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Australia: What Faith In ‘Lobbyist Leadership’ ?

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I think the vast majority of the planets citizens now know what a complete ignorant fool Scott Morrison is – bowing to the lobbyists and coal mining industries, whilst largely ignoring the evidence provided by ecologists, environmentalists, naturalists, protectors of the environment and animal welfare organisations. Well, now he has a problem in Australia; and he and his government are the root cause of it.


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Image result for australia fire pictures wildlife"

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And his government will go down in history – not for the good things (are there any ?) that they have done; but for the fact that their policies have led to Australia experiencing the worst fires in its history – destroying the homes and estates of countless Australian citizens as well as being responsible for the total destruction of an ecosystem and the animals in it – maybe 1 Billion by now !! – all because him and his cronies that he calls ‘a government’ want to sit there and pose with lumps of coal.

Are we not also witnessing this with other (lets not call them) leaders of the world’s nations – ‘Trump Digs Coal’ for example. Maybe his paybacks are waiting in the wings at this very moment !


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The saddest part of all this is that just a few dimwits at the top – people who ‘we’ are supposed to put our trusts in to protect and listen to us, are failing to both protect and listen; and as a result; they are destroying the planet and its inhabitants ‘for all mankind’.

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Morrison we detest you – you are an eco terrorist of universal magnitude; and hopefully when all this is over, if it will ever be; the Australian people will have the balls to erect a huge monument to you and your failures outside of the national government HQ; so that all can see what happens when an ignoramus and his lobbyists ignore all the evidence presented to them; and only put their own self interests ahead of this.


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Have a look at a few of our recent posts – ignoring what the rest of the worlds press and media have to say about it all !



Below is an e mail that has just arrived at the office. They are not our words; but we repeat the entire mail and links for you to read. We think that a lot of this is very true – what about you ? – if you do, then please support the petition – Note: it CAN be signed by non Australians (such as ourselves) who wish to be a voice for the innocent peoples and animals of Australia. Here below is the mail in full:


Thinking of the good folk of Australia; and very much thinking about the millions of animals now dead due to asshole regulations by an asshole so called ‘government.


Regards Mark.



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Dear Mark,

Scott Morrison is failing to address climate change, failing to lead and failing to keep us safe. He physically turned his back on people in fire ravaged communities.

Now he’s turning his back on renewable energy – by watering down the Renewable Energy Target and letting the Australian Renewable Energy Agency run out of money.

After public pressure from bushfire survivors, emergency service leaders, and GetUp members, Morrison says he wants to “evolve” his position on climate change1at the same time his government is quietly killing off support for renewable energy.

We can’t let him get away with this bait and switch.

The very fact that Morrison is acknowledging the role of climate change in the bushfires shows he’s feeling the pressure. So if we call out his hypocrisy now we can force his hand to save these critical supports for renewable energy.

Sign the petition asking your MP to stand for renewable energy and climate action in this time of crisis.


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Morrison’s excuses are crumbling.

He says he wants to take “practical steps” to help people. But the most practical thing to do when faced with a national emergency is to stop making things worse.

While the country burns, the Coalition is letting Australia’s only renewable energy agency run out of money, and undermining our international obligations with dodgy accounting tricks.2

Meanwhile, they continue to subsidise the fossil fuel industry to the tune of $29 billion dollars3 – effectively paying for the emergency they say they want to address.

But the Liberals are divided, the Murdoch press is on the backfoot, and everyone from state governments to global hedge funds are calling for significant government action.

If we can translate the anger and frustration we’re feeling right now into a set of clear and common sense demands – we can raise the bar on Morrison’s climate concession.

Make your demands clear – sign the petition now!

This bushfire season has been relentless. It’s taken 27 lives, destroyed thousands of homes, and shuttered countless farms and small businesses. It’s also killed billions of native animals, and destroyed the habitats they rely on.

We can’t expect this government to keep us safe – but they should stop endangering us by:

  1. Adopting a more ambitious Renewable Energy Target
  2. Extending and expanding funding for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency
  3. Ending subsidies for fossil fuel corporations that are contributing to the national emergency we’re in

Add your name to call out Morrison’s hypocrisy.

The time for excuses is over. This needs to be a moment of reflection, and commitment from Federal Liberal MP’s – if they believe the science, they should prove it with action.

