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USA: Project Coyote PR – County Residents Urged to Oppose Killing of Wildlife in Mendocino County.



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For Immediate Release: July 2, 2020

County Residents Urged to Oppose Killing of Wildlife
in Mendocino County

Board of Supervisors to vote on Controversial USDA “Wildlife Services” program

Ukiah, CA – The Mendocino Non-lethal Wildlife Alliance (MNWA) and Project Coyote urge Mendocino County residents to virtually attend the July 14th County Board of Supervisors meeting via the tele-meeting option and express their strong opposition to the County’s likely renewal of their $170,000 contract with USDA Wildlife Services. Those who are unable to attend the meeting on the 14th are encouraged to urge their Supervisor to oppose the renewal of the contract.


Residents are also encouraged to sign a related petition urging the Board to end their contract with Wildlife Services at this link:


“The Public Trust Doctrine holds that wildlife is to be managed for the benefit of the public, and yet Mendocino County continues to spend tax dollars to contract with Wildlife Services to trap, shoot, and kill hundreds of bears, bobcats, coyotes, foxes, mountain lions and other wildlife each year at the behest of private ranchers and other agricultural interests,” said Camilla Fox, Executive Director of Project Coyote. 

For more than a century, Wildlife Services has killed millions of wild animals annually using shockingly cruel and inhumane methods. These methods include aerial gunning, body-gripping traps, poisoning, strangulation neck snares and M-44s (mini-cyanide bombs that explode in an unsuspecting animal’s mouth, causing an excruciating death). Wildlife Services only refrains from using these barbaric killing methods when they are forced to do so by lawsuit, ballot initiative or public pressure. 

“We do not believe that public tax dollars should be used to support an agency that has no moral code and a history of brutally killing not only native wildlife but also our beloved pets who get caught in their traps,” said Carol Misseldine, MNWA Steering Committee member.

A bare majority of the County Board has signalled their interest in not only renewing their contract with this rogue agency, but in actually expanding permissible killing methods to include neck wringing, cervical dislocation and the use of CO2—all of which can cause extreme pain and suffering. The intended private beneficiaries of the public tax dollars funding these contracts are primarily ranchers and their livestock. However, the scientific research is overwhelming and clear: killing wildlife to reduce livestock predation is not only ineffective, it is often counterproductive in that livestock predation often increases as a result of predator social systems being destabilized when older or alpha members are killed.

Counties throughout the country, including neighboring Marin and Sonoma, have already ended their contracts with Wildlife Services and have instead brought in non-lethal wildlife management methods and services to protect property and livestock. Such non-lethal wildlife exclusion techniques, including fencing, night corrals and Foxlights, have proven far more effective than senseless killing by Wildlife Services.

Gowan Batist, a fifth-generation Mendocino County resident and the farm manager at Fortunate Farm in Caspar, is a devout champion of using non-lethal strategies to protect her livestock. “I raise sheep, which are extremely vulnerable to predation; some say that lambs are basically nature’s tater tots.  But since implementing non-lethal control methods on my farm six years ago, I have not had a single loss to a coyote. The only loss I’ve had in those six years was to a mountain lion, and that was by a hungry teenage lion in the immediate aftermath of its mother being killed by a neighbor or Wildlife Services, which goes to what the science tells us: killing predators only increases livestock predation,” she said.

Maureen Mulheren and Mari Rodin are running for the County Supervisor seat currently held by John McCowen. McCowen, a strong proponent for the continuation of Wildlife Services’ killing program, is retiring at the end of his current term in January 2021.

Mulheren agrees that the County should not be spending public dollars on behalf of private interests. “The lethal predator control methods that the USDA Wildlife Service employs are ineffective and outdated. As Supervisor, I will vote to terminate the County’s contract with Wildlife Services and instead use that $170,000 in tax dollars on education about and implementation of non-lethal techniques.”

