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Belgium: 49 hunting seaters destroyed!


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Received anonymously, Jun 08:

In May 2019, a group of antispeciesist activists destroyed 49 hunting stands close to the city of Namur, Belgium.

jäger in Jochsitz

The purpose of this type of actions is to cause financial dammage to hunters in order to keep them from killing.

Hunting is absolutely not a way to regulate anything. Hunters create a situation of imbalance in the nature just to have an excuse to intervene and kill the predators they introduced themselves. They also introduce preys. They keep them locked in the forest and they only liberate them to kill them.


Hunters say they restore natural balance but nature never needed any human being to be balanced. Actually, hunters destroy the natural balance and then pretends to be able to fix the problem they created.

The truth is that hunters need an excuse to legitimate the fact that they kill sentients beings for pleasure.


So tell them to expect us. Cause as long as there will be hunters, there will be activists to track them.

En mai 2019, un groupe d’activistes antispécistes ont détruit 49 tours de chasse dans les environs de la ville de Namur, en Belgique.

Le but de ce type d’actions est de causer un dommage financier aux chasseur.euse.s et ainsi de les emêcher de tuer.

La chasse n’est absolument pas un moyen de réguler quoi que ce soit. Les chasseur.euse.s créent en fait une situation de déséquilibre dans la nature juste pour avoir une raison d’intervenir en tuant les pré qu’ils ont elleux-mêmes introduit.e.s. Iels introduisent aussi des proies qu’iels tiennent enfermées dans des élevages dans la forêt et ne libèrent que pour pouvoir les chasser.

Les chasseur.euse.s disent restaurer l’équilibre de la nature mais le fait est que la nature n’a jamais eu besoin de quel être humain que ce soit pour retrouver son équilibre. En fait, ce que font réellement les chasseur.euse.s, c’est détruire l’équilibre de la nature et prétendre être les seul.e.s capables de réparer les dommages qu’iels ont elleux-mêmes créés.

La vérité, c’est que les chasseur.euse.s ont besoin d’une excuse pour légitimer le fait qu’ils aiment tuer des êtres sentients par plaisir. Mais qu’iels se tiennent prêts, car tant qu’il y aura des chasseur.euse.s, il y aura des activistes pour les traquer.


My comment: At least from these 49 murder seats, no animal will be shot dead!! In Germany, the legal status of these shooting facilities is not clear. Not all are legal, but no one can prove it. This is the reason that very often the hunters, whose high seats are destroyed, do not file a criminal complaint against the unknown offenders.

Therefore, we can be happy if a hunting seat is destroyed. And if that’s 49, the more!
That is not forbidden!

My best regards, Venus



USA: The US Government Is Trying to Overturn Protections that Save Grizzly Bears from Trophy Hunters.


The US Government Is Trying to Overturn Protections that Save Grizzly Bears from Trophy Hunters

Posted by Carly Day | June 10, 2019

The US Government Is Trying to Overturn Protections that Save Grizzly Bears from Trophy Hunters

Image Credit: Pixabay – Arthur Topham


Once again, the future of Yellowstone’s grizzly bears is under threat after Federal attorneys filed an appeal to overturn part of last year’s ruling, which reinstated the species’ protection under the Endangered Species Act.

The appeal, filed with the 9th U.S. Circuit of Appeals, questions some aspects of the judge’s decision last September and argues that the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) “should not have to conduct a comprehensive review of the entire listed species,” and that “the district court’s order goes beyond the appropriate remedy.”

The Act has protected grizzlies since 1975 after numbers dropped to 136 individuals. There are now an estimated 1,700-1,800 bears left in the lower 48 states, and around 700 of these live in and around the Yellowstone National Park.

In August 2017, the USFWS removed protections for this population, meaning the management of these animals would be handed over to Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, and trophy hunters would be allowed to murder 23 bears around Yellowstone.

A number of organizations went to court to ask for this decision to be reversed. Thankfully, they were successful, and before hunters had a chance to slaughter any more of these majestic animals, the protections were restored.

According to the Western Environmental Law Center, grizzlies in Yellowstone are still at risk, despite claims by the USFWS that populations are fully recovered. The Center cites “dwindling food sources, climate change, small population size, isolation, habitat loss and fragmentation, and high levels of human-caused mortality” as critical issues facing these beautiful bears.

The USFWS says that grizzlies no longer require this kind of intensive protection and claims that increasing human-animal conflict needs to be managed by controlling bear populations through hunting.

But bear supporters will not give up easily.

“[This latest appeal is a] waste of more time and money trying to defend the illegal decision to pull Yellowstone’s grizzly bears off the endangered species list,” said Andrea Santasiere, attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity. “These bears still need federal protection and we’ll fight to defend the lower court’s decision.”



Hunting stand destroyed in upstate New York!



Received anonymously:

A hunting tower was downed on the night of 06/01 in upstate NY.

We hate this speciesist civilization and want to see the end of the murder and oppression of wildlife.


We also want to see the end of the murder and oppression of wildlife , and we fight for this.

It`s time to hunt the hunters 2jpg

Best regards, Venus

USA: American hunter in viral photo of slain giraffe is “proud to hunt”.



