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It’s your land, your money, right? So, why is hunting allowed?

Much of what we consider ‘our’ land is in fact either privately owned or controlled by other bodies.
Many of these landowners still license ‘trail hunting’, despite the recent revelations that trail hunting is ‘a sham and a fiction’ as demonstrated in the Hunting Office webinar exposé, subsequent court case and conviction.

Indeed, trail hunting is so toxic that the National Trust has permanently banned it, despite protestations from the hunting community.

Some of these organisations are partly funded by the public purse, such as The Forestry Commission, some of which has now been re-branded as ‘Forestry England’.
Currently Forestry England have suspended trail hunting licenses pending the outcome of any investigations or appeals, but state that they won’t ban a ‘legal activity’.

“We control trail hunting with permissions and licenses according to an agreement with the Masters of Fox Hounds Association (MFHA).”

What’s going on in here, then?

We wonder how they will continue to issue and monitor licenses in the future now the MFHA and its leadership have been completely discredited.

Surely, with added public pressure, it would be simpler to ban this illegal activity and find more sustainable and cruelty free ways to ‘‘increase the value of woodlands to society and the environment’ as their mission statement suggests.

Hmm…was a trail really laid through the dense undergrowth of this public land?

Other large landowners have adopted a similar temporary position.

United Utilities for example, one of the largest water companies serving over 7 million customers and with one of the largest pay-outs to shareholders in the industry, has a temporary suspension of licenses pending further information.
How happy are you if you are one of their customers?

They claim ‘We also monitor the hunts – our employees attend meets to ensure they are acting in accordance with the license. We will take action if the hunts operate outside the conditions of the license’ Sabs have never seen any such monitoring!

They state that ‘trail-hunting is currently a legal activity and does not impact water quality, then we do not consider it our role to ban a legal activity.’

Other landowners need to follow the National Trust’s example.

In 2004 – the Hunting Act made it illegal for hunts to chase and kill foxes.
It’s time to challenge these big land owners,
make the temporary bans permanent and put an end to the cruelty and lies.
So what can you do?

Contact Forestry England
Chief Executive Mike Seddon at
0300 067 4000
Twitter – @ForestryEngland

Contact United Utilities
Facebook – United Utilities
0345 6723723
Twitter – @unitedutilities

And I mean…There are no concrete reasons for the annual murder of 600,000 foxes in Germany by hunters.
The fur of the fox has long ceased to be a coveted fur.

Many hunters now justify their actions differently.
In this way, hunting would balance the fox population. So they mean that the fox would reproduce infinitely without the hunt because there is no longer a natural enemy.
Contrary to what hunters often claim, unhunted fox populations by no means get out of hand.

Complex social structures, in which significantly fewer puppies are born with a high population density and low hunting pressure, limit the rate of reproduction.
The renowned biologist and fox researcher Dr. Erik Zimen boldly commented on this phenomenon with the words “birth restrictions instead of mass misery”.

Usually a vixen gives birth to three to five cubs.
However, in areas where foxes are heavily tracked, it can be twice as many.
In this way, losses can be quickly compensated for.

Foxes also play an important role as “health police”: They mainly catch mice – for the benefit of agriculture -, devour carrion and mostly prey on sick or injured animals, thus helping to keep animal populations healthy.

But the fox is not only the “health police” of the fields and meadows, it also contributes to the protection of the forest, as it eats forest voles.

Foxes are not just carnivores, foxes eat everything.
In this respect, foxes cannot exterminate any species.
But from the extinction threatened animal species in nature (lynx, wolf, badger …) for which only the hunters are responsible, nobody speaks.

In Germany the hunters consist of fairly high strata.
Lawyers, doctors, judges, city government officials are hunters.
No wonder if lawsuits against hunters always turn out to be in favor of the hunters.
In Germany there is a saying: “Whoever is rich or a hunter is always right”!

So our opponents in the fight against the hunt are rich, influential people who are under the protection of politics.
Finally, I would like to say something that many may not know:
48% of the German forest is privately owned.

