Day: July 10, 2018

Biscuits Roll !

Regarding our recent post about biscuits for the Balkans:

 Bisc 3.JPGBiisc 1.JPG

The 8/7 saw the first of our doggie biscuits come out of the oven – and we were quite pleased with our first batch.  These were taken to the Jeskyns café on Monday for all the dogwalkers / owners to buy when the arrived for a cup of tea.  All purchase prices are going into the pot; and when we have collected a nice amount we hope we can help out a few of the posts on SAV Facebook    to cover veterinary costs, food etc.


The recipe is in the above link should you wish to try making some yourselves.

Pamplona: Holy fiestas, tourism and bull massacre




Every year in Pamplona, from the 6th to the 14th of July, the San Firmin, a feast in honor of the holy Firmin, are celebrated. Every morning at 8 o Clock 6 bulls are rushed through the narrow streets of the old town together with several steer oxen to an arena. In the arena, at the evening, up to eight Toreros are attached to a bull, spiked him again and injure him with daggers and Banderillas. This lasts until the bull is weakened by the loss of blood. Then the matador pierces the exhausted animal with a sword and an executioner cuts through the spinal cord.


Stier in der Arena


The rush of animals takes only a few minutes. Hundreds of men, the so-called “mozos” race in front of the bulls, about 825 meters through the narrow streets of the northern Spanish city – it is considered particularly courageous to let the bulls get as close as possible to themselves!!

Thousands of tourists from all over the world feed the coffers enormously.


Pamplona Hurrerei


But only the the bull spectacle brings the tourist business realy to blooming: San Fermin shirts with bulls and bullfighters, Made in China, magnets with bull running motifs, all of the cheap kind: these are generally the best-selling products in the shops of the Estafeta street.

The origin of this idiotic custom lies in a cattle market on the occasion of the Patronesses, to which the butcher boys drove the livestock to be sold every morning.

Sometimes the Fiesta activities have orgiastic traits.
A fashion is to throw yourself from the four-meter-high fountain into the crowd, if this does not make a place before. Serious injuries are on the agenda, the ambulances are working at full speed. Machos of this earth use the moment of the Fiesta opening, in which the masses have the closest physical contact, to sexist fisticuffs, which have led in the meantime to many advertisements that the event is meticulously camera-monitored in order to make the idiots arrest.



“The mob has many heads but no brains”

The bulls are irritated before the race with electric shocks and sharp sticks, then tortured and slaughtered in the arena, criticized Birgit Wagner of the organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

“Tormenting and slaughtering animals for our entertainment is a Stone Age spectacle,” said the 33-year-old Peta activist. Criticism came also from the German animal protection federation.

The spectacle was an ordeal masquerading as a cultural tradition (!!!), said Federal Managing Director Thomas Schröder.



Circus is the fun of a stupid society



One has put him in a skirt and closed his mouth with a muzzle. His eyes are wide with fear. As a moon bear, he is one of the endangered species.

Here he is forced to drive a scooter.

The ever-present whip of his trainer is a permanent reminder of what happens when the poor bear does not cooperate.

This timid moon bear is just one of the many desperate animals that must live a life of pain, misery and fear in the shameful circuses in Vietnam



It is indisputable: In the animal circuses of Vietnam, moon bears, macaques, elephants and even orangutans suffer from daily exploitation.

For a long time they are imprisoned or chained. Through intimidation, coercion and violence they are trained.

As a result of the intense, inescapable stress many are hurt themselves.

In addition, Animals Asia has doubts as far as the papers of the endangered species are concerned (including moon bears, orangutans and elephants). Without papers, it would be very possible that they are illegally hunted and trapped animals.

Although Animals Asia has shared these shocking discoveries with the Vietnamese government, nothing has been done so far.

Bolivia, Costa Rica, Greece, Croatia and Scotland are already on the ever-growing list of countries that have completely banned cruel wildlife circuses. For Vietnam, it is time to follow their example.

Animals Asia is ready to assist in Vietnam, in the rescue of each of these circus animals. For the bears, there is room in the organization’s own award-winning rescue center and for the elephants in the partner Elephant Sanctuary.

Please appeal NOW to the Vietnamese Government for the wildlife circuses to be closed and the animals to be given a home in rescue centers.