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England: Vegan Bites 19/10/21.


Vegan Bites 19/10/21:

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Spanish Vegan Meat Pioneer Heura Enters Mexican Market Via 220 Retailers, Including Walmart

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USA: US Climate Envoy John Kerry says Glasgow COP26 is the Last Best Hope for the World.

John Kerry says Glasgow COP26 is the last best hope for the world

America’s climate envoy John Kerry says the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow is the “last best hope for the world to get its act together”.

Mr Kerry told the BBC that key countries were pursuing policies that border on being “very dangerous”.

He said that if greenhouse gas emissions were not reduced enough over the next nine years there was no chance of meeting long-term targets.

The aim is to hold the rise in the earth’s temperature to 1.5C.

Scientists have said that would require global carbon emissions to fall by 45% from 2010 levels by the end of this decade.

But apart from a brief period during Covid-19 lockdowns, emissions are still rising.

China, the world’s biggest emitter, will be key to any hopes of a strong outcome at COP26, when it is held in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November.

Leaders and delegates from around the world will attend the summit, including Mr Kerry and US President Joe Biden.

‘Greatest test of global citizenship’

Mr Kerry has previously said the US will push for rapid action after four years of “reckless behaviour” under previous President Donald Trump.

He said the US would now move forward with “humility and ambition” in the global negotiations.

A former presidential candidate, Mr Kerry has long been a powerful voice in climate politics. As President Obama’s Secretary of State he played a key role in securing the Paris agreement in 2015.

The US Special Envoy on Climate Change told BBC Radio 4 documentary Glasgow: Our last best hope? that there were a lot of big promises without the necessary action.

“The truth is emissions are going up around the world, not down in enough countries, and key countries are pursuing policies that border on being very dangerous for everybody.”

Mr Kerry has previously called on China to increase the speed and depth of its efforts to cut carbon.

China has promised to peak emissions by 2030 – but the US diplomat said that was not good enough.

“If you don’t reduce enough between 2020 and 2030 the scientists tell us we can’t get where we need to go. We will not be able to hold the earth’s temperature rise to 1.5 degrees and we won’t be able to achieve net zero by 2050.”

Mr Kerry said he wanted Glasgow to raise the ambition of the 20 major economies in the world.

He said he would be looking for definite road-maps to net zero and money to help less developed countries also reach their goals without suffering economic hardship.

Mr Kerry called this the “greatest test of global citizenship” he could think of.

“Glasgow is coming at a point where these scientists have told us we have about nine years remaining within which to make the most critical decisions. Those decisions have got to really start in earnest and in a significant sum in Glasgow.”

“We have to get on the road here and we’ve been talking about it for 30 years.

“So this is really what Glasgow is about, the last best hope to do what the scientists tell us we must which is to avoid the worst consequences of climate by making decisions now and implementing them now.”

Glasgow: Our last best hope? is on BBC Radio 4 at 11:00 on Tuesday 19 October.

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Please – Give A Shit !!

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Switzerland and its agricultural fair: animals as exhibits

From October 7th, the annual fair for agriculture and nutrition (OLMA) will take place in St. Gallen, Switzerland, where, among other things, so-called farm animals will be presented in shows.

PETA contacted the organizers of the OLMA in advance and asked in their letter to refrain from displaying animals.

Chained up. Displayed. Demonstrated. Mistreated.

Countless animals are exploited at the OLMA agricultural fair every year.
We demand that the animal-despising fair is finally stopped and that the Federal Council immediately refrains from regularly praising degrading animal exhibitions.

The animals are displayed against their will in the midst of the noise of the visitors in the smallest of spaces like objects.

They are tied to short chains around their necks or kept in tight cages.
Bulls are tormented with a painful nose ring, mother pigs – who actually urgently need rest – are presented to the audience with their children in a completely inconsiderate way.

A hooting crowd adds incredible stress to sheep, ducks and piglets during pathetic animal shows.

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Adam Oswell and the „Elephant in the Room“.

