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Germany: Solidarity to the hunt saboteure!




This is what the collaborative media say on 8th of March:

Hannover (capital of Lower Saxony):  Animal rights activists apparently want to obstruct the hunt for the Rodewalder Wolf. According to the Department of the Environment, they also try to publicize the identities of alleged wolf hunters.

“People walk around and take pictures of everything,” a ministry spokeswoman said.
It would be pictures of people who are supposed to shoot the animal after the speculation of the wolf guards.
These recordings ended up in social networks.
The actions were mainly to bring a lot of movement in the forest, so as to drive out the wolf and stop the shooting.

Wolfs Kopf

Environment Minister Olaf Lies sharply criticized the riots: “There are people who walk with cameras through the forest, photograph and mercilessly put on the Internet,” said the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) politician in the “North West newspaper”.

It is a nuisance if local institutions and executives are approached in the exercise of their rule of law (!!!) “said Lies.

Wolf’s protectors had tried in vain to stop the license to launch the Rodewalder Leit Wolf. It has recently been extended until March 31st.

“I’m confident we’ll have him until the deadline” (!!!), Lies said.

The released wolf is said to have torn more than 40 farm animals, including cattle and ponies. However, most pastures were not secured with wolf-proof fences.

My comment: The wolf was there first.
We need him to regulate the wildlife.
He is on this earth for that.
In contrast to the agricultural lobbyist Minister Lies, the sausage esser, who is devoid of any value for politics, nature and animals, and only occupies the place on this earth.

The biggest pests for nature and animals are the lackeys of Lies, the livestock owners and the hunters.

They hold sheep to cut their necks a few months later, or (best of all) to execute them with a bolt shot!
Only hunters, farmers, butchers and their disgusting supporters in politics, (say Model Lies), find joy and benefit in the blood rush.

This is not about protecting the animals.
This is about the wolf as a competitor to the murderers, the hunters, and about money, a lot of money for a few corrupt.

Solidarity, respect and thanks to the animal rights activists in Hannover!

Best regards to all, Venus

Lebanon: the slaughter of migratory birds




Not only in Europe, more than 53 million wild birds are legally shot down by hunters each year, but also in other countries.

Several countries on the Mediterranean are famous for mass killing of migratory as resident birds. Lebanon is no exception and perhaps one of the worst culpits.

The estimated number of illegally killed birds in Lebanon is more than 2,600,000 annually.
Several storks on their way to Europe took a route between residential areas due to an unusual wind.
The hunters of Beirut shot them from the streets, the balconies and the roofs of the houses! A terrible slaughter took place!

We have received terrible pictures.

The images provided were taken in spring 2017 are from “Association for Bird Conservation in Lebanon” and give a glimpse of the situation.

getötete Störche in LibanonSome Lebanese hunters and a terrible loss of wildlife


Every spring hundreds of thousands of white storks and other birds migrate north to where they breed. About 530,000 white storks use the eastern flight route, a shortcut across the Mediterranean, according to a message from Stop Hunting Lebanon from 04 March 2019.

The slaughter was so terrible that the Ambassador of an Eastern European country sent a complaint to the Lebanese President about the killing of this beloved breeding bird.

Libaneser mit ermordeten StörchejpgEverything that moves will be shot, including these two pelicans

Normalised in society, illegal shooting and trapping has become an extremely popular pastime in Lebanon.

Along the east-west roads, every twenty meter stands a hunter, who fires on every bird silhouette that flies over him. This sport is practiced by everyone, from rich to poor. Still mainly by the Christian Lebanese.

As a result, the mean estimated number of illegally killed wild birds in Lebanon is more than 2,600,000 annually. The estimated mean number of individual birds killed illegally is 248 per square kilometre each year. There are 327 species of bird occurring regularly in Lebanon, with around 59% of these being killed illegally in significant numbers.


In Lebanon, these migrations of birds have sustained the growth of a widespread hunting industry that has remained largely unregulated for decades.

Excessive and unlawful hunting practices make the country one of the most dangerous areas for traveling birds that often journey thousands of miles to roost and mate.

These include endangered species, which are among the estimated 2.6 million birds that are shot or illegally trapped in Lebanon on a yearly basis.

By 1933 Lebanon was under French mandate and French influence. Hooves we have more to say? Traditionally fond of rifles, the Lebanese plunged themselves to full surrender to the hunt.

Libanese mit massakrierten FlamingosnA Lebanese hunter with a boat full of dead flamingo’s

During the time that the birds migrate, cars full of hunters drive along the mountain roads or are lined up. Ready to shoot all what moves within their distance.

