EU: Immediate Action Petition – Stop the use of high risk fuels like Palm Oil in the EU that Destroy our Forests and KILL Orangutans. Please Sign Now !




This is a very important petition to urge the European Commission to stop the use of high risk fuels like palm oil in the EU that destroy our forests and kill orangutans.

The EU subsidises it as “green biodiesel” even though it’s actually three times worse for climate change than regular diesel because of the deforestation it causes.

We can protect the orangutans and the rainforest from palm oil destruction – but we have to act now. Time is running out! If the Commission does not carry out the commitments made by the EU parliament by February 1, 2019, orangutans may soon become extinct and more of our rainforests will be gone.


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Banksy’s street art against cruelty towards animals.



At the end of the video a small child is crying and is shocked by the animation.

Its young mother turns the stroller in the opposite direction and tries to keep her crying child away from the “cruel” reality.


In reality they have been in trucks for days!

There is no place to lie. Those who become tired and lie down risk becoming depressed by their fellow sufferers. During the entire transport they are not supplied, drinking nipples are not accessible and this is not provided. This is not possible with the number of animals.

They are transported for hours or days with unknown animals, receive neither food nor water, they are exposed to heat and cold, unknown persons and a strange environment.
They suffer from exhaustion, pain, injuries and have to endure noise, vibration and odor (ammonia, exhaust fumes, gasoline).

Dear mother,
Now, and as early as possible teach your child that ethic never stops with living beings who can feel. A living being that has the ability to feel subjective, to suffer, to rejoice, or to be sad, is a free being that has a value system and the right to life.
Like your crying child.

My best regards, Venus



USA: Key West Looks To Slow Coral Reef Damage With New Sunscreen Ban.


Key West Looks To Slow Coral Reef Damage With New Sunscreen Ban

Posted by Lisa Blanck | January 21, 2019

A popular South Florida vacation spot is stepping up their environmental stewardship.  City commissioners in Key West just approved the first step toward a city-wide ban on the use of sunscreens containing two substances — oxybenzone and octinoxate — proven harmful to coral reefs.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

In addition to being a beautiful home for sea creatures, coral is a living organism.  Among other environmental hazards, oxybenzone and octinoxate have been shown to decrease the reefs’ defense against bleaching.  Coral bleaching occurs when corals get stressed.  They become translucent, or ‘bleached’, and lose their stunning colors.  The colors come from marine algae, which provide the coral with food.  When stressed, the coral expel the algae and subsequently starve to death.

Application of products containing oxybenzone to your skin and than entering water near the reef, in addition to causing bleaching, also damages the corals’ DNA, blocks reproduction and produces sick offspring.  This means that coral populations would be deformed and toxic, and could eventually die off.

The tiny amount of oxybenzone that can severely damage a reef will shock you.  According to a study published in 2015,

‘Serious damage to corals by oxybenzone can start with concentrations as low as the equivalent of one drop of water in six-and-a-half Olympic-sized swimming pools.’

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Banning reef-damaging chemicals is an idea that’s picking up steam.  Last year, Hawaii banned the sale or distribution of sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate, beginning in 2021.  Other vacation spots, including the Western Pacific nation of Palau, have also banned many kinds of sunscreen.  Sunscreen manufacturers are arguing against the bans, saying the sunscreens prevent cancer and that “at this moment, research on sunscreens’ effects on coral is limited.”  But bans should incite manufacturers to review ingredients and undertake product research to meet changing consumer demands.

One Key West commissioner says people could still get a prescription from a doctor for sunscreens that contain the banned ingredients. However, you may choose to simply avoid ones that contains octinoxate; when it penetrates your skin, it has been shown to lead to increased toxicity levels in your body.

Better choices might be products containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, or simply wearing protective clothing.  You can find some skin and reef-safe product suggestions here.

Fifty people spoke out about the proposal at the Key West commission meeting, including school children, boat captains and dermatologists.

 Key West Looks To Slow Coral Reef Damage With New Sunscreen Ban

Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

WAP Report: Fast Food Giants Are Failing to Address Extreme Cruelty to Chickens.

Report: Fast Food Giants Are Failing to Address Extreme Cruelty to Chickens

Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures – Kim Newberg

Report: Fast Food Giants Are Failing to Address Extreme Cruelty to Chickens

Posted by Carly Day | January 19, 2019

World Animal Protection (WAP) has released a shocking report showing that some of the world’s biggest fast-food giants are failing to address the extreme suffering of chickens raised for their meat in factory farms.

The report, entitled The Pecking Order 2018, is the first such study to look into the issue of the welfare of chickens destined for the dinner table.

Nine of the world’s most well-known fast-food producers were included in the assessment (Burger King, Domino’s Pizza Group, Domino’s Inc, KFC, McDonald’s, Nando’s Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway), which looked at company policies regarding chicken welfare, any targets and objectives documented by the companies, and the transparency of reporting progress.

Shockingly, these international powerhouse companies, who make enormous profits from killing hundreds of millions of chickens each year, are doing very little to ensure the animals in their supply chain receive even minimal welfare standards at factory farms or slaughterhouses.

None of the companies rated higher than “Poor” on  WAP’s assessment scale. Not a single one has a worldwide policy for improving chicken welfare; in fact, only three even show an interest in the issue — Burger King, Starbucks, and Subway — however, they only focus on limited regions or countries.

McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Nandos were rated as “Very Poor,” while Domino’s Inc and Dominos PLC failed altogether.

“It is deeply disappointing that not one company that relies on chickens for profits received a grade above poor for animal welfare,” said Alesia Soltanpanah, executive director of WAP US. “Of the ten billion animals raised and killed for food every year in the United States, 90 percent are chickens, and these companies have the ability to have a major impact on the living conditions of these animals.”

With such massive exploitation of animals for consumption, these companies have tremendous power to change the lives of these birds for the better. WAP is asking them to avoid sourcing caged chickens and give the animals a more natural and stimulating environment in which to display natural behaviors.

They also urge companies to use birds that have a healthier growth rate. As farmers adapt to meet increased demands, they select breeds that grow too quickly and suffer from numerous health issues as a result, including pain and lameness, as well as strain on the heart and lungs.

“The findings of the inaugural Pecking Order report leave much room for improvement,” continued Soltanpanah.  “The companies ranked, including seven US-based brands, have a responsibility to consumers and the animals in their care to give these chickens a better life.”

In the meantime, we consumers have the power to stop the suffering by leaving chicken off of our plates and choosing cruelty free, plant-based foods, instead.




The UN makes criminals to heroes!




Ironically, Nestlé Pakistan wins the Global Compact Business Sustainability Award. So you can see which corrupt companies the UN supports.


Ironically, Nestlé Pakistan wins the award for “Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Water” because Pakistan has a water shortage!! Here, Nestlé is pumping a total of nine wells at three locations.

Seven billion liters of groundwater are sold every month as mineral water. In a small Pakistani community, children have been sick from dirty water because Nestlé has dug a deep well that absorbs the local people’s drinking water.


In addition, Nestlé is on trial in Pakistan for selling bottles of bottled water that have been extracted “for free” from the ground.

The Supreme Court even threatens to shut down the facilities. The Nestlé concern in Pakistan has long been under criticism, because since “Bottled Life” at the latest, we know that Nestlé not only acquired the water use rights in Pakistan, but also had the factories guarded and fenced. A lot of water is tapped and then sold in plastic bottles for a lot of money, while the population has no access to this water.

And of all “Nestle Pakistan” gets a prize now!

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The battlefields of the EU are everywhere



Around half a billion poultry, pigs and cattle are transported on European highways every year. Just so that the animal can be slaughtered cheaply, it is transported to a low-wage country and then back as meat back to the meat counter.

EU Commission rejects the 8 hour transport limit.
The EU promotes cruel practices in the meat industry with subsidies.


A tragic consequence of globalization and global trade is the increase in animal transport and the expansion of transport distances. The specialization in the agricultural sector, the liberalization of markets, the international orientation of companies and the new information and communication technologies make it possible today to market animals internationally. Animals have long been piece goods in the consciousness of producers and suppliers.


The German government is running a kind of “greenwashing” to support the meat industry, as it is making every possible effort to grow. Alone the transport to the slaughterhouse are cruel, but although there is so much evidence that the guidelines are very often not respected in animal transports, the EU has rejected in mid-March a committee of inquiry into live animal transports! A black day for the animals, a cessation of tormenting animal transport conditions is therefore not in sight.

So it is known. The accidents on the transports continue to increase.

