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China: Petition – Demand Action To Stop ‘Crush’ Videos – Currently Viral In China !




We have covered ‘crush’ videos on this site and also on our sister site, SAV over the years.

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Videos of animals being tortured and killed by beautiful women are going viral in China. Nearly 400,000 videos tagged “abusing animals” are reportedly uploaded each day.

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Petition Link –


Target: Fu Zhenghua, Chinese Minister of Justice

Goal: Criminalize animal cruelty videos.

Videos depicting the torture of helpless animals in China are going viral on the internet. These videos feature attractive women, often wearing stockings and high heels, performing acts of animal cruelty and even murder.

Experts claim this trend has been brewing since at least 2010, when a video of a woman impaling a bunny rabbit by stomping it with high heels surfaced on the internet. The Beijing News claims that many of these videos are produced for pay-as-fetish entertainment.

The Cat and Dog Welfare Program of the Animals Asia Foundation claim that nearly 400,000 videos with the “abusing animals” tag are uploaded to Iqiyi, China’s largest video hosting site, each day.

Full-length or specially tailored videos of women torturing and killing animals can sell for between 10 to 10,000 yuan. An anonymous source within the animal abusing video industry told the Beijing Times that, while a typical stomping video costs around 500 yuan, a video in which the entertainer castrates or skins an animal alive can cost as much as 15,000 yuan. The Animals Asia Foundation claims that while Chinese laws are in place to protect endangered and exotic animals, there are not enough protections for the common animals that are the victims in these videos.

Please sign this petition to demand that the Chinese government crack down on for-profit fetish video depicting animal torture.


Dear Minister Zhenghua,

Videos featuring the slaughter and torture of animals are surfacing and going viral on Chinese video hosting websites. These videos often involve attractive women mutilating, castrating, or skinning living house pets or farm animals and are thought to be produced as fetish entertainment. This trend has been related to the notorious 2010 video of a woman impaling a bunny rabbit with her high heeled shoes. An industry insider reported to the Beijing News that videos of animal abuse can earn as much as 15,000 yuan depending on the amount of specifically tailored cruelty involved.

As many as 400,000 videos with tags like “abusing animals” are uploaded to Iqiyi each day, according to the Cat and Dog Welfare Program of the Animals Asia Foundation. While there are powerful laws in place to protect endangered wildlife in China, the Animals Asia Foundation claims that there are not sufficient laws in place to protect common animals held on farms or as household pets. Please investigate and bring an end to this disturbing trend. I demand that you criminalize and crack down on online videos depicting intentional animal torture.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Beijing News

EU: Learn More About The EU Farm Animal ‘Systems’. Be A Cage Fighter.


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Caging animals is cruel: animals are sentient beings, capable of feeling pain and joy. Caged animals endure immense suffering because they have no control over their lives, experience extreme frustration, are severely restricted in their movement, and are prevented from performing almost all natural behaviours.

Hundreds of millions of farm animals across the EU are forced to live their entire lives imprisoned in tiny, barren cages. This extreme confinement is routinely inflicted on many different species. Sows are forced to nurse their piglets in crates, rabbits and quail endure their whole lives in barren cages, and ducks and geese are caged for force feeding to produce foie gras.


Click on the following link to see the state of caged animal cruelty across all EU member states –

Cage Facts EU 2018y to finally End the Cage Age.

Together, united, we have the opportunity to rid Europe of these cages. Start today – join up and sign our ECI (European Citizens’ Initiative) demanding that the European Commission bans the use of cages in animal farming. If one million of us raise our voices together, we have the opportunity to finally End the Cage Age.


Sign up today to be a cage fighter –


Here is more information about caged farm animals that relate to the EU caged animal link provided above::



bat hens



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slaughter rabbit

Here is additional information about other farm animal ‘systems’:


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Learn more about the impact CIWF have made on EU farm animal welfare by visiting –


ValCameron141113_7604 _1.jpg

VC Trans on Jol 22 May1.JPG

Above 2 pictures – Val Cameron.


