Very Close Now To Moving Little Grey and Little White To Their Sanctuary Home In Iceland.


This really is an important and exciting time for whale and dolphin conservation and protection. In the picture above, you can see Little White and Little Grey, the two beluga whales who will be the first to come to our new Beluga Whale Sanctuary. And in the photo below, you’ll see the plane that will take them there.

beluga jet full livery

Above – The Cargolux 747 specially prepared with whale transport logo.

This project is pivotal, not only because it will give Little White and Little Grey a new, happier life in the ocean, but because if successful, it will prove that it can be done and offer hope for other captive whales and dolphins. I truly hope that the work we are doing now with the SEA LIFE Trust marks the beginning of the end for whale and dolphin captivity.

Thank you as always for your support – we wouldn’t be here without you.

On behalf of all at WDC,

Julia Pix


Find out a lot more about the Icelandic sanctuary being made ready for the whales at:


How do you fly two whales half way round the world ? – read more:




EU has to stop the laboratory criminals in Germany!




The EU has initiated infringement proceedings against Germany because the federal government has implemented requirements for animal experiments in a completely inadequate manner.
We very much welcome the fact that Brussels is finally getting active here.

However, the EU has failed to criticize a very serious mistake.

Germany allows animal experiments with the greatest suffering, although these are generally prohibited by EU regulations. Legal expert reports prove this violation of EU regulations.

Stella 2o

Do you remember the report about the illegal torture of the apes  in the Tübingen Hell Laboratory, in Germany?


This was also illegal animal experiments because the monkeys were no longer able to endure these torments and should be euthanized. What the experimenters did not do!

Affe in MPIcMax-Planck- Institut Tübingen. Foto: SOKO

Germany ignores the EU-imposed pain-suffering ceiling, from which an animal experiment may not or only under very strict conditions may be approved.

We, “the association of doctors against animal experiments” together with Tasso e.V. and the “Association Against Animal Abuse e.V”, call on the European Commission to ensure that the fundamental prohibition of animal experiments with heavy, long-lasting suffering is implemented in Germany.

This would be an important step towards the abolition of animal experiments. With your signature, you emphasize our demand that at least the EU minimum standard must be adhered to!

Affe mit Eektroden im KopfjpgMax-Planck-Institut, Tübingen. Foto: SOKO

For example, one of the most serious animal tests of this kind is the xenotransplantation in Munich, in which hearts of genetically modified pigs are transplanted to baboons. Most monkeys survive only a few hours, days or weeks. Being trapped in isolation cages, they suffer anxiety, pain, breathlessness, a monstrous swelling of the heart, heart attacks, liver damage, fluid retention in the lungs and chest, thrombosis, etc. until they painfully die.



Help us!
Call on the EU not to allow this serious violation of Germany!
The addressee is Susanne Louhimies, responsible for animal welfare in the Environment Directorate-General of the European Commission. With this petition we collect signatures, which we want to hand over to Mrs. Louhimies at a later date.

Please sign our petition:

My comment: The suffering of the animals in Labors gives us humans no progress. Animal testing must be abolished because it is ethically unacceptable and hinders medical progress.
There is neither torture nor sadism that laboratory animal experimenters have not yet practiced. Most remain unconfirmed until one unveils that (see SOKO undercover investigation )

These illegal attempts on monkeys in Tübingen, for example, have proven that the Labor Mafia knows no bounds when it comes to profit, power and career.

Animals using as a torture objects without borders, is criminal and must be abolished. Germany should learn it too!

My best regards, Venus

USA: Petition – Justice for Skeletal Dog Locked in Basement to Starve. It Just Survived After Being Found.



Justice for Skeletal Dog Locked in Basement to Starve

Posted by Carly Day


petition keyboard

Petition Link –


SIGN: Justice for Skeletal Dog Locked in Basement to Starve


PETITION TARGET: Butler County Prosecutor’s Office

Locked in a cage in the basement and nearly starved to death, a dog in Middletown, Ohio shocked rescuers with his skeletal frame.

With each individual rib protruding, hip bones jutting out of his body, and a sunken abdomen, this sweet boy had clearly been deprived of adequate nutrition for a long time — it’s a wonder he was even still alive in his deteriorated state.

The “reason” for this neglect? His guardian reportedly bought new furniture and claimed she didn’t have room for him anymore

A woman saying she’d “found” the dog on the street handed the animal in to Joseph’s Legacy animal rescue. Staff at the rescue center reported the heartbreaking case to the Butler County Dog Warden.

After a brief investigation, the warden discovered that the woman who handed over the dog — named Marvin by rescuers — had, in fact, been his guardian for the last two years.

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office has charged 27-year-old Ashley Kubilus with cruelty to a companion animal, a 1st-degree misdemeanor.

Sign this petition urging the Butler County Prosecutor’s Office to prosecute this woman to the fullest extent of the law, and work to ensure she is never allowed to have an animal again.


Canada’s rules for transporting animals are weak — but they’re also not rigorously enforced.



WAV Comment – the pictures in this article are not from the column written by Mr Walkom – they are taken from our own archives.  Not only does Canada murder seals and try to blame them for taking humans fish stocks, but it seems they don’t really have a clue about the welfare of animals in transport either !

In Canada, the rules for transporting animals are already weak. Pigs can be trucked for up to 36 hours without food or water. For cattle, the number is 52 hours. Animals can be shipped in the freezing cold or broiling sun — as long as they do not suffer “undue exposure” to the elements (whatever that means).18 Sep 2018

can cold truck 2


Canada’s rules for transporting animals are weak — but they’re also not rigorously enforced


By Thomas WalkomNational Affairs Columnist

Tues., Sept. 18, 2018


Source –


In Canada, the rules for transporting animals are already weak. Pigs can be trucked for up to 36 hours without food or water. For cattle, the number is 52 hours.

Animals can be shipped in the freezing cold or broiling sun — as long as they do not suffer “undue exposure” to the elements (whatever that means).

But inspection reports released to the Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals has revealed another glaring inadequacy: In much of Canada, including Ontario, the rules are not rigorously enforced.

To be more specific, in 2016 and 2017 the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) conducted spot inspections of trucks carrying animals in only five provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Exactly why Ontario and other provinces were exempted from these spot checks remains unclear. A CFIA spokesperson said only that the agency’s “highway and border inspections are conducted pending the availability of law enforcement partners and appropriate weather conditions.”

The reports, released to the animal welfare coalition by the CFIA under access-to-information laws and passed on to the Star, show that the federal agency conducted 269 highway inspections over the two-year period, mainly in Saskatchewan.

In virtually all of those inspections, the truckers were ultimately found to be in compliance with CFIA regulations — even when, initially, they weren’t.

In December 2017, for instance, an unheated truck containing 45 cows in -20C weather was stopped by a CFIA inspector in Saskatchewan. The inspector wrote that he initially deemed the transport inadequate but changed his mind after the trucker agreed to put some boards along the sides of the vehicle and after he allowed his cattle to rest for five hours in a warm barn.

In February 2016, another truck transporting 26 horses to a slaughterhouse was stopped for inspection in Saskatchewan. The inspector found that one of the horses appeared too sick to get up — a regulatory no-no.

can cold truck 1

So he had the trucker unload his vehicle until the downed horse could struggle to its feet. The inspector then okayed the transport as compliant with the law and let the truck continue on.

The reports show that the CFIA became most engaged when the animals involved were slated for export. In June 2017, for instance, a truck containing 2,525 Canadian baby piglets was turned back at the U.S. border.

The Americans found the piglets were dirty and overcrowded. Seven had died.

This caused much consternation on the Canadian side. One of the problems, according to CFIA emails, was that for sanitary reasons the piglets could not be returned to the farm they came from. If the U.S. remained adamant, there was nowhere for them to go.

Eventually, however, the Americans relented and let the truck in. By the time it had reached its final destination in Iowa, eight more piglets were dead.

Similarly, in May 2016, 21 cattle were refused entry by the U.S. One calf was lame and one steer missing its ear tag. The trucker was persuaded by CFIA officials to let his cattle have food, water and a vet check. He then reloaded his trailer with all but the suspect calf and steer and made his way back to the border where, this time, he was allowed entry.

Later that month, another inspector found a dead pig in a load of 900 slated for export to the U.S. Nonetheless, he ruled that the other 899 were in compliance with regulations.

In November 2016, a truckload of 30 boars was refused entry into the U.S. The problem: two of the boars were dead. The CFIA reports are silent on what happened to the other 28.

Not all of the reports are negative. Many of the spot inspections — particularly those related to valuable show or breeding animals — indicate that some care was taken by truckers transporting them.

And at least, in those cases, federal agents were making inspections. In Ontario, they weren’t.


Further reading:


England: What Good People Do For Wildlife – New Artificial Badger Sett Made For Schoolchildren; So They Can Learn About Badgers.


From – Somerset Badger Group 

An opportunity arose at the school to create an artificial sett for badgers currently living under an old scout hut on the site, which is going to be replaced in the near future.

The school felt it was important to look after their badgers so we stepped in to help them create a new artificial sett so that the children could continue to enjoy sharing their school with the badgers and learn all about them too.


badger artworkbadgers north west hunt sabs

Spain: the Passion story of the Galgos


To Galgo Day, 1 February




Spanish greyhounds, also known as galgos, are bred for the traditional hare hunting. These greyhounds, which are up to 70 km / h fast, rushed in the open area on hares. In this form of hunt, in which the prey is usually caught and killed by the Galgo, is not shot at the hunted animals. Not infrequently, this hare hunting is also practiced in the form of competitions in which the fastest or the most elegant Spanish greyhound is awarded.

jäger mit galgospg

For the survival of this animal-suffering tradition, hundreds of thousands of four-legged animals are brutally exploited.

galgo nach der jagdsaisonn

From birth, the sensitive dogs are trained for the hunt with cruel methods and repeatedly abused terribly. Many animals are kept in dark cellars or sheds. Others in small crates, tons or old cars.

galgo in Keller

There they stay and wait hungry for the owner, who brings some water and food once a day. Just enough that the animals do not die. But for some love or affection they wait in vain for a lifetime.

When the hunting season is over at the beginning of February, the Galgos’ suffering history reaches its sad climax: animals that are no longer producing are disposed of ice cold by their owners.

aufgehängter Galgon

Actually unbelievable, but despite years of mistreatment hang the four-legged friends to their people. However, sad eyes, tears and pleas are no good – the owners do not show any sympathy for their loyal greyhounds.

The hunters starve the galgos, bury them alive, hang them on trees, drag them to death by car or throw them into deep wells. When the dogs are “lucky” they end up with broken bones in the street.

Massengrab von Galgos _n

Around 50,000 galgos are disposed of this way every year.

The discovery of about 100 skeletons of galgos on a former rubbish dump in VILLATOBAS ( TOLEDO)  in 2009, is another cruel proof of how much these animals in Spain must suffer. Many of these murdered dogs still have a rope around their necks, a clear indication that they were hanged.

An obviously new way to get rid of their “beloved” dogs, mostly hunting dogs, is this: they are tied to rails to be killed by a train! In Seville and in the villages, dozens of carcasses still tied to the tracks have been found! Some were shattered by the train. The Seprona (Nature Protection Service) has started an investigation. Some of the some 20 dead dogs are marked with chip. PACMA (the Animal Protection Party of Spain)  has filed a complaint with the Justicia y Defensa Animal and FADEA platforms.


This case is happened in Seville and  documented in February 2018.

