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Caged and Alone for Many Years – We Now Have to Get Aurora Out and Into the Bear Sanctuary. Please Donate.


AA Wish come true

Lets get little Aurora out of her life long hell hole and into a new forever home at the bear sanctuary.

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No more Croco for Coco!


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Sensation in the fashion industry: Chanel gets out of production with fur, crocodile leather and other exotic skins!

Chanel has made a real sensation in the fashion world: “No more Croco for Coco” was the eve of the presentation of the “Métiers d’art” collection of the fashion house in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. In an interview, Chanel’s President of Fashion, Bruno Pavlovsky, announced that the company will forgo fur and exotic skins such as crocodile skin.


FOUR PAWS sees this as a milestone: “Chanel is really taking a giant step here: more and more luxury fashion houses are getting out of the fur business, and the fact that exotic skins are dispensed with, especially crocodile skin, is a reason to celebrate from an animal welfare point of view,” said Thomas Pietsch, wildlife expert at FOUR PAWS.

According to Pietsch, Pavlovsky’s statement sums up the general situation: “Pavlovsky said that it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain skins and leather that meet Chanel’s ethical and qualitative standards, so research and development at Chanel will become more widespread Textiles and leather, which are by-products of the food industry.
This means that no animals have to be killed extra for fashion – which of course we very much welcome as an animal welfare organization. “

According to FOUR PAWS, the announcement by Chanel shows that ethical consumption and animal welfare have become enormously important for luxury labels as well. Instead of real fur or exotic skins from animal cruelty, today’s consumers also want sustainability and innovation in this area. We are confident that this pioneering decision by Chanel will find imitators in other leading high-fashion companies, “says Pietsch.

A few months ago, Gucci became part of the international Fur Free Retailer program (, which has already been signed by 950 retailers worldwide, and whose partner is also FOUR PAWS. Many other leading fashion brands and retailers have joined the program, including Armani, Hugo Boss, Yoox Net-a-Porter, Stella McCartney and many more.

Every year more than 100 million animals are killed by the fur industry. (In this video from the german animal protection federation we see how a coyote falls into the trap for his coat.
He has two alternatives: either breake off his paw and flee, or … wait for the hunter who wants to bring him as a fur article in a farma. – Report from Canada, 2017).

Minks, foxes and raccoon dogs suffer on fur farms in tiny wire mesh cages; other species die by falling a cruel death. For the processing of fur into fur fashion, high levels of hazardous chemicals and high energy consumption are needed.

My comment: In Germany, the anti-fur activists have developed a smart, courageous measure. They have designed stickers that anyone can order and “decorate” fur collars. It says:

I’m an asshole – I’m wearing fur !!

Ich bin ein Arschloch ich trage Pelz No 2

Many fur carriers have classified this as an attack on their privacy.
Then they could tell us, how they call the electric shocks, with which the animals be massacred, or how they call the skinning of the animals in the living body?

My best regards, Venus

England: Setts, Drugs and Rock and Roll.



Setts, Drugs, and rock n roll

Brian May talks about the UK government badger cull and why it must be abandoned.

Sign the Petition to SAVE THE BADGERS @

Queen guitarist, Doctor of Astrophysics, and animal rights campaigner; speaks to Oxford University over the Badger cull going on in England.

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Brian at Wembley, London – Freddie Mercury tribute concert:

Brian May Badgers

England: Tigers In London. The Tiger Trade Is Closer Than You Think.



Did you know that the cruel tiger trade is happening here in Europe?

We believe this is totally unacceptable and took action to highlight this #RuthlessTrade

We projected a massive tiger eye at some of London’s most famous and iconic landmarks, including Marble Arch and Harrods, to spread the message!

The lucrative trade in live tigers and tiger products is happening closer than you think. The relentless demand for tigers to be displayed commercially and their body parts to be used for luxury goods and traditional medicines has been met by a global commercial trade, which has also been very active in the EU.  

Between 1999-2017, 8,278 illegal tiger parts and derivatives were seized throughout Europe, 918 in the UK alone! 

We have revealed the truth about the tiger trade, and we want to see change! 

Please take a minute to view our spectacular projections above and spread the message!

