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Gang of poachers in Cyprus convicted

The police in Cyprus put one of the most notorious poaching gangs on the island to a halt in November.

Equipped with house search warrants, they found three people with a total of five nets and 366 dead protected songbirds – mostly warblers.
The total fine for the criminal bird catcher known for many years is € 11,660.

It was the biggest blow to organized poaching in Cyprus in years. The police action was preceded by months of research by the Committee against Bird Murder and its partner BirdLife Cyprus, which led to the submission of numerous pieces of evidence.

We are very happy about this successful action against a gang that up to now seemed “untouchable” and despite numerous previous reports, was always able to avoid punishment.


One of the comments was the question that would also be mine: “How will we know if they really pay the fine”?

And the answer from the committee: They will because it´s an administrative fine, they can’t refuse”.

One really must have a sick personality construct to catch the most harmless of the animals, to kill them, and to be proud of it.

My best regards to all, Venus

Trophy hunting: corruption and fraud

Trophy hunting is a particularly gruesome pastime that countless living beings pay with their death. In search of a special thrill, hobby hunters travel to distant lands to kill exotic and rare animals.

Apparently, it is not enough for German hunters to kill millions of native wild animals every year. Thousands of Germans travel abroad every year to hunt big game.

The providers of hunting trips leave nothing to be desired because even shooting permits for endangered species such as elephants, rhinos, lions, or polar bears can be purchased for a lot of money.
And species native to Europe such as brown bears, wolves, and lynxes are also on the trophy collectors’ hit lists.

Hunted, killed, and mutilated
As a result of frequently missed shots and cruel hunting practices, many of the animals do not die immediately, but rather slowly and painfully.
The animals are often shot and flee with bloody wounds. As they run for their lives in fear of death, the animals continue to be shot at by the hunters and chased through the wilderness – lead bullets or steel arrows pierce their bodies until they collapse, exhausted.
Hunting with a bow and arrow or a crossbow is prohibited in Germany for reasons of animal welfare, but it is a common hunting practice in many countries for trophy hunting.

Trophäenjagd Löwe

The suffering of lions for the hunt in South Africa

In South Africa, thousands of lions are bred on so-called canned hunting farms so that they are later not naturally afraid of humans and thus of the hobby hunter. On many farms, the animals are even lured with bait or medicated to make the hunt a success even for inexperienced shooters.

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Hagebau ends the dirty business with reptiles

Hagebau withdraws from reptile sales after talks with PETA Germany

In 2015 and 2016, we at PETA Germany published extensive research into the sale of small animals and reptiles, which revealed serious deficiencies and terrible animal cruelty in numerous pet shops and their suppliers.
Since it was published, we have been in dialogue with a number of pet shops and hardware stores in order to promote the withdrawal from animal sales. Based on the talks, the company Hagebau announced in November 2020 that it would end the sale of reptiles from 2021.

A large number of animals do not survive the transport.

With our publications about the suffering of animals for the reptile trade, we were able to persuade the hardware store chain Hagebau to stop selling reptiles. In the past, we have pointed out several times that this is associated with immense animal suffering. The public criticism had already led to the fact that the majority of the Hagebau stores stopped selling reptiles in recent years.

In 2021, the last sales point for reptiles from Hagebau is to be closed.

We thank you for this animal-friendly decision and expressly welcome the trend-setting step taken by the Hagebau company for more animal welfare.
“Snakes, turtles, and exotic lizards can never be kept in a species-appropriate manner in living rooms. Hagebau has recognized this and is taking an important step in the direction of animal welfare by withdrawing from reptile scales,” said Jana Hoger, PETA Germany

The Borneo earless monitor lizard is traded for 8,000 euros per pair. Olexandr Topchylo /


With the sales stop from 2021, Hagebau is taking responsibility and making an important contribution to ensuring that no more reptiles are sold in Germany in the future.

Reptile sales: animal suffering supported by hardware stores and pet shops

Our publication in August 2016 provided insights into the unscrupulous trade in reptiles for the German pet market for the first time. Image material documented masses of the dead, injured, or for years locked up in plastic boxes animals at German wholesalers and their international suppliers.

At this reptile dealer, snakes are sometimes kept in small plastic boxes for over 10 years.

A study presented by the Federal Environment Ministry in March 2020 also confirms that the trade-in of exotic wild animals is contributing to the global extinction of species.
For reasons of species and nature conservation, action must be taken accordingly. When reptiles are caught and transported alone, up to 70 percent of the animals die from stress, insufficient supplies, or injuries caused by transport.

Many of the exotic animals sold in Germany also come from Asia, Africa, and South America as so-called wild-caught animals – they were previously wrested from their natural habitat.

