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UK: Trophy Hunt Ban – Government Has Not Checked Things Enough – Trophy Hunters Can Still Import Mass Dead Body Parts to the UK If They Go First Via Northern Ireland (Still part of UK). !!

Following on from our post yesterday relating to a ban in the UK of trophy hunting imports:

UK: We Have Values, and Being Part of a Trade In Endangered Species Body Parts Is Not Part of Those Values. – World Animals Voice

.. it now appears that the press have delved into this more and found that all is not as perfect as was first sold.

The law to ban trophy hunting imports was approved by MP’s very recently. (See above link).  This has now been exposed as a bit of a farce – why ? – the rules will NOT apply to Northern Ireland, and DUP (Democratic Ulster Unionist Party) MP’s have said that the bill is undermined and that Ulster (in Northern Ireland – part of the UK); will be used as a ‘backdoor’ by trophy hunters to continue getting murdered animals from the hunts into the UK.

It basically means that trophy hunters would be able to fly into Belfast (Northern Ireland), loaded up with dead hunted animals body parts; and then simply cross the Irish Sea to the UK.

Now that the Bill will be moving into the House of Lords before it becomes legislation; where it will undergo a lot of scrutiny; we can ony hope that all the loopholes will be exposed and corrected in the draft legislation.

If things are not entirely sorted out before becoming law; then one has to question all the actions undertaken so far by the government – it would appear that the Bill may have been rushed through Parliament without anyone looking into all the loopholes of what exists; there are even some saying that this current proposal may infact kill more animals than things in the past.

It would appear to currently be a failure to support the excellent work of so many anti hunt organisations and personnel; we can only hope the Lords will undertake an in depth review of the draft Bill before it ever becomes legislation – otherwise, what is he point of it all ?

Sticky time for the government; doing so much wrong as they often do.  General Elections not that far away now so that people can vote on issues such as this and many others; faith or no faith ?

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UK: We Have Values, and Being Part of a Trade In Endangered Species Body Parts Is Not Part of Those Values.

This is about the values that we in Britain have, that we do not want to be part of a trade in endangered species’ body parts.

On Thursday 16/3/22, the UK Parliament in London voted (un opposed) and passed the ‘trophy hunting law’; which will now (once passed into law / legislation very soon) stop trophy hunting ‘items’, including hunted animals heads, the skins and tusks of murdered animals etc from being imported into the UK by the sadistic blood lust killers who pay highly financially to travel to Africa in order to undertake their murdering ‘sport’ (as they see it).

Many organisations, celebrities and good ol normal people here in the UK have campaigned about getting this legislation for years.

As expected, ‘pro hunt ‘conservation groups’ (??) have come out of Africa and expressed their concerns – you can read more here:

UK parliament passes trophy hunting law – Digital Journal

Saying things like ‘it is another way of re-colonising Africa’; But we here in England were ‘colonised’ by the Romans when they invaded us in 55BC; we were also invaded a lot by the Vikings; but hey, that is what happens and is called history; I may have been bummed off as an Englishman in 55BC; but throughout history, times and things change; and for me, this ban is very much to the positive; not really a move to re-colonise Africa !! – get a grip please, most of the world detests hunting animals for ‘sport’; and so they will work to oppose it.

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Cecil the lion did not die ‘in vain’, minister says as trophy-hunting ban passed (

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USA: Snipers In Helicopters To Shoot Down 150 Feral Cattle.

Feral cattle terrorising hikers to be taken out by helicopter gunmen (

Feral cattle terrorising hikers to be taken out by helicopter gunmen

Snipers in helicopters will this week shoot down up to 150 feral cattle that have terrorised hikers in New Mexico.

The US National Forest is stepping in amid complaints from environmentalists that the beasts are wreaking havoc in the Gila National Forest, a 2.7million acre wilderness in the southwest of the US.

A helicopter carrying a shooter will fly over the forest, with the operation due to start on Thursday.

The herd’s territory is close to wilderness trails popular with hikers and the lack of a mobile phone signal in the wilderness means it would be difficult to summon help if somebody was injured in a stampede.

