Month: May 2020

the cowardly murder

Stier eingekesselt in Menschen Meute n

The execution soon begins, with a thousand cowardly killers waiting for the show.

The victim, alone, as always, alone against the raging mob and their weapons, alone because alone it is easier to persecute, torture, and impale.

Alone, but not anonymously, because it is a planned, announced and approved crime.
It is a legal lynching and is therefore also called tradition.

A few hours later, not only the victim’s body will be lying on the street.
The corpses of compassion, ethics, and progress will be on the street.

Because bull “fight” is nothing more than a cowardly murder

Regards and good night from Venus

German peasants: a disgusting rabble


May 29, 2020, 5:50 p.m.

banane rep deutschlandpg
The basic intention of conventional German media is to sell us for stupid.

I quote from the local newspaper “Nordkurier”, which very shamefully describes the following incident:

“It was long unclear whether a wolf was actually responsible for the disappearance of an entire flock of sheep near Strasburg (northern Germany). Now it is clear: yes, he was (!!!)

wolf 1

It was the wolf!

The crack incident near of …. could be clearly assigned to the wolf by genetic testing, the district spokesman said on Friday at the request of “Nordkurier” Newspaper. Around 50 animals (!!!) died on the meadow in the middle of the month, including more than 30 lambs.

Lamm jpg

The wolf “used” dead animals again (!!).

“There have been several cases in Krackow (North Germany)  indicating that the wolf will reuse the dead animals or stillbirths,” said the spokesman.
For this reason, the nature conservation authority has received an application for the “removal” of a wolf.
The authorities are examining the request for shooting”.


And I mean…The wolves in Germany mainly eat deer, young red deer, and wild boar. Sometimes rabbits or mice are on the menu, but they rarely cut sheep or calves.
Because they avoid herds.

Therefore no idiot would believe that 1 (!) Wolf tears 50 (!) Sheep/lambs without eating them !!!

Anyone who leaves his animals unprotected, despite the wolves, he willfully delivers them.
As soon as an electric fence and herd dogs protect the sheep, they are no longer easy prey and the wolves leave them alone.

The guilty wolf doesn’t exist.

The farmers do not care about their animals, they will be later cruelly slaughtered anyway, but even for each animal torn by the wolf, they receive fat compensation.

What should not be forgotten is the fact that hunting for the wolf is not intentional cruelty to animals, but a necessity for survival.
In contrast to the farmers, who are torturers by profession and use animals for their economic interests lifelong.

We cannot allow that these animal haters, the peasants, and their dirty marionettes in the banana republic of Germany authorize the execution of wolves, and even legalize it later.

As soon as a petition comes out, I will contact you again.

lämmer in kontainer_nIt wasn’t the wolf, it was the farmers’ love for their animals


My best regards to all, Venus

Australia: Remembering ‘Tommy’ – The Live Export Trade Wants Us to Forget Him – We Don’t !




Remembering Tommy | Animals Australia

9 years ago today, Australians were waking up to the shocking reality of live animal export.

The night before, Animals Australia’s ground-breaking investigation into Australia’s live cattle trade to Indonesia had aired on Four Corners, in a program aptly titled A Bloody Business.

We watched in horror as this Australian steer — who we named ‘Tommy’ — stood trembling on the floor of an Indonesian slaughterhouse, waiting his ‘turn’ as his pen mates were butchered around him.

The months that followed this exposé were a blur of politics and press conferences as the industry came under unprecedented scrutiny and in the end, was forced into a new era of government regulation.

Today, this ‘bloody business’ continues but for live exporters, it’s harder, more expensive and more scrutinised than ever. That’s one of Tommy’s legacies.

The other will be an end to this global trade in animal suffering. Because Tommy’s experience ignited a collective wave of grief, compassion and determination that is as strong today as it was 9 years ago. Thank you for fuelling his legacy and being the reason our work can continue.

Live exporters want the world to forget Tommy. We never will.


Tommy's Story - Indonesia 2011 | Animals Australia

USA / England: ‘Cowshwitz’ (USA) and Fully Organic Farm In England.





