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UK: 11/5/21 – The State Opening Of Parliament – Good News For The Environment and Animals.

It can be a little confusing to non Brits, but the United Kingdom is literally what it says, ‘United Kingdoms’; formed by the (kingdom) nations of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each has its own government; Read more at

United Kingdon.

WAV Comment – there is a lot of talk going around that the UK Ministry Defra will aim to get legislation for a ban on live animal exports intorduced by the end of this year.  They are currently going through all the submissions submitted to them; including a large proposal by ourselves.  The UK government promised that once the UK had left the EU, it would be able to introduce legislation to ban all live animal exports, which it was unable to do as an EU member state.  The consultation (now being reviewed by government) is part of that objective; and we are hopeful for good news in the coming months.

England: Full Info on the UK Ban Live Exports Consultation. Finishes End of Jan 2021. – World Animals Voice

Scotland: Live Animal Exports – Scottish Government Joins England and Wales In Undertaking Consultation For Possible Ban. All Relevant Links and Advice Below. – World Animals Voice

The State Opening Of Parliament – Good news for the environment and animals.

The StateOpening of Parliament is an event which formally marks the beginning of a session of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It includes a speech from the throne known as the Queen’s Speech (or the King’s Speech if the UK has a male monrch).

It takes place in the House of Lords chamber on the first day of a new session, which is usually in May or June, and traditionally in November, but can occur at any time of year depending on the timing of General Elections and parliamentary session start dates.

It takes place in front of both Houses of Parliament. The monarch, wearing the Imperial State Crown, reads a speech that has been prepared by his or her government outlining its plans for that parliamentary year.

Basically, it outlines the major legislation that the government intends to introduce into UK law in the coming Parliamentary session.

This next session is going to see some positive legislation for both animals and the environment being passed into law, including:

Environment Bill

Another confirmed commitment is to new, legally binding environmental targets in the form of the much-delayed Environment Bill, which was was first launched in July 2018. The Government said it will pass the legislation in the run-up to the international Cop26 climate change summit in Glasgow at the end of year.

Animal Sentience Bill 

The Queen’s Speech will also ensure animals with a backbone will have a legal right to feel happiness and suffering. According to the Sunday Telegraph, an Animal Sentience Bill will enshrine in law that animals are aware of their feelings and emotions in order to make the UK a world leader in animal welfare.

Animals Abroad Bill

A new Animals Abroad bill is also expected to ban imports of hunting trophies, while a Kept Animals bill will ban families from keeping primates as pets.

Here is a further review of some other issues not related to animals or the environment:

Queen’s Speech 2021: The 13 new laws expected to be announced today | Metro News

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Sea Shepherd: There are many ways to save animals

#ThrowbackThursday# – Sea Shepherd

March 1979 – The Sea Shepherd was the first ship to go to the ice fields off the Eastern Coast of Canada for the sole purpose of protecting seals.

Before being arrested for approaching a seal hunt without permission of the government, Sea Shepherd crewmembers saved over a thousand baby seals by spraying their white pelts with an indelible organic dye to render them commercially worthless.

In March 1980, Captain Paul Watson was banned from the ice fields and the sealing areas for three years.

In March 1981 Captain Watson lead a crew with three ocean kayaks to the Gulf of St. Lawrence despite his parole order. Hundreds of seals were sprayed with harmless blue dye effectively saving their lives.

Captain Paul Watson’s conviction of 1980 was later overturned on appeal.
These and later interventions, plus high profile supporters helped start the demise of the Canadian fur seal hunt.

With recent moves by the EU to ban seal imports and major fashion houses across the globe to stop the use of any kind of fur in their designs, the end of a 40-year battle may finally be in sight.

Learn more about our history:
Support our efforts:

#Canada #TBT #Seal

And I mean…When I see how many fashion designers have banned fur from their creations in recent years, how many countries have closed their fur farms and how many department stores in Germany and throughout Europe have said goodbye to fur, then our fight has already had a positive result that strengthens us and we will continue to fight this fight.

My best regards to all, Venus

The European Federation for Hunting feels offended!

Statement of the “Committee Against Bird Murder”:

The umbrella organization of the European Hunting Associations (FACE = European Federation for Hunting and Conservation) has reacted to our press release on the subject of lovebird hunting and never tires of justifying the shooting down of millions of threatened migratory birds.

In a letter to the British magazine “Independent”, which reported last week about our campaign against lovebird hunting in Italy, FACE President Torbjörn Larsson complained about what he believed to be “reputational reporting” and justified the shooting of lovebirds by saying that Hunters reportedly created “thousands of acres” of protected areas for the species.

