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Ireland: Morrissey Joins Others In Seeking A Ban On Hare Coursing.

SINGER Morrissey has become the latest star to write to Taoiseach Micheal Martin seeking a ban on hare coursing.

Watch on Youtube:

The former Smiths frontman, an ambassador for animal charity PETA and a well-known vegan, has pleaded with the Irish Government to take action as he prepares to take to the stage at the INEC in Killarney on Saturday night,

Read the story – Singer Morrissey blasts Ireland over hare coursing – here’s 6 other celebs who are passionate about animal rights | The Irish Sun (

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Australia: Illegal investigation by animal rights activists uncovers pigs in sow stalls across Victoria – … “rather than implementing laws that target whistleblowers who expose this cruelty, there should be laws targeting the cruelty.” 

Australian Pork Limited says most piggeries do not use sow stalls.(ABC Rural: Jane McNaughton)

Illegal investigation by animal rights activists uncovers pigs in sow stalls across Victoria

A lobby group has accused several Victorian farms of caging mother pigs for an “unacceptably” long period of time, releasing footage of the practice, which was meant to be phased out by the pork industry five years ago. 

Key points:

  • Animal activists have accused several Victorian piggeries of using sow stalls for extended periods
  • The pork industry says a majority of sow stalls in Australia were voluntarily phased out by 2017
  • Farm trespass is illegal in Victoria, with penalties of $10,904 for an individual and up to $54,522 for an organisation 

Animal rights activists with the Farm Transparency Project trespassed onto six farms across the state this year and installed cameras to obtain the footage.

Executive Director Chris Delforce said most consumers of pork would expect better welfare standards for Australian pigs.

“People are being led to believe by this industry that sow stalls are a thing of the past when they are still widely used,” he said.

“It’s clear to us that self-regulation by the industry has failed and it’s time for the government to step in and legislate a ban on these cruel cages.”

Five-day recommendation

Sow stalls are cages measuring a minimum of 0.6 metres wide and 2.2 metres long which inhibit pig movement, and were introduced to control aggression during pregnancy and make pigs easier to manage.

Sow stalls in Victoria are legally required to be a minimum of 0.6 metres wide and 2.2 metres long.(ABC Rural: Warwick Long)

Australian Pork Limited CEO Margo Andrae said the gestation cages were used to protect pigs and people working with the animals.

“There is a short time frame sows are in the stalls, for certified Gestation Stall Free [status] … up to five days to make sure the sow is looked after while she is mating,” she said.

“Over 88 per cent of industry have voluntarily phased out the use of sow stalls for a period longer than five days.

“Trying to understand that footage [taken by the Farm Transparency Project] and look at those time frames is very hard when you don’t know the context and we can’t be sure of what those times are.”

Ms Andrae said the pigs’ welfare was jeopardised by the farm trespass, and the footage was obtained illegally. 

“The activists breached biosecurity regulations and have put those farms at risk with diseases like African Swine Fever and foot-and-mouth disease on our doorstep,” she said.

“The activists have broken the law and need to be held accountable. (Oh dear, how wonderful – WAV)

“Animal welfare is a priority — we do the utmost to protect our sows and our piglets to make sure that we are world-leading in how we operate as an industry.”

But Mr Delforce said his organisation found piggeries exceeding this five-day recommendation and caging pigs for up to 27 days.

“They have enough room to take maybe one or two steps [in the cages] and they’re unable to turn around, a number of them have pressure sores because they are pressed up against metal bars or the hard concrete floor,” he said.

“These are designed to cram as many pigs in as tight a space as possible to make it as efficient as possible but it has nothing to do with the welfare of the pigs.”

Despite tough new laws to deter animal activists from trespassing on farms passing the Victorian parliament earlier this year, Mr Delforce said illegally entering private property was vital research.

“Unfortunately it’s the only way that consumers are ever going to see inside these places,” he said.

“I think rather than implementing laws that target whistleblowers who expose this cruelty, there should be laws targeting the cruelty.” 

Recognising sentience

Victoria is currently in the process of upgrading animal care and protection laws, including potentially recognising that “animals have the capacity to feel, perceive their environment, and to have positive and negative experiences like pleasure and pain”.

