Germany: a circus country!!



This text is translated directly from the German web page: GTG Aachen:

Appropriately to the topic animal and habitat reached us today this sad picture, which does not have to be commented, because it speaks for itself:
They see a tiger who lives his life in the circus.

Tiger in Aachenjpg

When? Today!!

Where? Aachen*, downtown, on a soulless, paved parking lot.
Why? This is a question that, with the best of intentions, has no reasonable answer, and which must dispel the compassionate nature of a circus visit.

A commentator woman, obviously from this city, wrote: “I have called everywhere, I have always been told that we are not responsible, or that everything is allowed. I should not get upset, then… you would have to get the cows from the meadow too”!!!

(*Aachen is, with 245,000 inhabitants, the westernmost German city. Aachen borders the Netherlands and Belgium).

There is an answer to this “why”. It is a reasonable explain why still existe such pictures.

Because German society is a perpetrator friendly society.
It’s an animal cruelty, there’s a culprit, and this guilty person must be punished for it-Basta!
Every inhabitant of this city who sees this cruelty to this animal, is morally obliged to report it. Not only a woman, not only three or five persons, but 5.000 People!

Without “if” and “but”, just “now and here” I alert the veterinary office and I tell of an animal cruelty, with a circus Tiger.
But this civil courage is missing.
Our cowardice call the most “tolerance”!

That’s why animal torturers and criminals are getting more and more powerful!

 Best regards, Venus


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