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England: Video Proof That Illegal Hunting Is Taking Place In The UK.



Watch the video footage here:

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A hunter has been caught on camera kicking the body of a fox into a river, in what Chris Packham says is “proof” illegal hunting is taking place in the UK.

A member of the Cheshire Hunt, in red hunting jacket, was filmed trying to dispose of the corpse of the vixen, which witnesses claimed had just been chased and mauled to death by hounds.

Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs, who retrieved the mangled body from the water, posted footage online of the huntsman’s “vile” actions.

Hunting wildlife with dogs has been illegal since 2005.

Packham, the BBC Springwatch presenter, tweeted:“This is ugly,” going on to suggest that the incident provided “proof that illegal hunting continues in the UK”. The Cheshire Hunt strongly denied that any unlawful activity had taken place.

“Please help to peacefully and democratically end this anachronistic savagery”, Packham went on. “It shames our nation and our species.”

Other Twitter users called for the hunter to be prosecuted, insisting there was “no excuse for such evil” and saying the law should be enforced more strictly.

After the clash, at Huxley near Chester, on Saturday afternoon, the saboteurs named the vixen Amelia “to give her some dignity”.

Three days later, the hunt also killed a male fox, the saboteurs said.

Facebook user Helen Martin wrote to the Cheshire Police Commissioner, saying: “I also hope that you will represent the 85 per cent of the population who abhor fox hunting and ensure Cheshire makes a stand on this archaic, brutal practice the only purpose of which is to fulfil the bloodlust of a disturbed minority.”

Meanwhile, a businesswoman is trying to convince local authorities to enforce rules around organising hunts in advance.

Barbara Wray has started a petition on, calling for hunts to be forced to apply for “comprehensive risk-assessment documents” and to have public liability insurance, as organisers of other public events do.

A spokesperson for the Cheshire Hunt said: “Many hunts, including the Cheshire, are subjected to constant harassment by anti-hunting activists whose intentions are to disrupt legal activities by spraying noxious substances and attempting to distract the hounds while they are trail-hunting.

“The Cheshire Hunt operates within the law to comply with the Hunting Act 2004.

“An incident occurred on Saturday 5 January which we believe was solely due to the presence of anti-hunting protesters who were interfering with the hounds.

“The police are aware of any allegations regarding our activities and that of the anti-hunting activists and we are fully co-operating with their enquiries.”

Cheshire police said they were still investigating, and referred to an earlier statement that said: “We’re still speaking to all parties and are thoroughly reviewing the information we’ve been given. Events such as these are very upsetting and we’re doing everything we can to find out what has gone on, but this can take time and is often very challenging.”

David Keane, police and crime commissioner for Cheshire, said: “The constabulary is aware of the allegations and in my role as police and crime commissioner in holding the chief constable to account, I will be seeking an overview of the investigation and any outcomes from those leading it.

“The acting chief constable is fully aware of my expectation that such incidents are thoroughly and robustly investigated.

“Following the independent review I commissioned into illegal hunting in Cheshire, I will be holding a scrutiny meeting in public next month to discuss the outcomes of this review and the subsequent action plan to ensure Cheshire Constabulary is upholding its responsibilities under the Hunting Act 2004.

“In the meantime, I would urge anyone who has evidence of any criminal activity relating to illegal hunting to contact Cheshire police.”


WAV Comment:

when do the police ever do anything about illegal hunting ? – ignorant as always; that is the problem !

Scotland (UK): January 2019 News from ‘Onekind’.


Dear Mark,

We’re very pleased to let you know that the Scottish Government has announced a series of animal welfare commitments this week. The Minister for Rural Affairs and the Natural Environment, Mairi Gougen MSP revealed the Scottish Government will be introducing CCTV in abattoirs, strengthening the fox hunting ban, and increasing the maximum sentences for cruelty to animals. Other commitments include legislation to regulate animal sanctuaries and re-homing centres, and licensing dog, cat and rabbit breeding.

