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USA: Over 2 Million Chickens Killed in Delaware and Maryland Farms.

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Over 2 Million Chickens Killed in Delaware and Maryland Farms

Posted by Katie Valentine | April 29, 2020


Nearly two million chickens were killed at Delaware and Maryland farms due to a lack of processing plant workers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Delmarva Poultry Industry Inc. is currently experiencing reduced employee attendance at its plants on the Delmarva Peninsula — a strip of land shared between Delaware, Maryland and Virginia — due to increased cases of COVID-19 throughout the community, additional testing, and workers practicing public health officials’ ‘stay home if you’re sick’ social distancing guidance, according to a statement the company released.

In a letter to growers sent on April 8, director of live operations for Allen Harim Foods Michelle Minton explained that the company would begin “depopulating” chickens two days later.

“When we started noticing the downward trend in attendance, we reduced the number of eggs set and chicks placed,” the letter read. “Unfortunately, reduced placements will not make an impact for another six weeks, and with the continued attendance decline and building bird inventory daily, we are forced to make a very difficult decision. Starting Friday, April 10, we will begin depopulating flocks in the field.”

This is just one example of how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting food processing facilities and factory farm workers across the country. Earlier this month, a Smithfield pork plant in Sioux Falls, S.D. closed indefinitely after single-handedly becoming the country’s biggest coronavirus hot spot, leaving workers suddenly unemployed and at a dramatically-increased risk of getting sick.

Mass animal killing shouldn’t happen, plain and simple. This sad case only highlights the need to end our cruel, disease-ridden industrial animal agriculture industry. If you haven’t yet, sign LFT’s petition urging the U.S. Congress to implement a nationwide ban on factory farms. It’s time to change the system.



SIGN: End Cruel and Deadly Factory Farming in the United States




China: Petition to SIGN: Justice for Sad Tiger Walking Endless Circles in Beijing Zoo.




SIGN: Justice for Sad Tiger Walking Endless Circles in Beijing Zoo


SIGN: Justice for Sad Tiger Walking Endless Circles in Beijing Zoo


Petition Link –


PETITION TARGET: Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai


One depressed, captive white Bengal tiger is showing severe signs of zoochosis in the Beijing Zoo, walking endlessly in circles in what appears to be a desperate attempt to ease his anxiety, reveals a now-viral video.

Heartbreaking footage of the poor animal restlessly pacing recently surfaced on social media, serving as a sobering reminder of why wild animals do not belong in captivity. The noticeably distressed cat has been circling for so long in his small enclosure, he’s created a visible track in the ground.

The alarming video raised widespread concern about the tiger’s mental health, and a zoo staff member claims that the beautiful creature received “psychological counseling,” which included giving him more food and toys, after handlers noticed his bizarre routine. But the zoo is clearly failing to fulfill the tiger’s basic needs.

As long as this distraught tiger remains trapped in an inadequate environment, he will continue to suffer. Sign this petition urging the Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai to push the Beijing Zoo to move him to a sanctuary, where he can live a truly healthy and happy life.


Hungary: 3.5 million poultry were killed.


Avian flu is spreading further and further. Now it has caught 226 companies in Hungary.

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3.5 million animals had to be culled in the southern districts of Bacs-Kiskun and Csongrad, senior veterinarian Lajos Bognar said on Monday.


In areas where farms were too close together, 870,000 poultry had to be culled to thin the population and prevent the virus from spreading.
Damage to farmers is in the millions (!!!)

The damage to the farmers amounts to several billion forints. One billion Hungarian forints is around 2.8 million euros.

Bognar said that bird flu was usually brought into the country by migratory birds. Hence the current ban on free-range poultry.


My comment: And again it’s only about the damage that have the farmers.

The mass murder of animals who are not to blame for the epidemic and who live a miserable life on the fattening is a matter of course.

Because the meat consumption of the human carnivores must continue undisturbed.

Hühner massentierhaltung

Indirectly, the article turns the tables and exclusively accuses the wild bird as the cause of the disease.

Although 99% of all chickens – at least in Germany – don’t even see daylight, let alone have contact with wild birds.

In areas where the farms were too close, 870,000 poultry had to be killed to reduce the population and prevent the virus from spreading.”
One has to imagine this: 870 thousand helthy animals are executed preventively!!

This theory, namely that bird flu is usually spread by migratory birds, is increasingly being questioned because it has considerable gaps and is not compatible with the current findings.

The much more likely cause of the regular bird flu epidemics is commercial animal husbandry itself.

What is certain is that avian flu has always been found among wild birds. However, scientists assume that the highly pathogenic, deadly germs only develop in industrial bird houses.
The virus originates from these stables, in which 10,000 birds, which are tightly packed in a confined space, stand on their own excrement – despite the so-called hygiene standards, despite the obligation to lock the animals in the stable.

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We mustn’t forget the international trade in poultry and poultry products. This also increases the risk that pathogens will spread globally.

As bird flu spreads further, the risk of zoonoses, that is, the transmission of disease from animals to humans, increases. Wild birds, including rare species, are also particularly at risk.

As long as the actual causes and transmission routes are not researched in detail, including the key role of industrial animal husbandry, the risks remain and the authorities are pure administrators of the epidemic.

30 million chickens die in Germany each year before slaughter, due to poor housing conditions.  And over a million chicks  are shredded every day.

Not because of bird flu.
Because they came with the wrong sex in a world which uses the fascist right of killing all animals lives, who serve its consumption.

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My best regards to all, Venus