German Meat Mafia: No 1 in the world !!


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Animal Rights Watch activists released gruesome footage of the systematic killing of small piglets

It is a sight that is hard to bear. Animal rights activists from “Animal Rights Watch” (ARIWA) publish footage from a pig farm in Brandenburg. In the most brutal way, coworkers kill small, defenseless piglets with one hit on the ground, sometimes right in front of their mothers (Video).

The employees systematically go through the rows, picking out the little piglets and hitting them several times on the floor, against edges or steel bars. Some are not dead immediately, twitching and whining. Nevertheless, they end up in a ton and are transported away. In some cases, they are even simply left in the box.


Ferkel auf Fäkalien laufendjpgA little piglet runs in a steel over his dead and abandoned conspecifics.


The pigs are not really sick, but for the operation only a cost factor. The breed is not financially worthwhile. And so, the animals are getting out of the way.

In 2014, ARIWA uncovered the brutal practice for the first time. There was a nationwide outcry. Some federal states reacted and launched decrees against killing by slaying.

Nothing is happened! The killing continues.

Martin-Luther-King Zitatn

2016: The” improvement”: piglets are not only slain, the coworkers also cut their throats with a knife!!. Then they bleed out screaming.

According to the Animal Welfare Act, the killing of piglets without a “reasonable reason” is a violation. Only animals that are not viable or have been proven to be severely affected should be killed by law. But that does not apply to the majority of piglets in Germany. “All they need is more intensive care and, in individual cases, veterinary treatment,” says ARIWA.

The company affected by the allegations, the agricultural cooperative Neuzelle eG, distanced itself from violations of animal welfare. “If there were employee abuses, we deeply regret it, and any violations will be punished,”(!!!)  it said in a statement.

The farmers’ association condemned the practice shown: “The pictures published in the ARD and RBB from a Brandenburg pigsty, where employees kill small piglets, in which they hit them on the ground, deeply disturb the Brandenburg farmers (!!!) said the state association on Tuesday.

According to the prosecutor Frankfurt, the animal welfare organization has created criminal complaint.  In the specific case, it would be necessary to wait and see what the investigations of the prosecutor’s office would bring.

(Translation, Venus with my best regards)



The meat mafia is not only a professional killer, is also a professional liar!

Once such crimes are discovered, the meat mafia distances itself from the “sinners”!

Although the Meat Mafia knows exactly that what is happening in Brandenburg, is the daily and common practice in all slaughterhouses in Germany.

Everywhere, at every slaughterhouse in Germany.
The meat mafia in this case is not against the crime.
She is angry, that these slaughterers have not taken care and were caught.
And so, the Brandenburg farmers present themselves “deeply disturb” (!!!) and demanding to be punished these stupid ones, because have pulled the name of the No1 meat industry of the world in the dirt.


Whta we eat or who we eat_n

“It is dying and dying valuable animals for worthless people. And they are not sacrificed to hunger, but to the well-being and the business! “

England: Chris Packham – Palm oil producers are wiping out orangutans – despite multinationals’ promises.


None of the photos below are directly associated / published in the article by Chris. – WAV.

Palm oil producers are wiping out orangutans – despite multinationals’ promises

 palm oil cost

Some of the world’s biggest companies are failing in their pledge to stop deforestation by 2020. Don’t let them forget it.

Few who watch the documentary Red Ape: Saving the Orangutan tonight on BBC2 could fail to feel some sense of responsibility for the desperate situation faced by Indonesia’s orangutans. These extraordinary creatures are our closest relatives, sharing 97% of our DNA. Their similarity to us is astonishing. They are intelligent, inquisitive, smile and show empathy. They even laugh when tickled, like us, when most other animals have evolved to be ticklish only in an itchy, irritating sort of way as a protective reflex. Encountering orangutans in the wild is like nothing else I’ve experienced.

