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Spain: Protestors Take To The Streets As ‘Hunting Dogs’ Excluded From Spain’s Animal Welfare Laws.

Dogs used in hunts are often subjected to horrific conditions

Animal rights campaigners in Spain held demonstrations across multiple cities on October 16 to shine a light on hunting dogs being exempt from new animal welfare laws.

The Spanish government recently lodged a further amendment to its Animal Protection Law, which sought to keep hunting dog breeds exempt from abuse protection.

Barcelona-based animal rights group Paw Portal called the move “a shame,” considering this is the same government that made so many positive steps to help animals previously.

“Do dogs feel less if they are in the hands of hunters than in the hands of people who do not have killing animals as a hobby?” the group asked in a Facebook post. “Indeed: they feel less affection, less attention and less respect.”

Protests were organized in Almeria, Cadiz, and Valencia, amongst others, to encourage people to sign a petition launched by Spanish political party the Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals.

Paw Portal supported efforts and informed its followers about the underlying issues of speciesism and cruelty. “[This is] a reminder that the Spanish government wants to exclude hunting dog breeds from the new animal rights laws,” it wrote. 

“This will allow the biggest perpetrators of the worst animal abuse to continue without facing any consequences!”

Abuse faced by working dogs

Paw Portal claims that dogs used to hunt are kept in abhorrent conditions. Many are reported to be kept on short chains for the majority of their lives, while housed in unsanitary feces-filled kennels, and denied access to clean drinking water.

At the end of hunting season, due to the undomesticated nature of the animals, thousands face abandonment or death at the hands of their owners. Hanging, burning, and being discarded into wells to drown are listed as some common “disposal” techniques.

Under the Animal Protection Law, all of these activities would be deemed illegal and punishable by a prison sentence. However, the government is looking to remove all protection from hunting breeds, apparently on the grounds of “cultural interest.” 

In its petition, the Animalist Party states that: “This was [also] denounced by the Intergroup of the European Parliament on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals in a letter sent to the Government, in which it indicated that the treatment given in our country to animals used as hunting tools is in contradiction with European values.”

The party demands that no species is exempt from protection by the law. It also asks that none be used as “tools” for human profit, as it equates to exploitation, a term it also connects to another Spanish tradition, bull fighting.

Spain cracks down on animal abuse 

On August 1, the Spanish government updated its Animal Protection Law to reduce cruelty, abandonment, and the unnecessary killing of animals. The amendment was brought in by the minister of social rights, Ione Belarra.

“Animal abuse going unpunished and aberrant practices such as cockfighting or shooting pigeons are over,” she said at the time. “Gone are the days when hundreds of thousands of animals were abandoned every year in our country.”

Murcia Today reported that key changes included a zero sacrifice policy, with no animal being euthanized except for in extreme medical circumstances, and a tougher stance on perpetrators of animal abuse. The Penal Code was changed to increase custodial sentences from a minimum of 24 to 36 months for first offenses. 

Zoos and marine parks are also required to transform into wildlife rehabilitation centers.

Following on from the amendments, more animal rights progress was made in December when animals became classified as sentient beings in Spain. Only the far-right political party Vox opposed the move, which saw domestic companions and wild species alike no longer considered as “objects” by law.

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Northern Ireland: Animal baiting: 150 people involved in Northern Ireland, says USPCA.

The Spotlight programme features a dog who was rescued from a badger sett after a hunting incident – USPCA.

Information supplied by Di in Germany.

Animal baiting: 150 people involved in Northern Ireland, says USPCA – BBC News

Animal baiting: 150 people involved in Northern Ireland, says USPCA

The USPCA has told BBC Spotlight its intelligence indicates there are 150 people actively involved in animal baiting in Northern Ireland.

Baiting involves deliberately setting up fights between hunting dogs and wild animals like foxes and badgers.

Baiting badgers is illegal because badgers are a protected species while foxes have no legal protection.

The USPCA said the law should be better enforced to protect badgers – USPCA

The charity believes there could be up to 14,000 cases of badger baiting in Northern Ireland each year.

For Exposed: Hunting With Dogs, BBC Spotlight joined USPCA (Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) investigators in September as they monitored alleged animal baiters.

Badger baiting prevention effort commended

The programme also revealed a shadowy online world where people involved in baiting share photos and videos of both brutally-injured dogs and their savaged prey.