On March 08, 2018, cruel images of dozens of dead calves appeared. Victim of a collision between two trucks. They were Irish calves. On the way to Groningen. Because Ireland and the Netherlands are member states of the European Union, there are free shipments of goods or animals. At the moment of their early death, these calves had already made a long journey. First through Ireland, then crossings by ferry and another trip of about three hundred kilometers. Why are a few hundred calves carting across Europe? Now these calves are dead. Again and again, accidents occur when one considers the cruel reality: Annually, around 170 million livestock transports take place in Europe alone.

unfall mit kälbernBut the EU Commission rejects the 8 hour transport limit.

Although animal welfare violations in animal transport have increased, the EU is fully supporting the meat and milk mafia. They are cruel pictures and you often hear them screaming: the animals in trucks.
Every day you see them driving, the trucks with their cargo: live animals!

unglück beim transport mit schweinejpg

September 2018, Germany: 109 piglets have died. According to the ministry, the carrier must be overloaded. Altogether 180 piglets were loaded. The pigs did not die due to illness. How exactly they came to death and who is responsible, is not known and was not explained to us until today. According to previous findings, the driver of a delivery service has transported 180 piglets, 109 were already dead. The operator had discovered the dead animals fortuitously and then notified the authorities, it said.

And here are (some) the damages inflicted directly by the oligarchs of the EU – Germany on animal welfare during the five years of their rule:

-Ministers of Agriculture, who run their own horror slaughterhouses

-Criminalization of covert work in slaughterhouses

-Ex-Minister of Agriculture Christian Schmidt (CSU) had given the controversial pesticide glyphosate single-handedly its vote

-Extension of piglet castration without anesthesia

-Mass murder of wild boars (99,000 in 2018)

-Killing millions of chickens and other poultry as bird flu protection.

-Chicks should be further shredded

-No prohibition of wild animals in the circus, although other countries, even from the Third World, have done so long ago

-No ban on transporting animals over 8 hours a day.

And many, many more…

Animal abusers at all levels, that’s the EU.

EU is animal hostile.
It supports slavery, exploitation and brutal trade with animals.
It deserves no respect, no voice.
It eserves only contempt.
With the taxpayers’ money, it pursues a dirty, disgusting policy in favor of the meat and milk mafia, the transport mafia, the hunters, the laboratory crime.
The EU no longer has a right to exist.
I do not go vote and would recommend it to anyone.

there is a great future behind you

My best regards, Venus


USA: Should An Advocate of Big Coal and Chemical Companies Be In Charge of the Environmental Protection Agency ? – Petition.




An advocate of Big Coal and chemical companies could soon be in charge of environmental protection in the United States.

Andrew Wheeler’s beliefs about climate change and the environment make him unfit to lead the EPA.

Is he fit to run the EPA ?


Petition Link –


Sign this petition to ask the Senate to reject this unqualified and utterly inappropriate nominee.


Target: Senator John Barrasso, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works

Goal: Do not confirm polluter ally Andrew Wheeler as the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Andrew Wheeler does not prioritize the environment. His track record as the acting head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proves this. We need the new head of the EPA to uphold the EPA’s mission statement of protecting human health and the environment. Wheeler is not the man for the job.

Andrew Wheeler became the acting EPA administrator in July 2018, when Scott Pruit resigned amid a serious scandal that he misused federal funds for personal gains. He is before Congress this week for his congressional hearing to officially lead the agency.

Wheeler has a history as a coal, chemical and uranium lobbyist. He vehemently defends the Trump administration’s rollback of environmental regulations. He does not think that climate change is a crisis caused by humans that requires a swift response. His attitude and policies do not protect human health and the environment. He is unfit to lead the EPA.

Senate Democrats spent much of their time during a confirmation hearing pointing out how far out of sync Wheeler’s track record is with the mission of the EPA. They accused Wheeler of tipping the scale in favor of the fossil fuel industry. Unfortunately, Democrats hold a minority in the Senate and will not be able to block the confirmation of Wheeler alone. They need Senate Republicans to take a stand for the environment.

Join us in demanding that the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works remember what the EPA was designed to protect.

Do not confirm Andrew Wheeler as the new head of the EPA.



Sen. John Barrasso,

In your capacity as chairman of the committee, you hold a good deal of power and influence when it comes to confirming the next head of the EPA. Andrew Wheeler is before your committee seeking confirmation. Please do not confirm him.

The EPA was designed to protect human health and the environment. Wheeler’s track record proves that he will not uphold the mission of the EPA. He repeatedly works to deny climate change, lobby for fossil fuels, and repeal regulations that safeguard human health. Wheeler is not the person I want in charge of environmental regulations.

I am asking you to not confirm Andrew Wheeler as the next head of the EPA.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: U.S. EPA


India: Introduction to 2019 With Some Amazing Rescues. Please Donate If You Can.



WAV Comment

There are some Trumped up narcissists who survive only on the amount of money they have and by ensuring that everybody calls them ‘Mr President’.  These are the same folk who are supposed to run a nation and keep people in employment paid a monthly, living wage.  On the other side of the coin, there are many folk who are not financially rich; but who do hold that special trait of being ‘compassionate’ people; trying to help other living. sentient beings.  In the following videos you will witness actions from such people.  In our opinion; these folk are the real ‘heroes’ of any nation; they do not seek self glorification from the media; instead they just get on doing what they do best – in this case saving desperate animals in need of help; providing care for their survival.  We salute them; not the jumped up egomaniacs living in their ‘fake’ world that says they think everything they do is correct whilst everything others do is wrong.

Welcome here to the world of compassionate, normal; sensible people:


aa 2019 header

From Animal Aid Unlimited; India:

Last week we welcomed special dignitaries to visit our shelter and to honour some of Animal Aid’s most active community volunteers. The special guests included the previous Rajasthan Home Minister and now Rajasthan Opposition Leader, Gulab Chand Kataria; an MLA and senior police officer and local business leader.

We were greatly assisted by Dr Jinendra Shastri, a political leader in Udaipur, who helped organise the event and ensured that the media covered activities of Animal Aid throughout the week, including a special feature about two of our most stellar volunteers, Anca Gheorghe from Austria and Ayala Melki, from Israel. We loved the publicity, the awareness raised about street animals’ problems, and the opportunity to celebrate Udaipur residents who have helped save so many lives


10 incredible rescues will make you cry tears of joy

Harrowing rescues all with happy endings, 10 unbelievable close calls will bring you from “Oh No!” to “Yesssss!” within the same breath.

When all hope is lost, with your help, we’re there.

Please donate today.


Sweet Prince walks again

We got a call for a dog who had been hit by a bike and was unable to walk. He had somehow dragged himself to the side of the road but was unable to stand or to walk. He was so happy to see his rescuers that he wagged his tail despite the pain of his injuries. We brought the dear boy back to Animal Aid’s hospital and began his treatment and 6 weeks of bed rest.

Please donate today to save the lives of precious street animals like Prince.

Baby calf drowning in well, rescued

His mother cow was frantic. She paced back and forth at the edge of an open well in heart-breaking agony because her calf had fallen in. We could barely distinguish his face looking up from the floating garbage as, exhausted and ice cold, he took his last breaths. Our rescue team arrived just in time. Watch a beautiful mother get her most desperate wish fulfilled.

Please donate for animals, and for those who love them most.


Mr Teddy Bear was starving and riddled with mange

He cowered under a porch, weakened with agony after what must have been weeks of maddening itching from mange. His scab-encrusted body was also attacked by maggots that had entered the skin which he had scratched open in desperate confusion. Too ravaged by the mange parasites to eat, this precious dog was in the final stages of his life. But watch what happened next.

Even extremely ill animals can be saved. But they need your help. Please donate.


Celebrate the Care-givers:
Bhagat Singh  

bhagat aa 2019

7 years ago Udaipur animals got a new guardian angel with rescue team leader Bhagat Singh. As a our ambulance driver, Bhagat has led his team in literally thousands of life-saving missions, guiding rescuers down winding lanes, calamitous construction sites, busy freeways and into the back rooms of private houses–wherever animals hide in pain, or are stopped in their tracks by urgent health problems. Bhagat cheerfully tackles near-impossible distances and every hour makes critical judgments about which animals need to be treated as the highest rescue priorities. Bhagat Singh has set the highest standard for life-saving rescues.

The real Heroes –  every one of them ! – please try and donate today, Thank You – WAV.


