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Indonesian Province Pledges ‘Zero Tolerance’ for Dog Meat.



Indonesian Province Pledges ‘Zero Tolerance’ for Dog Meat

Indonesian Province Pledges ‘Zero Tolerance’ for Dog Meat

Progress toward ending the dog meat trade in Indonesia! This week, Governor Ganjar Pranowo called for a ban on the consumption of dog meat throughout Central Java.

Every month around 13,000 dogs are slaughtered for consumption in the region. Governor Ganjar Pranowo met with representatives from Dog Meat Free Indonesia on Tuesday, which was followed by his announcement.

He proclaimed, “We must push the Surakarta administration to issue a strict regulation that prohibits people from consuming or selling dog meat.”

Further legal support for this ban comes from a law passed in 2012 stating that dogs are not defined as food since they do not come from forests or farms. According to the Jakarta Post, Ganjar said, “The law clearly prohibits it. Once a regency issues a ban, every other region will follow suit. Agency heads will convene to discuss such a regulation.”

Many concerns surround the health and safety of the dog meat trade. The transportation of the dogs sent to slaughter increase the likelihood of the spread of disease such as rabies, and for the dogs the rampant abuse within the industry drew sympathy.

It is also a barbaric and inhumane business. Dogs are often beaten to death in front of onlookers, and some are blow torched while still alive.

While dog meat is easily found in the stalls of street vendors, only a small percentage of the population consumes dog meat. However, it is still a lucrative trade.

We applaud Governor Ganjar Pranowo for his call to help put an end this brutal practice, and urge other provinces to follow suit.

Indonesia: Critically Endangered Sumatran Elephants Head Hacked Off By Tusk Poachers. Sign Petition for Action and Justice.



SIGN: Justice for Sumatran Elephant Brutally Decapitated, Tusks Hacked Off By Poachers

Posted by Ashley Locke | December 5, 2019


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Petition Link:


SIGN: Justice for Sumatran Elephant Brutally Decapitated, Tusks Hacked Off By Poachers


Poachers left the corpse of a 40-year-old Sumatran elephant to rot on an Indonesian plantation after hacking off the majestic animal’s head.

“The elephant’s head had been cut off and its severed trunk was found a metre away from the body,” said Suharyono, head of a local conservation agency, in a statement. “We suspect the elephant was hunted and killed, and then its head was cut off to remove the tusks.”

The Sumatran elephant is listed as “critically endangered.” According to the World Wildlife Fund, “nearly 70 percent of [their] habitat has been destroyed in one generation.”

Poaching has also skewed the breeding rates for these magnificent creatures, making it even more difficult for the species to survive.

Asian Species Expert Dr. Barney Long notes, “we could possibly see the Sumatran elephant be restricted to just a few remote populations within our lifetimes.”

Sign this petition today to urge the Indonesian government to do everything in their power to bring these poachers to justice, and work to protect the remaining animals. The Sumatran elephants must be protected before all hope is lost.

India: December Rescues From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

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Dear Mark,


In the video (below) about rescuing two puppies from a deep well, you might take a look at the little unexpected character innocently minding his own business at 1.05 minutes into the video. It’s a round brown mouse, who doesn’t even look up from her preoccupations when Pushkar pulls in close the first frightened puppy. People write to us regularly about the animals in their lives. Whether they’ve found a stray kitten, or an injured crow, or upset a family of mice in the basement, or a squirrel who’s been hit by a car–we all become more sensitive learning the heroics ordinary people go through to save an animal’s life. Sharing such stories helps us keep our eyes and hearts open generally, to all animals everywhere. If that little creature hadn’t looked so peaceful in that deep well, we might have tried to bring her up too!


Saved from starvation, puppies rescued from well



Two naughty angels must have been so engrossed in playing that they didn’t realize they were heading straight for an open dry well. In they fell, dropping 60 feet, but because their fall was broken by several feet of garbage, they didn’t break even a single bone! Neighbor kids heard them crying and cheered on our rescue team from arrival to the puppies’ dizzying reunion with their Mommy. These darlings would have died of starvation and thirst without rescue.

Please donate for little ones in deep trouble.



Dear old Baloo couldn’t even lift his head, but he wouldn’t give up



Neighbours noticed a dog sleeping in the corner of their small yard, but then realized he hadn’t moved for hours. When they approached, he didn’t even stir, and that’s when they realized he was horrifically injured. His ear was shredded and the tissue all around it was swollen, and then they could see an enormous wound in his stomach. Hundreds of maggots roiled in the wounds. When we bent to pick him up, we found that the precious old sweetheart had no strength even to resist, even to raise his head. We hurried him back to the hospital and began the laborious process of removing the maggots, and his brave effort to get well began. Meet adorable old Baloo now. He’s just irresistible. 


Please donate for old friends.



Maude’s eyes sparkle at last


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Will add and publish if we resolve.  Mark – WAV.

