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COVID-19: World Health Organisation calls for ban on sale of live wild mammals in food markets.

COVID-19: World Health Organisation calls for ban on sale of live wild mammals in food markets | World News | Sky News

COVID-19: World Health Organisation calls for ban on sale of live wild mammals in food markets

The statement comes after a WHO team visited Wuhan in China to investigate the origins of COVID-19.

The sale of live wild mammals at food markets should be suspended as an emergency measure, the World Health Organisation has said.

The statement comes after a WHO team visited Wuhan in China to investigate the origins of COVID-19.

The most likely scenario is that the virus originated in bats, was spread to another unidentified animal, and then passed on to humans, a WHO report said in March.

The organisation said in a separate report on Tuesday that animals, “particularly wild animals”, are the source of more than 70% of emerging infectious diseases in humans.

They added many of these are caused by novel viruses – a virus that has not previously been recorded.

The report states: “Wild mammals, in particular, pose a risk for the emergence of new diseases. They come into markets without any way to check if they carry dangerous viruses.

“There is a risk of direct transmission to humans from coming into contact with the saliva, blood, urine, mucus, faeces, or other body fluids of an infected animal, and an additional risk of picking up the infection from contact with areas where animals are housed in markets or objects or surfaces that could have been contaminated with such viruses.”

The WHO said “traditional markets play a central role in providing food and livelihoods ” around the world.

It added that banning the sale of live wild animals would help to protect the health of both shoppers and workers.

The closest-related viruses to COVID-19 have been found in bats in southwest China.

The intermediate host is more elusive: mink, pangolins, rabbits, raccoon dogs and domesticated cats have all been cited as a possibility.

The WHO team said that a theory the virus was leaked from a lab was “extremely unlikely” but it has not been ruled out.

The call for a ban of the sale of wild animals comes as the the WHO said the global coronavirus pandemic is at a “critical point”.

It added that people need a “reality check” as restrictions are eased.

Dr Maria van Kerkhove, head of the WHO’s technical response, told a news conference vaccinations alone are not enough to combat COVID-19.

Coronavirus restrictions were eased in parts of the UK on Monday, with shoppers returning to high streets and drinkers visiting pub gardens in England, and non-essential retailers reopening in Wales.

Dr van Kerkhove, speaking on Monday afternoon, urged caution, saying: “We need headlines around these public health and social measures, we need headlines around the tools that we have right now that can prevent infections and save lives.

“We are in a critical point of the pandemic right now, the trajectory of this pandemic is growing.”

Regards Mark – somehow, I dont feel that this is going to happen ! – I very much hope I am wrong, but ……………………….

Animal shelter ALBA- Berlin/ Bosnia=a crime syndicat

For a few days, gruesome pictures of dead dogs have been circulating on social media in the so-called quarantine station of the shelter for abandoned animals in Stranjanin, which is managed by 𝗝𝗞𝗣 𝗔𝗟𝗕𝗔 𝗭𝗲𝗻𝗶𝗰𝗮 (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

ALBA Zenica is a location of ALBA Berlin GmbH.

In autumn last year, employees at the ALBA Zenica animal shelter in Bosnia and Herzegovina published shocking photos and videos.
The disturbing recordings document the daily suffering of the animals in narrow, dirty cages and the barbaric, massive killing of dogs in the animal shelter.
In recent months, PETA Germany has been in close contact with the informants and Bosnian-Herzegovinian animal rights activists who brought these atrocities to the public.

According to information available to PETA, the ALBA Group Berlin has been financing an animal shelter of the subsidiary Alba D.O.O. since January 2017. (Alba Ltd.) in Zenica, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.
The shelter is owned by the city of Zenica.

As the leaked photo and video material show, the dogs in this facility are neglected and tortured, which is a clear violation of the regulation on the operation of animal shelters.
The images show the rotting bodies of deceased puppies, dogs with sad eyes that are vegetating in their own feces and urine, dirty, empty bowls.

One-shot shows a mother dog with her babies: the dogs are locked in a tiny cage, stacked on top of each other so that they cannot move or stretch out. The material also shows photos of emaciated and already deceased dogs that are scattered in the rain-soaked area.

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Elephant Actions – Please Support, Thank You.

Fifty year old elephant Betty has lived a lifetime of suffering.

Captured from her home in Thailand at the age of just three years old, she was sold into the George Carden International Circus in 1986 where she has been forced to perform cruel circus tricks and to give rides ever since.

