Day: July 27, 2018

Belgium: from 2023 forbids Foie Gras and Fur!!


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In Belgium, production of the French delicacy foie gras (foie gras liver) and natural fur products is officially banned from 2023 onwards. This was announced by the regional television and radio station VRT, citing public authorities.

“The killing of animals for their fur must have been part of centuries past. The same applies to the compulsory feeding of geese for the production of foie gras. The breeding of fur for the fur production and the compulsory feeding of geese for the production of delicacies will be unlawful from 2023 “, the station quotes the Flemish animal protection minister Ben Weyts.


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According to the media, there are now 17 farms in Flanders alone (the Dutch part of Belgium), where around 200,000 animals are killed annually for the production of fur products. Already in 2017, the production of foie gras was banned in some regions of Belgium, such as in Brussels.


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Foie Gras is produced today in Belgium, France, Spain, Bulgaria and Hungary.

Some countries deserve to exist in the 21st century!
Slavery, torture and the exploitation of human animals were the goal of the human rights movement in the last century and have abolished it, for the most part.
The abolition of foie gras and fur, as decided Belgium, are steps in the liberation of non-human animals, although still incomplete.
They are small steps, but they give hope and courage to continue fighting.

“The greatest people are those who can give hope to others.” Jean Jaur├ęs has said.
Belgium gives us this hope.

Best regards, Venus