Due to the unknown origin of the animals, it cannot be said in such cases whether or which deadly viruses and bacteria the reptiles carry.

The majority of all zoonoses, 72 percent, can be traced back to contact with wild animals.

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England: National Trust pause trail hunting on its land following webinar police probe.

November 2020:

England:  National Trust pause trail hunting on its land following webinar police probe

The National Trust have said it will pause trail hunting on its land and will not be granting new licences this season.

The news follows a ITV News report that revealed webinars hosted by The Hunting Office, the sport’s governing body, are being examined by police officers in conjunction with the Crown Prosecution Service to see if any criminal offences have taken place.

In a statement shared by ITV News Wales & West of England Correspondent Rupert Evelyn, the National Trust said: “We have taken the decision to pause trail hunting on National Trust land and will not be granting any new licences for the remainder of the season.”

In a follow up tweet, the charity said: “We do not currently have a date when this decision will be reviewed.”

Forestry England has also moved to suspend trail hunting on its land.

Crown Estates also issued a statement advising it was “aware of the current investigation” and adding: “We do not condone any form of hunting outside of UK law and we are therefore looking into this matter.

“The majority of our rural portfolio is comprised of tenanted, working farmland. While any decision to allow hunting rests with the tenant, it must always take place in full compliance with UK law.  

United Utilities is also suspending trail hunting on its land until the investigation is complete, in a statement the company added: “At that point, we will consider what action we should take.”

 While Natural Resources Wales also confirmed it was “looking into [the investigation] to see what action, if any, we need to take.”

 A police investigation was launched after allegations were made to numerous forces about the contents of online meetings the hunting body held.

The Hunting Office say the seminars “clearly dealt with the operation and promotion of legal trail hunting and managing animal rights activism” but activists argue the seminars, organised to discuss trail hunting, raise questions about the motives of some in the sport.

Trail hunting involves laying a scent similar to that of a fox for hounds to follow.

Hunting groups maintain they follow the letter of the law but, they say, accidents happen.

When dogs follow a fake trail, it frequently leads them to a real fox instead. That is not illegal.

Animal rights activists have a long-held belief that legal exemptions like trail laying offer little protection to foxes and make illegal activities difficult to prove.

What is trail hunting and is it legal?

The police and the Crown Prosecution Service are investigating online seminars hosted by hunting’s governing body, The Hunting Office, ITV News has learned.

Traditional fox hunting – where the animal was chased and killed by dogs – was banned in England and Wales in 2005.

A number of alternative versions of hunting have continued in the wake of the ban, however, and are now the subject of controversy and fierce debate.

So what is the legal situation on the different forms of hunting and who’s who in one of the country’s most fiercely debated issues?

The variations on fox hunting

Following the ban on the chasing and killing of animals, different variations sprung up to allow the activity to still take place in modified, legal forms.

Drag hunting – a sport that existed before the ban – uses foxhounds to search for a scent laid by a drag pulled on a string.

The activity doesn’t involve an animal scent and doesn’t involve the pursuit or killing of wild animals.

Trail hunting uses an animal-based scent for the hunt to follow and is the form many hunts have switched to following the 2005 ban.

Groups on each side of the debate differ as to whether the scent is laid using a material laced with something like urine or whether body parts or carcasses are used.

Following the Hunting Act 2004, banning traditional hunts, the practice of trail hunting has been widely adopted.

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EU to ban use of lead shot by wetland bird hunters; but they will still kill !

Photo – Magda2Geneve

EU to ban use of lead shot by wetland bird hunters

27 November 2020

Regulation will help prevent deaths of 1m waterbirds by lead poisoning every year

Lead shot is to be banned from all wetlands in the European Union, in a decision that is expected to pave the way for phasing out all toxic ammunition.

The European parliament voted against objections lodged by far-right parties, allowing the European commission to introduce the new regulations by the end of the year.

The ban will ensure that any wildfowl or waterbirds are shot with non-toxic steel ammunition after scientific studies found that 1 million waterbirds are killed by lead poisoning each year. Millions more wild birds, including raptors, are poisoned but do not die, with 40% of whooper swans found to have elevated blood lead levels.

If the regulations come into force before the end of the Brexit transition period, they will become UK law. This would compel some grouse shoots to use non-toxic ammunition because certain grouse moors are peatlands and are classified as wetlands according to the EU definition.

“It’s absolutely fantastic news,” said Prof Debbie Pain, an independent ecological toxicologist and honorary research fellow at the University of Cambridge who has studied the effects of lead shot for nearly 40 years. “Lead shot kills 1 million waterbirds each year, it contaminates the environment and it’s a cumulative poison, so the problem is getting worse and worse.