Hikers have reported being charged by wild bulls, which can weigh up to 2,000 pounds (907kg), officials said.

The Forest Service service said the cattle also posed a “significant” danger to natural resources.

“This has been a difficult decision, but the lethal removal of feral cattle from the Gila Wilderness is necessary to protect public safety, threatened and endangered species habitats, water quality, and the natural character of the Gila Wilderness,” said Camille Howes, Gila National Forest Supervisor.

“The feral cattle in the Gila Wilderness have been aggressive towards wilderness visitors, graze year-round, and trample stream banks and springs, causing erosion and sedimentation. This action will help restore the wilderness character of the Gila Wilderness enjoyed by visitors from across the country.”

An array of federally protected animals have been under threat from the cattle, including narrow-headed garter snake, Gila trout, loach minnow, spikedace, Mexican spotted owl, southwest willow flycatcher, and Mexican grey wolf.

Environmental groups had complained that the cattle were damaging streams and rivers.

“They are part of a herd of at least 150 that’s ripping up this monument and scaring the heck out of folks who cross paths with them,” Terry Anderson, a board member of the Society for the Conservation of Bighorn Sheep told the LA Times

“They also can transmit disease to native bighorn sheep. So, they need to be removed — and I’m all for lethal removal. They don’t belong here.”

Jack Thompson, desert regional director of the adjacent Whitewater Preserve added: “It’s Jurassic Park just a two-hour drive east of downtown Los Angeles.”

According to the US Department of Agriculture, the problems date back to the 1970s when cattle were abandoned by a rancher.

“Having been born in the wild and never domesticated, they are extremely hard to catch and survive in the rough backcountry that is difficult to access,” it said in a memo.

Not everyone was so enthusiastic about the cull on social media.

Marina Bolotnikova, a journalist and campaigner against factory farming wrote on Twitter: “Feral cows should be celebrated as refugees from the meat industry and given sanctuary, not gunned down from the sky.”

Ranchers have also condemned the move as cruel and were opposed to leaving the carcases to rot.

The New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association has voiced doubts about the tactics. Tom Paterson, chair of the association’s wildlife committee, called for a solution which did not require the cattle to be shot.

“Our society should be better than this. We can be more creative and do it a better way where you’re not wasting an economic resource,” he said. However, the service said the culling was “the most efficient and humane” way to carry out the cull. 

Feral cattle are not unique to the Gila National Forest.

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Spain: Congress Excludes Hunting Dogs (Galgos) From New Animal Rights Law.

Spain’s Congress excludes hunting dogs from new animal rights law

MADRID, Feb 9 (Reuters) –

Spain’s parliament on Thursday passed a new animal rights bill that has stirred controversy as it excludes hunting dogs and other animals used in traditional rural activities, and which critics say panders to the country’s powerful hunting lobby.

The law will overhaul the treatment of domesticated and wild animals in captivity, ban the sale of pets in shops, impose prison sentences on animal abusers, and turn zoos into wildlife recovery centres.

In a last minute u-turn, the junior ruling coalition partner Unidas Podemos, which had advocated for the inclusion of hunting dogs, backed the law in order for it to pass and asked those fighting to protect hunting dogs for forgiveness.

“To leave hunting dogs out of this law is to leave abusers unpunished,” Social Rights Minister Ione Belarra, of Unidas Podemos, told lawmakers, adding: “We have come as far as we can with the strength we have”.

An intense debate has raged for weeks within Spain’s left wing-coalition after the main ruling Socialists backpedalled in December on regulating hunting dogs, fearing the issue could push rural voters toward right-leaning parties in a general election this year.

Spain’s hunting industry is worth an estimated 5 billion euros ($5.4 billion) a year and has a powerful lobby.

The Royal Spanish Hunting Federation, which represents 337,000 hunters, had argued that some sections of the bill, aimed at reducing the number of abandoned animals, would in practice legislate the disappearance of hunting with dogs.

The Socialists nevertheless hailed the law as a “historic advance” and argued that it would protect all animals from mistreatment and abandonment despite not specifically addressing hunting dogs.

