space to turn around in. Some cages had feces encrusted at the bottom, and stacking them up facilitated the spread of disease. Dead squirrels, civet cats, bats, birds, and rats were sold in open-air markets without any apparent hygiene protocols.

An investigator was told that customers could purchase the flesh of bats and monkeys purportedly for medicinal purposes.

Urge WHO to Call For the Immediate Closure of All Live-Animal Markets

After a solid year of appeals from PETA, undercover video recordings of live-animal markets, “blood”-soaked protests, and signatures gathered from more than 200,000 PETA supporters, WHO is finally urging countries to suspend the sale of live wild mammalian animals in food markets as an emergency measure, saying wild animals are a leading cause of emerging infectious diseases like COVID-19.

This is a step in the right direction but does nothing to stop animals like chickens, pigs, fish, and others from being sold, even though confining and killing them in filthy live-animal markets also contributes to the spread of disease.

You can also help prevent the next global pandemic by dumping meat, eggs, and dairy. The only truly sustainable and ethical way to live is vegan.

Use the following link to Urge WHO to Call For the Immediate Closure of All Live-Animal Markets

Learn more and take action – video of wet market included:

Exposé: Suffering and Disease in Asian Live-Animal Markets | PETA

Regards Mark

EU: NGOs call (on EU) to stop the imports of cruelly produced horsemeat.

NGOs call to stop the imports of cruelly produced horsemeat | Eurogroup for Animals

Photo – Act 4 Equines

On 7 July, Eurogroup for Animals and Animal Welfare Foundation/Tierschutzbund Zürich (AWF/TSB) met with the European Commission to discuss the systematic violations of EU animal welfare and traceability requirements in the production of horsemeat imported into the EU.

Joined by Animals’ Angels US and by the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (Australia), the NGOs presented the results of many investigations underlining the need for the EU to act and suspend horsemeat imports coming from Uruguay, Argentina, Australia and Canada. 

These investigations show that, in the production of such meat, there are systematic violations of animal welfare requirements in slaughterhouses located in these countries, as well as significant shortcomings in terms of traceability. 

Back in 2014, similar issues led to the suspension of horsemeat imports from Mexico. One could argue that the situation is even more serious with Australia, Canada, Uruguay and Argentina as in the cases of Australia and Canada, drug residues were found either in horses slaughtered or in the meat dispatched to the EU, and in the cases of Uruguay and Argentina, there were evidence that the audits were manipulated by removing or replacing horses ahead of the announced inspections. 

It is high time for the EU to ensure its imports-related requirements are respected. It’s also a question of protecting EU consumers – who are expecting a certain level of food safety and animal welfare standards – especially as, at the moment, indicating the origin of horsemeat on labels is not mandatory. 

Suspending imports and working with the partners to get animal welfare and traceability standards at the required level would be the most effective way to engage and ensure the progress are not only cosmetic changes. 

Eurogroup for Animals and AWF/TSB will continue their effort to demonstrate the need for the EU to act in this field, supported by more than 150,000 citizens (and counting

if you haven’t, feel free to sign the petition). 

Have you read the WAV posts / info about the UK investigations ?

Check it out at

UK: 20/7/21 – Update On Horse Slaughter – Programme Shown On BBC TV. Watch On iplayer, But May Only Be For UK Viewers. ? Try Links At End. – World Animals Voice

UK: 19/7/21: Horse Slaughter – Exclusive Tonight: Animal Aid’s Undercover Investigation on BBC One’s Panorama. – World Animals Voice

Regards Mark

Enjoy – Scotland, UK.

Sweden: New Swedish report shows extensive spread of SARS-CoV-2 within and between mink farms.

New Swedish report shows extensive spread of SARS-CoV-2 within and between mink farms

22 July 2021

Djurens Rätt


Djurens Rätt, together with about 40 other organisations, sent a combined plea to the Swedish government and parliament on June 23, calling for a decommissioning plan for mink farms in Sweden. The government imposed a temporary breeding ban in 2021 after SARS-CoV-2 was transmitted on the majority of Sweden’s mink farms in the autumn of 2020.

In January of this year, the Swedish government stated that breeding minks would be prohibited during 2021. The decision came after nearly a year of warning reports regarding the development of Covid-19 among minks on Swedish fur farms.

Djurens Rätt, along with 44 other organisations, has written a joint appeal to the Swedish government and parliament, addressed to the Rural Affairs Minister Jennie Nilsson, calling for the permanent closure of mink farms. This is due to the significant dangers of infection propagation on densely populated mink fur facilities. 

Moreover, the Veterinary Institute in Sweden has recently released a report on infectious disease surveillance in animals and humans during 2020, the results of which being disastrous when it comes to mink farms. They found:

  • 23 of 26 farms had minks with antibodies for the virus, but only 13 infected farms were found during the active testing. All farms weren’t tested for antibodies (of approximately 35 farms in total).
  • Active surveillance didn’t start before October 2020 and it was still not mandatory for the farms to test their minks if they didn’t want to.
  • A lot of the farmers and workers were tested and there were indications that minks had been infected by humans, but also that minks infected humans. Some mutations with adaptations to the minks were also found. 
  • ”The high animal density that is typically present in a mink farm, provides ideal conditions for viral replication and transmission, also increasing the risk of virus evolution.”
  • “In Sweden extensive spread within and between farms occurred in spite of implemented biosecurity measures, as shown by the results from the surveillance carried out.”

Sweden has enough evidence to phase out this unethical industry. It is time to ban farming of minks in the country and to make sure that the current ban on breeding becomes permanent 

Camilla Bergvall, President of Djurens Rätt

Read more at source

Djurens Rätt – Stort upprop – stäng minkfarmerna i Sverige permanent!

Views from an excursion

It should be a “two-day” short vacation in Switzerland.
We decided not to talk about animals, for only two days we wanted to forget animal suffering and just enjoy nature at 3,000 meters above sea level.

Titlis-The summit under the bright sun

It became different, and it became more beautiful than we thought.
And by that I mean again when it comes to animals.
The beautiful city of Engelberg is the last stop where you have to leave your car or bus.
From then on you can only go up on foot or by gondola.
And this journey up to the top was what immediately made us feel good.

In addition to the fantastic mountain landscape with its gorges and dark fir trees, free-range cows grazed everywhere and they had an enormous amount of space available.
People who are neutral towards animals also notice it immediately, because they are almost the only inhabitants in the landscape.

Trübsee- happy cows

The higher we gindelt, the rarer the trees became.
The place where we finally arrived and wanted to stay overnight was called “Trübsee”.

That means “cloudy sea” in German, but it was anything but cloudy, because the lake gets the water from the waterfalls that flow through the glaciers and is actually nothing other than melted ice.
We soon realized that we had started talking about animals again.
The cows were everywhere.

Trübsee- cows by the lake

They had no trees, because the place is at an altitude of 1,800 meters, but in the event of a thunderstorm or a piercing sun there was accommodation, usually a stable that was open and the animals could freely come in and out.
The night was cold and you go to bed early there, because otherwise there is nothing but gray glitters, clear, thin air and a very unpredictable nature that creates a violent thunderstorm in a few seconds and suddenly calms down again and a starry sky comes out.
For the very few residents of the village, the day starts very early and we did it that way.
Especially because we wanted to visit the highest peak, Titlis!
At an altitude of 3,060 meters!
During the gondola ride, it was immediately clear to us that we didn’t have the right shoes because there was only snow.
You could also find some green stripes, but the landscape was white !!

When we came back down it was already noon.
The hotel manager was surprised when we asked about vegan food.
“Everything comes from the cows you see, meat, milk, cheese … everything is from our happy cows …” he said, pointing out the grazing animals.
We did not discuss animal ethics and principles with the hotel manager, but on the walk we took after lunch we could really see that the cows were happy.

Trübsee-the cows greet us in a friendly manner and have accompanied us a few meters on our lap

All cows were meat cows, there were none dairy cows.
The animals were clean, well fed, and had clean water from the lake everywhere. No secretion from the nose, no injuries!
There were only electric fences where their paths could cross those of the hikers, otherwise they could choose where to lie, where to graze, where to jump.

It is clear that a happy life for animals can only arise where there is space and freedom.
These animals had it. We petted many, they were curious and tame, and as soon as we made acquaintance, they continued to follow us on our way.

Trübsee- ready to come with you

Now that I am writing these lines, I notice that this short vacation was again accompanied by animal life and animal experiences.
At least with happy experiences.
One thing is certain: we will visit Titlis again soon.
We made friends with some animals there and we want to see them again.

My best regards to all, Venus

Turkey: Drought Caused By Climate Change Kills Thousands Of Baby Flamingos.

WAV Comment: Farming doing yet more destruction.

  “the water supplies that typically run into Lake Tuz have been redirected for farming”.


Drought Caused By Climate Change Kills Thousands Of Baby Flamingos

The lake, which is normally home to 10,000 baby flamingos, resembled ‘a desert’

Drought Caused By Climate Change Kills Thousands Of Baby Flamingos | Plant Based News

A severe drought in Turkey’s Lake Tuz has led to the death of thousands of baby flamingos. Environmentalists say the climate crisis is to blame, as well as agricultural irrigation.

Lake Tuz – which means Salt Lake in Turkish – is one of the largest hypersaline lakes in the world, with a surface area of 1,665km2 (643 sq mi). Approximately 10,000 baby flamingos are born there every year.

But this year, only around 5,000 hatched. Many of those who did died soon after.

The lake, which is sometimes a vibrant pink colour, had dried up. Observer for Yahoo! News, Istem Donmez, said the lake resembled a desert – a sight which was ‘very sad’.“There were no live flamingos, we only saw dead birds,” he said. “The water of the lake was all gone and there wasn’t even a reflection of water when you take a photo. In various places, there were dead flamingos, both large and small, on the bed of the lake.”

Environmentalist and wildlife photographer Fahri Tunç spoke to Reuters about the flamingo deaths. Tunç explained that the water supplies that typically run into Lake Tuz have been redirected for farming.

“This is the irrigation canal that comes from Konya. It needs to deliver water to Lake Tuz. As you can see, the water is not coming through. It stopped,” Tunç said.

“It is a sin we are all committing.”

Professor Doganay Tolunay of Istanbul University spoke to the Milliyet newspaper about water scarcity. He warned that precipitation levels are dangerously low in Anatolia, which is where Lake Tuz is located.

“Crops failed to grow due to lack of rainfall. A serious water and drought crisis await us,” he said.

Climate crisis

The drought preceded severe flash flooding that has taken the lives of hundreds of people in Europe and China.

Both flooding and droughts are a symptom of climate change, which is driven by human activity. In fact, according to NASA, humans have been influencing global weather patterns for nearly a century.

Ben Cook is a researcher at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Columbia University in New York City. He said: “Climate change is not just a future problem.”

“This shows it’s already affecting global patterns of drought, hydroclimate, trends, variability — it’s happening now. And we expect these trends to continue, as long as we keep warming the world.”

Tradition must not be a reason to torture animals

Part of a changing, forward-looking society is to question and discard outdated and bad traditions.

These 10 animal torment events around the world must be stopped immediately.

1. Fire bull -“Toro Júbilo”, Spain

In the small Spanish town of Medinaceli, torches prepared with black pitch are tied to the horns of a bull once a year in November for the “Toro Júbilo Festival”.
Then the bull’s head is lit on the horns.

With the burning flames on his head, which sear hair and skin, the organizers drive the suffering, panicked bull through the narrow streets.

Sometimes the so-called fire bulls burn for hours and, in unsuccessful attempts to extinguish the flames, run their heads against stone walls and lamp posts.

A sticky black substance made of tar or turpentine is placed over a bull’s head and set on fire before it is chased into the street.

2. Cruel Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China

Despite the pandemic, which can be traced back to the unsanitary and cruel conditions in live animal markets, the infamous dog meat festival was held again in Yulin, China, in 2021.

Thousands of dogs are brutally killed at the festival in order to sell their meat and make leather from the animal skins.
The dogs are kept in tiny wire cages before being either cremated alive or killed with bludgeoning on the head between July 21st and 30th.

The suffering dogs do not always die directly, some animals experience their throats being cut when they are fully conscious.

Products made from dog leather, which comes from the cruel Yulin Festival, among other things, are exported all over the world.
It is often not clear which species of clothing and other articles of daily use made of leather are.
The only way to avoid animal suffering is to use leather alternatives that are free from animal suffering.

The dogs are killed and made into food or leather.

3. animal massacre, Gadhimai Festival, Nepal

EEvery five years at the Gadhimai Festival in southern Nepal, up to 200,000 water buffalo, pigs, sheep, donkeys and goats are rounded up in a sacrificial rite for the Indian deity of the same.

Continue reading “Tradition must not be a reason to torture animals”

Denmark: New Footage Emerges Of 2021 Pilot Whale Murders. 175 Whales Killed This Year; Nothing Changes !

Well, the Danes are not showing themselves as an animal caring nation.  Very recently we had the mass Mink murders associated with fur farming and Covid; – and yes, we have never had a response to our letter – Denmark: Still No Response From The Danes Regarding Our Letter of 12/11/20. That’s Life – Or Death, If You Are Danish Mink ! – World Animals Voice

Go here  About Us. | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) and scroll down until you see the pictures of the pilot whale murders.  Around 1991 Joanne, myself and Trev took to the streets in England demanding that supermarkets boycotted fish products from the Faroes because of this slaughter.  You can see a picture below of us taken by the press / media.

Tesco terrors

So here we are in 2021, some 30+ years later, and the murder is still taking place.  This year it has been 175 innocent, wonderful, intelligent pilot whales.  One could say whales that are much more intelligent than the brain dead human murderers who hack them to bits for what ?