However, the new legislation would also distinguish between companion animals and commercial livestock in the application of laws, stating animals can be owned and used for lawful purposes, including farming.

There are no intensive piggeries in the Australian Capital Territory and sow stalls have been banned in Tasmania and countries of economic similarity, such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand and some US states.

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Illegal investigation by animal rights activists uncovers pigs in sow stalls across Victoria – ABC News

England: Who In Government Is Right, and Who Is Wrong ? – We Write For Clarification (Maybe). Or Are They Confused Just Like Us ?


Tonight I have sent a letter to my MP on the issue of Liz Truss (Prime Minister), animal welfare, the environment and international Free Trade Agreements (FTA).

Being simple, I am a little confused.

First, lets look back at the letter I had from the Department for International Trade (Dated 22/6/22) when I first wrote with concerns about animal welfare issues in the Australia – Uk Free Trade Agreement (FTA).  Here are a couple of links which link which allows you read both my original letter of concern, and also the reply from the Department of International Trade (DIT), which forms the basis of my new letter of concern relating to the ‘Truss’ led government.

There appear to be many conflicts between what the DIT and the press (links given in letter) are saying about FTA’s.  I hope I have expressed my concerns well enough in the new letter to try and explain this.

Past links:

England: WAV Write To UK Member of Parliament Over UK – Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA). – World Animals Voice

England: Response From UK Government Over Our Letter Of Animal Welfare Concerns In UK – Australia FTA. – World Animals Voice

So now the letter of concern has been sent and I await a response which I hope will be soon.

As always and as shown in the above links, I will be publishing a response on this confusing subject (?) when it comes my way.

For me, animal welfare and the environment are 2 issues which should be sitting right at the top of the UK government inbox.   With Liz Truss working for Shell in the past, along with her record working at UK Defra Ministry (see letter); the environment and animal welfare are both subjects which seem to have vanished from her radar.

The electorate will decide if the environment and animal welfare are important in the lead up to the next UK General Election.  Be assured, we will be doing our bit to keep the issues ‘up the tree’ right up until the next voting day.

Regards Mark

With thanks to our friends at ‘The Guardian (London)’ for the write ups in the following links.

Mulesed Sheep n Australia. (Flesh removed without painkillers)

Here is a copy of my (MP) letter dated 21/9/22.

Dear Mr Holloway;

You recently (22 June 2022) sent me a letter from Penny Mordaunt MP; who at the time was Minister of State for Trade Policy – at the Department for International Trade.

It related to concerns which I had for animal welfare in Australia – relating to the UK – Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

Ms Mordaunt, who I personally very much wished had become the PM, made several statements in her response.

Sheet 2 – “the government has made it clear in its manifesto that in all our trade negotiations, we will not compromise on our high environmental protection, animal welfare and food standards”.

She continues:

“As the PM (then Boris) has said, we are proud that we are global leaders on animal welfare

But, now Liz Truss has unfortunately become the PM, I am reading a lot of statements which contradict the above.

George Eustice (was Minster at Defra, now thrown out by Truss) says rival Rishi Sunak has made clear there will be no compromise on welfare standards


Liz Truss has refused to enshrine animal welfare in trade deals, says minister | Animal welfare | The Guardian

George Eustice was speaking at the Conservative Environment Network Tory leadership hustings on behalf of Rishi Sunak, and said he faced “challenges” in trying to get Truss to enshrine animal welfare in trade deals.

Liz Truss has refused to recognise the importance of animal welfare in post-Brexit trade deals, the environment secretary has said.

So, Ms. Mordaunt says “the government has made it clear in its manifesto that in all our trade negotiations, we will not compromiseon our high environmental protection, animal welfare and food standards”; whilst new PM Liz Truss allegedly fails to recognise the importance of animal welfare in post-Brexit trade deals.

So Mr. Holloway; who is right and who is wrong ? – Mordaunt or Truss ?

The Green Party MP Caroline Lucas accused the pair of “bunking off”, adding: “Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak can’t even be bothered to take to a virtual Zoom stage for an hour on a Wednesday morning to discuss the greatest crisis we face.”

Eustice said: “To be fair to Boris Johnson despite him having many people around him saying ‘dial back the animal welfare, get the barnacles off the boat’, he did press on.  This is something which I personally agreed with; unfortunately now, with Truss at the helm, times are a changing !