Massenmord von Zugvögel in Libanonn

My comment: Numerous dangers make life difficult for the white stork: not only habitat loss and many toxic chemicals, but also hunting.  Criminal and unlawful hunting practices make these country one of the most dangerous areas for traveling birds, often traveling thousands of miles to mate.

Hunters, poachers, bird catchers and pet traders, all these insane killers are threatening our migratory birds everywhere along their migration routes. Whether in Italy, France and Spain, in Malta and Cyprus, in the Balkans, Greece and Egypt and probably other countries as well, no matter how big or small, our birds are caught, tortured, shot down.

Vogel auf Hacken hängendpg

Theoretically, bird hunting is banned in the EU, but it will still be preserved “as a tradition” and in France they even want to increase the “catch quota”!

Once again, we witness the coalition between gangsters and governments.

My best regards, Venus

Poachers in Kenya Will Now Face the Death Penalty.



Poachers in Kenya Will Now Face the Death Penalty

Posted by Carly Day | March 5, 2019


Kenya continues to progress towards a death penalty for poachers, with recent reports stating officials have confirmed a law change is on the table.

Najib Balala, a cabinet secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, first announced the plan in May 2018. Balala stated the current penalties are not strong enough to deter poachers.

Under the Wildlife Conservation Act enacted in 2013, wildlife poachers face a life sentence or a fine of up to $200,000.

However, the number of animals killed by poachers in the nation has been decreasing in the past few years.

“Kenya lost nine rhinos and 60 elephants to poachers in 2017, compared to 14 rhinos and 96 elephants lost in the previous year,” said Balala.

This decrease is attributed to increased commitment and security from those protecting the national parks, as well as harsher sentencing for those found guilty of wildlife crime.

Although many are praising these extreme methods, some disagree. They argue poachers are the “small fish” in the world of international animal trafficking and the focus should be on those at the top of the chain.

Others are concerned that killing the hunters — who are often from the local area — will only amplify the violence and fraught relationships between those protecting the animals and the surrounding communities. They suggest more should be done to deal with the socio-economic struggles that push people to seek money as poachers.

Although numbers are dropping, the death of even a single rhino or elephant is tragic. Animal populations still have a long way to go to fully recover from rampant poaching over the last few decades.

The slaughter of these precious animals for their horns and tusks must stop before they disappear from our planet forever.


Spain: Galgos Hunting Dogs – Thrown Down Wells to Die. Petition to Sign.



Thrown Down Wells to Die

Sign: Stop the Mass Killing of Spain’s Greyhounds

Tens of thousands of Spanish greyhounds (called galgos) suffer a horrific fate after obediently serving their masters during hunting season. 

Some dogs are hanged, left to dangle from the noose for days while they slowly starve. Some are burned with painful acid. Other dogs are thrown down wells, left to die slowly with broken bones and a crushed spirit.

Even though animal torture is illegal under Spanish law, there is shockingly little regulation of the Galgueros who breed these dogs.  Competition training involves tying a dozen dogs to the back of a car and dragging them down the road. Since the dogs are deemed disposable, there is little concern if they are injured or killed.

Spain can no longer ignore the cruelty. It’s time to stop the torture and death.



Sign the Petition at:


Contact Spanish Ambassador Mr. Santiago Cabanas Ansorena

E mail at: 

and urge him to do everything in his power to outlaw all use of dogs in hunting and competitions before the next season begins — so that no more innocent greyhounds suffer.



aufgehängter Galgon

jäger mit galgospg

Japan: BREAKING: Season Ends for Taiji’s Dolphin Hunts.


Taiji’s Drive Season Statistics, 2007-2019. Credit:



BREAKING: Season Ends for Taiji’s Dolphin Hunts

Officials have confirmed to Dolphin Project that on March 1, the 2018/19 drive season in Taiji, Japan ended. For six months, dolphins of all ages have been chased, harassed, manhandled, captured and slaughtered. Entire pods have been decimated.

Taiji March 1

Bottlenose dolphin is netted against skiff, selected for “life” in captivity, Taiji, Japan. Credit:

Live dolphins were shipped to resorts, marine parks and aquariums. The meat from slaughtered mammals filled shelves at local grocery stores, despite being loaded with toxins and unfit for human consumption. And, as we’ve seen year after year, dolphin trainers worked alongside dolphin hunters, selecting which would be drafted into show business and which would end up on the butcher’s floor.

For six months, Dolphin Project Cove Monitors stood on the ground while you were by our side in unity. Our team withstood two typhoons, choosing to remain in Taiji in order to continue their efforts to document, live stream and keep shining a light on the atrocities committed against dolphins.