We have summarized in an open letter to FACE why this claim is nonsense and why lovebirds must be protected from hunters across Europe.

You can find our statement (in English) here:

And I mean…The president of this EU hunting association and of the Nordic Hunters Alliance, the Swede Larsson said in an interview:Is it not usually the Hunters’ Association’s attitude that there should be as liberal rules as possible for hunting and then each hunter must decide for himself or herself whether he or she wants to hunt?”

No, it is not!
In today’s civilized society, there is no place for hunting.
Hunting is a hobby for psychopaths.

Because … what state of mind can I expect in someone who cowardly shoots an animal while eating or flying its flight routes, although he does not need its flesh and skin for life and then calles this as a “hobby”, “nature conservation”, “Species protection”, “epidemic protection” or “tradition”?

So .. and now the 7 million members of the EU Hunter Association must have something to shoot, so let’s go for lovebirds this time

The only reason hunting even exists is because a strong and ruthless political lobby supports them, who are hunters themselves.

Wherever you are in the world, that your bigger problem is the hunter law that makes it legal carry a weapon with no purpose.

In addition:  If you like shooting defenseless animals, nobody can damage your reputation. There is simply no more good reputation to lose.

My best regards to all, Venus

Germany: Rescued raccoon given for execution

The Chemnitz fire brigade was called to an unusual mission on Saturday. Apparently a raccoon was in distress.
According to MDR reporters, the animal had been attacked by crows and fled to a tree, where it remained in shock.

Feuerwehrleute holen in einem Wohngebiet einen Waschbären vom Baum runter.
Bildrechte: ChemPic

Residents then called the fire department. The comrades fished the raccoon with a noose from the treetop.
The animal was handed over to the hunting tenant.

The hunting tenant did not provide any further details on the animal’s whereabouts (!!)

Invasive species

The raccoon, originally from North America, has spread widely in Germany due to the lack of natural enemies.
“The small predator can decimate local populations of other animal species and is therefore on the Union list of alien invasive species of EU-wide importance,” says a publication by the Saxon Ministry of the Environment.

Raccoons are subject to hunting law in the Free State.

Captured animals may not be released back into the wild.
Only knowledgeable persons, such as veterinarians or hunters, are allowed to kill the animals.

And I mean…First saved and then delivered to the executioner.
Something like that could also be called fascism

My best regards to all, Venus

South Africa to ban breeding lions in captivity for hunting. But, “Legal regulated hunting of the iconic species under the regulatory environment will continue to be permitted,”. Hmm !

South Africa to ban breeding lions in captivity for hunting

South Africa to ban breeding lions in captivity for hunting (

Susan Njanji

Pretoria – Environment Minister Barbara Creecy on Sunday revealed plans to ban the breeding of lions in captivity for trophy hunting or for tourists to pet, advocating a more “authentic” experience for visitors.

The decision was in response to recommendations contained in a government study into the controversial practice.

The panel studied the rules governing the hunting, trade and keeping in captivity of lions, elephants, rhino and leopards.

Creecy told a news conference that the study recommended a halt to the “domestication of lions through captive breeding and keeping.”


SA tourism body calls for ban on captive lion breeding

Petition calls on Cyril Ramaphosa to halt big cat breeding

SA tarnished by abusive captive lion industry on World Lion Day, says watchdog

“We don’t want captive breeding, captive hunting, captive (cubs) petting, captive use of lions,” the minister said.

The decision, which is yet to be formulated into policy, is likely to set the government on a collision course with the powerful multi-million-dollar industry of captive lion breeding.

The minister said the recommendations were not aimed at stifling the hunting industry.

“Legal regulated hunting of the iconic species under the regulatory environment will continue to be permitted,” she said.

But the report urged a stop to “tourists’ interaction with captive lions, including cub petting”, Creecy noted.

The practice of hunting lions raised in captivity has long been controversial in South Africa, where a large number of animals are confined to pens ringed with electric fences.

Campaigns to ban the importation of captive-bred lion trophies have in recent years gathered steam in the United States, Australia and several European countries.

The minister said the tourism industry was susceptible to negative perceptions.

“The intention here is to ensure that those who are interested in… authentic wildlife hunting” will have such an experience and “will not be hunting animals that have been taken out of the cage,” she said.

South Africa counts between 8 000 and 12 000 lions at some 350 farms, where they are raised for hunting, tourism and academic research, according to estimates by wildlife groups.

They are also raised for their bones, used in medicine and jewellery in Southeast Asia, according to wildlife charities.

By contrast around 3 500 lions live in the wild in the country, according to the South African-based Endangered Wildlife Trust.

The global animal charity World Animal Protection hailed the government’s decision as “courageous”.