“We are all one …”


affe hinter gittern_n

Man has no or at most only a few unique abilities.
There are many living beings who can learn a language, enter into complex social relationships, renounce their own wishes for the good of the community, use tools, imagine things and dream. There are many creatures that can remember certain information, play with their friends, enjoy intimacy, talk and grieve for their dead.
Some creatures have abilities that far surpass our own – be it in terms of navigation or stamina, communication or the early detection of natural events.

affen baby schlafendn

We still do not know exactly how all living things think or what they think. But dismissing their world of thought as less developed, less rational, less ethical, or less intelligent than ours is clearly a mistake.

No living thing deserves to be mistreated

No matter what skills it has. We all know that tormenting children or disabled people is just wrong because they do not have the same skills as adults.
In the same way, all living beings on this earth have a right to freedom and respect – not because they have abilities that we admire, but simply because they are living beings.
We all have the same evolutionary roots, we all live on the same earth, and we are all subject to the same laws of nature.

kleines mädchen mit hund

“We are all one.”

Translation: Venus – from

My best regards to all, Venus

USA: Who Now Is More Cruel ?




Petition Link –


WAV Comment – we always have said that hunters are sick in their very warped head.

Question now is, who is the cruellest ? – USA or China ?

This Wyoming coyote is one of thousands who are being persecuted by human killers in the state, who practice ‘Yote Whackin’. It includes coyote killing contests and snowmobiles. This coyote is plastered in the snow under a snowmobile after just being chased until she/he could no longer escape. The hunter arranged his camera on the snowmobile to film himself running over the coyote several times before grabbing the coyote by the tail and swinging the animal to beat her/his head against the snowmobile, again and again, until the job is done when he tosses the coyote, as he smiles into the camera.

You can read more about this animal cruelty, and also watch a video here (warning, the video is extremely graphic):

The photo and video above “ … offer brutal glimpses at reality, and they speak not only truth on the ground but to the fact such behaviour is condoned by political and social leaders in Wyoming, who let them happen without comment.” (Todd Wilkinson).

Coyotes in WY and other western states have no protection at all … everything goes. We also have anecdotal evidence that hunters in Montana enjoy chasing and running over coyotes with their recreational vehicles.

No animal deserves this type of the suffering and cruel death.

No animal deserves to be treated with such aggression, brutality and violence.

Please take immediate action and contact WY’s officials to prohibit predator killing contests and killing coyotes with vehicles – now!

Please sign this petition to demand that the state of Wyoming immediately provide protection for predators and prohibit atrocious behavior such as coyote/predator killing contests, and chasing and running over coyotes (or any wild animal) with any vehicle, including aircrafts, ATVs, ORVs, cars and snowmobiles.

You can also write your own letter denouncing this unhinged cruelty, or you can personalize the letter below, and send it to the officials listed below. We must stop the pathological torture of our wildlife.

Public Photo: “Coyote snow camo”, and “that face you make when a snowmobile runs you over”.
Public photos and videos under Fair Use for educational purpose.

Petition Link –



Dear official,

I was shocked to learn that Wyoming allows ‘yote whackin,’ a practice that include coyote killing contests and killing coyotes with snowmobiles.

In just one video posted online, a hunter can be seen chasing a coyote to exhaustion in deep snow, deliberately running the animal over several times, and then grabbing the coyote by the tail and slamming the animal onto his snowmobile while smiling into the camera. You can read more about this issue and also watch a video here:

Videos like the one above “ … offer brutal glimpses at reality, and they speak not only truth on the ground but to the fact such behavior is condoned by political and social leaders in Wyoming, who let them happen without comment.” (Todd Wilkinson).

Predator killing contests and killing wild animals with vehicles goes against the ethical standards laid out by the North American Wildlife Model and directly violates fair chase, respect for and humane killing of wild animals.

What gives hunters the right to engage in behavior that otherwise would be punished with a felony animal cruelty charge? No animal, whether domestic or wild deserves to be treated with such outrageous aggression, brutality and violence.

I am asking you to immediately provide protection for predators and prohibit atrocious behavior such as coyote/predator killing contests, and chasing and running over coyotes (or any wild animal) with any vehicle, including aircrafts, ATVs, ORVs, cars and snowmobiles.


Image result for warped coyote hunters

Above – Member of Team Warped Head.

The stronger determines the life of others





It is not the first time that we see burning elephants. The habitat of Asian elephants is shrinking. A crowd of people in an Indian village brutally attacked an elephant and his cub and shot the couple with firebombs. After getting close to humans, they were shot at with firebombs. The problem: Indian elephants roam huge areas. There is a conflict: human against wilderness.

Elephants stubbornly follow their old ways because they know they will not destroy a single habitat. When the villagers plant a tea or coffee plantation in their route, they’ll just go through it. If someone scares them off with a blast or a fire, they’ll run amok.

Due to the rapid deforestation of forests in India, wild animals have less habitat and this is increasingly driving them into conflict with humans. The angry villagers mercilessly attack the elephants, as you can see in the photo.


If the villagers do not have firebombs to disperse the elephants, they use flaming torches. As in the following photo, here a group of men are chasing a herd of wild elephants.

elefanten- werden mit feuer bejagd

This happens because the villagers have to save their crop, said the photographer Hazra the news agency Caters. His photo won the first prize in the Sanctuary Nature Foundation Photo Contest. Now he shows new photos to illustrate the conflict between elephants and humans.
This week, another elephant mother was detonated with her calf!

Indian elephants are considered endangered. Their stock numbers have fallen by over 50 percent since the 1940s.

The big animals have to spend up to 19 hours feeding daily and produce about 100 kg of manure per day. Especially these men who attack elephants with firebombs benefit from this crap.

elefanten-über einen zuggleisAn elephant mother and her calf are trying to cross the railroad tracks that lead through their natural habitat.


Photographer Biplab Hazra said the goal of his documentary photos is to raise awareness of the population, and to draw attention to these problems, which put the habitat of elephants under danger.

elefanten-6herde durchquehrt bahngleisjpgA large elephant herd crosses a railway line built in Bishnupur, India, into its natural habitat.

Photographer Biplab Hazra, who took the heartbreaking pictures, said, “There are many elephant corridors in human villages.”

That`s India too!

elefant-gefesselt als trainingsobjekt

We have already reported that not only in Thailand are the elephants captured. 30,000 euros is worth a cub. Therefore, many elephants are also imported from other countries, for example from Myanmar!

This terrible industry is booming because foreign visitors ride elephants or pay a lot of money for the elephants to do tricks.

Elephant babies are ripped off by their mothers, and when the elephants defend the young animal, other herd elephants are shot dead. Locked up in a small cage or hole in the ground, tied up and cruelly maltreated, the elephant baby is taught to fear and obey people.

The attack has terrified online communities, and many have engaged in social media to condemn the heartless attack.

My comment: The human species are becoming more and more and the animal species are becoming less and less.
The conflict between man and beast is artificially made by human hands and is based on the fascist belief that only the stronger has the right to life and habitat.
Whoever is the weaker and its existence disturbs the Stronger, loses his home, his family, his freedom, his life.
This is the justice of the ruling species.
And those who disobey are destroyed.

Best regards, Venus

Singapore: Poor Kittens – Authorities Bust Man Trying to Smuggle Kittens In His Pants !



Singapore Authorities Bust Man Trying to Smuggle Kittens In His Pants

On January 2, immigration authorities caught a man trying to smuggle four kittens into Singapore — in his pants.

The suspect drew the suspicion of authorities when they heard meowing coming from the direction of his crotch.

In an act that has been lauded as “fur-midable,” the officers apprehended the subject at a border checkpoint as he tried to enter the country in a car coming from neighboring Malaysia. Before making the discovery, the officers asked the 45-year-old man if he had anything to declare.

It’s common for people to smuggle items into the country underneath their clothing, according to a spokeswoman, but the contraband typically consists of items less noisy than a kitten, such as cigarettes. In fact, it was the first time they found illicit feline cargo concealed in this way.

The kittens were quarantined but appear active and well, and the case is being investigated by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority.

While the authorities are unsure why the kittens were being smuggled, they suspect the man may have intended to sell them as pets.

Despite the humorous twist on this story, this offense is something to take very seriously. This helpless kittens could have easily been hurt or killed.

Unfortunately, pet smuggling is a cruel and highly lucrative industry that’s growing as people around the world are willing to pay high prices for animals with the “right” breeding. According to the Scottish SPCA, for example, some criminals switch from drug dealing to pet smuggling because they can make the same amount of money with less legal risk.

To avoid contributing to the problem, never obtain a dog or cat online, or from anyone who cannot verify with absolute certainty that the animal came from a humane source. The best policy is to adopt your next companion animal from a rescue shelter — you’ll save a life and avoid lining the pockets of puppy mills and smugglers.   

USA: Iowa State Finally Sees Sense And Strikes Down ‘Ag Gag’ Law. Animal Cruelty Investigators Can Now Do Their Work.