The Carden family continues to force Betty to perform despite the fact that she is chronically lame. She does not bend her left front ankle, which is evident when she walks or give rides. Betty also continually drags her trunk along the ground as she walks. It appears that she is using her trunk as a crutch to remain balanced or to hold her upright. Her impairment could pose a serious public health hazard should her lameness result in a fall while she was performing or giving rides.

In performance after performance, CompassionWorks International has found Betty exhibiting these clear signs of suffering, yet the Carden family and the USDA do nothing to help her.

Presently the Carden family has rented Betty out to Garden Bros Circus, where she is provoked to give rides and do tricks by Larry Carden. Garden Bros performs up to three times per day, which means that Betty is giving up tothree hours of rides and three performances per day.Afterward, she is loaded on a truck anddriven hundreds of miles only to do it all again.

Another Carden family elephant named Jenny lived a similar life of performance and tricks despite having health issues, and the USDA did nothing to help her. Jenny died. 

Isn’t it time the USDA DID THEIR JOB and took action for animals used and abused in traveling circuses?

Please join CWI in calling on the USDA to do their job: confiscate Betty and transfer her to a Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries-certified sanctuary where she can live out the remainder of her days without the stress and pain of circus performance.

248,000+ have signed this – add your name also.

Petition link:

Petition · Bernadette Juarez: Send Betty to Sanctuary Now! ·



Dumba, the elephant hidden by a circus in a rubbish dump in Gard

It was after 10 pm on 1 January 2021 when we heard: at the end of a dirt track in a remote corner of the Gard countryside a single elephant constantly rocks back and forth in a tent, in the middle of a rubbish dump – a few square metres to move around in. Immediately despatched to the spot, our investigators are shocked to discover thatit has snowed, that the thermometer registers well below zero and that the elephant is shut in the trailer of the wagon opposite the tent. Dumba breathes heavily, sniffing the air with her trunk, which pokes out of a tiny half-open window in the roof. She has injuries on both sides of her head. We have submitted a complaint about her situation as a matter of urgency.

Dumba is over forty and her feet are so painful that she twists and turns even in front of strangers in an attempt to obtain relief.  The forced immobility and solitude to which she is subjected daily cause muscle wasting, musculo-skeletal pain and stereotypic movements.

Just like other elephants held in captivity by circuses, she was snatched from her family while she was a baby.  She has never been seen in the company of another elephant since.  Just like Baby, she is kept in solitary confinement by her trainer and rented out to the highest bidder for videos and performances.  Forced to have her photo taken with members of the public (which is illegal), in particular in the Cirque de Paris, she crossed paths with Jon, Patty, Marli, Céleste and Hannah before we obtained their release.  We had hoped to find her in March 2020 when we followed the Cirque de Paris.  On its usual site:  Baby.  She hadn’t been seen again in France since the end of 2018.  In Spain, where we are working in solidarity on her behalf with FAADA (Fundación para el Asesoramiento y Acción en Defensa de los Animales – Foundation for Advice and Action in Defence of Animals), she had been off the radar since the end of September 2020.

But one of our sympathizers came across her while out for a New Year walk, in an area that literally looks like a rubbish dump.

France, this refuge for trainers prosecuted for mistreatment. Her trainer had fled Spain with her in order to avoid court proceedings.  It would have been very easy for him to flee once again in order to hide Dumba elsewhere.  It was therefore essential that we act speedily.  Within a few hours we had despatched our investigators.

Foot problems are the main cause of death in elephants.  Dumba’s feet and her whole body are suffused with acute pain;  she is the very incarnation of suffering.  Elephants live in groups and continually communicate with one another in a very sophisticated way.  They help and support one another until they die.  Dumba is alone in her agony.  What sort of advanced country is it that still authorizes the abysmal mistreatment of these vulnerable giants?  I love elephants, I love my country, and I am ashamed.

Muriel Arnal, President and Founder of One Voice

The opinion of the expert on elephants to whom we sent the images was irrefutable:  skeletal problems, possible tuberculosis … injuries.  “The physical condition of this obviously elderly Asian elephant is very poor.

«There are clear indications that this elephant is suffering from pain in her front legs, as shown by her alternating lifting of these legs and the fact that she brings her rear legs far cranial under her body.»

«The elephant keeps her mouth open for a much longer period than is expected and normal, which often is an expression of pain experience.»

«Keeping an elephant solitary for a prolonged period is an act against the welfare of the animal and as such illegal. When continued for several months and longer it inevitably changes the mental health permanently and irreversibly, expressed as stereotypic behaviour.»