In determination,
– for the GetUp team

Educational Series: Australia’s Fires Are Burning Animals to Death

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Educational Series: Australia’s Fires Are Burning Animals to Death


By Nick Engelfried

Covering an area thirteen times larger than that burned during California’s worst fire season, and 46% bigger than the land affected by last year’s Amazon forest fires, devastating bushfires are raging across the continent of Australia, endangering people and animals alike. As of mid January over twenty-five million acres–an area the size of the U.S. state of Virginia–had been scorched by the Australian fires. A much larger area has been affected by the resulting clouds of smoke. Around 2,000 houses have been burned to the ground, and at least twenty-five people have died as hundreds of thousands more were evacuated from dangerous areas. But the largest toll of all has been taken on Australia’s non-human inhabitants, the rich diversity of animal species who call the continent home.

Australia has been geographically isolated from the rest of the world for many millions of years, allowing one of the planet’s most unique assemblages of plants and animals to evolve there. A few, like kangaroos and koalas, are well-known and beloved by people all over the world. However, the vast majority of Australia’s unique species are much less famous. Scientists estimate somewhere between 500,000 and 600,000 animal and plant species–about five percent of all species in the world–live on the continent. More endemic species (those found nowhere else in the world) are found in Australia than any other country. Almost ninety percent of all mammals, reptiles, and amphibians in Australia are not found anywhere else, and close to half its bird species are likewise unique.

Australia’s geology and climate also help make it different from any other place on Earth. It is the driest habitable continent, with large areas being characterized by desert and other arid ecosystems dominated by vegetation adapted to survive with little moisture. Perhaps not surprisingly, seasonal fire cycles are a natural part of many such ecosystems–but this year’s fires have reached a whole new level of destruction with little if any precedent. It’s also clear what one of the major contributing factors to this disastrous season has been: climate change.

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Unusually high temperatures and severe drought–exactly the kinds of conditions scientists predict will become increasingly common with climate change–helped set the stage for the 2020 bushfires. An ocean current oscillation event known as the Indian Ocean Dipole has also played a role. Occurring in years when the eastern Indian Ocean is significantly warmer than the western part, a “positive” Ocean Dipole causes rain patterns to shift westward, away from Australia and toward Africa. It’s therefore no coincidence that while Australia has been experiencing record-setting droughts over the last few months, parts of Africa have been drenched in floods and torrential rainfall. Climate scientists predict these positive Ocean Dipole events will become more common as a result of climate change caused by human activity.

The outlook for Australia’s wildlife under such a scenario looks grim. Many millions of animals have already been killed by this year’s fires, with some estimates putting the number at more than a billion. While such predictions come with a high degree of uncertainty–it’s unclear how many animals may have been able to escape by running or flying from the blazes–what is certain is the fires have been a disaster for animals who in many cases already face multiple threats to their survival. Logging, conversion of natural ecosystems to agricultural land, and the introduction of non-native species like domestic cats have decimated native animals in Australia, including charismatic species like the koala. This makes them all the more vulnerable to being wiped out by a single disaster like this year’s fires.


australien brändepg

It may be months before we know the true extent of the bushfire animal casualties. However, there can be no reasonable doubt that as the climate crisis gets worse, more animals will be put at risk. Nor are the negative effects of a warming climate in Australia limited to fires. Warming of the oceans combined with ocean acidification–a process caused, like climate change itself, by the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere–have already devastated one of the country’s most spectacular natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef. To take just one more example, this January a record-breaking heat wave caused the deaths of at least 23,000 spectacled flying fox fruit bats who were unable to stand the searing temperatures.

In Australia, climate change is not a distant concern for future generations to deal with; its deadly effects are being felt right now.

Despite this, the Australian government is one of the most backward in the world when it comes to confronting the climate crisis. Along with the United States and a few other major polluter countries, Australia was one of the main opponents to forward progress at the 2019 U.N. climate negotiations meeting in Madrid. While Australia is still heavily dependent on fossil fuels and has one of the world’s larger per-capita carbon footprints, the country’s human population is so small it contributes only about one percent of global carbon emissions. You might therefore think its inaction on climate change isn’t such a big deal–but Australia’s impact on global efforts to reduce carbon pollution actually involve far more than the fossil fuels burned within its borders.

Much of Australia’s greater climate footprint comes from fossil fuels that it exports to other countries–particularly China and the nations of Southeast Asia. Australia is one of the world’s largest coal exporters, and is planning to open a massive new coal mining project known as the Adani Mine. By exporting fossil fuels abroad–and by pushing for weaker agreements in international climate talks–Australia’s government is worsening the climate crisis that has seen the country go up in flames.

