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Mark Hankinson found guilty of telling others how to hunt illegally!

A prominent huntsman from Dorset has been ordered to pay £3,500 for giving advice to countrymen about how to covertly carry out illegal fox hunts.

The senior fox hunter Mark Hankinson has been found guilty of encouraging and assisting people to evade the ban on fox hunting.

Recordings of Mark Hankinson, a director of the Master of Foxhounds Association, speaking to around 100 senior hunters in two private webinars in August 2020 were leaked online.

We have reported about it:

The prosecution argued he was giving advice on how to avoid the law. Speaking to 103 hunt-masters on the call, he explained how “to create a smokescreen” to enable them “to portray to the people watching that you’re going about legitimate business”

The defence said he was advising what to do if saboteurs disrupt legal hunts (!!!)

At Westminster court Deputy Chief Magistrate Tan Ikram said “I am sure that the defendant through his words was giving advice on how to illegally hunt with dogs.”

In my judgement he was clearly encouraging the mirage of trail laying to act as cover for illegal hunting,” he added.

Hankinson was fined £1,000 along with a contribution of £2,500 towards legal costs.

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USA: Wolf Pups ‘Adopted’ by Idaho High Schoolers Killed by Trigger Happy (? Obsessed ?) USDA Federal Agents.

Grey wolf pups
Grey Wolf Pups – Getty Images

Wolf pups ‘adopted’ by Idaho high schoolers killed by federal agents

Wolf pups ‘adopted’ by Idaho high schoolers killed by federal agents – BBC News

Conservation groups have expressed outrage after the US Department of Agriculture revealed it killed eight young wolves in an Idaho forest.

The pups were part of the Timberline pack, a group of wild wolves tracked and studied since 2003 by students at the local high school in Boise.

Federal officials have defended their actions as a “necessary” measure in reducing the predators’ population.

But local wildlife groups say wolves are “under attack” in the region.

Earlier this year, lobbied by the livestock ranching community, Republican-dominated legislatures in Idaho and Montana passed measures that made it easier to hunt and kill wolves.

Idaho’s version of the law allows hunters to kill an unlimited number of wolves each year, up from a 15-wolf annual limit, and triples the budget for population control efforts.

Under the terms of the legislation, wolves can be baited into snares, aerially gunned down via aircraft and even mowed over by hunters in ATVs or other motorised vehicles.

Environmental groups have warned the aggressive tactics will whittle down Idaho’s wolf population by 90%, from roughly 1,500 to 150, which is the minimum limit enshrined by a 2002 conservation law.

The Timberline wolf pack – unofficially “adopted” by students at Boise’s Timberline High School over the past 18 years – appears to have been among the targets. Their den, on public lands in Boise National Forest, was found empty this spring.

An official from the Agriculture Department confirmed federal agents had killed the animals in order to force the adult wolves to relocate.

Grey wolves were once nearly wiped out across the contiguous US.

The Endangered Species Act of 1974 created federal protections that saved the species from extinction and led to sustained population recovery efforts.

But the animals were delisted by the Trump administration last October and management of the species has since fallen to the states.

Supporter of the Idaho wolf-culling law have said wolves pose a threat to wildlife, particularly cows, sheep and other livestock.

Van Burtenshaw, the state senator and livestock dealer who introduced the bill, said reducing the wolf population would benefit “our cattlemen, our woolgrowers and outfitters”, as well as the big game hunters forced to compete with the wolves.

But environmental groups have slammed the culling tactics as inhumane. A spokeswoman for the Humane Society of the United States called it “a death warrant for hundreds of Idaho’s iconic and beloved wolves”.

The Biden administration is reportedly considering relisting grey wolves on the Endangered Species List.

Students at Timberline High have told US media they are penning a letter to President Biden over the pup deaths, a sign of the renewed urgency many Idahoans feel to see federal protections reinstated.

“Idaho, Montana and Wyoming are in an all-out frontal assault on wolves,” Dick Jordan, a former science teacher at the school, told the local Idaho Statesman.

“Something has to be done. It’s inhumane, it’s unethical and it’s not ecologically sound.”