Adam Oswell – Wildlife Photojournalist named “Wildlife Photographer of the Year”!

This picture shows zoo visitors in Thailand who watch a young slave elephant playing the clown underwater.
In Thailand there are now more elephants in captivity (around 3,800 animals) than in the wild.

All over the world, animals in zoos, circuses and shows suffer so that their slave owners make money

Never entertain your children where other animals are being abused.

And I mean…Thanks to a coincidence of evolution, humans are fortunate enough to be able to exercise power over other living beings.
He uses this to proclaim himself as the crowning glory of creation and to regard all other beings as serving him.
So that we feel better, so that we can make progress in our knowledge, we take the right to enslave other living beings, to be able to inflict pain on them.

This is man.
It annihilates, destroys, poisons, pollutes, suppresses.
If we don’t stop multiplying there will be a terrible end.
For human and non-human animals.

Regards to all, Venus

USA: Teen Faces Federal Charges For Creating Horrific ‘Crush’ Videos Of Tortured Cats And Dogs – Demand Full Justice – Sign Petition Please.

Further update to our post of March this year:

USA: Petition – Teen Faces Federal Charges For Creating Horrific ‘Crush’ Videos Of Tortured Cats And Dogs – Animal Victory. Please Sign for Maximum Punishment. – World Animals Voice

Update 10/07/2021:

Animal Victory has learned that the next court date is scheduled for November 10, 2021.

There is still time to add your name to the petition to help us put Krystal Cherika Scott away for as long as possible!

There is still time to sign – Please add your name to the petition:

Teen Faces Federal Charges For Creating Horrific ‘Crush’ Videos Of Tortured Cats And Dogs – Animal Victory

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UK: It’s Fish Jim, But Not As We Know It! – Faux fish: vegan alternatives set to take UK market by storm.

Quorn fishless fingers that looks just like the real thing.
Quorn fishless fingers. Photograph: Tim Gainey/Alamy Stock Photo

I love these – really tasty ! – Mark

Faux fish: vegan alternatives set to take UK market by storm

Alt-seafood scene is ‘hot’ as booming sales of vegan food draw investment in research and development

Faux fish: vegan alternatives set to take UK market by storm | Vegan food and drink | The Guardian

It is seafood but it does not involve fishing nets or the sea, with plant-based filet-o-fish burgers, smoked salmon and prawns the next big thing in alternative protein.

Dubbed faux fish, a raft of new products are going on sale as new manufacturing techniques produce lifelike prawns from peas and flaky fish fillets from jackfruit.

Analysts describe the alt-seafood scene as “hot”, as companies spurred on by booming sales of plant milks and meat substitutes pour investment into the area. The focus on fish alternatives has also increased due to heightened consumer concern about overfishing, which has been spurred on by the popular Netflix documentary Seaspiracy.

Tesco, which works with the American chef and self-proclaimed “plant pusher” Derek Sarno, is set to expand its plant-based range with a handful of new products including Thai-style fish cakes and New England-style crab cakes.

The Dutch brand Vegan Zeastar has thrown down the gauntlet with its ambition of “veganising every dish that involves fish to fight the destruction of our oceans”. Its latest product is smoked “Zalmon”, made from tapioca starch, that looks uncannily like the real thing and is due to go on sale early next year. Its Shrimpz and Kalamariz are stocked online including by Ocado.

The fact that the food industry is getting serious about the area was highlighted by this month’s launch of Vrimp by Nestlé. Made from seaweed and peas, they promise the “authentic texture and flavour of succulent shrimps”, with the lookalike created using special moulds with a fine seam on the body the only giveaway.

Nestlé, the world’s biggest food group, has 300 people working on plant-based foods. Mark Schneider, its chief executive, said there had been a “significant shift” towards plant-based eating across all age groups.

“This is not just a one season fad,” said Schneider. “This is something that has very solid, longer-term growth rates.” He said people were interested in plant-based foods for different reasons. “With fish it is more health-related, and with beef and chicken it is more about the environment,” he said.