I was angry about it 30 years ago; and I still am.  Nothing has changed, apart from the reputation of Denmark sinking even lower into the mud than it was already

Here is footage I have just had through about the 2021 murder:

I wanted to show this to you; with the news that nothing has changed for a very long time !

Regards Mark

England: Badger Homes and Winter Wonderland – 2 Videos To Watch About the Best In Animal People.

I want to finish the day with something good.

Y’know;  people will give up a lot of their time to help animals.  I am always amazed what some will do, regardless of their own circumstances.  For around 15 years I campaigned to get a voice for Serbian stray cats and dogs.  Check out the site which is still going, at Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) | a voice for the voiceless 

Here are a couple of videos which I want to share with you, and which I think supports this dedication.

I have always campaigned and opposed the Badger cull in England.  Here the badger is a protected species, unless the government decides they are going to be killed !  Now that we have badgers come to visit every night in the garden, and being able to view them ‘in the flesh’ so very regularly, my opposition to the cull and anything associated with it has become even stronger.

The first video shows group of volunteers from the SW of England constructing an artificial badger sett in the grounds of a local school.  Here are their own words:

An opportunity arose at the school to create an artificial sett for badgers currently living under an old scout hut on the site, which is going to be replaced in the near future. The school felt it was important to look after their badgers so we stepped in to help them create a new artificial sett so that the children could continue to enjoy sharing their school with the badgers and learn all about them too.

The second – It goes back to 2009 but is still a great video.  Hillside is a charity located in East Anglia, England, funded entirely by public donations.  It is a typical English winters day, but in the video you can see the peoples dedication that I have spoken about.  Enjoy the ‘Winter Wonderland; for the animals at Hillside, free from the cages and cruelty which they may have suffered at before their  deployment Hillside.

In their own words:

A short film showing some of our rescued animals being cared for on a snowy day at Hillside. To help Hillside or for more info, please see: http://www.hillside.org.uk/HillsideDD… Filmed on 21st December 2009 by John Watson from Hillside.

Enjoy !

Regards Mark

UK: 20/7/21 – Update On Horse Slaughter – Programme Shown On BBC TV. Watch On iplayer, But May Only Be For UK Viewers. ? Try Links At End.

I have given a couple of links to the programme at the end.

If you are NON UK then please try these to view. I dont know if you can view or not elsewhere in the world. I am keen to know if NON UK visitors can view. Please let me know with a short and simple response in our comments – thanks, Mark.

(Mark WAV) – Yesterday, 19/7, we issued a post relating to a Panorama tv broadcast on the BBC (yesterday evening) on horse and race horse slaughter investigation.

Link – https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2021/07/19/uk-19-7-21-horse-slaughter-exclusive-tonight-animal-aids-undercover-investigation-on-bbc-ones-panorama/

Here is additional news in today (20/7) from Animal Aid:

Dear Mark,

We know it isn’t easy to see or read about animal cruelty – so we really appreciate you taking the time to read this email. Having such wonderful supporters helps to keep us going.

Animal Aid’s ground-breaking investigation into horse slaughter was featured exclusively on BBC1’s Panorama last night, The Dark Side of Horse Racing. Our harrowing footage reveals, in heart-breaking detail, the fate of those horses who find themselves ‘unwanted’. 

Arriving at the abattoir either singly from private owners – or in large truck loads – we see nervous horses being led to a kill room, shot in the head and then hoisted into a butchery where their throats are slit: The majority of the meat is destined for human consumption.

Animal Aid investigators worked tirelessly to film this incredibly distressing footage, showing the slaughter of 267 horses and ponies, between October 2019 and February 2020.

Some of these animals would have once been much-loved companions. A number were from the horse racing industry, whilst others seemed to be from managed feral herds. We saw ponies shot in front of one another – and, disturbingly, our cameras even captured the slaughterman swearing at scared, anxious horses.

We have launched a petition, calling for basic measures to protect horses from this fate. This includes a government-imposed limit on the number of horses bred each year, to reduce the number of ‘unwanted’ horses. We can stop this pointless suffering – but we need your help!

Please sign the petition:

Introduce national limits on horse breeding – Petitions (parliament.uk)

Please share our films:

Animal Aid’s Horse Slaughter Investigation – Animal Aid

Please make a donation:

Animal Aid: Make a donation (netdonor.net)

Help us to keep the pressure on and make real progress for horses.

No animal should have to face slaughter – please take action and be their voice.

Thank you.

Campaign Manager

If you missed the programme then can watch it here – but note this is only for BBC Tv I player and may not be visible to non UK residents.  We will try and get a copy of the footage when we can

BBC One – Panorama, The Dark Side of Horse Racing

Or try this link; it may work ???


A gamble – sorry but out of my control.

Regards Mark

Beyond Meat Launches Online Store To Make Plant-Based Meat More Accessible In China. Great, But What About Wet Markets Still Operating in Their Hundreds ?

WAV Comment – This is great news for the animals who will be spared death by the meat industry. But what about the wet markets that are still operating ? – read more at SINGAPORE TO BAN THE SALE AND SLAUGHTER OF TURTLES AND FROGS IN WET MARKETS. News From Animal Equality – Breaking 20/7/21 – World Animals Voice regarding Singapore. China dumped Corona on the world, killing hundreds of thousands; and still the world sits idly by annd lets it continue to operate wet markets !

Beyond meat is great, but what about ‘Beyond Wet Markets’ – the world really needs to get a grip on this or the virus spread situation will never stop all the time we see what is going on. Watch the video below – look at the state of these places and the general conditions; the state of the water; the blood running onto the street, people working with dead animals on the pavement; and no protective clothing rules or at all. Is it any wonder that viruses originate from shit holes like this ?

Am I the only one who sees a problem ? – an I the only one who feels that international governments are doing very little to address the real problem ? – am I the only one who sees gutless politicians spending billions to keep the economy afloat, whist turning blind eyes to this ? – I am ‘Beyond Angry’, not beyond meat !!.

Regards Mark

Video from Animal Equality – see the link above to read more.

Beyond Meat Launches Online Store To Make Plant-Based Meat More Accessible In China

Since its debut in China just 15 months ago, the brand has grown exponentially and shows no signs of stopping….

Beyond Meat has launched an online store in China in order to make plant-based meat products more accessible.

It follows the brand’s continued expansion in the country in recent years.

Plant-based meat store

The store was launched on the eCommerce site JD.com, one of China’s largest of its kind. Now, customers will be able to purchase the Beyond Burger, Beyond Beef, and Beyond Pork.

Moreover, it marks the first time customers will be able to directly purchase the pork alternatives for the first time.This came after the product was specifically designed for the Chinese market – at 50 percent less saturated fat than conventional ground pork.

The range is produced in the company’s newly opened facility in Jiaxing.

A ‘growing portfolio’

Candy Chan is Beyond Meat’s China General Manager. In a statement, Chan said: “Beyond Meat is excited to launch its store on JD.com to expand our local availability and reach consumers throughout China. 

“With increased capabilities thanks to our new manufacturing facility in the JXEDZ, we are able to offer a growing portfolio of great-tasting, locally-produced plant-based meat products that are nutritious and sustainable.”

Beyond Meat

The launch comes less than a year since Beyond Pork debuted in China. Initially, it was available at a handful of restaurants. The decision came since the country is the world’s largest consumer of pork per capita.

Moreover, Beyond Meat has been available in China for just 15 months when it entered the market through a partnership with Starbucks China.

Currently, only customers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen can purchase the products.

However, the brand says it has plans to soon expand into 300 cities across the country.


3 pages in total Click on page numbers at end to read and see all.

Hi all; we have been getting some very positive news about wet markets through from Animal Equality.  We have thrown everything into one post here – although you may read some things twice, this just because we have provided all the information from various mails we have had in.

The videos are worth a watch if you can stomach them.  I will tidy this up later when there is time – things are arriving en masse now.

Regards Mark


Hi Mark,

I have good news for you: We’re starting to see the first steps of progress in phasing out live animals at wet markets!

Here’s a quick reminder of the events leading up to this:

Animal Equality first exposed the reality of cruel and dangerous wet markets ​​at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020. These live animal markets were still relatively unknown to the general public at the time.

Our investigative team returned to these horrific places in May 2021 and discovered that nothing had changed despite claims of shutting down operations for safety. Wet markets were still a threat to human health and causing unimaginable suffering for animals.

Thanks to this investigation, we were able to show the brutality of these markets and launched an international campaign to demand their closure. The petition received overwhelming support, collecting nearly 600,000 signatures.

In April, the World Health Organization called for a ban on the sale of live wild mammals in food markets worldwide to prevent the emergence of new diseases.

And just a month ago, I delivered your signatures to world leaders at the United Nations asking for a ban on the sale of all live animals at wet markets.

Mark, now here’s the exciting update I have for you:

The Parliament of Singapore has spent a year reviewing legislation concerning the safety and welfare standards of animals sold for food in wet markets. As a result, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has confirmed a ban on the sale and slaughter of turtles and live frogs.

This is one of the biggest animal protections made in Singapore’s history.

Continue reading on next page.

The science of plant-based meat.

This is a 4 page article.

Page numbers can be selected at end.

Learn about the science of plant-based meat. Discover resources and research projects on the latest technological developments and key scientific questions.

Introduction to plant-based meat

What is plant-based meat? 

GFI uses the term “plant-based” to refer to products made from plants that are alternatives to animal-based products. This includes plant-based meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy. This overview focuses primarily on the science of plant-based meat and seafood. 

The concept of plant-based meat is not a modern development. The prevalence and variety of plant-based meat has steadily increased for centuries. However, many of the early plant-based meat products were designed with vegetarian consumers in mind. Early plant-based meats did not try to exactly replicate, or biomimic, conventional meat.

Recent concerns about sustainability, food security, and the environmental and public health impacts of industrial animal agriculture have spurred a sense of urgency to develop plant-based meats that appeal to mainstream consumers rather than niche markets. This has led to an explosion of innovation during the last decade. Today’s plant-based meat options appeal to the fast-growing segment of “flexitarian” consumers. 

What is the market for plant-based meat? 

Flexitarian consumers are looking for plant-based meat options that create the same sensory experience as animal-based meat. These consumers deliberately reduce their meat consumption but do not completely give up animal-based products. This decision to eat more plants is often due to concerns about health, the environment, or animal protection. It may also simply be a way of obtaining novelty and variety with flavorful and affordable meals. The rise in flexitarianism is creating considerable market growth for plant-based foods.

Despite the market growth in plant-based foods, plant-based meat is currently only about 1% of the US retail meat market. For plant-based meat to become a significant part of the global meat market in the coming decades, there remains tremendous need for additional R&D. This innovation and subsequent growth of the plant-based meat industry will only be realized through a concerted and collaborative effort to direct resources (financial, human, and technological) to this area.

UK: 19/7/21: Horse Slaughter – Exclusive Tonight: Animal Aid’s Undercover Investigation on BBC One’s Panorama.

Dear Mark,

At long last, we are able to share with you an Animal Aid investigation, which will be featured exclusively on BBC One’s Panorama tonight (Monday 19 July) at 8.30pm. You may have seen pre-broadcast coverage in newspapers and on the radio today.

Our world leading investigations team were able to film inside a UK abattoir that slaughters horses and ponies.  Their cameras captured, in heart-breaking detail, the final moments of hundreds of these innocent animals, who, finding themselves unloved and unwanted, were shot in the head. We witnessed a wide variety of equines being killed in this place – from tiny ponies to Thoroughbred horses from the racing industry.  The meat of these gentle animals is destined for human consumption.

We do not know the exact content of the programme, but we do know it will use some of our undercover footage and will reveal some shocking information about how many horses from the racing industry face slaughter in abattoirs.

We are asking three things of you today:

1          Please watch Panorama on BBC One tonight and ask everyone you know to do the same

2          Sign our petition to the government which calls for a limit on the numbers of horses being bred each year. Fewer horses produced means fewer horses having their lives taken from them in an abattoir.

3          Please keep an eye on our social media pages while the programme airs and help to amplify our message impact by sharing our posts and tweets

No animal should face slaughter.

Campaign Manager

Kashmir: No ban on sale, sacrificing of animals on Eid-ul-Adha in JK, says Admin.

No ban on sale, sacrificing of animals on Eid-ul-Adha in JK, says Admin

Srinagar: Divisional Commissioner Kashmir P K Pole on Friday said that there is no ban on the sale and slaughter of sacrificial animals in the Valley as it’s a religious obligation done in memory of Prophet Ismail (AS).

The Divisional Commissioner said that the administration is providing full support to facilitate the import of sheep, goat, and poultry to Kashmir on the eve of Eid-ul-Adha.

“There is no ban on slaughter and sale of sacrificial animals. It’s a religious obligation done in memory of Prophet Ismail (AS) and we need to respect it,” Pole said. He said the administration facilitates entry of sacrificial animals at Lower Munda into Kashmir after proper testing etc. “We also test poultry birds for bird flu before allowing them to enter into the Valley,” Pole said.

He said that as far as bovine animals are concerned, there is already a ban on killing such animals. “It is not done in Kashmir and if it is done, action will be taken,” he said.

On the letter issued by the Director Planning Animal and Sheep Husbandry calling for the ‘ban on slaughtering of bovine and sacrificial animals’, the divisional commissioner said that letter is not above the rule position and the act is supreme.

“We need to see whether the letter has been issued keeping in view the legal aspect,” he said.

Interestingly, the letter had gone viral on social media evoking sharp criticism from the netizens and also from the Mutahida Majlis-e-Ulema (MMU), an amalgam of Kashmiri Ulemas. Many netizens had termed it as direct interference into religious affairs.

“Care must be taken before passing any information which involves religious aspects and as every religion should be honored and respected”, he added.

Director Animal, Sheep Husbandry department Kashmir Purnima Mittal said, first of all, she didn’t issue any order and it was just an advisory. “This is an advisory issued in response to the Animal Welfare Board of India. These are just norms for the animals for sacrificial animals,” she said.

