Day: July 23, 2018

International: Animals Life Network.

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Animals Life Network.

A project that brings together animal rescue organizations and people that care about the fate of animals.

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Vacation Time…

As long as there are IDIOTS who use their money to finance animal tormentors and animal exploiters, so that, as tourists, they make “spectacular” vacations in distant or European countries, the animal slavery for tourism will never end, and nothing will change.

touristen-reiten-auf-elefant-durchs-wasserElephants are chained and tortured throughout their lives to serve “adventure” tourists

Arschlöcher schlagen Elefantthe workout

monkeys and bears kept under torture already as children to provide a ridiculous Show for tourists,

Affe mit Transport_n

Affe in Kettenthe workout

Moon Bär auf Fahrrad


Bär mit Strich_othe workout

Donkeys in Santorini

Kutsche Pferd_n

Donkeys and horses collapse helplessly, because they have to transport lazy and stupid tourists into cities or islands until late at night…

These are just a few pictures from the slavery in the name of idiots tourists.
Do not join in, use your bikes or your legs to explore nature and cities.
Do not assist the tourist industry on suffering of the animals.

Best regards to all, Venus










India: Video shows ‘shocking cruelty’ towards elephants at Jungle Book themed resort.

INDA0001 shows Video

Video shows ‘shocking cruelty’ towards elephants at Jungle Book themed resort sold by top UK travel agencies

Leading travel agencies have been booking UK tourists on trips to a Jungle Book themed resort in India where the treatment of elephants amounts to animal cruelty, according to a leading welfare charity.

A video taken by The Independent shows a captive adult Asian elephant being forced to shower tourists with its trunk, driven to do so each time by a handler wielding a large stick.

Elephants at the resort in Kulem, eastern Goa, were kept chained by both their front and back legs, and tourists were also offered rides on the animals, which were expected to carry as many as three people at a time.

Kartick Satyanarayan, the founder of Wildlife SOS, said the video captured by The Independent was “shocking”.