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Petitions – Justice for Dogs.




A military veteran’s service dog was found shot in the head, face and shoulder after disappearing from his home. He survived, but the person behind this horrific cruelty is still at large. Demand justice for this innocent animal.


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March 6 of 2020, Matthew Bryan Garman, 21 posted a video on his Facebook page showing two dogs fighting at his alleged residence. In the video, Garman’s dog is shown on top of  his neighbors dog  pinning it down and biting its neck. The caption posted with the video read “He did good”, in reference to his family’s dog.


March 10, 2020,  Matthew is then arrested by the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office for fighting and baiting of animals after they received the video from a concerned citizen.


March 19th, 2020, Matthew appeared before Judge Sheridan Randolph in General Sessions Court and waived his right to a preliminary hearing. He is bound over to the Bradley County Grand Jury. District Attorney General Steve Crump and Sheriff Steve Lawson are present in the courtroom. Bond is set at $25,000.00.


June 8, 2020, Garman is scheduled to appear in a Bradley County Criminal Court for sentencing.



Down industry: torture for geese and ducks

Down is the lower plumage of water birds such as ducks and geese. Down is very soft and protects the animals from the cold and heat.


They differ from other feathers in that they do not have a quill and are very light and heat-insulating.
The down industry tries to take advantage of these properties.

In Germany alone, 19 million ducks and geese are killed every year in order to rob them of their feather clothing and use them to manufacture products such as jackets, sleeping bags or blankets.

All over the world, animals are torn from their bodies under the term “live plucking”, even when they are alive.

Most of the down comes from China, where live plucking is common practice.


Over 80 percent of the down traded worldwide comes from Asia and is sold from there all over the world.

In Europe, most of the feathers come from Hungary, Romania and Poland. In all of these countries, goose plucking is often practiced in addition to the dead, in order to “harvest” feathers from each animal several times.

For this purpose, the frightened animals are fixed up to four times a year, and workers pluck entire tufts of feather from their sensitive skin under time pressure.

Often this happens so roughly that the wings of the animals break or their skin tears open. The workers often sew the wounds themselves with needle and thread and without any pain medication.

At the same time, they are fattened so that the goose can be used twice.


For foie gras, ducks and geese are confined in tiny cages and stuffed.

For this purpose, a tube is pushed deep into their throat, through which up to one kilogram of a salty, fatty corn porridge is pumped into their stomach every day.
In short time, the animals are completely fat and their livers have inflated ten times their normal size.

They are then killed for the production of liver pate and their feathers sold to dealers.

abgezupfte Gänse njpg

What is the legal situation in Germany?

The plucking of live birds is prohibited in the EU.

However, the law leaves a loophole open by allowing the plucking of animals that are in the moult, the time when their plumage was naturally released.

However, with the thousands of animals that are plucked in chords several times a year in each fattening farm, it is impossible to wait for the moulting time for each bird.

Violent live plucking was also uncovered in Germany, and in other EU countries such as Hungary or Poland, the method is standard practice in many companies despite the ban.

The down industry has introduced a variety of its own seals to calm the conscience of customers and dealers. However, they all have one thing in common – they are ineffective when it comes to animal welfare.

Gans abgefedertjpg

Many companies attach certificates to their down articles, which promise the customer that no geese have been plucked alive for their products.

However, since the controls are inadequate and the trade and production chains for down are very non-transparent, many traders cannot prove which type of plucking the down they actually use comes from.

But birds that are only plucked after slaughtering often live on dirty, stinking farms and are violently killed in the slaughterhouse. That is why down from the “dead pluck” is not an animal-friendly alternative.

Nobody has to warm or adorn themselves with the feathers of tortured animals. Cotton, viscose, lyocell, polyester, Primaloft or the Kapok plant down are available today.

High-quality vegetable or synthetic materials provide excellent insulation and have the advantage that they are easy to care for and suitable for allergy sufferers.

And I mean… Like all animals that are bred and kept for the production of any commodity, the life of the down geese is a horror life.

They are crammed together in thousands in factory farming and live there similarly to slaughter chickens. Three times a day, hoses drop from the ceiling, which give them a bland, tasteless porridge, and plenty of water at the push of a button.

When the geese are fully feathered, the workers grab them by the neck and take them to a separate room.