About 167,000 dogs were abandoned in Spain in 2021, many following the end of the hunting season, according to Barcelona-based Affinity Foundation.

Dog rescue groups say the law was important to prevent owners from abandoning their canines no longer fit for hunting.

A few charities are coordinating foreign adoption of abandoned hunting dogs such as ‘galgo’ greyhounds. (Reporting by Corina Pons, additional reporting by Belen Carreno, editing by Andrei Khalip, Alexandra Hudson)

Spain’s Congress excludes hunting dogs from new animal rights law (

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Malta: Quail Hunting Competition Must Not Go Ahead – From 3/2/23). ? More to come when we get info.

Malta – A quail hunting competition scheduled to take place at L-Aħrax, Mellieħa tomorrow (this was Friday 3/2 –  Mark) must not go ahead, three animal rights organisations have insisted.

FKNK, GħKNK Mellieħa and KRPE are organising a ‘field trial’, a competition which will see hunters search for some 180 quails that had been bred in captivity, using their dogs to flush them out before shooting them.

An international jury will judge the kills and issue prizes for a number of categories, with a focus on the dogs’ performance and obedience, in line with international rules for field trials.

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Spain: ‘Galgos’ Hunting Dogs – A Bill Designed to Strengthen Animal Rights in Spain Could Outlaw Hunting With Dogs.

Hunting dogs in Spain are known as ‘Galgos’.

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It is estimated that between 50,000 to 100,000 Galgo hunting dogs are killed in Spain every year in what has come to be known as the “Holocaust of Greyhounds”, but it’s difficult to know for sure, because nobody knows exactly how many are bred every year.

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A bill designed to strengthen animal rights in Spain could outlaw hunting with dogs.

The proposal would reform the treatment of domestic and wild animals in captivity. It includes plans to ban the sale of pets in stores, turn zoos into wildlife recovery centres, and impose prison sentences for animal abusers.

However, Spain’s ruling Socialist party, which introduced the bill in 2022, was forced to backtrack last month following protests in rural areas. With elections looming later this year, the party is cautious of upsetting this key voter base.

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Hunters and animal rights protestors clash over amendments to Spain’s pet protection laws (

And …

Spain animal laws: Pet shops to close and dog owners to be trained under proposed changes

A law aimed at strengthening animal rights in Spain plans to ban the sale of pets in shops, convert zoos into wildlife recovery centres and make training compulsory for dog owners.

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Spain animal laws: Pet shops to close and dog owners to be trained under proposed changes (

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EU: Successful Shark Finning Citizens’ Initiative Presented to the Commission.

Successful shark finning Citizens’ Initiative presented to the Commission

11 January 2023

The ‘Stop Finning – Stop the Trade’ initiative has become the eighth successful European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), reaching over 1.1 million statements of support from EU citizens.

The European Commission now has six months to decide on political actions to end the EU shark fin trade.

The initiative calls on the Commission to propose legal measures to end the trade of fins in the EU, including the import, export and transit of fins other than if naturally attached to the animal’s body.

The Commission will meet the ECI organisers to discuss the initiative in detail in the next weeks. A public hearing will then be organised by the European Parliament.

The Commission has until 11 July 2023 to present its official reply, outlining the actions it intends to take: whether to propose legislation, take other non-legislative actions or not act at all.

This initiative is the eighth ECI to have successfully passed the threshold of one million signatures from at least seven Member States, demonstrating that European citizens can help create European policies. 

Today the initiative officially entered the political process, and campaigners publicly delivered the 1.1 million statements of support from EU citizens to the EU institutions in front of the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.

The EU has to implement a trade ban immediately. Sharks are important to marine ecosystems and populations recover very slowly from industrial fishing. Hunting such important animals for their fins is the epitome of senselessness. We are counting on the European Commission to implement a strong trade regulation in addition to existing regulations to finally end the shark fin trade in the EU. 