“This ban is going to make a huge difference to the health of wetlands and the health of waterbirds across the EU. It’s absolutely the right thing to do and non-toxic alternatives have been available for a long time.”

Although Denmark outlawed lead shot in 1996, most other EU nations continue to use it. In Britain, a coalition of shooting groups earlier this year pledged to move to non-toxic alternatives within the next five years. Waitrose has banned the sale of game shot with lead.

In England, the use of lead shot is banned for the shooting of all ducks and geese and on foreshores and other sensitive sites, but campaigners say compliance is poor. Research has found that more than 70% of ducks are still shot with lead.

If the ban does not come into force before the Brexit transition period ends, Britain will not be compelled to adopt it, but government sources say it supports the principle of addressing the impact of lead shot.

Countries will have 24 months to bring in the ban, which will result in shooters only being able to use non-toxic steel ammunition across vast swathes of northern European countries, where a lot of land meets the EU definition of wetland.

The European Chemicals Agency is now developing restrictions on the use of all lead ammunition and the use of lead in fishing weights in preparation for a full ban on lead ammunition.

Ruth Cromie of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust said lead poisoning caused lowered immune systems in wild birds, potentially facilitating the spread of diseases such as avian flu.

“Progressive hunters have known for a long time that lead ammunition has to go. This is a clear sign that the policy is finally catching up with this no-brainer. We’ve got all the evidence and we’ve got a practical solution – non-toxic ammunition.”

Read more at source

The Guardian  London – Brilliant as always !

Regards Mark

USA: Trump is rushing to hold a fire sale of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

WWF warn Donald Trump's plans for drilling in Alaska 'could kill' polar  bears | Metro News

Donald Trump finalizes plans to allow oil and gas exploration in Arctic  National Wildlife Refuge | Daily Mail Online

Hi Mark,

Just as polar bear cubs are about to be born and begin denning with their mothers, Trump is rushing to hold a fire sale of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

He invited oil and gas companies to identify which areas of the refuge’s coastal plain they’d like to drill, then proposed to toss out rules on offshore drilling. New cubs could one day see oil rigs from their dens.

This pristine landscape is not his to sell, so we’re in court to stop him.

Please support our work to keep drilling out of the Arctic by giving to the Saving Life on Earth Fund. Your donation today will be doubled.

Trump and his greedy friends know time’s running out for them to plunder public lands for personal gain, which is why they’re moving fast to auction off leases to drill in the refuge.

Those leases will make it harder to keep this treasured landscape from turning into an oilfield.

We can’t let them get away with this last-minute money grab.

We’re in court to block more than 1.5 million acres of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from being opened to oil and gas drilling.

And we have a separate lawsuit in the works to stop Trump’s plan to open more than 18 million acres of the western Arctic.

Drilling in these areas will cause oil spills and greenhouse gas emissions already threatening polar bears with extinction. It will also decimate important caribou habitat, including areas where they raise their calves.

It’s obscene that after one of the worst seasons of wildfires and hurricanes in history, the administration’s priority is to worsen the climate crisis by giving handouts to Big Oil.

We can’t let the administration get away with ruining the Arctic refuge on its way out the door.

Please, help our fight for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge today with a matched gift to the Saving Life on Earth Fund.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

Trump's Brazen Attempt to Open the Arctic Up to Drilling | Earthjustice
Opinion | The 'Drill, Baby, Drill' Crowd Wants Access to This Arctic Reserve  - The New York Times

USA: Big Asshole American Trophy Hunter Takes More Than 5 Shots (In The Head) To Kill His Trophy Elephant – What A Useless Shit !

WARNING – Disturbing Video – what disturbed and warped trophy hunter minds do for ‘fun’.

WAV Comment:  This is a very disturbing video to watch.  Elephants are protected within Kruger National Park but once they cross the ‘invisible border’, they are the target of fucking dead bead, super shit American trophy hunter turds such as the one which you see here – who takes at least 5 shots in the video, which even then does not kill the animal.

Trophy hunting shit; thats what they are. Rich boys with nothing between their ears; a bit like the current President and his sons.

Above – Dim and Dimmer Trumps with a trophy ‘prize’

Below – ‘He Man’ Trump after a kill.

Fortunately the Trumps have been sent a clear message about it all now – and that is ‘Fuck Off’.

Trophy hunters and those who make a living selling hunting trips and accessories like to claim that they kill animals in the name of “conservation” or, patronisingly, to support “natives” – but as this just-breaking PETA  video shows, hunting has nothing to do with respecting wildlife and everything to do with taking sadistic pleasure in killing animals. 