Liz Truss accused of snubbing farmers over refusal to attend rural hustings | Liz Truss | The Guardian

Handing animal welfare to the farming industry is a big backward step | Philip Lymbery | The Guardian

Quote – “the Government is committed to ensuring that any deal we sign includes protections for the agriculture industry”. It also states that “we have secured ground breaking provisions on animal welfare”.

So why is Liz Truss refusing to recognise the importance of animal welfare in post Brexit trade deals ?.  The department for international trade say one thing to me in a letter response a few months ago; and now Liz Truss appears to want to kick these sae words into the long grass with her approach.  Confused ? – well yes, sort of !

I am an animal welfare campaigner; and I am confused as to what exactly the current Conservative government policy is regarding animal welfare and future international trade deals; maybe you can clarify the situation for me, or maybe you are just as confused as the majority of people are ?

For me, my future vote will be cast on issues such as animal welfare and the environment rather than getting few hundred quid off an energy bill, which Truss seems to think will have the masses clambering at her feet – how wrong.  It is time she woke up and considered animal welfare and especially the environment.

Personally, I consider the appointment of Truss as the PM to be one of the worst moves the Conservative Party have taken for many years.  In just a few days, we have seen

Liz Truss shows little sign she is ready to meet big environmental challenges | Green politics | The Guardian

Many green campaigners remember Truss as the secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs from 2014 to 2016. Privately, they say she made little impact, other than to agree to cuts to the department’s budget that further reduced enforcement of environmental regulation, including of sewage polluting the UK’s waterways.

Truss appears to be handing out top jobs to all of her cronies and supporters, whist ignoring the campaigners and organisations who have provided evidence of their standings in so many important issues over many years including evidences when it comes to animal welfare abuses both abroad and in the UK.

The co-chairman of the Conservatives, who raised tens of millions of pounds for the party’s general election campaign, one Ben Elliot, resigned hours after Liz Truss won as PM.

Ben Elliot announced he was stepping down from the role leaving Miss Truss with the headache of trying to find a powerful replacement. Mr Elliot spearheaded the drive to amass a £56millon war chest in the run-up to the 2019 election, of which £23million was raised in the four weeks before polling day.

You could say that being in the sewage is something close to Liz Truss’ heart in many ways since she was (Defra) secretary of state from 2014 to 2016.  Under her current premiership, she will drag the Conservative Party into the stench, and probably lose the next General Election with the ignorance and anti environment stance she takes.  It is time for the Truss to wake up to the most important issues.

Regards Mark

Rees Mogg – a new appointment in the ‘Truss’ camp I believe:

Animal cruelty: Why Jacob Rees-Mogg stance is so misguided over nonsensical import rules – Yorkshire Post Letters | Yorkshire Post

Jacob Rees-Mogg opposes fur and foie gras ban as it ‘limits personal choice’ – Mirror Online

In 2014, Rees-Mogg was referred to the Parliamentary Standards regime after he repeatedly spoke in the House of Commons chamber in support of the oil and gas, tobacco and mining industries without first declaring that he was the founder and director of Somerset Capital Management, which then held millions of pounds worth of investments in those sectors.

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Appointment Shows Truss’ Government Is Captured by the Hard Right – Byline Times

Like my shorts ??

Brazil: Squid and Squash – Lets Hope The Amazon Destroyer Gets His Marching Orders.

In Brazil, correspondent Tom Phillips says the mood isn’t so much downbeat as downright violent. Bolsonaro appears likely to lose to veteran former president Luiz Inacio da Silva (nickname Lula, which means ‘squid’ in Portuguese) and his running mate Geraldo Alckmin (known as Chuchu, which is a sort of squash). The ‘Trump of the tropics’ is not giving in without a fight.

“Fact 1 – Bolsonaro doesn’t look like he can win this now,” Tom says, pointing to support ratings of little more than 30%. “Fact 2 – he’s desperate to stay in power because he fears prosecution for mishandling Covid, and for the various corruption allegations that have enveloped his family. So one would imagine he will fight tooth and nail to stay in power.”

That has led to an ugly atmosphere in which political violence is rife. Tom says life is very different for foreign correspondents in Rio these days.