Nils Kluger, spokesperson of “Stop Finning – Stop the Trade”

On Thursday 19th January, the Animal Welfare Intergroup will hold a hybrid meeting where Nils Kluger, Spokesperson and Coordinator of the ECI, will discuss the political process of the validated ECI and the demands to the European Parliament. 

Read more at source

Stop Finning EU

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France: Paris Couture House Promotes Hunting ? – and Naomi (I would rather go naked) Lost the Plot Many Years Ago. Carrie Johnson Says “Grim! Real or fake this just promotes trophy hunting. Yuck”.

Kylie Jenner at Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2023 collection with a huge lion’s head attached to her dress.Credit: AP

WAV comment – I wonder if any of these ‘oh so’ couture houses have ever donated any money to the preservation of wild animals such as lions and wolves ? – very much doubt it.

And Naomi Campbell; was she not once heard to say that she would rather go naked than wear fur ? – ok, this is not real fur, but in our opinion, it is promoting the use of fur and as a result, either the breeding or killing of animals for their fur.

Click ‘watch on YouTube’

We agree with Carrie, all of this does nothing but adding to “promoting trophy hunting” by using the fake animal heads.  Well done Carrie for speaking out.

Regards Mark

Naomi Campbell (I would rather go naked than wear fur !!) does her bit to promote fur ? –  – Estrop© Provided by The Telegraph

Kylie Jenner criticised by animal rights groups for wearing lion’s head to Paris couture show

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner has caused an up-roar after appearing in a dress accessorised with an uber-realistic life-sized lion’s head at Schiaparelli’s couture catwalk show in Paris.

The wild accessory was pinned onto the shoulder of a black strapless dress as she took her front row seat at the legendary fashion house’s label’s spring-summer 2023 couture collection.

Ms Jenner’s lion’s head – replete with fangs and bushy mane – was a preview of the collection, and was joined on the runway by other beasts’ heads, including a wolf, modelled by Naomi Campbell, and a snow leopard.

Kylie Jenner criticised by animal rights groups for wearing lion’s head to Paris couture show | ITV News

The creations were part of the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2023 collection – Michel Euler© Provided by The Telegraph


Carrie Johnson attacks ‘grim’ fake animal head couture dresses

Carrie Johnson (wife of ex UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson) has accused an Italian fashion house of promoting trophy hunting after supermodels wore life-sized fake animal heads on the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week.

But the show caused environmentalists, including Carrie Johnson, to accuse the fashion brand of “promoting trophy hunting” by using the fake animal heads.

Ms Johnson posted online about the show, with the message: “Grim! Real or fake this just promotes trophy hunting. Yuck”.

Read it all with pictures at:

Carrie Johnson attacks ‘grim’ fake animal head couture dresses (

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My dog wears real fur, and so it should; I wear only skin, like I should !


England: Police in England Arrest Six Men Over Suspected Illegal Fox Hunting.

Kent (The county of the White Horse) is our home county.

Am trying to get more on this – will update if successful.


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Police in England arrest six men over suspected illegal fox hunting

Six men have been arrested and 22 dogs seized in police raids over suspected illegal fox hunts across several English counties.

The men were arrested in dawn raids on Wednesday by police from Kent, Norfolk, Sussex, and Thames Valley, in one of the UK’s largest ever fox hunting investigations.

RSPCA officers who took part in the raids seized 10 dogs near Canterbury and Folkestone in Kent, three near Farringdon in Oxfordshire, and nine near Wisbech, Norfolk.

Police in England arrest six men over suspected illegal fox hunting (

Time out:

USA: Texas Sicko Blood Lust Hunter Eliminates Hundreds of Feral Hogs. But They Dont Go To Ukraine To Fight and Kill, Do They ? – They Pick on Those Which Cannot Fight Back.

‘Feral swine are not considered game animals in Texas and may be hunted by any means or methods at any time of year’.

Sounds like the blood lusters are getting to have things just the way they want them.

No doubt all dressed up in their camo gear looking real tough – why dont they dress up and go help the Ukranians kill Ruskies ? – no, cos they are not real men, only pretend men; and they want it all their way, without the risk of being shot back at by Russian military !.