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The Best Veggie and Vegan Eating Places In The World.


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  1. Wild Food – in Granada, Spain
  2. Grassroots Health – in Edinburgh, Scotland
  3. AtayaCaffe – in Berlin, Germany
  4. The Butcher’s Son – in Berkeley, California
  5. Dosa Bar – in Tel Aviv, Israel
  6. Piante Pizzeria – in Breckenridge, Colorado
  7. Vegan Beat – in Athens, Greece
  8. Veganeats Caffe – in Lisbon, Portugal
  9. PickyWops – Fulham – in South West London, England
  10. Arashiyama-kan – in Kyoto, Japan
  11. Plant – in Asheville, North Carolina
  12. Hoi Banh My Chay – Food Stall – in Hoi An, Vietnam
  13. T’s Tantan – Tokyo Station – in Tokyo, Japan
  14. The Cheeze Factory Restaurant – in Baraboo, Wisconsin
  15. Reform Kafe – in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  16. Urban Orchard – temporarily closed – in Madrid, Spain
  17. La Tecia Vegana – in Venice, Italy
  18. The Wala Room – in Torremolinos, Spain
  19. All Chay – in Salt Lake City, Utah
  20. Comet 984 – 50’s Diner – in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
  21. Cafe Thrive – in Southampton, England
  22. Dall’Albero – in Rome, Italy
  23. Sova Vegan Butcher – in Dublin, Ireland
  24. What The Pitta – Shoreditch – in East London, England
  25. Vegab – Starowiślna – in Krakow, Poland
  26. Caju – in Nice, France
  27. Ao 26 – Vegan Food Project – in Lisbon, Portugal
  28. Sweet Theory Baking Co. – in Jacksonville, Florida
  29. Offbeet – in Wickham, England
  30. The Vurger – Calle Quart – in Valencia, Spain
  31. Ma Ma Wok – in Charlotte, North Carolina
  32. My Vegan Sweet Tooth – in Virginia Beach, Virginia
  33. Bamboo Vegan Mini Market and Cafe – in Athens, Greece
  34. Arvore do Mundo – in Porto, Portugal
  35. Gnome Cafe – in Charleston, South Carolina
  36. Lime Bistro – in Athens, Greece
  37. Spiral Diner & Bakery – in Fort Worth, Texas
  38. Gioia Plant-Based Cuisine – in Marbella, Spain
  39. Chef Tanya’s Kitchen – in Palm Springs, California
  40. Peloton Supershop – in Bali, Indonesia
  41. Phuc Quang Chay – in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  42. Zad’s – in Manchester, England
  43. Berben and Wolff’s Vegan Delicatessen – in Albany, New York
  44. GustaV – in Salzburg, Austria
  45. Le Corail at Latifa – in Essaouira, Morocco
  46. The Pitted Date – in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
  47. The V Factor – in Lanzarote, Canary Islands
  48. Morpho Cafe – in Kyoto, Japan
  49. Vegan Junk Food Bar – Staringplein – in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  50. Purezza – in Brighton, England
  51. Green Point – in Cusco, Peru
  52. Veggie House – in Las Vegas, Nevada
  53. Simply Green Cafe – in Ramsey, New Jersey
  54. Portershed – in Christchurch, New Zealand
  55. Virtuous Pie – Main St – in Vancouver, British Columbia
  56. Trivoli Vegan Kafeneio – in Athens, Greece
  57. Dona Flor Cafe – in Lisbon, Portugal
  58. Falafel Corner – in Coventry, England
  59. Anastasia – in Tel Aviv, Israel
  60. La Palanche d’Aulac – in Paris, France
  61. Picnic – in Glasgow, Scotland
  62. Edamame Vegan Sushi – in Warsaw, Poland
  63. Ain Soph.Ripple – in Tokyo, Japan
  64. Vegana By Tentugal – in Porto, Portugal
  65. El Vergel Veggie Restaurant – in Tarragona, Spain
  66. Men Impossible – in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  67. Thuc Duong Bao An – Bao An Macrobiotic – in Da Nang, Vietnam
  68. Cheeky Yam – in Cairns, Queensland
  69. Momencik – in Warsaw, Poland
  70. Avo – in Nashville, Tennessee
  71. Bonita Cafe and Social Club – in Bangkok, Thailand
  72. Brammibal’s Donuts – Maybachufer – in Berlin, Germany
  73. Balans Bistro – in Bratislava, Slovakia
  74. Spiral Diner and Bakery – in Dallas, Texas
  75. The Very Good Butchers – in Victoria, British Columbia
  76. Mitasie 3 – in Huntington Beach, California
  77. Fox & Fig – in Savannah, Georgia
  78. Tasty Vegan – Seminyak – in Bali, Indonesia
  79. Peas – in Athens, Greece
  80. Plant Power Food – in Copenhagen, Denmark
  81. The Greyhound Cafe – in Malvern, Pennsylvania


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England: Help Endangered Gorillas – London – Great Gorilla Run – Sunday 23rd September 2018.


G run 2


London – Great Gorilla Run – Sunday 23rd September 2018

Rated one of the UK’s best running events by the Independent newspaper and supported by Time Out London, The Great Gorilla Run is a charity fun run you won’t want to miss!