Rodin said, “I base my decisions on sound scientific data and in this instance the science indicates that the methods used by USDA Wildlife Service are both ineffective and counterproductive. Moreover, they appear to be unethical. As Supervisor, I will vote to terminate our contract with Wildlife Services and instead support the use of non-lethal methods to manage human conflicts with wildlife by a local entity.”

Due to the Covid-19 health emergency, the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors is conducting all business virtually. To provide public comment, individuals must fill out the “comment request form” at the link below no later than 8:00 am on the day of the meeting. Once the form has been received and reviewed, instructions will be sent for how to call into the Zoom meeting and provide public comment.

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German hunting fair: The Mecca of animal killers

The “Jagd & Hund (Hunting and Dog)” fair, which takes place annually in Dortmund, Germany, is Europe’s largest hunting fair.

The organizers advertise themselves with the participation of exhibitors from over 40 nations from all continents.

jagd und hund 1
Among them are almost 180 tour operators who offer the shooting down of individuals of endangered and protected species such as various deep sea birds and songbirds, polar bears, rhinos, elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes, monkeys, brown bears, and wolves – quite legally.

As in colonial times, wealthy trophy hunters shoot endangered animals.

jagd in kolonialzeit _0
We are currently experiencing the greatest loss of species since time immemorial.

Hunting methods are used that are prohibited in Germany for good reasons: hunting with a bow and arrow, crossbow, or revolver. A hunting license is often not even required. In some places, wild animals such as for example Lions specially bred in hunting farms to have them shot by trophy hunters in large enclosures.

Jagd Eine erschossene Antilope liegt am Boden

In Africa alone, 18,000 trophy hunters kill over 100,000 wild animals each year.

The shooting down of an individual animal often endangers their entire family and group system.

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Australia: the annual slaughter of kangaroos

OZ Coat of Arms_001

The Australian Government authorizes the slaughter of millions of kangaroos every single year. They are shot at night in the vast outback, away from public scrutiny. 40 percent of kangaroos are not expertly killed, they suffer wounded for hours.


Farmers have a financial interest in the mass murder:

Around half of the merino wool produced worldwide comes from Australia. The herds and the need for pasture land are correspondingly large.

Wild kangaroos take away the pastures from the flocks of sheep. This annoys the Australian farmers – they consider the national symbol like a plague and a threat to their financial income from the sale of the merino wool.

kangoroo n

The flesh and leather of the killed kangaroos are exported in large quantities.
Germany is one of the main sales markets for kangaroo products.


And I mean…It is the largest annual massacre of wildland animals on the planet. And one of the most brutal.

Kangaroo carcases-®Hopping Pictures

Shame on Australia for murdering their iconic kangaroos to make meaningless purses, wallets, jackets, shoes, or sporting goods! The killing is a disgrace – cruel and entirely profit-motivated.

Shame on Australia, on farmers and murderous hunters who always want to protect their businesses with murder.

This corrupt government is not only to blame for the annual mass murder of the harmless kangaroos but also for the murderous business model of ship transport with sheep to Kuwait and the Arab Emirates.

The Australian government must go, Morrison must go.

My best regards to all Venus

Belgium welcomes first wild wolf cubs in more than a century. If the Hunters Dont do it Again and Slaughter In the Name of ‘Conservation’.



Science Source - Gray Wolf and Cubs

Archive photo NOT related directly to article.


WAV Comment – Hunters killing pregnant wolves ? – no, it cant be true; hunters always preach to us that they are the conservationists.

And ‘the pregnant she wolf had killed sheep’. Sad but true; that’s what happens in the wild; especially when pregnant animals need to build up their supplies so that they can provide milk to youngsters when they are born.

The reality here is that a farmer has had a few of his sheep killed by a natural process which involves wild animals looking for food. Thus he cannot sell his sheep and get them loaded onto transporter trucks that go here, there and everywhere whilst evading all the regulations that have been set by the EU to ‘protect the welfare of animals in transport’.