For Britons trying to reduce their environmental footprint, eating plant-based food is becoming more palatable because alternatives to meat and dairy today are so good, according to Schneider. Ahead of the Cop26 climate summit, he said consumer behaviour was a “big part of the equation” because making choices that lowered their carbon footprint was “easier than trying to get the carbon out of the existing products we consume”.

To date, a lot more time and money has been devoted to creating plant-based burgers and nuggets because the markets are so much bigger for beef and chicken. Another factor is that restaurants make up a substantial share of fish and seafood sales. When eating out, taste and experience were more important, making it more difficult for alternatives to be on par, said Thijs Geijer, a senior economist at ING.

Geijer said the huge variety in taste and texture within fish meant companies had to “invent the wheel” for a large range of products, with some of them – mainly startups – focused on tuna, which is sold in vast quantities in supermarkets. Nonetheless the category was “hot”, he said.

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Meat Industry Spends €1.7 Million To Influence EU Politicians, Leaked Docs Reveal

Meat Industry Spends €1.7 Million To Influence EU Politicians, Leaked Docs Reveal

The lobby group is pressing MEPs to delay the vote on a sustainability-focused food strategy

An EU meat industry lobby giant has reportedly ‘waged a campaign’ against a strategy aimed at creating a more environmentally-friendly food system.

Copa-Cogeca reportedly spent a staggering €1.7m on plans to influence MEPs, according to investigative journalism organization EU Observer.

But the group claims it fully supports the program and claims that the leak is a ‘deliberate attempt to trigger a media backlash’.

Meat industry leak

Copa-Cogeca identifies itself as the ‘strongest’ interest cooperative of European farmers.

The document leaked to the media this week includes plans to maintain the agriculture industry. And, according to EU Observer, it involves tactics to ‘influence’ political debate.

This is with regard to the Farm to Fork strategy, which is a plan to ‘redesign’ the food system and make it more sustainable as part of the European Green Deal.

Moreover, it was created to mitigate climate breakdown and ‘adapt’ to its impacts, as well as promoting fair trade.

But Copa-Cogeca calls for the vote on the strategy, penciled for October 21, to be delayed by a fortnight. It told MEPs this is to ensure a public debate can take place. And, that it’s ‘critical’ for communication strategies, based on a number of unnamed studies.

The delay will create a ‘richer debate’, says Copa-Cogeca.

Branded ‘disinformation’ campaign

But European Environmental Bureau’s Célia Nyssens told the news outlet the lobby group has ‘orchestrated a massive disinformation campaign to undermine the EU’s sustainable food goals’.

Nyssens added: “They are shamelessly picking and choosing the studies and within those studies the specific findings, which fit their agenda in order to convince MEPs to reject the EU Farm to Fork targets, which are direly needed to put agriculture on a sustainable path.”

Following the leak, Copa-Cogeca issued a statement in response.

It said there is ‘nothing’ problematic in the document, and that the process is the norm in EU affairs.

Additionally, it said it ‘fully supports’ the Farm to Fork strategy. And, is merely asking for a full assessment of its impacts.

‘We consider it normal that all opinions can and should be expressed on a subject as important as the future of our food system’, the statement reads.

It concludes: “We are well aware that this leak is a deliberate attempt to trigger a media backlash. Just as we start speaking of the potential impacts of the Farm to Fork strategy for the first time. 

“The current discussion shows the desperate need for public data on the subject.”

Meat Industry Spends €1.7 Million To Influence Politicians, In Leaked Docs (

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Australia: Scott Morrison: Australia PM To Attend COP26 Summit After Global Pressure.

Hey, Fires – I’m On Holiday !

Scott Morrison: Australia PM to attend COP26 summit after global pressure

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he will now attend the COP26 UN climate conference after weeks of initial hesitation.

Global leaders will meet in Glasgow next month to negotiate a new deal to stall rising global temperatures.

Mr Morrison drew criticism when he indicated last month that he might skip the meeting.