So how sure are we that climate change really is mainly to blame for the bushfire crisis? The answer is: about as sure as it’s possible to get. While it is always difficult to link a specific weather event to a larger trend like climate change, factors like drought linked to the Ocean Dipole event described above have clearly been a major cause of conditions that made the fires possible. This hasn’t stopped climate change deniers from deliberately spreading misinformation. A Queensland University of Technology study using a Twitter bot-detection tool found that a high percentage of claims on Twitter attempting to blame arson for the fires are linked to bot or troll-like accounts. This suggests an organized misinformation campaign whose goal is to cast doubt on the link between climate and fires by suggesting that arson is mainly responsible instead.

Fortunately, animal lovers who care about the living creatures caught up in Australia’s massive fires can help in multiple ways. Donating to organizations working to contain the fires or rescue animals from the flames is one obvious step, but there is much more we can all do. If you are on social media, use your account to push back against the claims of climate deniers and draw attention to the real cause of the bushfire crisis. And perhaps most importantly of all, let your elected officials (whatever part of the world you live in) know you want action to stop climate change from getting any worse. Koalas, kangaroos, and countless other amazing Australian animals are counting on us.

UK: British Animal Abuser ? – You Are Now Going On the Database – Overdue but VERY Welcomed !



WAV Comment – we fully support the work and efforts that are being put into this site. As the site says; there is ‘no excuse for animal abuse’. We welcome this work and especially think that the archives given will help many organisations with their work in fighting animal abuses.  This has been needed for a long time !


Animals' eyes composite


The aim of The Cruelty List UK is to collect information on animal cruelty prosecution cases  in the United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Our case database #TheList already contains details of hundreds of convictions and, sadly, is  being added to all the time.

Each year the RSPCA investigates over 140,000 complaints of cruelty and neglect in England and Wales. The Scottish SPCA (SSPCA) receives around 1,000 reports of animal cruelty every week while Northern Ireland’s USPCA has averaged three reports per day since 2011.

In 2017 the RSPCA secured 1,492 convictions by private prosecution. Neither the SSPCA nor the USPCA bring prosecutions but still play a crucial role in bringing animal abusers to justice.

The main focus of the Cruelty List UK is on the abuse of companion animals – dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, reptiles and so on – though we also highlight prosecutions involving wildlife – badger crime, for example – and farm animals, including slaughterhouse cruelty.

Visit the site at Animal abuse is a serious crime worthy of harsh punishment


Animal abuse is a serious crime worthy of harsh punishment

As it stands punishments meted out by the courts to animal abusers are woefully inadequate with offenders commonly receiving suspended prison sentences, paltry fines and nominal bans on keeping pets. One of our key aims is to campaign for stronger penalties for animal abuse. A lifetime disqualification order should be mandatory in EVERY case. Are these people really capable of being reformed? We think not.

Why we ‘name and shame’

We think it important that the names and faces of convicted abusers remain in the public eye long after details of them and their crimes have been consigned to newspaper archives.

The information which we publish here may also be a useful resource for pet rescue organisations.



England: London.



I have been busy tonight putting a few extra posts together, now that Venus is having a short break. The latest is of the fantastic recues and treatments that our friends at ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ (India) have been doing; you can watch them at


I have just watched all the videos for the first time; then I checked out our visitor tally on the Clustrmap – .     It is a humbling feeling to know that our site and our work is starting to be watched the world over; tonight visitors from Malaysia, Sweden, Egypt, the USA, Italy, Nepal, Macedonia (Hi friends we have there from old days with Serbian stray campaigns !); Germany, Uruguay, China, South Africa, Poland, Serbia and good ol Blighty – here in the UK !


Venus and I are really happy to see you all with us and we welcome very much your support. I am especially happy to see visitor friends from Nepal today; an area of the world that needs animal support and help in getting up and running.


Thanks to you all – enjoy your visit;



For the Voiceless;



We still also operate ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ as a back up to this site WAV

– you can visit it at: and read a bit more also about some of my animal work / campaigns (and other things !) at ‘About Us’ –


India: The Latest Wonderful Videos of Life Saving from ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ – Enjoy !



Dear Mark,

Thank you for steadying our hearts with your determination to help the lives of animals, and to let this help be a profound purpose of your life journey. Every one of us who helps animals is given courage by the others who are doing it too.

