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Greece: Donkeys continue to be abused as taxis


PETA’s motto is in part: animals are not there to entertain us or exploit them in any other way.


A video released today by PETA shows that donkeys and mules are still abused on the Greek holiday island Santorin as “donkey taxis”. Although the Greek Ministry of Rural Development banned rides -after PETA’s appeal- last year for tourists weighing over 100 kilograms, the animals still have to carry some heavyweight people.

Despite international protests, media reports and publications, the holiday island still sticks to its “animal tradition”. The four-legged animals are often brutally beaten with sticks and maltreated by inexperienced riders.

Dicke Touristin auf Esel. in Santorinijpg

On the pictures from September this year, it can be seen that some animals – sometimes driven by whistle-blowers by the donkey guides – stumble and thus also become a danger for walkers; in part, tourists fled to wall projections to avoid them.
The animal rights organization is now calling on the responsible Greek politicians with an online petition to prohibit tourist donkey riding altogether.

“In Firá exhausted donkeys and mules with bloody wounds are still driven up and down the steep, slippery steps from morning to night. But even for humans, this stupid tourist attraction is dangerous: Again and again, strollers were pushed aside, and also PETA’s eyewitness had to avoid the partly unattended animals several times, so as not to be injured. We appeal to the legislator to act responsibly and finally ban these ride.said Sylvie Bunz, Special Project Manager at PETA.

_Überladener Esel Santorini

Peta also criticized that the donkeys on Santorini do not rest even at night: they are used early in the morning to carry heavy garbage bags.
This is also recorded on the video-recordings. Worst of all, if the donkeys are too weak and no longer fit, they are often abandoned and left to their own devices.

Pferd in knaller SDonne-Santorini

Background information

The animal rights organization revealed already in 2018 (we also reported about that: the abuses of the supposed tourist attraction.

Although the ascent with the cable car is possible, about a year later several hundred donkeys and mules need to be taken several times a day suffer with stupid tourists on their backs who have to overcome more than 500 steps to the city of Firá.


Although the Greek Ministry set a weight limit, PETA’s new research shows that the donkey leaders do not abide by the scheme and that there are no controls. In addition, many tourists are visibly overwhelmed with the animals: they rammed their heels into their flanks to make them go, or they pull down the stairs.

Esel mit Wunde im Rücken-Santorinijpg

Bad saddles and provisional girths made of plastic hoses scrub on the sensitive skin of donkeys and mules. Most of the animals have skin lesions ranging from sores to open, bloody wounds under the abdomen and at the tail. Some quadrupeds have eye injuries.
Others put on tight “muzzles” that cause injury to humans and animals through pointed wire ends.


While the animals persevere in the Mediterranean sun and have to wait for the next tour, the owners refuse to give them essential items such as water, shade or weather protection.

esel allein pg

The Europe-wide renowned horse expert and non-fiction author Ingolf Bender wrote for PETA an “animal welfare expert opinion” on the problem; He criticizes the consistently poor equipment and considers it as “gross animal welfare” to use the animals for several hours without food and water.
“We appeal to all travelers to distance themselves from supposed attractions with animals and to make their journey animal-friendly,” said Bender.

esel santoriniSantorini: The donkeys have open wounds where flies settle


In contrast to horses, signs of pain, anxiety or illness in donkeys are difficult to recognize. When faced with a potential danger, root their feet on the ground to analyze the situation.
Often, this behavior is considered “stubbornness,” although donkeys are in fact simply scared at such moments.

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My comment: What did the greek government expect?
That donkey riders weigh the fat tourists before they get on the animals?

Or that the pet traders are waived on a taxi round for a monster body, if no one controls them?
This law was so incomplete and offered many tricks and shorts right from the start, so that only one who has never been to Greece would believe it could work.

Animals as a tourist attraction – which country does not have it? a pure torture!

The dirty media network
is full of photos with “nostalgic” animal memories, but the truth behind the beautiful pictures is cruel: Animals are chained, penned, maltreated, hunted and – if not useful – killed.

dicke auf esselpgplease turn around: donkey on monster woman!


My best regards to all, Venus

And the real holocaust continues…




Nothing to see here: Rivers along Korean border run red with blood after massive pig cull.

blutroter Fluß Schweine KoreajpgThe river in South Korea ran red with blood. © Yeoncheon Imjin River Civic Network / AFP


Heavy rainfall has been blamed for the spread of vast amounts of pig’s blood into rivers along the Korean border this week, following a cull of some 47,000 hogs amid an outbreak of African swine fever (ASF).

blutroter Fluß, Korea schweinejpg© Yeoncheon Imjin River Civic Network / AFP


“It made many people living in the area anxious and worried,” said Lee Seok-woo, who heads the NGO Yeoncheon Imjin River Civic Network.

