Day: July 24, 2018

The real victims on this Earth…




Animals are the real victims_n

“Human rights are innate and say that all people are free and equal in dignity”! says the UN Human Rights Charter.
Article 3 says: “Everyone has the right to life, freedom and security of the person”.
Article 4 says: “No one shall be kept in slavery or serfdom; Slavery and the slave trade in all its forms are prohibited. ”

Why should the human species alone have the right to life, freedom and security, and deny the same rights of other not human beings?

Bär angekettet und versklavt_n
Who gives us the right to still keep animals as slaves, to torture them and thus to decide that animals have no right to life, freedom and happiness?
And if human rights oppose slavery, torture, discrimination and violence, under what law can it be the daily routine for billions of chickens, pigs, cattle, fish and countless other non-human animals?

Gorilla verletzt wegen Palmöl
But even if all of this is not totally abolished with respect to people, and massive human rights violations are condemned, the criminal handling of animals is taken for granted.

“Who has rights is respected.
Who does not have rights is despised”! (Bertold Brecht)

Regards, Venus