They once thrived in Indonesia’s lush, green rainforests but over the last 50 years they have been forced from their home and killed. In the last 16 years alone, 100,000 Bornean orangutans have been lost. All three species – Bornean, Sumatran and the Tapanuli, a species discovered only last year – are now on the critically endangered list. The reason? It started in the 1960s as forests were logged for timber, but now it’s palm oil.

palm oil greenpeace uk

Global demand for palm oil has increased six-fold since 1990. It’s in half of all packaged products on supermarket shelves and to avoid it completely would be incredibly tricky. Although palm oil in food can no longer be described simply as vegetable oil and must be clearly labelled (thanks to an EU directive in 2014), there is no such law for products such as soap, shampoo and other cosmetics. The supermarket Iceland’s decision to ditch palm oil from all of its own-brand products was, it says, a response to the palm oil industry’s catastrophic failure to halt deforestation and deal with the problem.

Even the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) – the industry body charged with ensuring registered companies trade only in oil that has not come from deforestation – is failing spectacularly. Just over a week ago, Greenpeace exposed massive rainforest destruction in Papua allegedly caused by palm oil companies that are subsidiaries of a current RSPO member. Buying from them were big multinationals including Unilever, Nestlé, Pepsico and Mars. The companies concerned have responded by saying they are taking Greenpeace’s claims seriously and taking appropriate action. But if Greenpeace’s assertions are correct, no company can claim the palm oil it uses is 100% “sustainable”.

palm oil 4

Red Ape reveals the truly remarkable work that International Animal Rescue workers are doing on the ground to save these animals. At this crucial stage in their existence, every life saved is vital to their survival. But if we want to save orangutans in the long term, as John Sauven, Greenpeace UK’s executive director, says in the programme, we must save their home – the rainforest. You can sign Greenpeace UK’s petition to support this mission.

Orangutans spend 95% of their lives in the trees, but right now, Indonesia’s forests are disappearing at the rate of one football pitch every 25 seconds. In the absence of industry reform, multinationals such as those mentioned above must take responsibility. In fact, back in 2010 they actually promised to take responsibility. Then, members of the Consumer Goods Forum pledged that by 2020 they would no longer buy palm oil from any company that decreased the net amount of rainforest. But have they done anything about it? Not much, it seems. In fact, in January this year, when Greenpeace asked 16 companies to publish which palm oil traders they were buying from, many refused – although not those listed above.

With rainforest clearance continuing and the Indonesian government boasting a projected increase in palm oil production from 36.5m tonnes in 2017 to over 42m tonnes by 2020, the situation really is dire. And it’s not just orangutans that are threatened. More than 69% of Sumatran elephant habitat has been destroyed within one generation, and there are fewer than 100 Sumatran rhinos left in the wild. People are part of this conflict too. Land grabbing and exploitation of workers, including the use of child labour, is endemic. And decades of deforestation for palm oil have created conditions ideal for furious forest and peatland fires. These fires, often deliberately started by companies clearing the land, threaten the health of people across southeast Asia and drive climate change.

Palm Oil Harvest in Riau

Indeed, if nothing is done, eventually we will all pay the price, since land-use change, mainly from tropical deforestation, accounts for 12% of global carbon emissions. Keeping these forests intact really is vital for all life on Earth. There can be no more delaying until the next decade. 2020 is less than two years away and the burden of responsibility lies firmly with the multinationals. Palm oil can be produced without destroying rainforests but only if big companies support it. I won’t let them forget their zero-deforestation promise. Will you?

palm oil 3

Chris Packham is a naturalist, nature photographer and author

England: Help Endangered Gorillas – London – Great Gorilla Run – Sunday 23rd September 2018.


G run 2


London – Great Gorilla Run – Sunday 23rd September 2018

Rated one of the UK’s best running events by the Independent newspaper and supported by Time Out London, The Great Gorilla Run is a charity fun run you won’t want to miss!

Raise money to help endangered Gorillas !


Full details here if you wish to take part –



G run 4

Massacre in the name of human rights!




Hundreds of psychopaths have massacred a crocodile farm in Indonesia by killing all the crocodiles – to avenge the death of a human being.

The sadists were armed with knives, hammers and clubs and have slaughtered 292 crocodiles after a man was killed by one of the reptiles at a breeding farm in West Papua, Indonesia.


Local residents look at the carcasses of hundreds of crocodiles from a farm after they were killed by angry locals following the death of a man who was killed in a crocodile attack in Sorong regenc

Villagers with the massacred animals


The sadists claim that they wanted to avenge the death of their villager.

No! that’s not the truth.