Raise money to help endangered Gorillas !


Full details here if you wish to take part –



G run 4

S. Africa: Pride Leader Lion Killed By American Trophy Hunter.

new lion hunted

Recently, Skye, a male lion and pride leader with cubs, was allegedly killed by an American trophy hunter in South Africa. Skye was apparently baited in the Umbabat Private Nature Reserve, part of his territory that includes the protected Kruger National Park where hunting isn’t allowed.

Now, his disappearance has completely disrupted his vulnerable pride – the females were attacked by other male lions and one of his cubs has died while the other two remain separated from the group.

Tragically, the United States is a huge contributor to such killing. Long the largest importer of lion hunting trophies in the world, the U.S. should be protecting these magnificent animals, not hunting them.

Please ask the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to deny applications to import any wild lion hunting trophies from South Africa.

African lions are listed as threatened and endangered in the U.S. Endangered Species Act. Only 20,000 or so African lions remain in the wild today.

Trophy hunting is a head-hunting, thrill-seeking, and blood-thirsty exercise for the wealthy few, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of lions each year. When trophy hunters can’t bring their trophies back home with them, it reduces the appeal and ultimately the demand for the killing.

Act now to help end imports of wild lion trophies from South Africa to the United States.

Together, we will secure higher protections for wildlife and work to end trophy hunting of wild animals like Skye

12/7/18 Australia: Live Exporters Stopped From Exporting Sheep After Short Legal Battle.



Further to our post yesterday –

We now have a further excellent update from Animals Australia.

Hi Mark,

I’m so pleased to be able to share some wonderful news with you this morning! As of midnight last night, the Department of Agriculture suspended the export licence of EMS Rural Exports — stopping their shipment of 45,000 sheep to the Middle East.

This is a dramatic regulatory intervention like no other — created by the threat of our injunction, and the outpouring of concern that politicians around the country received over the past 48 hours. So close were the 45,000 sheep to being exported to the Middle East that at 8am yesterday the loading ramps were put in place at Fremantle Port.

As each hour passed with no sheep trucks arriving, our hopes grew that the Department was reconsidering. Then, at midnight, they issued a media release that they were suspending the EMS export licence — preventing this shipment from leaving.

It is difficult for me to find words to adequately express my gratitude to our magnificent legal teamDan Star QC, barristers Nick Wood and Jim Hartley, and the wonderful team of solicitors at K & L Gates led by Travis Payne. Working side by side with them has been Animals Australia’s own in-house Legal Counsel, Shatha Hamade, who has barely left her office in recent days. Our legal team’s efforts to prevent this shipment from leaving have been simply extraordinary. And finally, I want to thank you. Without you, this outcome would not have been possible.

All of our minute by minute efforts to protect animals from cruelty are fuelled by your belief in us, and your support. Today is a good day. I can’t tell you that there won’t be further battles ahead… inevitably there will be. But, as ever, because of you, we will be there for the animals.

My warmest wishes and heartfelt gratitude, Lyn

Lyn White AM Animals Australia

11/7/18 Australia: Sheep Reprieved From Live Export Now Being Readied For ……. Live Export !


Dear Mark,

I wanted to update you as soon as I could about a situation that is unfolding in Western Australia.

As I write, 45,000 of the sheep who recently ‘won’ a reprieve from live export are being readied to load onto a ship. Suspended export company Emanuel Exports is trying to use a legal loophole to enable them to export these animals under the name of their affiliate. And, incredibly, the Department of Agriculture looks set to allow this to happen. I’m sure you’ll share my dismay that a shamed export company responsible for such egregious animal suffering could ever set sail with animals again. To make matters worse, July and August are the peak of the Middle East summer. We’ve all now seen the dreadful suffering of sheep on ships during this period, as the holds of these vessels turn into steaming ‘ovens’. What’s clear is that Australian authorities have again failed these animals. But we are not prepared to let them leave without an almighty fight. Our legal team has been working day and night in preparation to head to the Federal Court later today to seek an urgent injunction.

Stopping a shipment of animals leaving Australia has never been attempted before and the road ahead will not be easy. We can’t challenge the lawfulness of this export permit until it is granted — and, inconceivably, that doesn’t happen until after the sheep are loaded onto the vessel. So we’ll be in a race against time to convince the duty Federal Court Judge to halt this shipment. Our legal team has already informed the Judge of the circumstances, in readiness to present our case at the first moment that we can. The Department of Agriculture has also been put on notice of our intentions. It’s impossible to predict how events will unfold over the coming days. We’re all mortified at the failure of authorities to prevent this heartless exporter from inflicting further suffering. I’m sure you’ll agree that it shouldn’t be up to a charity to instigate such unprecedented legal action to have laws upheld. But, as always, we will not hesitate to do what is needed and what is right. I can’t predict our chances of success… I can only commit to you that, as ever, we will be doing all things legally and humanly possible to protect these animals. That we can even attempt such a bold legal intervention over the next 24 hours is because of you. We never, ever forget this. Please know how grateful we are to you for your kind heart, and your unfailing support of our efforts… especially as we head into battle today. I will update you as events unfold. For the animals, Lyn.

Lyn White AM Animals Australia