For a democratic and otherwise progressive country in terms of animal welfare, I find it an absolute shame.

My best regards to all, Venus

U.S: 8 wolves were poisoned in Oregon.

Gray wolves are smart, charismatic animals, with massive ranges in the wild and devoted relationships with members of their pack.
But beginning in February of 2021, Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Division Troopers began finding the bodies of wolves poisoned – one after another — until their last discovery of a dead female in July.

A gray wolf in Oregon’s northern Wallowa County in February 2017. Officials in Oregon are asking for help locating the person or persons responsible for poisoning an entire wolf pack in the eastern part of the state earlier this year – Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife via AP

A total of 8 of these majestic wild animals were killed, and the killer is still on the loose.

Poisoning wildlife is a serious crime, but like so many violent acts committed against animals, cases with non-human victims tend to receive much less attention.
We cannot allow that to happen in this case!

Ex-president Trump stripped gray wolves of their Endangered Species Act protections, meaning that they are already less protected than they were just a few years ago.
Every single loss of animal life is devastating, especially species whose populations are no longer federally managed or protected.

A number of amazing organizations have stepped up to offer a combined $40,000 reward for anyone who provides information which leads to the conviction of the perpetrator.

It is more important than ever that local police keep putting pressure on this case to find the perpetrator and hold them responsible.
This cannot just be another instance of animal abuse where the criminals are never found.
Non-human victims deserve justice, too!
Sign now to tell the Oregon State Police to dedicate all their efforts towards finding whoever committed such a terrible crime!
Sign now if you agree!

And I mean: Oregon has only about 170 wolves within its borders, and the murder of eight is a serious loss

Wolves once ranged most of the U.S. but were wiped out in most places by the 1930s under government-sponsored poisoning and trapping campaigns.

Today more than 2,000 wolves occupy six states in the Northern Rockies and Pacific Northwest after animals from Canada were reintroduced in Idaho and Yellowstone National Park starting in 1995.
However, wolves remain absent across most of their historical range.
Hundreds of wolves are now killed annually by hunters and trappers in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

(We had reported about it: -now /)

Wolves were also in Germany hunted, exterminated, poisoned, everything you can imagine. They were pretty much trapped out of existence.
The (still) valid legislation prohibits the killing of wolves, the state only speaks of “wolf management”.
A euphemism for being killed by hunters or farmers.

Well… and a few are of the opinion that they don’t have to comply with nonsensical laws – see 64 illegally shot wolves that have been confirmed since 2001 – in 2018 alone eight wolves were found dead with gunshot wounds.

The number of unreported cases is higher, because even entire packs just disappear from the scene.

It is basically the hunters who want to get the wolf free to shoot.
The wild animals is all for the hunter only!
Just not for the wolf, who could eat one deer too much and the hunters would shoot one less.

And then there are the “animal-loving” farmers.
Quite a few farmers defend the shooting of wild animals just to protect their profitable “useful” capital, and preach the wolf danger on alert level 1, because this would only reduce profits, and that’s what the “animal-loving farmers” are about.

98% of the meat that is consumed in Germany comes from factory farming.
According to the Federal Statistical Office, an average of more than two million animals are slaughtered in this country every day.
Per day!
So … not even whole wild animal stocks around the world would be able to do that in a hundred years !!
Wolves do not keep harmful factory farming-they either eat what is there or starve to death.

The knitting pattern of the hunters and farmers is always the same: dissemination of incorrect or incomplete information, coupled with targeted scaremongering.
This is the only way they can justify the illegal executions of these useful and intelligent animals.

My best regards to all, Venus

Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting (W.R.A.T.H.) – January Protests; Washington D.C., New York, Las Vegas and London. The Protests Coincide with the Safari Club Int’l Annual Conference in Las Vegas (Jan. 19th – 22nd).

Comment: Hi Mark! Hi Venus!

Happy New Year!