Iowa “Ag Gag” Law Criminalizing Undercover Animal Cruelty Investigations Struck Down

Posted by Kristen Arnim | January 14, 2019


 WAV statement-

All photographs are not associated with the article – they are publicly available via Google  “no copyright infringement is intended”

Animals in Iowa just got a little safer.

A law was struck down that would have made it illegal for a person to get a job at a livestock farm, slaughterhouse, or puppy mill with the purpose of conducting an undercover investigation on animal welfare, environmental health and safety, or working conditions. A person doing this type of work could have faced up to two years of jail time.

This “ag gag” law was passed in 2012 and supported by the livestock industry. A federal judge found the law violated the First Amendment right to free speech.

ag gag 1

Challengers to the the law were the ACLU of Iowa, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, PETA, and Bailing out Benji, as well as others.

Rita Bettis Austen, legal director for the ACLU of Iowa, said, “Ag gag clearly is a violation of Iowans’ First Amendment rights to free speech. It has effectively silenced advocates and ensured that animal cruelty, unsafe food safety practices, environmental hazards, and inhumane working conditions go unreported for years.”

Animal Legal Defense Fund Executive Director Stephen Wells said in a statement, “Ag-Gag laws are a pernicious attempt by animal exploitation industries to hide some of the worst forms of animal abuse in the United States.”

ag gag 2

Since the law went into effect in 2012, no undercover investigations have been conducted. However, investigations in the past have revealed Iowa workers throwing piglets onto a concrete floor and beating pigs with iron rods.

Ag gag laws inhibit not only journalists and activists from conducting investigations, but also prevent other employees from reporting code violations, pollution, and cruelty.

The Iowa Attorney General’s office stated it is considering whether or not to appeal the decision. The Iowa Pork Producers Association said they would continue to fight, feeling the need to protect their production from those who would reveal what really goes on.

ag gag 3

Laws in other states banning undercover work for animal cruelty have also been stuck down. Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming all passed similar legislation that failed to stand up in federal court. North Carolina is currently defending yet another attempt to stifle activists’ work for animals.

But the precedent has been set that undercover work is legally protected, and as ag gag laws fail in court again and again the hope is that the livestock industry will no longer be able to use this type of legislation to prevent the truth about conditions to get out.

Although this doesn’t end the suffering of the thousands of animals suffering in factory farms and puppy mills right now, it is a positive step moving forward. Those with the best interest of animals, the environment, and communities at heart have the ability to bring transparency and awareness in the future.

ag gag 4

USA: Wildlife Murdering Trophy Hunters Meet In Nevada For Annual Convention.




Picture – HSI.

Just last week, trophy hunters and sellers from all over the world met in Reno, Nevada for the annual Safari Club International convention—an event where trophy hunters, who pride themselves on killing rare and majestic wildlife, can buy opportunities to do so. This is the Club’s largest fundraising source, generating tens of millions of dollars through hunting auctions and other activities—funds they use to support their efforts to weaken laws that protect animals from trophy hunters.

trophy hunter 2

During the convention, vendors were even selling canned lion hunts and dozens of items that appeared to violate Nevada’s wildlife trafficking law—items that included elephant skin furniture, stingray skin boots and paintings using elephant ears and skins as canvases. We have submitted these findings in writing to the Nevada Department of Wildlife last week, requesting investigation and enforcement of Nevada law.

Read more about HSI’s findings at this year’s SCI convention.

trpohy hunter 1

Read much more on this issue at Humane Society International:

trophy 1d906fa7b-16fa-416e-b3d8-4e5a463b2c3e


Above – ‘Dim’ and ‘Dimmer’ Trump Show How Great They Are.


ALF hacks french hunting websites. Thank you, A.L.F!


maus mit alf zange


“Hunting is not a hobby, a tradition, a sport, a right, a necessity or ecology; it’s a crime”

Animal Liberation Front
‘Until every cage is empty’

Received anonymously:

Hacked/Defaced FNC server – Federation Nationale Chasse – FRANCE
Hacked/Defaced FNC server – Federation Nationale Chasse – FRANCE
IP: –
Linux srv-charlie 3.16.0-4-686-pae #1 SMP Debian 3.16.39-1+deb8u2 (2017-03-07) i686

Defaced websites

Data recovery and deletion

data from thousands of hunters: name, login, pass, hunting license …



My best regards, Venus



UK: Clothing Retailers Told – Make Sure Your Fake Fur Is Fake; Or We Prosecute You. We Don’t Want Real Fur Being Sold As Fake. You Have Until February 11.



Clothing retailers have been told to take immediate action to ensure items they advertise as containing fake fur are not made from real fur.

The UK’s advertising watchdog has given them a deadline of 11 February, after which they may face sanctions.

fur before and after

Last week the Advertising Standards Authority found online retailer Boohoo had sold a pompom jumper which used real fur, most likely rabbit fur.

It’s part of a more widespread problem of real fur masquerading as fake fur.

A pompom headband sold by Zacharia Jewellers, a firm trading on Amazon, was also found to have broken the rules. Last year a BBC investigation found TK Maxx and other Amazon retailers had sold items labelled faux fur but using real fur.

The items were spotted by animal welfare charity the Humane Society International as part of an ongoing investigation into the trend.

Real or fake?

Real fur, while traditionally considered a luxury material, can sometimes be cheaper than artificial fur. As a result some manufacturers have used fox, racoon or rabbit fur on items without accurately labelling them.

The findings against Boohoo and Zacharia prompted the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP), which draws up rules on advertising practice, to issue an enforcement notice.

It requires retailers to ensure they are not misleading consumers and provides some advice on how to go about examining products and supply chains more closely.

Laboratory testing was the most reliable method but the CAP said customers and retailers could also check items themselves using relatively straightforward methods. These include looking at the base material to see whether it is a natural leather or a woven fabric, and burning some of the fur to see whether it singes or melts.

The CAP said it didn’t take a view on the ethics of animal fur as a consumer product, which can be legally bought and sold in the UK. But it said making misleading advertising claims that it was “faux fur” when it wasn’t did breach the rules.

Conscience question

Guy Parker, chief executive of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said consumers who thought they were buying faux fur “in good conscience” could find it “deeply upsetting” to find they had actually purchased animal fur.

The Humane Society (HSI), said it was delighted its complaint had been upheld but there was still “a shocking amount of fake faux fur” for sale in the UK.

Claire Bass, executive director of HSI, said consumers had “the right to be confident that when they buy faux fur they are not being duped into buying the exact animal cruelty they are trying to avoid.”

Companies which don’t comply could end up being referred to Trading Standards for potential prosecution.



From ‘Respect for Animals’ – England:

How to tell the difference between real and fake fur

We frequently receive reports from members of the public who think they have found real fur on sale mislabelled as fake or bearing no label at all. Often, they are not entirely sure if the fur on sale is real or fake as the imitation fur is becoming more realistic.

Please note, that we recommend speaking with the retailer in the first instance.

Here are some handy tips about how to quickly tell if fur is real or fake regardless of what the label says.

  • Look at the base of the hairs.

Fake fur usually has a fabric backing which can be fairly easily observed. Real fur, on the other hand, will be attached to (tanned) skin, similar to thin leather.  Pushing a pin through the base of the hairs can also help here. The pin should pass through easily if it is fake fur, as it doesn’t require that extra effort in order to puncture the leather.

  • Check the hair tips.

Fake fur ‘hairs’ tend to be blunt at the tip whereas real fur can often be seen tapering to a point at the tip. This test can be misleading if the real fur hairs have been sheared or plucked.

  • Burn test.

If a few sample hairs are available, use tweezers in a non-flammable environment. Carefully ignite the sample with a lighter or match. Burnt animal hair will smell like burnt human hair (real) but fake fur will smell like burning plastic.  Only ever carry out this test safely, with the hair sample over a non-flammable plate!

Still not sure? You can send a samples to the Respect for Animals office, where we can do a microscopic test. We can tell quickly whether it is real or fake and will send you our findings.  Email us and we’ll arrange this:



the execution of a rightless animal

Imagine this execution in another version!

In the middle of the street but the death candidate is a human. Onlookers stand and look around, the phones work in full time. Everyone wants to photograph and show the last minutes of a criminal.
A criminal?
Some sensitive ones would ask, what did this person commit for a crime?
And the answer is, he just wanted to live.

affe wird hingerichtet n

This is what the real death candidate in the picture, the monkey, wanted: just live!
He was born in the jungle and was happy with his family.