“Spain is the only EU country where hunting with Galgos is still allowed”, criticized David Rubio, spokesman for the national platform “No a la Caza con Galgos – No to Hunt with Galgos” (NAC). “In other European countries, this has been banned decades ago.” The Spanish shelters are crowded – with galgos, but also with other dog breeds.

Animal welfare in Spain, the traditional land of bullfighting, is still largely irrelevant.

For example, in Spain’s Civil Code, animals are still defined as “things,” not as living things

But the protest in Spain is intensifying: in a petition titled “Galgo Massacre” to the European Parliament, animal rights activists call on EU politicians to “stop hunting with Galgos in Spain.” An international petition on the Internet platform has now been signed by more than 129,000 people.

Petition, with english text too, Please sign it too!:


My comment: For four months, from 1 October to the end of February, hunts and coursing, always running, rushing, chasing, alone, in pairs, in pack, four months maximum performance. And high performance demands tribute. Your dog is too tired? Take another! Your dog is too slow? Take another! Your dog was injured? Take another! It’s all about honor, it’s about pride, no galguero can handle two dogs, on average, one galguero uses 10 to 15 per season …
The young dog that is too slow,  is sorted out.

The dog, who gets injured or becomes ill, is sorted out.

The dog that gets older, too smart, or too slow to hunt behind the rabbit, is sorted out. The dog, whose puppies are not good enough, is sorted out.

Sorted out …

That’s Spain too!
The welcome myths from the media and travel catalogs have bombarded us for years with slogans and national myths that Spain is a fascinating country :

the Spaniards know to eat, the Spaniards know to live, to love, to enjoy!!!
Spain, the nation with “el temperamento de pura raza”! Go for Vacation in Spain!
And so today Spain can (almost) live from tourism, which it does not deserve.
A country with bullfighting as a cultural heritage, a country with an annual galgos massacre of 50,000, a country with the most brutal tradition in bull torture in Europe  (Toro de la Vega, Toro del Fuego, San Fermín days … etc) such a country deserves tourism boycott!


My best regards, Venus


Indonesia: 79 Slow Lorises Seized From Poachers, 10 In Critical Condition.



79 Slow Lorises Seized From Poachers, 10 In Critical Condition

 Posted by Dobi Finley | February 18, 2019


79 Slow Lorises Seized From Poachers, 10 In Critical Condition

All Images: International Animal Rescue


Authorities recently confiscated 79 slow lorises from poachers in West Java Indonesia, and took the animals to the International Animal Rescue primate center for rehabilitation. Ten of the slow lorises were in dire medical condition when rescued, and are currently recovering in intensive care.

These specific animals are known as Javan slow lorises, and they are critically endangered. All of the confiscated animals were poached from the wild to be sold into the illegal pet trade, and are very lucky that police intervened just in time. Tragically, four of the animals were already deceased when they were found.

All of the surviving slow lorises suffered severe stress and dehydration, due to having been confined for a very long time in highly unnatural conditions. The animals who did not require specialized veterinary care were taken to the rescue center for observation. This is to allow them to rest and recover, and to make sure that they are good candidates for re-release. Once the animals build up their strength, they will be released back into the wild, since the goal is always to get healthy animals back into their natural habitat.

International Animal Rescue is still working around the clock caring for the 10 lorises in critical condition. The animals are recovering at the rehabilitation center, where they had to to undergo further medical examinations and treatment. Medical tests confirmed that the lorises were suffering from a number of health problems, including trauma, intestinal worms, infected teeth and gums, diarrhea and wounds to the body.

Those in critical condition will be kept under close observation by the center’s medical team, who will monitor the primates’ physical condition and administer drugs and vitamins to aid their recovery.

One of the lorises, whom caretakers have named Muka, has a horrible facial wound after being shot by a BB gun. The pellet is lodged deep in his face, and another pellet has been discovered in his armpit. The veterinarians are doing all they can to ease little Muka’s suffering, and hopefully he will be able to recover.

Unfortunately, illegal wildlife trafficking is rampant throughout Asia, and is fueled by the exotic pet trade. Organizations such as IAR work with government authorities to rescue as many animals as they can. While little Muka and his friends are still in urgent medical care, several of the other confiscated lorises are already fully recovered from their ordeal.

IAR recently made a special trip to a protected conservation forest to release some of the rescued animals. Hopefully all of the slow lorises can eventually be released when everyone has a clean bill of health. It is so heartwarming to see that some of these adorable lorises are already back home in the forest where they belong!





USA: Petition – Enact Mandatory Jail Time for Animal Cruelty.



Enact Mandatory Jail Time for Animal Cruelty

Posted by Carly Day


petition keyboard

Petition link –


PETITION TARGET: Tennessee Governor Bill Lee

All too often, the most heartbreaking acts of animal cruelty go unpunished, or abusers get away with just a small fine.

A new bill in Tennessee would help change that — we must speak out to help this important legislation pass!

The Tennessee P.A.W.S. Act (Protect Animal Welfare and Safety), filed by Tennessee Representative Bruce Griffey, would enforce mandatory minimum prison sentences for repeat animal cruelty offenders.

Aggravated cruelty to animals would continue to be listed as a Class E felony, with a punishment of up to six years imprisonment or a maximum fine of $3,000.

However, if someone commits a second act of cruelty involving five or more animals, the crime would be upgraded to a Class C felony, with a minimum sentence of 180 days in jail. Perpetrators would be required to complete 100 percent of the sentence.

Griffey says the bill is still a work in progress, and also wants a mandatory fine and mandatory minimum restitution paid to shelters to cover the costs of caring for abused animals. We would also like to see mandatory sentences for all cases of severe cruelty, even if just one animal is involved.

If passed by the Tennessee General Assembly, the bill would come into effect on July 1st this year.

Sign the petition urging Tennessee Governor Bill Lee to fully support this bill and ensure it passes, strengthening animal welfare laws in the state and deterring animal abusers from committing violence against the helpless.


England: Thanks ‘Tonka’.




This is not related to animals but I feel the need to write – a sad week for me personally.

The ‘Tonka’, or ‘Panavia Tornado’, to give it the proper name; spent 24 years with me.

It’s a sad week as the Royal Air Force are taking it out of service, as newer and more technologically advanced machines are now in service. Regardless, I still love it – one of the best; 200 feet, at night, in all weathers; that was Tornado.

You can see more videos and some of my pictures at – just scroll down till you see them.

I show few videos here so that you can make your own judgement on how special ‘Tonka’ was.  ‘Down and Dirty’.

Now; back to animals !!

Regards Mark.




Above and below – ‘Pinky’


Australia: Moves To End Reliance On Cosmetic Animal Testing.



Aus com ban

Dear Mark,

There’s been a major breakthrough in our #BeCrueltyFree campaign in Australia, with lawmakers passing a measure that will save rabbits, mice and other animals from cruelty for cosmetics. This change to the law means that companies will no longer be able to profit from the use of new animal test data for cosmetic ingredients, putting a stop to this cruel and outdated practice in Australia.

Thanks to your support and compassion, our campaigners were able to work tirelessly for the past seven years to help get this lifesaving legislation passed. They negotiated with the highest levels of the health ministry to secure commitments which will ensure that all cosmetic ingredients are captured by the ban and to secure funding to support the development and adoption of modern non-animal test methods.

These essential commitments will ensure the implementation of a robust ban on cruel cosmetics in Australia! 

HSI and our partners have played a leading role in many of the nearly 40 national bans enacted to date, and in driving similar measures in active political discussion in Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, the United States and the ASEAN region of south-east Asia.

This history-making campaign would not be possible without the support of animal lovers like you who work with us toward a world without animal testing. Please take time to celebrate this shared victory!

Thank you so much for all that you do for animals.


Kitty Block
Humane Society International

Website : 

USA: Justice for Dog Wrapped in Duct Tape and Dumped in Freezing Ditch.



Justice for Dog Wrapped in Duct Tape and Dumped in Freezing Ditch

Posted by Katie Valentine

SIGN: Justice for Dog Wrapped in Duct Tape and Dumped in Freezing Ditch


petition keyboard

Petition link –



PETITION TARGET: Jefferson County, Missouri Prosecuting Attorney Trisha Stefanski

A Barnhart, Missouri man is accused of binding a dachshund’s legs and mouth with duct and electrical tape, then throwing the helpless animal from a vehicle like garbage. The terrified dog suffered in the freezing cold for twelve hours, unable to free himself or cry out for help.

The dog, who’s since been named Jimmy, was malnourished, cold, and appeared to have a concussion when he was finally found by a sheriff’s deputy. Temperatures had dropped into the teens while Jimmy lay helplessly in the ditch.

Police traced fingerprints on the duct tape, and arrested a suspect for felony animal abuse and armed criminal action. He’s being held on $50,000 bail.

Authorities must act to ensure that Jimmy’s abuser never harms another animal again.

Sign this petition urging Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney Trisha Stefanski to make it clear that such animal cruelty will not be tolerated, and push for a lifelong ban on Jimmy’s attacker from ever going near an animal for the rest of his life.


Image Courtesy of Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page

Please sign and support this petition – Thanks – Mark – WAV.

Zimbabwe: baby elephants in cruel trade


zimbabwe png


Since 2012 about 100 elephant calves have been sold to Chinese zoos and safari parks, some of which offer elephants performing stunts in circus shows. Such deals require permits, under the multilateral Cites treaty that governs the wildlife trade. Network for Animals has documentary evidence showing that in the past, phony documents have been used.


Now another 35 baby elephants are to be sent to Chinese zoos after being forcibly separated from their mothers in the Hwange National Park.

“Network for Animals is appalled by Zimbabwe’s continued export of very young elephants to lives of hell in China,” said David Barritt, NFA’s chief campaigner.

“Many of these babies will still be breast feeding. Scientists say they will never fully recover from the trauma.

Barritt said Zimbabwe authorities have previously exported baby elephants using invalid or duplicated CITES permits. “When NFA raised this issue with authorities, they ignored us. What they are doing is morally wrong and in breach of CITES regulations, but they go on doing it anyway.”

At the moment, the elephants, some as young as two, are being held in pens in Hwange while travel crates are prepared for the 7,000-mile journey. Conservationists say calves can be entirely dependent on their mothers for emotional and physical support until they are five; others can still be taking their mother’s milk until they are ten or another sibling is born.


During the rule of Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s wildlife was regularly sold to Asia and the Middle East to settle debts. “It was hoped that when the present president Emerson Mnangagwa came to power in a coup, he would stop this practice which shames Zimbabwe,” said Barritt. “Instead, he is continuing on the road of cruelty and callous indifference to animals.”

My comment: the human being has not the least value on this planet…there is absolutely nothing useful and peaceful that he can give to nature and animals… with everything he does, he destroys everything that has life, beauty, value..we are certainly by far the dumbest, perfidious and abominable beings on this earth .

Human being: The worst parasitic!!

My best regards, Venus

Colombia: adios hobby murder!


kolumbien png


After Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Botswana, Oman, Costa Rica (2012) and many other areas now also in Colombia. The Colombian Constitutional Court made a groundbreaking decision for the animals: It declared the hobby hunting unconstitutional. On this basis, one year after the court ruling, a ban on hobby hunting in Colombia will come into effect.

According to the responsible judge, hobby hunting violates the constitutional protection of the environment: ” It is constitutionally not allowed to kill or torture animals just for fun […] because that does not correspond to the duty or the constitutional mandate to protect nature […]. “


He also pointed out that animals are sentient beings. Previously, the Colombian Ministry of the Environment had already stated that this form of hunting only serves to entertain hunters and causes animal suffering.