Following a  secret investigation, PETA has revealed South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s hidden connections to and investments in the trophy hunting industry and obtained video footage of an American trophy hunter who was incapable of making a clean kill, even with coaching from hunting guides, as he felled a young elephant just outside Kruger National Park. 

See the shocking footage for yourself, and then take action to help stop elephants, lions,  hippos, rhinos, Cape buffaloes, and other wonderful, vulnerable animals from being shot in cold blood and dying in agony just to give hunters a sick thrill and a trophy. 

Click here to take action for the elephant:

Tell UPS to Stop Shipping Hunting Trophies | PETA Australia

Seven murder towers demolished in Czechia

from the website of “North American Animal Liberation Press Office”

Seven hunting towers have been damaged in the north of Czechia. The object is located on a hot-spot of carbofuran poisonings.

Carbofuran is a very toxic chemical widely used by hunters to get rid of natural predators. Intoxication results in respiratory failure and painful dead of the animal.

No prisoners have been convicted.

More towers are about to go down.

7 Hunting Towers Damaged (Czech Republic)

At least from these places, no more animals will be shot.
Thanks to the brave activists!

My best regards to all, Venus

USA: Please Ask Joseph R. Biden, President-elect, United States of America to Re-instate Protection for Gray Wolves in the USA.


Although we are based in England and Germany (Europe); we have always given our support in calling for protection of the Gray wolves in the United States.

Click here to see all our past involvement on this:

Fortunately, with new President elect Mr Biden; there is now a chance to once again give Gray wolves the protection they deserve that has been demolished by the Trump administration.  We urge you please to give your support to the petition which is provided in the following link; and get back from the president elect the protection that wolves deserve.

Trump does not give a damn about the environment or animal protection; that is why we are more than happy to see him throw all the toys out of the pram; have numerous tantrums and be resigned to the (ex) presidential history books.  We don’t want people who dismiss science for the environment or global warming; just the same as they dismiss animal welfare and protection legislation.

We are sure that with Mr. Biden, things will be much better.  Please sign and pass on the petition, thank you.

Petition Link:


Target: Joseph R. Biden, President-elect, United States of America

Goal: Demand restoration of protected status for gray wolves.

Trump administration officials have officially stripped threatened gray wolf populations throughout most of the United States of their protection under the Endangered Species Act, leaving them vulnerable to greater hunting and predation even as their numbers were recovering from centuries of destructive human activity. Gray wolves are an essential part of many ecosystems across North America, but human settlement, pollution, hunting, and shrinking habitats have destroyed populations throughout much of their historical range.

The revocation of protected status is based on the claim that more than 6,000 wolves now live in wild populations. However, these exist in only limited areas in the northern United States, and wildlife experts say that removing federal protections may severely hinder the gray wolves’ ability to recover outside of these areas. Critics have pointed out the suspicious timing of this decision as the 2020 election winds down. Demand that President-elect Joe Biden pledge to restore protected status to gray wolves to ensure their complete recovery in the regions they once inhabited.


Dear Mr. President-elect,

The gray wolf was once an essential part of ecosystems across North America, helping to control pest populations and provide balance to numerous delicate food chains. Once near extinction, they have made a partial recovery, but that progress could soon be destroyed by the outgoing Trump administration. It falls to you to provide the protection needed by gray wolves to ensure a complete recovery in the coming months as you take up your duties. I urge you to act quickly to save our threatened wildlife.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: dalliedee

You failed wolves – you lost the vote !

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Italy – hunting ban to fight pandemic! Super!


Italy has introduced a traffic light system in order to better coordinate measures to limit the COVID 19 pandemic on a regional basis.

Songbird hunting is therefore prohibited with immediate effect in the particularly badly affected “red” regions.

In this way, the authorities want to prevent the hundreds of thousands of hobby hunters from unnecessary trips to the district and the subsequent obligatory wine in the bar.

So far the hunting ban has been imposed in Lombardy and Tuscany, Piedmont, Calabria, Campania, and South Tyrol.

The hunters in other regions will soon face the same fate.

It is doubtful whether the traffic light will turn green again before the end of the hunting season on January 31, 2021.

Anyway! Several million migratory birds that would otherwise have been shot – above all skylarks and thrushes – can now fly over the Apennine peninsula undisturbed 😊

Committee against Bird Murder e.V.


And I mean…Actually, songbird hunting should be banned long ago!
From the EU.
But the hunting lobby in Europe is too strong for that, it has the say and not the EU.
Even the German hunters are not ready to call for an end to songbird hunting.

Great message!
We hope that the ban will remain in place, but that Italy needs the Corona for it … is shameful.

My best regards to all, Venus