USPCA chief executive Brendan Mullan said he believed 99% of the people involved in baiting in Northern Ireland were targeting both foxes and badgers.

“While fox hunting is legal the chances of a badger baiting conviction are undermined, because there is the defence, the cloak of ‘well, I was just out hunting foxes’, whereas in fact it was badgers that they were hunting,” he added.

In 2021, a Stormont private member’s bill put forward by an Alliance MLA would have closed that loophole by banning all hunting with dogs in Northern Ireland, in line with the existing law in the rest of the UK.

But the bill was defeated and with Stormont absent, there is no prospect of a change in the law at the moment.

‘Special task force’

The USPCA said it would like to see greater enforcement of the existing law protecting, specifically, badgers.

Mr Mullan said: “We would like to see, even on a time-limited basis, a special task force set up by the police to proactively investigate this network of over 150 badger baiters in Northern Ireland and to hold them to account in the criminal court.”

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) said it took reports of animal-related crime seriously and it was an important part of policing.

It said it had a wildlife and rural crime team ensuring all police officers and staff could receive the expert support and guidance necessary to respond to reports of wildlife crime.

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Spain’s hunting dogs mistreated in kennels, animal rights NGOs say.

Spain’s hunting dogs mistreated in kennels, animal rights NGOs say

Living in their own excrement or forced to drink fetid water in frozen kennels: this is the grim life for Spain’s hunting dogs, according to an investigation by animal rights groups published on Thursday.

Video footage taken in 29 kennels across the country showed the unkempt dogs chained up and left by their owners.

As Spain’s Animal Welfare Law was poised to come into law, AnimaNaturalis and CAS International published their findings on Thursday, urging the government to include hunting dogs in the legislation.

The ruling Socialist government wants to introduce an amendment which will exclude these dogs from the legislation on the grounds that the existing law gives them sufficient protection.

Investigators claimed at the end of the hunting season in February, between 50,000 and 80,000 of these dogs were abandoned or were even hanged when they were no longer of any use.

Aida Gascón, director of AnimaNaturalis, said: “What we see (from our investigation) are not isolated cases or (cases that) contravene legislation. It is the daily and legal reality in which hunting dogs live their miserable lives.

“That hunting groups and some politicians continue to insist that these animals are sufficiently protected by current legislation is not only a fallacy, but negligence. All dogs suffer equally, regardless of the use made of them.”

As part of the campaign by the animal rights activists, a red bus toured Madrid this week with a picture of a hanged dog next to a picture of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

Spain’s government argues the legislation relates to pets not working animals like hunting dogs, police animals, farm livestock or fighting bulls.

It means pets are considered sentient beings which means they can no longer be seized, mortgaged, abandoned, mistreated or removed from one of their owners in the case of a separation or divorce.

The government’s proposed change to the law has proved politically divisive, with some allies of the minority left-wing coalition vowing to oppose the Socialists’ proposed change to the law.

Spanish hunting dogs in kennels – AnimaNaturalis

Íñigo Errejón, of the Más País, a left-wing party, said his party would not back the amendment if the government excluded hunting dogs.

“The PSOE has made a mistake and has to rectify it because hunting dogs must have the same rights as the rest,” he told Servimedia news agency.

Emiliano García-Page, regional Socialist president in Castilla la Mancha in central Spain, where hunting is a popular pastime, supported the government’s stance.

He claimed only Spain’s 17 regional authorities had the legal right to regulate animal welfare.

García-Page dismissed as “cheap demagoguery” the idea that hunting was only for “rich millionaires”.

The Spanish Royal Hunting Federation (RFEC) was approached for a comment by Euronews but did not reply.

In a recent statement, the RFEC said the government’s proposed amendment was “very positive”.

The organisation also disputed claims by animal rights groups about the number of hunting dogs which are abandoned.

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The Fate of So Many Spanish Hunting Dogs (called ‘Galgos’)

UK: Up For the Fight ? – Animal Welfare and Environmental Org’s Are. Election On the Horizon, And We Vote.

Dark Times at Conservative Government.

New polling shows voters “more likely” to vote for candidates who support strengthening the Hunting Act

Posted 20th September

New polling commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports has shown that, nationally, almost eight out of 10 British people agree the Hunting Act should be strengthened.