I am wondering if your readers know of the anti-trophy hunting protests in Washington D.C., New York, Las Vegas and London. The protests coincide with the Safari Club Int’l annual conference in Las Vegas (Jan. 19th – 22nd).

The Organizer is Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting (W.R.A.T.H.) on Facebook.

Details on the London Rally– scheduled Jan. 19th– Noon to 3:00, before Statue of George V, Westminster. Or click this link:

Tamara Bedic, Esq.

Animal Rights Committee, Chair

National Lawyers Guild, NYC

Regards Mark

A trail of Lies- a great animation

If you’re reading this and you support what we stand for then please consider subscribing to our channel. We seek to educate the public about what really goes on in the British countryside.
Keep The Ban

And I mean…Every year in Germany around half a million foxes die a senseless death by the hunter’s hand.

Now this is usually not great science, but rather common knowledge:
The hunt is impossible without intentional killing.
Hunting without murder of defenseless animals is a term that cancels itself.
Everything that hunters do, no matter what they say and what they actually do, serves only ONE goal: to keep the hunt alive!

The hunters in Germany justify fox hunting with four main arguments:

a) The fox also transmits diseases that are dangerous for humans, such as rabies and fox tapeworm,

b) the fox is by no means endangered because of its high population and

c) would have to be hunted because otherwise – at least regionally – it threatens to exterminate ground-nesting birds that have become rare.

d) The evil fox should be hunted to protect the lovely brown hare!

But science speaks a different language:
-The rabies is eradicated,
-The probability of being infected by the fox tapeworm is far lower than a 6 in the lottery and
– Hunting favors high fox populations and has no or only a marginal influence on the population of ground breeders.
-The evil fox should be hunted to protect the lovely brown hare! Serious? Is that why 400,000 brown hares are hunted in Germany every year?

A hunt with – as usual – 181 hunters, 100 drivers and 60 dogs is a perverse outgrowth of the hunt that can no longer be called hunting but massacre.
Then what are the real reasons for fox hunting?

The relevant hunting magazines and hunter forums on the Internet provide quick information here: They talk about “lust for stalking and capturing”,
of the “hunter’s joy in letting a fox roll in a shotgun”,
from the “charm of winter fox hunting”,
about the “hunting instinct”,
the “hunting fever” and the “kick” that the hunter experiences with a fatal shot.

The daily reports about alleged band fox danger and rabies control are pure hunter’s invention!
They are cheap and dirty hunter propaganda!
Hunters do not regulate … Hunters like to slaughter …… Hunters are slope perpetrators … Consciously and deliberately crue.
Everything else is propaganda.

My best regards to all, Venus

England: Hidden Camera Shows Man Stab Fox With Pitchfork In ‘Torture’ Attack.

The man holds up the fox by its tail; just off screen the woman holds up a terrier (North London Hunt Sabs)
© Provided by The Independent The man holds up the fox by its tail; just off screen the woman holds up a terrier (North London Hunt Sabs)

WAV Comment: They parade themselves through the villages trying to look squeaky clean; but this above is the other side reality of what hunts and its associates do.

Hidden camera shows man stab fox with pitchfork in ‘torture’ attack

Hidden camera video reveals a man repeatedly stabbing a fox with a pitchfork, leaving it writhing in agony.

The attack, which took place in east Essex, was described by a campaign group as “torture” and “some of the worst abuse” they had ever witnessed.

A man was later reported to have been arrested.

The man and a woman seen in the video visited Great Monks Wood near Braintree, according to the Hunt Saboteurs Association.

Hunts build artificial earths – an underground network of pipes and chambers – to encourage foxes into an area. The wild animals are then trapped, only to be released just before a hunt so they can be chased, it’s claimed.Activists say the artificial earth in the video was rebuilt last year, and they have been monitoring it since then with concealed cameras.

The North London Hunt Sabs said they filmed the man earlier this month arriving armed with a terrier, rods, a net and pitchfork.

The group reported the couple placed the net over one end of the earth then used the rods and terrier to force the trapped fox into the net.