Until the moment when a criminal slave-owner enslaved him, tortured him every day, and lived without his conspecific without his family. He denied him any right to liberty, self-determination, and joy, so that mindless spectators have fun with him and he could earn money with it.
He did what he wanted with him.
Maybe he is old now or slavery has made him aggressive, he is no longer useful, so the hangman has decided to kill him publicly.
A public execution also brings money.
When it comes to animals.

No! we can not imagine a public execution for humans, because humans have rights and protection, animals are still slaves and have no rights. Nowhere!

How deep must humanity have fallen morally to allow such criminals?
As deep as a convinced fascist!
Because that’s all of us when it comes to animals: convinced fascists!

nazis exekutieren


My best ragards, Venus


USA: Dairy Farm Burns Calves’ Heads Without Painkiller – Take Action !




A breaking PETA eyewitness exposé of Heifer Solutions, LLC, a Porterfield, Wisconsin, facility that keeps and raises approximately 1,000 calves and heifers for various dairy farms, reveals that hot irons were used to burn sensitive tissue off calves’ heads—without any anesthetics or pain relief.

As you can see in the video footage, the calves kicked and cried out in agony as they attempted to pull their heads away from the hot irons and escape the metal restraints.

In December 2018, a PETA eyewitness documented an extremely painful procedure known as “disbudding,” in which a worker burns the highly sensitive horn-producing cells off calves’ heads.

The animals struggled and bellowed in obvious distress as they attempted to pull their heads away from the hot iron and escape the metal restraints.

The third-degree burns that are incurred can cause pain for weeks.

The worker said that providing the calves with local anesthetics before burning them would make the disbudding “a lot easier, but where’s the fun in that?” He even said that keeping the hot iron pressed against the calves’ heads as they jumped around and kicked made the process “more exciting” to him.

Veterinary and dairy industry experts agree on the need for pain relief before and after this agonizing mutilation. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) agrees that disbudding is “quite painful” and that “[m]inimizing pain associated with disbudding … is important.”

One veterinarian who reviewed the footage, said, “The calves in these scenes struggle violently … in a manner indicative of extreme distress, pain, and suffering. In my professional opinion, disbudding a calf without adequate anesthesia or pain relief is cruel and causes unnecessary and excessive pain and suffering” [emphasis in original].

Experts also point out that because horn buds grow and attach to the skull at about 8 weeks of age, disbudding after that point can cause holes in the sinuses and subsequent bleeding and infection. The worker said that one of the approximately 12-week-old calves he burned had “bigger” horn buds, which he said made the torturous process take even longer.

Another veterinarian who reviewed the footage said, “[T]hese calves suffered extreme forms of pain and distress” [emphasis in original].

PETA has submitted its evidence to the Marinette County, Wisconsin, sheriff and requested a criminal investigation.
Take Action –


Smoke rose from their charred flesh.

The third-degree burns that they incurred from this agonizing mutilation can cause pain for weeks. The worker admitted that providing the calves with anesthetics before burning them would make the process “a lot easier, but where’s the fun in that?”

He even said that he found it “more exciting” when the calves jumped around and kicked.

Please take a moment today to tell Danone North America—the makers of Dannon Yogurt and Horizon Organic milk—to phase out cruel disbudding in its supply chain.

The most important thing that you can do to help spare calves this kind of pain and suffering is to stop buying cow’s milk and other dairy “products” and go vegan today.

Thank you for your compassion for animals and for your willingness to take action.

Sincerely yours,

Sarah Deffinger
Evidence Analyst
Cruelty Investigations Department
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals




Global: ‘Planetary health diet’ would prevent millions of deaths a year and avoid climate change.



New plant-focused diet would ‘transform’ planet’s future, say scientists

‘Planetary health diet’ would prevent millions of deaths a year and avoid climate change

The first science-based diet that tackles both the poor food eaten by billions of people and averts global environmental catastrophe has been devised. It requires huge cuts in red meat-eating in western countries and radical changes across the world.

sexy vegan 2


Read the full article here:


veganuary 2 sexy vegan 1

cow fart 1

Contribute to Global Warming ? – Nah, Not Me !



the bio-lie


The bio- lie is invented by the meat and milk mafia. To calm the conscience of the population.
It is created for those  who are afraid to look at pictures.

It is for those who avoid responsibility and action against animal crime.

The meat mafia knows it and systematically tries to develop distraction strategies.
One of these is the bio-lie.
There is nowhere human slavery, so there is nowhere humane animal farms.
There is nowhere a human murder, so there is nowhere humane slaughter.
Eating meat is murder.
Eating animal products is murder.
This machine of death needs helpers, these are the carnivores.
Do not join.

Best regards, Venus

Essex, UK: The suffering of turkeys in an award-winning turkey farm!



The organization Animal Equality has published on 16.01.2019 a video.
It shows how the meat mafia works: with lies and deceit for the meat consumers, and with torture and suffering for the animals.

Consumers are cheated that they have animals from animal-friendly attitude on their plate, and pay accordingly expensive.
But the turkeys are kept and maltreated like the other turkeys of a non-award winning farm next door.

Eating animals is not just a crime against animals.
It is also politically wrong.
Because so cooperates the carnivore with a fascist system that uses animals as claves and consumers as useful idiots.

(It follows the translation of the video, the video is without sound):

This award winning company in Essex, UK advertises large, airy stables.
In fact, the turkeys live to a thousand, in crowded halls.

The only employment material for the animals in this barren environment is this old chair. Boredom causes the curious and the intelligent birds to pick each other.

Therefore as a precaution they are cut off sensitive beaks.

But! This painful procedure does not prevent the animals from developing aggression in such an un-natural environment.

The wounds become easily infected and usually remain untreated.

Hidden cameras show how this turkey is picked again and again for 15 hours by its conspecifics.

Lack of control by the workers means lasting pain and certain death for them. Some birds are even eaten alive by conspecifics.

The floors are littered by the bodies of those who have not survived.

The workers just let them lie between the living.

Some were eaten to the bone..

These birds had to stay in a van all night. That’s how they spent the last hours before they died.

Their lives end up like the lives of these birds from another farm nearby.

Without checking that the turkeys are dead, their bodies are torn apart.

The End.

Best regards, Venus


China: Petition – Skeletal Tiger Forced To Eat Dirt. Demand It Is Relocated to A Sanctuary.



SIGN: Justice for Skeletal White Tiger Forced to Eat Dirt at Cruel Zoo

Posted by Carly Day


Petition Link –


 SIGN: Justice for Skeletal White Tiger Forced to Eat Dirt at Cruel Zoo

Image Credit: CGTN Screenshot

Petition target: Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai

Footage has emerged on social media of an emaciated white tiger hungrily licking and biting the muddy floor of her barren enclosure at Wuhan Zoo in China.

The heartbreaking video was captured by a zoo visitor shocked by the physical condition and behavior of the animal. The tiger is housed in appalling conditions, trapped in a bare, muddy square surrounded by concrete with no enrichment whatsoever — not even a tree — in sight.

Zoo management responded to the claims of animal abuse, stating that the seven-year-old Bengal tiger had just been fed a chicken and was merely searching for remains. They said she weighs about 120 kilograms, asserting that this is a normal weight for her species.

However, according to media reports from the big cat’s arrival at the zoo in September last year, she used to weigh 210 kilograms — indicating a massive 90-kilogram weight loss in a matter of months.

Clearly, this white tiger is suffering at Wuhan Zoo, as shown by her skeletal frame and disturbing behavior. She needs to be removed from this facility and sent to a sanctuary to receive appropriate care in a suitable environment.

Sign this petition asking the Chinese Ambassador to address this issue at once, urging Wuhan Zoo to send the tiger to a sanctuary.


England: Take Action Against The Japanese Whalers.




From the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Group;

whale and dolphin japan 

Mark I’m sure you are as upset and concerned as we are about Japan’s decision to leave the International Whaling Commission (IWC – the body that regulates whaling) to resume commercial whaling in the waters around Japan.

By leaving the IWC, the Japanese government has shown an utter disregard for international agreements and conservation efforts. Japanese hunters will kill sei, Bryde’s and minke whales in the same way that they kill around 3,000 dolphins and ‘small’ whales every year – in unregulated hunts with no accountability.

whale 1

Please email the Japanese Embassy in your country to politely express your concern. Tell them that by disregarding the international community, Japan is harpooning its reputation.

You’ll find all the information you need, including a template email, on our action page.

Thank you for getting involved and speaking up for whales. Every voice counts.

whale 2

On behalf of all at WDC,

Julia Pix, WDC campaigns manager.