“When I was first posted here in 2005, foreign correspondents didn’t receive hate mail, insults, threats of physical violence on social media,” he says. “I’d never heard of a foreign correspondent being attacked. But now it’s different – and worse for Brazilian journalists and even worse for female Brazilian journalists – with whom Bolsonaro has deliberately clashed.”

He says the murder this year of colleague Dom Phillips is just part of that wretched tendency. “The rhetoric has become so violent and so much hostility has been stirred up against environmental activists and mainstream media journalists that everyone feels on edge.”

Can Lula undo all the damage that Bolsonaro has done in four years? Tom feels it’s a tall order.

“He is not a miracle worker. He would represent a change of direction, away from Amazon destruction and growing authoritarianism though.

Lula told me recently that he would stop illegal gold mines, tackle deforestation, and set up a ministry for indigenous people. But he will face huge challenges, there’ll be an economic crisis, and you don’t just reverse these things overnight.”

Regards Mark

India: September 22 Rescue Videos From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

Dear Mark,

Holly, Ray and Powder, 3 incredible animals featured below, are a testament of just how much your support does for street animals every day at Animal Aid.  Our rescue teams admit around 25 injured and ill animals each day and providing so many animals with the medical treatment and care they need is our greatest privilege. We couldn’t do it without you. We believe that wherever you are, you are a part of our rescue team. You’re one of our caregivers helping a weak dog eat their first meal in a long time. You’re one of our nurses giving life-saving treatment to an animal who had given up hope. When you virtually meet Holly, Ray and Powder today and read about their recoveries, we hope you can feel yourself a part of the magic.

Holly had suffered an unimaginable injury: a 3rd degree burn covering her entire shoulder and chest, up to her back. When we first examined her on the treatment table, we heart-brokenly considered whether with a wound so large euthanasia would be the kindest option. But taking into account her otherwise good body condition, and an intense sparkle in her beautiful eyes, we decided to try to heal her. Despite pain we can only imagine, a quiet love radiated from her, touching everyone around her.

Each day, we cleaned and covered the wound. Healing began within just a few days, but the final closure of this terrible wound took months. 

Because of you, an injured animal can survive. Please donate today

Babies are so fragile, and this little sweetheart’s wound was deep, and in a very risky location at his throat. For several days he couldn’t stand, needed help even to eat, and swallowing was difficult. But gradually, we saw something brightening in his little button eyes.

He still couldn’t walk without wobbles; he was sleeping most of the time, and the wound itself was still very painful. But yes, there was life and joy awakening inside him. He showed us a ray of hope, and that’s what we called him as he got stronger and stronger. Meet Ray now!

A ray of hope. Hold onto it, even if it’s small : Please donate today

This desperate boy was covered in mange scabs, and pain covered every inch of his body. Kind passers-by were able to catch and hold him in their car while waiting for our rescue team to arrive. We were so grateful for their profoundly compassionate help because dogs with this level of severe mange usually stay on the run and are very difficult to catch. 

He was incredibly gentle and hardly moved a muscle while we administered pain medicine, antibiotics, and began his life-saving treatment. Although he didn’t love his first medicated bath, he must have felt so much relief to rest with a full belly after eating a big meal. Day by day, his crusty skin healed, and a beautiful soft powder-white angel began to emerge from what had been pure wreckage. Meet sweet Powder now!

Help save someone precious : Please donate today

Spencer Duru, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when he was just 22, has raised a whopping $5000 for Animal Aid Unlimited in a 42 km charity walk in August. 

He along with 23 friends completed the walk at his home in Manchester (England UK).

Quoting this wonderful guy: “The thought that if this walk and fundraising could alleviate just the suffering of even one animal, it makes my MS disappear :)”  Spencer, for the hundreds of animals whose lives you have touched, comforted, and saved by this donation, we thank you for your courage, strength, and love.

Go shopping for AAU here:

Animal Aid Unlimited Shop

We thank you deeply for all you do, are, and inspire for animals.

Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim,

and the Animal Aid Unlimited team.

Netherlands: Haarlem Bans Meat Advertising In Public Spaces – Getting Low Quality Meat Off The Streets.