Advocate and animal rights activist Laura Santacoloma has filed a lawsuit seeking to declare hobby hunting unconstitutional, as it violates Colombian laws on the care and protection of wildlife and the environment. Judge Antonio Jose Lizarazo agreed and ruled: “It is constitutionally not allowed to kill or abuse animals for recreational purposes only”.

Jäger im Hochsitz

The motive of killing an animal for fun or for food is another.

Animals are not things, they are beings with feelings.

Colombia, is the country, after Brazil, with the world’s largest biodiversity.

This decision will save the lives of countless deer, doves, ducks, rabbits, umbels and other animals. Fortunately, those who want to “shoot” animals in Colombia in their free time will soon be allowed to do so only with the camera!

My comment: And these are the “third world” countries!!!
Here in “first world” country, in Germany, we have 380,000 hobby-hunters and only about 1,000 of them are professional hunters, especially forestry officials. 380.00 hobby killers kill up to 6 million wild animals a year. For fun!!

Jäger der mit ofenen Arsch sitzt_n

First of all, we have to make one thing clear: the goal of the hunt is the executions!

The hunt is the terror of a miserable minority of 0.45% of the German population against defenseless animals.

And this terror takes place in front of our houses, in front of our children, costs the lives of our pets, happens in nature, in meadows and fields we look forward to when we go for a walk.

A civilized country is not understood as such when it brutally massacres 500,000 foxes or 100,000 wild boars each year, and proudly appears in the media as a potent execution gang.


A civilized country is understood as such when it feels and practices respect, compassion and protection for each animal species.

Because that would mean that such a society preserves the feeling and / or the principle of humanity towards its members.

Those who kill animals for fun loses the feeling of humanity at the same time.

Hunting leads to bestiality and dehumanization.


My best regards, Venus

USA: Perverted Trophy Hunter Paid More than $100K to Murder A Rare Goat.



On the subject of sick perverts; …………….

This Trophy Hunter Paid More than $100K to Murder A Rare Goat

Posted by Carly Day | February 16, 2019

This Trophy Hunter Paid More than $100K to Murder A Rare Goat

Image Credit: Mayo Hunter

An American trophy hunter paid $110,000 to shoot an endangered Astore markhor goat in Gilgit, Pakistan this month.

The Texan, identified as entrepreneur Bryan Kinsel Harlan, is seen making the kill in a video released by his hunting guide on Facebook.

Harlan shoots the adult markhor in cold blood as it grazes in a mountainous area right next to an infant. He then high-fives his hunting buddies before posing with this magnificent slaughtered animal.

“It was an easy and close shot and I am pleased to make this trophy,” Harlan told a Pakistani newspaper.

The markhor is the national animal of Pakistan, and there are less than 6,000 left in the wild. They are currently classified as near threatened after the IUCN downgraded their status from endangered in 2015.

Also known as the screw horn goat, hunters prize their spectacular spiraled horns.

Although it is illegal for most people to hunt this protected species, the government of Pakistan makes an exception for trophy hunters; this year, they auctioned off permits allowing four markhor to be shot dead.

Harlan is the third American to travel to Pakistan this year to kill one of these goats. Less than a month ago, another American “sports hunter,” John Amistoso, paid $100,000 to travel to Pakistan and murder a stunning individual.

Tarbarak Ullah was the lead guide on Harlan’s hunting trip and defends the practice as essential for the conservation of the species.

“This is not just about hunting,” said Ullah. “The number of animals is increasing, and these foreign hunters are millionaires who go back and tell the world that Pakistan is safe. Now, more and more tourists are coming.”

The Pakistani government claim that 80% of the permit fees go directly to the local communities in the community conservation areas where the hunts take place, with 20% going to the wildlife department.

But Iris Ho, senior specialist for wildlife programs and policy at the Human Society International (HSI), disagrees with the “conservation” scheme.

“The hefty price tag — $100,000 — for this hunt says it all,” says Ho. “Trophy hunting is not conservation, it is pay-to-slay killing for fun. It is an expensive hobby for the elite one percenters to kill rare and iconic animals for bragging rights.

The United States is the world’s largest importer of hunting trophies, with American trophy hunters leaving a trail of carcasses wherever they go. The grotesque enterprise of trophy hunting at the expense of magnificent wild animals has no place in a modern society.”

The slaughter of even one protected animal in the name of conservation is unacceptable, and we urge the government of Pakistan to support and promote their unique wildlife ethically and sustainably instead of auctioning off their precious lives.


USA; 2 Dog Abuser Petitions – Please Make Sure You Sign Both – Thanks.



USA dog abuser petitions – please sign.


A man (read pervert) is accused of dressing up in a dog costume and raping his pet husky on film.

petition keyboard

Petition link –


Target: Bernie McCabe, Chief Prosecutor for Pinellas County, Florida

Goal: Prosecute alleged case of animal rape to the fullest extent.

A Florida man faces charges for a sickening alleged act of bestiality and animal cruelty: sexually assaulting his pet Siberian husky while dressed in a dog costume. After allegedly victimizing his dog and filming the horrifying incident, 21-year-old Christian Stewart then reportedly shared the video online. A shocked viewer alerted authorities, leading to Stewart’s arrest on several counts of aggravated animal cruelty and possession of obscene materials.

In the disturbing video, Stewart (clad in the dog costume) can allegedly be seen physically raping his dog Ember and further torturing the poor animal with sex toys. At one point in the video, the terrified animal seemingly attempts to escape only to be struck hard with one of Stewart’s ‘toys.’ The abuse and terror Ember allegedly endured is unconscionable; thankfully the Siberian husky and another pet dog at Stewart’s residence are now safe.

Ember deserves justice. Sign this petition to help ensure this vulnerable pet receives it.



Dear Mr. McCabe,

The bestiality charges brought against Oldsmar resident Christian Stewart are so disturbing and shocking that they have brought national attention to a grave but often overlooked form of animal cruelty. The sensationalistic nature of this alleged crime, however, should not detract from the alleged victim: a pet dog whose trust in a caretaker was violated in the worst way. Ember, like all victims of unchecked violence, deserves justice.

Mr. Stewart has reportedly confessed to the accusations made against him, which are further supported by video evidence. He will likely claim a psychological disorder for a defense. But the fact that Mr. Stewart was seemingly fully aware of his disturbances (as evidenced by his alleged active participation in zoophilia chat rooms) and chose to keep at-risk animals anyway indicates malice and intent. Stewart was apparently so proud of his heinous actions that he posted them for the world to see. But whether this man was driven by illness or whether he viewed his alleged crimes as a sick joke, he must be held accountable.

Please fully pursue the maximum penalty in this case and validate that cruelty against another living being will never be tolerated.


[Your Name Here]



……………………………….. Staying in the USA;


Justice for Pit Bull Dragged for Miles Behind Car

Posted by Katie Valentine


petition keyboard

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PETITION TARGET: Berkeley County Sheriff S. Duane Lewis

A 14-month-old pit bull named Gabe is lucky to be alive after being tied up and viciously dragged behind a car for several miles in Berkeley County, South Carolina. Gabe’s fur and skin were painfully ripped from his body by the rough pavement beneath him as his “guardian” dragged him along mercilessly.

Gabe’s lengthy road to recovery began with two surgeries, 500 stitches, and casts on all four of his legs. He’s unable to walk or stand on his own, his paw pads are completely gone, and his wounds indicate that he suffered for days before receiving treatment.

Although Gabe’s injuries are consistent with brutal and extensive torture, his previous guardian has only been charged with failure to provide veterinary care, which typically carries a trivial $500 fine. Upon surrendering the horrifically injured dog to authorities, they claimed that Gabe was somehow accidentally dragged for “just a few blocks.”

It is outrageous that the vague story provided by Gabe’s former guardian has been accepted at face value. Authorities must hold Gabe’s abuser to a more appropriate standard of justice for their alleged cruelty against the helpless dog.

Sign this petition urging Berkeley County Sheriff S. Duane Lewis to prosecute the suspect to the fullest extent of the law, and call for a lifelong ban on ever keeping  an animal again.


Italia: Undercover Investigation about factory farming under water!




Very often, almost every day, we reported on the suffering and torture of animals in conventional factory farming.
Did we forget the fish?
No! that’s not the case, it is only because there are very few documents about fish, because the undercover investigations under water are very difficult.

In Europe, about 74 million tons of marine animals worth 120 billion euros are raised in aquaculture. An Italian organization wanted to know under what conditions.

And what they found is scary.

The Essere Animali Organisation has documented intensive fish farms for the first time in Europe. From here comes most of the fish consumed by Italians.

These pictures in the video do not come from Asia but from Italy. Italy produces 185,000 tonnes of fish every year – 12% of the total catch from Europe.

With hidden cameras they have discovered farms similar to those for meat, millions of fish locked up in cages, manipulated and transported as if they were objects. They are not even allowed to stun before death: they are left agonized for long minutes. That of fish is a silent suffering on which it is urgent to intervene.


In order to meet the enormous demand for fish, Germany and Europe depend on the import of fish products. But fish is also produced in Europe under brutal conditions. Already today almost every second fish comes from a breeding. Ascending trend.

Essere Animali is an animal welfare organization in Italy. For the first time, they have been able to capture shots of underwater factory farming in Europe. These are brutal practices in an industry that has been largely unregulated so far.

Claudio Pomo, a co-founder of Essere Animali, who shot the film, said, “Fish farms are simply underwater farms, but with more serious animal welfare issues. No law or EU regulation protects fish, and after spending their lives in a crowded cage, millions of them suffocate slowly and painfully every year. ”


The video shows separate “schools” of sea bream, sea bass and trout being pulled out of tight nets before being thrown into plastic containers and slowly suffocated. Many spend their last moments helpless on the floor.


Some of the surviving fish are stifling very slowly because it takes them up to an hour to end up in an ice-filled container at the slaughterhouse until they are finally slaughtered.

The images show that fish are beastly tormented: slow suffocation, bruising, tormenting and brutal killing are commonplace. Fish cruelty is also the reproductive methods and transportation of live animals through pipes and trucks. Also, fish roe are squeezed out of some fish.
Roe is the whole of the mature eggs of female fish.

fischeier pressur

In 2009, EU Health Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou said there was “enough scientific evidence to suggest that fish are sentient beings and that they are experiencing pain and suffering.”

The EU Commission in a report in March 2018 stated that there are serious abuses in the factory farming of fish (aquaculture).

But EU sees no further need to protect fish.

The Commission justifies this by saying that the welfare of fish could also be achieved through ‘voluntary measures, as demonstrated by the industry’s improvements in recent years’!!

Please sign the petition:


My comment: The fish are also animals, they feel pain, fear and they also have emotions. Although fish do not scream, when they are in pain and fear, their behavior should be proof enough of their suffering if they are skewered or caught in the net. They fight to escape, showing that they have a will to survive.

That fish are capable of emotions is certain from our present state of knowledge, and the following video makes it more than clear.

My best regards, Venus



Wales (UK): Result !! – Special Drone Flying Team For Lost Dogs UK Find Missing Collie With Broken Leg.



Border collie rescued after Llanelli drone search

By Amanda Cashmore BBC News

Hayley Quinn Church and Socks

Socks back with his family after the rescue.

A border collie has been rescued by a volunteer who uses a drone to track down missing dogs.

Socks the dog was rescued after he was apparently hit by a car close to Llanelli beach, with his worried owners not knowing where he was.

He was found by Jamie Jewell, a volunteer for Drone SAR For Lost Dogs UK.

