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USA: The US Government Is Trying to Overturn Protections that Save Grizzly Bears from Trophy Hunters.


The US Government Is Trying to Overturn Protections that Save Grizzly Bears from Trophy Hunters

Posted by Carly Day | June 10, 2019

The US Government Is Trying to Overturn Protections that Save Grizzly Bears from Trophy Hunters

Image Credit: Pixabay – Arthur Topham


Once again, the future of Yellowstone’s grizzly bears is under threat after Federal attorneys filed an appeal to overturn part of last year’s ruling, which reinstated the species’ protection under the Endangered Species Act.

The appeal, filed with the 9th U.S. Circuit of Appeals, questions some aspects of the judge’s decision last September and argues that the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) “should not have to conduct a comprehensive review of the entire listed species,” and that “the district court’s order goes beyond the appropriate remedy.”

The Act has protected grizzlies since 1975 after numbers dropped to 136 individuals. There are now an estimated 1,700-1,800 bears left in the lower 48 states, and around 700 of these live in and around the Yellowstone National Park.

In August 2017, the USFWS removed protections for this population, meaning the management of these animals would be handed over to Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, and trophy hunters would be allowed to murder 23 bears around Yellowstone.

A number of organizations went to court to ask for this decision to be reversed. Thankfully, they were successful, and before hunters had a chance to slaughter any more of these majestic animals, the protections were restored.

According to the Western Environmental Law Center, grizzlies in Yellowstone are still at risk, despite claims by the USFWS that populations are fully recovered. The Center cites “dwindling food sources, climate change, small population size, isolation, habitat loss and fragmentation, and high levels of human-caused mortality” as critical issues facing these beautiful bears.

The USFWS says that grizzlies no longer require this kind of intensive protection and claims that increasing human-animal conflict needs to be managed by controlling bear populations through hunting.

But bear supporters will not give up easily.

“[This latest appeal is a] waste of more time and money trying to defend the illegal decision to pull Yellowstone’s grizzly bears off the endangered species list,” said Andrea Santasiere, attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity. “These bears still need federal protection and we’ll fight to defend the lower court’s decision.”



Justice for Dog Brutally Beaten to Death Behind Restaurant.

Justice for Dog Brutally Beaten to Death Behind Restaurant

Posted by Carly Day


Petition 2

Petition Link


PETITION TARGET: Gary George, Director of Public Safety, Alpharetta Police Department

A black Labrador was viciously beaten to death behind a restaurant in Alpharetta, Atlanta. The beating was so brutal that the dog’s neck and legs were broken, and blood from the attack was spattered on the back door and wall of the restaurant where the body was discovered.

On May 25, an employee taking a break just before midnight behind the Atlantic Seafood Company on Mansell Road witnessed a man dressed in black yelling at a terrified dog, Channel 2 Action News reported.

When the man saw that his actions were being observed, he began to scream at the employee, who retreated indoors to call the police. When the officers arrived, they discovered the broken body of the dog.

Unfortunately, no leads on the case have been reported as yet. An act of such violence and aggression upon this innocent dog clearly indicates the person responsible is a threat to both animals and humans. This brutal attacker must be caught before he can kill or maim again.

Sign this petition urging the Alpharetta Police Department to make every effort to find and prosecute whoever did this to the fullest extent of the law and get justice for this dog who died in such a horrific way.

Alpharetta Police are asking anyone with information to call 678-297-6300.




England: ‘Oliver’ The Pig – Rescued By Police From A Busy Road. Now With the RSPCA Looking for a Forever Home. Enjoy the Video.


Watch the video by clicking on the above link; or see it below.


Meet Oliver, an adorable piglet who was rescued by police officers in the English city of Coventry in the West Midlands last Tuesday morning.

The officers discovered the lost pig wandering along a busy road and quickly relocated him to the safety of a squad car, where he settled comfortably into the passenger seat.

Oliver instantly took a liking to the officers and enjoyed the attention he received from them, as you can see in this video.

The officers named the little pig after Charles Dickens’ fictional runaway orphan, Oliver Twist.

In the video, one policeman also jokingly introduces Oliver as his new police partner and calls him a “good boy.”

The lovely piglet was transported to the RSPCA, where he’s currently being cared for until a forever home is found for him.

In the meantime, Oliver will receive “lots of hogs and kisses,” the police department assured the public in a Tweet.

Watch this clip for an uplifting dose of cuteness!


The truth is that it’s NOT OK!

Affe im Zoo hinter Gitternpg

To begin to understand why it is immoral to exploit animals, it’s important to look at the euphemisms we use whenever anything negative happens to someone.

“He was like a lamb to the slaughter.”

“They were treated like farmed animals.”

“We were stared at like animals in a zoo.”

“They milked me for all I was worth.”

Why do we use these expressions for anything negative at all if what we do to animals is OK?