They wanted to confirm the superiority of their species.

Only all carriers of human genes – regardless of their thinking and behavior – enjoy the protection status of human rights and human dignity.

The truth is that those who have rights will be respected. That was the human being.
Those who have no rights will be massacred. That was a mountain of crocodiles, Number 292!!

When a crocodile kills a human, that’s what man calls bestiality.
When psychopaths brutally kill 300 crocodiles, that’s called human rights.

That’s what I understand under Fascism.

Best regards, Venus



Latest News From Animals Asia.

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Killing dogs for meat declared illegal in South Korea – what can China learn?

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National park stops elephant rides with new tourism model designed to end elephant exploitation in Vietnam

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Vietnam gets serious about wildlife crime with double launch of books designed to end bear bile farming

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End bear bile farming

 AA bear rescue


Bear sanctuaries

 aa october 17


Cat and Dog welfare

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Captive animal welfare




Murder as a delicacy!!




First case of a killed blue whale for 40 years

It is controversial, cruel and forbidden – and yet they did it: Icelandic whalers killed and slaughtered a blue whale. This is reported by the US environmental organization “Sea Shepherd”. Blue whales are threatened with extinction, killing them is strictly prohibited. The outrageous incident is the first in 40 years.
Blue whale hunting has been banned since 1986!



Here the whale is brought ashore, slaughtered and dissected (Photos: Sea Shepard, Hart to Port)

It came into the public eye because volunteers of the environmentalists made videos and pictures of how the whale was dragged to the factory of the company “Hvalur” where it was killed and disassembled.

Blue Whales are the biggest animals of our planet. They grow up to 30 meters long and are threatened with extinction. Worldwide there are estimated to be only 10,000 to 25,000 animals. The hunt for the animals has been banned since 1986.
The hunt for a blue whale 40 years ago was the last to be proven, reports the World Conservation Union IUCN, an international non-governmental organization and umbrella organization of numerous international governmental and non-governmental organizations based in Switzerland.



blauwal-vor-island-getoetet-und-geschlachtet-grausame prozedurjpg

Here the cruel procedure takes its course.


Industrial whaling dramatically reduced stocks of large whales in the first half of the 20th century. Many species have been or are threatened with extinction.


The whalers do not seem to be aware of any guilt.

Despite growing international criticism whales are still hunted, their meat is considered a delicacy in some countries such as Japan. Whaling is today only operated by a few states.


Yes! it is and remains a murder.
And this murder is practiced every day on millions of living beings. All over!!
Because the animal with the two legs, the human animal, despite evolution, despite civilization, regards culinary satisfaction as the highest level of its species development, that makes him an icy killer.
If one – because of education or conviction – can enjoy and eat the body of an animal, though one is well informed about its suffering and torture processes, we speak of a moral problem.

Best regards, Venus

It is not only a victim…




Stier und glotzende Arschlöcher


The crowd looks around, a bunch of bloodthirsty idiots gather around the one, as the rules of cowardice demand.

The victim, alone, as always, alone against the barbarian mob and its weapons to facilitate tracing, surrounding and impaling.

It is a recognized crime. It is a legal lynching and is therefore called tradition.

Is that only a photo with a victim? No! it is an exemplary sacrifice of morality!

Because on this day, the day of execution, there will be corpses of compassion, ethics and progress on the street.

After all, the bull, like all bulls, is not killed by steel, but by the cruelty of the executioners, by the madness of those who have given them power, and by the dulling of a society that makes it possible.

Maybe one day the same mob will remember this day with horror, and under dignified governments we will call it by its real name – a murder.
To this day, we will fight for the abolition of one of the most barbaric acts of human cruelty.


Regards, Venus


Portugal: The bull-massacre continues.




No majority for bullfighting ban in Portuguese parliament!


Bullfighting has a long tradition not only in Spain but also in Portugal. And that’s how it will stay. Animal rights activists have failed today with a legislative initiative to ban bullfighting in the Portuguese parliament.

In the Portuguese Parliament, the only member of an animal protection party has failed in his attempt to obtain a ban on bullfighting. Only 31 of the 230 MPs supported on Friday the legislative initiative of André Silva from the party People – Animals – Nature (Pessoas – Animais – Natureza).