Jamie Jewell

Mr Jewell – Drone operator who found Socks


Mr Jewell, 42, spent around 20 minutes searching with the drone before he spotted Socks curled up in a ball.

He had been put in touch with Socks’s family last Wednesday, the day after the dog slipped out the front door of the family home.

Socks had suffered a broken leg, and had surgery this week to plate it for faster healing.

Mr Jewell, of Llangyfelach, Swansea, explained that he thought the dog would take shelter if he had been injured.

“Knowing the dog had been hit by a car it was quite obvious to me that it would have gone to hide somewhere, which meant I searched the undergrowth,” he said.

“Luckily the dog had nice white legs which stood out against the background, so the search was relatively short really.”

He added that he does not think Socks would have survived without the drone search.

“In my opinion if he hadn’t have been found, I do believe he may well have died there,” he said.

“There is no way that anybody would have walked past where he was.”

Speaking of what it was like to find the missing dog, Mr Jewell said: “I was quite tearful to be honest.

“It was a really nice thing to find him safe, and a little bit overwhelming but it only then spurs you on to keep going with it and do some more.”

Mr Jewell is hoping to get a PFCO certificate in drone flying, while the group is aiming to buy thermal imaging cameras to help them spot dogs.

The group said it has reunited over 1,000 dogs with their owners.

Hayley Quinn Church, whose 13-year-old brother is Socks’ owner, said the help was “invaluable”.

“Without Jamie’s help I think we would never have found socks in such a rural area,” she explained.

“The service he provides to distraught owners like us is invaluable.”


Petition: Cadbury; Stop Destroying Endangered Species and Their Habitats (for Palm Oil).

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palm oil greenpeace uk


The original Cadbury was founded in England in 1824.

The British public have always been very proud of the brand; and all efforts were made until very recently to keep it in British hands. Recently the brand was purchased by Kraft in a huge buy out which very rapidly saw this very old British firm close down and move production of its chocolate bars to other nations.

Read the full story at:


There is a new petition to now ask the current Cadbury to stop their involvement with the trade in Palm Oil.

Cadbury: Stop Destroying Endangered Species and Their Habitats


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Petition wording:

Target: Dirk Van de Put, CEO, Cadbury

Goal: Cut ties with palm oil plantations that are killing endangered species.

A major chocolate company has direct ties with destructive palm oil plantations. Cadbury sources its ingredients from palm oil plantations. Demand that the chocolate giant cut ties with this destructive industry.

reset_regenwald.jzerstörter Waldpg

Palm oil is one of the leading causes of rainforest deforestation. Millions of acres of land are being destroyed and thousands of endangered species are losing their homes forever. Species like the orangutan are dying at rapid numbers, without a mate, without a home, and without food. If nothing is done to put a stop to the farming of palm oil, our rainforests may cease to exist.


As a major producer of chocolate, Cadbury has the opportunity and the financial means to direct change. Sign the petition to demand that Cadbury cut ties with destructive and deadly palm oil plantations.


pepsi 6



Dear Mr. Van de Put,

Cadbury is a major producer of chocolate. However, that chocolate is being produced at the expense of our rainforests and the endangered species that call them home. Palm oil is a source of the chocolates’ ingredients. One of the leading causes of deforestation, the palm oil industry has led to the deaths of thousands of innocent animals.

Cadbury has the means and the voice to direct immediate change. If you source from more sustainable and ethical industries, other chocolate producers may follow. I demand that you cut ties with palm oil plantations.


[Your Name Here]


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palm oil cost

USA: Petition – Ban Convicted Abusers From Having Any More Animals.


SIGN: Ban Convicted Abusers From Having Any More Animals

Ban Convicted Abusers From Having Any More Animals

Posted by Carly Day


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PETITION TARGET: Colorado Governor Jared Polis

A newly proposed law in Colorado would ban convicted animal abusers from owning, caring for, or living with an animal. Speak out to help this lifesaving legislation pass!

Time and time again, people convicted of horrific acts of animal cruelty go on to repeat the behavior, injuring — or even killing — the innocent and helpless.

There is also a proven link between animal abuse and violence towards humans; often, those who hurt animals continue to escalate these behaviors.

Introduced by Democratic state representative Alex Valdez, Bill HB19-1902 initially proposed a five-year ban for misdemeanor animal abuse and up to ten years for felony animal abuse.

However, after pushback from the House Judiciary Committee, Valdez plans to adapt the bill to give judges leeway in deciding on the length of the ban. We would like to see a ban for life in cases of animal torture or killing.

Importantly, judges would also be able to order animal abusers to attend anger management courses or receive mental health treatment.

The bill will likely be heard by the House Judiciary Committee for the first time this week.

Sign the petition urging Colorado Governor Jared Polis to strongly support this bill, ensuring that convicted animal abusers cannot harm any more innocent creatures.


Japanese activists file lawsuit against Taiji




“I want people to understand that these animals have a heart; they have feelings”.

Recently, Dolphin Project had the opportunity to speak with Ren Yabuki of the Life Investigation Agency (LIA). LIA focuses on the representation of animals in Japan. We met Ren for the first time in the 2016/17 dolphin hunt season when he came to Taiji to find out about the problems of the prison industry in Japan.

We would like to thank Ren and LIA for taking the time to talk with us and will be updating this blog as new developments occur.

LIA Aktivisten-Japan pg

Q: When did you first learn about the hunts in Taiji?
A: I learned about the dolphin hunt issue from the documentary film,The Cove” (The Cove is a 2009 documentary film directed by Louie Psihoyos which analyzes and questions dolphin hunting practices in Japan.)

Q: How much do you hear about the hunts in Japan from news sources, and do you feel these sources are biased? Unbiased?
A: Generally speaking, the Japanese media outlets and news sources don’t fully cover the issues at hand in regards to the dolphin hunts. When the news reports on the subject matter, they are very biased and do not accurately portray the available information. The media tends to hide and cover up information for the Japanese people by never telling the full truth.

Q: What was your experience going to Taiji and witnessing the hunts first-hand?
A: What I saw was deeply disturbing and affected my peace of mind tremendously. A bunch of negative emotions ran through my body, making my blood boil upon the monstrosity I witnessed. This doesn’t even begin to describe the full emotions I felt as they are impossible to put into words. What I can say is I felt sadness, despair, anger and helplessness as I was unable to stop or do anything but watch at my horror as the events unfolded in front of me. At the end of the day, I was completely exhausted and drained from what I saw at the dolphin hunt.

Massaker in Tajizi-Iki-jpg


Continue reading “Japanese activists file lawsuit against Taiji”

Animals Asia: Rescued sun bear steps on grass for first time after 15 years of cruel captivity.



From Mark in England:

My dad died in November last year (2018). Instead of flowers at the funeral; we asked people to give a donation to Animals Asia or to London based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) – who do so much work relating to environmental issues.

I made contact with both organisations; and they kindly sent us leaflets on their work. Leaflets were put into each and every copy of the funeral service at the crematorium, so that everyone who came was able to see, and take away with them, information of these excellent organisations.

As an animal campaigner himself; I know that dad would much have preferred donations going to help animals and the environment rather than on flowers which would have ended up in the waste within a few days or weeks.

Despite losing dad, it gives us heart to know that we have helped in several ways towards making a better life for little Aurora. We know that he would not have had any problems with this in the least – it would have been something he would have been very happy with.

dad golda.JPG


So here is the latest in Aurora’s new life at the sanctuary:

We have followed and shown you the rescue of Aurora on this site from the very start.

You can read about this and see a lot of other issues relating to global farm issues by visiting the farm animals section of our WAV site:



Rescued sun bear steps on grass for first time after 15 years of cruel captivity

14 February 2019

Sun bear Aurora worked up the courage to explore the unknown – finding cool grass beneath her paws, coconuts and even potential new friends.

Having been poached from the wild as a tiny cub, sun bear Aurora hadn’t felt grass under her paws for 15 years. Little wonder then that when the door to her new sanctuary home first opened onto an outdoor enclosure, Aurora wasn’t quite sure what to do.

As with so many rescued bears, Aurora’s first instinct was to be wary of the unknown. She timidly poked her head out of the den and let her eyes adjust to the sunlight. Then, taking small, slow steps, she stepped out onto the concrete patio and sniffed the strange new environment.

In front of her lay a grassy playground full of trees and climbing structures. Scattered throughout the enormous enclosure were irresistible treats including coconuts, jam smears and tropical fruits.

Soon enough temptation overcame trepidation and Aurora courageously stepped onto the grass and followed her nose around her new home.

Animals Asia Bear Manager Sarah van Herpt said:

“Aurora is the smallest bear in the whole sanctuary, but she has a big heart. She quickly overcame her fears and bravely explored her new home, searching out treats.

“Most encouragingly of all, while given free-reign outside, Aurora encountered other sun bears in their dens and played with them through the bars. Some of the bears were interacting very positively which gives us hope they could go on to become firm friends in the future.”

While bears are believed to be mostly solitary in the wild, Animals Asia has found the companionship of other bears to be an important factor in improved welfare for bears living in rescue centres and sanctuaries.

Sarah said:

“The entire sanctuary works tirelessly to give the bears new experiences every day and opportunities to live as naturally as possible, but nothing is as stimulating as playing with other bears. They can wrestle, learn from each other’s example, cuddle up on cold days and generally enrich each other’s lives.”

In the near future, attempts will be made to integrate Aurora with some of the other 11 sun bears currently at Animals Asia’s sanctuary.

Aurora spent 15 years in a tiny cage having been poached from the wild and sold as an exotic pet. She was rescued by Animals Asia in December 2018 and travelled 1,500 kilometres by road to the charity’s sanctuary in the north of Vietnam.

Since her rescue, Aurora has also received a thorough examination by vets who believe she has a small gallstone and suffers from arthritis. Thankfully, neither condition requires surgery or medication currently and will be monitored closely as future treatment will likely be required.

Animals Asia is a pioneer in combating the bear bile farming industry. In 1998, it was the first to expose the harsh realities of this once-hidden trade and has since rescued more than 600 bears from the industry in both Vietnam and China.

The organization’s Founder and CEO, Jill Robinson, is considered the world’s leading authority on bear bile farming, having dedicated her life to exposing and eradicating this brutal industry for more than 20 years. Today, nearly 200 bears live in peace and tranquility at Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre, while 190 more are looked after by the organization in China.

In 2017, the Vietnamese government signed a landmark partnership agreement with Animals Asia to shut down every bear bile farm and send all captive bears to sanctuaries by 2022.

AA logo 1

EU: As With ALL EU So Called ‘Animal Welfare Legislation’, the EU’s legislation on broiler welfare is currently NO guarantee for the welfare of broiler chickens.


Photo – L214


A new report of AgriBusiness Consulting makes a compelling case for a complete rethinking of the industrial intensive chicken production model that predominates in the EU and that threatens public health, pollutes the environment, and does little to respect animal welfare.

The report, published less than a week after the European Parliament urged the European Commission to address the major societal challenges caused by intensive broiler farming, focuses on the main issues arising from EU poultry production practices. After describing these practices and gathering evidence on their impact, the report concludes intensive broiler farming contributes to the current increase in antimicrobial resistance and causes environmental degradation, while also being  intrinsically linked to poor animal welfare.

According to this new report, intensive broiler rearing practices are contributing to the increase in  antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in bacteria of zoonotic importance, such as Campylobacter spp., Salmonella spp., and E.coli (EFSA/ECDC, 2016). Fighting against AMR remains a key priority for the EU, but no actions have been set so far by the Commission to concretely support the uptake of higher animal welfare standards in broiler farming as an important means to reduce the sector’s still high dependency on antimicrobial treatments. Zoonotic bacteria that are typically found in intensive poultry production are developing resistance to multiple antibiotic substances that are important for human health, and Commission action is therefore urgently needed across the industry.