It is great to read that the wolves are going to get more protection; but will it be enough to protect the from the bloodlust psychos who have to shoot everything in sight under the name of ‘conservation’ ?

Hopefully the wolves will live long lives; and the rest ? – I guess farmers want the perfect life of selling each and every one of their animals for terrible slaughter; but hey, who cares ?; as long as they get their cash; and the wolves should just not eat meat; simple as that. Possibly all wolves should now be trained on an orange juice and nut only diet.

Sad world.

Regards Mark




Wildlife conservation: First wild baby wolves for Belgium in 150 years

4 May 2020


Wildlife experts in Belgium are getting excited to welcome the country’s first set of wild wolf cubs in more than 100 years.

Adult wolves were spotted in 2018 in the European country for the first time in over one hundred years, and experts have been keeping a close eye on them and hoping for babies.

Now a female wolf named Noella is expected to give birth to cubs very, very soon.

To protect the wolves hunting has been banned and wildlife rangers are out on patrol, making sure the animals are safe.

Wolves disappeared from most of Western Europe because of hunting, growing cities and more factories being built.

That’s why experts in Belgium are now excited and keen to protect the few that have returned.



Latest news 3 days ago


Belgium welcomes first wild wolf cubs in more than a century


Hunters were suspected of killing the last she-wolf to be pregnant in Belgium but authorities changed the law to protect the new cubs

Belgians are celebrating the safe arrival of the country’s first wild wolf cubs in more than 150 years, after introducing some of the strictest protection laws in the world.

The first pictures of the four cubs to parents August and Noella in the Flemish countryside brought a happy ending to the story of the return of the wolf to Belgium, which was marred by tragedy.

Conservationists accused   hunters of shooting dead the first wild wolf in Belgium for more than a century in rural Limburg, close to the Dutch border, in September 2019, after the pregnant she-wolf had killed sheep.




Finning: a crime against sharks!

Sea Shepherd Germany

sea shepard logo_n

Fish come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. They are spotted, dotted, striped, transparent, or glow in the dark. They are a few centimeters tall or many meters long like the whale shark, currently the largest fish in the world.

Hai mit Punkten oThe largest specimen ever measured was 13.7 m long.

Whale sharks have lived on this planet for 60 million years. Under the pressure of global fisheries, whether as by-catch or as a targeted target due to their meat, fins, and liver oil, their survival is under threat.

In July 2016, whale sharks were classified as endangered on the IUCN (World Conservation Union) Red List of Threatened Species.
Nevertheless, the hunt for them continues!

With our campaigns against illegal, unregulated, and undocumented fishing, we prevent the killing of whale sharks and many other sea creatures.


Help us to help them! #ForTheOceans

The petition, please sign and share:


My comment and Information: Finning is probably the most senseless fishing practice on the world’s oceans.

hai ohne flossejpg

The shark fins are cut off – usually when the animals are still alive. The animals are then thrown overboard because their meat is almost worthless compared to the fins.

These fins are then used on the Asian market for an almost tasteless shark fin soup, for which around 90 euros are paid.

In 2013 EU legislation banned the so-called “shark finning”, the removal of shark fins and subsequent disposal of the animal in the sea.
However, there were exceptions that, in certain cases, made it possible to separate fins on the high seas.

stopp finning 3PG
In 2013, these exceptions were also abolished.

Eight years ago, on November 22, 2012, the EU Parliament voted to tighten the ban on “shark finning” and to close existing loopholes in the law.

Accordingly, the following is mandatory: EU fishing vessels that catch sharks worldwide, or ships that catch sharks within the EU, must keep the animals’ fins on their bodies.
An exception applies to ships that are allowed to separate the fins if they can demonstrate that they use all parts of the fish. These also require special approval.

Spain and Portugal have usually used this exception for bad business.

The “Baz” case

During an inspection on September 5, 2017, the Spanish ship “Baz” was caught in the territorial waters of the West African island state of São Tomé and Príncipe.  The “Baz” violated the EU’s finning rules.