Wherever you live, conflict looms and great surges of negativity fill the press and present the terrifying realities of suffering and war. As these political plates shift, we steady ourselves when we serve kindness to the most vulnerable.  Maybe, especially in those moments when we feel “what difference does it make?”, we need only look into the eyes–even in a photograph–of an animal trying so hard to heal, to be happy again, and we once more find our compass pointing to love. 


A hopeless puppy proves amazing things can happen!


Rizu lay unconscious with blood oozing from his nose after being hit by a passing vehicle. Our rescue team mustered up a shred of hope that he would live, but we were very worried he could not survive. We treated the tiny sweetheart with IV drips to stabilize his blood pressure and help replace lost blood. He was so disoriented, we feared he might have permanent brain damage, but by the next morning, Rizu was absolutely transformed. We’ve hardly seen anything like this–see if you agree.


Please donate to save a little life today. 



After double fractures of her hind legs watch Meetika run again!


This is one of the most delightful patients we have EVER treated. Meetika (which means soft and gentle in Hindi) was spotted in a roadside gutter after her hind legs were both fractured in a car accident. Despite her pain, she was the gentlest, most cooperative young lady, and helped her medical team by keeping perfectly still during her many splint wraps–except for her tail that wouldn’t stop wagging. 6 weeks of bed rest later, Meetika couldn’t wait to run to the caregivers who had come to love her so much.


For medical emergencies, kindness needs to come fast.  Please donate.



This little charmer wasted no time in healing, and lapping up love…

It was just a sprained leg but this little flirt had his neighbors very worried. We treated him for inflammation and pain, and he felt so much better within just hours. Sometimes pain relief and cuddles are the most important medicine of all.  


Please donate for cases big and small.


Meet the Caregivers:

Meet a Real Virtuoso: Mahendra!
The word “gentleman” is something Mahendra Gameti lives. Serving animals currently as one of the on-the-road rescue team, Mahendra’s extraordinary empathy sends a beautiful message of compassion to anyone who is witnessing his work. Rescue takes courage, coordination and technique, and to achieve it with such kindness and sensitivity is an art. And Mahendra is, simply, a virtuoso.

Thailand: Great News – Dozens of captive elephants in Thailand are finally free to roam.



Dozens of elephants forced to perform for tourists are freed from chains


Dozens of captive elephants in Thailand are finally free to roam.

The Maesa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai has decided to unshackle the pachyderms at its park. Animal rights activists accused camp owners of inflicting “psychological anguish” on the elephants by forcing them to perform for tourists.

The activists, who called the practice “cruel,” shed light on the attraction in November, and claimed that baby elephants had been “ripped from their mothers” and forced to learn tricks, such as painting, kicking soccer balls and throwing darts.

Maesa’s managers now allow several of their elephants to wander the grounds freely, with plans to do the same for all 77 of the animals at their park, according to executive officer Anchalee Kalamaphichit.

“The center has been criticized for a long time about how we chain the animals in here, so we decided to free them,” she said in a statement to Vital Press. “We are glad that they appeared to be happier living without chains and their mahouts, so hopefully we can free the rest of them soon.

“However, living freely is a new thing to these elephants,” she continued. “They need time to adapt into their new way of living, so we chose to start with the eldest and friendliest of the elephants.”

British animal rights organization Moving Animals, who called out Maesa’s treatment of the elephants, said the news is “incredible.”

“Their compassionate decision sends a powerful message to the elephant tourism industry and sets a clear precedent for change,” said its founder Amy Jones.

Last year, Moving Animals shared a video of elephants at the camp swaying and moving uneasily, a “clear sign of the psychological anguish they face,” it said. The video shows them being dragged by their ears and disciplined with sharp bullhooks — a tool used by elephant handlers that resembles a sharp, metal spear.

They further decried the practice of separating calves from their mothers, forced to endure “the traditional and brutal, days or weeks long, process of breaking a young elephant’s spirit.”

Jones added that new ethics guidelines from ABTA, the UK’s predominant travel association, concerning animal abuse at tourist attractions was a step in the right direction.

“We are hopeful that more and more tourist attractions will make positive changes, so that no animals have to suffer for tourists’ entertainment,” she said.

Moving Animals has called for a full ban on “unethical” elephant tours to “places like Maesa Elephant Nursery.”

We still allow sociopaths to kill for fun.


It’s 2020 but we still allow sociopaths to kill for fun


Who says money doesn’t rule the world?