Other workers are already waiting here, sitting on long rows of chairs.

daunen Gänse

They lay the geese on their lap, stomach up, pinch their necks under their arms and pull out the birds’ feathers in an incredible routine and speed.

The geese scream in pain. Thea don`t get anesthetic and are fully conscious.

The naked geese are running around, completely distraught, trying to hide behind hay bales. They freeze terribly and only survive the torment due to medication.

They have to endure the procedure helplessly, four times a year.

They are plucked completely every three months. If they are so destroyed that another round would not be carried, then they go to the slaughterhouse. The last 14 hours of their lives are starving.

Then they are collected together up and locked in tight transport cages.
They are crushed and suffocated, or simply fall victim to their excessive strain.

That`s  the end of a bleak and painful life, a life as a down production machine that is not even recognized as a living being.

That is the cruel truth behind down production.
Do not buy down products, do not support animal torture.

My best regards to all, Venus

Australia: Dirty Power; Burnt Country.

australia pg


Greenpeace Australia.

How the fossil fuel industry, News Corp, and the Federal Government hijacked the Black Summer bushfires to prevent action on climate change.


Dirty Power: Burnt Country is a documentary that exposes how the fossil fuel industry, the Murdoch press, and the Federal Government hijacked the Black Summer bushfires to prevent action on climate change.
Some of the key findings include:


  • Over 100 million tonnes of new coal mining was approved during the 2019/20 bushfire crisis.
  • News Corp published 75% of all articles denying climate change’s role in the fires, despite only publishing 46% of articles about climate change and the fires.
  • New South Wales Government ministers met with the fossil fuel industry on fourteen occasions between October and December 2019. This is an average of once a week.



morrison fire 3

Making Vegan Easy. Excellent Food Without the Cruelty. – making Vegan easy.


If you want to eat a greater variety of vegan foods, make an effort to explore various cuisines from around the world. You will thereby discover countless delicious vegan meals relying on all manner of ingredients, cooking techniques, and seasonings.

There’s certainly no single best cuisine for vegans. But some parts of the world are far more vegan-friendly than others. If you’re vegan or moving in that direction, it’s helpful to know the cuisines that offer the most satisfying plant-based meals.

To help you on your way, check out our guides below. They’ll enable you to discover the best vegan options when dining out. They also offer exciting ideas for regionally-inspired dishes you can cook at home.


Vegan-Friendly Cuisines

• Ethiopian Food
• Indian Food
• Italian Food
• Japanese Food
• Mexican Food
• Middle Eastern Food
• Soul Food
• Thai Food


Top Cuisines for Cooking Plant-Based Meals at Home

If you want to learn how to cook a particular cuisine, consider starting out with Mexican food. There are just so many delicious and healthy vegan options. What’s more, many Mexican dishes are remarkably easy to prepare.

When you’re ready to progress to other cuisines, you’ll have no shortage of enticing possibilities. See the “Cuisines from Around the World” section of our recommended cookbooks page for more than a dozen fantastic titles. If you want to explore a variety of cuisines from dozens of countries, get a hold of Vegan Eats World by Terry Hope Romano.


Finding Vegan-Friendly Restaurant Food

When dining out, Middle Eastern food is the most consistently vegan-friendly major cuisine. Nearly everything that isn’t meat is commonly vegan, especially falafel, hummus, tahini dressing, and lavash bread or pita. Many Middle Eastern restaurants also accompany your dish with an assortment of fresh vegetables, plus Kalamata olives and pickled turnips.


Our How to Go Vegan guide offers detailed guidance on the most vegan-friendly restaurant cuisines. Time spent exploring these menu offerings pays off in all sorts of ways, and enables you to eat better than ever before. Each new meal you try increases your exposure to delicious foods embraced by cultures around the world.


For further reading please see our introduction to vegan cooking and our guide to the best vegan foods. – making Vegan easy.


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England: 3 In 4. Intensive Animal Farming Is Killing Us.



All pictures – Viva !


Hi all;

First; I have not really been able to post much over the last few days because of a big drop down on the system here – so apologies and I hope to get it fixed on 13/5. Fingers crossed !

UPDATE 13/5 – All seems to be fixed this morning – maybe some posts now ! – Mark


Viva kill us 3


Here are a few things just sent to me by Juliet – Founder and CEO of ‘Viva !’ here in England. I am writing this tonight (12/5) with the hope that if the system is back on tomorrow, then I can copy and post. Until then it has to wait.