The truth is that it’s NOT OK. If it’s wrong to commodify humans in such a way, then so too is it wrong to commodify non-humans in such a way.

We are not so special and other animals so worthless that it is wrong for these things to be done to us but morally acceptable for us to do these things to them.

Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

Best regards to all, Venus

Circus Roncalli: 360° Holografie instead of animal cruelty





Come in, walk in – come and marvel!


On the stage of the Circus Roncalli elephants with long tusks rise again on a pedestal and bow.
But after the show, the animals do not have to be in a tight cage and across the highway to the next town. Because: they are not real, but created holographically. For its new, animal-free concept, the circus of animal welfare organizations such as Peta is classified as “exemplary”.

Roncalli has banished wildlife from his program since 1991, and last year circus director Bernhard Paul said goodbye to the last animal actors – the horses. At least from the real ones: instead, horses made of stardust run through the ring as holograms; more than a million gold particles are animated according to Roncalli press spokesman Markus Strobl.

-holografischen-pferden w760

In 2018, the first holograms were shown at Roncalli. This makes the circus the first to work with holographic animals. But not the first animal-free: Even circuses like Cirque du Soleil or Flic Flac rely on acrobatics and Co. instead of animals.

elefant kopfüber holographiejpg

The times have changed. Many of these circuses have long since canceled their sails, and the whole “circus” concept has also seemed a little out of time. Those who still travel the country with their programs face a sharp headwind. This often has to do exactly with the circus animals, because PETA and other organizations, but also more and more individuals refuse the conditions under which the animals have to live.

Bernhard-Paul-Direktor-des-Circus-Roncalli-jpgBernhard Paul-director of the Roncalli Circus

The animal welfare organization PETA calls Roncalli the “most animal-friendly circus” in Germany. She not only praised Roncalli’s avoidance of animal suffering, but also that the circus has recently offered only vegetarian and vegan food before and during the show.
Meanwhile, the company also waives plastic in its food and beverage offer. “We want a circus that thinks with us,” says Bernhard Paul.

roncalli schildpg

The circus director is aware that this innovation has also “hit the nerve of the times”. But that was not the reason for it: “That was a lonely decision of mine, in which many have said: ‘But this will be difficult without animals`. It was not. It was right. We notice what’s going on in other circuses that work with animals. ”

For example, animal rights activists have repeatedly protested against animal shows in circuses, and Circus “Belly” has caused a stir in recent years with court cases involving its chimpanzee Robby.

Gericht entscheidet über Zukunft von Schimpanse RobbyRobby-in the enclosure of the circus “Belly”

People have become more sensitive to animals in their awareness, says Paul. “It is clear that in a circus you have to transport the animals from city to city and that the places are not necessarily suitable for animal husbandry.” He also got a “guilty conscience”.
“It is not necessary to have animals in the circus, nothing is missing”, he is sure. When he announced in shows that they are now free of animals, applause followed. And the circus also receives prominent letters, as press spokesman Strobl reports: “Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin wrote us a fan mail and invited us to America. ”
Bernhard Paul has also been invited to Silicon Valley.

My comment: The attempt to introduce a wildlife ban for circuses, there was already several times and has failed to corrupt German politicians.

And so far nothing has come of it: Three attempts in the Federal Council, 2003, 2011 and 2016, failed because of the blockade of the Union parties and because of the veto of the competent Federal Ministry.

The argument: The introduction of a ban would be equivalent to a professional ban, animal traders would thereby become unemployed!!!. Other European countries are more stringent: For example, in Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Ireland and other countries there is a ban on wild animals in the circus. In a few countries, such as Greece and Cyprus, animals in circuses are generally banned.

Thank you, Roncalli!
Now I can go to the circus again.
No animals are abused and “broken” for the amusement of stupid circus visitors.
I hope that other circuses will take Roncalli as a role model and make the same decision.

My best regards, Venus

Today (14/6) Has Been ‘Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day’.


stop live transport


Today (14/6) has been the ‘Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day’; a global day of action against the transportation of live animals.

As it is now late in the evening, we do not currently have reports and pictures of the events of today; but we shall be covering this soon when more information is provided.

In the mean time we will give you the link to the CIWF (London) web site, which has been one of the key players in this event,

The site link is   –

Watch the video made by CIWF of Scottish calves being driven to Ramsgate in Kent; before onward shipment in mainland Europe. As you will have seen on past post we have made on this site, these very young calves are all males; a by product of the dairy industry which in reality does not want them – only female cows produce milk and as such are the only ones required to replenish the herd on dairy farms and facilities.

Here below is the video – Published on 1 May 2019

An investigation documenting the live transport of calves from Scotland to the port of Ramsgate (Kent, England) and onto Abbeville, France.


As it is now late in the evening here in England, we do not currently have reports and pictures of the events of today; but we shall be covering this soon when more information is provided.

More to come on this very soon, as we get reports in.

Regards Mark