“Thousands of farmed lions are born into a life of misery in South Africa every year in cruel commercial breeding facilities,” said Edith Kabesiime, World Animal Protection’s campaign manager for Africa.

“This is a win for wildlife” and will ensure that “lions remain where they belong — in the wild,” she said.

Louise de Waal, director of the award-winning documentary feature film “Blood Lions” exposing the trade, said she was “extremely happy” at the government’s decision.

The panel also recommended the phasing out of captive rhino breeding and an examination of the future use of rhino horn stockpiles.

Home to about 80 percent of the world’s rhino population, South Africa has long attracted poachers, but it also counts more than 300 private rhino breeders.

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USA: Bill Aimed at Killing 90% of Idaho’s Wolves Headed to Governor’s Desk – Major Action Required NOW.

The Center for Biological Diversity do such a fantastic amount of work and legal challenges for the wildlife of the entire USA; they really do deserve as much support as you can give them.

Lots of good news, and actions for you to take, here at:

Center for Biological Diversity

For Immediate Release, April 27, 2021

Contact:Andrea Zaccardi, (303) 854-7748,

Bill Aimed at Killing 90% of Idaho’s Wolves Headed to Governor’s Desk

New Law Would Allow Hunters Unlimited Wolf Kills, Year-Round Trapping on Private Lands

BOISE, Idaho— The Idaho House of Representatives today approved a bill allowing the state to hire private contractors to kill up to 90% of Idaho’s wolf population of approximately 1,500 wolves.

“If this horrific bill passes, Idaho could nearly wipe out its wolf population,” said Andrea Zaccardi, a senior attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity. “Unless we can stop this from becoming law, decades of progress towards wolf recovery will be lost.”

In addition to hiring private contractors to kill wolves, Senate Bill 1211 would allow hunters and trappers to kill an unlimited number of wolves, run down wolves with ATVs and snowmobiles, and trap year-round on all private land across the state. The bill will also increase annual funds for wolf killing by the Idaho Wolf Depredation Control Board from $110,000 to $300,000. Created in 2014, the Board uses taxpayer dollars and other funds to kill wolves.

Bill proponents assert that wolves kill too many elk and livestock. But wolves kill less than a fraction of 1% of Idaho’s livestock annually, and elk population numbers are above management objectives in most of the state.

As a result of today’s 58-11 approval, Gov. Brad Little must decide whether to sign the bill into law or veto it. If this bill is signed into law, the Center will be considering next steps to protect Idaho’s wolves and wildlife, which may include legal action.

“Governor Little must veto this cruel and disastrous bill,” said Zaccardi. “Idaho’s state wildlife agency should be allowed to continue to manage wolves, not anti-wolf legislators dead set on exterminating the state’s wolves. We’re going to do everything we can to fight for the survival of wolves in Idaho.”


The Center for Biological Diversity is a national, nonprofit conservation organization with more than 1.7 million members and online activists dedicated to the protection of endangered species and wild places.

Regards Mark – Please take as much action via the site link given above as you can.

Civil courage

France: A fox released by walkers who sent the images to friends and wish to remain anonymous.
(⚠ To attack a trap installed in the rules can be considered as an offense if the trapper lodges a complaint)

Civil courage is in demand everywhere nowadays.
Most wildlife only experience violence, suffering, or captivity from the hunter.
All over.
That is why we need brave activists all over the world.

Thanks to the liberators

My best regards to all, Venus

Mass murder of turtledoves on the march in Italy

Conservationists across Europe are shocked by the Italian government’s plan to allow 7.5 million specimens of the endangered turtledove to be shot down this autumn.

The European Commission estimates that there are only between 2.9 and 5.6 million breeding pairs in the EU.

The shooting was decided at a meeting of the government with representatives of the regions, whose representatives, under pressure from the influential hunting lobby – above all the European hunting association FACE – almost without exception voted against a four-year closed season proposed by Rome.

Tragischer Unfall in Italien: Mann erschießt eigenen Vater bei Wildschwein-Jagd

Now each of the 500,000 Italian hunters should be allowed to kill up to 15 lovebirds in the coming hunting season!!

The Committee Against Bird Murder and its Italian partners are fighting against the hunting clearance and have received unexpected help: The anti-mafia hero Sergio De Caprio, legendary in Italy, who became famous as a police officer in 1993 after the arrest of mafia boss Totò Riina, also sits down in his Region of Calabria against the shooting plans.

EU Commission to finally enforce Europe-wide hunting bans for endangered species.

And I mean…The fauna and flora of Italy are extremely rich.
94,771 different animal species live on the boot south of the Alpine chain.