This season, we estimate 556 dolphins were slaughtered, while 241 were taken captive from seven species of dolphins. This figure does not include the untold numbers that die during the drives themselves. In addition, Taiji’s controversial practice of releasing young calves (so their small bodies won’t be counted against seasonal quotas) almost certainly resulted in additional deaths.

Worldwide demand for dolphin entertainment is the reason wild dolphins are caught – all to supply a lucrative display industry. Compared to last year, 135 more dolphins were taken captive, thus, it’s imperative that we continue to keep the pressure on and say NO to the dolphin show!

Taiji March 2.jpg

Dolphin Project Cove Monitors watch as banger boats leave the harbor in Taiji, in search of migrating dolphin pods. Credit:

Dolphin Project extends a huge “THANK YOU” to our dedicated Cove Monitors and to those who watched our broadcasts, shared our social media and blogs and clicked on the “Take Action” links to act on behalf of those who have been silenced. We will continue to educate on the horrific realities of dolphin captivity throughout the year, including ongoing educational outreach to school-aged children. As part of our international campaigns, teams are also on the ground in the Solomon Islands and Indonesia, all made possible because of your generous support.

Taiji March 3

Taiji’s Drive Season Statistics, 2007-2019. Credit:

When this level of cruelty is absolute, we must all oppose it absolutely. Documenting and live streaming is imperative. We will never abandon the dolphins of Taiji. As long as Taiji has dolphins, they will have Dolphin Project. Planning is now underway for the 2019/20 season.

Read our full recap here.

Ric O’Barry, Founder/Director of Dolphin Project


Taiji March 4.png

The blood of the dead: striped dolphin slaughter, Taiji, Japan. Credit:

Hunters and weapons industry: a deadly mix!




There was only bad news to report about the hunt in Italy in the last hunting season, considering the fact that various species of animals were extinct or decimated because of the hunting.

jäger mit Hosen unten
Or that non-native animal species were introduced to nature by hunting societies and thus disrupted the ecological balance, which ultimately harmed even humans, for example the wild boar.

But hunting in Italy is also a violation of private property, thanks to an outdated Article 842 of the Civil Code, which authorizes the hunters to invade foreign property without any consent of the owners.
And it is also an encroachment on the inviolable right to vote, which forbids the citizens to take a stand, as the example of the Piedmont region shows.

Jäger auf Hochsitz mit Gattertierefb

The hunt is also the only “sport”, which every year injures and kills countless people. As every year, at the end of the hunting season (1st September – 31st January), the Association of Hunting Victims, which has been active since 2007, has put together a dossier with the victims of hunting weapons.

Data on accidents during the hunting season in Italy (2018/2019)

Civil Non-Hunters: Total 27 victims, 18 injured and 9 dead
Hunter: Total 53 victims, 41 injured and 12 dead
Totally 80 victims, 59 injured and 21 dead
2 children were injured
In the hunting area, there were 13 dead and 50 injured (including 2 children), so 63 victims.
Outside the hunting area there were 8 dead and 9 injured, so 17 victims. Of these, 7 dead and 7 injured are not hunters but civilians.

Cover_HadererMost hunting accidents are recorded in Campania in southwestern Italy with 15 victims. Followed by the Friuli, Lazio and Lombardy. Not known is the number of pets killed and protected wildlife; including wolves, bears and birds of prey. In addition, there are dangerous firing shots not far from inhabited settlement areas, and tons of lead residue from hunting ammunition in the countryside or hunters shooting at animals fleeing forest fires.

The Constitutional Court in Piedmont also made it clear last year that the hunt can not be recognized as positive from an environmental and animal welfare point of view.

But the association also points out that although the hunters are becoming fewer and fewer, they are still privileged by politics, especially the PD (partito democratico italiano) and the Lega.

It is an old story (and not only in Italy): the hunters have influence, but also the arms industry with its lobbyists in parliament and in the regions. Hunters and weapons industry. A deadly blend that damages nature and kills humans and animals …

My comment: Hunters are still a small minority, in Germany0.45% of the population.

But because the majority is silent, the minorities operate dominant, with the right of the stronger.

The hunt has always been the sport of the rich and powerful. From the nobility to the Nazis, in Germany, later also politicians of Germany and of course the Ex- DDR (democratic German Republic). You know each other, have the same interests and you will be seen. No wonder that the hunters have a strong lobby.

We are anyway governed by the lobbyists, is there an area that is not lobby contaminated? As a voter, you can vote for all sacred times, but the rest of the time the lobbyists have the say.