Getting low-quality meat off the streets: Haarlem bans meat advertising in public spaces

20 September 2022

In a historic first, the city of Haarlem in the Netherlands has banned advertising low-quality meat in public spaces, including on buses and billboards. While the finer details of this ban are still being discussed – namely, whether or not it will also apply to more sustainably-sourced meat, such as organic – it’s set to come into effect in 2024.

For the Dutch city, this is a fantastic step towards creating a better food environment, in which high-welfare options and sustainable alternatives to low-quality meat products are encouraged… mirroring the kind of action we’d like to see taken across the EU as a whole. It’s no secret that intensive livestock systems with low animal welfare standards produce greenhouse gas emissions on a staggering scale. In order to align the European food system with the planetary boundaries we should curb animal production and consumption by 70% by 2030 to slow the effects of climate change. 

Dietary change is a major piece of the puzzle

It’s critical to the future of our planet that industrial farming systems, especially those involving animals, are phased out. That’s why the concept of ‘less but better’ meat is central to the suggestions we’ve made to the European Commission for their Sustainable Food Systems Framework, and include:

Pushing low welfare animal products out of the market, such as fast-growing broiler chickens

Restricting advertising for animal products

Introducing compulsory animal welfare labelling – or ‘method-of-production labelling’ – in which information about how animals have been reared throughout their lifetime is made clear

By banning the advertising of low welfare animal meat, Haarlem will support its citizens in making better choices concerning the animal products they buy: championing better farming practices while supporting a more sustainable food system.

Haarlem is first… will the EU follow?

Beyond the horrible conditions animals face and the industry’s effects on the climate, intensive livestock systems are also connected to a host of other environmental and public health crises, related to pesticides, disease, food security and resilience, antibiotics, and more.

Its impacts can no longer be ignored. Haarlem has set the mark, and now it’s time for others to meet it. Because if one town can take the spotlight off cheap meat, why not the rest of the EU, too?

(5) Eurogroup For Animals on Twitter: “🇳🇱🍔 The city of Haarlem in the Netherlands has passed a motion to ban meat advertising in public spaces. This is a great step towards reduced meat consumption and the promotion of more sustainable food systems.” / Twitter

Well done Haarlem, great job !

Regards Mark

UK; More About Zac Sacking.


We have attempted recently to ask UK government about the trade deal with Australia; as we have concerns about the welfare of animals.

Check it out at: Search Results for “australia free trade” – World Animals Voice

Tory peer Zac Goldsmith sacked as environment minister


Tory peer Zac Goldsmith sacked as environment minister (

Tory peer Zac Goldsmith has been sacked as an environment minister as part of a major overhaul of Government personnel under Liz Truss.

It is understood that Lord Goldsmith, a close ally of Ms Truss’s predecessor Boris Johnson, no longer holds the animal welfare brief.

However, he retains his job at the Foreign Office, where his responsibilities include the Pacific and international environment.

The dismissal comes despite Downing Street saying the reshuffle had been stopped, as politics largely ground to a halt during the period of mourning following the Queen’s death.

The sacking of the long-time environmentalist could add to concerns the new administration could turn away from green issues.

Lord Goldsmith himself warned against such a shift during the contest to replace Mr Johnson.

Speaking in Parliament in July, he said: “My hope … is to try very, very hard to shine a light on these issues and encourage the candidates that eventually make it to the top to just recognise that if they walk away from these issues, they not only will be punished by the electorate, they absolutely must be punished by the electorate.

“It is your duty and our duty, and everyone else’s duty, to punish any leader of any credible party that does not take these issues seriously because they simply do not merit the privilege of government.”

The Guardian reported that Lord Goldsmith said he was “very sad” to be going in a farewell letter to staff at the the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

He wrote: “We have so much more to do to turn the tide here.

“The UK is, after all, one of the world’s most nature-depleted countries. But if Defra continues to get the backing you need and deserve across government, you can and you will turn the tide.”

The appointment of Ranil Jayawardena as Ms Truss’s Environment Secretary has raised concerns among environmental groups including Animal Rebellion.

Dr Alice Brough, 31, a livestock veterinarian from Gloucestershire, recently said: “Liz Truss and Ranil Jayawardena’s attitude of prioritising free trade, no matter the cost, has shown shocking neglect for British farmers, and therefore the rest of us struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.”

