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England: Why Being Vegan Is The Wrong Choice – According to Meat and Dairy Farmers.



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The Farmers Weekly is exactly what it says – and is familiar to us (England) in the old days of live animal exports, which they naturally supported.

Here is their latest article on 8 reasons why becoming a vegan is in their opinion, ‘the wrong choice’. Could the reality be that many people are now being much better informed on how meat and dairy is produced ?; and as a result of not liking what they see and hear; people are turning veggie and vegan in their droves.


These pictures do not reflect British farming – but GLOBAL farming issues.


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The farming industry is in crisis; and they have to turn and put down anything that goes against ‘their’ business; and that includes meat and dairy production.

So lets look at what they are saying: here is the link, which we show in full below.


Chickens for meat in an intensive farming environment Stock Photo ...

Castration of male pigs

Halal Slaughter Stock Photos & Halal Slaughter Stock Images - Alamy

Rabbit welfare | Compassion in World Farming

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We simply say, browse through our posts relating to ‘farm animals’ alone – to see what the farmers are doing to animals. Sure, it is not just British farmers against British vegans only; it is a global issue; and with many of the current situations involving farming in the USA; or German intensive pig farming; or China; well yes China !! – at this present time; ‘farmers’, from wherever, are all being put under the same umbrella.

You could well say that the farming community views vegans and veggies in the same way; grouping the whole lot together whilst not really listening to the different arguments made by the many regarding piglet castration, tail docking, battery everything, cows never seeing a grass filed, let alone walk on it,

There are no ‘winners’ in this game; each side has its own specific views of the ‘other side’; but we let the market speak for itself; and the current market says veganism is way out in front.


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So here it is; 8 reasons why being vegan is so ‘bad’ for us all:




Opinion: 8 reasons why becoming vegan is the wrong choice


If the current global crisis has been a time to think about food and those who produce it, it should also be a time for some of us to rethink how we can really help.

For some, changing to a vegan diet may seem like an obvious choice to save the planet or animals. But it’s the wrong choice – and here are eight reasons why.

  1. Mutuality. Man has always lived in a mutually beneficial relationship with animals. It’s a contract – we provide for them, they provide for us. Someone who cares deeply for an animal and then puts it in the food chain for our benefit is not a monster. People who think we’re beyond that because we live in the rich, overfed world insult those who don’t agree.
  2. The survival of huge numbers of people in the world depends on animals – for food, clothing, fuel and transport. Their economies and cultures are based on it. We are not superior to them. What’s more, importing their commodities gives us a lifestyle that is a luxury by their standard and is not defensible.
  3. Our consumption of the world’s resources and our environmental footprint are massive, compared with the people I’ve been talking about. Unless we really live off the grid, everything we do contributes. Eating soya instead of meat doesn’t change that – quite the opposite.
  4. We are what we eat. How can it be wrong to eat something produced where we can see it, raised on grass, water and sunshine, and right to eat something highly processed and flavoured, made from imported products? Do we know how it was grown, its carbon footprint or how good for us it is?
  5. Health. What we eat now isn’t unhealthy, we just eat too much and we don’t eat a balanced diet. Meat is part of a balanced diet, as is fish and dairy. Switching to a plant-based diet is not the answer. If we are concerned about where our food comes from, let’s buy local and eat seasonal. We won’t get fooled, either.
  6. We think we’re standing up for ourselves and the planet, but we’re being taken for a ride. Supermarkets, advertisers, fitness gurus, trendy restaurants and cookery book writers love what we are doing. We’re the new market, and they will take every penny we have. As for helping the environment…
  7. The countryside we love is not maintained by people with mowers and shears – it is grazed by animals. We couldn’t grow anything but grass on two-thirds of it. Why not take a free resource and use it to feed people and store carbon, while looking after the landscapes, habitats and species we value so much? Not to mention what’s under our feet…
  8. Now that we’ve seen the results of years of large-scale arable cropping, we want to get animals back on the land. It’s not just about grass; the soil under animals’ hooves benefits hugely from all those micro-processes involved in grazing, treading, and recycling of nutrients that billions of flora and fauna depend on. Livestock are life.

If we feel better for being vegan, fine. But we’re not saving the world. We have no right to preach. And no justification for doing atrocious things to people who have just proved their worth to us in this crisis.


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US, “Heroes” act: compensation for mass murder


The “HEROES” Act disregards animal welfare groups’ asks regarding depopulation and slaughter line speeds.




Two weeks after President Trump moved to protect meat industry profits by designating meat processing facilities as “critical infrastructure,” apparently it is now Congress’s turn to do the industry’s bidding.

In the latest coronavirus relief package, introduced in the United States House of Representatives on Tuesday, lawmakers have disregarded both of the major issues animal protection groups have been bringing to their attention: increased slaughter line-speeds, and the mass killing (“depopulation”) of millions of pigs and chickens across the country.

Poultry Farm And A Veterinary

WASTE, BUT WANT NOT: The latest relief bill – the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solution (“HEROES”) Actwould reimburse meat producers for 85 percent of the financial losses they incur as a result of killing whole barnfuls of chickens, pigs, or other farmed animals.

Schweine in Etsorgung mit Krahn_n

These mass killings are the result of supply-chain disruptions, as slaughterhouses across the U.S. have temporarily halted operations due to widespread outbreaks of COVID-19 among workers. Without anywhere to send “market-ready” pigs and chickens, producers are simply killing their herds and flocks to make room for the next batch of animals already in the pipeline.