Other bullfighting in Portugal than in Spain?


Matador mit Pferd-Portugal2

“Cavaleiros” are called, wearing aristocratic costumes. Before the actual bullfight they ride with their entourage into the arena. At the “Cortesías”, their horses show off what they have learned in their years of dressage.

On the day before the corrida, the horns of the animal are sawed off in the device shown on the top right. This is mandatory with the Portuguese variant to protect humans and horses. Each horn is almost completely packed in a plastic wrap. The two parts are connected by a bridge on the forehead.

The sequence of the massacre

After the Cortesías, the bull comes into the arena. A rider lures the bull into the vicinity of the horse and stabs him with various skewers in the back. A pair of each type. There are skewers that seemingly break off in the back of the bull.The double blades of the skewers are about 18 cm long. The rider changes his horse three times. During the change, the Banderilleros entertain the audience, in which they keep the bull moving with their capotes.

Unlike in Spain, the bull is not killed in public in the arena but slaughtered after the fight. In the arena, the bull is attacked with stick-equipped sticks while Forcados try to grab him.

Jose Antonio Bernat Bacete

The bull is bleeding heavily now. Through the many sparkling skewers he looks like a “Needle pillow” .Nun the Forcados attack the bull.
They do that by setting themselves up pyramid-like.
Closest to the bull is the Cabo, who lures the bull with shouts. When the bull runs toward him, the cabo runs towards him and clings to his horns. The other Forcados follow him and soon a ball of men hangs on the bull.
This is called “Pega”. The bull inevitably stops, the forcados release him and jump over the barrier to safety. Except for the Cabo.
The hangs on the tail of the bull. The bull tries to shake it off and turns in circles. The Cabo can be looped a few laps and also runs away.



Since the bull in Portugal is not killed in the eyes of the public, he must be returned from the arena back to the stables. This is done by sending a group of young oxen, all of them with big cowbells, into the arena. The bull joins them and together they return to the stables. There are also variations on the Portuguese Corrida. Three Cavaliros can occur one after the other and attack two bulls, or two Cavaliros come together, who together attack a bull. In total, six bulls are tormented per event.



What happens after that

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to film during the corrida in the stables. The highly bleeding bulls are cut out the skewers without anesthesia. Often their wounds are “treated” with salt and vinegar to quench the bleeding. They are rarely treated medically, at most, if they are to serve as breeding bulls. The remaining animals are waiting, quite a few days, to be picked up by the butcher. This approach was described by a former Forcado.

The long “tradition” of bullfighting -massacre in Portugal

Bullfighting advocates say there is a constitutional right to cultural entertainment, which includes bullfighting with a long tradition in Portugal. Opponents say that bullfighting is also an animal cruelty in Portugal. In the Portuguese public, they find little agreement.

And I say: we have no democracy anymore.
We are governed by a crook oligarchy!


Matador mit Totenkopf Flagge


My best regards to all, Venus (Translation)


Inventory of horror: 45 million male chicks are murdered each year!!




They were born to die: millions of male chicks of laying hen breeds are killed shortly after hatching – for purely economic reasons.


Kücken am Band

Even the last grand coalition had given the goal: It should be over with the cruel practice, even in the new coalition agreement, the goal is.
But the federal government had even to admit that in 2017 one million chicks were killed more (!) Than in the year before – a total of about 45 million, in Germany alone.

We demand: The new federal government must finally put an end to the killing of chicks! In addition, the pathogenic high-performance breeding must be stopped in the long term. Sign now our appeal to Federal Minister Julia Klöckner!

Far more than 40 million chicks are killed each year in Germany shortly after hatching. The reason: The male animals of the laying hen breeds are not “used”. This practice must come to an end!


Animal-Equality_Kücken auf Band

Foto: Animal Equality

Fortunately, the federal government has agreed in its coalition agreement t

o end the killing of day-old chicks “by the middle of the legislative period”. However, such an announcement already existed in the time of the last grand coalition. In the summer of 2015, the predecessor of Julia Klöckner, Christian Schmidt, said unequivocally: “My goal is to stop chick-shredding in 2017.” He repeatedly emphasized that he wanted to end chick-killing “as quickly as possible”. But the killing continues today.