P.S. If you can get to London on Saturday 26 January, you might want to join the protest march to the Japanese Embassy

Action – Send a Protest Mail:  Use the following link.

Play4Paws – Help Feed Shelter Animals.

Website –


Exercise your brain AND feed shelter animals with our newest website,

We launched Play4Paws to provide our community another way to help animals in need. Play4Paws is unique in that you can feed shelter animals by playing fun and challenging brain games. The more you play, the more animal meals are donated. As we like to say, Play4Paws is the fun way to do serious good!

If you sign up for Play4Paws right now, you will also receive a free I Support Animal Rights shirt. By wearing this shirt you can literally display your support of animals on your chest.

Join right now and we’ll donate 8 shelter meals. Then, every time you play the brain games, we will donate additional meals.

Play4Paws memberships are limited so please sign up now to guarantee a spot. There is a 7 day money back guarantee so there is zero risk. If there are no memberships available when you try to sign up, we will notify you when there is an opening.

Play4Paws | Animal Petitions | ForceChange

There is no ethical murder!




These images are from the slaughterhouse of Moudon in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. In this local slaughterhouse, the body parts of the slaughtered animals are supplied to companies like “HappyMeat” who claim that it is an ethical solution for consumers.

However, behind this facade hides a reality they would rather keep a secret: scared, struggling animals who try to escape, who have a will to live and want to avoid death. Even though the Swiss legislation on animal welfare is respected, the killing of individuals who have a will to live is unjustifiable.

There is no ethical murder.


Best regards, Venus





All animals are the same



Either you want to fight against exploitation, or you can let it be. Those who only value pets and use the “others” as useful animals do not know what they are doing. They prove that they have never seriously considered what the word empathy and moral means.

Regards, Venus

USA: The Government Shutdown Means No Whistleblower Hotline – Here’s Where You Can Report Animal Cruelty Instead.



The Government Shutdown Means No Whistleblower Hotline – Here’s Where You Can Report Animal Cruelty Instead

Posted by Carly Day | January 11, 2019


Since December 22nd last year, the U.S. government has shut down a slew of essential services and functions due to a lack of federal funding.

One key component of the shutdown has been the USDA, who have abandoned many of their key activities and responsibilities in relation to animal welfare.

The USDA is responsible for inspecting research labs, animal breeders and dealers (including puppy mills), and exhibitors of exotic animals like roadside circuses to ensure they meet the minimum animal care standards. However, all these functions have now stopped.

In addition to this, the USDA’s Animal Care hotline that people previously used to report abuse is out of action.

With officials no longer there to hold people accountable, who can we turn to for help if we spot animal abuse or cruelty?

Luckily, there are plenty of amazing organizations throughout the country that offer their own hotlines or reporting avenues.


If you see or learn of any animal welfare violations, reach out to one of the following organizations:

·         PETA: 757-962-TELL or

·         Humane Society of the United States

·         WeTip Anonymous Crime Reporting Hotline 1-800-78-CRIME

·         ASPCA advise calling your local animal shelter or animal control agency for advice

·         The Animal Legal & Historical Center offer a comprehensive table covering each state, advising you where to report different types of animal cruelty in your area.

USA: Oh Um !! – Woman Brags About Deer Poaching on Dating App – Without Knowing She’s Talking to A Game Warden




Woman Brags About Deer Poaching on Dating App – Without Knowing She’s Talking to A Game Warden

Posted by Carly Day | January 11, 2019

 Woman Brags About Deer Poaching on Dating App – Without Knowing She’s Talking to A Game Warden

An Oklahoma woman scored a lot more than she had bargained for after chatting up a potential suitor using dating app Bumble recently. Boasting about shooting a deer outside of the legal hunting season, she had no idea she was exchanging messages with a State game warden.

24-year-old Cannon Harrison, the warden in question, couldn’t believe it when his match began bragging about her kill.

“Honestly, the first thing I thought was that it was someone who was messing with me because they knew who I was,” said Harrison. “It seemed too good to be true.”

Knowing that Oklahoma deer shooting season had ended and her hunt was illegal, Harrison played along, asking if she had killed the animal with a bow (which would have been legal). The woman coyly avoided the question, but soon admitted that she had used the practice of “spotlighting” to shoot the animal. Spotlighting is illegal in Oklahoma. It’s the practice of shining a bright light into an animal’s face causing it to freeze, making it an easy target.

Harrison, ever-dedicated to his calling as a warden, kept up the ruse, pretending to be impressed and asking her to send photos of the deer. She obliged, providing evidence that would later be used against her — gruesome photos of her posing next to her prey, along with images of the butchered animal. The photos and story were later shared on the Oklahoma Game Warden’s Facebook page.

Using his amateur detective skills and the power of social media, Harrison tracked down the offender and game wardens paid her a visit the very next day.

She and an accomplice pleaded guilty to charges of improper possession of an illegally taken animal and taking game out of season, paying $2,400 in fines, although she wasn’t charged for spotlighting.

Although a tragic end for the deer, at least this woman did not get away with her crime — and we’re thankful this game warden put his passion for animals over his search for love.


Canada: Our largest intact old-growth forest is (literally) being turned into toilet paper.



kanada flaggenrdc


Even as NRDC fights in scores of courtrooms to save our environment from the Trump administration, we continue to wage many other important campaigns as well—all thanks to your support. Today, I want to update you on our longstanding effort to protect Canada’s spectacular boreal forest from destruction at the hands of giant timber and consumer product companies.

“no copyright infringement is intended for photos used”

All from Google images – not property of NRDC.


boreal forest 1.jpg

1. The Big Picture:

  • Canada’s boreal forest is our planet’s largest intact old-growth forest. But logging, oil, gas, and mining companies are clearing more than one million acres each year. That’s more than seven NHL hockey rinks a minute, threatening hundreds of Indigenous communities, iconic caribou, and billions of migratory birds, all of which call this ancient forest home.
  • As for the ancient trees? Many of them are being turned into toilet paper, paper towels, and facial tissues.

boreal forest 2boreal forest 5

  1. Why It Matters:
  • Know what else calls the boreal forest home?
  • 300 billion tons of carbon, stored in the boreal region’s soils, plants, and wetlands. That’s equal to more than three decades’ worth of fossil fuel emissions. And it means every acre exploited by industry makes climate change even worse — not to mention putting in peril the people and wildlife who’ve thrived in the boreal for centuries.

boreal forest 3

  1. What We’re Doing:
  • Protecting the world’s largest old-growth forest takes sustained commitment. But NRDC has been in the fight for two decades — and as we round the bend into 2019, we’re more committed than ever to:
    • Pressuring the Canadian government to work with Indigenous communities to protect the boreal forest from unsustainable logging and save the threatened boreal caribou — before it’s too late.
    • Turning up the heat on companies like Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, and others to say no to making throwaway tissue products from trees that come from the boreal forest, and urging these companies to use recycled content instead.
    • Educating consumers on what products to avoid that are made with boreal wood.

boreal forest 4

  1. Learn More:

watch the video

  • See what the boreal forest looks like.

  • Check out this video to grasp the full beauty of the boreal forest and learn more about how carbon sinks — like the boreal — work and why they’re critical.

  • Learn about the ways in which Indigenous Peoples are leading the fight to protect their forest homelands. Meet the Innu forester working to save Canada’s boreal forest.
  • Discover what it’s like to study one of North America’s most elusive mammals. Meet the wildlife ecologist who is researching ways to help boreal caribou survive.
  • Find out which companies are calling for protection of Canada’s boreal forest. Read the letter from industry executives urging the Canadian government to step up and take bold steps to save the boreal forest.

Stay tuned! We’ll keep you updated on our fight to protect the boreal forest. But in the meantime, get even more info at NRDC’s boreal forest headquarters.


Rhea Suh
President, NRDC 

The animal tormentor Nikos Logothetis is allowed to test animals again.


deutsche flagge


Germany has us in the last months only with negative news busy

You certainly remember the scandal in the Max Planck Institute (Tübingen, Germany), we have reported several times about this crime. There was massive torture of primates by the Greek Nikos Logothetis and two other staff members of the institute. They have kept several monkeys alive to do more serious experiments with them, even though the animals, according to the law, should have euthanized.

stella mpiFoto: SOKO, Primate Stella, MPI

Undercover investigations by the SOKO organization provided the evidence,  the public was shocked.

mpi affe 3Foto: SOKO-MPI Primate

On January 7, the three torturers were expected to appear in court, which was not the case, as we reported. A frivolous report, which never appeared in public, relieved the three, and they were pronounced free for the payment of a fine.

The Greek and “researchers” Logothetis were prohibited from further research on primates. But today the following report has been sent to the media:

Researcher Nikos Logothetis is allowed to test animals again.