Cordelia Britton
Head of Programmes

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Petition link and website: 


tiger half

USA: Petition – Dog Starved and Thrown Into Dumpster Deserves Justice.




Dog Apparently Starved and Thrown in Dumpster Deserves Justice

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Petition Link – 


Target: John P. Sarcone, District Attorney for Polk County, Iowa

Goal: Punish the person who allegedly starved a dog and then left him in a dumpster to die.

A dog was reportedly left in a dumpster to die in a sad a case of animal cruelty. He suffered from starvation, police stated, and poor health. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Des Moines police arrested a suspect on animal cruelty charges after he allegedly abandoned an emaciated dog in a dumpster. Oscar, a chihuahua, reportedly managed to escape from a feces-filled crate and climb to the top of the garbage pile. A passerby found him and brought him to The Animal Rescue League of Iowa. Oscar weighed only four pounds at the time of his rescue, veterinarians stated, and he had no body fat. Tests confirmed that he had intestinal parasites.

Oscar has recovered and been placed with a loving family. Derrick Dewayne Peterson was charged with animal neglect and abandonment. Sign below to demand that Peterson receive the maximum penalty possible, if convicted.


Dear District Attorney Sarcone,

A dog nearly died after he was allegedly abandoned in a dumpster. He reportedly escaped a cage that was filled with his own feces. I demand justice for this poor pup.

Des Moines police arrested Derrick Dewayne Peterson on charges of animal neglect and abandonment after he allegedly left his emaciated chihuahua in a dumpster to die. Per police, Oscar was placed inside of the dumpster while still inside of a crate. A passerby reportedly found him after he climbed to the top of the garbage pile. He weighed only four pounds, veterinarians stated, and suffered from intestinal parasites and hair loss. Oscar recovered at The Animal Rescue League of Iowa and he has been placed in a loving home. Peterson will face his charges at a later date.

The person responsible for this dog’s suffering must be punished. I demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: The Animal Rescue League of Iowa


China: Petition – End the cruel practice of bear farming and bear paw soup.



Ban Bear Paw Soup in China to Protect Endangered Bears

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Petition Link 


Target: President Xi Jinping, Chinese government

Goal: End the cruel practice of bear farming and bear paw soup

A delicacy in mainland China that sells for upwards of $200 USD per bowl requires chopping the paws off a living bear and cooking the animal alive. Bear paw soup has been a specialty dish in China since the early 600s AD. The diner allegedly imbibes the strength and virility of the bear by eating the soup. Although bear farms and bear paw soup are illegal in the country, no enforcement and the high price of the commodity keeps the horrific practice going.

Bear farms across China reportedly house 20,000 bears in captivity. These bears suffer in abysmal living conditions, caged for life in spaces too small to stand up in or turn around. Many of these bears have been illegally harvested from the wild. To offer some aspect of showmanship to the preparation of the meal, the bears are often maimed and cooked in front of the dining audience. First, the paws are chopped off. Then, the bears are allegedly beaten alive to tenderize the meat and flavor the meat with blood. After the beating, the bears are dropped into boiling water, or onto hot coals, and cooked alive.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was adopted in the late 1970s by 179 nations, including China, to combat illegal wildlife trade through global coordination. Bears are supposed to be protected under CITES. Unfortunately, CITES is not a legal entity. Participation is voluntary and each country must adopt its own laws that fall within the framework of CITES. Encourage China to crack down and enforce its own laws against this disgusting practice. Not only is this animal torture cruel, but it also likely contributes to the extinction of Asian bear species. Sign this petition to demand China put an end to bear farms and bear paw soup.


President Xi Jinping,

Your country has outlawed bear farms and bear paw soup, and yet a meal that involves chopping the paws off a living bear and boiling the animal alive is still considered a delicacy. The high price tag on the meal and the lack of legal enforcement have allowed this practice to thrive. An estimated 20,000 bears are being held at bear farms, made to suffer inhumane living conditions while they await this cruel death.

This torture must stop. Not only is it barbaric and incredibly cruel, but it may also be contributing to the extinction of species like the sun bear and Asiatic black bear. Live up to your CITES agreement and do something to end the black market trade, torture. and death of bears. We, the undersigned, demand an end to bear farms and bear paw soup.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Animals Asia