Regards Mark

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Germany: Hubertus Masse and the hypocrisy of the Church

Every year in autumn the so-called Hubertus masses take place everywhere in the churches.

Priests and pastors of both denominations bless hunters, the hunt and the “route” of the killed animals. – A bloody fraudulent label: Because St. Hubertus, in whose name these masses take place, recognized Christ in the animals and stopped hunting.

But not only St. Hubertus is abused for unholy conduct: the animal-hostile teaching of the churches is a betrayal of the animal-friendly teaching of Jesus.

According to legend, Hubertus was a passionate hunter. One day when he wanted to shoot a deer while hunting, it suddenly came up against him.
A cross shone between his antlers, and Christ said to him in the form of a stag:
“Hubertus, why are you chasing me?”
Hubertus got off his horse and knelt in front of the stag. From that moment on Hubertus stopped hunting and from then on led a simple life.

So much for the legend.

After his experience with the stag, Hubertus stopped hunting and became a serious Christian.
Because true Christianity and hunting just don’t go together. When he met the stag, he was given the choice, either he kills the animal – then he also kills Christ – or he does not do so and confesses to Christ.
Or spoken in the words of Matthew 25:40:
“What you did to one of the least of my brothers, you did to me.”

The meaning of the Hubertus legend is that man should live in harmony and peace with nature and animals.
He should not be the hunter, but the protector and friend of the animals.
As the saying goes in Mark 16:15: “Go out into the whole world and preach the Gospel to all creatures.”

This certainly does not mean hunting, but instead of making St. Hubertus the patron saint of animals, the church appointed him patron saint of hunters.

Neither is it written anywhere that Jesus Christ, whom both denominations venerate as the Son of God, ever hunted animals.
That would also be very absurd, because God’s 5th commandment is “You shall not kill”.

But every hunt is connected with killing.

In spite of all of this, the so-called Hubertus hunts and Hubertus masses take place in churches every year on November 3rd, Hubertus Day.

We owe the fact that the animals in our society have to suffer so unspeakably millions of times over, not least of all, to the anti-animal teaching of the two great churches

Priest: blessing for animal killers

Even if individual upright pastors or priests try to campaign for animal welfare within the church, they are in opposition to the teaching of their church.
Because the church doctrine justifies factory farming, animal transports, slaughterhouses, animal experiments and hunting to this day.

To this day, both churches deny animals the immortal soul.

Since the 4th century, when the emerging Roman power church ousted early Christianity, the church has been against animals – even though Jesus of Nazareth loved animals and the first Christians were vegetarians.

Animal rights activists within the churches are often dismissed by church circles as over-the-top, neurotic weirdos, so it’s no wonder that so many animal rights activists take the lead and leave the church.

All hunters shouldtake St. Hubertus as example and finally stop hunting

And I mean…When will God’s unworthy servants finally stop hypocrisy and betrayal of animals here on earth?

Can one imagine a hunting Jesus with a rifle who, with greed and joy, shoots, injures, cripples rabbits, deer and other animals?
Because many animals do not lie dead “in the fire” immediately, but only die miserably after days or weeks in terrible agony.
Jesus would – like the merchants from the temple once -, today the hunters with a whip out of the forest and meadow – and hunt church!
“Heavenly nefariousness with which the Christian mob treats animals, kills them while laughing, mutilates or tortures them” – Arthur Schopenhauer already formulated the moral reprehensibility of humans in their behavior towards their older relatives, the animals, in such clear words in the 19th century.

Servant of God: You are truly a “model” of the human species – in a negative sense. Be ashamed of yourself, be very ashamed of yourself.

My best regards to all, Venus

Comment 13/10

this german gentleman is a pastor and hobby-hunter. last week he mistook a father of a family for a bear in canada and killed him:

#StopTheGrind-a laudable initiative from Brussels

Report by Martin Buschmann MEP *

Stop Grindadráp!

The slaughter of whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands must come to an end.

The driven hunts are not only incompatible with the requirement of species protection, they also involve enormous cruelty to animals. After the animals have been cornered, they are stabbed with metal lances.