In her opening statement, Mairi Gougen MSP commended groups like OneKind for their hard work stating that she was “heartened and impressed by their commitment.” You can watch the full statement here.


CCTV in Slaughterhouses

Following our campaigning, we’re thrilled that the Scottish Government has committed to introducing compulsory video recording in all relevant areas of slaughterhouses in Scotland. We launched our campaign for mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses in 2016 and worked closely with Animal Aid on it. We presented a 10,000-signature petition to the Scottish Government, held a briefing event for MSPs, and our supporters responded to the government’s consultation on the issue .  This is a fantastic move, and we’d like to thank everyone who supported us on this campaign. We couldn’t have done it without you all!


Fox Hunting

Significantly on the issue of fox hunting, the Scottish Government will reduce the maximum number of dogs that can be used to flush a wild mammal towards a gun for shooting to two, and intends to discourage trail hunting, which is used in England as a pretext for hunting foxes.

The Scottish Government intends to implement the recommendations made by Lord Bonomy in his review of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002. These include improved definitions of hunting, removal of the word “deliberately” from the main offence, tightening up on the drafting of exceptions and reversing the burden of proof so that an individual is required to show that an exception applies.

Speaking on the announcement, OneKind’s Director Bob Elliot said:

“At first sight we welcome the reduction of the number of dogs permitted for flushing to two, but obviously we remain concerned at the proposal to license greater numbers in some cases. There will be no gain for animal welfare if this provides a new loophole for fox hunts to exploit, although we entirely accept the Minister’s intention is to prevent this happening.

“The changes will make the legislation more effective and enforceable, but ultimately we support a full ban on all use of dogs to chase and kill sentient wild mammals. We continue look forward to the proposed Member’s Bill expected from Scottish Green MSP, Alison Johnstone, and very much welcome the Minister’s acknowledgment of those proposals.”


Animal Welfare Commission

We’ve been pressing for the establishment of an Animal Welfare Commission for Scotland to provide expert advice on the welfare of domesticate and wild animals in Scotland, so we’re delighted that it has been announced by the Scottish Government. We expect the commission, which will be the first in the UK, to be founded on the recognition that animals are sentient beings and therefore there is a duty on the government and its agencies to pay full regard to their welfare.

Overall, we’re delighted by the commitments but of course there’s more that we want to call for. We’ll be looking for an outright ban on fox hunting and a full ban on the use of snares. We’ll also be calling for regulating on the use of animals in displays, like reindeer at Christmas, and pushing for a ban on mountain hare culling and continue to fight the welfare issues concerning the intensive farming of salmon .



UK: ‘Natural England’ (?) Issue Licences To Kill Multiple Red-listed Bird Species – Is This ‘Natural’ ??




Full article:


Licences granted to kill multiple Red-listed species

Natural England and Natural Resources Wales have given the go-ahead for Red-listed species such as Eurasian Curlew, Eurasian Skylark and House Sparrow to be shot.

The full list of birds for which killing permits have been issued includes several other scarcely believable species, including Blackbird, Eurasian Bullfinch, European Robin, Great Tit, Northern Lapwing and Red Kite.

Officials from both organisations have said the permits were handed out for air safety, public health and safety and to prevent serious damage to livestock, and it’s likely thousands of birds have so far been killed under the licenses.


Please click on the above link to read the full article.


WAV Comment – So suddenly birds are a public health and livestock concern ! –  The Brits are not going to take this easy and accept it.  We think quite rightly there are going to be serious responses to this action.  Can we suggest that ‘Natural England’ change their name to ‘Farmers Friend Natural Killers’ – going against nature !



England: Chris Packham; Wildlife Campaigner and Broadcaster; Becomes CIWF Patron.