A deep wound on this old girl’s stomach threatened her life. When neighbors noticed blood on her side as she lay on the ground they called us to rescue her. She seemed to consider slipping away from us, but soon relaxed and allowed us to scoop her up and bring her to the hospital. We could see that the wound flap would heal well with sutures, so we sedated her, thoroughly cleaned the site and stitched her up. Maude’s eyes started sparkling as soon as she felt better, and seemed to say thank you. Your caring donations made her rescue possible. Please donate.



Celebrate the Caregivers: Vinod Meena!



When paravet Vinod Meena started working in Animal Aid two years ago, we didn’t have a Street Treatment program yet. We wouldn’t have dreamed that in such a short time a newer member of staff could master the skills to gently handle animals who are often frightened, right out in the open, where dodging our care is on the mind of many of our outdoor patients. But Vinod has an incredibly soft touch and wins the trust of his patients with grace and speed. He is great in interacting with neighbors, too, teaching and encouraging them to do all they can to help, too. Through this program of prevention and treatment, where the animals are kept in their own environments, Vinod has saved the lives of hundreds of patients and supported their care-takers in helping their neighbourhood animals.



Mahatma Gandhi

“To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being.”












Australia: Cattle Station Abuses Exposed – With Live Exports, A Farming Nation at the Top of the Tree When It Comes to Animal Abuse.



WAV Comment – you keep asking yourself if it can get any worse, after watching footage after footage of the way Australian animals are treated; live exports and the rest. Well yes, it does continue to get worse, and here is another example – taken at 4 different cattle stations in Norther Australia.

Fortunately, these industries are driving lots of nails into their own coffins by what they are doing. We hope they are dead and buried very soon; they do not deserve to exist. As you can hear in the video, it is all a matter of cost – the stations do not want to invest in veterinarians – so they do botched killings of cattle (some shot in the head 4 times; and they still survive !) and the value of the animal is weighed against if it is even worth getting any veterinary treatment !

And it all goes on in the stations which are i9n the middle of nowhere; where officials never go or do not want to go. This is the Australian government approach to ALL animal issues; also especially those of live exports – they do not care as long as financial gain is at the top of the tree.

We will continue to support the work of brave investigators who risk a lot to expose these abuses; be they on cattle stations, sheep stations or during the long export journeys around the world.

Looking forward very soon to watching them drive the ultimate nail into their own coffin – scum humankind like this do not deserve to exist.


Warning – Disturbing Footage




Israeli-based investigation agency, Sentient, has captured harrowing footage of cattle having their horns cut off without pain relief and animals being left to die on Australia’s remote outback stations.

The shocking footage taken from four cattle stations in Northern Australia has aired on prime-time television in Israel and renewed calls to shut down the live cattle trade to the country.

Investigators witnessed cattle undergoing surgical procedures including dehorning and castration, without any pain relief; animals being punched and kicked; botched euthanasia attempts; and sick or injured animals left to die without veterinary intervention.

The only thing more shocking than the systemic abuse exposed through this investigation, is that some of it is entirely legal.

We were amazed to find out that some of the worst practices we have seen, including dehorning without using pain relief, are legal in Australia.Investigator, Sentient

Demand better treatment of Australian cattle and hold the industry accountable for the welfare of these animals, by taking action now:

Action link:

France: 158 Wild Boar Killed by Physcho Hunters In One Day.



boar france

The killing of 158 wild boar in a single day’s hunting in eastern France has sparked anger in the region and accusations of “carnage”, even if the hunters were within their allowed quotas.

The boar were killed in a “battue” in which beaters drove the game towards the 82 hunters last Wednesday in the eastern Ardennes region.

Local officials said the hunters were within their rights as they had still not attained their quotas for the season of some 300 animals.

But a participant in the hunt described the scene in a report in the local Ardennais newspaper, denouncing the extent of the killings as a true “carnage” that had left him shaken.

And the president of the hunting federation for the Ardennes, Jean-Pol Gambier, said that “such an image for hunting cannot be supported, we cannot allow this kind of excess.”

He said that the “exceptional” number of individuals killed was “intolerable”.

Cited in a local paper, he added that he “strongly condemned” the number of animals killed, saying it “significantly damages the image of hunting.”

“I am overcome by this carnage, even if there is a need to regulate (numbers),” Claude Maireaux, head of a local nature protection group said.

Hunters in France insist that their practice is helpful to nature and is rooted in the country’s traditions, even in the face of growing protests by animal rights groups.


Ireland: Video – 2,000 Irish Cattle Being Loaded for Live Export and Ritual Slaughter in Libya.



Irish cattle being loaded on to a boat as I we type this message. Over 2000 going to Libya. The Irish government tell civilians it’s too dangerous to travel there but they keep on sending innocent animals to horrific slaughter after horrendous journeys.