Not all of them die immediately from the deep cuts, many animals lie twitching on the beach for a long time until they bleed to death.

The masses of dead animals, the sea stained red with blood – all of this outrages people around the world.
So many dolphins have been killed this year that the island residents cannot consume the meat.

Sea Shepherd environmentalists believe that much of it needs to be disposed of.

This senseless killing must not go on!

This is what I am committed to in Brussels. I will take further steps once the Commission has replied to my question. In cooperation with various animal welfare organizations, pressure is built up until we have achieved our goal!

In an open letter, I and the other supporters of “Stop the Grind” address directly to the Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands.

In six detailed points we show why the grindadráp has to stop.
I am confident that common sense will prevail and that we will succeed.

* Martin Buschmann is a German politician.
In the 2019 European elections he was elected as a member of the European Parliament for the Animal Welfare Party.
From July 2019 to January 2020 he was a member of the GUE / NGL parliamentary group, at the beginning of 2020 Buschmann resigned from the parliamentary group and a little later from the animal protection party

More about the union against the Grindadráp can be found here:

And I mean…A ban on the whale massacre in Faroe Islands is a duty on the part of the EU Commission because members of the European Union are prohibited from killing whales.

The psychopaths slaughtered entire families of whales with pregnant mothers and young animals for the amusement of their own toddlers and families.
Some whales swim for hours in the blood of their family members and try to save them, frightened with fear, knowing what will happen to them too.

We, animal rights activists, and all civilized people are outraged by this massacre and will support every initiative to end this senseless bloodbath.
Which, by the way, is prohibited by European directives and international conventions.

This mass murder cannot be justified by invoking old, outdated traditions and brutally massacre up to a thousand pilot whales and dolphins every year.

Thank you Martin and everyone who leads this collective fight from Brussels with you.

My best regards to all, Venus

UK (England): Secret Filming Shows (Hunting) Hounds Being Shot Dead At Hunt Kennels.

WAV Comment:  The killing of hunt hounds is not new; it has happened for ages.

In the UK there was a thing known as the ‘cub hunting season’; where new hunt hounds were ‘tested’ out the innocent cubs of a fox pack to see if they had the ‘blood lust’ that was required of them.

Often, if they were found to be too docile and lack that killer instinct, then those hounds were ‘dispatched’ by the hunts – by that, we mean shot through the head and disposed of.  It has been captured on video in the past.

Regards Mark

Photo – Mark / East Kent Hunt Sabs.


Secret filming shows hounds being shot dead at hunt kennels

ITV is a major British television station.

Secret filming shows hounds being shot dead at hunt kennels | ITV News

An anti-hunting activist told ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn the dogs are killed and “thrown away like garbage” when they are no longer “fit for purpose”

Secret cameras have recorded huntsmen shooting and killing hounds that had been used for hunting.

The pictures, filmed by anti-hunting groups the Hunt Investigation Team and Keep the Ban and shared exclusively with ITV News, is the first time footage of a hunt shooting its hounds has been shown publicly.

Hounds can be killed for several reasons including being too old to hunt, or if they get ill or injured. The practice is not illegal.

The pictures were taken at the kennels of the Duke of Beaufort’s Hunt in Badminton, Gloucestershire. The Duke of Beaufort’s Hunt told ITV News that its hounds are “humanely euthanised” if they cannot be rehomed. It added that the majority of hounds are “unsuitable for rehoming” because “they are not house-trained and have only ever been used to living in a pack environment”.

The secret footage, recorded over several periods between April and September, shows four separate examples of hounds being shot:

  • In two cases, a huntsman is seen putting a gun to the head of the hound and killing it.
  • In another, the hound appears to be unwell and is carried onto the grass by the hunt staff before being shot.
  • Another shows the hound being shot twice, three minutes apart.

Watch the secret footage at a hunt’s kennels where hounds were filmed being shot dead – click on the above link.

Rob Pownall, Keep The Ban founder, said: “It’s some pretty upsetting footage but this is commonplace for hunts across the country. This is not an acceptable way to end an animal’s life. These hounds suffered immense pain.”The activities shown in the video aren’t actually illegal, but there’s no moral defence for what’s shown.”