The man then held the fox by its tail and repeatedly tried to stab it against a tree, including aiming at its head, before carrying it away by the tail.

The footage did not reveal whether the animal survived, but it would at least have been suffering acutely, the activists said.

A spokesperson for North London Hunt Sabs said hunting was “steeped in animal abuse” and that lawful “trail hunting” did not necessitate building artificial earths or capturing foxes.

Lee Moon, of the Hunt Saboteurs Association, said: “This is some of the worst abuse we have ever witnessed, and the wanton cruelty is hard to fathom.

“Whilst most people who watch the video will be horrified, the calm and methodical manner in which the two individuals go about catching and torturing this poor fox show how commonplace their actions are.”

He said people who carry out such violence would have been indoctrinated into such behaviour since birth.

“Cruel and psychopathic individuals who see wild animals as their playthings to be tortured for their own sick ends.

“Acts like this are sickeningly commonplace within the hunting community.”

Essex Police told ITV News it had arrested a 48-year-old man from the Bures area after receiving reports of animal cruelty, adding: “He was arrested on suspicion of offences under the Hunting Act 2004, the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and the Wild Mammal Protection Act 1996. He remains in custody at this time.”

The Independent has asked the Countryside Alliance, which supports hunting, to comment.

Hidden camera shows man stab fox with pitchfork in ‘torture’ attack (

Regards Mark

From Venus:

A trail of Lies- a great animation – World Animals Voice

England: Boxing Day Hunts Met With Protests, With At Least One Erupting Into Violence.

WAV Comment: England – Boxing Day (26/12) has always been a bit of a battleground every year. Hunts parade themselves through local towns or villages; and the anti’s (those against hunting) also turnout to try and give them a bad time. It can often erupt into violent scenes; especially as we know the hunt Terrier men like to try and give anti hunt campaigners a good kicking if they possibly can – after all; they dig out and torture foxes, so why also not abuse the anti hunt brigade also ? The following is a newspaper article on some events this year.

From Venus:

A trail of Lies- a great animation – World Animals Voice

The result of the fox hunt – Mark (WAV) / East Kent Hunt Sabs.

Boxing Day hunts met with protests, with at least one erupting into violence

Boxing Day hunts were met with protests yesterday, with at least one erupting into violence and another bringing in external security.

Violence broke out between the dozens of anti-hunt protesters and supporters who attended the Avon Vale hunt in Lacock.

Footage from the event shows punches being thrown by apparent hunt supporters on foot and protesters carrying placards as the event began.

A member of the local hunt saboteur group who asked to be named as Dave, said the police presence at the event was “appalling”, with only two officers there to maintain peace between the two sides.

A local photographer told the Swindon Advertiser that the event had turned into a “nasty scene”.

“There must have been around 50 protesters and twice that number of hunt supporters and it all turned sour.”

Huntsmen and Huntswomen from the Middleton Hunt meet in Malton Town Centre on December 27 - Charlotte Graham/Charlotte Graham
© Provided by The Telegraph Huntsmen and Huntswomen from the Middleton Hunt meet in Malton Town Centre on December 27 – Charlotte Graham/Charlotte Graham

A spokesperson for the Avon Vale Hunt said: “The hunt has been made aware of an incident that occurred just after the hounds had left the meet in Lacock today.

“We do not know the circumstances but we do not condone violence even in the case of extreme provocation by anti-hunting protestors whose sole purpose is to antagonise those supporting a lawful activity.

“We do not know if any hunt supporters were involved but we would like to thank the many hundreds of people who peacefully attended today in support of our hounds.”

In Buckinghamshire, the Kimblewick Hunt was met with cries of “Shame on you! Shame on you!” as it set off from the village of Cholesbury.

And in Hereford, security guards were brought in to protect Ledbury Hunt as it set off in Herefordshire.

The majority of Boxing Day hunts in England went ahead on Monday because Sunday is traditionally not a hunting day.

Hunt attendees were this year encouraged to take lateral flow tests, staying at home if positive, and wearing masks when in enclosed spaces.

