Day: July 11, 2018

11/7/18 Australia: Sheep Reprieved From Live Export Now Being Readied For ……. Live Export !


Dear Mark,

I wanted to update you as soon as I could about a situation that is unfolding in Western Australia.

As I write, 45,000 of the sheep who recently ‘won’ a reprieve from live export are being readied to load onto a ship. Suspended export company Emanuel Exports is trying to use a legal loophole to enable them to export these animals under the name of their affiliate. And, incredibly, the Department of Agriculture looks set to allow this to happen. I’m sure you’ll share my dismay that a shamed export company responsible for such egregious animal suffering could ever set sail with animals again. To make matters worse, July and August are the peak of the Middle East summer. We’ve all now seen the dreadful suffering of sheep on ships during this period, as the holds of these vessels turn into steaming ‘ovens’. What’s clear is that Australian authorities have again failed these animals. But we are not prepared to let them leave without an almighty fight. Our legal team has been working day and night in preparation to head to the Federal Court later today to seek an urgent injunction.

Stopping a shipment of animals leaving Australia has never been attempted before and the road ahead will not be easy. We can’t challenge the lawfulness of this export permit until it is granted — and, inconceivably, that doesn’t happen until after the sheep are loaded onto the vessel. So we’ll be in a race against time to convince the duty Federal Court Judge to halt this shipment. Our legal team has already informed the Judge of the circumstances, in readiness to present our case at the first moment that we can. The Department of Agriculture has also been put on notice of our intentions. It’s impossible to predict how events will unfold over the coming days. We’re all mortified at the failure of authorities to prevent this heartless exporter from inflicting further suffering. I’m sure you’ll agree that it shouldn’t be up to a charity to instigate such unprecedented legal action to have laws upheld. But, as always, we will not hesitate to do what is needed and what is right. I can’t predict our chances of success… I can only commit to you that, as ever, we will be doing all things legally and humanly possible to protect these animals. That we can even attempt such a bold legal intervention over the next 24 hours is because of you. We never, ever forget this. Please know how grateful we are to you for your kind heart, and your unfailing support of our efforts… especially as we head into battle today. I will update you as events unfold. For the animals, Lyn.

Lyn White AM Animals Australia


Honor the “269 Libèration animale” Activists in Belgium!!! (Great Video)


Flagge Belgium




[English below]

Tôt ce matin, plus de 70 activistes de l’association 269 Libération Animale se sont introduit.e.s dans l’abattoir de Tielt en Belgique afin de libérer un individu. Poursuivant l’activisme offensif mené contre les industries spécistes et initié par l’association, les activistes vont ensuite s’enchaîner au couloir de la mort pour le bloquer le plus longtemps possible dans le but de paralyser le système.

Connu pour ses scandales, l’abattoir de Tielt est désormais équipé d’un nombre de caméras de surveillance plus conséquent. Il est absolument temps d’investir ces lieux pour engager un rapport de force avec les industries et institutions spécistes. Les réformettes néo-welfaristes confirment la passivité de notre mouvement, elles ne font qu’aggraver la situation des animaux exploité.e.s. Une mort propre des animaux sous vidéo-surveillance n’est pas ce que nous voulons. Il est temps de mettre fin à ce massacre inutile.







Early this morning, more than 70 activists of 269 Libération Animale have entered into the slaughterhouse of Tielt in Belgium in order to release an individual. Following the offensive activism led against the speciesist & initiated by the organization, all the activists are going chain themselves to the death row in order to blockade it as much as possible, to paralyze the system.

Well-known for its scandals, Tielt’s slaughterhouse is equipped of many cameras surveillance. It’s absolute time to invade those places, to setup a power relationship with the speciesist industries & institutions. Neo-welfarist reforms confirm the passivity of our movement, they do nothing but worsen the current situation of exploited animals. A « clean death » under video supervision is not what we want. Indeed, it’s time to end this useless slaughter.

#ForceTheLiberation (Video)