The new Viva ! campaign is called ‘Three in Four’. As new and deadly diseases infect humans, and are appearing all the time; 3 in 4 of them come from animals. It is not the fault of the animal, simply the systems used by humans to keep them and slaughter them – intensive farming and slaughterhouse systems.

Is this not verified by the big infection rates for Covid 19 that we have seen in US slaughterhouse workers over the last few weeks ? – and as always, the ‘just animals’ from intensive systems; that are put through wood chippers and their mushed bodies spread all over the land.

In the mid 19th century, 1855 to be exact; a German pathologist; one Rudolf Virchow, was the first to discover that infectious diseases could be transmitted between animals and humans – a method that became known as ‘zoonoses’. In August 1958, more than a century later, the ‘World Health Organisation’ (WHO) expert committee on Zoonoses met in Stockholm, Sweden. The outcome of the meeting was a stark warning; the prevention, control, and eradication of these diseases were ‘responsibilities of considerable magnitude in every country’.

Move to 2020; now; and we are experiencing globally the disease called ‘Covid 19’.

Animal farming is killing us. 3 of 4 of the worlds new or emerging diseases are what is called ‘Zoonotic’. These diseases are responsible for 2,7 million human deaths per year and are largely transmitted through the wildlife trade and factory farming. In other words, most pandemics are due to people eating animals. So despite knowing the reasons of disease spread for over 150 years; now more than ever before, we are subjecting animals in terrible confinement in factory farms – the very cause of the problems, simply because some of us still wish a burger or sausage for their meal. It is a dangerous game; and cramming animals together in markets; and subjecting them to factory farming, only increases the risk of in house disease infection, as well as the mutations to the human species which results in infectious diseases.

Today, around 90% of all animals farmed for food and dairy across the world are kept in factory farms; where infections can easily spread, mutate and become infectious to humans. Because of the massive numbers of farmed animals involved; such as your typical chicken or pig production system, where huge numbers of animals are crammed together, jammed into farrowing crates, covered in their own waste; and forced to lie on hard slatted floors; pumped full of antibiotics, and surviving in a close environment which easily transmits disease and sickness from one animal to another; is it any wonder that intensive animal farming is killing us ? The huge complexes which imprison these intelligent animals and who at the end of the day only want financial profit, talk the talk when it comes to ‘animal welfare’. But the reality is rather different. The Viva ! 3 in 4 campaign is hitting the streets in the UK; and it calls for an end to intensive farming and for people also to go Vegan; to stop the suffering.

Covid 9 is showing us the bad side of intensive animal farming; we need to learn from it, and quickly, before intensive animal farming kills us all.


Regards Mark


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Viva kill us 2



‘Bird Flu 90 Times Deadlier Than COVID-19 Could Emerge From Factory Farming’ Warns Report

‘The majority of these diseases are the result of human activit


Plant Based NewsPublish date:

23 hours ago


A mutant bird flu 90 times deadlier than Covid-19* is ‘poised to emerge in humans’ from factory farming, a new report has warned.

The report, titled Zoonoses: a ticking time bomb, was published by animal advocacy organization Viva! and led by senior health researcher Dr. Justine Butler.

It cites scientists who believe the new mutant strain of the H5N1 bird flu virus could prove 90 times more deadly than Covid-19, and would be capable of killing six-in-ten of those infected.


Zoonotic diseases

According to Viva!, zoonotic diseases – those which spread from animals to humans – are ‘developing with increasing frequency’, with three out of four new or emerging infectious diseases in people coming from animals.

A statement sent to Plant Based News said: “Scientists are concerned that the global explosion in factory farming and wildlife markets could make the transmission of mutated strains of the H5N1 bird flu virus to humans much easier.

“They include familiar illnesses and diseases such as the common cold, influenza (flu), polio, AIDS and measles alongside other lesser known ones such as SARS, MERS, Nipah virus and Ebola.

“Most recently, Covid-19 has joined this growing list, having jumped from bats or other wild animals, to humans, leading to the current pandemic.

There are over 200 zoonotic diseases and 56 of them affect some two-and-a-half billion people and cause nearly three million deaths every year.”


‘The writing is on the wall’

In Zoonoses: a ticking time bomb, Dr. Butler writes: “The majority of both zoonoses and antibiotic-resistant diseases are the result of human activity, with factory farming and wild animal markets lying at the heart of the problem. The solution could not be easier – go vegan now!”

