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Europe – Fur Free Europe; Going Well But The 1 Million Signature Target Needs Support By March 2023.

I have been talking with the guys at (England Nottingham) based ‘Respect for Animals’ today – fighting the fur industry.

Respect for Animals | Campaign against animal fur – Fur for Animals

We are over half way there in calling for a fur free Europe, and at this present time around 600,000 Europeans have already signed the current Fur Free Europe ECI.

This means that the campaign is well over half of the way to meeting the target of 1,000,000 validated signatures backing the European Citizens Initiative (ECI) which would, if auccessful, oblige the European Commission to both respond and take action.

The Fur Free Europe ECI calls on the EU to ban both fur farming and the placing on the market of farmed fur products.

The ECI Fur Free Europe runs from 18/05/2022, and lasts for one year. So it is essential that we push this campaign and get as many signatures as possible over the coming months,

In order to influence the Commissions draft proposals for changes to the animal welfare legislation across the EU, 1 million signatures need to be collected by around March 2023, which makes the next few months crucial in this campaign.

British and other worldwide citizens are not elegible to sign this petition – which requires validation and is limited to EU citizens only.

But, as many EU citizens still live in the UK, they still have the right to sign the ECI for a fur free Europe.

If you are an EU citizen, or you know of any, then please sign, or urge them to sign by going to:

Fur Free Europe | Eurogroup for Animals

Every signature is so important, and counts in getting past 1 million.

Compiled in conjunction with ‘Respect for Animals’, Nottingham, England.

Regards Mark

South Korea: The Hell That Is Dog Meat Farms.

South Korea dog meat farms – check out past posts:

News and actions from the HSI:

Closing South Korea’s dog meat farms – Humane Society International (

Dogs found starving to death and resorting to cannibalism on South Korean dog farm – Humane Society International (

Stop the Cruel Dog Meat Trade | Humane Society International (

Regards Mark

Peta Investigation – Ducks Stabbed In the Neck, and Legs Cut Off for ‘Responsible Down’. Video and Actions.

Peta Investigation – Ducks stabbed in the neck, and legs cut off for ‘responsible down’.


Ducks Stabbed, Legs Cut Off for ‘Responsible’ Down | PETA

Regards Mark

England: 3/12/22.

I want to start by thanking Mary F. for her kind words of support and advice.

Based around this advice, I am going to try and continue for a while, but using a different approach to how info is presented.

There will be a headline as always; but after this the content of the post will be greatly reduced to a few short lines on the issue in question, followed by a link (or links) relating to this – the link(s) taking you back to the original article(s) which hopefully you will be able to read in full.

Over the last few months I have lost track with a few issues which have always been important to me – South Korean dog meat farms for example. I will now attempt to get back to these and pos

Also, for me personally it has been a bit difficult over the last few months. Some of you may know, some not, but I have endured Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for the last 23 years since being involved with the issues of the Balkans wars.

My vegan diet has been a major factor in allowing me to continue in so many ways every day; plant based is the way to go for healthy living and (for me) getting those massive energy boosts.

Yes, I would love a cure to be found, but only through decent research which DOES NOT exploit animals. Animals do not get MS for example, so why use them to create it artificially in some feeblee attempt to then find a cure ? – there is no sense, but there are many financial incentives to keep on playing the same old record – despite my condition, I have always, and never will ever support the use of animals in any medical research; animals react differently to humans in so many ways, and they are not good ‘tools’ to attempt to find cures for human medical conditions. For me, the only good research is that undertaken which does not involve the use of animals – cellular modelling, computational biology and computational biomodelling etc.

Here are a few organisations doing this in UK for example:

Dr Hadwen Trust becomes Animal Free Research – Animal Free Research UK

Our research – Animal Free Research UK

Current projects – Animal Free Research UK

Who We Are | FRAME

Current projects – Animal Free Research UK

So, a different approach now to how things are presented; and hopefully getting back to some issues that have not been covered for a while. Things will happen only when they happen – please stick with me on this and do not expect daily wonders !

I am trying, and if it involves the wellbeing of animals, then I always will.

Cheers – Mark

Above 2 of my best buddies !