Tale of two farms that says it all: US megafarm locals call ‘Cowschwitz’ has 120,000 wretched cattle pumped with hormones to boost growth… while a fully organic farm in Wiltshire (England) won its owner an OBE for animal welfare


  • Harris Ranch in California is one of America’s largest ‘feedlots’, or factory farms for cows 
  • It produces a staggering 150 million pounds of beef every year 
  • Harris Ranch has long been a target for animal rights protesters and suffered an arson attack in 2012 


Spread over 800 dusty acres without a blade of green grass in sight, there are up to 120,000 cattle here at Harris Ranch in California at any one time

Spread over 800 dusty acres without a blade of green grass in sight, there are up to 120,000 cattle here at Harris Ranch in California at any one time


It is the smell that hits you first, a putrid stench seeping in through the air-conditioning vents of the car. I’m still two miles away from Harris Ranch, one of America’s largest ‘feedlots’, or factory farms for cows. I’m hurtling down the freeway at 70mph and the windows are up, yet the stink is everywhere, filling the car and permeating the 105F air outside.

When the ranch finally comes into view, the sheer size and scale of the operation is mind-boggling.

Spread over 800 dusty acres without a blade of green grass in sight, there are up to 120,000 cattle here at any one time. The animals come from ranches throughout the western states of America to be fattened up before slaughter. The locals call it ‘Cowschwitz’.


Continue reading via the above link.




Such is her commitment to animal welfare, in 1998 Helen Browning was awarded an OBE for services to farming

Such is her commitment to animal welfare, in 1998 Helen Browning was awarded an OBE for services to farming

China: Pizza Hut, KFC to sell Beyond Meat products at restaurants in China.


Pizza Hut, KFC to sell Beyond Meat products at restaurants in China

A KFC store in China during the Beyond Meat test. (Yum China Holdings)


China represents big market for plant-based meat maker

Beyond Meat is partnering with fast-food chains KFC and Pizza Hut to sell its plant-based meat replacements in China.

The companies haven’t announced specific details yet, but new products are scheduled to launch in June at the restaurants’ Chinese locations.

“We’re proud to expand our partnership with KFC into China, one of their largest markets worldwide, as well as introduce a new partnership with Pizza Hut in China,” a Beyond Meat spokesperson told FOX Business. “We’ll be sharing more details soon.”

Beyond Meat has been making a push into new markets. The company already announced a limited test last month at Chinese KFC restaurants, and Starbucks has also recently launched a plant-based menu in China that features Beyond Meat products.

KFC sold plant-based chicken nuggets in the trial last month, and Yum China said pre-sale coupons for the first day sold out in less than an hour.

“The test of KFC’s Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets caters to the growing market in China for delicious alternative meat options on the go,” Yum China CEO Joey Wat said in a statement last month. “We believe that testing the plant-based chicken concept with one of our most iconic products will take this increasingly popular meatless trend to a new level.”

Meatless protein makers like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have eyed China as key to their future growth. Beyond Meat hired a former Tesla executive, Sanjay Shah, last year to lead the company’s overseas expansion.

USA: DxE investigator Matt Johnson was just arrested in Iowa. He’s in jail right now charged with three felonies for documenting factory farms roasting pigs alive.




Regarding our very recent post:

DxE investigator Matt Johnson was just arrested in Iowa. He’s in jail right now charged with three felonies for documenting factory farms roasting pigs alive in mass killings due to COVID-19.

The industry and government are calling this torture “humane” and saying that Matt is the criminal for speaking out.

We need your help to support Matt and expose the industry’s lies as people everywhere recognize just how vile it truly is.

Matt might be in jail but we’re not going to stop taking action. Today at 1pm PT, people around the world are uniting to save even more lives. Join us for this groundbreaking, international, online open rescue! 

We need to keep taking action, now more than ever.


The farewell

elefanten die sich berühren jpg

These working elephants in India,
hold on to each other as long as they can …!

They will never see each other again, criminals will soon separate them to benefit from their slavery and torture for the entertainment industry.

Do not finance any form of animal exploitation, of animal cruelty.
We must never be blunted!

Regards and a good night from Venus

Meat production is a machine for demolishing limits.