Punches thrown as violence erupts at annual Boxing Day Hunt in rural Wiltshire
© Provided by The Telegraph Punches thrown as violence erupts at annual Boxing Day Hunt in rural Wiltshire

Most hunts in Wales were cancelled because of restrictions limiting gatherings to 50, while meets in Scotland were restricted to no more than 500 participants and attendees.

It has been illegal to hunt foxes with a pack of dogs since 2004 but the practice has been replaced with trail hunting, in which hounds follow a scent to replicate the traditional hunt without killing a fox.

But critics say it is a “smokescreen” for illegal hunting and calls have grown for it to be banned on public land, which were joined this week by Labour.

The National Trust, which owns most of Lacock and Natural Resources Wales, both announced an end to trail hunting on their land earlier this year.

But groups that back the traditional hunt, including the Countryside Alliance, argue that it plays an irreplaceable role in British rural life.

Polly Portwin, director of the Campaign for Hunting at the Countryside Alliance said: “Festive meets are hugely popular and well attended by both hunt followers and local communities, for whom the event has become a cherished family tradition.

“While many meets have been smaller scale this year due to the restrictions, they have still provided a big boost both socially and economically across the countryside, as does trail hunting throughout the season.”

Boxing Day hunts met with protests, with at least one erupting into violence (

Regards Mark

Germany: the hunting association is angry …

The troops around the President of the German Hunting Association (DJV) have filed a criminal complaint against a hunting opponent.

It has recently been known that hobby hunters are not the brightest candles on the Christmas tree.
The violent perpetrator – Volker Böhning – has been President of the German Hunting Association since June 7, 2019.

Volker Böhning

This hunting association (DJV), which is afflicted with complexes, has now, on behalf of all hobby hunters, filed criminal charges in Germany against “a self-proclaimed animal rights activist and radical opponent of hunting from the state of Hesse.
On his Facebook page he compares hunters with psychopaths and child molesters, among other things, ”says the website of the German Hunting Association.

… This has now also been scientifically proven: hunters suffer from the same psychosis as child molesters and rapists … is the stumbling block of science.

Since when have scientific findings, psychological studies, facts and case studies been hate speech?

“According to the media lawyer Dr. Heiko Granzin is in this specific case a collective insult – but it also affects each hunter individually.
In addition, the hunted opponent is threatened with persecution for sedition, ”continues the German Hunting Association.

Hunting associations primarily cultivate disrespect and a culture of violence – exactly the opposite of what a cultivated person in our society should strive for.

Because of hobby hunters, wild animals also suffer in Germany.
No effort is too great for these people from the dark world of the hunter’s milieu to manipulate democracy, freedom of the press and freedom of expression, justice, etc.

The hunting president Volker Böhning is not interested in any ethics, animal welfare, nature conservation, etc. when hunting.
Hobby hunters still kill at least four out of six million wild animals in Germany for the garbage can, which is actually highly criminal.

Who eats a fox, raccoon, cat, swans or carrion crows?
97 out of 100 foxes are thrown away or hung in the hedge as sluts at their shooting seats.

This is still practiced although for decades countless studies and case studies have proven the nonsense – not just fox hunting.

Hobby hunting has a long tradition of mistreating and damaging our cultural landscape. Today’s hobby hunters are becoming more and more involved in various ways for animal cruelty and the disturbance of fauna.
Hobby hunting ensures again and again that the diversity of species and biodiversity manifest themselves in a manipulative and unnatural way.
Hunting statistics speak for themselves.

Hunting usually does not mean less game, but more births.

Hobby hunting is the No 2 species enemy, along with agriculture.
The whole country is blighted with the negatively contaminated shooting seats.

Every year amateur hunters leave millions of euros in damage to agriculture and forestry.
This should rightly change in the future, also to the benefit of taxpayers.

More and more people are realizing that hunting is an unculture and cruelty to animals. In many countries, hunting bans, hunting restrictions, hunting abolitions, etc. are in development or have already been implemented.