News | Animal Charity (

New polling shows voters “more likely” to vote for candidates who support strengthening the Hunting Act (

Photo – Mark (WAV) / East Kent Hunt Sabs.
Does anything need to be said ?

Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation welcomes new Prime Minister the Rt Hon. Liz Truss MP – Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation

New PM Liz Truss urged to push ahead with Kept Animals Bill (

Please email Liz Truss today and urge her to make three key pledges for animal welfare in her first 12 months as Prime Minister.

Please call on the new Prime Minister to:

  Ban live exports for slaughter or fattening

  Examine the use of farmed animal cages

  Consult on animal welfare labelling of meat and dairy products

If Liz Truss can deliver on these pledges, it will help to give millions of farmed animals a life worth living.

Please take action now. Send a message to the UK’s new Prime Minister calling on her to put animal welfare at the top of her agenda.

Email the new PM today (

Eustice: Truss won’t enshrine animal welfare in post-Brexit trade deals | The Scottish Farmer

What can we expect from a Liz Truss government? 

Under Boris Johnson’s leadership, the government made some important strides in animal welfare that enjoyed enormous popular support. It committed to introducing the Action Plan for Animal Welfare (APAW) which included ground-breaking measures to protect wild and farmed animals; it also promised to protect animal welfare standards in farming post-Brexit and its environmental plan put a focus on redirecting subsidies to pay for public goods including animal welfare.  

The Truss government is likely to be less sympathetic to animal welfare issues. As environment secretary, the Prime Minister planned to repeal official guidance on animal welfare standards that would deregulate the farming industry. As Secretary of State for International Trade she prioritised trade deals over animal welfare that will allow imports of meat, produced using farming practices that are illegal in the UK, to be sold to the British consumer.  

However, we were pleased that the Prime Minister has committed to pass the long-awaited Kept Animals Bill. The Bill will put an end to the cruel export of live animals for fattening and slaughter and the keeping of primates as pets, among other measures. The new Prime Minister must honour the government’s animal welfare commitments and introduce the Action Plan for Animal Welfare in full. The plan includes several key protections for animals. These are:  

  • A ban on the domestic sale and advertising of unacceptable wildlife practices abroad, such as elephant rides, where elephants are often subjected to repeated beatings with hooks or sticks to learn to submit.  
  • A ban on the importation of hunting trophies into the UK.  
  • A ban on the import and sale of fur and foie gras that would prevent millions of animals being exposed to barbaric ‘production methods.’  

What next? 

Meaningful change for animals must start with honouring the commitments already made by Boris Johnson’s government. 72% of the British public want the Government to pass more laws designed to improve animal welfare and protect animals from cruelty, so our current crises should not be used as an excuse to halt this agenda.

What the new Prime Minister means for animal welfare | World Animal Protection

Dropping promises made last year would be huge let-down for animals and people, says Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation

Mr Foie Gras and Fur – Rees Mogg.

Liz Truss is set to scrap proposed bans on importing fur and foie gras to the UK, according to a Tory insider, sparking outrage from animal lovers.


The new prime minister will also reportedly ditch a ban on live animal exports in her first weeks in office.

Liz Truss ‘to scrap proposed bans on fur and foie gras imports’ | The Independent

The charity warns that the natural environment is under threat

“NOWHERE will be safe” if the Government goes ahead with plans for investment zones across the UK, a leading charity has warned.

RSPB England, which represents the views of the UK-wide bird charity, issued a scathing response to the proposals – warning that they could “tear up the most fundamental protections our remaining wildlife has”.

As part of his mini-budget, Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng announced plans for the creation of dozens of low-tax, low-regulation investment zones.

‘Nowhere will be safe’: RSPB in scathing warning over Tory ‘attack on nature’ (

Some Conservative MPs have already submitted letters of no confidence in Liz Truss over fears the new prime minister will ‘crash the economy’, a former cabinet member has said.

The anonymous ex-minister reportedly told Sky News Ms Truss was ‘f*****’ following her disastrous handling of last week’s mini-budget, and suggested a number of Tory MPs were already plotting to bring her down.

Ireland: Morrissey Joins Others In Seeking A Ban On Hare Coursing.

SINGER Morrissey has become the latest star to write to Taoiseach Micheal Martin seeking a ban on hare coursing.