The footage comes ahead of a vote later this month by National Trust members to decide whether trail hunts on its land should be banned during the next hunting season.

The National Trust suspended all trail hunting licences last year, alongside a host of other large landowners including Forestry England, following a report by ITV News about the content of webinars hosted by the Hunting Office.

Conservative MP Tracey Crouch, who is co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare, said the footage of the hounds being shot dead is “absolutely heartbreaking” and “distressing”.

“I don’t understand why a dog…needs to be euthanised in this way and I am sure there are much more compassionate ways of putting a dog to sleep”, Ms Crouch told ITV News.

“We have many working dogs across this country in different sectors, such as, for example, the police or army, and I doubt very much that those kinds of dogs are put to sleep with a bolt to the head, so I don’t quite understand why it is appropriate for hunting hounds to be euthanised this way.”

After watching the secret filming, Mike Jessop, a fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, said that from what he saw, he did not believe the huntsmen were professionally trained in putting animals down.”There was no evidence of [the huntsperson] being veterinary trained or veterinary surgeons. The lack of use of any veterinary equipment that one would expect such as stethoscopes to ascertain the dogs were dead was just lacking”, he said.”The evidence from the video doesn’t show any illegal activity. My concern is whether there is any suffering after the shot, because nobody is being careful enough in checking the dogs are truly dead.”In one of the videos, the [hound’s] tail was still waggling very vigorously for quite some time, even when the dog was being loaded in the wheelbarrow.

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Denmark: Stop The Grind – New London Based Action Site Against The Killing Of Dolphins and Pilot Whales In The Faroe Islands.


Stop the Grind | End Killing of Dolphins and Pilot Whales in the Faroe Islands

Gallery – Gallery | Stop the Grind

The world has watched in horror as the Faroe Islands government continues to allow thousands of pilot whales and dolphins to be massacred brutally and senselessly in the Grindadráp hunts.  Now is the time for change. We are calling on the Faroe Islands’ government to do the right thing and ban this outdated and cruel practice. Stand with us and be part of the global movement.

Stop the Grind | End Killing of Dolphins and Pilot Whales in the Faroe Islands

The Stop the Grind movement is based in London with members all over the world. The campaign is a partnership between Sea Shepherd and Shared Planet, an impact-focused consultancy. We bring together a global coalition of stakeholder organisations and individuals with the common interest of ending the Grind. Our aim is to show that the world no longer accepts the senseless killing and to demonstrate that the global community will not standby and watch the Faroe Islands’ government act irresponsibly in silence. We must act together to ensure that our voices are heard.

Continue reading and see all the supporters at:  About Us | Stop the Grind 

Our past posts on this issue:

Search Results for “faroe islands” – World Animals Voice

Regards Mark

Gates for wild boars: Germany’s new Guantanamo

The State Hunting Association of Rhineland-Palatinate (a federal state in southwest Germany) opens a so-called wild boar gate, which is to be put into operation in March 2022.

“Hunting dogs” for wild boar hunting are trained in such gates: the dogs should learn to systematically track wild boars and drive them out of the undergrowth.
There are already seven wild boars in the practice gate, which the hunting association received from the wildlife park.

PETA sharply criticizes the wildlife park for handing over the wild animals to the facility that violates animal welfare: the wild boars have to endure attacks from their enemies again and again in a fenced-in area.

PETA calls on those in charge of the wildlife park to take back the wild boars and to guarantee them a safe and species-appropriate home until their natural end of life.
In addition, the animal rights organization advocates a ban on hunting wild boar.

“The keeping conditions in the countryside and the focus on native animal species in game and animal parks represent a deceptive idyll in big cities.
Because even in wildlife parks, animals are treated ruthlessly and with disdain for life.
It is disgusting that such a practice of arming hunting dogs on wildlife is knowingly encouraged in a wildlife park.” (PETA)

Exercise gates mean stress and suffering

According to PETA, wild boar exercise gates are incompatible with animal welfare because the wild boars there are exposed to constant stress and thus considerable suffering.
According to the Animal Welfare Act, it is therefore also forbidden to set one animal on another.
With one exception: The Animal Welfare Act is suspended in this area for hunting.