But Italy is also the country where, so say the animal welfare organizations, eagles and otters are still being shot, where a good thirteen regions abuse legal loopholes to permit the hunt for nationally protected species or to extend the hunting season.
Where the regional legislation in the matter of hunting is sometimes in stark contrast to the laws of the EU.

Where hundreds of volunteer game rangers try in vain to stop poaching, which is now threatening at least ten protected species with extinction.

Where you can shoot ducks from concrete bunkers.

Where every year thousands upon thousands of migratory birds are killed with the help of decoys and illegal electromagnetic decoys.

In hardly any other country in the EU is the overlap between licensed hunters and criminal poachers as great as in Italy. Almost three-quarters of all convicted poachers have a hunting license.

The turtle dove is classified by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as a globally endangered species, the population of which in Europe has declined by around 40% in the last 16 years.

In some countries and regions, the loss is more than 90%, here the species is on the verge of disappearing.

The shooting of lovebirds is a sadist passion that has nothing to do with sustainable hunting but is rapidly accelerating the extinction of this species in Europe.
Nevertheless, the Italian hunting association and its European umbrella organization have pulled out all the stops to prevent the moratorium proposed by the government in Rome.

The EU bird protection directive gives the member states the possibility to release protected bird species for catching or shooting if it is a “tradition”, only “small amounts” are concerned, if there is “no other satisfactory solution” and if there is sufficient control the requirements are ensured.

The 7.5 million turtledoves are certainly a small amount, so the EU doesn’t have to worry about them !!!

My best regards to all, Venus

C’est Assez! supports the European Citizens’ Initiative #StopFinningEU to end the European Union’s shark fin trade.

C’est Assez! supports the European Citizens’ Initiative #StopFinningEU to end the European Union’s shark fin trade

22 April 2021

C’est Assez

The EU exports approximately 3,500 tonnes of fins per year, with a total value of around 52 million euros. 73 million sharks are slaughtered each year for this purpose

While shark finning is prohibited on EU vessels and in EU waters, and sharks must be caught with fins  attached to their bodies, the EU is one of the world’s largest exporters of fins and a significant transit area for the global fin trade.

More than forty European NGOs, including our member C’est assez!, have pledged their support to compel the European institutions to ban all forms of finning and their transportation in EU countries. The European Citizens Initiative (ECI) has now received over 200,000 signatures in opposition to shark finning.

It is past time to stop this barbaric traffic and take action to protect sharks, which are critical to the health and balance of the oceans.

Read more at source

C’est Assez! soutient l’Initiative Citoyenne Européenne #StopFinningEU pour met…

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Shark Finning Kills 100 Million Sharks a Year,

Shark Finning Kills 100 Million Sharks a Year, International Commission Fails to Address Crisis

Don't be afraid of the shark...: BAN SHARK FINNING

Shark finning - Wikipedia

Hunters drive consecration massacres in Malta

Near Bidnija in the north of the Mediterranean island, walkers discovered two plastic bags with seven freshly shot Marsh Harriers last Sunday.
The animals belonged to a larger group of consecrations that had spent the night in the nearby fields and were caught under fire by several poachers when they left the roost.

(Footage provided by BirdLife Malta and Kurt Galea Pace).

“We assume that the men were disturbed and therefore did not take the birds with them,” said committee spokeswoman Fiona Burrows.
Colleagues from our partner association BirdLife Malta documented the terrible find on video and informed the police.
Upon closer examination of the alleged carcasses, it turned out that one of the birds was still alive. The animal was immediately taken to a veterinarian but has little chance.

The find is the previous low point of this year’s hunting season, which lasts until April 30th.
Several dozen protected migratory birds have been reported to “Birdlife Malta” since Easter, including numerous marsh harriers and lovebirds, two kestrels, a steppe harrier, a cuckoo, and a red chalk hawk.

Today we received more information about illegal kills.

Even if we are currently only working with one team on the island, we will do everything we can to secure the resting places of the birds that are now strongly migrating.
Due to the numerous violations of nature conservation and hunting law, we expect the Maltese government to put an immediate end to spring hunting, which is illegal under EU law (!!)

And I mean…So far, the useless leaders in the EU have shown very little interest in fighting these illegal Maltese massacres and have not been able to ensure that Malta, as an EU country, also participates in European hunting regulations.

A major failure is that corrupt politicians and lobbyists from the island who change and repeal ad libidum these rules, which apply to the whole EU, will not be punished.

It shouldn’t really be a problem to finance an extra special unit against the mass murderers of Malta, considering that mainly we, as the largest net payer, finance this EU practically from the beginning.

In view of this situation, the work of the Committee against Bird Murder is all the more important, and this organization should also be supported in its work.

My best regards to all, Venus