Antimicrobials used in intensive broiler systems are also polluting the environment, through water and soil contamination. Indeed, recent scientific studies show that up to 90% of antimicrobial agents used for livestock, including intensively reared broilers, may be excreted into the environment, causing changes in the physiology of water life and constituting another potential route for AMR.

Additionally, intensive broiler farming is responsible for high ammonia emissions, with negative effects on animals and humans, as ammonia is absorbed by land, water, and vegetation. As highlighted in the report, soil and water acidification, eutrophication and subsequent loss in biodiversity and greenhouse (GHG) emissions are major problems associated with ammonia deposition.

Clearly poor animal welfare – primarily due to selection for extremely fast growth –  goes hand in hand with harmful consequences for public and environmental health. Factors such as high stocking densities, the deprivation of any possibility to express natural behaviours, and high concentrations of noxious gases, contribute to making intensively reared broiler chickens extremely vulnerable to disease. Consequently these animals still require a significant amount of antimicrobials just to stay alive.

“Despite available evidence on the detrimental effects of such farming practices, intensive broiler systems account for over 90% of the whole production in the EU, and the sector is in constant expansion” says Reineke Hameleers, Director at Eurogroup for Animals. “Given the animal welfare, environmental and public health implications highlighted by this report, the EU institutions have a duty to discourage intensive rearing. Raising the bar for animal welfare and supporting the shift to alternative systems are pivotal to tackle the problems at their roots.

The EU’s legislation on broiler welfare is currently no guarantee for the welfare of broiler chickens, a fact that clearly emerges from the European Commission’s own implementation report. In an attempt to overturn this situation and urgently address the legislation’s shortcomings, the European Parliament will vote on a Motion for Resolution on this matter next week.

We hope this text will send a strong message to the Commission, urging it to support alternative, and less harmful, broiler farming systems. To keep animals healthier, Eurogroup for Animals is advocating for a shift towards rearing systems that offer animals more space, enrichment materials and clean air. Higher welfare breeds should be favoured, in order to have more robust flocks that are less susceptible to disease  and consequently require fewer antimicrobials.









Sweden: Gothenburg University Refuses To Free Dogs From Cruel and Unnecessary Experiments. British Actors Give Their Support For Freedom.



Ricky Gervais And Vegan Peter Egan Back Campaign To Free Dogs From ‘Cruel And Unnecessary’ Experiments

The one-year-old dogs, which are in a lab in a major university in Gothenburg, are due to be killed at the end of the month – despite campaigners calling for them to be freed from brutal experiments.

Ricky Gervias and Peter Egan

British animal advocates – Ricky and Peter.

Comedian Ricky Gervais and vegan actor and advocate Peter Egan have backed a campaign calling for six dogs in a university lab to be freed.

The one-year-old animals, at a major university in Gothenburg, are due to be killed at the end of the month. They are part of an experiment to test how dental implants cause inflammation and bone degradation. In less than two weeks, researchers plan to slaughter the dogs so that studies can be carried out on their tissues and blood.

Swedish animal rights organization, Djurrättsalliansen (Animal rights Alliance) has been pleading with Gothenberg University to free Venus, Milia, Mimosa, Luna, Lotus and Zuri, handing over a petition which has garnered more than 80,000 signatures. Now Animal Justice Project has joined forces with Djurrättsalliansen to continue to raise awareness.

Dental experiments

Dental research on dogs at Gothenburg University has been going on since at least 2009 – with the animals suffering intensely. Before the test is complete, the Labradors will have been anesthetized six times, and had 35 percent of their teeth pulled out.

An ex-veterinarian from the university, Dr. Mark Collins, points out that there are other ways to study human dental implants and that dogs and humans have vastly different teeth. “These dogs know exactly what to expect when they enter the surgery room, and they are afraid,” he added.

‘Do the right thing’

“The fate of these six dogs literally hangs in the balance – I urge Gothenburg University to do the right thing by ending  the study and re-homing these dogs to the loving families they deserve,” Peter Egan said.

“We’ve banned cosmetics testing on animals in Europe, and yet dogs continue to be used in cruel and unnecessary experiments .. this time for our gums. This is no way to treat man’s best friend.”

Futile experiments

Daniel Rolke, Founder of Animal Rights Alliance, said: “The campaign to end these cruel and completely futile experiments has been huge here in Sweden but we are running out of time. The dogs will be killed in two weeks.”

Claire Palmer, Founder of Animal Justice Project, added: “Around 26,000 international students attend universities in Sweden –  many will be studying at Gothenburg University, and we are certain that they will be shocked to learn that Labradors – voted Britain’s most loved dog last year are being treated so abhorrently before being killed inside the university walls. No animals should be suffering painful and unnecessary experiments inside universities.”

Dr. Andre Menache, Science Advisor for both organizations, said: “These dog experiments are not only very cruel but scientifically meaningless for human patients. I challenge these researchers to defend their research in a public debate.”

Despite the petition and protests, Gothenburg University has stated the experiments will continue and has declined to be interviewed in Swedish media.


Austria: illegal transport under the protection of the police!!


österreichische Flagge


Animal protection action of the association against animal factories – VgT Austria

At dawn on Tuesday morning (Feb. 12), 15 animal welfare activists gathered at the parking lot on which the livestock truck was parked. After sighting the animals, the thirsty pigs were supplied with water by the activists. Also documented was missing litter. The poor animals had to stand for hours on hard, ice-cold metal and lie.


Suddenly, however, the driver and business leader appeared.
The animal rights activists contacted the police to determine the illegality of the transport. The police unfortunately took almost an hour to record the data.

Martin Balluch, the chairman of the association tells:

We had tracked the illegal animal transport to the slaughterhouse. There the police arrived. But instead of controlling the van, they claimed we were holding an unlisted demo. Even if, that would not be a problem.

Polizeiwagen in Österreicho

It is clearly regulated by law that non-indicated meetings may be held as long as they do not jeopardize public safety.

Nevertheless, the police started arresting us. Of the 15 assets, 13 were running. I stayed there, told the police my name and said I was responsible for everything. After a phone call with the district captain, I was arrested, as was the other person who had stayed behind. Another was picked up in the village. The police came with 7 (!) Police vehicles and also seized 2 banners and 4 posters.

“I have not experienced anything like this before” ( Martin Balluch).

After about 3 hours, the detainees who were taken to the police station were released.

We will, on the other hand, file a complaint.


Because it is organizationally more convenient, a livestock truck from a Lower Austrian company goes to porkers every Monday evening to load animals. The immediate destination is not the slaughterhouse, but a parking lot. There are about 200 pigs crammed together in a confined space then simply turned off, also without litter and without water. The pigs were parked at 9pm on the night before and then left to their own fate! The last night they experienced, they froze and scared themselves in this parking lot! 

The driver drives home and goes to sleep!!

The pigs scream all night long. Only in the morning does he come back and the completely exhausted animals continue their journey to the slaughterhouse. This scenario is repeated week after week, according to witnesses for weeks, maybe for years! Just last summer the VGT uncovered a similar case in Styria (State in the south of Austria)

My comment: When the detection of crimes is treated as a committed crime, we are ruled by criminals” (Edward Snowden)

It is a crime that animals are exploited, imprisoned, tortured and finally killed, and those who want to prevent this crime be punished. The impact of the industries that exploit animals is frightening if they can manipulate the executive, judiciary, and legislature only to protect their financial interests.

People can fight for their freedom, animals can not. That is the big difference between all liberation movements in relation to humans and the liberation of animals. The system wants to put us off and scare us. It wants to prescribe us, as we have to demonstrate: So that the rulers can go on undisturbed as before. How should activists deal with the danger of going to jail for their just protest?

We will continue to fight against the state repression of our legitimate fight for animal rights, and we will fight harder than ever.The governments and the meat mafia are scared of us because they know what we can achieve by showing the world what crime is doing behind their closed doors.

If we work together, even with other powerful civil rights movements, if we actively fight for the animals, then we can achieve something.

Because if we do not all fight together, no one can do anything alone.

bite back foto_n

My best regards, Venus


USA: Petition – Justice for Horses Starved Slowly to Death by Boarders.



Justice for Horses Starved Slowly to Death by Boarders

Posted by Carly Day


SIGN: Justice for Horses Starved Slowly to Death by Boarders

Image Credit: Animal Care and Control


petition 3

Petition link –


PETITION TARGET: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

Authorities discovered one dead horse and at least half a dozen others that were severely emaciated when police and animal control raided a property in Loxahatchee Groves, Florida.

Photos reveal that the horses have been severely neglected and starved for quite some time, with ribs and hip bones dramatically jutting out from their bodies.

Working with Animal Care and Control, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said they obtained a search warrant for the private property following an investigation resulting from an anonymous complaint.

They removed 16 horses from the property — known as Amaryllis Acres, a boarding facility — sending the animals for immediate veterinary care.

Neighbors say that they have been complaining about this property for years.

The investigation is still ongoing, as specialists assess the condition of the seized animals. Animal Care and Control state that if the guardian does not voluntarily surrender the horses, they will go to court to ensure the animals are not returned to the property.

Sign this petition urging the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office to shut this cruel boarding facility down for good, and push for a lifetime ban on all guilty parties from owning any animals.


Gaza Zoo Rips Out Lion Cub’s Claws So It Can Be ‘Friendly With Visitors’.

Gaza Zoo Rips Out Lion Cub’s Claws So It Can Be ‘Friendly With Visitors’ 


Gaza Zoo Rips Out Lion Cub's Claws So It Can Be 'Friendly With Visitors'

Images – Shuttlestock.

Animal handlers at a Gaza zoo are ripping their lion cubs’ claws out so that they can play with children – but are leaving their teeth intact.

The procedure has left one lioness distressed as she is left pawing at a tree and hugged by a 12-year-old, according to the Sun.

The 14-month-old lioness, called Falestine, lives at the zoo in Rafah, a Palestinian city in the southern Gaza Strip. She had to endure having her claws being surgically removed.

The operation was carried out by the zoo vet, despite them not having the correct facilities to carry out such a procedure.

The procedure of removing Falenstine's claws took place in the zoo by the vet. Credit: Shutterstock

The procedure of removing Falenstine’s claws took place in the zoo by the vet. Credit: Shutterstock

Owner Mohammed Jumaa, 53, explaining: “I’m trying to reduce the aggression of the lioness so it can be friendly with visitors.”

Guests were kept at a distance as Falestine roamed around her enclosure for the first time since the procedure, which took place two weeks ago.

She attempted to scratch at a tree but was obviously unable to do so with her claw-less paws.

A 12-year-old little boy played with her and said he wasn’t scared of the lioness. The Sun reported that he said: “I am happy because I played with the lion and it did not bite me or tear my clothes.

The lioness can be seen lying on the floor with bandages around her front paws. Credit: Shutterstock

The lioness can be seen lying on the floor with bandages around her front paws. Credit: Shutterstock

“My friends saw the pictures I posted on Facebook and WhatsApp.”

The vet, Fayez al-Haddad, who carried out the op on Falestine said: “The claws were cut so that they would not grow fast and visitors and children could play with her.

“We want to bring smiles and happiness to children, while increasing the number of visitors to the park, which suffers from high expenses.

“(The lioness) does not lose its innate nature.”