“This is an advisory issued to prevent cruelty against the animals. This calls for banning the slaughter of animals that are three months old or in case the animal is pregnant.”

She said that there is no ban on sacrificing animals on “Bakra Eid” and the letter issued by the department only focuses on the norms to be followed while transporting animals meant for sacrifices on Eid eve. (KNO)

No ban on sale, sacrificing of animals on Eid-ul-Adha in JK, says Admin | Free Press Kashmir

Regards Mark

A comment left by one of our well known supporters:

Imagine violently killing animals as a “religious obligation” but denying those same beings religion. No god demands suffering to prove loyalty or as an entrance requisite to “heaven”. This is just human barbarity, psychopathy, and blood-lust violence disguised as “religious exercise” and accepted as such.

For sure, MY “religious obligation” is to protect and save animals, how dare they infringe on MY rights when MY rights require ZERO suffering, violence, and pain. These people are trash.

Wildlife Trade Is ‘Key Risk Factor’ Behind Global Spread Of Disease, Study Finds.

Wildlife Trade Increases The Risk Of Next Global Pandemic, Study Finds

The wildlife trade could cause future disease outbreaks Credit: Adobe.

WAV Comment – we see and hear a lot about the causes; the real problem is that nobody has got the balls to take the case in hand and do something positive about it. Roll on more studies, inactive world governments; lots more deaths and ……………… ignorance of the causes !

Wildlife Trade Is ‘Key Risk Factor’ Behind Global Spread Of Disease, Study Finds

New research found that the wildlife trade is increasing the risk of another global pandemic

A new study looked at the wildlife trade’s impact on the transmission of viruses. Researchers warned that the wildlife trade could increase the risk of zoonotic outbreaks, including those with global ‘pandemic potential’.

A zoonosis is an infectious disease transmitted between animals and humans. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), some diseases can begin as a zoonosis but develop into human-only strains – one example is HIV.

The analysis, which was led by The Nature Conservancy, was published in the journal Current Biology. The Nature Conservancy teamed up with the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE) in India to conduct the study.

Researchers studied 226 viruses known to cause zoonotic diseases across more than 800 mammal species. They categorized the animals into three groups: traded mammals, non-traded mammals, and domesticated mammals.Researchers found that one-quarter of mammal species in the wildlife trade host 75 percent of the known zoonotic viruses. Compared to domesticated and non-traded species, commonly traded mammals had a ‘much higher’ risk of transmission.

Preventing the next pandemic

Lead author Dr Shivaprakash Nagaraju is a Senior Scientist for The Nature Conservancy in India. He said: “From our findings, it is conceivable that wildlife trade (legal and illegal) is the key risk factor driving the global spread of zoonotic and emerging infectious diseases.”

The international wildlife trade leads to more than one billion direct and indirect interactions between wildlife, domesticated animals, and humans, he added.

Dr Nagaraju said he hopes the research will guide global health experts on where to ‘concentrate their efforts to prevent the next global pandemic’.

Dr Joe Kiesecker is the co-author of the study and a Lead Scientist for The Nature Conservancy. He said: “If we want to stop the next pandemic before it starts, our findings indicate that we should, among other measures, focus our efforts on keeping rodents, bats, primates, ungulates, and carnivores out of wildlife trade.”

Other pandemic concerns

Humans interfering with animals has sparked concerns about disease outbreak before.

A January poll found that roughly 85 percent of Brits support an ‘urgent’ ban on factoring farming, due to concerns about COVID-19. The following month, reports found that the H5N8 strain of bird flu had infected humans for the first time.

And in June, 67 infectious disease experts wrote a letter urging for the end of fur farming.

“The intensive breeding conditions typical on fur farms – animals unnaturally crowded together, poor hygiene, stress, injuries and low genetic diversity – are ideal for the creation and spread of novel pathogens,” the letter reads.

“To risk jeopardising our ability to control and end this or future global coronavirus pandemics, for the sake of fur fashion production, would seem imprudent. 

“We therefore support the call by [Humane Society International] for a permanent global end to the breeding, keeping and killing of animals for the purposes of fur production, and the sale of fur.”

Wildlife Trade Is ‘Key Risk Factor’ Behind Global Spread Of Disease, Study Finds | Plant Based News

Boris Johnson Urged ‘To Lead World Leaders’ Towards Global Fur Farming Ban To Avoid Future Pandemics

67 infectious disease experts have written to the UK Prime Minister – highlighting how fur farms are ideal for the creation and spread of novel pathogens

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is being urged to lead world leaders towards a global ban on fur farming. 

67 infectious disease experts have written to the politician ahead of the G7 summit.

The event brings together the heads of governments from a slew of wealthy democracies such as Canada and the US. It will be hosted in Cornwall, England, at the end of this week. 

Global fur farming ban

The letter comes from virologists, epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists, veterinarians, and animal behaviorists from 16 countries. Moreover, it is coordinated by animal protection NGO Humane Society International (HSI).

“It’s clear fur farms have the potential to act as reservoirs of SARS-CoV-2…” reads the letter.

“The intensive breeding conditions typical on fur farms – animals unnaturally crowded together, poor hygiene, stress, injuries and low genetic diversity – are ideal for the creation and spread of novel pathogens. 

“Severe animal welfare deficiencies are inherent to factory fur farming. The trade creates the potential for the many tens of millions of animals on fur farms to act as immediate, intermediate, or amplifier hosts for viral pathogens. 

“To risk jeopardising our ability to control and end this or future global coronavirus pandemics, for the sake of fur fashion production, would seem imprudent. “We therefore support the call by HSI for a permanent global end to the breeding, keeping and killing of animals for the purposes of fur production, and the sale of fur.”

COVID-19 outbreaks

The letter follows more than 400 outbreaks of SARS-CoV-2 on mink farms across Europe, the USA, and Canada. 

Some governments, such as the Netherlands and Hungary, have taken decisive action to stop mink fur farming in their jurisdictions.

Moreover, 14 countries globally have banned fur farming completely. However, species susceptible to COVID-19 are still being reared for their fur across the world.

‘A stark warning to governments’

Claire Bass is the executive director of HSI UK. In a statement sent to PBN, she said: “Virologists, veterinarians and disease experts from around the world have provided a stark warning to governments about the public health risks of exploiting wild animals in unsanitary, overcrowded and inhumane fur factory farms, simply for the sake of frivolous fashion. 

“Not only is fur farming inherently cruel to animals. But, the potential for zoonotic disease spread, and for mink fur farms, in particular, to act as reservoirs for coronaviruses is another compelling reason for governments to shut down the fur industry for good.

“We can no longer ignore that fur farms make for a perfect petri dish for pandemics. 

Bass then concluded: “As the first country in the world to ban fur farming two decades ago… The UK is in a unique position to urge world leaders to take decisive action with a global ban.”

Read the full letter here

Mexico-Puebla criminalizes illegal slaughter

On July 15th, the Puebla State Congress in Mexico approved an initiative tabled by local MPs with 34 votes in favor, 0 against and 2 abstentions that criminalize the operation of illegal slaughterhouses and the slaughter of animals without prior stunning represents.

This initiative comes after discussions that Animal Equality in Mexico participated in with various authorities in the Puebla government to reach a final consensus.

Aitor Garmendia / Tras los Muros-Mexico

What is the problem?

Secret slaughter harbors public health risks, contamination from poor waste management and, above all, great suffering for the animals.
In addition, it is not checked whether prohibited substances have been administered, such as growth promoters, which affect the health of animals and humans.
In addition, it does not comply with the official Mexican standard NOM-033-SAG / ZOO-2014 regarding methods of killing domestic and wild animals.
These places do not have the necessary infrastructure and tools to stun the animals before slaughter, causing them untold suffering.

Aitor Garmendia / Tras los Muros-Mexico

What does the reform say?

The reform adds an article to the chapter of the Puebla Criminal Code on crimes against animals as follows:

A prison sentence of one to four years and one thousand to two thousand times the daily rate is imposed on everyone who …

-has a room for unregulated slaughter, in addition to imposing the closure of the property whose purpose is slaughter.
– carries out the slaughter of animals for human consumption without prior stunning.

Continue reading “Mexico-Puebla criminalizes illegal slaughter”

Amazon Rainforest Now Emits More CO2 Than It Absorbs For The First Time.

WAV Comment:  Here in England; there has been no real summer – it has rained a lot for weeks; suddenly in the last few days it is clear sky and temperatures are at 31 degrees.  Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands are having huge rainstorms, and over 150 people have been killed. 



Death toll exceeds 180 as Germany and Belgium hit by devastating floods |  Germany | The Guardian
Photo – (Germany) – The Guardian

Mr EX President Trump was full of self gratification for pulling out of the Paris climate accord agreement.   I remember watching all the ‘seals’ clapping him on the White House lawn when he announced.  Fortunately President Biden has tons more sense and has re joined.

If anyone wants to send this to Trump, and Bolsonaro, then great.  2 fools who between them have contributed to major global environmental damage.  Thank god that at least one of them is no longer in charge !

Drone footage shows flood damage in Germany and Belgium - BBC News

Above – Germany (BBC)

CASE STUDY - Amazon Rainforest - Tropical Rainforests and Deciduous  Woodlands

Amazon Rainforest Now Emits More CO2 Than It Absorbs For First Time

Animal agriculture has been linked to the worsening state of the Amazon rainforest

For the first time, the world’s largest rainforest is worsening the climate crisis, a new study has found. The Amazon rainforest’s ability to absorb emissions once slowed down climate change, but it now expels a billion tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.

Many of the emissions are caused by fires intentionally set to clear land for beef and soy production. A lot of the soy produced is fed back into the meat industry. In fact, according to WWF, nearly 80 percent of the world’s soybean crop is fed to livestock.

Rising temperatures and droughts are also contributing to increased emissions.

Scientists Warn Human Impact On Amazon Rainforest Is ‘Worse Than We Realize’

‘Accelerating climate change’

Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research led the study, which spanned over a nine-year period. Researchers launched around 600 flights over four main sites in the Brazilian Amazon. This allowed them to record carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels up to 4,500 meters above the forest.

They discovered that while the rainforest soaks up 0.5 billion tonnes of CO2 annually, it emits 1.5 billion. The remaining 1 billion tonnes left in the atmosphere is equal to the annual emissions of Japan – the fifth-largest polluter in the world.

Luciana Gatti, who led the research, said to The Guardian: “The first very bad news is that forest burning produces around three times more CO2 than the forest absorbs.

“The second bad news is that the places where deforestation is 30 percent or more show carbon emissions 10 times higher than where deforestation is lower than 20 percent.”

She added: “Imagine if we could prohibit fires in the Amazon – it could be a carbon sink. But we are doing the opposite – we are accelerating climate change.”






Germany: “Shark City” Prison will not be built!

Do you remember that story we published four years ago?
It was about building a shark aquarium in southern Germany.
An investor wanted to build the biggest shark aquarium in Europe: “Shark City”.

There were protests, letters, demonstrations against a new prison for these intelligent animals.

Today we received very good news!!
The translation of the mail I received:

“Since this week it is certain that the “Shark City” shark aquarium will not be built.
This saves countless sharks from capture and a painful life in captivity.

A group of investors originally wanted to build the large aquarium in Sinsheim in Baden-Württemberg (southern Germany).
After massive protests by residents and animal and species protection organizations from all over Germany, the operators relocated the construction project to Pfungstadt in Hesse.

Even before the public found out about it, the city council in Pfungstadt voted to sell urban land to investors.
But resistance was also very massive in Pfungstadt.
Within a very short time, the local shark protectors managed to collect enough signatures for a referendum, which was rejected by the city council.

In 2019, the operators submitted a development plan.
Then Shark City suddenly became quiet.
In May of this year it became known that the property reservation had expired without the purchase contract being signed.
The operators did not show up at a date agreed with the city. The company disappeared from the Internet.

This week the city council in Pfungstadt repealed all resolutions regarding the shark aquarium.

“animal public” has repeatedly intervened with the responsible politicians and the responsible authorities against the construction of the shark aquarium and supported the active citizens on site.

We are pleased that countless animals have been spared a short, dreary existence in captivity.
This was only possible thanks to the cooperation of numerous organizations and active citizens, whom we would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts.
Such successes give hope because they show that we can change a lot together.

Thank you very much for your compassion and support”

Animal Public

And I mean…When the famous German playwright and librettist Bertolt Brecht was asked what is the point of all the resistance against the Nazi regime at the time, the dead victims, the prisoners … he thought a little and said: “Without us, they would have had it much easier” .
With us this is now a reality, the shark prison belongs to history!

What do we learn from it?
United and active, we can also achieve great things.

My best regards to all, Venus

In memory of Slavica Mazac-Bešlić

It’s been a year since the animal rights activist and our loyal friend Slavica Mazac-Bešlić passed away.

We have not forgotten them and we will always remember their tireless struggle for animal rights.

The fight continues, Slavica, but it is still very sad for us and the animals that you can no longer fight with us and for them, as you always wanted and have done.

Kinder in Not (Sklavenkinder), Indien, 2020 - Hilfswerk Liechtenstein

Rest in peace
your friends and fellow campaigners

Venus and Mark

Animal cruelty in Sriracha Tiger Zoo takes a break

In Thailand, a well-known tourist attraction has to close after 24 years in the wake of the corona pandemic: The Sriracha Tiger Zoo near Pattaya is no longer able to maintain operations after being closed for months, the newspaper “Pattaya Mail” reported on Thursday citing the owner.

The approximately 5000 animals, including tigers, crocodiles, camels and elephants, are initially to be relocated to another area that belongs to the park.

The zoo was opened in 1997 by a former pig and crocodile breeder.
At times there were 1.5 million holidaymakers a year, mainly Chinese, Indians, Vietnamese, Indonesians and Russians.
Since the first Corona wave last year, management has tried everything to generate income, including selling “street food” and temporarily free entry for visitors.