The demand of many animal and nature conservation associations for a general ban on hunting for hobby hunters and the call for professional wildlife management corresponds to the spirit of the times.

The ethical hunter-lies as well as the garbage biology of the hobby hunters are based on a risky half-knowledge about the affliction of the flora and fauna.

The hunt failed.
For decades, hobby hunters have tried to regulate the wild animal population, which they have not succeeded in a civilized way to this day.
Wild animals have virtually no right to natural mortality or disease recovery under the yoke of hobby hunters.

Hunting brings psychological suffering to wild animals.
Fear, horror and terror of being shot down are her companions for a lifetime.
Hobby hunters notoriously disrupt wildlife habitats.

Wild animals do not like hobby hunters.
Wild animals recognize good people and avoid bad people – flee from hobby hunters.

And I mean…The hunter enjoys killing animals while hunting.
Inhibition then no longer bothered him.
The personality disordered does not mind that HE is personality disordered.
He is at peace with himself and thinks that the others are actually the disturbed ones

The researcher Chris Darimont says: “Of course killing an animal makes a hunter very happy, but they are even happier if they have killed a really large animal of a species rather than a small one.”

Criminalist Xanthe Mallett also studied people for whom hunting is a hobby and came to the conclusion that they had a ‘dark triad’ of personality traits.

These include Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy – the same traits found in people who murder people.
And there are even more similarities: Hobby hunters plan their hunt very carefully – and they joyfully wipe out life after life in order to fulfill their own abnormal desires.

In every act of violence, something manifests itself that is already present in the personality but has no place in everyday life.
Killing may have a power component, and hunting is the stage on which that power is exercised.
Animals are victims who are readily available.
Often the species only plays a subordinate role.
Wild animals, domestic animals, “farm animals” ….

When hobby hunters encounter opposition, they quickly come up with terms such as “regulate stocks”, “environmental protection”, “hobby”, or “species protection”.

But anyone who loves animals as such and wants them to be left alone instead of dismembering them does not believe that.
These people are murderers, they collect corpses for trophies.
All that they “gain” with this is the disgust of other people when they see how the hobby hunters admire themselves for the joyful killing of animals.

“With all due understanding for freedom of expression, hate speech is punishable,” the President of the Hunting Association tells us.
This is not about opinions, Mr. Böhning! it is about facts.

My best regards to all, Venus

England: Primary School Teacher Sacked After Being Caught on Film (By Hunt Sabs) Kicking Horse.

Footage of Sarah Moulds shared online by Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs viewed by millions in November

A primary school teacher has been sacked after footage of a horse being kicked and slapped sparked outrage on social media.

Sarah Moulds, 37, was initially suspended from her position after the video showed a horse being kicked in the torso, slapped repeatedly in the face and dragged back to a trailer.

The footage was shared online in November by the anti-hunt group Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs, who said it filmed the incident while observing the Cottesmore Hunt, based in Rutland, east Midlands.

The clip, which has been viewed millions of times, sparked anger and Moulds was suspended by the Mowbray education trust, which represents seven schools in the Melton Mowbray area.

The trust has now said she has been dismissed. In a statement, Paul Maddox, the chief operating officer, said: “I can confirm that Sarah Moulds’ employment with the trust has been terminated.

“As a trust, we are committed to ensuring the best standard of education for all of our young people and we look forward to continuing this throughout the 2021/22 academic year and beyond,” the statement continued.

Moulds was also removed from her volunteer leadership position at the Pony Club, which organises horse rides for children.

Her uncle, David Kirkham, said Moulds was a “fantastic person who absolutely loves her horses”.

He added: “I’ve seen the video but we don’t know what the horse had been doing and if it was out of control. But we know it ran out on to the road and she told it off. There was no malice intended.”

In a statement at the time, the Pony Club said: “The welfare of horses and ponies is of the utmost importance to the Pony Club, therefore the lady in question has been removed from her voluntary position as a team organiser for a branch.”

The Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs called the footage “shocking”, while the RSPCA described it as “upsetting”. Moulds is being investigated by the RSPCA and the Hunting Office, the governing body which oversees hunting, and Leicestershire police confirmed it would assist the RSPCA with its inquiries.

In response to the video, the Hunting Office said it “expects the highest level of animal welfare at all times – both on and off the hunting field – and condemns the actions taken by this individual, who is not a member of the hunting associations”.

The Cottesmore Hunt said it did not condone the actions shown “under any circumstances”.

Regards Mark

Enjoy !

The Norwegian wolf is extinct

The wolves that live in Norway and Sweden today are actually Finns, as extensive studies of their genetic make-up have shown.

Hunters wiped out the original Norwegian wolf population in the wild around 1970.

Solitary gray wolf / grey wolf (Canis lupus) hunting in the snow in forest in winter -Norway

“The original Norwegian-Swedish wolves probably had no genetic similarities with today’s wolves in Norway and Sweden,” says Hans Stenøien, director of the University Museum of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Stenøien is the lead author of a new report that looks at the genetic makeup of the Norwegian-Swedish wolf population in much more detail than has previously been the case.

“We did the largest genetic study on wolves in the world,” says Stenøien.

This is part of an extensive report on the wolf in Norway commissioned by the Norwegian Parliament (Storting) in 2016.
But by that time the real Norwegian-Swedish wolves had been gone for many years.

“Granted, some of the original Norwegian-Swedish wolves can still be found in zoos outside Norway.
But our wolves today are not closely related to them, “says Stenøien.

Disappeared and come back

The wolf came to Norway when the ice retreated around 12,000 years ago.
But around 1970 it disappeared from the Norwegian landscape and probably also from Sweden.
Above all, the high hunting pressure and conflicts with agriculture contributed to the decline in wild animals.

But apparently the species settled again around 1980.
Today more than 400 wolves roam the border area between Norway and Sweden.
They are considered to be a common population.

There used to be rumors that wolves had been released from zoos into the Norwegian wilderness, but that doesn’t seem to be true. In any case, it cannot be wildlife from the original Norwegian wolf population.
Instead, Finnish wolves seem to have expanded their territory.

“Today’s wolves in Norway and Sweden are most likely descended from wolves that immigrated from Finland,” says Professor Stenøien.

Where the wolves come from in Finland is not entirely certain, but they seem to be Finnish nonetheless.

Wolves threatened by severe inbreeding

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EU: Ivory Trade: Steps Forward Against Elephant Poaching and Ivory Trafficking.

17 December 2021


The European Commission adopts a set of new measures to end ivory trade. While they will help in the fight against wildlife crime and to protect elephants, significant gaps remain.

Yesterday,(16/12/21) the European Commission adopted the revised Guidance on the EU regime governing ivory trade, following measures already taken under the EU Action Plan against Wildlife Trafficking to “eradicate illicit ivory from the EU market”. 

The new measures suspend trade in raw ivory on the EU market except for the exclusive purpose of repairing objects containing ancient ivory. Together with amendments made to Commission Regulation 865/2006, the Guidance also suspends intra-EU trade in worked ivory items, unless strict conditions are fulfilled. 

While Eurogroup for Animals welcome the Commission’s amendments to Regulation 865/2006 and the revised guidance document on the EU regime governing trade in ivory, some significant gaps still remain. 

The trade restrictions on worked ivory are only partially addressed in the Regulation (with the rest being in the guidance document), and those on raw ivory are currently only included in the guidance document and therefore are not legally binding for Member States.

Eurogroup for Animals has been directly involved in the process of developing the new rules, through participation in meetings, consultations, drafting documents and public mobilisation. 

The recently adopted measures represent a great achievement in the fight against wildlife crime and the slaughter of elephants. However, we will continue working, together with our members, to ensure that the new rules are duly implemented by Member States and strictly monitored by the European Commission.

Reineke Hameleers, CEO, Eurogroup for Animals

Regards Mark