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Sea Shepherd: 1 million euros to end the murder!


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DURING the last 10 years a total of 7,744 small cetaceans of five different species (58,897 cetaceans of at least six species over the last 50 years) have lost their lives in the Faroe Islands grindadráp hunts.

Sea Shepherd UK, a marine conservation charity working to defend ocean wildlife and habitats, is offering a financial incentive to the Faroe Islands of One Million Euros in total over the next 10 years to bring to an end the grindadráp.

Faröer Insel Schlacht

The one million Euros will be payable over ten instalments of 100,000 Euros at the end of every calendar year for 10 years starting January 2019 with the first instalment of 100,000 Euros on the 1st January 2020.

All of the incentive payments must only be spent in the Faroe Islands (with documented proof provided to Sea Shepherd UK) on the following projects:

1. Promoting Eco-friendly tourism to the Faroe Islands

2. Establishing cooperative whale/dolphin watching businesses in small communities around the Faroe Islands

3. Provision of teaching materials or specialist lectures to Faroese children on Marine Conservation

4. Training to Faroese citizens in Marine Mammal Rescue techniques so that stranded cetaceans can be saved whenever possible


Each yearly payment of 100,000 Euros will only be made if ZERO cetaceans are deliberately hunted and killed in the Faroe Islands throughout the entire preceding 12-month period. If during any year a cetacean is deliberately killed in the Faroe Islands, then the current and subsequent yearly payments will be cancelled.

“This offer has been made direct to the government of the Faroe Islands on the 25th September 2018,” said Sea Shepherd UK Chief Operations Officer, Robert Reed.


My Comment: She Shepard was often classified as a terrorist organization!!
Because of their brave activism against Japanese fishing fleets, which had illegally killed whales in forbidden sea zones.
And these “terrorists” now give 1 million euros to stop the murder of these animals.
Not a house to buy and ten years holiday in Mallorca to do.
But to save a few thousand whales from the knife of the battles!
We hope it works.
Because for many, the intoxication of murder is stronger than money…

My best regards, Venus



USA: Update – Progress – US House Votes to Ban Dog And Cat Meat.


Regarding our recent post on dog and cat meat in the United States – SOME POSITIVE NEWS – Thanks to all who supported this amendment:

 PROGRESS: US House Votes to Ban Dog And Cat Meat


PROGRESS: US House Votes to Ban Dog And Cat Meat

In a huge step forward in the fight to ban the consumption of dog and cat meat in the US, the House of Representatives passed the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act 2018  (H.R. 6720) in a voice vote this week.

The bill — sponsored by Republican Rep. Vern Buchanan and Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings —  bans the slaughter, transport, possession, and trade of dogs and cats for human consumption. It also outlaws the trade of dog and cat meat between states and internationally, with a maximum fine of $5000. Currently, only six states have regulations banning dog and cat meat.

“As the House of Representatives also calls for the end of the dog and cat meat trade globally, it is important to that we hold ourselves to the same standards we wish to see in others,” said a statement released by Alcee Hastings following the bill’s success. “ H.R.6720 makes that commitment, and I urge the Senate to take up this important bill without delay.”

The next step is for the bill to pass through Senate and be enacted by the president.

“More than half the households in America have a dog or cat as part of their family,” Congressman Vern Buchanan said. “We should send a clear message that slaughtering these beloved animals for food is unacceptable and will be punished.”

A further resolution was passed in which the House calls upon numerous countries, such as China, South Korea, Indonesia and more, to join the US in banning the dog and cat meat trade. The dog meat industry in these countries is horrific, with tens of millions of animals brutally slaughtered every year.

“There is no place in our compassionate society for these practices,” said Congresswoman Claudia Tenney. “This bill is a reflection of America’s values, and sends a strong message to all nations that we will not stand for this inhumane and cruel treatment.”

If you haven’t done so already, sign Lady Freethinker’s petition in support of this bill, ensuring that the Senate supports this important step for animal welfare.

England/Germany: Psst; Wanna Spread The Word ?