Sriracha Tiger Zoo

But since foreign guests are still not allowed to come and the number of infections is now increasing, a closure is the only way, according to the operators.

The Sriracha Tiger Zoo is harshly criticized by experts and animal rights activists.
In 2004 the American NGO “Animal Welfare Institute” reported that the park’s tigers and elephants were being used in circus shows.

A baby tiger sleeps with piglets in the Sriracha Zoo, on a grid floor

A British organization criticized in 2016 that the big cats were in poor condition and that tiger babies were separated from their mothers only two to three weeks after birth.


And I mean…Wildlife tourism, worth up to $250 billion (USD) annually is a big business.
It is estimated that globally wildlife tourism attractions condemn around 550,000 wild animals to appalling, mostly unseen suffering.
Because the pain and distress is largely hidden, visitors are usually oblivious to the horrific abuse and conditions endured for tourist entertainment.

Captive tigers are particular victims of irresponsible tourism – their suffering fuelled by the demand for selfies and photo sharing on social media.
These majestic and endangered predators are bred, used and abused to create entertainment for tourists and boost the profits of wildlife attractions, travel companies and illegal traders.

Sriracha Tiger Zoo near Pattaya had reported the most tigers in their possession.
Here, visitors are encouraged to photograph a tiger in an ‘African’ landscape. The tiger is pushed and prodded with a bamboo stick wielded by a Tarzan-style trainer until the animal sits on a stool.

One attraction of the zoo that kids and their parents love is the “cub milk-feeding”.
In a big room, with several cages in a row containing one baby tiger each, visitors are encouraged to feed the animals through the wire-mesh with milk in feeding bottles.

A zoo attendant offers visitors milk in feeding bottles in exchange for a certain amount.

But loud cries of the baby tigers can be heard meters away from the room. When visitors start asking why, the attendant is quick to explain that the cubs are hungry and in need of feeding.

Visitors are then offered milk bottles to feed the cubs, but for a price.

All animal abuses have a price in the zoo.

Some suspect that the baby tigers are deliberately starved so they’ll always cry for milk.

Our message is simple: please do not support these activities.
Captured wild animals and other animals that are used for direct human-animal interaction for entertainment purposes suffer enormous agony in such businesses.

You make yourself an accomplice if you support them

My best regards to all, Venus

England: Shut Down Hewitt Slaughterhouse – Planned Events and Actions (If You Cannot Attend, Send A Letter) – Link Provided.


Following on from our very recent post about mass abuses at an English slaughterhouse:

England: ‘Shocking’ Animal Abuse Recorded At Government-Approved Abattoir, Investigation Reveals. – World Animals Voice

England: Hewitt Slaughterhouse Abuses. WAV Now Write To Government Minister Responsible and Also To Food Standards Agency Re Veterinarian. – World Animals Voice

England: WAV Follow Up With Letter To Relevant Authorities Re English Slaughterhouse Abuses Filmed On CCTV. – World Animals Voice

We can now confirm that things are ramping up in an attempt to close this hell hole for animals down, permanently !

Dear Mark,

We have a number of events coming up and we need YOUR support! Following our undercover investigation of Hewitt slaughterhouse in Cheshire, Animal Justice Project is taking action against this violent company and the UK government in a series of online actions and demonstrations. Will you join us?

During our 200-hour undercover investigation, our cameras caught despicable acts of animal cruelty. Panic-stricken sheep were dragged to the kill room by their horns, where ineffective stunning rendered them conscious as they were slaughtered. A pair of gentle bulls were jabbed over 200 times with a pointed stick and an electric prod, by the slaughterhouse manager himself. Our cameras watched on as a conscious, tiny piglet was hurled into the scalding tank, where they were left to drown.

These illegal acts of violence were commonplace and were carried out right in front of the slaughterhouse’s own CCTV and in the presence of a Food Standards Agency-appointed Official Veterinarian. It is clear that government initiatives are failing to deter illegalities, allowing companies such as Hewitt to flout UK law.

On Friday 30th July, Animal Justice Project are heading to Hewitt slaughterhouse to demand that they are urgently closed down. Placards and banners will be provided to activists, who are invited to join us from 11am-1pm.

Location: G. & G. B. Hewitt slaughterhouse, CH3 9BH

Following our demonstration, we will move to Chester city centre to spread the word about this bloodbath of a slaughterhouse and urge locals to take action. This will be an outreach-style event, with leafletting and placards. Activists can join us at 2pm-4pm, even if they cannot make the earlier event at the slaughterhouse

Location: Eastgate Street, Chester, CH1 1LE

If you can’t make it to our demonstration, you can still join our online events! Taking action for animals is just a click away!

On Thursday 22nd July from 4pm-6pm, our team will be demanding an end to the public funding of slaughterhouses and calling for an immediate, independent review of The Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing (England) Regulations 2015. We will be tweeting our demands to Boris Johnson, who must be held accountable for the government’s failure to ‘protect’ animals from illegal acts of cruelty inside UK slaughterhouses.

You can use our pre-written tweets, which will be sent next Thursday morning via email. You can also join our Facebook event here, so that you receive a notification when the event is starting. Our online actions help us to share our undercover footage with the public, who have the option to help or harm animals with their daily choices. Online outreach is so quick and simple, so please do join us next Thursday.

Take Action – Animal Justice Project

Have you sent our letter yet? Our pre-written letter to the Environmental Secretary, George Eustice, makes the following demands:

  1. An urgent and independent review of the Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing (England) Regulations 2015 (WATOK), following the failure and inaction of the legislation’s January 2021 industry-led review.
  2. Halt public funding to slaughterhouses under the Agriculture Act, including small slaughterhouses that the government has deemed ‘critical’; and channel funding instead into plant-based agriculture.

Send our letter:

Take Action – Animal Justice Project

Join and share Facebook events here:

(20+) Shut Down Hewitt Slaughterhouse Two-Part Event! | Facebook

Our latest investigation has been months in the making and we can’t wait to take action with our dedicated supporters. It is vital that we seek justice for the innocent animals dying everyday inside Hewitt slaughterhouse. Please keep an eye out for further updates on our latest campaign, Scammed! A System Built to Fail Animals.

As always,

For the animals.
Ayrton Cooper,
Senior Campaigner

England: Hewitt Slaughterhouse Abuses. WAV Now Write To Government Minister Responsible and Also To Food Standards Agency Re Veterinarian.


Hi all;

Just to give you an update; I have now sent my letter re abuses at Hewitt slaughterhouses  to both the government Minister responsible for welfare, and also to the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Here is the link with a copy of the letter:

England: WAV Follow Up With Letter To Relevant Authorities Re English Slaughterhouse Abuses Filmed On CCTV. – World Animals Voice

When I hear back I will be publishing the responses onto this site.

Things are now ramping up re actions at the slaughterhouse with regards protests.  I will publish info in a separate post.

Regards Mark

Germany: Animal cruelty in horror slaughterhouse is rewarded

In August 2020, “SOKO Animal welfare organization” uncovered horror conditions in the Gärtringen slaughterhouse (state: Baden-Württemberg, in Germany).

With hidden cameras, activists from SOKO Tierschutz e.V. have uncovered numerous cases of massive animal cruelty in this slaughterhouse.

The video shows terrifying scenes.
The pictures show pigs that are not properly anesthetized shortly before slaughter or cows that are tormented with stick stitches in the anus.
This happens in the presence of inactive official veterinarians.

Here is the video, with the title: “the land butcher from the land-
Animal torture in the butcher slaughterhouse Gärtringen”

(Note: At minute 1:39 a pig is brutally mistreated.
The animal is kicked in the face and a pipe is rammed into its eye. You can clearly hear the cries of the animal. Then, in the case of the skidding box, sheer violence prevails. The anesthetic fails again and again)

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England: WAV Follow Up With Letter To Relevant Authorities Re English Slaughterhouse Abuses Filmed On CCTV.


Hi all; regarding our recent posts relating to video footage of animal abuses at an English slaughterhouse:

You can also see the video footage here:

England: ‘Shocking’ Animal Abuse Recorded At Government-Approved Abattoir, Investigation Reveals. – World Animals Voice

I have today written a letter about this, which I am sending to all the authorities and UK government; requesting that this facility is immediately closed down for good.

You can read a copy of my letter below.

As I have said; if we do get replies then these will be put onto the site for all to view and make their own decisions.  Being fair, unlike the Danes that we wrote to about the Mink cull in Denmark; I am expecting the UK government to at least respond to my letter.  It may take some time for a response, but ………………..

Regards Mark

Here is the wording of my letter:

Address Supplied.

Dear Sir / Madam;

                                                                                                16 July 2021

I write as the co founder of ‘World Animals Voice’, an animal welfare organisation based in both (Kent) England and Germany.  Our site can be viewed at  World Animals Voice – Animal news from around the world.

Our Patron is Mr Philip Wollen – https://youtu.be/LA3F4_KRL5M

Yesterday I was provided with disturbing footage (from January / February 2021) relating to chronic animal abuse at a family operated slaughterhouse – one G & G.B Hewitt Ltd,  located in Church Lane, Huxley, Chester, England.  Over 200 hours of CCTV footage was obtained at this facility, which I understand currently holds a British government approval rating, and has done for many years in a row. 

The footage which I have seen (link provided below), has already been posted onto the WAV site, and the investigation related uncovers several illegalities happening inside this particular facility. Despite this, I understand the slaughterhouse has held a British government FSA ‘generally satisfactory’ rating for six years.  Standards are far from ‘generally satisfactory’; they are diabolical.

The footage has also been made public by the ‘Animal Justice Project’ (AJP) and claims (as is clearly shown in the footage) that an ‘Official Veterinarian’ was appointed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) of the UK government; their job supposedly being to ‘ensure that all animal welfare requirements are met, and to ensure that animals are spared avoidable pain, distress or suffering’.  The footage shows anything but, clearly showing when animals (such as a lame cow) enter the line to be slaughtered, the veterinarian does NOT even look at, or make any effort to inspect the condition of animal, which is one of obvious distress.  The footage clearly shows that the official veterinarian is failing in her role to any ensure animal welfare, and as a result is aiding breaches of UK legislation.

Key findings which are shown clearly include:

Piglets appearing to be scalded in a hot water tank whilst still alive, due to slaughter failures; and cows being beaten (in some cases over 200 times) by facility workers (including the use of electric prods by the slaughterhouse manager Mark Hewitt).  One particularly distressing scene shows a bull being violently prodded hundreds of times using a sharp stick, which is illegal.

In the footage, the alleged FSA professional veterinarian is not even present in the stun room / locations where animals are killed, which they should be; even though many animals (cows) are showing clear signs of lameness, and pigs with large masses on their legs are forced to move by workers using cruel methods.  The language used by workers (not repeated here) against these animals who are clearly suffering, shows what a demented facility full of demented humans is being used with UK government approval.

Veterinary professionals working at the location for the UK government to allegedly ‘ensure that all animal welfare requirements are met, and to ensure that animals are spared avoidable pain, distress or suffering’, have by their own actions, missed the poor handling of animals, the failing stun equipment, the insufficient stun times as detailed under UK legislation, in addition to missing clear signs of consciousness from animals that should have been rendered unconscious by stunning. 

The disturbing footage also shows a piglet which should be rendered dead though routine slaughter procedures, being put STILL ALIVE into the scalding tank.  We are informed that this poor, unfortunate and suffering animal was simply ‘left to drown’ by the demented personnel operating the slaughterhouse.

Alick Simmons, Former Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer declares after watching the footage:

“The overall impression given is of routine poor practice in premises barely fit for purpose.”

In addition, the slaughtering process fell outside of the recommended 15 seconds by the Humane Slaughter Association (HSA). The investigators claim that in the footage, no worker is seen checking for signs of animal consciousness after sticking, displaying yet another breach of regulations which should be acted on by the official veterinarian.

In a further statement to that above, Simmons says: “There are a number of instances where apparent breaches of the law are shown: incorrect use of electric goads, cattle repeatedly struck with a stick – one appears to be pointed and the (UK) law prohibits the use of such pointed sticks – a sheep is dragged by the horns, severely lame cattle, and one severely lame pig being presented for slaughter.  Such animals are not fit to be transported. In several instances, immediately after ‘sticking’, slaughtermen are seen to start dressing pig carcasses”

“The law requires that pigs are bled for a minimum of 20 seconds. The overall impression given is of routine poor practice in premises barely fit for purpose. The circumstances are made worse by poorly trained and poorly supervised operatives. For example, the handling, stunning, and killing of piglets is barely adequate”.

As a result of the footage, the Animal Justice Project (AJP) is calling for an ‘urgent’ independent review of UK slaughterhouses, and urges the immediate cessation of public funding under the new Agriculture Bill.  As an independent organisation, we at WAV fully support these demands by AJP.  Under the current system, abattoirs nationwide are eligible for financial aid under the new Agriculture Bill act.  This has to change, and now !

We support the words / terms used by Animal Justice Project’s founder Claire Palmer, who declared the findings as both ‘law-breaking’ and ‘extensive’ in (animal) suffering and abuse. This was ‘right under the nose of the vet, and CCTV’, Palmer added.

Our (WAV) final summary of operations at this facility is one of utter incompetence throughout all slaughter processes; of utterly incompetent slaughterhouse management supported by unprofessional, incompetent staff. All this supported by an incompetent official veterinarian, allegedly working for a government Food ‘Standards’ Authority who is located at the facility to ensure that all animals do NOT suffer in their final minutes of life.