Petition Text

Madam Minister, there must now be no excuses or inconsequential announcements: make sure that the promise of the coalition agreement is respected. By the end of 2019 at the latest, must be finally over with the killing – this time really!

A ban is overdue – and at the same time only a symptom is eliminated. Because the problems in the chicken husbandry are deeper. Laying hens has been designed for decades mainly for maximum laying performance.

How the animals are doing plays a subordinate role.
Only the separation into two breeding lines and the one-sided breeding on high laying performance (laying breeds) or fast meat approach (chickens for fattening) has meant that the rooster chicks of the laying breeds are killed for hatching reasons for purely economic reasons – because they put far too little meat and need far too much feed to be cost-effectively marketed.




But the hens suffer: high mortality rates, broken bones and sternum damage due to low bone strength, avidities, a high susceptibility to infectious diseases – all this is one of the fatal consequences of one-sided high-performance breeding.
It is therefore not enough, “only” to finish the chick killing. Because even the animals that are reared have a right to an animal-friendly attitude without avoidable diseases.

Madam Minister, if you are serious about animal welfare, you must commit to an end to one-sided high-performance breeding and the use of so-called dual-purpose chickens, which are suitable for both egg production and fattening.

These are less susceptible to health and the hen’s chicks could be used as livestock. I urge you to push for the overdue, fundamental change in the poultry industry and do not leave it at symbolic politics.

Fight the causes of the millions of animals suffering and not just the symptoms!

Best regards,

Your Name, Nationality (see below at the petition-link)


“Hunting opens up a space for crime…”






Despite persistent propaganda work of the hunting associations, the image of the hunters is sinking more and more: fewer and fewer walkers, dog owners, riders and mountain bikers are fooled when they are mobbed and threatened by hunters – and they protest against shooting in recreational areas as well as mass shooting for hunts.

Time and again we read that hunters mistakenly confuse lovers in the cornfield, hunting colleague or ponies in the pasture with wild boars – this can scare everyone out in the countryside – as well as shots on the promenade or bullets that hit in cars.

In addition, millions of animal lovers have no understanding when hunters shoot their domestic cats or threaten to shoot the dog.

The hunter and lawyer Dr. Florian Asche, admits in his book »Hunting, Eating Sex and Animals: The Pleasure of the Archaic« with the common reasons for hunting:

“We do not hunt to create the ecological balance. At least that’s not the triggering motive of our efforts. It is just a justification for our urges and desires that go much deeper than the requirements of wildlife avoidance and ecological balance. … We go hunting because it gives us pleasure and pleasure. “


The neurologist and psychoanalyst Dr. Paul Parin – also an enthusiastic hunter – wrote in his book “The Passion of the Hunter”: “Since my first hunting adventures I know: Hunting opens up a space for crime to the point of murder and for sexual pleasure, whenever and wherever hunted.”



“Regulation” of human population by hunters:

1. A 6-year-old girl was seriously injured in a garden in Großsaara in Thuringia on July 14, 1818, apparently from a hunter’s gun. This reports “BILD” on 14.7.2018. According to police had just before 19 clock received the emergency call.

“When the local officials arrived, they heard more shots around the gardens,” the press release of the state police headquarters in Thuringia said. “As part of the investigation immediately started with the help of the police helicopter on the edge of the garden a hunting party was found in the hunt, which ended the police immediately.”
The injured child was brought to Gera in a hospital wordem. It was hit on the arm and the pelvis but according to the police it was not in mortal danger.

2. A 66-year-old hunter wanted to shoot pigeons in the Westphalian town of Wandhofen and hit a 36-year-old driver on the neck, more shotgun bullets hit the car. This is reported by Ruhr Nachrichten on 12.7.2018. According to his report, the hunter noticed a parked vehicle in the area of impact about 350 meters away, but did not assume that the shotgun pellets could hit the car or a person.
The victim filed a complaint, the police investigated for dangerous bodily injury.