And people are not happy about the process, dubbing it animal abuse. One person said: “That’s actually fucked, kids can look they don’t need to touch every damn animal.”

Another added: “Do the same with the zookeepers finger nails, whilst conscious”.

And a third commented: “Fucking disgusted this is animal cruelty. Am not happy.”

Someone else posted: “Thought zoos were supposed to look after animals not torture them”.

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock


UK: Climate change: UK Students walking out of school in protest.



WAV Comment – Actions of schoolkids certainly Trumps that of certain ‘politicians’.  Well done them all for making a point today.

Climate change: UK Students walking out of school in protest


give a shit

Students in 30 towns and cities across the UK are today skipping school to protest against climate change.

Demonstrations will be held in areas including London, Bristol, Cornwall and the Scottish Highlands, organised by youth climate change groups.

The campaign has been inspired by 15-year-old Swedish student Greta Thunberg, who has been skipping school every Friday to protest outside the Swedish parliament

clim 1

Since then, tens of thousands of children across Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Australia have been inspired to hold their own demonstrations.

The walkouts are being seen as a chance to build towards a global day of school strikes on 15 March.

Image result for climate change

The UK strikes have been organised by a coalition of YouthStrike4Climate, the UK Student Climate Network and the UK Youth Climate Coalition, to demand action from the British Government.

The coalition says its students are “driven by an alarming lack of Government leadership on climate action over previous decades”.

The coalition is calling on the Government to declare “a state of climate emergency” and educate the British public in the seriousness of global warming.

They are also demanding a change to the school curriculum which will include climate change.

trump global sea level 1

trump digs coal

The coalition wants young people to be included in decision-making and is also calling for the voting age to be lowered to 16.

The government says it is for individual schools to decide what to do about pupils walking out on Friday but stresses that term-time leave should be given in exceptional circumstances only.

Related image

Anna Taylor of the UK Student Climate Network said: “We’re running out of time for meaningful change, and that’s why we’re seeing young people around the world rising up to hold their governments to account on their dismal climate records.”

Jake Woodier of the UK Youth Climate Coalition added: “Youth voices are too often left out of the discussion when it comes to climate change.

Protesters at a Youth Strike 4 Climate demonstration outside Shire Hall in Cambridge

Photo – Sam Russell

“Our current trajectory is completely incompatible with a clean, safe environment not only for ourselves but future generations as well.”

Jake Woodier of the UK Youth Climate Coalition confirmed another day of strike action will be organised for Friday, March 15.


Read more on this here: 


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USA: Update – Vet who Smuggled Heroin Inside Puppies’ Bodies Sentenced to Prison.



Vet who Smuggled Heroin Inside Puppies’ Bodies Sentenced to Prison

Posted by Katie Valentine | February 13, 2019

Vet who Smuggled Heroin Inside Puppies’ Bodies Sentenced to Prison

Image Credit: United States Drug Enforcement Agency

A  veterinarian caught implanting heroin into dogs and puppies as part of a convoluted scheme to smuggle drugs across international borders has been sentenced to six years in prison.

On February 7 in Brooklyn, U.S. Attorney Richard P. Donoghue announced the sentence for 39-year-old Andres Lopez Elorez, who pleaded guilty in September to conspiring to import heroin into the United States.

The scheme involved stitching packets of heroin into the bellies of puppies and dogs and sending the animals to the United States. According to the U.S. government, Elorez leased a farm in Medellin, Colombia, where he secretly raised dogs for the express purpose of turning them into couriers for drug cartels.

The heroin was surgically removed from the puppies when they arrived in the United States. Elorez and his co-conspirators relied on this appalling method of transport to illegally import at least one kilogram of heroin into the U.S. between September 8, 2004 and January 1, 2005.

Law enforcement searched the farm on January 1, 2005 and seized 17 bags of liquid heroin — ten of which were retrieved from inside the bodies of puppies. Three of the puppies died as a result of contracting a virus after the drugs were surgically implanted in them.

Instead of answering for his disturbing crimes, the veterinarian went on the run. Finally, in 2015, he was arrested in Spain. In May 2018, Elorez was extradited to the United States.

Donoghue, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, pledged to achieve justice in a written statement: “Dogs are mans’ best friend and, as the defendant is about to learn, we are drug dealers’ worst enemy.”

Two of the dogs were fortunate enough to go on to live happy, healthy lives. A Colombian police officer and his family adopted a beagle named Donna, and a Rottweiler named Heroina was trained to become a drug detection dog by Colombian police.

Upon the completion of his sentence, Elorez will be deported from the United States.


USA: Bears Rescued From Roadside Zoo Now Thriving In Sanctuary!



A nice story:

Bears Rescued From Roadside Zoo Now Thriving In Sanctuary!

Posted by Dobi Finley | February 13, 2019

Such a sweet update from The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado! Two rescued bears who were taken in by the sanctuary several months ago are now thriving in their new home.

Ben and Bogey were rescued after PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) filed a lawsuit against a roadside zoo in North Carolina and it’s horrific living conditions. The unaccredited zoo kept these bears living in filth and squalor while neglecting their many medical needs.

Locked all alone in a small cage at the zoo, sweet Bogey the bear paced incessantly back and forth, obsessively licked her paw, and bit at the bars of her cage. These are all signs of extreme psychological distress in captive animals. Meanwhile, darling Ben the bear had untreated facial lesions that left him with scarring on both corneas, and suffered from painful arthritis that prevented him from walking well. As the lawsuit dragged on, the zoo owners finally admitted that they were unable to care for the bears properly, and agreed to release them to sanctuary.

Once the two bears were transported to Colorado, they could finally get the much-needed medical care that they required. The most urgent priority was Ben, who was suffering from severe lesions on his eyes, nose, and mouth. The veterinary team had to perform several intensive medical treatments just to get Ben’s medical situation under control. Although Ben is finally doing much better, the damage to his eyes was so significant that his corneas were permanently scarred and his vision is likely impaired.

Recently, PETA checked in on the bears to see how they were doing in their new sanctuary home. As you can see in the video above, these lovable bears have left pain and sorrow behind them, and are now living their best lives! Darling Ben receives expert veterinary treatment and is able to splash and play in a pond and explore and forage in the grass. Sweet Bogey no longer shows any signs of discomfort or distress. Instead, she swims and plays, and even bobs for apples at her leisure.

If the zoo tries to imprison any more bears in the future PETA can take them back to court, so hopefully the tourist attraction will not try that again. It’s so wonderful to see sweet Bogey and darling Ben are finally happy and healthy at their forever home in Colorado!

Bastard !


This is the reality of modern ‘farming’ – every human is a pig shit bastard as far as I am concerned; treating animals this way. 

Look at the second video; no bedding; no ability to turn around; and they think this is a pig showing its natural behaviours ! – a pig is a very clean animal; and given the chance, will turn out and air its bedding every day.  Here they get nothing thanks to shit farmers who I am sure get a real perverted kick out of doing these things – just like the hunters do by having to kill.  Sick in the head – every one of them. – Mark 

EU Fails Again: One million citizens say EU must stop tolerating pig mutilations as cover-up for broken farming system. The EU Says ‘No’ – We Will ‘Set Up A Platform Group’.


Note – none of the pictures or video shown here are associated directly with the Eurogroup article.  WAV


Results in 2019 of actions in 2018 (see data below):


And so we move on into January 2019 – what does the EU say about this ?

Disappointing response to petition calling on the EC to end pig mutilations


The European Commission’s formal reaction to the petition “End Pig Pain”, which asks to phase out  tail docking, tooth clipping and castration, is a blow for pigs all over Europe, where these painful and unnecessary practices are still taking place as a matter of course in many countries.

Commissioner Andriukaitis’ response to the petition of more than 1 million citizens’ signatures, which was delivered in November 2018, recognises the severity of the situation but gives no concrete answer to supporters’ pleas.

Eurogroup for Animals’ 2017 flagship campaign End Pig Pain called on the European Commission and national agricultural ministers to enforce the ban on routine tail docking and tooth clipping of pigs, to put an end to painful piglet castration, and provide better rearing conditions for pigs. Every year millions of male piglets are castrated in the EU to avoid the risk of boar taint, and unnecessary routine tail docking and tooth clipping of piglets continues to happen in many EU member states in violation of existing EU laws.

The campaign’s goal to collect 1 million signatures from EU citizens was reached in autumn 2018, but the EC’s response, received this week, says only that it believes that actions such as the establishment of the EU Platform on Animal Welfare – which brings together Member States and stakeholders from different backgrounds to enhance dialogue on animal welfare issues – will ‘enable the pig sector to gradually reduce the number of tail-docked pigs over time’.

The petition also asked for a specific date for phasing out piglet castration, but this issue isn’t even mentioned in the response.

“For now it seems that the Commission still doesn’t envisage decisive action against Member States that are blatantly ignoring EU legislation,” says Reineke Hameleers, Director of Eurogroup for Animals. “The battle to obtain enforcement of an animal welfare provision that has supposedly been in force for 25 years goes on.”

Source –


WAV Comment – Castrate Commissioner Andriukaitis – even though he never had any bollocks to fight any corner in the first place !

eu uk 4

Above – Gutless, that’s why UK walks !


Actions in 2018

One million citizens say EU must stop tolerating pig mutilations as cover-up for broken farming system

C pig 5

cast 1

Source –

The European pig industry routinely flouts welfare laws and public opinion in pursuit of higher profits while member states continuously turn a blind eye. Eurogroup for Animals and a million citizens urge the European Commission to break this vicious circle.

With the unprecedented 16-month pan-European campaign ‘EndPigPain’, Eurogroup for Animals and its 64 member organisations exposed the squalid living conditions and illegal handling practices faced by pigs throughout Europe [1].

‘EndPigPain’, now endorsed by more than a million citizens, calls on national agricultural ministers and on the European Commission to stop all pig mutilations and to ensure proper implementation and enforcement of the EU Pigs Directive.

Ferkel Kastration jpg

The turnout of this campaign shows that European citizens are increasingly aware of the deplorable conditions in which most pigs are reared across the EU, and are demanding a profound change.

At the very least, change will have to start with enforcement of current European legislation on pig welfare. There are approximately 250 million pigs in the EU, which is one of the top global exporters of pig meat. However, pig meat is largely produced in patent disregard of European laws. We are faced with the quite unprecedented situation whereby, with the exception of Finland and Sweden, EU member states are disregarding minimum legal standards for the protection of pigs, and the European Commission is not undertaking corrective measures.

cast 2
cast 3

Above – Male Piglet Castration

This roughly translates, in practice, in more than 90% of Europe’s pigs that end up routinely mutilated (tail docked) because their living quarters are so squalid and barren that intact curly tails – which pigs wag or “swish” just like dogs – become the only available stimulus, and are therefore chewed on by other pigs. Hence, they are cut off to prevent problems [2].

So far the approach of the European Commission with regards to the widespread lack of enforcement of the Pig Directive has been soft, counting on an action plan, study visits, exchange of information and best practices, audit reports, a sub-group in the animal welfare platform to further discuss strategies. We think it’s high time for infringement proceedings, and the success of End Pig Pain adds weight to our requests. This crisis is not only about basic welfare of animals but also about the credibility of EU law.