The whole process can only be described as a complete fiasco, captured throughout on CCTV in England; a nation that (quite rightly) demands very high animal welfare standards that are compliant to the law and maintained to the highest standards set in accordance with the law.  This facility is a circus, not an animal slaughtering facility; it is operated throughout by clowns, one being the slaughterhouse manager Mark Hewitt; in addition, it is monitored by clowns under the guise of the FSA, and thus should be immediately and permanently closed down for both the welfare of sick and suffering animals and human beings who still consume the meat products resulting. Action should be taken against the ‘official veterinarian’ who failed so clearly in the undertaking of their work.

We request your formal request to this letter, the utter fiasco shown, which we will also publish on our site, unchanged, for our worldwide audience to view. 

We ask – Is the UK leading the way in animal welfare, with incompetents such as this employed in this hell hole ?

The video footage can be viewed at:

Yours with hope of action and one less slaughterhouse facility operating;

Mark Johnson

Co Founder – World Animals Voice.

G and GB Hewitt declare:

Business overview

Established over 50 years – Family run Business

G & G.B Hewitt Ltd is a well established slaughtering company that has built up an enviable reputation over the last 50 years. We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a professional and speedy service at all times, whilst maintaining the highest quality of work.

Ref:  https://www.yell.com/biz/g-and-gb-hewitt-ltd-chester-250226/

Update 1900hrs GMT 16/7.

Venus has just posted an excellent article / post on a very similar situation in Germany to what we are showing in the UK above. You can see the post on the site; or here is the direct link:

Germany: Animal cruelty in horror slaughterhouse is rewarded – World Animals Voice

As we are only too aware, and have been for years; politicians will bend over backwards to support the meat mafia business, be it UK, Germany, or any other global location.

Please read the post by Venus, and draw your own conclusions to slaughterhouse operations, where ever they are.

Regards Mark

Germany- activist camp in the north: “Shot down the animal industry”!

After a legal dispute, on Monday, 12. July, a protest camp against factory farming started in Goldenstedt (a municipality in Lower Saxony).

There is space for around 500 people in the tent city in a nature reserve. The district wanted to ban the camp, but failed before the Lüneburg Higher Administrative Court, for a security deposit of 10,000 euros.
The number of participants has increased from around 180 to 230 people.
Animal protection and climate activists want to stay there until Saturday.

A “mass action of civil disobedience” is planned. The farmers in the area are displeased.

It was not by chance that the activists chose the community of 10,000 residents as the location for the camp.
The PHW Group is only a few kilometers away. The company is the largest German poultry meat concern, and its “Wiesenhof” brand is best known.
“Sure, that’s the reason why we’re here,” says one of the organizers, Franziska Klein. It is also about networking with local agronomically critical groups.
The region is one of the strongholds of intensive animal husbandry in Germany.
Anyone walking around here wearing a t-shirt that says “Meat is Murder” will attract attention.

The organizers of the camp, the “Alliance against the Animal Industry”, had announced in the past few days that they wanted to disrupt the group’s operations with various actions under the motto “PHW ade”.
The access road, which was previously open to the public, became the property of Paul Wesjohann & Co. at the end of June, the municipality has sold the road!!
Only later is the council supposed to have approved the sale in a closed meeting.

Barricaded: The PHW Group, to which the “Wiesenhof” brand belongs, has been protecting itself against unwelcome visitors with four-meter-high walls since last weekend!!

The PHW Group does not comment on the protest camp in Goldenstedt, which was approved by the Oldenburg administrative court. The camp organizers announced actions of civil disobedience.

According to a spokesman, Wiesenhof also did not want to comment on the camp.

Many farmers in the area are outraged that the camp has been allowed. “A lot of tax money is wasted again because the police have to protect farmers from alleged animal rights activists”, said a farmer in a radio interview in Lower Saxony.

In addition, rumors of alleged acts of sabotage and threats are said to circulate in chat groups. A spokeswoman for the alliance denied the allegations.

“We are not planning any actions that would harm people or animals”, she said.

The police described the farmers’ statements as pure speculation, there are no safety concerns.


And I mean…“The road to the PHW Group premises is barricaded with around four-meter-high wooden panels.”

Why? Do they have something to hide, that they want to wall themselves in, hold guards in front of them and curtail basic rights?
If everything were fine, if there was paradise on earth for animals, as they claim, they wouldn’t really have to do that, would they?
What are they hiding there? What can you imagine …

“A lot of tax money is wasted again because the police have to protect farmers from alleged animal rights activists”, said a farmer in a radio interview.

Some farmers certainly see documentation of animal cruelty in their mega stables as militant actions and try to put this under repression with the help of the state.

The millionaire and former head of the largest German poultry company PHW (Wiesenhof brand) Paul-Heinz Wesjohann said in an interview:
“Modern poultry farming is a great social act. It made the former luxury product meat affordable for the masses “.

Wesjohann has been awarded the “Federal Cross of Merit”.
One can also bring it to the Federal Cross of Merit with the massive torture and killing.

Fortunately, they still exist, people, courageous people, responsible people who make independent judgments, make decisions and act responsibly. Yes, act!
They have our fully support!

My best regards to all, Venus

‘We don’t look at the cargo or animal welfare’: Grisly deaths of 1,800 shipped cows fuel calls for live animal export ban

Photo – WAV Archives

‘We don’t look at the cargo or animal welfare’: Grisly deaths of 1,800 shipped cows fuel calls for live animal export ban

Grisly deaths of 1,800 shipped cows fuel calls for live animal export ban | Fortune

In late December, some 1,800 bulls left Spain for Turkey aboard a ship called the Elbeik. The trip was supposed to take around 11 days, then the cattle were to be sold, mostly to halal slaughterhouses, where they’d be killed with minimal suffering, as required by religious law.

At least it would have been swift. For the next three months, as the pandemic began to wreak havoc on global shipping, the vessel failed to unload its cargo, and the animals began to starve, according to an investigation by the Spanish government. Nearly 10% of the bulls died, their corpses thrown overboard or left to fester in the pens among the living. When the Elbeik returned to Spain, authorities ruled its remaining 1,600 animals were too sick to sell and had to be put down.  

The Elbeik has become Exhibit A in the mounting case to ban the controversial, $18 billion cross-border trade in live animals. The pandemic has worsened conditions for the roughly 2 billion cows, sheep, goats, pigs and chickens that are exported each year, and epidemiologists have joined the calls for reform. Animals have been stuck in transit far longer than expected and safety inspections have been dramatically curtailed. With new sensitivity to risks that diseased animals can pose to humans, a growing number of countries are limiting or phasing out the practice altogether.

“When it comes to animal welfare, transport by sea is a big black hole,” said Thomas Waitz, an organic farmer from Austria who is a European parliamentary representative on a committee charged with updating the rules for the cross-border shipping of animals. “Ship transports completely fall outside of any regulations or animal-welfare standards. Public health is at risk if animals are transported in conditions where germs and bacteria can flourish.”

The EU, which accounts for more than 75% of the world’s live animal exports, is “incapable of guaranteeing animal welfare,” according to a report commissioned by the committee, which is expected to recommend a new, tighter set of regulations for exporters by the end of the year. The U.K. has gone further, planning to ban the transport of live animals for slaughter altogether, though it hasn’t set a date yet. New Zealand in April said it will phase out trade in live animals by 2023.

Some 39 million tons of meat were exported globally in 2019, most of it slaughtered, packaged and frozen or chilled beforehand — a process that’s more lucrative for meat producers and avoids the health and safety issues of transporting live animals. But as consumers in countries like China and Vietnam have grown wealthier, they’ve added more meat and dairy to their diets, amping up demand for breedstock and dairy animals. The robust market for halal meat among devout Muslims also means demand has spiked in recent years. Prices for live cattle from Australia are at record highs.

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Tanzania: Undercover operation reveals blood-curdling horrors inflicted on donkeys!

All photos – NFA.

Thousands of Donkeys Bludgeoned To death

Undercover operation reveals blood-curdling horrors inflicted on donkeys!


Undercover Operation Reveals Blood-curdling Horrors Inflicted On Donkeys! – Network For Animals

An extensive undercover investigation by Network for Animals (NFA) has discovered utter cruelty at a Tanzanian donkey slaughterhouse where hundreds of donkeys are bludgeoned to death every day. We desperately need your help. Please don’t stop reading…

We have just a few weeks to close the slaughterhouse where up to 1,000 donkeys a day are being brutally and illegally killed. We need to raise funds to pursue these criminals and have them brought to justice, and to meet with authorities to point out the massive amount of cruelty and criminal behavior that is taking place. The slaughterhouse permit is up for review, and if we can raise $6,000 (£4,300), we can take experts to a critical meeting with Tanzanian authorities and reveal to them the true horror of what is going on. We are sure they will listen because what is happening is so barbaric that they will be forced to take action.

Once the slaughterhouse is closed, the next challenge will be providing the long-term care the surviving donkeys will require. We have to be frank here; This is a financial challenge because of the remoteness of the area and because we don’t know how many donkeys there will be. We also have to consider that the government may not listen, in which case we have to take them to court. Please, this is a time when your donation is really needed if we are to end this nightmare.

The Chinese use donkey skins to make a cosmetic called ejiao (pronounced “uh-jee-ow”), a pointless waste because the cosmetic has never been proven to work. 4.8 million donkeys are being killed each year – at this rate, donkeys will be extinct in under ten years! As the number of Chinese donkeys plummeted because of the demand for ejiao, traders turned to Africa, with devastating consequences for donkeys and rural communities that depend on donkeys for their livelihoods.

NFA has been fighting the trade for four years and has rescued donkeys from the Chinese in South Africa and Zimbabwe. A two-year-long investigation has led to a Chinese-run slaughterhouse situated in a remote and desolate region of Shinyanga, in northern Tanzania. We joined forces with the Arusha Society for the Protection of Animals (ASPA) to investigate after receiving reports of cruelty on a massive scale.

Weapon used to bludgeon donkeys to death

We discovered that tens of thousands of donkeys are bludgeoned to death there EVERY MONTH, in a scene of utter cruelty and contempt for compliance with Tanzanian law.

The slaughterhouse permit is up for review in October this year, and, we badly need your help to get this nightmare donkey slaughterhouse closed.

Our undercover operation revealed blood-curdling horrors!

Donkeys suffer appallingly at the Chinese-run slaughterhouse.

  • Against the law and against common decency, the donkeys are bludgeoned to death with a hammer, even though the slaughterhouse has a humane killing device.
  • Donkeys bludgeoned who do not die immediately are left to suffer, with blood running down their faces, with blood running down their faces, until they succumb to their injuries.
  • The Chinese only have a permit to kill 20 donkeys a day, but kill up to a thousand daily.

We witnessed truckloads of donkeys being delivered. Donkeys were dragged off the trucks by their ears or simply kicked off, tumbling to the ground on top of each other. One had a broken hip, and many were emaciated.

In many cases, donkeys arrive for slaughter in horrific conditions, some with broken legs, severed hooves or maggot-infested wounds, and many in states of near starvation and collapse.

To fuel the trade, donkeys are stolen in neighboring countries of Kenya and Uganda and illegally smuggled across the borders. Donkeys are often transported long distances in poorly constructed, overcrowded vehicles with little or no access to food or water. Journeys may be as long as 72 hours without rest periods. These animals are kept in such shocking conditions that many die along the way from hunger, stress or injuries.

We witnessed pregnant mares, young foals, and sick and injured donkeys being rounded up for slaughter, and because injury and illness often do not affect the quality of the hide, traders have little incentive to ensure humane treatment.

Our team was advised that donkeys are sometimes deliberately starved because people falsely believe that emaciated donkeys are easier to skin.

When challenged about the conditions at the slaughterhouse, the Chinese woman running it is caught on camera telling her interpreter to lie about what actually happens there.

Thousands of donkeys are bludgeoned to death EVERY MONTH at Chinese-run slaughterhouse

This sickening slaughter of donkeys and trade in donkey ‘products’ is LEGAL in Tanzania.
But we have a chance to end it!

The slaughterhouse’s permit expires in October this year. We are working with ASPA to seek justice for the donkeys by persuading the government to end this shame on the face of the Tanzanian nation.

Donkey Skin Trade

We will take the responsible people to court if immediate action is not taken!

We cannot allow this daily massacre of donkeys to continue, but, we need your help to stop it. The sheer scale of the tragedy is overwhelming. 

Please donate generously today so that we can stop this donkey slaughter immediately. Every day it continues, revolting cruelty is being inflicted on innocent donkeys, and the Tanzanian government is allowing this nightmare to continue.

Literally, as you read these words, donkeys are waiting to be bludgeoned to death with a hammer. In the name of human decency, this must stop right now. If you possibly can, please help us end this horror by making a generous donation to Network for Animals right now.

For the animals,

Regards Mark

England: ‘Shocking’ Animal Abuse Recorded At Government-Approved Abattoir, Investigation Reveals.

WAV Comment – This (England) is ‘my patch’. Abuse like this at the family-owned G & G.B Hewitt Ltd. in Chester, England is not acceptable; it should not be acceptable anywhere. The video footage below says it all. When I have reviewed, I am going to do what I can about this – contact various parties and ask for responses; we want answers.

When the letter is written I will copy it onto the site; and any responses if we get some. Or will this be another Danish mink letter and just be ignored by all parties concerned ? – knowing animal rights in the UK; I think the lid is now off and people will be after scalps. Lets hope so. More to come on this soon.

Regards Mark

‘Shocking’ Animal Abuse Recorded At Government-Approved Abattoir, Investigation Reveals

The footage shows a torrent of illegal animal abuse on a UK abattoir despite holding a government approval rating for several years in a row…

A two-month investigation at an abattoir with government approval has revealed ‘shocking’ animal abuse.

Moreover, the 200 hours of footage uncovers illegalities inside the UK animal agriculture facility.

This is despite it holding a ‘generally satisfactory’ rating for six years.

Government-approved abattoir

Key findings included piglets appearing to be scalded in a hot water tank whilst still alive, and cows beaten with electric prods.