The following film shows terrible Jewish slaughtering in the USA – an undercover film by the international animal welfare organization PETA from a slaughterhouse in the American state of Iowa. It is a bit older, from 2004, and is the short version of a very long video that is almost unbearable to watch.



Dr. Erwin Kessler, who made the video known in Europe, is the President of VgT (Association against animal factories, Switzerland) and he has as follow reported about it:

schächten pg

“I have seen and experienced a lot. I felt sick with these recordings. What these “religious” beasts do to the cattle is unspeakable, unbearable. Words are missing. It is unbearable for a mentally healthy person and he will be followed by these recordings for a long time. You should just know that there are such documents – for those who still don’t believe it”.


My comment: Before the anti-Semitism argument is raised, I would like to say the following:
There is no human culture that has not embodied some morally indefensible practices at some time or another.
Progress would never have been brought about if people were complacent about religious practices.

Criticizing the religious practices of others is much easier than criticizing one’s own.

But this does not mean that criticizing the rites of others is impermissible.

While the slaughter of animals in abattoirs is wrong, the dismembering of a live cattle is still worse and thus deserves special criticism.

My best regards to all, Venus

Killer Virus Coming Home to Roost. Covid Is Small Fry – Zoonoses and Intensive Animal Factory Farming !



Just when we seem to be easing out of the crisis, just as the death toll slows and new hospital admissions for coronavirus head towards zero, just as we begin to allow ourselves the first tentative sigh of relief, along comes a new book by an American doctor to tell us: this, folks, is just the dress rehearsal.

The real show, the plague in which half of us may well die, is yet to come.

And, if we don’t change our ways, it could be just around the corner. What we are experiencing now may feel bad enough but is, apparently, small beer.

In the ‘hurricane scale’ of epidemics, Covid- 19, with a death rate of around half of one per cent, rates a measly Category Two, possible a Three — a big blow but not catastrophic.

The Big One, the typhoon to end all typhoons, will be 100 times worse when it comes, a Category Five producing a fatality rate of one in two — a coin flip between life and death — as it gouges its way through the earth’s population of nearly eight billion people. Civilisation as we know it would cease.

What’s more, he adds ominously, ‘with pandemics explosively spreading a virus from human to human, it’s never a matter of if, but when’.

This apocalyptic warning comes from Dr Michael Greger, a scientist, medical guru and campaigning nutritionist who has long advocated the overwhelming benefits of a plant-based diet. He’s a self-confessed sweet potatoes, kale and lentils man. Meat, in all its forms, is his bete noire.

He has also done a lot of research into infectious diseases — the 3,600 footnotes and references in his mammoth 500-page book bear witness to that.

His conclusion is that our close connection to animals — keeping them, killing them, eating them — makes us vulnerable to the worst kind of epidemic. With every pork sausage, bacon sandwich and chicken nugget, we are dicing with death.

The key to all this woe awaiting us is ‘zoonoses’ — the scientific term for infections that pass from animals to humans. They cross over from them to us and overwhelm our natural immune systems, with potentially fatal consequences on an unimaginable scale.

These viruses are generally benign in the host, but mutate, adapt themselves to a different species and become lethal.

Thus tuberculosis was acquired millennia ago through goats, measles came from sheep and goats, smallpox from camels, leprosy from water buffalo, whooping cough from pigs, typhoid fever from chickens and the cold virus from cattle and horses. These zoonoses rarely get to humans directly, but via the bridge of another species.

Civets were the route for SARS to get from bats to humans; with MERS it was camels. Covid-19 originated in bats, but probably got to us by way of an infected pangolin, a rare and endangered scaly anteater whose meat is considered a delicacy in some parts of the world and whose scales are used in traditional medicines.

Once Covid-19 got a toehold, thanks to globalisation, it travelled fast and far among humans, leading to the perilous state we are in today. ‘Just one meal or medicine,’ notes Greger, ‘may end up costing humanity trillions of dollars and millions of lives’.

Which is a trifle, though, compared with what could happen next time, when the bridge the virus crosses to infect is likely to be just about the most prevalent creature on the planet — the humble chicken.

There are a mind-blowing 24 billion of them spread around the globe — getting on for double the number there were just 20 years ago.