3 versuchsaffen von mpi

This emerges from an opinion of the Max Planck Society. The scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen and two of his co-workers were indicted several years ago for animal abuse.
Until the end of the procedure, Logothetis was not allowed to conduct or guide animal experiments on the part of the Max Planck Society. He himself had already declared in 2015, after the allegations became known, that he no longer carried out experiments with monkeys. Instead, his team would focus on rodent studies.

In December, the district court Tübingen has now announced that it will stop the proceedings against payment of a sum of money. The Board of Directors of the Max Planck Society therefore sees no reason to continue to prohibit Logothetis from carrying out animal experiments.

The allegations against Logothetis had come up after a zoo keeper (from the SOKO organization) had secretly taken pictures of monkeys in the experimental laboratory at the MPI for Biological Cybernetics. In 2014, they had been broadcast on television.

My comment: Such animal abusers are protected by corrupt governments.
They are all called “Dr. Mengele “.
They daily massacre thousands of defenseless attempt animals to satisfy their curiosity and sadism and call it “research”.
Politicians allow this pointless crime because they deserve too.
Human health is suffering, the animals are suffering, the lab mafia and the state are making money.
That’s our money.
We have to fight a long way. With demonstrations, letters, petitions, enlightenment.
Until the research becomes free from the pointless animal suffering and torture.

My best regards, Venus



England: Positive News for Badgers – The National Trust Will NOT Allow Culling On Its Land.




Learn a great deal more about the Badger cull in England by reading the following link data:


Badger cull: Blaming wildlife while neglecting cheap farming improvements ‘severely hampering’ bovine TB fight, review finds: 


Finally; a positive move for Badgers who are supported on the whole by the British public; but who are unfortunately culled at present due to misinformed government and advisors.

badger artwork

The National Trust says it will NOT bow to pressure from the industry and allow badger culling to take place on its land as part of government efforts to eradicate TB.

In a statement, a National Trust spokesman said: “As a major landowner with many farming tenants, we understand how devastating an outbreak of bovine TB can be.

“That’s why it’s important for us to play our part in tackling this disease by finding a practical solution to prevent its spread among badgers, between cattle and badgers and among cattle.

“Given the evidence currently available, we don’t believe that the widespread culling of a protected species is the right approach to managing bovine TB.”


Read more on this story at:

badgers north west hunt sabsbadgers this is

England: Video Proof That Illegal Hunting Is Taking Place In The UK.



Watch the video footage here:

watch the video


A hunter has been caught on camera kicking the body of a fox into a river, in what Chris Packham says is “proof” illegal hunting is taking place in the UK.

A member of the Cheshire Hunt, in red hunting jacket, was filmed trying to dispose of the corpse of the vixen, which witnesses claimed had just been chased and mauled to death by hounds.

Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs, who retrieved the mangled body from the water, posted footage online of the huntsman’s “vile” actions.

Hunting wildlife with dogs has been illegal since 2005.

Packham, the BBC Springwatch presenter, tweeted:“This is ugly,” going on to suggest that the incident provided “proof that illegal hunting continues in the UK”. The Cheshire Hunt strongly denied that any unlawful activity had taken place.

“Please help to peacefully and democratically end this anachronistic savagery”, Packham went on. “It shames our nation and our species.”

Other Twitter users called for the hunter to be prosecuted, insisting there was “no excuse for such evil” and saying the law should be enforced more strictly.

After the clash, at Huxley near Chester, on Saturday afternoon, the saboteurs named the vixen Amelia “to give her some dignity”.

Three days later, the hunt also killed a male fox, the saboteurs said.

Facebook user Helen Martin wrote to the Cheshire Police Commissioner, saying: “I also hope that you will represent the 85 per cent of the population who abhor fox hunting and ensure Cheshire makes a stand on this archaic, brutal practice the only purpose of which is to fulfil the bloodlust of a disturbed minority.”

Meanwhile, a businesswoman is trying to convince local authorities to enforce rules around organising hunts in advance.

Barbara Wray has started a petition on, calling for hunts to be forced to apply for “comprehensive risk-assessment documents” and to have public liability insurance, as organisers of other public events do.

A spokesperson for the Cheshire Hunt said: “Many hunts, including the Cheshire, are subjected to constant harassment by anti-hunting activists whose intentions are to disrupt legal activities by spraying noxious substances and attempting to distract the hounds while they are trail-hunting.

“The Cheshire Hunt operates within the law to comply with the Hunting Act 2004.

“An incident occurred on Saturday 5 January which we believe was solely due to the presence of anti-hunting protesters who were interfering with the hounds.

“The police are aware of any allegations regarding our activities and that of the anti-hunting activists and we are fully co-operating with their enquiries.”

Cheshire police said they were still investigating, and referred to an earlier statement that said: “We’re still speaking to all parties and are thoroughly reviewing the information we’ve been given. Events such as these are very upsetting and we’re doing everything we can to find out what has gone on, but this can take time and is often very challenging.”

David Keane, police and crime commissioner for Cheshire, said: “The constabulary is aware of the allegations and in my role as police and crime commissioner in holding the chief constable to account, I will be seeking an overview of the investigation and any outcomes from those leading it.

“The acting chief constable is fully aware of my expectation that such incidents are thoroughly and robustly investigated.

“Following the independent review I commissioned into illegal hunting in Cheshire, I will be holding a scrutiny meeting in public next month to discuss the outcomes of this review and the subsequent action plan to ensure Cheshire Constabulary is upholding its responsibilities under the Hunting Act 2004.

“In the meantime, I would urge anyone who has evidence of any criminal activity relating to illegal hunting to contact Cheshire police.”


WAV Comment:

when do the police ever do anything about illegal hunting ? – ignorant as always; that is the problem !

Brazil: Deforestation is organized crime!




In Brazil, thousands of square kilometers of rainforest are destroyed each year, and this year’s depletion of nature reaches its highest level since 2008: According to the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment, a total of 7900 square kilometers of forest were cut between August 2017 and July 2018.


This corresponds to an area of ​​more than one million soccer fields!!

Deforestation has risen by more than 13 percent since last year. Environment Minister Edson Duarte cited illegal logging as the reason and blamed “increased organized crime”. Brazil must expand the fight against environmental violations and protect the sustainable development of the biome.

Most trees were cleared in the states of Pará and Mato Grosso. Mato Grosso grows much of Brazil’s grain.

mato grosopgMato Grosso

According to critics, the forest has to give way above all to expanding agriculture.

The rainforest in the Amazon region is the largest on Earth. Much of the forest lies on Brazilian territory. Newly elected President Jair Bolsonaro had announced in the election campaign to have a road paved through the rainforest. He is also considering merging the environment with the Ministry of Agriculture. Minister Duarte warned against the merger. Critics fear that environmental protection, with the merger behind the interests of the powerful agricultural lobbies must stand behind.

abgeholte flächen in brasilienjpgRooted forest areas on the edge of the Juruena National Park in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil


In the past year, the deforestation of the rainforest had fallen by 16 percent compared to the previous year and amounted to almost 7,000 square kilometers. The lowest level was reached in 2012, when only 4500 square kilometers of forest were cleared.

In 2004, the then government adopted measures to combat deforestation. In the year, an area the size of Haiti – over 27,000 square kilometers was cut down.–deforestation-of-the-rainforest-reaches-its-highest-level-in-10-years.H1dKOTLR7.html

My comment: nature does not need us, we need nature.

If we destroy its last resources, who won?

Best regards, Venus



Labor Mafia: the new design of an old torture!


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A research group in Leipzig (Germany) has developed a new “model” of a so-called back skin chamber. Back chamber models in mice have been used in animal research for 80 years to look into the skin of living animals. The dorsal skin of the anesthetized mouse is stretched between two metal frames, which are screwed together. In the middle of the metal frame is a transparent observation window – a kind of porthole.

maus mit bullauge_n

By the way – these torture instruments have been used in animal experiments for more than 80 years.

In this area, holes will be cut into the upper skin layers of the mouse. So they can watch the blood vessels of the animal through the extremely tight skin. The “advantage” of the “Leipzig chamber model” described here, the researchers call the smaller size and lower weight compared to other back chamber models!!

But: in the US, a smaller and lighter chamber has already been developed. So.. here 66 mice were researched for something that already exists and that nobody needs anyway!

My comment: Why and for what and what perverse and completely pointless other experiments on our living beings are exercised, has long been known. But just these torturous animal experiments are sold as a kind of animal welfare (“refinement”) !!