By massively signing “End Pig Pain”, European citizens also sent a strong signal to their national ministers that painful piglet castration is unacceptable. The surgical castration of young piglets without pain relief is still legal in the EU and is carried out on more than 70 million male piglets every year, in spite of abundant scientific evidence that this procedure is extremely painful.

tail d 1

tail d 2

Above – Tail Docking


There is now a sense of urgency to move forward and switch to the available humane alternatives. “The well-documented lack of enforcement of the EU Pigs Directive in most member states is a striking example of the inertia of national and EU regulators when strong economic interests are perceived to clash with animal welfare.” says MEP Sirpa Pietikainen, President of the European Parliament Intergroup for the Welfare and Conservation of Animals. She adds, “On surgical castration, currently not covered by this Directive, voluntary commitments have clearly failed. Too little has happened since stakeholders signed the Brussels Declaration in 2010 and committed to phasing out surgical pig castration. Seven years later, those commitments are still little more than good intentions. But there is no excuse for waiting longer: routine painful husbandry procedures must disappear, and pigs must be provided with better care.

What the success of this campaign and the growing interest of the general public for the plight of pigs (and all other farmed animals) should tell us is that it’s time for profound transformation of animal farming. As the science of animal sentience progresses, as the complexity of the emotional lives of animals becomes increasingly difficult to ignore, ethical standards about the way in which we rear animals for food are changing.

Reineke Hameleers, Eurogroup for Animals Director concludes “It is urgent that politicians, decision makers, and farmers heed the demands of civil society and also consider the economic opportunities that a reassessment and advancement in our treatment of farmed animals can offer”.

Painful husbandry procedures such as castration and tail docking – while inherent in today’s pig farming – are completely unnecessary.

Technically and economically feasible alternatives to eventually lead to pain free pig farming already exist and must now be mainstreamed.



[1] Throughout the campaign, investigative reports of animal advocates and EC audit reports across Europe evidenced the terrible living conditions and handling practices experienced by pigs. This is a list of the investigative releases and main press articles covering the issues raised in the campaign:

11/9/2018 new investigation exposes severe abuses on pigs destined for parma ham production

26/3/2018 Six shocking investigations reaffirm systematic cruel and unlawful practices in Parma ham production

9/1/2018 Pig welfare crisis continues: European Declaration on alternatives to painful surgical castration fails to deliver

21/12/2017 ANDA, AVATMA, FAADA: Spanish Agriculture Ministry takes first steps to end pig tail docking

13/9/2017 Europe’s pig sector faces animal welfare crisis

24/8/2017 End Pig Pain photography exhibition at the European Parliament in Strasbourg

4/5/2017 EU citizens act to End Pig Pain

21/3/2017 Pigs forced to live among putrefying pen mates


[2] Throughout the campaign’s duration, the EC’s DG SANTE has released several audit reports evidencing once more the widespread disrespect of the EU legislation on pig welfare and clearly setting down alternatives for addressing these shortcomings. Competent authorities responses were generally unsatisfactory, at best acknowledge their incapacity to address the sector’s disrespect of welfare laws, and at worst inadequately responding  to recommendations made by the EC.

1/10/2018 DG SANTE report shows almost 100% of pigs reared in italy are routinely tail-docked, in disrespect of eu law

10/9/2018 EC audit on tail-docking in germany shows 95% pigs have their tails docked in violation of the eu law

7/5/2018 DG SANTE report finds 98.5% of pigs are routinely tail docked in Spain, the largest pork meat producing country in the eu

16/4/2018 European Commission audit reveals that 98.5% of piglets in Denmark are still routinely tail-docked

12/6/2017 Nearly 100% of pigs still tail-docked in the Netherlands, according to latest European Commission audit


EC expert study visits to Finland, Sweden and Switzerland gathered best practices on how to address the requirements of the Directive on pig welfare.


Germany: Stuttgart Region Tree Destruction Before the Birds Nest in March. Will Pairs Have Any Trees To Nest In And Supply Food For The Young ?



We have been provided with some disturbing images of tree destruction; or as we are told the ‘tree care’ efforts made around the area of Stuttgart, Germany; by a contact who travels in the area each day.  Some pictures are also from areas in the same region, places named ‘Ofeld’ and ‘Ilsfeld’.

It appears that the trees are cut and shredded within just a day or so; maybe even less.

It seems the authorities are only allowed to do the tree destruction until the end of February; and not between March and October; for reasons that the / any  birds still in the area breed after February. With all the trees being destroyed; trees which would normally supply a good food source for the young birds, and not many trees left anyway for parent birds to construct nests in; what are they supposed to do ? – build nests in the motorway lampposts !!

Word is that the tree destroyers are ‘really going for it’.

Why; what is the real reason – we just do not know. But we do know that breeding birds are now being forced by good ol’ man to up and venture to other areas where they can build nests and forage for food for their young.

Sad world isn’t in ?

If you know why this is being done; or the reasons for it, then we would love to hear from you.  Send us a message through the usual ‘contact’ route – thanks.












A very fair offer!


Do you remember the case of the monkey slave “Bili” in the Wuppertaler Zoo, in Germany?

billi, zoo wuppertel 2 jpg

We had reported that he had been attacked by his conspecifics, had lost an ear and a finger in the fight, but the zoo’s slave-keeper still does not want to release him to an organization in Scotland, which has a lot of experience with traumatized monkeys.
Today I read a very fair offer on the Face Book page of the well-known german organization “Animal Peace”, I translated it:

Animal Peace Angebot_n


We understood
Not with the Psychopaths,
We have to talk with the Bonobos.
Our offer is therefore to the Wuppertal Bonobo Group:

Give Bili free.
You get this your cowardly prison director for it.
(He still has both ears and all fingers)
signs, Animal Peace


Animal Peace comments its offer so: So one must deal with mobbing victims and with mobbing victim traitors!

My best regards, Venus

“Casa de carne”!

As an accompaniment to the very beautiful video by Mark Your turn to experience farm animal suffering …” I would like to post this similar one!

On a night out with friends, Eric tries a new restaurant that takes the dining experience full circle. Set in the not-so-distance dark future, “Casa de Carne” is a thought-provoking short film about hard choices and hidden truths.

Winner of the 1st Place Tarshis Film Award at the 2019 Animal Film Festival.

Written & Directed by Dustin Brown

Produced by William Martens & Dustin Brown Executive Producer Chris DeRose Cinematography by Mark Mannschreck Edited by Dustin Brown Associate Producer & 1st AD Nura Ashimova Starring Joe LeMieux, Gintare Bandinskaite, Mantas Valantiejus 2019

Last Chance for Animals.

Someone commented on this:


My best regards, Venus

USA: Your turn to experience farm animal suffering. You Cannot Stand It – Why Expect Them To ?


Your turn to experience farm animal suffering.


C pig 2


Picture this: a pig crammed inside a cage the size of a refrigerator, no room to turn around, lying in waste, and separated from family. This is the cruel reality farm animals across the nation are facing on factory farms.

Now imagine this: It’s your turn. What would YOU do if you ended up in a cage? We conducted a social awareness experiment at Grand Central Station to give New York City commuters a taste of what this would feel like – just for a few seconds.


C pig 4


Farm animals need your help

Three out of four mother pigs are confined to cages the size of a fridge. 40 billion chickens are subjected to overcrowded factory farms every year.

Do your part by donating today, signing our pledge, or simply sharing the video with your friends. You can escape the confines of a cage, but factory farmed animals can’t.



China: courageous activists save 174 white foxes!


Good news comes from China, where 174 white foxes were freed from a fur farm thanks to the courage and support of the activists.




The hides market is losing more and more importance: veterinarians and those who consider it old-fashioned to wear coats, bags and gloves made of cages and reared animals cruelly slaughtered for their own fur sigh with relief!

Enthäutung eines Pelztieres-China_n

The release of these animals was made possible thanks to the efforts of BoHe, a Chinese activist who also deals with 2,700 dogs rescued from the meat market, and Karen Gifford, an American activist. Thanks to the donations of hundreds of other people, the two women were able to save the white foxes from the breeding plant.

befreiete Füchse aus China jpg

The farm said it was in competition for lack of revenue: after closure, the foxes would be sold to other farms or simply killed. The two women took advantage of the stalemate and were able to bring the foxes away.

Because the foxes were not raised in the wild, but only in a cage, they could not be released directly into the wild. For this reason, the activists took them to a Buddhist sanctuary in Mudanjiang Prefecture

The monks of the reserve did not hesitate when they heard of the foxes looking for shelter: they completely cleared their green spaces for the foxes. Here the foxes can return to their wild state.

After the euphoria to finally see the animals free and in their natural habitat, the two women started a new appeal: now we have to secure food for the foxes, so we need more donations.

The sanctuary is a temporary facility and will house the foxes until suitable shelter is built for them.

A gesture of courage on the part of the activists and the humanity of the monks and of all people who supported the mission with what they could give.

thank you 2

My comment: Hardly a fashion accessory is probably covered with such clichés as the fur. A fur coat is expensive. Who wears it, shows that he has the necessary change to buy it. Fur has always been one of the ultimate status symbols in the fashion industry.

China is currently the leading fur supplier, with 15 million martens dying there each year alone under unimaginably cruel conditions. Even dogs and cats have to give their lives for fur production there.

We’ve talked about it many times, and our goal is to make this cruel fur mafia public all over the world, to show what’s really going on.
We’ve had some modest successes so far, but the main goal is to show that fur production in China is a highly professional exploitation of animals, which works very good because the European and German clothing industries have a business pact for fur, leather and applications with China and all of these items are imported unchecked and despite prohibition, throughout Europe.

The more praiseworthy is the action of these animal rights activists  who set an example for their country. Thus, the hope arises that the animal rights groups in Asia will soon create a foundation there …

We say, Thank you!!

Best regards to all, Venus

UK: British Government Minister Greg Clark falls to lobbyists and gives green light to new puppy farm for animal experiments. Application rejected Twice So Far Due to Activist Outrage. Lets Make it 3.


SIGN: Stop Cruel Plan to Breed Puppies for Gruesome Medical Tests

British Government Minister gives green light (twice rejected due to campaigner rage !) to new puppy farm for animal experiments.


petition 3

Please sign the petition:


PETITION TARGET: Greg Clark, British Secretary of State for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy

Image result for greg clark mp

In a devastating move for animals, British Secretary of State Greg Clark has approved the application of a new puppy and ferret farm that could sell more than a thousand animals a year to be sliced open, infected with disease or slowly poisoned to death at cruel medical labs.

Lobbyist 1

If the plan continues, notorious lab animal breeder B&K Universal — a division of global company Marshall Farms — will open a facility in East Yorkshire, England that would house hundreds of beagles and ferrets at a time.

B&K’s application has been rejected twice already due to activist outcry.

We must keep speaking out to stop this cruel breeding facility from ever being built.

Along with the gruesome physical wounds, dogs used for vivisection — usually beagles — endure intense isolation, kept in tiny, barren metal cages with no social interaction. They become depressed or literally go crazy from both the abuse and the loneliness. When the dogs are no longer “useful,” they are killed and tossed like trash.

Instead of sending more dogs to their death, the UK government must seek effective, cruelty free alternatives to animal testing.

Sign this petition urging Secretary of State Greg Clark to immediately reverse his decision and stop all plans for this cruel farm to move forward.

Zimbabwe ships live elephants to wildlife parks in China.



Elephants in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

Photo – P Bulawayo / Reuters.

Zimbabwe ships live elephants to wildlife parks in China

Wildlife advocates said the animals, which were being readied for shipment on Friday night, were unsuitable for live export

More than 30 wild elephants were being readied on Friday evening for an airlift from Zimbabwe to captivity in China, according to wildlife advocates.

The founder of Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, Johnny Rodrigues, said on Friday that their plane was still at Victoria Falls airport because officials could not find scales big enough to weigh the animals, which were confined inside heavy crates.