One particularly distressing scene shows a bull being violently prodded hundreds of times. It was filmed over January and February this year inside the family-owned G & G.B Hewitt Ltd. in Chester, England.

Moreover, the organization behind the investigation is Animal Justice Project – a non-profit working to expose animal exploitation.

They claim an Official Veterinarian was appointed by the Food Standards Agency. Their job is to ‘ensure that all animal welfare requirements are met, to ensure that animals are spared avoidable pain, distress or suffering’.

However, in the footage, the professional is not present in the rooms where animals are killed.This means they will have missed ‘pre-stun shocks on animals, poor handling, failing stun equipment, insufficient stun times, and signs of consciousness’.

Findings have since been sent to the FSA.

The still from the footage shows a member of staff abusing an animal with an electric prodder

Illegal activity

The investigation also shows stunning equipment fail, resulting in panicked pigs and sheep.

“The overall impression given is of routine poor practice in premises barely fit for purpose.”

Alick Simmons, Former Deputy Cheif Veterinary Officer

Moreover, the slaughtering process fell out of the recommended 15 seconds by the Humane Slaughter Association. And, the investigators claim no worker was seen checking for consciousness, displaying yet another breach.

Alick Simmons is a former Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer for the UK government.

In a statement, Simmons said: “There are a number of instances where apparent breaches of the law are shown: incorrect use of electric goads, cattle repeatedly struck with a stick – one appears to be pointed and the law prohibits the use of pointed sticks – a sheep dragged by the horns, severely lame cattle, and one severely lame pig being presented for slaughter. 

“Such animals are not fit to be transported. In several instances, immediately after ‘sticking’, slaughtermen are seen to start dressing pig carcasses. 

“The law requires that pigs are bled for a minimum of 20 seconds. The overall impression given is of routine poor practice in premises barely fit for purpose. 

“The circumstances are made worse by poorly trained and poorly supervised operatives. For example, the handling, stunning, and killing of piglets is barely adequate.

“The stunning equipment appears to fail on several occasions, repeated shouting by the operatives simply adds to the animals’ distress. And, at no time, are operatives seen to monitor the effectiveness of the stun.”

UK abattoirs

As a result of the footage, Animal Justice Project is calling for an ‘urgent’ independent review of UK slaughterhouses. Additionally, it urges the cessation of public funding under the new Agriculture Bill.

Currently, abattoirs nationwide are eligible for financial aid under the new act. It comes following a wealth of small-scale slaughterhouse closures in the country, with less than 100 left.

Animal Justice Project’s founder Claire Palmer declared the findings both ‘law-breaking’ and ‘extensive’ in suffering and abuse.

This was ‘right under the nose of the vet, and CCTV’, Palmer added.

Now, the charity is calling for the Secretary of State for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, George Eustice, to oversee a review.

You can find out more about Animal Justice Project here

Investigation Reveals Animal Abuse At Government-Approved Abattoir (plantbasednews.org)

How Many Ways Can You Say "What?" | Blog

How they promote themselves in local business overview:

Business overview

Established over 50 years – Family run Business

G & G.B Hewitt Ltd is a well established slaughtering company that has built up an enviable reputation over the last 50 years.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a professional and speedy service at all times, whilst maintaining the highest quality of work.

Ref – https://www.yell.com/biz/g-and-gb-hewitt-ltd-chester-250226/

WAV Comment:

Below – just some of the reviews that have been left by the public on the ‘professional, speedy service with the highest quality of work’ !! – ALL gave 1 star out of 5 – which is the lowest that can be given.


15 Jul 2021


We condemned the holocaust but we allow it to happen in epic proportions here at Hewitts,this is hell on earth for these poor animals. 14 Jul 2021

Disgusting pieces of ..

Disgusting practices, untrained vet, and breaks the animal welfare laws consistently. Truly terrible people, especially the vet and manager. 13 Jul 2021

Disgusting human beings.

You should be ashamed of yourself. These poor babies deserve so much better. 13 Jul 2021

Barbaric treatment of animals

Total barbaric behaviour shown, no respect for these poor innocent sentients being sent to their deaths! You should hang your heads in shame, and I hope your action haunts you on your deathbed! Beware of KARMA 😡. 12 Jul 2021

Undercover investigation shows extreme cruelty

You should all be ashamed of yourselves for the cruel, violent abuse you have inflicted on 1000s of beautiful, living beings. You could have shown them compassion at the end of their already horrific short existence but instead you showed nothing but contempt and abuse towards these defenseless souls. Shame on you all. 12 Jul 2021



Proud Of Their Abuse of defenceless Animals

High Standards??? Are you having a laugh
Footage has been released of the abhorrent cruelty and suffering you cause defenceless animals at the final moments of their lives. I hope you lose all your funding and your licence for the suffering you have caused. You are the worst of the worst. 12 Jul 2021


When the animal rights activists get hold of them they will really regret their disgusting treatment of defenceless animals. Hope Hewitt gets his just deserts and the company suffers a severe loss of custom. Time to stop eating corpses everyone then people like the Hewitts will go out of business. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT THIS TRAVESTY OF A BUSINESS!!. 12 Jul 2021

Hell Hole!

I have just read and seen undercover video footage from Animal Justice the most appalling animal abuse…
Pigs with open sores clearly in pain evident from the pain in their eyes and shallow breathing..collapsed pigs unable to walk being kicked forward by abusers…pigs covered in flies, pigs living in filth clearly suffering indescribable trauma…

Get rid of this place as soon as possible

If I could give no stars I would. I hate animal cruelty. I hope they are prosecuted but even if they are, the punishment will likely be paltry. 11 Jul 2021

sick animal torturers

should have the option to score minus stars. psychopaths is the word that springs to mind. No man is better than any animal. You will lose business now you have been exposed to be the depraved evil animal torturers and murderers that you are. decent companies will not want to associate themselves with you. Hope you get closed down. 11 Jul 2021

Abhorrent cruelty

This company has been exposed by Animal justice Project as published in The Independent, for unspeakable cruelty to animals.
“Cows beaten with electric prods and pigs cut while still alive” by the vile criminals who own and work here.
This abhorrent and disgusting cruelty to sentient beings has to stop and people need to be educated about what is going on behind their backs. 11 Jul 2021

Appalling Cruelty

Appalled by what I have read today about the cruelty in this abattoir. I am going vegetarian. 11 Jul 2021


Sickening footage of the most disgusting and deliberate cruelty has been released. These people need to face charges. 11 Jul 2021

These people need help!

The owners and people that work here are obviously suffering from mental health problems and need to have their freedom taken away and administered medication. 11 Jul 2021

A shameful family!.

I’m sick to my stomach that this has been ALLOWED to happen. NO business out there should be using company!!. Does make me wonder what sort of family they are!!. DISGUSTING!. 11 Jul 2021

Cruelty to the animals.

This evil place needs to be shut down and the workers jailed for the abuse the animals were subjected to. 11 Jul 2021

Slaughterhouse of horror

Just been reading about this vile company and the disgraceful, inhumane way they treat the poor animals. Beyond vile. Shame on anyone that does business with them.
Had to put one star rating in order to submit this review, but wouldn’t even give them that. 11 Jul 2021

Protect the animals you slaughter not the ones you employ.

How do you sleep at night knowing some of your employees treat the animals you slaughter, with a psychopathic fervour? Check your CCTV and start caring about the creatures your families have profited from for over half a century. 10 Jul 2021


Never use cruel people for anything!!!

How can Hewitt family sleep at night or eat at anyone’s table given their complacency in the suffering caused????

10 Jul 2021

Abhorrent cruelty to animals

Abhorrent cruelty to animals from disgusting psychopaths. Should be shut down with immediate effect. 10 Jul 2021


This is a minus one star review…appalling. This establishment needs to be shut down and prison sentences issued. Horrendous. 10 Jul 2021

Disgusting cruelty

Disgusting cruelty to animals. They should be closed down. Please do not use them. 10 Jul 2021

Animal abuse on an obscene scale.

Disgusting. Unbelievable cruelty shown to living creatures. This place needs to be shut down and the owners jailed. See the report in The Independent. 10 Jul 2021



Abusive and uncaring.

Cause deliberate unnecessary suffering to innocent creatures. Business should be closed down and owners/employees involved in the abuse be put down. There is no place in society for those who think that it is OK to inflict suffering. Such people are obviously wired incorrectly and should not be allowed to pass on their genes. 10 Jul 2021

Abusive creeps

Illegally abuse animals while they are still alive, whoever works there deserves the same treatment. 10 Jul 2021

Author Peter Robinson clearly gottit right

Inhumane treatment of living creatures will only turn more of us off to eating flesh & turning to a healthier diet. 10 Jul 2021

an unspecified species, nonentity breed of callous vermin that exist in this hell-hole….

There is a special kind of hell for all you unspeakable race of non-humans operate this trash can (so-called ‘family’?) business!! Upon this recent newsfeed, I’m keeping the faith that anger and fury is now mounting far & wide – everyone knows just how despicable and abhorrent you vermin operate there – justice will be served no doubt and hopefully sooner rather than later with like-for-like treatment for you all during your final gasps of breath..!! Roll on your much-deserved demise, then may you all rot even further in the darkest of hell that is reserved especially for the loathsome ‘breed’ that you are – how dare you even breath the same fresh oxygen as the standard human race…. 10 Jul 2021

Cruelty to animals in their slaughter house

The hidden cameras at family-owned G & GB Hewitt in Cheshire captured 200 hours of footage that AJP says reveal shocking animal abuse and suffering, extensive breaches of the law and a failure of a government vet to prevent cruelty. 10 Jul 2021

Worthless animal abuse c unts.

Worthless animal abuse c unts. Karma will be calling on you soon. 10 Jul 2021


Vile evil torturers of innocent animals
Real men would never do that
Real men would treat the animals with dignity and respect. Professionals would respect the law and standards.
You heinous evil men…… 10 Jul 2021

Shutdown immediately

This place should be shut down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Discusting!!!!!!!!! 10 Jul 2021

Abuse of animals.

The footage of the abusive and disgusting way animals are treated in your facility was upsetting and shocking but not surprising. This is what happens in abattoirs and occasionally they are caught out, all involved should hang their heads in shame but they have no shame, I hope for prosecutions. 10 Jul 2021

Animal welfare crimes.

This place needs to be shut down and the perpetrators prosecuted. 10 Jul 2021

High standards?

“The highest standards?” Indeed. The highest standards of atrocious animal cruelty conceivable. Their approach to their work is one of utter disregard for animal suffering, any legislation to mitigate this suffering and an evident policy of sadistic violence to animals. 10 Jul 2021

Wicked violence

There’s video footage revealing scenes of atrocious animal abuse and gross negligence by the staff of this place, including the slaughterhouse manager – a character called Mark Hewitt.

In a scene lasting 40 minutes, a fat man can be seen tormenting two docile bulls with an electric device and a pointed stick, prodding them more than 200 times. The unfortunate animals are trapped in a confined space, unable to avoid their abuser’s implements – clearly terrified, their torment only ends when they are shot.

Hewitt was caught on film abusing tiny piglets. As the pigs kicked and jolted after having their throats cut, Hewitt can be seen cutting their ankles down to the bone and snapping them, far sooner than than the the length of time stated within slaughter legislation. The agony that these piglets must have endured during their final moments is beyond imagination.

[NB: No stars at all would be preferable – but it’s not an option available here.]

Message from Greece

A clever cartoonist from Greece (Hatzopoulos) made a clever adaptation, borrowed from the song by “Pink Floyd”!
If there is someone who doesn’t know this song (which I strongly doubt) here’s the nice video (Mark sent it to me)

Many thanks to the friends from Greece who sent it to us

Best regards to all, Venus

USA: Please Support the ‘Farm System Reform Act’ With One Click.


Yesterday, Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey and Representative Ro Khanna of California reintroduced their landmark legislation, the Farm System Reform Act. This crucial bill would decrease the number of farmed animals kept in extreme confinement and subjected to brutal mutilations, as well as reduce the overuse of antibiotics in agriculture.

Animals raised on factory farms are among the most abused in the world. Yet, there are hardly any federal protections for them in the United States. Big corporations turn massive profits by cramming these animals into barren sheds and massive feedlots. As a result, billions of them suffer miserable lives, not to mention the environmental toll factory farming has on our planet.

We need your support to pass the Farm System Reform Act, which would create the first-ever nationwide ban on large factory farms, helping to end one of the greatest sources of cruelty to animals in the world.

In addition to reducing the number of animals raised in low-welfare factory farms, the Farm System Reform Act also calls for uplifting independent family farmers, protecting workers, rural communities and public health, and overhauling our broken food system.

We’ve made it incredibly easy to contact your members of Congress with just one click.

Please act now for farmed animals, the environment, and America’s family farmers. Urge lawmakers in Washington to support the Farm System Reform Act.

Donate to World Animal Protection and protect animals! (everyaction.com)

Joe Loria
Meat Reduction Campaign Manager

Please Support – Thanks

Regards Mark

Hawaii: 700 goats on the lottery!!


The DLNR’s Division of Forestry and Wildlife announced today that goats will be trapped and removed from the park and that it will “distribute these animals to permitted members of the public.”

The Department of Land and Natural Resources will hold a lottery to distribute live goats to be removed from the Puʻuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park.

The park, on the west side of Hawaii island, is an important cultural and historical location that used to be a hub of political and religious activity, the department said.
The park is currently overrun by invasive goats, which will be removed to protect it.

To obtain live goats through the salvage project, held by DOFAW and Puʻuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park, members of the public can apply for permits, which will be issued through a random lottery at the Kamuela DOFAW office on July 28.

The department will be distributing between 20 and 50 goats per permit and anticipates at least 700 goats to be removed from the park.