Apparently harmless-looking illustrative videos of the hunters do not reflect reality, in the opinion of PETA, because dogs often bite into wild animals in hunting practice.

For reasons of animal rights, work in the wild boar fence and “construction facilities” for foxes is clearly to be rejected.
It is a training method on live tame animals that eke out their lives in a gate and are killed after use or unsuitability.

Wild animals in such facilities experience new fear of death and stress with every training session.
What is meant by “species-appropriate care and animal welfare” in this context is hard to imagine.
In addition to the risk of being injured by a wild boar posing, there is also a high risk of dogs getting infected with the deadly virus of Aujetzky’s disease (pseudo-rage) during wild boar hunts and training in the wild boar gate!

In 2016 there were new cases of this epidemic in Germany.
Wild boar gates only attract problems.

Practice has shown that the most serious injuries to animals occur again and again during attacks in the gate – analogous to the construction facilities with the foxes. No fox leaves the construction facilities alive.

The hunt for wild boars is incredibly cruel, and serious violations of the animal welfare and hunting laws are known time and again.
In driven hunts, up to two thirds of the wounded animals do not die immediately, but drag themselves deeper into the forest with shot bones and bowels hanging out.
Often they die a slow, agonizing death after many hours or even days.

The exploitation of dogs for hunting is always associated with animal suffering.
The dogs are not only “trained” on living animals such as wild boars, foxes or ducks, but their own lives are also repeatedly jeopardized in dangerous missions.
Countless dogs are injured during the hunt.

Hobby hunters accept this and literally abuse the animals as hunting weapons.
Shocking recordings in March 2020 showed how a hobby hunter chased a dog on an injured and weakened wild boar and kept yelling at him to bite.

Only a few months earlier, an eyewitness filmed how several “hunting dogs” attacked and bit a wild boar for at least ten minutes – only then did a hobby hunter intervene.

We, from the blog “Wild beim Wild”, also reject the system because:

1. Means stress and risk of injury for wild boars and dogs.

2. Because the “Wild beim Wild” fundamentally finds the approach of such systems wrong and is convinced that driven hunts, with hunting dogs also cause hideous animal suffering due to the many missed shots.

And I mean…The renowned veterinarian Dr. Ralf Unna as a resident veterinarian with eight colleagues in a veterinary practice in Cologne says the following:

“I can tell you what dogs look like, what German hunting terriers look like that come out of a burrow alive.
If they come out alive, they are often badly battered
I can tell you of seven to eight fractures of the lower jaw that have to be wired, of animals that have multiple injuries to their forelegs and facial areas and that have to be cared for for weeks in order to survive at all.

That means, here is a clear violation of the Animal Welfare Act, a very clear one. “

To teach dogs to retrieve, the usual method is for hunters of a live duck to tape the wings or cuff them with paper so that the bird cannot fly away.
The duck is then released in the reeds of a body of water, where the dog is supposed to find it and bring it to the hunter.
The training method is only forbidden in Berlin.

We read on the hunter-friendly portal “Experience the Hunt”: ” According to the State Hunting Association, the gate was built according to the specifications of the Wild Boar Gate e.V. competence group and operated in accordance with animal welfare”.

The hunters have always been professional killers.
In order to sell their crimes against defenseless animals, they have to be also professional liars.

It is a shame for this country that politicians allow this pathetic minority of 0.45% of the population to determine nature conservation and that in our forests and wildlife parks takes place every day massive animal cruelty under the guise of hunting.

My best regards to all, Venus

Germany: Three wolves illegally shot down by criminals

Sep 29, 2021 –

In the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the police and public prosecutor’s office are investigating several wolves who have been killed.

As a spokesman for the Environment Ministry said on Wednesday, a predator carcass was found on Sunday in Western Pomerania and two dead wolves on Tuesday on the Elbe.

Initial investigations by veterinarians have shown that all three wolves died from gunshot wounds.
It is still unclear when this happened and where the animals came from. It is being investigated for a violation of the Federal Nature Conservation Act.
Wolves are strictly protected across the EU (!!!)