From Compassion In World Farming (CIWF), London:

We are delighted to announce that naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham has joined us as a Patron. The popular TV presenter, conservationist and photographer has been a wildlife enthusiast since he was a small boy. Chris has become a well-known champion for wildlife, fronting TV shows including, The Really Wild Show, BBC Springwatch and Autumnwatch.

A compassionate campaigner

Chris is also a very active campaigner spearheading The People’s Manifesto for Wildlife and leading the way with his new London rally #ThePeoplesWalkForWildlife – on which our CEO, Philip Lymbery, attended in September, along with thousands of others.

Passionate about finding a better way for us all to take action to protect our wildlife and the wider environment, Chris is a wonderful advocate to have on board and encourage others to help make a difference.

“There’s an old expression ‘you are what you eat’. I think we need to change it to ‘what you eat says who you are’ because now each and every one of our diets needs a critical rethink,”  said Chris, on becoming our Patron.

“From our health perspective, from the point of animal welfare, to the impact farming has on wildlife and to the way that our food choices shape the environment of the entire planet. Thinking about eating no, less or better quality meat or dairy needs to be on our agenda. As does a better understanding of the way modern farming practices are shaping our world and how we can work together with farmers to improve these for everything and everyone’s benefit. Young people in particular need to re-connect to the nature of food and learn the true cost of its production and food labelling, so we can make informed choices must be significantly improved. All this is why I am pleased to be a Patron for CIWF, a body calling for reforms based on science, best practice and compassion.”

Joining the fight to end factory farming

It is fantastic to have such a respected and dedicated Patron supporting us in the fight to end factory farming.

Chris spoke in depth about his concerns regarding industrial scale farming and its impact on the natural world when interviewed for Philip’s blog and Big Table podcast recently.

Philip said: “Chris is a wonderful advocate to have on board. We look forward to him supporting our fight to end factory farming.”

Find out more about Chris Packham on his website.


WAV Comment

Chris is a great wildlife campaigner; with specialist knowledge on so many issues.  Birds are a real speciality of his; and here is a video about him investigating the massacre of birds by hunters in Malta.

England: Fox Survey If You Wish To Get Involved.


fox sake 5


Want to take part in a survey on foxes ?

Use the link below – which may only be available for residents in England ? 

For my undergrad dissetation I am looking at public perceptions of foxes. If you have a few mins please can you complete my questionnaire for my research:




fox sake 4

USA: Petition – Justice for Bears Ripped to Shreds by Ruthless ‘Hunting Dog’ Operation.




SIGN: Justice for Bears Ripped to Shreds by Ruthless Hunting Dog Operation


And Trump gripes about China ???


PETITION TARGET: Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi

Florida authorities have arrested nine people accused of running a sickening operation that had black bears chased, tortured and killed by packs of hunting dogs throughout various counties in the state.

Footage shared on social media reveals the depth of torture experienced by the bears, with one heartbreaking video showing a terrified, exhausted black bear attempting to escape up a tree before falling to the ground and being mauled to death by at least a dozen frenzied dogs.

Bears as young as one week old were savaged in these brutal attacks, the majestic animals so overwhelmed by the sheer number of dogs they were unable to fight back.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi says their investigation found that two bears died as a direct result of the baiting and hunting, but authorities suspect many more were killed over the last year.

The nearly year-long investigation discovered the group using buckets of peanut butter, dog food, and stolen donuts to bait the bears before ordering the dogs to attack the helpless animals. Many of the incidents were filmed and used as “advertising” to sell hunting dogs. Florida county authorities have confiscated 53 dogs used in the operation.

It is illegal to hunt bears in Florida, and the perpetrators have been charged with felonies and misdemeanors including animal cruelty, illegally baiting and taking black bears, and RICO violations. Each person accused may face at least 30 years in prison.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and local authorities should be commended for taking this case seriously so far and working to shut down the operation. Sign this petition encouraging her to see this case through to justice, and push for a lifelong ban on the hunting or keeping of any animal for all found guilty.


Petition Link –