Australia, a large producer of coal and gas, is under pressure to commit to stronger climate action.

Its climate policies and emissions reductions are ranked among the worst in the OECD.

“I confirmed my attendance at the Glasgow summit, which I’m looking forward to attending. It is an important event,” Mr Morrison told reporters on Friday.

Climate activists had slated Mr Morrison for not committing to attend, and it was being seen as a diplomatic snub to the UK, a close ally of Australia.

In an interview to the BBC, Prince Charles earlier expressed surprise at Mr Morrison’s comments, urging leaders to act urgently to combat climate change.

COP26 will be held between 31 October and 12 November in Scotland’s largest city.

It will be the biggest climate change conference since landmark talks in Paris in 2015.

The COP26 global climate summit in Glasgow in November is seen as crucial if climate change is to be brought under control. Almost 200 countries are being asked for their plans to cut emissions, and it could lead to major changes to our everyday lives.

Why the COP26 climate summit is important

Simple guide to climate change

How extreme weather is linked to climate change

Mr Morrison had cited the challenges of Covid as a reason he might not attend, saying he had already served a great deal of quarantine.

But Australia is beginning to make plans to end quarantine requirements.

Many countries have set ambitious targets to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, but Australia has REFUSED to do so.

Analysis: By Justin Rowlatt, BBC climate editor

In poker they call it a “tell”: a tiny change in a player’s behaviour that signals something crucial about the cards they holding.

Now, the Glasgow climate conference isn’t a poker game. Most world leaders do actually understand the huge risks climate change presents and would prefer to minimise its impact.

But they also know doing so could impose real costs on their economies. They would like to see the maximum global action on the issue with the minimum cost to their people.

And for many of them they believe the best way to achieve that is to keep the cards in their hand hidden: to make sure there are no “tells”.

Deciding whether or not your leader is going to attend is part of that, it is a way of putting other nations under pressure.

It makes it very difficult for the organisers and – to be honest – isn’t helpful for negotiations. But it is a fact of global diplomacy. Let’s just hope that they decide to play a more open game when the conference begins.

Australia has committed to a 26% cut on its 2005 emissions by 2030 – a target frequently criticised as too weak.

Experts say it needs to commit to a 47% cut by 2030 if it is to meet the UN goal of keeping temperature rise below or within 1.5C.

Australia is one of the largest emitters on a per capita basis because its energy grid is still largely reliant on coal power.

The conservative government has faced months of pressure, both at home and overseas, to improve its climate policies. It is expected to reveal higher emission targets next week.

“The government will be finalising its position to take to the summit. We’re working through those issues,” Morrison said on Friday.

Many rural parts of Australia are dependent on coal, gas and farming.

Coal is Australia’s second-most lucrative export and it expects demand to continue for at least the next decade.

“The plan that I am taking forward together with my colleagues is about ensuring that our regions are strong, that our regions jobs are not only protected but have opportunities for the future,” Mr Morrison said.

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Can we suggest a bigger one to cover your entire head ?

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison arrives for a media conference

Enjoy !

England: Top Animal Welfare Campaigner Member of Parliament (MP) Is Stabbed To Death Today (15/10/21) At Constituency Meeting.

WAV Comment    – 15/10/21 – Today is a very sad day for democracy here in England.

Sir David Amess MP, was stabbed to death whilst holding a normal constituency surgery this morning.  For overseas visitors, a surgery is a meeting between the regional MP and (public) members of the electorate for that area, so they can talk issues, actions with a view to making further progress on any issue covered. Surgeries often take place each week.

All we currently know is that David was stabbed to death by a man aged 25; who is now in police custody.  He leaves a wife and 5 children; and our thoughts go out to them all at this time.

David was a fantastic animal welfare / rights campaigner.  He was one of just a few patrons at the Conservative Animal Welfare Group; and his attributes include introducing the legislation for the Protection Against Cruel Tethering Act in 1988 giving protection to tethered horses and ponies, sponsoring the Horses and Ponies Bill in 1984-5, the Pet Animals Bill in 1990 and also sponsoring the Responsible Pet Ownership Competition for MPs and Peers.

