Day: May 3, 2020

Austria and its medieval habits

Incredible ‘tradition’! Cattle heads nailed to the wall again!

kuh schädel jpg

We are talking about the barbaric placement of a pig or cow skull in front of a bachelor’s house who is about to marry his 30th or 40th birthday. This ritual has been held in the region since memory, mostly carried out by rural youth.
There is actually a scaffold erected right in front of the ‘recipient’ ‘s home, decorated with colorful balloons … and, oh how funny, as a’ main attraction ‘: a severed cattle head!
To avoid misunderstandings, these are not artificial heads, but those of recently killed animals!

kuh kopf respektierepg

The sight is reminiscent of the darkest Middle Ages, you feel transported back to a Viking village, where violence and mortality dominated everyday life. What is the message, what is being conveyed to the children here? One day they will turn away in disgust, and deeply ashamed of such a procedure of their fathers and mothers.
And completely right!
Everyone has to endure such a sight, whether they like it or not. It has nothing to do with tradition anymore, it is just ugly.
A thoroughly incomprehensible ‘tradition’, which in a modern society – because highly life-contemptuous and above all animal-contemptuous – something like this should no longer find a place … emphatic passers-by simply lack the words.

kuhkopf 2 pg

We had to testify to the current cases, two in number, today. Both in the same village, each at the entrance and exit! The first is already full of flies, it smells horrible, the decay is in full swing. Under the second head, attached to a table by screws through the ears, one can see coagulated blood that has flowed in thick streams.

We repeat ourselves – in the 3rd millennium, it is just unbelievable !!! How far we as a society really have moved from barbarism, in view of this, the inevitable question arises.

The association RespekTiere has created a petition (translation below) against this barbarish habit, please sign it.

Dear Sir or Madam,

We demand an immediate ban on exhibiting dead animals or animal heads for whatever purpose.
Such ‘traditions’ are cruel, inhumane and completely unworthy of a modern society – which is also committed to animal welfare according to the constitution.

‘If you don’t respect the dignity of animals, you can’t take them away, but you will lose your own. ”


And I mean…This has nothing to do with tradition or national culture.
It only shows how little intelligence the villagers have.

How primitive and anti-social people can be in the middle of Europe, you can also see from the fact that traditions from the Middle Ages are perceived with enthusiasm, which only deter and dislike any other educated person.
We can only hope that the Austrians will actively and massively mobilize against this shameful rituals, and that we won’t need a new petition next year.

My best regards to all, Venus

Argentina: Petition – Horses Hung – Take Action Tolhuin Authorities to Stop This.

Argentinahorses tied to a log that flutter through the air and the horses fly off and are hanging on ropes horses tied to a log that flutter through the air and the horses fly off and are hanging on ropes



Petition Link – 


They tie horses to logs and throw them into the air, rescue these animals and investigate this animal abuse



In the video it is very clear how they have the horses tied to a trunk that flutter through the air and the horses fly away and are left hanging.


Addressed to: Tolhuin Police Station, Mayor of Tolhuin, Tolhuin Prosecutor’s Office

In the video it is very clear how they have the horses tied to a log that flutter through the air and the horses fly off and are hanging on ropes. This happened in Tierra del Fuego and I hope that something will be done against the people who did this to the horses, because in the end there are witnesses, even videos and nothing ever happens and this is forgotten and the animals continue to be mistreated by these criminals.







USA: Coronavirus – Case numbers spike in Midwestern meatpacking cities.



More than 1,140,100 people in the United States have been infected with the coronavirus and at least 66,400 have died, according to a New York Times database. More than 1,000 additional deaths have been announced every day since April 2.


Case numbers spike in Midwestern meatpacking cities


Across the Midwest and Great Plains, production at meatpacking plants and other food processing centers has slowed or stopped because of large outbreaks, including one at a Smithfield facility in South Dakota that sickened more than 1,000 people.

The Times has identified more than 40 food processing facilities across the country with coronavirus outbreaks. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said at 4,900 meat and poultry processing workers had been infected across 19 states, and at least 20 had died.

Some companies, including Tyson and Smithfield, have refused to answer even basic questions about the size of their outbreaks. And in some places, state and local health officials have also been silent. In Kansas, state officials said there were 544 meatpacking-related cases spread across six clusters, but they refused to name those facilities. In Dakota County, Neb., where case numbers have exploded in recent days and where Tyson closed a plant for cleaning, the county health department has declined to give that information. The Nebraska National Guard has been testing workers at that facility.

Small metro areas with large meatpacking industries are seeing some of the country’s highest rates of growth in cases. In the county that includes Green Bay, Wis., where there are outbreaks at three meatpacking facilities, cases more than tripled over 10 days. In St. Joseph, Mo., more than 350 workers and their close contacts have tested positive. And in Cass County, Ind., where large numbers of Tyson workers fell ill, the number of known cases surged from roughly 50 to more than 1,200 over two weeks. Around half of the roughly 1,900 employees tested at that facility had the coronavirus, Indiana officials said.


Read the entire article, with virus spread maps at:



Italy: the meat mafia attacks undercover journalists

With unprecedented violence, attempts were made in Italy to silence journalists who reported on the conditions in factory farming and their fatal consequences for humans, animals and the environment.

Journalisten-Angriff-Fleischindutrie“Our support for the journalists attacked by the meat industry”: Sabrina Giannini, Sigfrido Ranucci and Mario Tozzi (picture by Animal Equality Italia)


In detail, there are four journalists who brought uncomfortable truths to light on programs of the Italian public service broadcaster Rai (Radiotelevisione Italiana) by reporting on the effects of factory farming on the climate, environment and health – also with regard to the current corona Crisis – reported and related to the current level of meat production and consumption:


Mario Tozzi talked about how global meat production contributes to deforestation, pollution, damage to water and soil and the loss of entire natural habitats, which has always been fundamental, in the program “Sapiens – Un solo pianeta” on March 28 on Rai 3 are part of our ecosystem.