Official documents from the Department of Fisheries of the Ministry of Finance and Trade in Sao Tome show the extent of the crime: under the catch of the “baz”, consisting of tuna, swordfish, and other species, there were 69 tons of sharks and fins about two-thirds of that entire cargo.

In addition, the inspectors found so-called J-hooks on the ship, which are prohibited for fish and are mainly used for predatory fish such as sharks.

“When we came across the base and found that the number of sharks on board was twice that of other fish, it was clear that this is a ship that mainly catches sharks, although it does fish under a tuna agreement,” said Peter Hammarstedt, campaign manager at Sea Shepherds.

However, the “Baz” not only actively fished for sharks and replaced their fins on board, but also violated the regulations of the European Council of 1185/2003 and the latter, the amended from 605/2013

The “Baz” was fined $ 45,000 by the Sao Tome fisheries directorate for processing the catches without official authorization. The EU has not commented on this case until today.

Hammarstedt is convinced that ships like the “Baz” will not be sanctioned and will, therefore, continue to violate the anti-finning regulations of Brussels.

shea Shepard slogan-Petition

As far as I know, the petition Stop finning is still open, please sign!

My best regards to all, Venus

Spain: Bird catchers and their criminal works


Committee Against Bird Murder e.V.
June 18 at 4:15 pm · Share publicly

This morning, a team from the Committee caught a bird catcher in Spain.

The bird guards were involved in the inspection of trapping sites near Valencia, which were found in our ORPHEUS online bird protection camp this spring by on satellite images.

Komite Spanien jpg
Several of the catch points were freshly prepared but not active.

There was also a well-known place on the way where they could already see from afar that decoy cages were installed on a bush.

Komite Spanien 3 _o
The immediately called environmental police of the provincial police (agentes medioambientales) caught the poacher in the act – he had already caught six goldfinches with the net, they were released together with the two illegally kept decoys.

Komite Spanien 2_o
The pictures are from the action this morning.

Komite Spanien 4o


And I mean…These songbirds reach a body length of 12 to 13 centimeters and are therefore somewhat smaller than sparrows. Weighing between 14 and 19 grams, they weigh about as much as two one-euro pieces.
So, as a delicacy, these animals are hardly profitable.
But they are still hunted for captivity.
Many buy a songbird, they lock the animal in a cage and they call it pet animal!


Until the 20th century, the cheerful goldfinches were coveted house birds.
The catch of the Goldfinch is now prohibited by the EU Birds Directive.
Nevertheless, as we read, illegal bird catchers in some EU countries do lively business at the expense of these animals – in Malta, for example, it even happens with an official blessing: In 2014 came in force a controversial national exemption for catching finches in autumn and winter!!

The EU Commission has already initiated a procedure, so far without success.

Compared to animals, humans are habitual criminals, said Karl Heinz Deschner.
And he was right!

My best regards to all, Venus

England: Stay Foxy !



My Christmas Hat has been hijacked  – but I have no problem if it these little guys,

Stay Foxy – Regards Mark


I have had the real pleasure of meeting lots of foxes over the years – and until I took a few shots one day; people did not believe when I told them that a wild fox comes up the stairs into the office and stays a while.  I carry on working, but keeping an eye on him also – when he has stayed a while; he jumps down, goes out the front door back to the wild.

Here is a picture of him in the office:


fox in office 1


Fox 2


fox sake 3

Animals bred for hunting

Hunters like to call themselves conservationists and often claim that they take care of nature and the animals in their territory. The fact that hunters kill wild animals is inherently contradictory – but did you know that animals are even bred specifically for hunting and then released so that hunters can shoot them as live targets during hunts?

tote fasanenjpg

Pheasants offered on eBay for 10 euros to kill

This is common practice when hunting pheasants, ducks, and partridges.
Hunters buy the animals and release them to kill before hunting. For example, pheasants can be bought for 10 to 20 euros on eBay or in pheasant shops, where thousands of them are bred in a confined space.