Watch on Youtube:

The former Smiths frontman, an ambassador for animal charity PETA and a well-known vegan, has pleaded with the Irish Government to take action as he prepares to take to the stage at the INEC in Killarney on Saturday night,

Read the story – Singer Morrissey blasts Ireland over hare coursing – here’s 6 other celebs who are passionate about animal rights | The Irish Sun (

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USA: Texas Hunter (Must Be In Camo Trousers !) Kills Legendary Crocodile Whilst On ‘Holiday’.

WAV Comment – bet he wears combat trousers ! – his type (hunter saddos) always do; that is what makes them real men !

‘Hero’ hunter ???

Texas Hunter Catches Legendary ‘Man-Eating Dinosaur’ Crocodile on Holiday (

“It was an experience I’ll never forget,” Wales wrote in a Facebook post he published on September 8. “A proper, man-eating dinosaur of a croc.” He included several photos of the huge animal, one of which shows it hung up under a canopy, dwarfing a couple of people standing nearby.

His Facebook post has attracted some controversy from users opposed to hunting, with one calling the killing “disgusting.”

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A stock photo shows a Nile crocodile with its mouth open in a sandy environment. A U.S. hunter has killed a 15-foot Nile crocodile in Zimbabwe, Africa.© Carl Jani/Getty


England: New Month, New Visitor Map.

Hi all;

Trying to be a world animals voice;

New month therefore a new visitor map;

Go here to see all our wonderful global visitors – a good start to the month:

Visitor Traffic for (

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Tommy was a legend in the UK – enjoy his Karate class,

Campaigning against the Russian Seal Pup Slaughter – Downing St. London. In the end, we won and stopped it. Top Result. (I am sealer on left)

Well worth fighting for.

USA: Republican (Alaska) Hunter Sarah Palin Loses Congress Seat – Great. Take Note Trump.

Sarah Palin (Republican) fails to win Congress seat for Alaska.

Sarah Palin fails to win Congress seat as Alaskan native makes history (

Sarah Palin kills a caribou on her TV show (but misses target five times) | Daily Mail Online

Sarah Palin hunting pictures:

Sarah Palin Hunting and Fishing Pics | Field & Stream (

Mary Peltola – Wikipedia

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UK: Rabbit Farm Closure; Reindeer Farm Planning Objections; Snare Ban News In Scotland; VegFestUK London – Actions.

Dear Mark,

We’re so thrilled to start this month off by sharing the wonderful news that the T&S rabbit farm in Nottinghamshire is finished for good, after the farmer announced he is retiring from fur farming due to the pressures from animal activists! When asked about his decision by local media, he replied “I made the decision to give into their demands. We couldn’t fight them anymore because they are too strong.”

This success brought together Animal Aid’s undercover investigations and planning expertise with amazing local teams on the ground, including Shut Down T&S Rabbits and Rabbit Farm Resistance – an inspiring reminder that campaigning does make a real difference to the lives of animals!

See our recent WAV post on this victory:

England. Animal Rights Activists Celebrate As Controversial Rabbit (Meat) Slaughter Farm Firm Ceases Trading. Activists Send Owner Box Of Vegan Chocolate Bunnies As Retirement Present ! – World Animals Voice

We have a late but urgent request for people to please object to plans for a new reindeer farm in the UK – and we only have until tomorrow to make our objections! Reindeer are herd animals, adapted to live in a cold climate. These sensitive animals should not be confined to a reindeer farm in the UK. Please submit your objections today!

Last year our petition to help ban snares reached over 100,000 signatures – and now it’s time once again to put pressure on Ministers. The wonderful group, OneKind are holding a demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament on Saturday the 17th September from 11:30am-1pm, calling on the Scottish Government to make history and ban snares. Whether or not you’re able to attend the demonstration, you can still use this opportunity to apply pressure – either by writing to your local MP, or by contacting Scottish ministers via email or social media. Don’t forget to use the #BanSnares hashtag!

VegFestUK London, one of the largest vegan lifestyle fairs in Europe, is back! Our Head of Campaigns is speaking at the event, and you can also chat to the campaigners at our stall, where you can help make a positive change for animals! VegFestUK are launching a buy-one-get-one-free offer on tickets from today, so be sure to come along and say hi to us!

Thanks for helping us help animals.

With kindness,

The Animal Aid Team x

Regards Mark