Mr Johnson made Lord Goldsmith a life peer shortly after voters dumped him as the MP for Richmond Park in a defeat to the Lib Dems in 2019.

It paved the way for Mr Johnson to hand Lord Goldsmith a job in Government, first in the Foreign Office before making him an environment minister.

Lord Goldsmith’s office has been contacted for comment.

Regards Mark

Associated – UK: Never Trust A Truss. New PM Gets Rid Of Great Environmantal and Animal Welfare Campaigner Zac Goldsmith. Truss and Cohort Rees Mogg Have No Interest In Animal Welfare. – World Animals Voice

UK: Never Trust A Truss. New PM Gets Rid Of Great Environmantal and Animal Welfare Campaigner Zac Goldsmith. Truss and Cohort Rees Mogg Have No Interest In Animal Welfare.

WAV Comment:  Never trust a Truss !

Liz Truss began to work in the corporate sector in 1996. She worked at the British oil and gas company Shell for 4 years till 2000. 

Recent (prior to PM appointment) – Liz Truss will sign off on a push for more oil drilling in the North Sea if she wins the Conservative leadership election, according to reports, drawing criticism from environmental campaigners.

Liz Truss ‘will approve more oil drilling if she becomes PM’ | Oil | The Guardian

… and then throw in supporter of hers Jacob Rees Mogg;

In January 2014, he dismissed the sum of £250,000 spent on MPs’ portraits as trivial by saying “I’m all for saving money, saving money right, left and centre, but this is chicken feed”.

In 2012, Rees-Mogg questioned the scientific consensus on climate change, saying that the effect of carbon dioxide emissions on the climate “remains much debated”

Jacob Rees-Mogg – Wikipedia

He is also against any actions to do with fur, and he is a supporter of foie gras; despite the cruelty and suffering involved in its production.

And the Tories think they are going to win the next general election ?

Whatever, with this bunch you can assure yourself that, despite many years of work and evidence submittal to support many specific issues, the animal welfare lobby is once again up against the government on so many issues.

Regards Mark

Rees Mogg

Zac Goldsmith loses environment job amid fears of animal welfare downgrade | Zac Goldsmith | The Guardian

Zac Goldsmith loses environment job amid fears of animal welfare downgrade

Exclusive: Liz Truss strips Conservative peer of environment minister post but he is expected to keep Foreign Office role

The Conservative peer Zac Goldsmith has been sacked as an environment minister, raising fears among some Tory MPs and campaigners that animal welfare will be downgraded by Liz Truss’s government.

The environmentalist and politician, a close friend of Boris Johnson and his wife, Carrie, has been stripped of the domestic animal welfare brief and will no longer attend cabinet.

However, he is expected to keep his role at the Foreign Office, where he is minister of state for the Pacific and international environment. Downing Street originally said it had paused the reshuffle during the national period of mourning.

In a farewell letter to staff at the environment department, seen by the Guardian, Goldsmith said he was “very sad” to be leaving after a “whirlwind” three years, before listing his achievements, including in forestry, plastic pollution and the oceans.

He issued what appeared to be a warning to Truss. “We have so much more to do to turn the tide here,” he said. “The UK is, after all, one of the world’s most nature-depleted countries. But if Defra [the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs] continues to get the backing you need and deserve across government, you can and you will turn the tide.”

The Tory MP Henry Smith said: “Zac has been a fantastic champion of animal welfare issues in government and, despite all the other distractions, he’s been instrumental in delivering quite a few pieces of legislation that have made it on to the statute books … I would expect the government to fulfil all its manifesto commitments and pledges on animal welfare, regardless of which individuals occupy roles in various departments.”

Animal welfare campaigners are concerned that under the new environment secretary, Ranil Jayawardena, a former trade minister, farmers could be undercut on animal welfare grounds in trade deals.

Some Tory MPs suggested that Goldsmith did not see eye to eye with new environment minister, Mark Spencer, a farmer. They believe Truss may be planning to drop the kept animals bill, despite Jayawardena telling the Commons last week that its passage would resume as soon as possible. One MP said: “Liz might abandon it. She had no interest in animal welfare while a minister in Defra.”

There are also fears that the trophy hunting ban that Goldsmith had championed, but which faced opposition from some Conservative backbenchers, could be dropped, meaning that importing parts of endangered animals shot abroad would be allowed to continue.