England  Germany


We have produced the following sheet so that you can print it out or e mail and pass on to all your contacts to keep them informed of all the animal work in Serbia for the last 13 years and now worldwide; via this site WAV.

Please share to all;

Regards Mark and Venus.





No real reason for this; except maybe we need some time out.  I just love ‘The Cure’ (Fascination Street) and I have been a good ‘Depeche Mode’ follower in the past – Enjoy – Mark.

USA: Right Now It IS Legal To Slaughter and Eat Dogs And Cats in44 States of the USA. So Take Action !


Yes, it IS currently legal to slaughter and eat dogs and cats in 44 states of the USA.

 We are closer than ever…
…to banning dog and cat meat throughout the entire United States!

Shockingly, it is legal to slaughter and eat dogs and cats in 44 states of the US, with no federal law barring this brutal practice. But last week, the House of Representatives voted to pass H.R.6720, the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act. Now, we just need the Senate to pass this important bill, and the president to sign it into law.

Speak out now to help make dog and cat meat illegal in the US.







As we fight to stop dogs and cats throughout Asia from being kidnapped, tortured and brutally killed by meat dealers, we must finally outlaw the killing of companion animals in the USA.




England: London Vegan restaurants that can’t be beet !


London Vegan restaurants that can’t be beet !



What: Breaking Free

Why: For over a hundred years, the Santoro family have been key players in the meat industry, but now Alex and Oliver Santoro are rebelling by opening restaurant Genesis which couldn’t be more different. Situated on Commercial Street, Genesis is plant-based, GMO-free and organic. Influenced by street food and their travels, the candy-pink restaurant serves up everything from kale Caesar salad, mac & cheese and the American Woman burger filled with creamy coleslaw, BBQ sauce, onion rings, jalapeños and gherkins. And as for puddings, it’s not all chia seeds and raw cacao, instead you’ll find their takes on brownie sundaes, bread and butter pudding and cheesecake. To drink will be cold pressed juices, Lo Bros Kombucha, organic drinks from Longflint Drinks Co. and will be the only UK restaurant use a brewing contraption from Dutch Lab for their cold brew coffee. Fancy.

Where: 144 Commercial Street, Shoreditch, E1 6NU





What: Grab and Go

Why: Flipside is so brand spanking new that it has even opened yet. Set to open at the start of October in Farringdon, it’ll sit (almost mockingly) in the shadow of the historic Smithfield Meat Market and will be a modern American fully plant-based grab and go restaurant. For breakfast you’ll find organic chickpea scramble boxes, mocha morning oats and sourdough donut with almond feta and hone. At lunch, drop in for a sandwich, they have more than 30 so you won’t get bored quickly or head to the ‘Mac Bar’ where you can customise your mac & cheese with caramelised onions, sticky rashers and chargrilled broccoli. Come the evening there’ll be burgers and sides including loaded nachos and skinny apple slaw.

Where: 88 Cowcross Street, Farringdon, EC1M 6BP



vegan day 4

Jidori Covent Garden

What: Vegan Japanese Style

Why: Whilst technically not a vegan restaurant, Jidori in Covent Garden has just launched an all new vegan menu. Following the standard menu, the new additions will include small plates, yakitori, snacks and puddings. You’ll find a Mizuna and tofu salad, avocado, radish and yuzu ceviche, tenderstem broccoli tempura, as well as shiitake and shimeji ‘Kinoko’ mushroom and smokey ‘Nasu’ aubergine and coconut water sorbet with figs and lime for pudding.

Where: 15 Catherine Street, Covent Garden, WC2B 5JZ



Fat Gay Vegan

What: Fat Gay Vegan Takeover

Why: Sean O’Callaghan aka the Fat Gay Vegan is now part of the Clapham Common’s Venn Street Market as he takes over a section to bring the finest vegan street food to SW4, each Saturday there’ll be ten stalls serving up the best a vegan can get. Traders joining him will be Big V, Jake’s Vegan Steaks, Let’s Do Temaki and Temple of Seitan, cookies and cupcakes from Ms Cupcake, homemade vegan cheeses from Kinda Co and vegan beer from Mondo brewing.

Where: Clapham Common, SW4



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