In 2011 he won the Dods Animal Welfare and Environment Award for his leading role in and commitment to animal welfare. The award is given to the Parliamentarian who has done the most to tackle issues concerning the welfare of animals and the natural environment.

In recent years Sir David has successfully campaigned to stop the unethical practice of testing domestic products on animals, tackled the illegal wildlife trade and fought to put an end to puppy farming. He was always a prominent voice on the issue of the culling of badger’s debate, speaking in defence of badgers; and he also consistently voted against any changes to the Hunting Act in order to protect the animals from culling.

David was a great friend and advocate voice for animals and animal welfare; he will be greatly missed in Parliament.

We at WAV thank him for his devotion and commitment to the issue of animal welfare / rights; if there were more like him in the world, then it would be a much better place.

Regards Mark.

Thursday, 24 November, 2016

Lorraine Platt, Co-Founder of the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation, commented:

“We are delighted and honoured that Sir David Amess is joining us as our Patron along with Henry Smith MP and Sir Roger and Lady Suzy Gale.”

The Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation was established earlier this year to raise awareness of the billions of animals reared on intensive farms around the world, and how this impacts upon animal welfare, the environment and people’s health.

Hamburg : Art action dedicated to all the victims of animal experiments worldwide

“Hamburg Town Musicians”: Riddle about sculpture on the Alster/Hamburg

A dog, a monkey on its back, a rabbit on it and a rat at the top: a sculpture has been on the picnic area on the Outer Alster since Wednesday, erected in a nightly action by unknown animal rights activists.

The “Hamburg Town Musicians” are supposed to be a protest against animal experiments.

The animal figures by the unknown artist appear very lively, the sculpture is heavy, and presumably even made of bronze. The base is embedded in the ground, there is a commemorative plaque:

“Dedicated to all the victims of animal experiments worldwide”, even Chinese characters are engraved.

In a “confessor writing” it says on the website

“We, the ghosts of the killed laboratory animals, erected a memorial for the victims of animal experiments on October 12, 2021 on the picnic meadow in Uhlenhorst / Hamburg. It’s the Hamburg Town Musicians. ”

And a photo: A person with a hoodie, his face hidden behind a rabbit mask, crouches next to the plastic.

The background of the elaborate art campaign is explained in small notebooks that the anonymous activists on site tied to trees.

It reads: “The Hamburg Town Musicians – a current fairy tale, inspired by the Brothers Grimm”.
It tells the story of the test dog that escaped from the qual laboratory of the LPT company (Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology now renamed Provivo Biosciences GmbH and Co. KG).

The dog meets the monkey, which was intended for an experimental laboratory in Bremen, the rabbit, whose eyes were supposed to be tested for cosmetics, and finally the rat, which has escaped from a laboratory.

And like the Bremen Town Musicians, the Hamburg animal quartet also sets out in the fairy tale according to the motto …
“We find something better than death everywhere.”

In Germany, according to conservative estimates, animal experiments are funded with at least four billion euros, research on alternatives with around 20 million, according to the opponents of animal experiments.
At least three million laboratory animals die every year, according to animal rights activists.

The “monument” meets with approval from passers-by, many stop and take photos.
“That should stay here for ever,” demands a walker.
Someone has planted some heather in front of the statue.
Are the “Hamburg Town Musicians” tolerated on the Alster?

The northern district says vaguely: “We first check whether the sculpture poses a hazard.”

And I mean…A hazard situation for animals and us, humans, arises with certainty in the experiment laboratories, not from the monument.

People are already laying flowers there, silently kneeling down to commemorate the victims.
The work of art was secretly concreted into the ground on the anniversary of the LPT discovery, according to unconfirmed information.

We thank the brave and great artists for this memorial.
So that the victims are not forgotten.

My best regards to all, Venus