We gulp down their cheap-as-chips meat and eggs by the ton, and turn a blind eye to the factory-farming conditions in which they are reared, force-fed with chemicals and slaughtered. 

We in the West may kid ourselves into xenophobic complacency about lethal viruses, content to shrug off the blame for them getting out of hand onto cultures that lap up bat soup or pickled pangolins.

So it’s a bit of a shock to be told the greatest danger of all is lurking in our back yard.

Because if Dr Greger’s prediction is anywhere near true, the diseases harboured by chickens, notably influenza, could end up damn nearly wiping us out.

Influenza is scientists’ top pick for humanity’s next killer plague. It most famously turned deadly on a vast scale back in 1918-20, infecting at least 500 million people — a third of the world’s population at the time — and killing 10 per cent of them, possibly more.

The World Health Organisation describes it as the ‘most deadly disease event in the history of humanity’.

It killed more people in a single year than the Black Death — the bubonic plague in the Middle Ages — did in a century, and more people in 25 weeks than Aids killed in 25 years.

Death was quick but not gentle. ‘Spanish Flu’, as it misleadingly came to be known, began innocuously with a cough and aching muscles, followed by fever, before exploding into action, leaving many victims with blood squirting from their nose, ears, and eye sockets.

Purple blood blisters appeared on their skin. Froth poured from their lungs and many turned blue before suffocating. A pathologist who performed post-mortem examinations spoke of lungs six times their normal weight and so full of blood they looked ‘like melted redcurrant jelly’.

Normal flu — the type we see every year — targets the old and infirm, but the 1918 variety wiped out those in the prime of life, with mortality peaking among 20 to 34-year-olds. It stopped spreading after two years only when everyone was either dead or immune and it ran out of people to infect.

For decades, the precise starting point of humanity’s greatest killer was an unsolved puzzle, though pigs were suspected. Not until 2005 was it scientifically established that the Spanish Flu was avian influenza. Its source was birds.

This apocalyptic warning comes from Dr Michael Greger, a scientist, medical guru and campaigning nutritionist who has long advocated the overwhelming benefits of a plant-based diet

Since that mass outbreak among humans in the early part of the 20th century, bird flu has remained just that — largely confined to its host creature.

The worry is that the virus never stands still but is always mutating, and in 1997 a new strain emerged, known as H5N1, which crossed over into humans.

This is the monster lurking in the undergrowth, the one that makes epidemiologists shudder.

According to infectious disease expert Professor Michael Osterholm, it is a ‘kissing cousin of the 1918 virus’ and could lead to a repeat of 1918, but in an even more lethal way. The 1997 outbreak started with a three-year-old boy in Hong Kong, whose sore throat and tummy ache turned into a disease that curdled his blood and killed him within a week from acute respiratory and organ failure.

If it had spread, Lam Hoi-ka would have been patient zero for a new global pandemic. Fortunately, it was contained. Just 18 people contracted it, a third of whom died.

Those figures demonstrated its extreme lethality. but also that, thank goodness, it was slow to be transmitted. What worried public health scientists, however, was that the new strain turned out to be only a few mutations away from being able to replicate itself rapidly in human tissue. Here was the potential for a nightmare scenario — extreme lethality combined with ease of transmission.

One expert declared: ‘The only thing I can think of that could take a larger human death toll would be thermonuclear war.’

And where had the H5N1 in Hong Kong originated? Greger claims that in a subsequent investigation, the strongest risk factor to emerge was either direct or indirect contact with poultry. The birds in the pets corner at Lam Hoi-ka’s nursery even came under suspicion.

‘Thankfully,’ he adds, ‘H5N1 has so far remained a virus mainly of poultry, not people.’

But for how long? ‘It and other new and deadly animal viruses like it are still out there, still mutating, with an eye on the eight-billion-strong buffet of human hosts.’

And if, God forbid, it were to take hold, it would be many times worse than before. Like the 1918 version of the virus, H5N1 has a proclivity for the lungs, but it doesn’t stop there. It can go on to invade the bloodstream and ravage other internal organs until it is nothing short of a whole-body infection.