Permit applications will be free and available on the DOFAW website or at the Kamuela and Hilo DOFAW offices.
They must be received by the offices or postmarked by July 21 and can be delivered in person by appointment only.
Application instructions can be found online.

DOFAW will publish the results of the lottery online on the day after the drawing. The winners will be selected for 30-minute slots on the day of the distribution, during which they can enter the park to pick up the live goats.

Applicants must indicate how many animals they intend to receive, although cannot choose individual goats.
DOFAW said winners “will receive animals as they are sent down the chute.”

Lottery winners must have, at minimum, a 16-foot enclosed horse trailer equivalent to pick up the goats. Only one trailer is permitted per application, and trailers must be fully closed to ensure animals do not escape.
DOFAW may refuse to issue a permit if it deems a trailer to be insufficiently secure.

Puʻuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park will close on August 11 to distribute the goats.


And I mean…What yoyo runs this agency? How does they expect to round up these goats?
The last time goats were eradicated, the National Guard used helicopters and machine guns to clear the goats off .

Quote: “Feral goats (Caprahircus) were a significant threat to the native habitat and endangered biota unique to the Makua Military Reservation (MMR) on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

The Oahu Army Natural Resource Programme (OANRP) was tasked with the removal of these animals.
OANRP staff then employed other techniques to complete the eradication, including Judas goats and aerial hunting.
When the last goat was eradicated in July 2004, a total of 1565 goats had been destroyed using a combination of techniques” (Quote end)

Can anyone from Hawaii help?

My best regards to all, Venus

Hunting dogs

It would be enough to look at their eyes to grasp SUFFERING and LONELINESS!
Like in a real farm, they are kept in series and linked in a chain!

Foto: Gabriella Dimastrodonato-Italia

A condition of perennial slavery that does not allow them to live life except in those few hours of hunting in which they will do everything to please their tormentor.

They will be trained in every abuse and deprivation because they are considered real objects to be disposed of without scruples …
And when they are no longer suitable for hunting, they will be mercilessly killed in the most disparate ways.

These are the hunters who love nature and the dogs they have!


And I mean…Even the pure-bred dog with pedigree bought for 500 – 600 euros is “disposed of” in the event of “failure” without great conscience.
The hounds are particularly hard hit.
The wild boar hunters in particular persistently hold on to the old wisdom that a “segugio” is born as a useful hunting dog.

If the young dog still does not show good disposition in the second winter, the risk of not being taken home again becomes very real for him.

Animal rights activists never tired of pointing out the grievances.

“The Italian hunter uses the hunting dog as an extension of his arm, but the able assistant is in no way rewarded for this work.

While the game bird hunter keeps an average of one or two four-legged friends (mostly Setter or Epagneul Breton), the wild boar hunter often owns up to 17 dogs, the majority of which are small mixed breeds, which are more or less fortuitously sent to the hunt, so that many of them die in the first few days of the season.

Many dogs are seriously or fatally injured during the three-month wild boar hunt.
But how could a dog that was chained for nine months or lived in some hole in its own excrement suddenly hunt well?
A dog that may be completely worried, thanks to the diet of dry bread and leftover food and the lack of exercise, was unable to develop muscles. “
(Source: cane in toscana)

Here in Germany it’s not much better either.
It is said that “the hunters are the Vatican of Germany”.
Hunting is a hobby for psychopaths everywhere, mostly practiced by the higher strata of society

A civilized, empathic person can hardly imagine that today’s society, in the 21st century, allows this wretched minority to do what they want in the forest.

My best regards to all, Venus

Italy: New investigation on dairy farm producing Grana Padano cheese: “calves in unacceptable conditions, regulatory revision required”.

Photo – Essere Animali.

New investigation on dairy farm producing Grana Padano cheese: “calves in unacceptable conditions, regulatory revision required”.

13 July 2021

Press Release

New investigation by Essere Animali on a dairy farm producing milk for Grana Padano. The footage documents the treatment of calves, separated from their mothers at birth, isolated in small pens and brutally treated by farm workers.

The organisation Essere Animali today released a new video investigation documenting the conditions of calves on a dairy farm located in Lombardy, in the province of Bergamo.

The farm under investigation is a producer of Grana Padano cheese, the most widely consumed P.D.O. cheese in the world, with the cheese plant located next to the barns which house 2,700 animals, including cows and bulls, as well as some 300 calves.

The investigation documents the first weeks of the calves’ lives, from their birth to their confinement in small pens, casting a dark shadow over the conditions in which they are kept on dairy farms.
The undercover investigation released by Essere Animali shows:

  • Calves being separated from their mother
  • Insults aimed at male calves
  • Housing in individual pens
  • Feeding of the calves, deprived of their mother’s milk
  • Rough behaviour by workers and alleged irregularities

For the production of milk, even that intended for products of “Italian excellence” such as Grana Padano, calves are raised in conditions of social deprivation and are subjected to stress and suffering. Change is possible, also in view of the growing number of European citizens demanding higher welfare standards for farm animals. For this reason, together with 77 NGOs all over the world, we are urging the European Commission to undertake a complete revision of the legislation on the protection of farm animals.

Simone Montuschi, President, Essere Animali

By disseminating this investigation, Essere Animali is relaunching the No Animal Left Behind campaign, coordinated by Eurogroup For Animals, an organisation that brings together 77 NGOs for animal protection in 27 EU Member States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Serbia, Norway, Australia and the United States.

The organisations are calling on the European Commission, committed with the Farm to Fork strategy to make the European food system fairer, healthier and more environmentally friendly, to revise the legislation on the protection of farm animals, which is currently considered seriously inadequate to guarantee them a life free from unnecessary suffering.

One of the demands made to the Commission isthe application of farming conditions that would allow all farmed species to express their natural behaviours, including the intake of real food.

With regard to the conditions in which calves are reared, Essere Animali and Eurogroup for Animals are calling for a revision of EU animal welfare laws in order to:

  • Allow contact between the calves and their mothers for at least the first eight weeks of age, during which the animals must be kept in a half-day  contact system – at least – with suckling permitted.
  • Provide housing conditions and a diet that meet the behavioural and physiological needs of calves, who should be raised in groups with appropriate spaces and have access to outdoor areas.

This hard-hitting investigation provides a harsh wake-up call regarding the conditions in which calves are reared on dairy farms. However, we have a unique opportunity: by September, we can convince the European Commission to undertake a complete revision of the legislation on the protection of farm animals, and provide much better protection to calves and other species. It is incredible that the current legislation still permits the isolation and confinement of newly born animals: these are cruel and avoidable practices. We are asking for truly higher welfare standards which leave no animal behind.

Reineke Hameleers, CEO, Eurogroup for Animals


Regards Mark




In memory of Richard Donner: the orcas’ best friend

Sadly, the director Richard Donner died on July 5, 2021.

If you’ve seen the blockbuster Lethal Weapon 3″, you probably remember all the animal rights posters that caught the eye in the movie around the police station.
This was the work of Richard Donner, who was known for smuggling social messages into his films.
He aimed at the General Motors concern, which at that time still smashed pigs and ferrets in crash tests.

His action helped PETA USA put an end to these deadly experiments.

Richard Donner and his compassionate wife, Lauren Shuler Donner, received the Humanitary Award at PETA USA’s 25th Anniversary Gala, but most of all, he will be forever remembered for his calls to end marine mammal captivity.

His film “Free Willy” informed an entire generation about the life of animals in marine parks.

In this 1998 photo shows famed killer whale Keiko, at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, in Newport, Ore. Dr. Steven Brown of Newport, a veterinarian who cared for the killer whale Keiko, star of the “Free Willy” films of the 1990’s, has died at 62. (AP Photo/The Oregonian, Steven Nehl)

“The abduction of these majestic mammals from the wild for commercial purposes is obscene. (…) These terrible catches must absolutely become part of the past. “
(Richard Donner)

Donner appealed to SeaWorld to fund the creation of a coastal reserve so that the orcas in their parks can be retired.
PETA is still driving this initiative forward.

If you are one of Donner’s millions of fans, please honor his legacy by doing something for the animals.


“Being in his circle was akin to hanging out with your favorite coach, smartest professor, fiercest motivator, most endearing friend, staunchest ally, and – of course — the greatest Goonie of all,” said Steven Spielberg, who wrote the story for Donner’s film, “The Goonies”.
“He was all kid. All heart. All the time. I can’t believe he’s gone, but his husky, hearty laugh will stay with me always.”

My best regards to all, Venus

Latvia: close the horror fur farms!

Every year over half a million animals are locked in tiny wire cages on Latvian fur farms, beaten and killed.

Animals such as foxes, chinchillas or minks are often not properly anesthetized and, when fully conscious, experience their skin being torn from their bodies.
New photos by the Latvian organization “Dzīvnieku brīvība” of Latvia’s largest mink farm clearly show all the suffering during the mating season.


Female minks are torn apart by their male counterparts

In June 2020 the Latvian organization “Dzīvnieku brīvība” published recordings that were taken during the mating season on the largest mink farm in Latvia with 60,000 animals.

You can see how female workers grab minks and throw them into the cages of their male counterparts. The frightened animals fight back with all their might: They scream, urinate or bite into the gloves of the workers so hard that they can only get rid of the animals by force.

Continue reading “Latvia: close the horror fur farms!”

Hunter joke

Two hunters are on the hunt in the forest, suddenly one of them collapses. He doesn’t seem to be breathing anymore.
The other calls out in panic from his cell phone to the emergency call and stuttered excitedly: “I think my friend is dead. What should I do now?”

Then the voice from the emergency number says: “Now calm down first, and then make sure that he’s actually dead. “
After a moment of silence, a shot sounds.
Back on the phone, the hunter asks: “Okay, now what?”

University of Hertfordshire psychologist Richard Wiseman had 40,000 submitted jokes rated by readers from around the world.
“Jokes are a matter of taste,” he says, “but many people like this one particularly well. The situation of the two hunters got the best marks”.
Since then, this has been considered the funniest joke in the world.

And we can say… It would be nicer if that wasn’t a joke but everyday reality.
Performed 5 years in a row, would solve a lot of problems in one fell swoop.

Best regards to all, Venus

France must ban chick shredding

Born to die: this is the fate of millions of male chicks in France’s farms.

Every year 50 million male chicks in France are shredded, gassed or suffocated in garbage bags. Because they don’t lay eggs – and don’t make any profits.

German chicks are still suffering this fate – but from 2022 chick shredding will be banned in Germany!

France also promised an end to the killing of chicks in 2019 – but nothing has happened so far.

SumOfUs members in France are calling on their government to follow Germany’s example – let’s support them now and ensure that chick shredding will soon come to an end across Europe.

Male chicks of laying hens are regarded as waste in the food industry: They put too little meat on for fattening and do not lay eggs – they therefore do not make any profit for the agricultural corporations.

The sex of the chicks can be determined three days after birth – during these 72 hours the chicks develop a level of consciousness similar to that of a three-month-old baby.

As a SumOfUs community, we have claimed the rights of many animals – from bees to orangutans and orcas.
Today we can together save the day-old chicks in France from the cruel death!

Call on French Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandie to stop chick shredding!

Sign and share: https://actions.sumofus.org/a/fordern-sie-die-franzoesische-regierung-auf-das-grausame-kuekentoeten-zu-beenden-fba21

And I mean…Worldwide, around seven billion male chicks are killed on the first day of their lives because they are not wanted in the egg industry, and the egg industry has enjoyed a steadily increasing consumption of chicken eggs for years.

In poultry production, rearing male chicks is not worthwhile. The chicks do not lay eggs and put on less breast meat.

The female chicks, on the other hand, are raised as laying hens.

But how do you get rid of the approximately 50 million male chicks that hatch each year in Germany?

The legislature has regulated that: chicks must not be older than 72 hours afterwards they are forgotten or shredded. However, this is valid until January 2022!

In May 2021, the Federal Council passed a ban on the cruel killing of male chicks in German laying farms. It will come into force in 2022.

The predominant method used is the gasification of the chicks with highly concentrated carbon dioxide (CO2)

An “alternative” method is to grind the animals. The chicks are thrown alive into rotating blades and thereby massacred.

The new law stipulates that killing the chicks in their millions shortly after hatching is prohibited from January.
Instead, methods should be used that determine the sex in the egg so that male chicks do not hatch in the first place.

In a second stage from January 1, 2024, the law provides for further regulations to avoid pain for the embryo.
Then methods for gender recognition in the egg should only be allowed if they are used at an earlier stage of the incubation.

Finally, the Federal Council has to deal with the law, which can delay the project but not stop it, although the poultry industry does not want to accept that!
The poultry lobby is promoting a voluntary industry agreement between food retailers and the poultry industry; and only from 2023!!
One of the industry’s pseudo arguments is that if Germany were to go it alone, the domestic economy would lose out and eggs would be imported from other countries with lower animal welfare standards to meet demand.

It sounds very suspect that suddenly the poultry industry is interested in animal welfare of other countries, although it has never shown interest and protection for the welfare of the animals in its own country…

The most effective way to protect chicks and other “farm animals” is to avoid consuming animal products.

Everyone who wants to work consistently for animal welfare must ban animals and animal products from their plates

My best regards to all, Venus

England: Is the EU actually starting to listen to its voting citizens ? – Opinion From the Dogs Mouth.

Is the EU actually starting to listen to its voting citizens ?

On 23 June 2016 an EU referendum took place and the people of the United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the European Union (EU).

The UK formally left the EU at the end of 31 January 2020, after being an EU member state since joining on 1st January 1973, along (at that date) with other nations Denmark and the Republic of Ireland.