3. An 80-year-old hunter had fired on a fleeing hare during a hunt last autumn in the district of Braunau and hit a 25-year-old and seriously injured. The hunting colleague was hit by the shotgun pellets on the head, legs and eyes and suffered permanent damage to the retina. Now the state court Ried has sentenced the hunter to a fine. The “Kleine Zeitung” reported on 6.7.2018 that they had agreed on 1,100 euros compensation (when a shot-hunting colleague costs so cheaply…)




My best regards, Venus

Animal transports at NATO- Summit!! (Video)


EU- Flagge


These are disturbing pictures showing EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.
The 63-year-old seemed to have suffered badly during the joint dinner of the Head of State and Government in Brussels. He wobbled and had to be partially supported.


Juncker betrunken

At times, the EU Commission President made an unlucky appearance at the NATO Summit in Brussels. Pictures of the joint dinner of the heads of state and government on Wednesday show the 63-year-old wavering. He had to rely while walking on several state guests.
His office said on Thursday, “It would not be appropriate to publicly discuss any health issues.” On the internet, however, a video from the scene caused a lot of attention.

 Juncker has publicly referred to his sciatica complaints in the past. So far, he has been supported on previous public occasions when climbing stairs. A few hours after the incident, Juncker resumed the program of the NATO summit on Thursday morning as planned.

Juncker had already rejected any doubts about his suitability for the post of EU Commission President in 2014. According to Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Juncker is “a stout smoker and drinker,” he said at the time that he had no alcohol problem.

 Juncker in Rollator

However, the incident at the NATO summit in Brussels is not an isolated incident.
Again and again bizarre performances of the politician in the network caused speculation. During the “EU-Eastern Partnership Summit” in Riga in May 2015, Juncker greeted the EU heads of state on shaky legs, distributed slaps and welcomed the Hungarian head of government with the words “The dictator is coming”.

Of the hundreds of comments accompanying this article, I would just like to enclose one that I liked most of all: And this drunken sack and his cronies should be a role model for us? The Financial Criminal Union is definitely over, and that’s a good thing”.

And I would have answered: “Yes! the EU with its incompetent masters is at the end.
But unfortunately such types decide still the fate of billions of animals in this continent”.

Best Regards to all, Venus

Honor the “269 Libèration animale” Activists in Belgium!!! (Great Video)


Flagge Belgium




[English below]

Tôt ce matin, plus de 70 activistes de l’association 269 Libération Animale se sont introduit.e.s dans l’abattoir de Tielt en Belgique afin de libérer un individu. Poursuivant l’activisme offensif mené contre les industries spécistes et initié par l’association, les activistes vont ensuite s’enchaîner au couloir de la mort pour le bloquer le plus longtemps possible dans le but de paralyser le système.

Connu pour ses scandales, l’abattoir de Tielt est désormais équipé d’un nombre de caméras de surveillance plus conséquent. Il est absolument temps d’investir ces lieux pour engager un rapport de force avec les industries et institutions spécistes. Les réformettes néo-welfaristes confirment la passivité de notre mouvement, elles ne font qu’aggraver la situation des animaux exploité.e.s. Une mort propre des animaux sous vidéo-surveillance n’est pas ce que nous voulons. Il est temps de mettre fin à ce massacre inutile.







Early this morning, more than 70 activists of 269 Libération Animale have entered into the slaughterhouse of Tielt in Belgium in order to release an individual. Following the offensive activism led against the speciesist & initiated by the organization, all the activists are going chain themselves to the death row in order to blockade it as much as possible, to paralyze the system.

Well-known for its scandals, Tielt’s slaughterhouse is equipped of many cameras surveillance. It’s absolute time to invade those places, to setup a power relationship with the speciesist industries & institutions. Neo-welfarist reforms confirm the passivity of our movement, they do nothing but worsen the current situation of exploited animals. A « clean death » under video supervision is not what we want. Indeed, it’s time to end this useless slaughter.

#ForceTheLiberation (Video)







Pamplona: Holy fiestas, tourism and bull massacre




Every year in Pamplona, from the 6th to the 14th of July, the San Firmin, a feast in honor of the holy Firmin, are celebrated. Every morning at 8 o Clock 6 bulls are rushed through the narrow streets of the old town together with several steer oxen to an arena. In the arena, at the evening, up to eight Toreros are attached to a bull, spiked him again and injure him with daggers and Banderillas. This lasts until the bull is weakened by the loss of blood. Then the matador pierces the exhausted animal with a sword and an executioner cuts through the spinal cord.