But once that was accomplished, he added, “they’re gone”. Some of the elephants are reportedly as young as three years of age.


Continue reading:


Illegal trafficking of baby elephants to China and Dubai for tourism must be stopped, say activists

An investigator has called on the international body that polices trade in wildlife to crack down on the illegal trafficking of young elephants across borders in south-east Asia.

Secretive agents in Laos are sending dozens of animals each year across the country’s land border with China and fly others to the Middle East, earning up to £230,000 each, according to film-maker Karl Ammann.

The grisly racket – filmed for the first time by the investigative documentary maker – involves elephants being sold into slavery in circuses, zoos and “safari parks”, earning owners huge sums from paying spectators.


Continue reading


Mr President: Selling wild-caught baby elephants to China is just plain evil


As another shipment of wild-caught baby elephants from Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe jets out of Victoria Falls airport on Ethiopian Airlines to zoos and private collections in China, it’s surely time to call this for what it is: Just plain evil.

This is not a conservation or ‘sustainable utilisation’ issue – the removal of this quantity of elephants will certainly not impact significantly on wild elephant populations, or alleviate the claimed pressure from ‘too many’ elephants on vegetation in Hwange. This is also not about what is permissible under CITES regulations.


Continue reading





The next victims: polar bears in Russia

russische flagge no 2 png


Because of an “invasion of aggressive polar bears” the authorities have declared a state of emergency on the Russian twin island Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic Ocean.

Dozens of bears had penetrated into residential buildings and public buildings, it was said on Saturday as a reason. Regional authorities issued an appeal for help. A delegation of experts wanted to make their way to the island with its approximately 3000 inhabitants, on which there are Russian Air Force and air defense troops.


A permit to shoot the bears was initially not granted. Polar bears belong to the endangered species and may not be killed in Russia. However, the regional authorities responsible for Novaya Zemlya in Arkhangelsk said that if all other means fail, the shooting of animals can no longer be ruled out.


A local report to the regional authorities said that since last December, 52 polar bears have regularly turned up in Beluschja Guba, the island’s main settlement.

Some of them attacked people (!!) Parents are afraid to let their children go to kindergarten or to school. Some bears would “chase people down,” (!!!) said local authority chief, Shiganscha Musin. He has lived on the island since 1983, but he has never experienced an invasion of so many bears.

The accelerated melting of ice in the Arctic as a result of climate change causes polar bears to spend more time on land. According to an expert from the Sewertsow Institute for Ecology and Evolution in Moscow, animals are increasingly moving south to seek food on land. The reason for the invasion was that they found food in the settlements. “As there are containers of edible waste, they stop wandering.” (AFP, dpa)

My comment: When people hunt bears and kill them for fun this we call trophy hunting and it is allowed.
When bears lose their natural ram by human hand and try to survive, then we call them aggressive beasts and they have to be shot dead.
Such is the fascist belief of the human species!

My best regards to all, Venus

Greece: Solidarity for the inmates of the Attica Park





– English Translation

Seven dolphins are captive at the Attica Zoological Park in Athens. They are forced to engage in frequent performances, even though it is illegal, in accordance with Article 13 of Law 4039/12.

dolphins in Gefangenschaft jpg

We call for the immediate abolition of those performances and, therefore, the ban of the dolphin captivity in Greece with respective legislation.

dolphins. Spata Athenjpg

We call on the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the Vice Minister Ms Olympia Teligioridou and the Regional Director of Attica, Rena Dourou to take all the necessary actions to resolve our request.

Please sign the Petition:

Important Informations about the topic, english:

atticadelfinpanthe show pool for the prisoners

Incidentally, zoo director and founder Jean Jack Lesueur has recently returned to the media for killing two rare jaguars in his zoo!!
Staff of the zoo of the Attica Zoological Park near Athens shot the two rare jaguars. The incident took place in December 2018. Accordingly, the big cats named Jenny and Spotty had escaped from their enclosure and thus had called the security guards on the scene.

The mission lasted about five minutes. The place with the escaped jaguars was surrounded. Although there was no danger to staff and visitors, the big cats were shot dead.

My comment: Again, some inmates are illegally detained. Unscrupulous slave owners working with the help of sold politicians at the expense of cheap animal entertainment.
Greece is also a victim of the EU’s criminal policy. Thanks to a corrupt government that works loyally and cooperatively with the EU and has sold out the country, the country is bankrupt.

Obviously, some animal tormentors have taken the same practices from their rulers in animal exploitation to earn money. We must try to stop this criminal trade.

Therefore: we all sign this petition!

My best regards, Venus




EU; Urgent Action Required – Tell the EU – vote for a farming model that doesn’t create meat that poisons us.



Lobbyist 1

Hi Mark,

They poison us – with the meat that we eat. Because big business swamps the market with cheap meat, we consume more and more of it, produced by abusing antibiotics, and cramming animals in horrible conditions. Hundreds of thousands of people sick from antimicrobial-resistant diseases is just one of the consequences.

C pig 5

And we are paying for this!

As Europeans, we pay 51 billion pounds each year to promote harmful industrial farming: no other sector gets more money from the EU budget! [1]

On Thursday a series of votes in the European Parliament will kick off.

A handful of MEPs will state whether industrial farming should be funded with our taxpayers’ money. The first of this row of votes and negotiations, this very Thursday, is critical – because it’ll scope and give direction: it’ll be the basis for following negotiations…

hängende Schlachtschweine

Our partners offered insider information that there are 41 MEPs we could convince to vote for a farming model that doesn’t create meat that poisons us – but only if they feel the pressure from their electorate right before the vote! With their vote, we could swing the result in our favour! Sign the petition and, if you have a Twitter account, send them a message that will burden their conscience while voting!


Ferkel Kastration jpg

The meat we consume today is not always what our body needs. As the use of antibiotics in meat production is projected to grow by almost 70%, antibiotic resistance is a major threat to global health. In fact, 700,000 people die from antimicrobial-resistant diseases each year. [2]

Why do we continue to use 40% of the European budget to subsidise these practices? [3] Because big businesses that sell the poison this farming model feeds on (think pesticides, animal fodder, etc) are at work. They don’t want to go out of business – even if that means persuading us to eat more and more meat, of lesser and lesser quality.

As the new EU budget cycle starts soon, politicians are having discussions to shape the next one. Each EU budget lasts 7 years, which is why it’s important to ensure it spends our money wisely! We cannot leave a bunch of MEPs to decide alone, without hearing our opinion, to spend our money, yet again, on a farming model that makes us sick.

Now, thanks to insider information offered by partners, we’ve identified a bunch of MEPs who could possibly listen to our demand, let’s make their conscience shake! Use your power as their future electorate in the May EU elections! We only have 48 hours before the vote!

Together for a healthy farming model,

Mika (Bordeaux), Alex (Marseille), Virginia (Madrid) and the rest of the WeMove.EU team


PS: You are not alone. Thousands of small farmers are on your side – and mobilised! Many small farmers don’t agree with this farming model either, and they’ve come together to say so. Last November they demonstrated in the streets of Brussels, and they are asking for citizens to support their cause. Here’s your chancesign to support small farmers calling for healthy farming!



Campaign Launched to Check if That ‘Faux’ is Really ‘Fur’. Read More …..

#IsThatFurReal Campaign Launched to Check if That Faux is Really Fur


#IsThatFurReal Campaign Launched to Check if That Faux is Really Fur

Posted by Carly Day | February 9, 2019




Although fur is rapidly falling out of favor in the world of fashion, the fight against this inhumane industry is far from over. Compassionate shoppers and fashionistas are turning to fake fur, but may unwittingly be purchasing or wearing the real thing.

Animal Defenders International’s (ADI) new campaign #IsThatFurReal helps people differentiate between real and fake fur in an effort to stamp out cruelty. The initiative will run throughout New York Fashion Week (7-15 February) and London Fashion Week (15-19 Feb).

“Unaware that real fur is often mislabeled or not labeled at all, and cheap, shoppers may unknowingly be supporting animal suffering,” says ADI President Jan Creamer. “Animal Defenders International is here to help the public avoid animal fur and help stop this cruel trade.”

Anyone with an allegedly fake fur item is encouraged to share photos or videos of it on social media with the hashtag #IsThatFurReal, or email ADI at

Experienced fur-spotters will let people know if the fur is real, and provide advice on how to spot the difference in the future.

In spite of a growing movement against the fur industry, more than 110 million animals every year are still killed on fur farms, and a further 16 million trapped and slaughtered directly from the wild.

Fur farms are notoriously hellish places, where animals are stuffed into tiny, dirty cages and deprived of the ability to fulfill any natural behaviors. These animals suffer extreme physical and psychological suffering.

In recognition of this cruelty, dozens of high-end designers have dropped fur from their labels, including Burberry, Gucci, DKNY and many more.

If you come across some fur clothing or other items and want to check if they are cruelty-free, ADI offer some tips:

1) Real individual furs taper to a fine point, whereas fake fur features blunt ends.

2) Fake fur is attached to a mesh or fabric base; real fur is attached to skin.

3) If you own the item, pluck a few strands of fur and burn them. Fake fur will smell like plastic, whereas real fur will smell like burnt hair.


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Global: Plummeting insect numbers ‘threaten collapse of nature’.



Plummeting insect numbers ‘threaten collapse of nature’

Exclusive: Insects could vanish within a century at current rate of decline, says global review

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The rate of insect extinction is eight times faster than that of mammals, birds and reptiles.

The rate of insect extinction is eight times faster than that of mammals, birds and reptiles. Photograph: Courtesy of Entomologisher Verein Krefeld

The world’s insects are hurtling down the path to extinction, threatening a “catastrophic collapse of nature’s ecosystems”, according to the first global scientific review.

More than 40% of insect species are declining and a third are endangered, the analysis found. The rate of extinction is eight times faster than that of mammals, birds and reptiles. The total mass of insects is falling by a precipitous 2.5% a year, according to the best data available, suggesting they could vanish within a century.

The planet is at the start of a sixth mass extinction in its history, with huge losses already reported in larger animals that are easier to study. But insects are by far the most varied and abundant animals, outweighing humanity by 17 times. They are “essential” for the proper functioning of all ecosystems, the researchers say, as food for other creatures, pollinators and recyclers of nutrients.

Click on the above link to read the full Guardian newspaper (UK) story.

South Korea: Seoul Mayor Vows To Root Out Dog Meat Business. Plenty of Actions for Korean Dogs – Click on Links.

South Kores

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South Korea – Seoul Mayor vows to root out dog meat business.

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In addition; here is the latest (10/2/19) newsletter from Korean Dogs. 

Click on the following link for news and actions you can take.


File your petition on e-people

South Korea’s Official Government Petition Page!


All across South Korea, millions of ‘meat dogs’ (including newborn puppies) which are destined for human consumption, are kept outdoors in meat farms and slaughterhouses, imprisoned in cages that are crudely constructed of wire and raised off the ground, and which afford no protection from the snow or freezing winds that are part of a normal winter in that country. These poor creatures – from the second they are born, to their final breath at the uncaring hands of a brutal butcher – have to endure endless misery and agony. South Korea is truly a “Hell on Earth” for countless innocent dogs and cats. So, please, don’t let the Koreans continue their vile and cruel practice.

A simple but very effective way is to file a petition directly with the Korean government using the epeople online petition page. This is different than other petitions because the Korean government is responsible for responding to you! If they have to address and respond to hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of petitions on this issue; then perhaps they will finally be put under enough pressure to take action to bring this horrific animal cruelty to an end.