A local NGO claims that blood from a nearby burial site, where some 47,000 pig carcasses had been disposed of, had seeped into the Imjin River due to heavy rainfall. South Korean authorities claim that the pigs had already been disinfected before being slaughtered and that there was a delay in the production of plastic containers for the carcasses.

schweine im Container, Korea pg© Yeoncheon Imjin River Civic Network / AFP


“What was also hard to endure was the odor. I heard many farmers couldn’t work because of the unbearable smell. This should not have happened”  said Lee Seok-Woo.


South Korea has culled around 380,000 pigs since the recent outbreak of ASF began. There is currently no antidote or vaccine for the complex disease, which has ravaged swine herds across Asia and upended markets as a result.

African swine fever is not harmful to humans but highly infectious and almost 100 percent fatal in pigs.

schweine in Korea, totjpg© Yeoncheon Imjin River Civic Network / AFP


For its part, Seoul claims that the blood flowing into the streams had been “dealt with properly” through the use of suction pumps and various other devices. Authorities claim the local water table and potable supply has not been tainted.

“We have built banks and other facilities so that the polluted water does not flow into the downstream region,” the ministry said, adding:

“As of now, there is no blood in the stream.”

Quarter of world pig population could be wiped out this year alone, animal health expert warns.


My comment: 836,865 wild boars were killed in the hunting season 2017/2018 in Germany, 42 percent more than in the previous year.
There have even been premiums per pig’s head, about 60 euros.
For a disease that has not yet occurred in Germany.
For a disease that is 100% safe for human animals.

A massacre, which soon leads to the extinction of wild boars, so that man protects his breeding animals.
Squaring the circle, means that.

China laments that it will lose half of its herds due to the fever by the end of 2019 (which would result in a significant decline in the size of total EU pork production).
So far, China has pre-emptively culled 1 million pigs due to African swine fever.

The known propagation pathways of African swine fever are not wild boars as carriers, but hunting tourists and meat consumers who leave contaminated food leftovers in the landscape. Boars are now looking for food in the dumpster of the parking lots and so the disease is predominantly spread.

But the majority of the media around the world is on the meat mafia side and focusing the importance of the South Korean massacre on public health threats rather than on a mass murder, committed on behalf of a criminal economy and consumer society.

This means that once there is no animal blood flowing into the rivers and violence becomes invisible again, the matter is cleared, and this fascist system continues its Animals Holocaust undisturbed. And not only in South Korea.

My best regards to all, Venus

Nice day with good news


Flag of Czech Republic, Grunge Abstract Brush Stroke Isolated On A White Background. Vector Illustration.


The driver stops the car on the edge of the forest, we get out and take our tools. He drives away we approach the object and try to hide in the shadow of the forest, where is silence. The closer we are to the factory farm, the worse the smell gets. The stink means that the buildings are full of animals. What a sad confirmation.


When the watchers get on their spots we check the transmitters connection and Lukas goes inside the area with me. We avoid cameras while trying to find a way to get into one of the halls. It takes us quite a while. Through a narrow window I stretch myself in. Lukas waits outside by the window.

I take one turkey in my arms, then another, I comfort them to let them know it all will be better and then hand them over to Lukas.


On our way to safe home, we finally have time to check them properly. As I took one of them, it seemed she had strange head, but there was no time for us to focus on that. Now we can see how horribly deformed her head is. It’s like a view from a horror movie. How could she survive with such disability? I don’t know, but she made it.


I visited her in her new home a few days after. I saw how grateful she was for the touch, care and feather cleansing, how she enjoyed the sun and grass (the second rescued turkey as well) and I realized that even though I don’t know how she will handle it, she’s doing fine now.

Thanks to all who provided homes and all who help us.

Open Rescue of Two Turkeys (Czech Republic)

…… and in the name of the animals, we thank the brave activists for this animal liberation. It is symbolic and reminiscent of the millions of other turkeys that live as slaves on wretched farms to serve as food for us, a still more miserable species.

My best regards to all, Venus

A message to Eurogroup for animals

from Venus

The EU Commission’s right-hand man is the Eurogroup for Animals.
On their website states: We create a favorable political environment!
and further … “it is of the utmost importance to show that as a membership organization we keep our promises”.

The 8hour campaign (1.2 million votes) in 2012 failed because of the rejection of the then corrupt Commissioner John Dali.

Has the Eurogroup contemplated how to honor its promises to EU-Citisens if the Commission now ignores the 1.5 million votes in the “End of Cage Age” Campaign?
The “case John Dalli” may have forgotten the employees of the Eurogroup, they like to suppress sad defeats.

This case should always be a warning sign of how easy it is to betray the animals and those who want a better world for them.
But in this game are also involved those who make big promises, even though they know that they have no power to make big changes in animal suffering under the EU Commission. And by that I mean the Eurogroup for Animals!

The 36 employees of Eurogroup working for the Commission for good money should be sparing with their promises and nice words. The Eurogroup can not make any promise, because they do not take any decision.
They preach visions and missions into their web site but the thing is very simple: if the commission (even now like under Dalli back then) does not abolish caging, in spite of 1.5 million votes, then they should not give us lectures on trust or active animal welfare, but they have only to answer one simple question: what is their right of existence?