Willem Schaftenaar, DVM
Retired zoo veterinarian of Rotterdam Zoo
Current competences and activities: Veterinary Advisor to the European elephant TAG (EAZA), Associate researcher of Elephant Care International

We have submitted a complaint of ill-treatment and neglect by a professional (an offence) to the court in Alès. Added to that is illegally operating an establishment keeping non-domestic animals. The seizure of Dumba must be organized as quickly as possible; a place in a sanctuary already awaits her. Sign the petition and let us join together to appeal to the relevant minister, Barbara Pompili, because we shall never abandon those whose suffering is scandalously hidden from view: circus animals!

Exploited under the big top, rented out to the highest bidder, kept in isolation in a wagon in the depths of winter – that’s what Dumba’s life is like as a circus animal. @barbarapompili this suffering must stop! #FreeDumba #CirquesSansAnimaux

Petition link:

Dumba – Baby et Dumba, éléphantes de cirque (

Please support these;

Thanks; Regards


In Memory of Dr. Elliot Katz, D.V.M. Animal Rights Activist / Campaigner.


Dear Fellow Animal Guardians & Advocates,

It is with a heavy heart that I share the sad news of the passing of In Defense of Animals Founder and President Emeritus Dr. Elliot Katz, D.V.M. Amid declining health, he peacefully passed away late last month at the age of 86.

I first met Dr. Katz in 2002. Upon telling him about Bernard, my beloved but sickly Yorkshire Terrier puppy bought from a pet store for me as a gift, he educated me on the horrors of puppy mills. He told me about the Guardian Credo, which explains how animals are our fellow beings who deserve to be thought of as individuals with their own autonomy and interests. His boundless compassion helped me to realize that animals are not our property, and we are not their owners.

Born in New York on May 30, 1934, Elliot Katz was a trailblazer and among the founders of the animal rights movement. A vegan for more than 30 years, he established In Defense of Animals in 1983. He was arrested 37 times for civil disobedience while protecting animals from their abusers and demonstrating against the horrors of vivisection. Dr. Katz led the organization to many victories, including securing the transfer of 30 primates and victims of U.C. Berkeley’s maternal deprivation experiments to a sanctuary, filing a lawsuit that successfully prevented the U.S. Army from breaking the legs of 120 retired racing greyhounds, closing down the infamous Coulston Foundation — the world’s largest chimpanzee lab which conducted tests for drugs and medical devices on hundreds of chimpanzees, monkeys, and many more. Some of you may have even participated with him in these groundbreaking animal rights victories.


In the anatomy lab at Cornell Vet School, he vehemently refused to perform practice surgeries on live dogs and came close to being kicked out, later confessing: “In veterinary school, I first became aware of how different I was — challenging the core foundations of the veterinary profession — and society at large!”

His soaring passion for animal rights ignited my own. Essentially strangers at the time, I felt his deep compassion. Now 18 years later, and still inspired by that day, I forever will hold his spirit close within my heart.

Dr. Katz would want us to use this moment to honor him by helping animals. Please join me in paying tribute to his warrior’s heart and his strong determination to defend the innocent, the disadvantaged, and the vulnerable by acting in defense of animals.

Here are a few ways to honor him right now:

  • Go Vegan! Animals raised for food and clothing are among the least-protected animals across the globe. They are denied the same legal protection from cruelty as dogs or cats, despite sharing the same capacity to suffer. If you need some help and encouragement you can download a copy of our free Vegan Guide containing everything you need to jumpstart your new vegan lifestyle, including nutrition facts, shopping and restaurant guides, recipes, meal inspiration, and more!
  • Sign the Guardian Pledge and affirm that animals are sentient beings deserving of compassion, understanding, respect and rights. It may seem like a small thing to do, but it has such a meaningful impact for animals when you truly take the message to heart and elevates them from being thought of as objects to living beings who merit consideration and basic rights.
  • Use Cruelty-Free Products that prevent animals suffering in cruel experiments.
  • Act Now In Defense of Animals by signing our urgent alerts for animals in need.

Please join me and In Defense of Animals to celebrate Dr. Katz’s historic life.

Register to join our virtual memorial on Saturday April 24th.

I invite you to share your memories and tributes using this form.

Thank you for participating to honor Dr. Katz and to help us create a living legacy of his work at In Defense of Animals and to memorialize someone who inspired many thousands of people to make the world a kinder place for our fellow beings.

Solemn condolences sent to all species — alive in body and/or spirit,

Marilyn Kroplick, M.D.
President, In Defense of Animals

WAV Comment – If there were a lot more like Dr. Katz, then the world would be a much better place. I never met him but I think if I had, our conversations would have been deep, much learning for me, and much to the benefit of animals !