The bodies of these culled animals are not sold for human consumption. Most will simply be composted (also at taxpayer expense).

EVEN WORSE THAN SLAUGHTER: The methods producers use to carry out these mass killings are exceptionally cruel, ranging from suffocating the animals with foam or gas, to manually slamming them against the ground, to simply turning off the ventilation system in the barns and allowing the animals packed inside to slowly die of overheating.

anonymous schweine

At a certain point, it simply becomes less expensive for producers to kill off their herds than to continue feeding the animals past market weight. And now, under the latest relief bill, producers will be compensated for those mass-killing costs as well.

Those who choose to keep their animals alive will not receive the relief funds (!!!)

FULL SPEED AHEAD: One would think that, at a time when millions of farmed animals are literally being thrown in the trash and workers are getting sick due to crowded conditions at slaughterhouses, it would be wise to slow down the speeds at which these plants can operate.

This is precisely what Animal Equality and other groups asked legislators to do by including a provision in the 1,815-page-long HEROES Act (!!)

In our May 4th letter to congressional leaders, we stated: “We urge you to include language in the fourth coronavirus relief package directing FSIS to retract approvals for all plants currently operating at higher line speeds, cease issuing new approvals, and take additional steps to ensure social distancing. … The suspension of these dangerous systems will help protect workers from further injury, as well as protect animal welfare and food safety.”

These industrial systems of animal exploitation should be stopped (as several federal lawmakers, including Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren, have recently proposed)—not propped up by taxpayer money.

And not only is protecting this harmful industry unethical and irresponsible (both fiscally and from a public health standpoint), some of the government’s attempts to do so are unlawful as well.

This unlawfulness is the basis of our ongoing lawsuit against USDA for its new rule allowing slaughter plants to kill pigs at unlimited speeds.

Sachsen schweinefabrikG

WHAT YOU CAN DO: To quote Jonathan Safran Foer, “Your next meal is the moment to withdraw your support from the most cruel and destructive industry in America.”

Foer’s recent article in the Washington Post reiterates all the reasons the HEROES Act’s support of the industry is so backwards.

You can let your federal representatives know you feel the same, by sending them a message expressing your frustration with Section 60102 of the bill (H.R. 6800). Unlike meat production, your participation is essential.



And I mean…We are experiencing a renaissance of fascist practices in the animal sector … As in the Nazi era.

In 1941 Hitler’s will was to implement a final solution to the “Jewish question”.
This has caused the mass murder of millions of Jews and other people.

Today, every corrupt government wants to mass murder animals who are in no way to blame for the pandemic and the economic corona bankruptcy. They call it ” depopulation” .

We remember…
everything Hitler did back then was legal, and he had even come to power with democratic elections. Like Trump.

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My best regards to all, Venus

EU: end the cage age now!



What is the fate of a petition if that petition reaches 1 million signatures in Europe?

We can find the answer in the EU statute, as part of the “European Citizens’ Initiative” which was introduced with the Lisbon Treaty, and came into force in April 2012:

end the cage age mädchenng

“For initiatives that have collected at least one million signatures, achieving the minimum number required in at least seven Member States, the EU – Commission will have three months to examine the initiative and decide how to act on it. It will meet the organizers so they can explain the issues raised in their initiative in more depth.

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The organizers also want to have the opportunity to present their initiative at a public hearing organized at the European Parliament.
The Commission will then adopt a Communication explaining its conclusions on the initiative, what action it intends to take, if any, and its reasoning.

Conclusion: Within three months, the Commission will inform the organizers about its legal and political conclusions on the initiative, as well as what to do next, or not to do so, and the reasons why.
This information is made available to the public.

end the cage age 3pg

The “End The Cage Age” campaign had 1,5 million votes and was closed on September 11th 2019.
Since then we are waiting for an answer, and we have received no information on how to proceed.
Instead, we get a “Green Deal” in double packaging to “farm-to-fork”, where the massive overproduction of meat in industrial livestock farming with catastrophic effects on animals, humans and the climate is not addressed in the “Green Deal”.

Although the strategy commits to considering options for animal welfare labelling, there is no mention of method-of-production labelling.

Nevertheless: Reineke Hameleers, CEO of the Eurogroup for Animals, speaks of a “historical document that opens the door to a potentially better world for farm animals in the EU and other parts of the world” (!)

And he is firmly convinced that the EU’s green plans “also open up the possibility to meet the latest ECI ” End The Cage Age “, which calls for an end to the use of cages in animal husbandry systems, and to include specific animal welfare regulations for species such as cattle” .

end the cage kälber

He seems to have forgotten the 1.5 million votes, who have already decided against it.
We have not.
He does not seem to be concerned that the abolition of factory farming does not fall within the “green plans” of his employers.

We will never tire of complaining about the fraud and disrespect of the EU Commission, we cannot accept that in this way our civil right to participation is trampled on.

Obviously, The Eurogroup for Animals has understood that the “End the Cage Age” campaign will not work.
Therefore they ask for help at the end.

“The finalised strategies will now be rolled out, with the European Parliament adopting a resolution on the content later this year. At Eurogroup for Animals, our next opportunity will be to influence the European Parliament’s response to the two strategies, so our members will start to mobilise citizens in the days ahead to contact their MEPs and make their voices – and our recommendations – heard”.

No, dear people from the Eurogroup!
I will no longer sign anything, nor will I send any letters to the MEPs.
Until I get an answer about the state of the “End the Cage Age” campaign.

end the cage age

My best regards to all, Venus