Why did the UK vote ‘out’ – or ‘Brexit’ ?  – a lot of UK citizens were seeing the EU and many (most) of its MEP politicians and Commissioners, as monolithic invertebrates who did little for the wishes and demands of the electorate; the requests of the ‘normal’ EU citizen, it was simple a case of the politicians riding the EU ‘gravy train’; often bettering themselves (in many ways), whilst dismissing the wishes of good European people with ‘yukspeak’ returns to their letters and e mails, asking them why this and that was not being addressed in the EU Parliament.

So, after years of basically very little worthy of mention from the EU, the vertebrate citizens of the UK said they had been given enough rubbish by the EU; and so they voted out, to leave, Brexit.  People wanted their personal parliament back with regards rules and regulations, free to decide rather than be told to by the EU.

Personally I was one of them – an ‘outer’.  It was not a simple question to ask yourself at tea time one day – do I stay or do I go ? type thing; I debated the issue with myself for months in advance; largely keeping my opinions to myself.  There were reasons for this which only other animal campaigners probably understand.

As an animal activist, and having been to the EU in Brussels many times on animal issues; and authoring endless amounts of complaints, reports and investigations into animal suffering issues within the EU, I had over the years, simply been lied to, given false promises, and made to believe time and time again that there were all the regulations and rules in place by the EU masters which thus prevented the evidence I presented at the table from being ‘true’.  In other words; the EU political system was basically calling me a liar, and the evidence which I personally presented, along with many other wonderful groups and people in the EU, was simply being dismissed and put into a file known as the ‘EU trash bin’.

As a person with decades of experience dealing with animal transport abuses along with many others; a voice had to be shouted and my opinion noted.  Consequently, I voted out of the EU, monolithic, invertebrate, gravy club; and decided that ‘going it alone’ would be the only way for the UK to get back the legislation needed as required by the citizens of the UK.  For example; for decades I had been attending demonstrations all over England asking for a ban on the live transport of animals.  But, under EU rules, and this is still the case for other EU member states; they (member states) are not allowed to introduce their own national legislation to ban live animal transport.  The EU says ‘No’, so no it is; despite overwhelming evidence from a multitude of EU animal welfare organisations showing the EU legislation, in the form of Reg. 1/2005 for the so called ‘protection of animals in transport’, simply was not working.  It never has worked, it does not work now, and it never will work in the future.  ‘Yukspeak’ to the EU citizen from Brussels; as I have said before.

So, I have been somewhat surprised and amazed to read over the last few weeks, that there is going to be progress in the form of bans on animal cages in the EU.


CIWF London: 15/4/21 – Time to End the Cage Age – a ban on cages for farmed animals receives overwhelming support at EU Parliament hearing. – World Animals Voice

EU: End the Cage. It Started As A Dream; But Now the Dream Has Become Official Reality. – World Animals Voice

And the news this morning, 12/7/21; that the European Parliament, is answering to a call from cross party MEPs to clarify how the Commission is planning to deliver on its commitment to proactively reduce and replace the use of animals in EU laboratories

EU: MEPs say now is the time for a comprehensive plan to end European animal experiments and transition to human-relevant science. – World Animals Voice

Finally, is the requests of the EU citizen; the ‘normal’ person; being listened to, and more importantly, acted on, by the hierarchy in the ivory tower known and EU Brussels ?

Is there a reason for this ? – are all the years of bullshit and non sensical returns from the EU starting to show them that there are dissident things brewing around Europe ? – is it finally a case of bullshit no longer; the common man now sees clearly through the smokescreen that we, as a EU Parliament and Commission(s), have hidden behind for decades ? – is the emperor starting to lose his clothes ?

The link (source) given at the end is very interesting reading:

Italy would be the most likely of the “Big Four” member states to consider exiting the European Union if Brexit proves to be beneficial to Britain, according to a Euronews-commissioned poll.

Data from the Redfield and Wilton Strategies survey found that nearly half of Italians would be likely to support their country leaving the EU if the UK and its economy are regarded to be in good health in five years.

In the event, France and Spain both showed moderate support for changing its relationship with the bloc, while Germany was the member state least likely of the four major players to consider leaving the Union. 

Source:  https://www.euronews.com/2020/08/10/nearly-half-of-italians-would-support-leaving-the-eu-if-brexit-is-successful-according-to

The time came many years ago when the EU should have listened and acted to the wishes of its voting electorate.  They failed big time; and only now are we witnessing this rash of new promises and proposals which should make life a bit better for suffering animals.  The truth will be in the results and the realities.

On animal transport; as always, there is nothing in the way of real improvement.  I read nothing about a ban on live animal long distance transport; instead, I am fed spoonful’s of ‘farm to fork strategies’ on how things are going to be so much better – or in other words; am kind of acceptance by the EU masters that the current system does not really work.  Hmm; has this not been said by many for decades ? – why now does the sleeping monolith awaken ?

With the UK being out of Europe, it does not mean that we wipe our hands of EU animal issues; far from it.  It does mean though that by getting out, we can set our own better standards in the UK as well as continuing the fight for animal rights with all of our wonderful friends in Europe.

Oh, and by the way; since the UK left the EU a little while ago; the UK government is now putting legislation through parliament which will BAN the export of live animals from British shores.

Search Results for “uk live export ban” – World Animals Voice

People power works – be part of it.

Regards – Dogs Mouth Mark

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Germany: The number of pig farmers in Lower Saxony falls by 44 percent!

There is hardly a farm in Lower Saxony that earns its money raising and selling pigs, chickens and cows.

Most farmers have specialized in keeping one species of animal in order to meet the world’s highest standards.(!!)

For many farmers, however, the legal requirements and standards were also a reason to give up their animal husbandry.
For example, the strict regulations of the new fertilizer ordinance, the prohibition of non-anesthetized castration and the renouncement of the docking of curly tails in pigs as well as the requirements for keeping sows in crate stalls.

This trend has accelerated especially in the past three years, writes the “Landvolk =(one of the largest regional farmers’ associations in Germany)- press service”.

Image: SOKO Tierschutz

“Before the farmers convert or renew their stables with high investment sums in an uncertain market situation, they prefer to opt out, especially since there are usually major hurdles to overcome for building permits,” says “Landvolk” Vice President Manfred Tannen, who only gave up sow farming a few years ago .

He and his professional colleagues miss clear, reliable statements on how they can face the challenges of the future.
According to the results of the 2020 agricultural census, of all 35,348 farms in Lower Saxony, only 25,431 farms (71.9 percent) kept livestock in 2020.
This means that the number of livestock farms has fallen by 22.3 percent over the past ten years.

The number of dairy cow farms has fallen by 41.8 percent over the past ten years.
On the dairy farms there is a clear structural change towards fewer but larger farms.
The number of pig farmers decreased even more than the number of dairy farmers.

Therefore, more and more pet owners would also opt out due to the immensely increased construction costs and the lack of planning security.


And I mean …The world’s highest standards?
In Germany? in the pig farms?

In the last few years one scandal chases the next other, corrupt veterinarians and authorities sell the “black- sheep”– theory and cover animal cruelty and the worst animal abusers.
Undercover activists who bring this to the public are being criminalized.
The “Landvolk” do not mention it.

These abuses in German companies can be found on almost every farm, but the Ministry of Agriculture is silent in order to enable the slaughterhouses to do their business.
This is how perpetrators are made victims

Well.. from now on, when the farmers cannot sleep, forget the sheep, because from today only pigs will be counted!

My best regards to all, Venus

EU: MEPs say now is the time for a comprehensive plan to end European animal experiments and transition to human-relevant science.

Photo – Rachele Totaro

MEPs say now is the time for a comprehensive plan to end European animal experiments and transition to human-relevant science

8 July 2021

Press Release

Today in the European Parliament, answering to a call from cross party MEPs to clarify how the Commission is planning to deliver on its commitment to proactively reduce and replace the use of animals in EU laboratories, Commissioner Adina Ioana Vălean described the Commission’s actions. MEPs from all political groups unanimously agreed that progress in replacing the use of animals has been slow and more needs to be done.

Members of the European Parliament are calling for a coordinated action plan to move Europe towards more humane and human-relevant science without the use of animals in research, regulatory testing and education. 

Cross party Members of the European Parliament have joined forces to request that the Commission sets up a high-level taskforce to work with Member States and relevant stakeholders in putting together an EU-wide plan to phase-out the use of animals in Europe’s laboratories. 

An oral question to the Commission on this issue has been debated today and the Parliament will formally adopt its position in September.This has been a major objective of the Animals in Science working group of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals.

Opinion polls show that ending animal experiments is a priority for EU citizens.

Nearly three quarters (72%) of European citizens agree that the EU should set binding targets and deadlines to phase out testing on animals.

The Members of the European Parliament’s comments:

Jytte Guteland, S&D“Today’s scientific landscape is not the same as 50 years ago. Today we have the knowledge and technology to plan for human-centred science, where animals are no longer the gold standard. But to get there, the Commission needs to set out a series of steps to reach concrete objectives that replace step by step the use of animals in specific areas.”

Tilly Metz, Greens“EU citizens have voiced their demand for non-animal science too many times, but EU investments are too slim and scattered to have an impact. The Commission needs to establish a high-level inter-service taskforce to work with member states and relevant stakeholders to draw up an EU-wide Action Plan that can drive an efficient phase-out of the use of animals for scientific purposes.”

Katalin Cseh, Renew“Animal tests are slow, inefficient and cause immense suffering. This has no place in 21st century science. The European Union has traditionally done better than the rest of the world, but even here, progress is too slow. We need a credible plan ‒ a plan with measures, targets and a binding, ambitious timeline.  We need to promote and fund cruelty-free alternatives. This is what we are asking from the European Commission.”

Michal Wiezik, EPP “What we are asking from the Commission is to do more of what it already does, but in a coordinated manner and with concrete goals that can replace animals in specific scientific areas. Targeted funding, education and broad collaborations are key to making innovative advanced models and technologies the new normal.”

Anja Hazekamp, GUE/NGL“Scientific change, like any change we seek, needs a political strategy. The EU has strategies for climate change, gender equality, and even for research and innovation. But it does not yet address the scientific and ethical problems that have been dragged by animal experimentation for decades. An EU action plan to accelerate the transition to non-animal science can change that.”

Five animal protection groups – Cruelty Free Europe, Eurogroup for Animals, the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments, Humane Society International/Europe and PETA – representing over 100 member organisations from 27 EU member states, are supporting this initiative and the vote on a resolution in September which they hope will lead the way to a roadmap for non-animal science.

Today’s debate has shown that despite the positive investments from the Commission on non-animal models, they are not usually linked to concrete objectives that can significantly reduce the use of animals and change the current scientific landscape. 

A European Parliament resolution on a coordinated Union-level plan to facilitate the transition to animal-free innovation can lay out the strategic elements necessary to place the EU in the forefront of innovation, health and environmental and animal protection.


Regards Mark

Spain: Have you met Equalia?

Have you met Equalia?

12 July 2021

The “Have you met” is a monthly interview to raise awareness for our Member Organisations, their work, main battles and achievements for animals.

Let’s start this first edition with an interview of Guillermo Moreno, Equalia’s co-founder and Executive Director.

Tell us a bit more about Equalia and its main battles.

Equalia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the living conditions of farmed animals with the lowest standards of animal welfare. 

Our mission is to achieve agreements with companies, institutions and stakeholders that positively impact the greatest possible number of farmed animals. 

Our vision is a world where intensive animal farming and intensive aquaculture makes way to food production models that respect sustainability and animal welfare.

We have 4 lines of action:

  • Awareness rising, 
  • Effective animal advocacy (movement construction and capacity building),
  • Corporate outreach,
  • Political campaigning. 

Our main battles this year include: 

  • Mandatory CCTV in all Spanish Slaughterhouses, 
  • Cage-Free Initiative, 
  • Higher welfare standards for broilers within the European Chicken Commitment initiative,
  • Farmed fish welfare (new line opened recently).

In which countries is Equalia present?

Equalia is currently operating in Spain.

We also cooperate closely with international coalitions, such as Aquatic Animal Alliance and Open Wing Alliance, in order to generate a global positive impact for farmed animals. 

What about you Guillermo Moreno? Tell us a bit more about your role within Equalia.

I am the co-founder and current Executive Director of Equalia. I come from a social background, with almost 15 years of experience in the animal welfare movement. I am a psychologist and I put all my knowledge at the service of the organisation. 

My role is to be at the service of the employees and to surround myself with employees, volunteers and advisors who have more knowledge than me and complement me.

When did Equalia join Eurogroup for Animals and why?

Equalia joined Eurogroup for Animals at the beginning of 2021 with the aim of creating collaborative synergies to give a voice to European proposals in Spain. 

The political lobby of the Spanish agri-food system in Europe is very strong, therefore it was required to strengthen the presence of a Spanish group to create effective collaborative ecosystems between Europe and Spain. 

What are Equalia‘s main achievements this year?

One of our main achievement this year is the fact that after two and a half year of intensive campaigning, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs published earlier this year a draft Royal Decree that will oblige the ~700 Spanish slaughterhouses to install video surveillance cameras.

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition-AESAN (an autonomous body of the Spanish Government, attached to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs), has announced that the Royal Decree will be approved by the end of this year. 

Spain will become the first EU country to approve the mandatory installation of CCTV in all slaughterhouses.

How can the public act for Equalia? (e.g. donation, sign campaigns, volunteering, ect.)

If, after learning about our work, anyone is interested in making a one-time donation or becoming a member of Equalia, it can be done here

If any philanthropist or philanthropic entity is interested in making a donation, please contact our Fundraising Manager at joseramon.mallen@equaliaong.org

Also, anybody can find skilled volunteering opportunities with us or other effective animal advocacy nonprofits in Animal Advocacy Careers’ Skilled Volunteering Board here  

What is your life motto?

It comes from a great friend:

In a world as fragmented and individualistic as this one, where we also have endless responsibilities and live under constant stress that prevents us from even feeling, weaving authentic and deep relationships is almost like a miracle of life.”

Regards Mark