Those who participate in the moral and political EU format are cheated and betrayed,  so like the animals are.
The Eurogroup is just as weak as we are, the citizens of the EU, the Groupe is powerless, as we are, with the only difference that they are paid to sell illusions, campaigns, visions and hopes in an area, this of animal welfare, which the EU does not care at all.

“We exist because European citizens believe animals deserve a voice” says the groupe.

Indeed! there are demonstrably 1.5 million EU citizens who want to give the voiceless, the suffering, the enslaved beings a voice, a better world.
But no one believes that this can be done with the Eurogroup.
With the employer of the Eurogroup anyway not.

I got this message from Compassion in World Farming today:

Our ground-breaking European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) achieved over 1.5 million signatures calling for a total EU ban on keeping farm animals in cages.

170 organisations, united by Compassion in World Farming, came together to make this happen. An unprecedented pan-European movement for farm animal welfare!

So what’s next? The UK Parliament (with 389,057 signatures ) is now expected to debate a ban on farm cages. And, to force the European Commission to act, at least 1 million ECI signatures must be validated.

This process could take three months, and then we’ll submit the petition.

We’ll keep you fully updated on progress and new ways you can get involved!”

After this message, I had the same bitter feeling as back then in the 8hours campaign.
Unfortunately, the bad sides of history are always repeating themselves.
The Dallis, the corrupt commissars and their naive servants.




France: Civil courage of animal rights activists



“The well-known pain in my chest is back, I can just walk, they can not.”
(Jo-Anne McArthur, photographer and animal welfare investigator)

Activists who exposed animal cruelty to the largest pig farm in France were TROUBLED.

What activists experience when they discover animal agony, you can see in the video!

This is how an activist describes the action in this slaughterhouse:

“The last days I hadn’t found any words for everything that happened, I tried several times to write this post and then deleted the lines again.

Five days ago I participated in the mass action of civil disobedience #OccupyCarrefour and we peacefully occupied one of the largest pig farms in France. Together with other activists i had my neck chained to the bars of the cages where the pigs are trapped, while other activists documented the terrible conditions to make it available to the public.

frankreich aktivistenn

We were subjected to the same violence as the animals are every day, we were pushed and beaten by the farmers and I was even hit in the face with an iron bar.

People who use violence against animals on a daily basis do not shy away from violence against humans. While i was chained at the same height as the pigs, I had to look into their eyes the whole time and could hear their screams. But I also had to look into the eyes of my friends – full of fear and grief.

frankreich aktivisten 2

We had to experience what it’s like to be trapped there and were helplessly at the mercy of this violence just like the animals. The other activists tried to protect us with their bodies, but nobody protects the animals.

A young farmer even threatened to shoot us, there was so much hatred in the eyes of these people. We were lucky to be able to leave this cruel place alive again, but the animals are in captivity all their lives and are killed in the end.

schweine mutter mit ferkeljpg

Imagine what it is like to be locked up in a small cage for the rest of your life, where you can’t even turn around. Imagine what it’s like when your babies are taken away shortly after birth and you never see them again. Imagine what it’s like when you can’t run away from violence, when you can’t even try to save your own life. The animals are born in this hell, they don’t see daylight or sunlight all their lives, they don’t get fresh air and they just vegetate until their day of execution. Humane agriculture or humane killing does not exist in reality.

Let us make conscious choices and end systematic exploitation.

brutkasten für schweinen

Such cruel conditions are even permitted by law and the police monopolize the use of force that is applied against the people who oppose this system. Police violence and repression thus affects the wrong people, who are free to denounce the bearer of a message instead of responding to the message itself and changing something. The consumption of dead animals and animal products is not only morally reprehensible, but also ecologically unacceptable as it contributes significantly to the climate – consuming huge amounts of water and energy.

schönes Foto mit totem chwein und Spruchpg

Next time you buy meat or animal products, think of her face. Think of their fate and the suffering they have experienced. Think of the life they could never live just because of your taste. In today’s society, eating meat is no longer a necessity, but a decision. A decision for violence, indifference, suffering and death. And a decision against compassion, love, respect and freedom. Is this really what we as human beings want to stand for?

Schweinekopf mit Slogan

The only thing this industry fears so much is the truth and the truth is what we will reveal. Just because something is legal, does not mean it is also right. If there is a law to legitimize and legalize cruelty to animals, exploitation, oppression, discrimination and environmental destruction, then it is our moral duty to disregard these unjust laws.

When injustice becomes accepted, resistance becomes an obligation!

Please reconsider your decisions in the future, you have at least three choices a day. Do not apologize, do something! Become active and speak for the animals, they cannot speak for themselves”.

Direct Action Everywhere – DxE

There’s nothing to comment on, just a lot to think about, and it’s best to make your decision here and today to stop cooperating with this fascist system of exploitation.
This is the meat and milk industry.
It’s time to finish it.
We thank the brave activists very much for their civil courage.

My best regards to all, Venus