Regards Mark

USA: Lawsuits pile up over endangered species decisions made by Trump administration.

PHOTO: In this 2014, file photo, a monarch butterfly, an iconic pollinator species, alights on a plant.

Lawsuits pile up over endangered species decisions made by Trump administration

Ten species have been left in “regulatory purgatory,” according to the lawsuit.

ByJulia Jacobo

The Biden administration is continuing to field lawsuits filed over Endangered Species Act decisions made by the Trump administration.

The Center for Biological Diversity sued the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Thursday over its failure to provide protections under the Endangered Species Act for 10 species “it admitted needed them,” according to the organization.

MORE: Fate of monarch butterfly still hangs in the balance after endangered species decision

Among the species are the monarch butterfly, which in December the Trump administration decided that adding it to the list of threatened species was “warranted but precluded.” This meant that while the monarch butterfly became a candidate for listing as an endangered species, it was not yet listed as the agency prioritizes other candidates.

The monarch butterfly was added to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species in 2014 after it was determined that 90% of its population had declined from its original levels. While millions of the butterflies spent winters in the coastal groves of California in the 1980s, just 30,000 were counted in 2019.

The iconic butterfly’s numbers have drastically diminished.due to increased use of farm herbicides, climate change and the destruction of milkweed plants, which is what monarch caterpillars eat and where monarch butterflies lay their eggs.

MORE: Government refusal to protect wolverines sparks lawsuit from conservation groups

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Refarm’d: Turning Dairy Farms Into Animal Sanctuaries – Read On.

Refarm’d – Beta – About

We have this crazy idea!

We want to turn all dairy farms into animal sanctuaries and we need your help to convince these farmers to join the movement.

We are a new plant-based drink subscription service, sourced lovingly from ex-dairy farmers.

We work with farmers to make the transition from cows’ milk to the production of plant based drinks, and at the same time convert their farmland into animal sanctuaries.

We’re offering a viable new opportunity for the farmers’ businesses to uniting with the farmers and providing them with the tools they need to move away from the dairy trade.

We will assist the ex-dairy farms to sustainably and locally source the ingredients in order to produce plant based drinks on their farms. Their land will be converted into an animal sanctuary for their cattle that are no longer being used for dairy farming.

Show your interest (no payment, no commitment) in buying fresh plant-based drinks from them and let us do the rest.

Regards Mark

England: Introducing Benjamin Zaphaniah – Poet, Animal Rights Advocate, Lifelong Vegan.

I have ‘loved’ (in a ‘blokey’ sort of way) ! Benjamin since I first saw him at a London animal rights demo decades ago.  So seeing him again the BBC this morning; I thought it was time to introduce him to you.  Here are a few shorts of his life and actions; a passionate animal rights advocate, he wrote the foreword to Keith Mann‘s book From Dusk ’til Dawn: An insider’s view of the growth of the Animal Liberation Movement

Dedicated – Yes;

do we want him – for sure.

Regards Mark

Benjamin Obadiah Iqbal Zephaniah (born 15 April 1958)[1] is a British writer and dub poet. He was included in The Times list of Britain’s top 50 post-war writers in 2008

Turning vegan at 13 Benjamin is pretty much a lifelong vegan. He is now 58 and as a busy performer, writer and with a passion for martial arts, he just naturally shows people what it is like being vegan and doesn’t “ram veganism down peoples throats”.

Zephaniah is an honorary patron of The Vegan Society,[12]

Viva! (Vegetarians’ International Voice for Animals),[13]

EVOLVE! Campaigns,[14] the anti-racism organisation Newham Monitoring Project with whom he made a video[15] in 2012 about the impact of Olympic policing on black communities, Tower Hamlets Summer University and is an animal rights advocate.

In 2004, he wrote the foreword to Keith Mann‘s book From Dusk ’til Dawn: An insider’s view of the growth of the Animal Liberation Movement, a book about the Animal Liberation Front.

In August 2007, he announced that he would be launching the Animal Liberation Project, alongside People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.]

He became a vegan when he read poems about “shimmering fish floating in an underwater paradise, and birds flying free in the clear blue sky”.

Busy Day – Computer Housekeeping – So No Posts.

Hi all;

25/3 – sorry nothing from me today; I have been doing computer housework and major review of our photos – there are lots; so busy in another way.

Here are a few shots of some felines who used to come round (not ours but welcome visitors !) for some food, attention and a chill out sleep ! The white one had his own old Amazon cardborad box and a blanket as you can see.

I have loads of fox photos I have taken also, so will put some of these on the site soon.

Regards for now


One of my favourite British bands – ‘The Cure’: Enjoy !