End long distance live animal transport –

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Thailand: Boon Dee Regains Her Freedom After Many Years Suffering In The Tourist Ride Industry.



Half Blind Elephant Arrives At Sanctuary After Many Years of Mistreatment In The Tourism Industry.

A very heartwarming video from Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand as they welcome the newest arrival to their elephant sanctuary! The sanctuary, called Thai Elephant Refuge, recently took in a precious rescued elephant to their herd. This darling new elephant is named Boon Dee, and she is half blind from years of mistreatment and abuse in the tourism industry. Boon Dee has spent most of her life giving rides to hoards of tourists at a trekking camp in Pattaya, Thailand.

This recent rescue was made possible by the generous donation from a longtime sanctuary supporter who was visiting Thai Elephant Refuge from Australia. The compassionate supporter, Joan Pearson, was celebrating her birthday, and wanted to spend it in her favorite place in the world surrounded by the animals she loves. Her only wish for a present was to be able to rescue another elephant. When Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand learned that there was an elephant in need of rescue in Pattaya, the team — including Joan — headed out to investigate.

What they found at the trekking camp was a heartbreaking situation. Having arrived at the camp four years ago, Boon Dee was in a terrible state. She was emaciated and covered in abscesses, obvious marks of the abuse and neglect she had suffered. WFFT knew it would take the healing power of a sanctuary to return the elephant to full health. After completing all of the necessary paperwork, Boon Dee was finally legally allowed to make the long journey to the WFFT rescue center.

Now that sweet Boon Dee is finally safe and sound she can look forward to a life free from pain; never again will this gentle giant be chained or beaten. Also most importantly: never again will she have to carry a saddle on her back, or be forced to give rides to the endless busloads of tourists who visit the camp where she was forced to work.

After arriving at the sanctuary Boon Dee was able to stretch her legs after the long journey. She took a stroll around the rescue center and took a look at the wonderland that will be her new home.

Everyone watched in amazement as Boon Dee made a beeline for the first elephant enclosure and greeted its inhabitant, Gan Da. The WFFT staff knew that these two elephants had previously been friends when they worked together in a camp in Thailand many years ago, and everyone wondered if they would recognize each other. These two darling elephants recognized each other immediately and had a very sweet reunion!  Thanks to the determination of Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, Boon Dee can make many other life-long friends at the Thai Elephant Refuge!

China: Petition – Stop the Brutal Dog Genocide in Hangzhou, China.


SIGN: Stop the Brutal Dog Genocide in Hangzhou, China

Posted by Katie Valentine

SIGN: Stop the Brutal Dog Genocide in Hangzhou, China


Petition Link –


PETITION TARGET: Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai

Dog in Hangzhou, China face a campaign of violence as authorities are capturing, beating and drowning any stray found on the streets.

The city’s new, unnecessary and harsh pet regulations limit dog-walking hours to between 7 AM and 7 PM, and dogs have been banned from public places, such as parks and markets. Additionally, 34 dog breeds are now listed as illegal to have within the city. So being the wrong breed is the equivalent of a death sentence. As soon as the campaign started, alarming footage of public security officers committing unspeakable acts of cruelty against dogs began to surface on Chinese social media.

Officers are reportedly entering peoples’ homes to check if their dogs are registered. Dog guardians who violate the new ordinances face excessive punishments such as heavy fines of up to 10,000 yuan ($1,440), family dogs taken away, and revocation of dog licenses.

Nobody, especially members of law enforcement, should be permitted to brutally assault and murder dogs — an act that would be an imprisonable crime in most countries.

Sign this petition urging the Chinese Ambassador to do everything in his power to end these senseless, government-sanctioned attacks against dogs in Hangzhou, and push for animal cruelty legislation to protect all animals in China.



USA: Petition – Woman Hiding 44 Dead Dogs In Freezer Must Be Held Accountable.