Zoologist and Viva! director Juliet Gellatley added: “The writing is on the wall. The global explosion in factory farming and wildlife markets has left humankind exposed to catastrophic pandemics that could kill millions of people.

“For the sake of generations to come we must heed the science and end our collective dependency on the horrific abuse of animals.”

For more information on zoonotic diseases visit

*According to Viva!, the death rate of those infected by coronavirus is thought to be 0.66 percent. The death rate for those infected by a mutant H5N1 strain could be 60 percent. This equates to a H5N1 infection death rate 90.9 times higher.

Viva ! –


Animal agriculture: a ticking time bomb

As of this writing, almost 2 million humans have been infected in the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, and well over 100,000 have died as a result.

corona karikaturjpg

Even so, although the true numbers are unknown, only a fraction of a percent of all humans have been sickened, and less than 6% of those infected have died.

The majority of the 7.7 billion humans wrecking havoc on our planet and torturing and murdering hundreds of billions of non-human animals annually are continuing to go about their evil business as usual.

corona Carikatur pg

If one believes, as we do, that humans are the real virus infecting planet earth, we can only bemoan the fact that so many humans will likely remain viable throughout the current pandemic.

The source of the current pandemic of Covid-19 is believed to be a “wet market” in Wuhan, China. In a wet market, all kinds of animals, live and dead, are for sale for consumption, many of them still alive in cages, many killed on the spot. The virus is believed to have originated in bats before moving to an intermediary animal widely consumed by humans after sale in these markets.


These markets contain fish packed into shallow tubs that splash water all over the floor. The floors and counter tops of stalls are slick and red with the blood of animals killed, skinned and gutted as customers watch. Live turtles and crustaceans climb over each other in desperate bids to escape filthy plastic boxes. Birds and mammals scream as they are killed; sick and wounded animals crammed into small cages stacked high drip blood, pus, feces, and urine onto other animals in cages below.


In the eyes of all of them there is misery and terror. Water, blood, fish scales and animal guts are everywhere. Melting ice adds to the slush on the floor.

For years, scientists have warned that filthy markets crammed full of sick animals are breeding grounds for new, antibiotic-resistant “superbugs.”

Some studies claim that by 2050, more people will be dying from these infectious diseases than from cancer. What the world is witnessing in horror in 2020 will someday be common. The United Nations has found that 70% of new human diseases, such as HIV(chimpanzees), Mad Cow Disease, Avian Flu(birds), Ebola(bats) and Swine Flu(pigs) were directly linked to animals used for food.


Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, we continue to be stunned by the lack of serious reporting on the source of the problem.

Finally, after weeks of sparse coverage, we are beginning to see the issue come to light through figures that have captured the world’s attention, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who stated that..

“It boggles my mind how when we have so many diseases that emanate out of that unusual human-animal interface [wet markets], that we don’t just shut it down. I don’t know what else has to happen to get us to appreciate that.”

The writing has been on the wall for years. Animal agriculture, in all of its manifestations — from the disembowelment of pigs, slaughter of cows, killing of chickens on assembly lines, to the bloodthirsty “sport” of hunting — is a ticking time bomb.

Poultry Farm And A Veterinary

And its not only, or even primarily, infectious agents that are doing the killing. Heart disease and stroke, also the direct result of a flesh-based diet, kill 18 million people worldwide each and every year.

We humans have a “vaccine” (a plant-based diet) for this major killer and yet knowingly fail to utilize it.

Unless humans change the way they live with animals, no amount of soap and hand sanitizer, social distancing or ventilators is going to save them as a species.

Maybe that’s a good thing.



I have no comment on this excellent article, just an addition:
We hear from the media every day … “If we stick to the measures, we will soon be able to return to” normal “life …” At the latest, it will become clear to everyone that we have learned nothing.

We didn’t have a normal life before. That’s why we have a deadly pandemic today.
It is not normal to keep, massacre and eat millions of animals in miserable conditions.
It is not normal to burn the tropical forests to create feed for animals that are used as food for the rich countries.
It is not normal to fell forests and cause the death of a thousand wild animals.

It is not normal to decide about the life and death of other non-human animals, it is the fascist right of the stonger!

Exploitation is a painful and murderous act.
It’s time for us to abolish it.

And not just for fear of pandemics!

To all vegans...thank you n

My best regards to all, Venus