England: Pondering.

Hi all;

sorry there has been nothing recently but have had to undertake a very major computer system re vamp.

Also, what with the legal wrangle recently with the media I am seriously having to think now about the future of this site and where it is going,

WAV is a voluntary un paid information site; which has no membership or asks for any kind of membership fee – everything is provided free at no cost to anyone apart from myself who has to financially undertake anything necessary to keep the site going.

But with the legal threats recently for all information that we DO give a direct link to (of original source); I feel like I am being pushed into a no win corner.

So now, I am pondering this week over the issue of closing the site down for good; the legal people seem to have only one simple interest, and that is getting money any which way they can regardless.

Now I am being asked to pay for each article that I even link to by the press; and this makes things way too expensive and my time input very large. Simply, WAV is being closed down to a point by those only really interested I making money; which goes against everything I personally stand for.

So, this why you see nothing new at the moment – it is big ‘ponder’ time; I am really thinking at the moment about where the future path leads.

I will get back to you soon, but regardless, even if it stays, WAV will be changing the way it provides information. It is sad as I hoped this would be a trouble free ‘free’ service, but others have made sure that cannot happen.

Will be in touch soon;
Regards Mark

PETA’s New Christmas Advert – Ditch Turkey at Christmas.

PETA has created its first Christmas advert which it says could persuade viewers to ditch their turkey dinners this year.

The commercial, which will air in cinemas across the UK from November 25, boasts a heartwarming storyline featuring baby turkey Toby.

 See the advert here:

Vegan charity PETA launches its first Christmas advert | Daily Mail Online

Regards Mark

WAV Archive.

EU: EPAA Conference 2022 “Accelerating the Transition to Animal-Free, Sustainable Innovation”.

From Eurogroup foor Animals.

EPAA Conference 2022 “Accelerating the Transition to Animal-Free, Sustainable Innovation”

23 November 2022

This year’s European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA) Annual Conference gathered members from the European Commission, the European Parliament, regulatory authorities, industry, academia, and NGOs to discuss the challenges that still need to be addressed to make animal-free sustainable innovation a reality within the EU.

MEP Tilly Metz opened the conference by stressing that what is needed is not less testing, but different and more effective testing using new approach methodologies (NAMs), as well as a better coordinated cross-sectoral EU approach.

The Directorate-General for Research and Innovation made it clear that the Commission is committed to work towards the phasing out of animals in science, and announced an European roadmap aiming to fully replace animals in chemical safety assessments. The Joint Research Centre also expressed the need to develop a NAM-based classification system to better demonstrate the safe use of chemicals and ensure a higher level of protection. 

EPAA’s achievements in 2022, including the development and promotion of non-animal strategies to replace animal-based tests, as well as their aspiring plans for 2023 to increase the use of NAMs for regulatory safety testing, demonstrate EPAA’s strong engagement to accelerate the replacement of animal testing by innovative non-animal approaches.

The industry, represented by Cefic and Unilever, shared its intentions to continue its efforts to implement the use of NAMs, and ensure the protection of people using the best (non-animal) science available. As Carl Westmoreland summed up, “there isn’t a lack of tools, just a lack of experience with using them to make decisions”. The European Medical Agency also indicated that it is open to discuss NAMs and 3R testing approaches for human and veterinary medicinal product applications, and presented the ambitious and promising work plan of its new working party focused on fostering the 3Rs.  

Finally, Emily McIvor summarised the successes achieved over the past years in accelerating the transition to non-animal science, including the European Parliament’s Resolution to ‘Accelerate a Transition to Innovation without the use of Animals in Research, Regulatory Testing and Education’, the launch of the €400 million PARC project to establish a centre of excellence for the transition to Next Generation Risk Assessment, and the successful European Citizens Initiative (ECI) Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics – Commit to a Europe without Animal Testing which collected over 1,4 million signatures. 

In this regard, Eurogroup for Animals recently published a position paper which reflects some of the key elements needed in a EU wide strategy for the transition to non-animal science. 

Key elements of a strategy to transition to non-animal science

Key elements of a strategy to transition to non-animal science | Eurogroup for Animals

Regards Mark