— On March 29, Sabrina Giannini reported on the show “Indovina chi viene a cena – Il virus è un boomerang”, also on Rai 3, about the consequences of meat production, which promotes the spread of viruses, and how the enormous use of antibiotics in intensive livestock farming leads to antibiotic resistance, a phenomenon that is already having a serious impact on public health and will become increasingly serious for all of humanity in the future.

— In a program in the “Report” series (Rai 3), Sigfrido Ranucci and Luca Chianca reported on April 13th about the slurry problem, in which large amounts of ammonia and nitrates are released, which among other things leads to high air pollution, especially in Lombardy, a factor that appears to favor the spread of viruses and the occurrence of respiratory diseases.

In their research, the journalists referred to scientific data, facts and sources from internationally recognized institutions such as the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the United Nations and the WHO (World Health Organization) of the United Nations as well as the EU Commissioner for the Environment and Oceans Virginijus Sinkevičius, quoted by the New York Times as follows:

“Factory farming plays a role in the current pandemic, with strong evidence that meat production, not only in China, has contributed to COVID-19.”

schweine bodenhaltungjpg

In return, representatives of the Italian agricultural, livestock and meat industries and their numerous lobby associations, including Assica, Assalzoo, Assocarni, Una Italia, Unica, Carni Sostenibili, as well as the Ex-Minister of Agriculture and current Lega Nord politician Gian Marco Centinaio had received harsh criticism failing to finance and suppress such voices accused them of unfounded claims and accused them of boycotting domestic “Made in Italy” industry (!!!)

kuh in Italien 4jpg

Eight environmental and animal protection organizations have now responded, including the Italian departments of Greenpeace, Animal Equality, Compassion in World Farming and the Humane Society International, and have written an open letter to the Rai Board of Directors, which we will publish in German below.

In it, they defend journalists, thank the Rai for the broadcasts, and emphasize that the call to silence journalists or prevent them from addressing specific issues contradicts the concept of freedom of information on which every true democracy rests , also and especially in times of a global crisis like this one.



My comment: The letter is very good but because it is quite long I will not translate the whole thing.
However, the following starting points must be mentioned:

– “With this letter, the signing associations would like to express their full solidarity and support for the Rai journalists, who have been attacked by the meat and livestock industry as a result of their investigations ….”

– “The requirement to silence journalists or prevent them from addressing specific issues also contradicts the concept of freedom of information on which every true democracy rests ….”

– “Journalistic investigations, such as those mentioned here, are valuable beacons that help illuminate the role that intensive animal husbandry also plays in all of this ….”

– “A study published in Nature magazine estimated that in fact 75% of the infectious diseases that have affected humans in recent decades come from animals.
Sars, Ebola, swine flu, bird flu and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (known as “mad cow disease”) are just a few examples that preceded this coronavirus …. ”

and finally they say …”We also thank the Rai and its journalists for repeatedly giving room to the investigations by nonprofits, with images that show the hidden side of intensive animal breeding.
To hide all this information from the public is very serious: It means neglecting public health and a global problem, a problem that the whole world is experiencing dramatically and with devastating social and economic impacts at the moment”.


We also thank the Italian journalists for these reports and for doing their job conscientiously and consistently.
We also thank the eight animal welfare organizations for their solidarity.
That strengthens the victims because they know they are not alone.
In today’s society we live separately from each other, which makes us vulnerable and weak, we don`t  know a real WE and loyalty is mostly practiced with the powerful.

Loyalty in the animal rights movement is a political act.
We have to learn to act politically correctly.

My best regards to all, Venus

England: David Attenborough’s chilling warning on humanity’s relationship with animals exposed.



David Attenborough's chilling warning to humanity
David Attenborough’s chilling warning on humanity’s relationship with animals exposed


DAVID ATTENBOROUGH’s chilling warning about humanity’s dangerous relationship with animals was exposed – as an unearthed study revealed the damage that has gone on since the dawn of mankind.


Access the full article, with video, at: 

USA: Visiting the “murder” hornets

asiatische hornisse JPG

Asian giant hornets (known as ‘murder hornets’) have shown up in the US for the first time, giving Americans a “refreshing” change of pace and something else to worry about other than the deadly Covid-19 pandemic

In any other year, reports of murder hornets being in the US for the first time ever might instill some fear in people, but with the news dropping in the midst of a pandemic that has crippled the economy and left people under strict lockdown orders, it appears to have been greeted mostly with humor.

The worry now is these hornets could spread in the US and have a serious effect on the bee population, which in turn negatively impacts the many crops that need bees for pollination.

The WSDA has started an “aggressive trapping program” to stop the spread of the hornets and, hopefully, another potential crisis.

How have people responded to the news? Battleworn from Covid-19, the potential for a crisis with ‘murder hornets’ has been taken surprisingly well.


And I mean…They say it’s definitely a spying horn-like drone !!!
Has China been sanctioned?
Or Russia?

lachen emoticonng

Monsanto and Bayer have been contaminating the bee world with only A FEW MILLION TONS of glyphosate for years, which is not only harm but also a crime.

And this crime goes on.

Since the United States is the main user of Monsanto and pollutes its environment with pesticides,  not only bees but millions of other insect species have died, which will lead to the inevitable hunger of the “murder” hornets.


The WSDA’s aggressive trapping program is therefore unnecessary!

We have always thought that insects are the animals that survive best.
We thought wrong.
We did the calculation without to considere the professional environmental criminals Monsanto, Bayer and other giants.

My best regards to all, Venus