The ban was a Tory manifesto commitment for the last parliamentary session, when the former environment secretary George Eustice said the government was “absolutely committed to” bringing a bill forward but the government said it had run out of time.

Lorraine Platt, co-founder of the influential Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation, of which Carrie Johnson is a patron, said she was disappointed by Goldsmith’s removal, as he had been a champion of animal welfare.

“Our government has always maintained that animal welfare standards will be maintained in any trade deals, but this is vitally important that this is honoured and that our farmers are not undercut by low-welfare trade deals. We have higher animal welfare standards here than many countries, so they cannot compete,” she said.

“The UK is behind certain countries on ending cages and crates – that is something Zac wanted to do if he had stayed on. There is still a lot we could do on trade agreements. It is important to the public that animal welfare is advanced, and we hope the government recognises this and continues to uphold and improve our high standards.”

Regards Mark

EU: See Here 15 Members of the European Parliament Call On the EU To Ban the Export of Live Farmed Animals to Third (non EU) Nations.

On the occasion of Ban Live Exports Awareness Day 2022, fifteen Members of the European Parliament joined together today in a video-action calling on the European Union to ban the export of live farmed animals to third countries.

Regards Mark

Mark (WAV), Ellie and Liza Protest against live animal exports.

UK: Will the once ‘green prince’ clash with his fracking-friendly government? – by Phoebe Weston.

Will the once ‘green prince’ clash with his fracking-friendly government?
by Phoebe Weston

I remember discovering as a child that then-Prince Charles spoke to his plants, and laughing about it with my mum. His courtiers also claimed he gives branches of trees a “friendly shake” to wish them well as he walks by. Even by today’s standards these practices still might seem pretty odd, but lots of Charles’s other “dotty” environmental views over the years have aged well.

Since his 20s, the new king has been banging on about plastic pollution and nature-based solutions. In 1970, he spoke about the “cancerous forms” of pollution – oil at sea, chemicals in rivers, air pollution from factories, cars and aeroplanes. Last year, the Washington Post said he could be the “21st century’s first eco-king”.

More recently, Charles revealed to the BBC he forgoes meat and fish for two days a week, and dairy for one day a week. His 50-year-old Aston Martin runs on surplus English white wine and cheese (no, really). Solar panels are now up on Clarence House, and he’s written a 336-page book in which he makes a “call to revolution”. He must be the first monarch to do so.

Charles has always genuinely taken the climate seriously which is much more than the rest of the royal family can profess to do – even if he does have an astronomical carbon footprint himself, living in mansions and travelling by private jet.

Until now he has shown no sign of slowing down. But now, as king, Charles is obliged to take an oath of silence. Will he continue to speak out on the environment from the throne? “Definitely not,” Jonathon Porritt, the environmentalist and Green politician, who also advised Charles as Prince of Wales, told my colleague Fiona Harvey.

But this green stuff is so ingrained in Charles, it could be hard for him to change the habit of a lifetime. With signs suggesting the UK government is moving in the wrong direction on climate change it might be difficult for him to not be active behind the scenes. He will meet with the prime minister once a week, and this is where King Charles III may have power to hold Liz Truss – or whoever else in the future – to account on the issues he cares about.

Of course, one of the Queen’s strengths was that we rarely knew what she believed in private, so the fact Charles has been so vocal about so many issues could be to his detriment. But equally, it also means the royal family could have an unlikely fanbase. Head cheerleader is my great-aunt Tina, who says she doesn’t really like the monarchy but messaged me this the other day: “King Charles will not like fracking or digging up more oil and gas in the north sea, or stopping the green levies, long live King Charles!!”.

It may seem a bit depressing that the best leadership on the environment is coming from an unelected monarch with questionable views about homeopathy and shaking hands with plants. Many of us are hoping that the green prince becomes a green king, but what a sad state of affairs that you have to rely on the monarchy to speak up for the destruction of the natural world.

Right now it feels like most of the government has a vow of silence on the environment. It would be great if those elected to be in power could speak up about these issues first. Especially when many obligations, such as cutting carbon emissions, are in fact enshrined in law – speaking about many of these issues shouldn’t be controversial.

Regards Mark