On some websites, the animals are offered depending on the season at a unit price of 10 to 14 euros. Even more macabre: When purchasing larger quantities, there is often a discount of up to 50%.

What is the so-called “cherish”:
So that not too tame animals are killed during the hunt, the respective state hunting laws stipulated the deadline before which the animals must be released. For this purpose, hundreds of ducks and other birds are often released specifically to waters.

So that they stay there until the start of the hunt, it is allowed to feed them. The attached feed and the droppings of the numerous birds often damage the water sustainably.

In addition, the animals that are accustomed to being raised by humans continue to be tame from feeding and run unsuspectingly towards their murderers while hunting.


Fear of death while the “drift and pressure” hunt.

During the “Drift and pressure hunts,” the animals are pursued by drivers and hunting dogs in front of the shotguns and rifles of the hunters.
The animals flee in panic for their lives – often via streets and through settlements.

Game accidents during hunting are unfortunately not uncommon and can be fatal to those involved, particularly due to large wild animals such as wild boars.


It also often happens that animals are shot but not immediately killed.
They then flee in panic, with gunshot wounds on the body or on the wings, until they succumb to their injuries and die after several days of agony.

Hunting is not nature conservation

The targeted release of animals for shooting shows that hunting has nothing to do with nature conservation.
On the contrary – the ecosystem is being completely confused.

Renowned wild biologists confirmed many years ago that hunting is not suitable for regulating wild animal populations, but is counterproductive.

schliefanlage mit hund und fuchs_o

Studies show that hunting leads to earlier sexual maturity in wild animals.
In hunted areas, the population grows faster, as wild animals compensate for the death rate with stronger births in the next generations and, moreover, more individuals take part in reproduction than usual.

On the other hand, natural regulation of wild animal populations takes place through environmental influences such as weather, food availability, or diseases.

Areas like the Swiss canton of Geneva, where hobby hunting has been banned for over 40 years, clearly show that nature regulates itself.


And I mean…EVERYTHING that hunters do, no matter what they say and what they actually do, serves only ONE goal:  to preserve the hunt!
Hunting is a murderous hobby. No more, no less!

NO hunter in Europe has been forced to hunt.
Especially here in Germany, nobody is forced to lease a hunting ground and no one is forced to take part in a hunt for a fee.
Those who hunt kill for pure pleasure.

What state of mind can I expect from someone who cowardly shoots an animal from the ambush while it is eating, although he does not need his flesh and skin for life at all and then he calls it  “hobby”, “nature conservation”, “species protection”, “disease protection” or “tradition”?

So if a hunter stands here and claims to be a conservationist, he is lying.
Hunters want to kill. No more and no less!

My best regards to all, Venus

Canada: Dead black bear dumped in ditch; hunter ticketed for littering.



WAV Comment – with shit like that; really sad that they are part of the British Commonwealth.  Brits try to protect animals, not be assholes like this deadbeat hunter.


Bear carcass


Dead black bear dumped in ditch; hunter ticketed for littering


EDMONTON — The body of a black bear was dumped illegally in a ditch near Lloydminster on Sunday, Alberta Fish and Wildlife said.

Officers determined the bear had been shot legally on private land, but that the carcass was improperly disposed of.

The person who shot the bear was ticketed for littering, Fish and Wildlife said.

“Owners or occupants of privately owned land or any person authorized to keep livestock on public land may, without a licence, hunt (but not trap) black bear on such lands, at all times of the year,” a Government of Alberta spokesperson said.

The woman who reported the carcass, Angie Atkinson, says bears are a common sight in the area.

“We’re not that far from the North Saskatchewan River, so there’s lots of ravines,” said Atikinson. “Once in a while, I’ll see scat along the road but they’re just trotting down the road and don’t seem to be much of a problem.”

Officials say animal carcasses should be disposed of at a waste management facility or on private land.