Month: July 2018

Meat eating is murder!




In a heartbreaking new undercover video, Compassion Over Killing reveals violent abuse of gentle mother cows at Mason Dixon Farms, a massive dairy factory farm in Pennsylvania with more than 2,500 animals.

Mason Dixon supplies some of the biggest names in dairy, including Dairy Farmers of America and Land O’Lakes.

One of the largest dairy facilities on the East Coast, Mason Dixon was the first in the US to implement milking of cows by machines, known as “robo-milking.” Approximately half of the 2,500 cows on this factory farm are now “robo-milked.”




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Spitzenbergen: Murder as part of eventful days!




In the Norwegian island group Spitzenbergen a bear has been murdered.
From a guard who accompanied a ship cruise. He was allegedly attacked by the bear, who actually lived there, and as self-defense he shot the homeowner.


Polarbärenangriff auf Spitzbergen

In the news, we read: The man was, according to the Hapag Lloyd Cruises with other guards – but gone without tourists – on land.
Earlier, a spokesman for Northern Norway’s emergency services said the attack had come when a group of tourists landed in a small boat on an island. Spitsbergen is a group of islands belonging to Norway. Only about 3000 bears live there.

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Germany: a circus country!!



This text is translated directly from the German web page: GTG Aachen:

Appropriately to the topic animal and habitat reached us today this sad picture, which does not have to be commented, because it speaks for itself:
They see a tiger who lives his life in the circus.

Tiger in Aachenjpg

When? Today!!

Where? Aachen*, downtown, on a soulless, paved parking lot.
Why? This is a question that, with the best of intentions, has no reasonable answer, and which must dispel the compassionate nature of a circus visit.

A commentator woman, obviously from this city, wrote: “I have called everywhere, I have always been told that we are not responsible, or that everything is allowed. I should not get upset, then… you would have to get the cows from the meadow too”!!!

(*Aachen is, with 245,000 inhabitants, the westernmost German city. Aachen borders the Netherlands and Belgium).

There is an answer to this “why”. It is a reasonable explain why still existe such pictures.

Because German society is a perpetrator friendly society.
It’s an animal cruelty, there’s a culprit, and this guilty person must be punished for it-Basta!
Every inhabitant of this city who sees this cruelty to this animal, is morally obliged to report it. Not only a woman, not only three or five persons, but 5.000 People!

Without “if” and “but”, just “now and here” I alert the veterinary office and I tell of an animal cruelty, with a circus Tiger.
But this civil courage is missing.
Our cowardice call the most “tolerance”!

That’s why animal torturers and criminals are getting more and more powerful!

 Best regards, Venus


Mass tourism is a form of neocolonialism.


Jordanien Flaggejpg

Following PETA Asia’s exposé of the abusive treatment of working animals at Petra, Jordan, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed to make major improvements to animal welfare at the UNESCO World Heritage site.

The MoU includes plans for the introduction of eco-friendly electric vehicles to carry tourists and the installation of modern veterinary clinics, where the animals would receive regular care. Other plans include new water stations to ensure that animals have access to fresh drinking water and a prohibition on forcing animals to walk dangerous paths or carry heavy loads.

At Petra, more than 1,300 horses, donkeys, mules, and camels are forced to carry tourists or pull carriages in the city every day, and they’re suffering terribly. Handlers routinely whip and beat them as they haul tourists on a gruelling 6-mile trek in the sweltering heat, and they’re given no water or shade. Donkeys are forced to carry tourists up and down the 900 treacherously steep and eroded steps to the city’s iconic monastery. If they resist or falter, the beatings intensify.


Esel in Jordan

This MoU is a monumental step in the right direction and has the potential to transform the lives of the hundreds of working animals who have suffered incessantly for the sake of tourism. PETA is thrilled that change is coming to Petra, as it might mean an end to the beatings and other forms of abuse at the site.

Remember: Petra isn’t the only place where animals are exploited and subjected to violence – this is the daily reality for millions of living beings around the globe. To end cruelty to animals everywhere, we must continue to take action.

esel-touristen-die-auf-der-strasse-die-vom-hafen-in-die-stadt-thira-santorini-griechische-insel-kykladen-griechenland-europa-eygj3hTaxi-Donkeys in Santorini-Greece

Dicke touristin auf esel

Donkeys in SantoriniTransport-Donkeys in Santorini-Greece


kamelreiten-dubai-678x381Camels riding for tourists

It’s not just Jordan, I agree with PETA.
The Taxi-Animals suffer similarly in Greece, in Spain, in Berlin, in Vienna …
It has developed an industry tourism in the last 30 years.
Every idiot wants to experience “nature” and “exoticism”, and he does not care if he destroys the environment or if animals suffer.
That’s what a fun society is called.
it has to be banned to sale this spiteful form of fun: making selfies with Tieger slaves, riding camels to death, using carriages as taxi – cabs and dragging elephants in the heat as a transport means all day long.

Mass tourism is a form of neocolonialism.

Best regards, Venus

Cesar Millan: the Dirty Dog Boy.




The story of Cesar Millan is often seen as a typical rags to riches tale, one about a young man breaking away from a simple life on a Mexican farm and crossing the border in pursuit of the American dream.

Cesar millan mit 2 Hunde

In 1990, at age 21, he came illegally from Mexico to the United States. He first got involved in California as a dog hairdresser, vet assistant and dog groomer, so he got in touch with movie stars and eventually Cesar Millan was only the dog expert in Hollywood.

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Iditarod: Psychopaths on sleds who torture dogs to death!




For all, who do not know it yet.

Iditarod is a Dog sled race in Alaska, once a year in March, which lasts up to two weeks and gives the dogs a total of only 40 hours rest.




In reality, Iditarod is a homicidal race run carried by dogs guides (called mushers), as fun and “adventures” in nature.
Unofficially, the length of the route is set at 1,049 miles.

That’s about the distance between Berlin and Madrid.

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