Stier in der Arena


The rush of animals takes only a few minutes. Hundreds of men, the so-called “mozos” race in front of the bulls, about 825 meters through the narrow streets of the northern Spanish city – it is considered particularly courageous to let the bulls get as close as possible to themselves!!

Thousands of tourists from all over the world feed the coffers enormously.


Pamplona Hurrerei


But only the the bull spectacle brings the tourist business realy to blooming: San Fermin shirts with bulls and bullfighters, Made in China, magnets with bull running motifs, all of the cheap kind: these are generally the best-selling products in the shops of the Estafeta street.

The origin of this idiotic custom lies in a cattle market on the occasion of the Patronesses, to which the butcher boys drove the livestock to be sold every morning.

Sometimes the Fiesta activities have orgiastic traits.
A fashion is to throw yourself from the four-meter-high fountain into the crowd, if this does not make a place before. Serious injuries are on the agenda, the ambulances are working at full speed. Machos of this earth use the moment of the Fiesta opening, in which the masses have the closest physical contact, to sexist fisticuffs, which have led in the meantime to many advertisements that the event is meticulously camera-monitored in order to make the idiots arrest.



“The mob has many heads but no brains”

The bulls are irritated before the race with electric shocks and sharp sticks, then tortured and slaughtered in the arena, criticized Birgit Wagner of the organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

“Tormenting and slaughtering animals for our entertainment is a Stone Age spectacle,” said the 33-year-old Peta activist. Criticism came also from the German animal protection federation.

The spectacle was an ordeal masquerading as a cultural tradition (!!!), said Federal Managing Director Thomas Schröder.



Circus is the fun of a stupid society



One has put him in a skirt and closed his mouth with a muzzle. His eyes are wide with fear. As a moon bear, he is one of the endangered species.

Here he is forced to drive a scooter.

The ever-present whip of his trainer is a permanent reminder of what happens when the poor bear does not cooperate.

This timid moon bear is just one of the many desperate animals that must live a life of pain, misery and fear in the shameful circuses in Vietnam



It is indisputable: In the animal circuses of Vietnam, moon bears, macaques, elephants and even orangutans suffer from daily exploitation.

For a long time they are imprisoned or chained. Through intimidation, coercion and violence they are trained.

As a result of the intense, inescapable stress many are hurt themselves.

In addition, Animals Asia has doubts as far as the papers of the endangered species are concerned (including moon bears, orangutans and elephants). Without papers, it would be very possible that they are illegally hunted and trapped animals.

Although Animals Asia has shared these shocking discoveries with the Vietnamese government, nothing has been done so far.

Bolivia, Costa Rica, Greece, Croatia and Scotland are already on the ever-growing list of countries that have completely banned cruel wildlife circuses. For Vietnam, it is time to follow their example.

Animals Asia is ready to assist in Vietnam, in the rescue of each of these circus animals. For the bears, there is room in the organization’s own award-winning rescue center and for the elephants in the partner Elephant Sanctuary.

Please appeal NOW to the Vietnamese Government for the wildlife circuses to be closed and the animals to be given a home in rescue centers.


“They will be slaughtered anyway …”

Cattle transport on Highway 6 ( Germany) stopped: animals ate each other in hunger !!


-tiertransport Schwein in Gittern-1B6b

Sinsheim (Baden Wurttemberg) – The police have a strange feeling – that is also the reason why the police stop the cattle transport. When they look inside, the naked horror comes over them:
It’s Thursday night (4 July), about 19 clock, as a patrol car a heavy truck on the highway 6 in Sinsheim striking. As always, when officials feel strange about a vehicle, they stop it. The first thing they notice: The animals are penned in the transporter in the smallest space.

A sight of horror

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The campaign: “Truck you-animal transports do not taste good”!!


At the moment, there is almost a revolt in Germany against animal transports.
The German Animal Protection Office” has organized a very large campaign, with demos in 32 cities in Germany, from 1. July to 6. September.

 On 1 July 2018, was a big demo in Berlin, with more than 300 people, under the motto “Truck you-animal transports do not taste good”.

Truck you Demo Berlin“Truck you” – Demo in Berlin 1.07.2018 (from the FB-side of Stefan B.Eck)

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