Woman Accused of Hiding 44 Dead Dogs in Freezer Must be Held Accountable

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Petition Link –


Target: Scott A. Coffina, Head Prosecutor for Burlington County, New Jersey

Goal: Prosecute woman accused of massive animal abuse.

44 dead dogs were allegedly found stored in freezers throughout the home of a Shamong Township, New Jersey woman. Police were called to the residence of Donna Roberts after months of neighbor complaints concerning an acrid smell emanating from the home. According to NBC, the township had to pass special ordinances in order to investigate. Once inside, officials reported finding over 100 animals living in their own waste, with no signs of care or clean up. Officers reportedly became dizzy and nauseous just from the toxic smell of the feces- and ammonia-ridden house.

In all, 161 dogs were reportedly discovered in Donna Roberts’ residence, including the 44 dogs that were found wrapped in plastic bags in various freezers. Four of the animals were alleged to be in critical condition and were immediately shipped to emergency clinics. The rest of the surviving dogs have been vaccinated and are now being taken care of by six different animal shelters. Roberts has been released from custody and is awaiting trial. There is no information yet on how or why 161 dogs were found in her residence. It is clear that whoever is responsible for keeping 161 dogs in a single-family home and forcing them to wallow in their own filth is guilty of a profound and disturbing act of animal cruelty and neglect.

Please sign this petition to demand that these crimes be fully investigated and that Donna Roberts, if found guilty, be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Mr. Coffina,

161 dogs were reportedly freed from the residence of Shamong County local Donna Roberts earlier this week. Local news claims that new county ordinances had to be passed just to be able to fully investigate a case of alleged animal neglect and cruelty this surprising. Police reported finding the dogs wallowing in their own feces and urine in an environment that reportedly made officers sick and dizzy from mere contact. Upon further investigation, 44 dogs were reportedly found dead and wrapped in plastic bags in various freezers throughout the house. Four other dogs were reportedly discovered in critical condition and immediately sent to emergency clinics.

Donna Roberts was arrested and after being released on bail is awaiting trial. No motive or explanation has been uncovered for how 161 dogs reportedly became trapped in her single-family home. What is clear is whoever is responsible for neglecting so many animals, likely to the point of death in dozens of cases, is guilty of heinous animal cruelty and neglect. It is your responsibility to ensure this case is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I demand that you fully investigate this case and request the harshest penalties for these heinous allegations.


[Your Name Here]


France: Gaultier Drops Fur From Fashion Line, Slams ‘Deplorable’ Treatment of Animals.


Gaultier Drops Fur From Fashion Line, Slams ‘Deplorable’ Treatment of Animals

Image result for gaultier drops fur 

Jean Paul Gaultier will cease using fur to create his clothes in all future collections.

In an announcement on French TV, Gaultier stated that the ways animals are killed for their fur are “absolutely deplorable.”

His brand joins several other fashion companies that had already stopped using fur years ago including Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, and Ralph Lauren (Tommy Hilfiger stopped using fur in his collections in 2007. Ralph Lauren stopped using fur in 2006).

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has been putting pressure on Gaultier for over a decade. According to PETA Director of International Programs Mimi Bekhechi, “This decision is a sign of changed times, as most people no longer wish to wear anything from animals who were cruelly caged, electrocuted, bludgeoned to death or caught in steel traps, left to die slowly and painfully–the way coyotes are still being killed for the trim on Canada Goose jackets.”

Factory farming to “harvest” fur is inhumane. Fur farmers cram animals into tiny cages that prevent them from moving freely. Some animals are killed by being poisoned with engine exhaust. Other animals have rods shoved into their mouths and anuses and are subsequently electrocuted. Still others are killed with strychnine, which is a poison known to induce painful cramps and suffocation. Jean Paul Gaultier’s decision to stop supporting an industry that profits from suffering is clearly the right move — and was long overdue.