“They use the failure of their conscience as proof of their integrity” and so they are even proud of their criminal machinations.

Hunters are murderers, nothing more and nothing less!

My bestr regards, Venus



Spain: the Passion story of the Galgos


To Galgo Day, 1 February




Spanish greyhounds, also known as galgos, are bred for the traditional hare hunting. These greyhounds, which are up to 70 km / h fast, rushed in the open area on hares. In this form of hunt, in which the prey is usually caught and killed by the Galgo, is not shot at the hunted animals. Not infrequently, this hare hunting is also practiced in the form of competitions in which the fastest or the most elegant Spanish greyhound is awarded.

jäger mit galgospg

For the survival of this animal-suffering tradition, hundreds of thousands of four-legged animals are brutally exploited.

galgo nach der jagdsaisonn

From birth, the sensitive dogs are trained for the hunt with cruel methods and repeatedly abused terribly. Many animals are kept in dark cellars or sheds. Others in small crates, tons or old cars.

galgo in Keller

There they stay and wait hungry for the owner, who brings some water and food once a day. Just enough that the animals do not die. But for some love or affection they wait in vain for a lifetime.

When the hunting season is over at the beginning of February, the Galgos’ suffering history reaches its sad climax: animals that are no longer producing are disposed of ice cold by their owners.

aufgehängter Galgon

Actually unbelievable, but despite years of mistreatment hang the four-legged friends to their people. However, sad eyes, tears and pleas are no good – the owners do not show any sympathy for their loyal greyhounds.

The hunters starve the galgos, bury them alive, hang them on trees, drag them to death by car or throw them into deep wells. When the dogs are “lucky” they end up with broken bones in the street.

Massengrab von Galgos _n

Around 50,000 galgos are disposed of this way every year.

The discovery of about 100 skeletons of galgos on a former rubbish dump in VILLATOBAS ( TOLEDO)  in 2009, is another cruel proof of how much these animals in Spain must suffer. Many of these murdered dogs still have a rope around their necks, a clear indication that they were hanged.

An obviously new way to get rid of their “beloved” dogs, mostly hunting dogs, is this: they are tied to rails to be killed by a train! In Seville and in the villages, dozens of carcasses still tied to the tracks have been found! Some were shattered by the train. The Seprona (Nature Protection Service) has started an investigation. Some of the some 20 dead dogs are marked with chip. PACMA (the Animal Protection Party of Spain)  has filed a complaint with the Justicia y Defensa Animal and FADEA platforms.


This case is happened in Seville and  documented in February 2018.

“Spain is the only EU country where hunting with Galgos is still allowed”, criticized David Rubio, spokesman for the national platform “No a la Caza con Galgos – No to Hunt with Galgos” (NAC). “In other European countries, this has been banned decades ago.” The Spanish shelters are crowded – with galgos, but also with other dog breeds.

Animal welfare in Spain, the traditional land of bullfighting, is still largely irrelevant.

For example, in Spain’s Civil Code, animals are still defined as “things,” not as living things

But the protest in Spain is intensifying: in a petition titled “Galgo Massacre” to the European Parliament, animal rights activists call on EU politicians to “stop hunting with Galgos in Spain.” An international petition on the Internet platform has now been signed by more than 129,000 people.

Petition, with english text too, Please sign it too!:


My comment: For four months, from 1 October to the end of February, hunts and coursing, always running, rushing, chasing, alone, in pairs, in pack, four months maximum performance. And high performance demands tribute. Your dog is too tired? Take another! Your dog is too slow? Take another! Your dog was injured? Take another! It’s all about honor, it’s about pride, no galguero can handle two dogs, on average, one galguero uses 10 to 15 per season …
The young dog that is too slow,  is sorted out.

The dog, who gets injured or becomes ill, is sorted out.

The dog that gets older, too smart, or too slow to hunt behind the rabbit, is sorted out. The dog, whose puppies are not good enough, is sorted out.

Sorted out …

That’s Spain too!
The welcome myths from the media and travel catalogs have bombarded us for years with slogans and national myths that Spain is a fascinating country :

the Spaniards know to eat, the Spaniards know to live, to love, to enjoy!!!
Spain, the nation with “el temperamento de pura raza”! Go for Vacation in Spain!
And so today Spain can (almost) live from tourism, which it does not deserve.
A country with bullfighting as a cultural heritage, a country with an annual galgos massacre of 50,000, a country with the most brutal tradition in bull torture in Europe  (Toro de la Vega, Toro del Fuego, San Fermín days … etc) such a country deserves tourism boycott!


My best regards, Venus