American hunter in viral photo of slain giraffe is “proud to hunt”

Images of hunters celebrating their trophies often draw widespread support and widespread condemnation – something Tess Talley knows first hand. In 2017, she killed a giraffe in South Africa. In 2018, her photo of the kill went viral and prompted worldwide outrage. 

Talley joined “CBS This Morning” Friday to say that she’s “absolutely” still going hunting.

“It’s a hobby, it’s something that I love to do,” she said. Talley said that the controversial kill was part of a conservation hunt, designed to manage the amount of wildlife in a given area. 

“I am proud to hunt,” she said. “And I am proud of that giraffe.” 

In an interview with CBS News’ Adam Yamaguchi, Talley said that she’s made decorative pillows and a gun case out of the slain giraffe, which she described as “delicious.”  

“You say it’s about conservation, but the smile […] it seems like there’s a lot of pleasure in it, too, a lot of joy,” said “CBS This Morning” co-host Tony Dokoupil.


See the full story, complete with this depraved woman’s video at:


Note the trash even wear fur :

England: I like to ‘shoot’ animals – with a camera, not a gun. Fox Fan, and Proud of It !



I like to shoot animals – with a camera, not a gun.

Just imagine the benefit to all there could be if the shooting was only allowed through the lens of a camera by the governments of many nations where gun (trophy) hunting is currently the norm of the day. Money for governments; money for endangered species conservation; and above all, nations who wish to show that they still have decent people amongst them.

Here are a few shots I have recently taken of ‘my foxes’ who come to the house each day. What a pleasure to see and welcome them. They are safe !

At the last elections in England, ‘Vinny the Fox’ stood for Parliament.  Sadly he was not elected; but we are sure that he would have put animal welfare even higher up the agenda – and in the UK it is pretty good anyway:


Regards Mark











Fox Fan – and proud of it !

Related image

I have seen the blood junkies ‘out for fun’ side of it, and it makes me puke, always has.

Below – The result of a fox hunt that I personally took back in Southern England – the early 90’s.

Don’t let anyone tell you Fox Hunting is a ‘quick bite by the hounds at the back of the neck’.

East Kent Murder

What do the blood junkies get out of this ????


jäger mit Hosen unten

Zimbabwe: Trophy Hunter Who’s Killed 5000 Elephants Says It Gives Him ‘A Thrill’


Trophy Hunter Who’s Killed 5000 Elephants Says It Gives Him ‘A Thrill’

By : Charlie Cocksedge On : 09 Apr 2019 12:45

Ron Thomson/Elephants


A trophy hunter who claims to have killed more than 5,000 elephants and 50 hippos says he has no regrets, and is ‘10,000 times’ unrepentant.

A new report from the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting revealed the man – Ron Thomson – had shot numerous animals, contributing to the rapidly declining population of elephants in the wild.

As well as elephants, the trophy hunter claims to have killed 800 buffalo, 50-60 lions, 30-40 leopards, and ‘about 50 hippos’, and racked up 25,000 hours of hunting.

Thomson, a father of two, insists his hunting is not motivated by bloodlust, but that he does it to help animal populations survive, believing that if some species are not reduced, their growing numbers would destroy their own habitats.

The hunter also accused conservationists of spreading ‘fraudulent lies’ about wildlife in order to extract money from the public, according to the Independent.


Thomson said:

I’ve done enough in my lifetime to satisfy any ‘bloodlust’ people may think I have. It wasn’t bloodlust – it was my job.

I didn’t have any sentiment. I’m totally unrepentant, a hundred – ten thousand – times over for any of the hunting I’ve done because that’s not the problem. The problem is we’ve got a bunch of so-called experts from the West telling us what to do. I’m a trained university ecologist – I must surely know something about this.

I wish I could take you by the shoulders and shake you hard and say ‘don’t assume everything you’ve heard is correct’. The African elephant is nowhere near extinct. People who say this are animal-right-ist NGOs who ask for money and tell lies to get it. When you have a healthy population you must ensure they don’t increase beyond the capacity of their habitat.

In an interview with The Guardian last year, Thomson said it was ‘a great thrill’ to him to kill an animal, and that he enjoyed it.

trophy hunter ron thomson

According to the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, elephant populations have plummeted since the 1980s, from around 1.3 million to 400,000 today.

Eduardo Gonçalves, founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, said:

The trophy hunting industry is slaughtering elephants left, right and centre.

Killing elephants for ‘fun’ is unacceptable, even more so because of the serious threat to its survival.

Trophy hunting is a cruel and abhorrent hangover from colonial times. The recent surge in
elephant hunting shows the industry is out of control. It threatens to push endangered
species to the point of no return.

As part of the campaign, Michael Palin has written a letter to UK prime minister Theresa May calling for a ban of trophy hunting, saying: ‘Of all the threats to our wildlife, trophy hunting seems to be the least justifiable and the most despicable’.


More Links to this:

Regards Mark.

UK: Snares – Currently Legal In the UK; But The Vast Majority of Citizens Want Them Banned – Deadly to Wildlife AND Pets.