Two dead young wolves were last discovered on Tuesday on the banks of the Elbe.
Conservationists had informed the police.

The animals were examined by specialists from the Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research. The full results of the investigation are not yet available, as the ministry spokesman said.
One now hopes to get to the perpetrators via traces that have been secured.

It is also unclear how long the animals swam in the Elbe and where they came from.
The third wolf carcass was found in a corn field on Sunday. According to previous knowledge, the animal had been shot a little long ago.
This area is not far from the border with Poland. Here, too, the investigations continued.

Wolf protection -Germany e.V. offers a reward of 4,000 euros for apprehending the perpetrators.

PETA sets a reward of 3000 euros for hints to convict the perpetrator (s)-also anonymously,wolf4578.html

And I mean…Since the wolf returned to Germany in 2000, a total of 64 animals have been killed illegally.

These are no longer isolated cases. Apparently there are criminal hunters and farmers who specifically hunt wolves.
This year, eleven wolves have already been shot illegally, and in 2020 there were officially a total of eight.

The number of unreported cases is certainly many times higher.
Without the perpetrators being identified once.
To put it more precisely: without any authority showing any great interest in capturing this pathetic criminal machos.

Hardly any of these cases could be resolved. The acts would still be treated as petty offenses.
In contrast to other countries, such as Italy, where wolf killers could be found, this has never been the case in Germany.

Not only wolves are affected, lynxes are also repeatedly found killed, as are a number of birds of prey.
Spongy statements about the protection of the wolves on the part of politicians (mostly also hunters) brood a favorable ground for criminals to commit vigilante justice in Wild- West- Manner.

Germany is still miles away from a good state of conservation for the wolf.
Germany is also miles away from fair punishments for illegally shooting down strictly protected animals.

It is not our wild animals that have to be banned from nature, but the hunters. And their stupid followers in politics immediately have to give up their posts.

My best regards to all, Venus

U.K: Gamekeeper caught trapping birds of prey

A gamekeeper has been caught trapping birds of prey on a pheasant shoot in Shropshire.
Two traps were found in mid-September in woodland near the village of Chelmarsh, just south of Bridgnorth.

Footage passed to the Hunt Saboteurs Association shows two homemade wooden traps, both baited with dead pheasants and located inside a pheasant release pen.

Shockingly, a buzzard was found trapped inside one of them, but luckily was released to freedom before the gamekeeper arrived.

The gamekeeper is then filmed entering the pen and checking on the traps. However, clearly noticing that his illegal activities have been found out, he quickly moves the traps and brushes the ground in a poor attempt to hide evidence.

The site was also littered with Fenn traps, snares and Larsen traps.

Bird of prey persecution goes hand in glove with the persecution of ‘gamebirds’.
Indeed, 67% of raptor crime convictions since 1990 were gamekeepers.

Earlier this year, the HSA revealed that a staggering 24 million pheasants and partridges were imported to the UK in 2020, making up around half of all the birds released to be shot.

Not only do these factory farmed birds suffer immensely, but so do the many other species targeted by the shooting industry including foxes, stoats, weasels, corvids and birds of prey.

The spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, Lee Moon, said:

“Gamekeepers aim to create a wasteland where nothing else lives apart from the birds they breed to be shot. Any animal that may predate on gamebirds is considered fair game to be trapped and killed, whether it’s legal to or not.

The hideous badger cull has led to the death of thousands of innocent lives but one of the very few benefits is that more compassionate people are now out in the countryside exposing the vile practices that appear commonplace.

As more and more of these cruel acts are exposed then ordinary people turn against shooting, a cruel sport that leads to suffering and death for millions of animals and birds every year.”

And I mean…Once again fabulous work by the Sabs.

As we all know, most judges are hunters themselves, which increases the likelihood that the gamekeeper will pay a small fine or even be acquitted for lack of evidence, if the case goes to court at all.

But if there were 100,000 hunting saboteurs active instead of a hundred, then all the traps in the country would have long been empty and the hunters might have chosen football to pass their free time instead of barring animals and killing them.

Thanks guys, you are great!

My best regards to all, Venus