Best regards, Venus


Germany: murder lust against the wolf



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Klöckner wants to facilitate shooting of wolves

Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner ( Christian Democratic Union) urges the Federal Government to facilitate the shooting of wolves. In a letter to Minister of the Environment Svenja Schulze (Social Democratic Party), Klöckner demands to exhaust all legal possibilities for reducing the wolf population, which holds the international and European species protection law.


The Federal Nature Conservation Act would have to be amended in such a way that in the future a regular “moderate stock regulation” and more than just single kills would be possible.

The amendment of the Federal Nature Conservation Act promised by Schulze to launch individual, particularly conspicuous wolves is not enough, writes Klöckner, according to the report in the letter. In Germany now lived more than 600 wolves.

Wolf Bilder Zum Ausdrucken Fd32 Messianica Malvorlagen Für Mädchen with Wolfsbilder Zum Ausdrucken

“The wolf population is subject to a high population dynamics and grows by about 25 to 30 percent per year, so doubles every three to four years,” writes the Minister of Agriculture. “The wolf attacks on farm animals have increased accordingly, as early as 2016, more than 1000 cracks were counted.”

In the summer, the grand coalition had agreed on a compromise on the controversial topic of wolf policy, in which farmers stand against environmentalists. Among other things, the SPD and the Union decided to make it easier for farmers to compensate for damage and to further support the Federal Advisory Board on the subject of wolves.

Timber wolf hunting in mountain

In Germany, 73 wolf packs have been determined as of April 30 of this year. According to this, the Wolf’s presence is concentrated in the area from the Saxon Lausitz to Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia to Lower Saxony.

My comment: And this minister is paid very well by the money of our taxpayers! And for such a moronic customer policy! Every day we get closer to the abyss and closer!

We want to exterminate everything of every animal, not just only the wolf.

99,000 wild boars were executed this year, over 500,000 foxes were brutally murdered this year, the hunt against raccoons has already begun, they are released for shooting …
In the past, the shepherds had so-called herd protection dogs, which had already ensured that no wolf had dared to go to the sheeps. And there are also fences with electricity, one just has to install them. But something like that does some work and the farmer in Germany wants to earn money without working.

That’s why farmers prefer destruction.
And the friend of the farmer, the hunter, must also have a sense of achievement. Now the wolf is shot, otherwise the hunters go bankrupt.
Extermination, extermination, extermination …
Just ask one, when will we begin to root each other out.

My best regards to all, Venus


the animal rescuer!


This little hare freed a kitten living in his house when it could not get out.

Solidarity is not an exclusive property of humans.
And animals can express emotions as well as people, such as solidarity, helpfulness, affection.

We could learn a lot from the animals.

Best regards, Venus


Scotland (UK): January 2019 News from ‘Onekind’.


Dear Mark,

We’re very pleased to let you know that the Scottish Government has announced a series of animal welfare commitments this week. The Minister for Rural Affairs and the Natural Environment, Mairi Gougen MSP revealed the Scottish Government will be introducing CCTV in abattoirs, strengthening the fox hunting ban, and increasing the maximum sentences for cruelty to animals. Other commitments include legislation to regulate animal sanctuaries and re-homing centres, and licensing dog, cat and rabbit breeding.

In her opening statement, Mairi Gougen MSP commended groups like OneKind for their hard work stating that she was “heartened and impressed by their commitment.” You can watch the full statement here.


CCTV in Slaughterhouses

Following our campaigning, we’re thrilled that the Scottish Government has committed to introducing compulsory video recording in all relevant areas of slaughterhouses in Scotland. We launched our campaign for mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses in 2016 and worked closely with Animal Aid on it. We presented a 10,000-signature petition to the Scottish Government, held a briefing event for MSPs, and our supporters responded to the government’s consultation on the issue .  This is a fantastic move, and we’d like to thank everyone who supported us on this campaign. We couldn’t have done it without you all!


Fox Hunting

Significantly on the issue of fox hunting, the Scottish Government will reduce the maximum number of dogs that can be used to flush a wild mammal towards a gun for shooting to two, and intends to discourage trail hunting, which is used in England as a pretext for hunting foxes.

The Scottish Government intends to implement the recommendations made by Lord Bonomy in his review of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002. These include improved definitions of hunting, removal of the word “deliberately” from the main offence, tightening up on the drafting of exceptions and reversing the burden of proof so that an individual is required to show that an exception applies.

Speaking on the announcement, OneKind’s Director Bob Elliot said:

“At first sight we welcome the reduction of the number of dogs permitted for flushing to two, but obviously we remain concerned at the proposal to license greater numbers in some cases. There will be no gain for animal welfare if this provides a new loophole for fox hunts to exploit, although we entirely accept the Minister’s intention is to prevent this happening.

“The changes will make the legislation more effective and enforceable, but ultimately we support a full ban on all use of dogs to chase and kill sentient wild mammals. We continue look forward to the proposed Member’s Bill expected from Scottish Green MSP, Alison Johnstone, and very much welcome the Minister’s acknowledgment of those proposals.”


Animal Welfare Commission

We’ve been pressing for the establishment of an Animal Welfare Commission for Scotland to provide expert advice on the welfare of domesticate and wild animals in Scotland, so we’re delighted that it has been announced by the Scottish Government. We expect the commission, which will be the first in the UK, to be founded on the recognition that animals are sentient beings and therefore there is a duty on the government and its agencies to pay full regard to their welfare.

Overall, we’re delighted by the commitments but of course there’s more that we want to call for. We’ll be looking for an outright ban on fox hunting and a full ban on the use of snares. We’ll also be calling for regulating on the use of animals in displays, like reindeer at Christmas, and pushing for a ban on mountain hare culling and continue to fight the welfare issues concerning the intensive farming of salmon .



Toraja’s bloody death dance!



Indonesia Sulawesi:  Part of the sick ritual of the funeral ceremony is the killing of water buffaloes.


The higher the reputation of the dead, the more water buffalo (the white are considered the most valuable) must be sacrificed at the festival. The water buffalo are a symbol of power and wealth.

büffel mord in indonesiennImage: Water buffalo at a Toraja funeral ceremony Tana Toraja, Sulawesi Indonesia!


Funerals are traditionally held at a special ceremony place the “Rante”.

toraja beerdigung

The stronger the person who died, the more buffaloes are killed on the day of death. Buffalo carcasses, including their heads, are usually strung on a field, waiting for their owner, who is in “sleep phase”.

torajat ceremoniejpg

Torajans believe that the deceased will need the buffalo to make the journey, and that they will arrive faster in the sky / paradise if they have many buffaloes. The murder of dozens of water buffaloes and hundreds of pigs with a machete is the culmination of the elaborate death celebration with dance and music and young people catching spurting blood in long bamboo canes. buffalo sacrifice

Buffalo and pig shit, blood and offal cover the floor.
The smell of burnt hair is in the air.

Some of the slaughtered animals are given by guests as “gifts”, which are carefully recorded as they are considered debts of the family of the deceased.

At the funeral today is often a Christian priest as well as an Aluk priest (To-Minaa) present.

The higher the reputation of the deceased, the more buffalo and pigs must be sacrificed at his funeral ceremony.

And then there are the tourists who film the poor animals in their suffering..

For every religion, the animal is one thing; only exploitation, breeding, hunting and eating object, and man is the mortal enemy of the animal, his devil. For every religion, the beast is created by God to serve man, to be useful to him.
Today, and everywhere in the world, we are murderous and pitiless with the animals; all that remains is to hope for a growing rethinking of rationality and empathy for our fellow creatures, especially because there is no rational reason for such criminal rituals.

My best regards to all, Venus



UK: ‘Natural England’ (?) Issue Licences To Kill Multiple Red-listed Bird Species – Is This ‘Natural’ ??




Full article:


Licences granted to kill multiple Red-listed species

Natural England and Natural Resources Wales have given the go-ahead for Red-listed species such as Eurasian Curlew, Eurasian Skylark and House Sparrow to be shot.

The full list of birds for which killing permits have been issued includes several other scarcely believable species, including Blackbird, Eurasian Bullfinch, European Robin, Great Tit, Northern Lapwing and Red Kite.

Officials from both organisations have said the permits were handed out for air safety, public health and safety and to prevent serious damage to livestock, and it’s likely thousands of birds have so far been killed under the licenses.


Please click on the above link to read the full article.


WAV Comment – So suddenly birds are a public health and livestock concern ! –  The Brits are not going to take this easy and accept it.  We think quite rightly there are going to be serious responses to this action.  Can we suggest that ‘Natural England’ change their name to ‘Farmers Friend Natural Killers’ – going against nature !