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SAV Comment – we have added some additional photos in this post which are not directly part of the LACS campaign below – Mark (WAV).


Information provided by the (UK) ‘League Against Cruel Sports’ (LACS)



Why it’s time for a ban on snares

Related image

A fox with its front right leg caught in a snare.

What are snares?

A snare is a thin wire noose set to trap animals which some people view as being a pest or threat, usually foxes and rabbits. They are intended to catch the animals around the neck like a lasso.

Many people are surprised that this archaic form of trapping is still allowed, believing it was outlawed decades ago. But it is still legal to use a certain type of snare in the UK.

Injury and death – why snares are so cruel

The modern legal snare is meant to tighten around an animal and hold it quietly until the gamekeeper comes to kill it. But the reality is shocking. In their desperate struggle to escape, animals may be strangled, or may suffer horrible and sometimes life-threatening injuries, or a lingering death.

Even if the snare doesn’t kill the animal, they may still die at the hands of a predator, dehydration or exposure to the elements. The League Against Cruel Sports is doing everything it can to protect animals from snares, as in the UK they are mainly set up by shooting estates to eliminate animals that predate on ‘game’ birds, and therefore this is a subject linked to cruel sports.

How many animals are caught in snares?

Like landmines, snares are indiscriminate, because these wire traps can’t tell the difference between a fox, your family pet or a protected species.

As a result, the amount and diversity of animals that fall victim to these snare traps is immense. Snares capture any animal that happens to step into them. In 2012 a UK government study found that only around a quarter of the animals trapped in snares were the intended targets (normally foxes). The remaining three quarters of the animals caught, severely injured or killed in these vicious nooses included hares, badgers, family cats and dogs, deer and even otters.

Based on the government’s 2012 research, we estimate that snares may be trapping up to 1,700,000 animals every year.

Who uses snares?

These days, snares are set mainly by gamekeepers on commercial shooting estates to stop foxes from catching the ‘game’ birds, It’s ironic that these snares kill so many different animals, just so that the pheasants, partridges and grouse can be protected till they are shot down later for ‘sport’. Snares are seldom used by people to catch their own food.

So many of the UK’s precious wild animals are being wiped out to protect the profits of private shooting interests. We believe that this is absolutely not a valid justification for causing such cruelty and suffering.

Image result for badgers  caught inwildlife snares 


Are snares legal in the UK?

Yes – we’re completely out of step with most European countries.

Britain is one a few European countries where snares are still used. Most countries in this part of the world recognise that these devices have no place in modern society and, if necessary, they use alternatives.

Here in the UK, it is still legal to set ‘free-running’ neck snares to catch foxes and rabbits. These types of snares are supposed to hold the trapped animal alive until the snare operator returns and kills it. But they can become kinked or rusty – and lethal. The animals’ panicked struggles just exacerbate the potential for terrible injuries and death. Legal snares can also be set in the wrong way or the wrong place, increasing their potential to cause more suffering and catch non-targeted animals. And illegal snares are designed to kill all the animals they catch are still in use.

Why a snaring Code of Practice will never work

The Government believes that snare use can be controlled by a Code of Practice by providing guidelines on their use, including how and where to set them and how to avoid injury to the animals.

But its own research shows that no amount of regulation can reduce the suffering snares inflict – or the number or variety of animals caught in these lethal traps.

In the Government’s own 2012 report into snaring, not a single fox snare operator visited was fully compliant with the Code of Practice that was valid at that time, a full seven years after it was introduced. Furthermore, a study by the shooting industry itself revealed that less than half of the gamekeepers involved had even read the Code. Although there are now new codes of best pactice in Scotland, England and Wales, none of them are likely to prevent non-target animals from being caught, or to eliminate suffering to acceptable levels, even if they are fully complied with. It is simply impossible to enforce regulations for a practice that occurs primarily on private land in remote locations. Claiming snaring can be properly regulated to avoid unnecessary suffering and to address the conservation concerns they create, is a cop-out .

Related image 


How can we change the law on snaring?

The League will continue to campaign for a ban on snares in all the countries of the UK, because, like most of the people in the country, we passionately believe that snares are cruel and cannot be merely regulated. A total ban will make enforcement far easier and should not cause any significant problem as there are many alternatives to snaring.

Most British people want snares banned.

  • 77% of the British public think snares should be illegal (Ipsos MORI, 2014)
  • 68% of MPs also support a ban on snares (Dods poll, 2015)

We believe that as we continue our education programme and more and more people understand what snares really are and the damage they do, these numbers will continue to increase.

In England, MPs debated snaring in the House of Commons in July 2016, and voted for a ban. However, the government ignored the vote and instead have pushed ahead with a new Code of Practice – which was drawn up by the shooting industry, the very people who use snares the most.

We are also working hard to seek bans on snares in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.
It is time for a complete ban on the manufacture, importation, sale and use of snares to end the suffering of the huge number of animals caught in them every year.


Image result for pets caught inwildlife snares


How can I help ban snaring?

  • Join one of our supporter groupsto help us raise awareness that snares are still being used
  • Share this page on your social media

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